Celebrity Championship Wrestling Show 12 by bigfan

Alexis Bledel emerged dripping wet in the CCW locker room with only a big towel wrapped around her. The room was darker than she had left it and the hairs on the back of her neck went up. In one corner the shadowy darkness didn’t seem quite right. Steadying her voice, she spoke to it, “Come for another visit Rachel? You know, I’m beginning to wonder if you just like watching me take a shower.”

Then a hand touched her bare shoulder and she instinctively jumped, spinning around and dropping into a fighting crouch. In front of her stood the hooded, robed, figure of Rachel McAdams (aka “Succubus” of the sinister Legion). Rachel’s lips, where they were visible, curled in a smile.

“You’re getting better, child; but I try not to be where you look for me. Have you missed me?” Rachel asked in a mocking tone.

Alexis tried to recover her dignity, “I don’t miss you. I do miss Agnes. Why did you lure that poor girl to your side?”

Rachel chuckled, “I doubt Agnes would appreciate your calling her ‘that poor girl’. As you know from personal experience, she is a promising fighter. Of course we wanted her with us.”

“She’s not like the rest of you. She’s a good person at heart,” Alexis retorted.

“Even after she attacked you post-fight? Child, you must desire her friendship very deeply to overlook that,” Rachel observed.

“I don’t believe that was her idea,” Alexis said. Then, seeking to gain control of the discussion, she changed the subject, “Why are you here? I don’t want to belong to the Legion-and I don’t think your boss, Neve wants me either.”

Rachel was undisturbed, “Our leader has her plans. I have mine. Mine involve you, Alexis Bledel. As I have told you, I think you have great potential—potential you have not explored, it’s why you have a mediocre record. Follow your True Path and victory will follow.”

“Let me worry about my record. You worry about Campbell. I don’t think she’d like your sneaking around seeing me,” Alexis challenged. “Maybe I should let her know.”

“Who said she didn’t know? The Banshee knows all,” Rachel replied her lips curving into a smirk.

“Right,” Alexis said sarcastically. Then she challenged again, “You truly think I am as wicked and evil as the rest of your bunch?”

“I daresay you might even be MORE wicked and evil. As I keep saying, you have potential you refuse to examine. Do that and the Banshee will accept you,” Rachel replied.

“I will think about it,” Alexis said, then she added, “Would you mind leaving? I don’t do private shows for uninvited visitors.”

Rachel chuckled, “You show the proper spirit Alexis. I’m encouraged. I bid you…adieu!”

Rachel reached behind her and flicked off the light switch. The room went nearly dark and by the time got the lights back on, she was gone. The young woman’s knees nearly gave way and she sank onto her bench. She had kept up a bold front in front of the Legion member, but her heart was pounding. Why? She was not really afraid of Rachel and her illusionist tricks. No, she realized, she was afraid there was truth in what the older woman said. A dark anger burned in her heart after Agnes turned on her after their match.

Alexis steadied herself. “It’s not true. I’m NOT like that. I’m just angry at Agnes, but I know who is truly to blame. They must be stopped!” She told herself. “And if I have to be the one to do it. I will!” A chill draught of air suddenly went through the locker room. Alexis almost expected to hear a mocking laugh, but there was only silence...

Beverley Mitchell was minding her own business walking through the CCW arena when suddenly a hand caught her between the shoulder blades. She staggered forward, only to find herself seized around the waist and then Isla Fisher’s red hair-framed face appeared.

“G’day to you, Bevvy. I just heard you and me are getting it on at Show 12,” Isla cheerfully informed the American.

“Let go of me!” she protested, trying to squirm free, but Isla’s arm encircling her waist was hard to move.

“Aw, don’t be like that. I like that adorable little body of yours. I hope we can have a fine time together-in the ring I mean,” Isla continued squeezing Beverley up against her.

“Stop messing with my mind!” Beverley snapped, squirming harder.

“It isn’t your mind I care about, lovey,” Isla said smiling. “I was hoping you’d feel the same about me.”

Beverley finally tore herself loose. She stood panting, but wary, “You stay away from me, Isla. I’m not looking for a girl friend. I’m looking for a win.”

Isla’s face fell, “I’m sorry you said that, because I have to insist on winning. I lost my last match to Lacey Chabert and I have to tell you ‘She-Bear’ was a disappointment to me. I was hoping for her to at least crotch claw me the way I like it. Perhaps you can give me the kind of satisfaction I want.”

Beverley’s jaw dropped, “You really are crazy!”

Isla smiled, “People keep saying that, but I am who I am.”

Beverley eyed the nearest exit, “I can’t say it’s been nice to meet you-but I really must be going.”

“Ah, that’s okay, I’ll know where to find you at Show 12. See ya then!” Isla said and promptly exited first!

Beverley Mitchell watched her go in wonderment.

The blonde Julia and the brunette Mary eyed each other across the CCW promo podium.

They were wearing white silk blouses over black mini-skirts that allowed generous glimpses of dark pantyhose on her legs.

“So you’re the ‘hot new brunette’ around here,” Julia said. “How does Megan Fox feel about that?”

“Megan who?” Mary said with a smile. “If I were you, I’d worry more about my losing record. Having your butt kicked by a rookie isn’t going to do anything to make you less of a jobber around here.”

Julia’s face went red, “You shut your mouth, you hillbilly trash!”

Mary Elizabeth was a proud daughter of Rocky Mount, North Carolina and now it was her turn to turn red, “You take that back you yellow-haired wimp!”

“I’m taking nothing back! You’re trash! You learned to fight in the back room of bars and your Daddy is probably a moonshiner!” Julia ranted.

The palm of Mary’s hand caught Julia across the cheek and spun her around. The angry brunette then grabbed two handfuls of golden hair and yanked Julia to her knees. However, Julia quickly threw her arms around Mary’s legs and yanked. Mary fell backwards, but keeping her grip on Julia’s hair, she pulled the blonde with her. Julia found herself briefly on top of the brunette and grabbed for her hair. Mary heaved Julia off to the side, getting Stiles off her chest, but the stubborn blonde kept her grip on Winstead’s dark locks. They now rolled around on the floor pulling at each other’s hair, their hose-clad legs tangling, but neither getting a true advantage, though their mini-skirts were pushed up to reveal breath-taking vistas of thigh and French-cut pantyhose bottoms.

The camera followed this action with great interest for what seemed like several long minutes. Then the security men swooped in and pulled the two apart, though both seemed to lose some tresses in the process. Screaming and kicking, they were removed from the stage and an off-stage voice was heard,

“I think we have enough for that promo.”

Megan Fox seemed to prefer a red CCW official tee-shirt and bluejean short shorts to Jolene Blalock’s black jeans and white CCW top. Jolene wrinkled her nose at the wardrobe.

“You ex-bar fighters are all alike. You dress like a two dollar w-“

“You finish that and the fight starts here and now,” Megan said with a steely-eyed determination.

“And sensitive about it, too. You looking for a catfight? I hear your friend from the bar scene had one with Julia Stiles?” Jolene persisted.

“Mary Elizabeth is no friend of mine, but we were fighting because that’s where we could get work. Exactly where did you start, Ms. High-and-Mighty?” Megan retorted.

“Never mind,” Jolene snapped. “If I were you, I’d worry more about how you’re going to recover after I spoil your debut.”

Megan smiled nastily, “I’ve seen your record, Jolene, you’ll be the one having to explain why you lost to a rookie. Of course, we’ll both know why, I’m better than you!”

Jolene glared at the newcomer, “You better be able to back that up with more than flapping gums.”

“Don’t you worry. I can back it up and you’ll the first fighter around here to know the ‘Fox is in the Henhouse’.”

Jolene gave Megan a final glare, then turned on her heel and marched away. Megan turned to the camera and gave the folks at home the V for Victory” sign.

Amanda Bynes took one look at the bulletin board announcing her opponent in card #12 and groaned. She then stomped over to her locker and threw open the door in frustration. Then she unbuckled her belt, let her jeans slither to the floor, stepped out of them and aimed a kick at the offending garment. “Katie Holmes?!” Amanda spluttered.

It was a surprisingly beautiful kick, the jeans leaped from the floor and soared up to waist high where someone coming into the room made a basket catch. “You’re not looking forward to fighting me?” Katie Holmes inquired. “Guess Kirsten Dunst wasn’t available, huh? But then, who wants to see two losers like you in the ring?”

Amanda’s jaw dropped. Katie Holmes was standing there holding her jeans with an insufferable smirk on her face.

“Though if you wear those leopard print panties, it may distract at least some customers from your usual pathetic performance,” Katie mocked.

Amanda suddenly realized she was standing there in a tee-shirt and leopard print bikini panties. The thought flashed through her mind-she’d literally been caught with her pants down! A crimson flush of embarrassment flooded her cherubic cheeks and Katie Holmes grin grew bigger.

“I-I-I’m not afraid of you!” Amanda blurted out, then groaned inwardly at the lameness of her words.

“Well, I am definitely not afraid of you, Chipmunk Cheeks. Oh, want your pants back?” Katie said tossing the jeans back.

Amanda wished she could think of something really clever and cutting to say, but her mind had uncooperatively gone blank. She numbly hung the jeans in the locker and reached for her gym shorts.

“You really shouldn’t wear expensive underwear to a workout. They really don’t stand up well,” Katie said helpfully.

“They only look expensive. Actually, they are cotton and very durable,” Amanda blurted.

“Ah, I always knew you were at least sensible in some things. I hope you’ll at least be able to give me a decent fight. Other than certain depraved individuals, most of the fans prefer a reasonably close fight,” Katie said with an air of authority.

“I’ll try my best,” Amanda said pulling off. “I wouldn’t want to disappoint you.”

Katie was opening her own locker. She turned to the younger fighter, “You are probably too young to remember, but I had a trouble getting started. I got drubbed over and over. I didn’t give up. One day I turned it around. You won’t turn it around against me. Not this time, but hang in there. You’ll find someone you can beat.”

Amanda gave her an icy look, “Thanks for the consideration. I’ll remember that when I’m knocking you all over the ring.”

“Actually, you’ll be remembering it when I’m knocking YOU all over the ring, but it’s still good advice if I do say so myself,” Katie continued.

Amanda slammed her locker and headed for the door. Then she paused and looked back at Katie who had peeled down to royal blue cotton briefs and sports bra.

“See you at the Show, Katie,” she said.

“You certainly will,” Katie agreed and Amanda was gone.

Kristen Bell was strolling through the CCW complex when she heard a voice calling to her,

“Hey, chica! You want to have a little talk with me?”

Kristen turned to see Christina Aguilera sprawled out over a couch. The blonde warily approached Aguilera.

“Hey, no trap, chica, it’s just me, ready to lay down the facts to you,” Christina announced.

“Oh, really? This should be interesting,” Kristen said sitting down in a chair (placed carefully against a wall so no one could slip up behind her). “Do enlighten me.”

“You really wanted Shakira, didn’t you?”

“Oh, gosh, I guess I gave it away with those signs. Yes, I did, but do not feel bad-you’re a pretty decent substitute.”

“I am no one’s substitute!” Christina snapped. “You will learn that quickly enough. I am simply letting you know that if you expected an easy time of it with me-you are wrong.”

“That’s good to know. Considering your lousy record around here, I might easily have mistaken you for a jobber with really trashy taste in clothes. Now you’ve set my straight. Gosh, you are SO helpful!”

Christina sat up with fire in her eyes. She clearly didn’t like her taste in clothes mocked. Kristen casually stood up.

“Oh dear, I seem to have upset you. I will just be on my way again, but really, Ags, you really ought to go on one of those ‘Fashion Emergency’ shows. It’d do you a world of good,” Kristen mocked.

Christina Aguilera jumped to her feet, her hands clenched, but Kristen Bell moved with remarkable speed in getting out of sight. Christina could only sit back down and start cursing the vanished blonde in at least two languages.

The two Division XX contenders stood side by side at the promo podium. They were both clad in evening gowns, Lacey in a dazzling white gown with a plunging neckline that showed off her best-known twin assets. Scarlett was in gold with a neckline that went down in a more modest V. Lacey seemed interested in this fact.

“Hiding your assets? Assuming, of course, you have any worth hiding,” Lacey finally observed.

“My dear, I like to think my best asset is the one I’m going to drop in your face when I beat you,” Scarlett replied calmly, then turning to reveal the impressive thrust of her bottom against the fabric of her gown.

Lacey nodded, “I admit you have a pretty good-sized butt and I certainly wouldn’t care to have it on my face. However you are never going to get the chance. You are going to be sleeping in comfort on my ‘girls’ here.”

Scarlett’s lips twisted in disdain, “You wish.”

“I certainly do. There is nothing like feeling the fight go out of an opponent when she’s nestled between my ‘Towers of Power’. I confess the prospect of your arrogant face between them is a real turn-on.”

“Not as much as feeling your nose resting in the ‘Valley of Buns’ and knowing that the terror you will be feeling as they put you out,” Scarlett purred.

“And don’t forget, Scarlett, I actually know how to wrestle, too. You’re going to get such a beating, you’ll be glad my ‘Mighty Mounds’ are ending your night,” Lacey continued, her eyes glittering.

“Do not underestimate my wrestling prowess. You will be left broken and helpless, unable to do anything as my ‘buns of steel’ descend on your face. Ooooh, that’s going to be fun-for me,” Scarlett said, literally licking her lips.

Lacey and Scarlett were smiling with anticipation. Suddenly, they seemed to realize there was a camera present. They turned to it looking sheepish.

“That enough?” Lacey asked.

The director’s off-stage voice could be heard, “More than enough.”

“Thank you, Lacey, it’s going to be an interesting fight,” Scarlett said.

“It’s going to be my pleasure,” Lacey assured her.

“We’ll just see,” Scarlett replied. They nodded at each other and walked away separately

Allison Mack sat in the CCW lounge after a long workout. She heard footsteps approach and opened a wary eye. A jolt went through her. It was Billie Piper her opponent in the upcoming XX Division semi-finals. Still, she maintained an elaborately relaxed manner.

“Don’t worry, Alli Mack, I’m not one for pre-fight ambushes,” Billie announced. “I save me poundings for where it counts.”

“So do I. What brings you by? Checking me out?” Allison replied.

“I’ve already done that. Ya’ve been working out hard. I like that. The tougher the opponent the more pleasure I get in beating’em. It’s nothin’ personal, it’s just me way of doin’ things.”

“Hey, there’s nothing l like better than breaking down some strong girl and making her quit-or at least get pinned. I can tell you’ll be one of those,” Allison said.

“I thank ya thinking me strong. I am, but, ya see, I’m much stronger than ya think and it’s going to be a sad night for ya, Alli Mack, ‘cause you’ll be losing and be out of the tourney.”

“You haven’t done it yet, Ms Piper,” Allison commented with a smile.

“Ah, ferget the ‘Miz’ stuff. That’s Yank talk. I’m ‘Billie’ even to them that hate me,” Billie said offering her hand.

Allison shook the British blonde’s hand, “I don’t hate you, Billie, not yet anyway. I hear you like side bets.”

Billie grinned, “Better be careful, Alli Mack, Lovey Hewitt took one and now she thinks I’m lower than the dungeon in the Tower o’London.”

“I’m just thinking about it. I like high stakes. Who knows, Billie, you may need Hewitt’s suit after I take yours,” Allison proposed.

“Or I build up me collection. I have to tell ya, it’s getting’ to be fun,” Billie said.

“I’m not sure I’ll do it,” Allison said. “I’ll be back in touch.”

“As ya wish. Good ta have met ya, Alli Mack. If it weren’t fer the fact I’m goin’ beat ya good and proper, we might’ve been chums,” Billie concluded.

“I didn’t come here looking to make friends, but, yes, we might have been,” Allison admitted.

They shook hands again and Billie walked away. Allison lay back against the couch wondering if she could really go through with such a ‘side bet’. She had to admit the possibilities were exciting...

When Harold comes to he is sitting in a chair but the pain in his head is throbbing. “Here,” A deep voice says handing Harold an ice pack to put on his head. Harold’s eyes focus and he finds himself sitting across from a long table where the seven men known as the “EXEC’S” sit. The man in the center begins, “You’re NOT doing your job very well. When one of your charges threatens US…” he pauses looking down both sides of the table, then continues, “…that does NOT make us very happy.”

Harold begins to answer, but is cut off by another of the EXECS, “Our involvement in this venture cannot be discovered. That is your number one priority.” Harold nods as another member of the EXECS picks up the lecture, “You know what we expect and what we demand.” Harold waits a second to see if any of the other will pick up the conversation before he answers, “Nothing has been damaged, Neve knowing who you are is a long way from proving it, and she still has no trail to your involvement.” Harold shifts the ice pack on his head and winces in pain before finishing, “There’s no proof of your involvement. If anything were to happen, it would begin and end with me.”

The EXEC sitting on the far right says, “Good. The fact that you and this venture have brought us a lot of money and enjoyment do weigh on your side.” Harold nods his understanding and the center EXEC says, “Just so we are clear. Oh and by the way, tell your refs not to be so eager to break up the after match action. There’s nothing wrong with a winner getting some spoils if she wants to.” All the EXECS smile in agreement. Harold is then dismissed.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead walks through the CCW doors and taking a look around finds the nearest stage hand asking, “Where are the locker rooms?” before the he stage hand can answer he’s interrupted by a voice, “Mary Elizabeth! I didn’t expect to see you so soon.” Megan Fox walks up the hallway and shoos the stage hand away. Mary adjust the bag on her shoulder as she turns to face Megan replying, “Megan Fox, how unpleasant to see you here.” Megan ignores the insult, “I thought you where still the champ in that hole in the wall league we came from.” Mary flips her hair out of her face before answering, “When the promoter found out I signed a contract here he set up a little gauntlet match for me. Michelle Ryan finally got me.” Megan smirks, “That must have been the shortest time run in history.” Mary nods, “In time yeah I was champ a little over a week, but since Michelle was the sixth woman I faced in the gauntlet it means I lasted four more matches than your title run lasted.”

Megan flushes slightly and abruptly turns to leave, but adds, “I look forward to continuing our relationship here.” Mary lets Megan storm off, but under her breathe Mary says, “Counting on it Megan.” Then looking around Mary starts off to find someone that can tell her where the locker rooms are.
Match One: Beverley Mitchell vs. Isla Fisher

Beverley Mitchell comes out first wearing a pink bikini as Pink’s “Trouble” plays. Beverley looks a little nervous as Disturbed’s “Stricken” begins playing and Isla Fisher comes out wearing a Red bra and underwear cut high on the thigh. Isla looks pissed as she makes her way to the ring. Isla climbs the stairs to the ring and then her face changes to a huge smile and she waves to the fans. Climbing into the ring Isla smiles and waves to everyone at ring side.

The match begins Isla extends her hand to Beverley and the blonde cautiously takes it, which turns out to be a mistake the red head goes from smiling to stern face and drives a Kneelift into Bev’s belly button. Isla still holding Bev’s hand twist the blonde’s arm around into a Hammerlock. Isla behind Bev undoes the back of Beverley’s top. Isla then grabs the top pulling it up around Beverley’s neck and chokes her with it. The ref orders Isla to release the top and begins a five count, Isla take four and a half to comply.

Beverley is mauled over the next few minutes and Isla twice hammers the top of Beverley’s head with her elbow and watches the effects of the “Boob Quake” Isla is very happy with the jiggle action of Beverley large tits. Later Isla lays across Beverley’s stomach and Isla hooks Bev’s right leg with Isla’s own leg and Bev’s left leg with her arm Isla spreads the blonde’s legs wide. Isla leans back telling Bev, “I’ll do you this time, but next time you do me.” Isla begins spanking Bev’s exposed crotch. Beverley tries to pulls Isla away, but the redhead drives an elbow back into her chest. The cracks of flesh on flesh and Beverley’s screams of pain fill the arena. Beverley’s crotch is turning red from the repeated slaps and the blonde cries out her submission.

Isla doesn’t continue her torture of Beverley after getting the submission, but does roll over so she’s face to face with Bev and says, “Remember; next time it’s MY turn to have my pussy spanked.”

Isla plants a big kiss on Beverley before standing and having her arm raised.
Match Two: Alyson Hannigan-Cobie Smolders vs. Simpson Sisters

Alyson and Cobie come out to Slipknot “Vermillion” both wearing Teal Bikinis. Even with both Sarah Michelle Gellar and Emily Deschanel scheduled off both Alyson and Cobie seem to scan for signs of the two ladies they have pissed off. Jessica’s “These Boots where made for walking” plays as Jessica and Ashlee come out. Jessica in her pink bikini and Ashlee in dark gray.

The action starts pretty fast paced as both teams make several tags as the Simpson’s try to keep the inexperienced Cobie in the ring, but the brunette uses her size well as the sisters keep cutting off the ring on her. Alyson can’t seem to get enough of Jessica’s big tits as the redhead squeezes and slaps Jessica’s fun bags at every chance. Jessica gives Alyson an ‘up-close and personal’ look at her melons, catching Alyson in a Reverse Sleeper and burying Alyson’s face in her cleavage. Cobie makes the save, sneaking into the ring to Clothesline Jessica while the ref is occupied with Ashlee who is trying to point out Cobie in the ring.

After the Clothesline, Cobie and Alyson keep Jessica in the ring while taunting Ashlee. Every time Ash tries to get into the ring to save her sister, Cobie and Aly work double team moves on Jessica while the referee is putting Ashlee ‘back in her place.’

After Cobie tags Alyson in, she drops Jessica across her leg in a Backbreaker and Alyson heads to the top rope instead of coming into the ring. Letting out a yell, Alyson leaps and brings her leg down across Jessica chest in a Guillotine Leg Drop that flips Jessica over onto the canvas.

Alyson quickly goes for the cover as Cobie keeps Ashlee from making the save while the ref makes the three count for the win.

Match Three: Julia Stiles vs. Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Julia Stiles enters the ring first to Fuel’s “Won’t back down” the blonde is wearing a purple sports bra and black bikini bottoms. Making her debut in the CCW Mary Elizabeth Winstead comes out to Alter Bridge’s “Rise Today” She is wearing a red Bikini with white trim and her initials on the back of the bottoms in white letters. Mary gets a surprisingly loud ovation from the fans as she makes her way to the ring.

Julia comes out very aggressive against the rookie. Julia’s charges across the ring at the opening bell and uses forearms and punches to drive the brunette back into her corner. Julia has to be forced back by the ref as she beats Mary in the corner and ignores the ref’s repeated warnings. Mary looking a little shell shocked shakes her head trying to clear the cobwebs as Julia argues with the ref. Julia steps around the ref to go after Mary again, but the brunette explodes out of the corner to Clothesline Julia across the chest. Julia gets to her feet quickly, but Mary has already turned and the blonde is greeting by another clothesline.

Mary controls the next few minutes tossing Julia around the ring. Mary whips Julia into the turnbuckles chest first, grabbing a handful of blonde hair Mary pulls Julia’s head back and whispering in her ear says, “Never call me a Hick, and never make fun of the South.” Mary proceeds to bounce Julia’s head off the turnbuckle ten times as the crowd counts for Mary. Not long after Mary sends Julia into the ropes and when the blonde returns Mary elevates her and hits the Sit Out Powerbomb Mary calls “Sky High!” Mary hooks her ankles over Julia’s arms and waits for the ref to make the three count giving the rookie her first win.
Cut Scene One

The Jumbotron above the stage comes to life and standing in front of the camera is Shakira. “At the last show Sofia and I came very close to being the first tag team champs.” Shakira shakes her hair out and flips it back out of her face. Then a blonde bimbo had to stick her nose into out business.” Shakira points into the camera, “Kristen Bell, You cost me the title and your action have left Sofia sidelined.” Taking a long breathe Shakira’s voice is much louder now, “You will pay for what you have done. When I finish with you you’ll wish you never come to the CCW and messed with Shakira.”

Shakira drops her head and tries to calm herself, “Eva’s you maybe be champs now. When Sofia returns the Colombian Crush will take what should have been theirs to begin with.” Turning quickly, Shakira exits.
Match Four: Beyonce Knowles vs. Estella Warren

Estella comes out wearing lime green two piece swimsuit as Rage against the Machine’s “Bull’s on Parade” plays. The blonde does have a large following but some vocal support come from the crowd. Beyonce Knowles is wearing a sliver bikini with a thong bottoms her own song “Survivor” plays. Like Estella Beyonce doesn’t have the largest fan base, but as the two stand face to face in the ring a general excitement to see the to big beauties tear into each other grows.

When the bell rings the two wrestlers met at the center of the ring and lock up. Most of the early actions takes place within a few feet of where they started. The two go down to the mat and trade positions several times going from Headlocks, to Leg Locks and Armbars. The few times they do return to there feet a quick Bodyslam, hip toss, or Arm Drag takes the action back to the canvas. Too many of the fans delight both women work in some breast and crotch mauling while on top. They also both get a few near falls on each other.

Beyonce pulls Estella to her feet hanging on to an Armbar and sends the blonde into the nearest corner. Beyonce drives a couple of Kneelifts into Estella’s belly and then Snapmares her out of the corner. Estella landing on her ass sitting giving Beyonce a perfect shot for the kick across the back she hits Estella with. Beyonce hair hauls Estella up and holding her in a front headlock falls backwards impacting Estella’s skull into the canvas with a DDT. Beyonce rolls Estella over on her back Beyonce straddles Estella’s head and letting out a yell drops her ass down on Estella’s chest. Beyonce sits proudly on top of the blonde as the ref makes the count, but Estella rolls her shoulder off the mat just before the three count.

Beyonce isn’t about to let Estella get back into the match, so she spins around lowering her ass on to Estella’s red sweaty face. Trapped in the ass smother the blonde’s arms and leg flail trying to escape, but Beyonce grabs Estella’s legs hooking them under her arms turn the hold into a version of a matchbox pin. While the ref makes the count on the mat Beyonce slaps Estella’s crotch with the referee. Beyonce leaves Estella trapped a few moments after the match sliding her ass over the Blonde’s features. It takes a few warnings from the referee to get Beyonce to finally release the hold.
Match Five: Laetitia Casta vs. Katherine Heigl

This match was signed before Kat joined the Legion and it’s soon apparent that Laetitia would rather not keep her date with the ‘new attitude Kat.’ Still, Laetitia comes out to Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons - Spring” wearing a purple with black trim leopard print two piece; the bottom cut high exposing her whole leg. Marilyn Manson’s “Sweet Dreams” still introduces Katherine Heigl but the woman that comes out is wearing a hooded robe, the hood covering her face, but the front open to display Kat’s impressive assets clad in a black top and black short shorts.

From the opening bell the French woman is on the defensive trying to stop the juggernaut-like attack of Heigl. The thing that really shows the trouble Laetitia is in comes when the brunette does get some offense going. Laetitia hammer fists the side of Kat’s head which seems to have no effect! Kat takes a couple of the shots and the nails Laetitia with a right hand that sends the brunette sprawling back on her ass. Kat stalks after Laetitia as the brunette does a crab crawl back to the ropes and exits the ring. Katherine stops and waits for the Frenchie to return to the ring while the ref begins the ten count. Laetitia tries to collect herself on the outside but finally - to a chorus of boo’s from the fans - Laetitia starts walking toward the ramp and leaves the arena. Kat stands in the ring stoic and watches Laetitia get booed out of the arena. The ref reaches ten and signals for the bell. When the ref moves in to raise Kat’s arm a cold stare makes him think twice about it and he leaves the ring.
Match Six: Megan Fox vs. Jolene Blalock

The Second newcomer of the night is introduced next as Finger Eleven’s “Paralyzer” begins playing. Megan Fox comes out wearing a dark brown bikini. Megan’s opponent Jolene Blalock comes out wearing a simple white bikini but over top that she is wearing a chain mail bikini. As Jolene’s entrance music Silva’s “Click, Click, Boom” Ends Jolene removes the chain mail bikini and the ref starts the match.

The match is very even through out. Megan hits Jolene with several cheap shots to keep her from building any momentum. Jolene looks to be taking it to the rookie despite her under handed attack and after a body slam sends Megan to the canvas again Jolene waits for Megan to begin to stand and heads for the ropes. Jolene Looks to take Megan’s head off with a clothesline, but the brunette ducks the attack and spins behind Jolene. Jolene never sees Megan’s arm rocketing up between her thighs, but the scream the blonde lets out means she felt it. Jolene collapses face down on the mat not moving, but her whimpers can be heard. Megan steps between Jolene’s legs and reaches down wrapping her arms around the blonde’s waist. Megan pulls Jolene up off the mat and drops her face first into the canvas, Megan lifts again getting Jolene higher this time, but again Jolene eats a face full of canvas. The third time Megan lifts she releases Jolene and spins around. Catching Jolene’s head Megan hits the Neckbreaker she calls, “The Paralyzer”

Jolene offers no resistance as Megan rolls her over. Megan’s cover in pretty much just a breast smother and she makes sure her tits are covering Jolene’s face and counting with the referee on her right hand Megan gets the three count.
Match Seven: Katie Holmes vs. Amanda Bynes

Katie Holmes comes out as The Fly’s “Got you where I want you” plays wearing her usual Gray Bikini. Katie does some greeting of fans but quickly enters the ring and waits. Amanda Bynes is introduced and Christina Aguilera’s “What a girl wants” plays as she spends more time greeting her fans and well-wishers. For a wrestler with a winless streak going Amanda does seem to have a lot of fans.

Katie does something strange during the match, she give instructions to Amanda the whole way through. Katie explains how she is about to reverse holds on Amanda, and how she hit moves through Amanda’s poor defenses. Katie rolls Amanda to her stomach applying a camel clutch she then pinches both of Amanda’s cheeks saying, “Listen Chipmunk Cheeks! Not long ago I was like you getting my ass handed to me by bitches.” Katie pastes a Crossface across Amanda’s face, “Are you listening to me?” Katie goes on with her lesson. Katie seems to think Amanda’s had enough training for one night and dragging the younger woman to the center of the ring Katie applies a Sharpshooter on Amanda. Leaning back Katie slyly says, “This is the part where you tap out Hon.” To Amanda’s credit she doesn’t and begins dragging Katie towards the ropes. Just as the ropes seem to be in reach though Katie drags Amanda back to center ring and sits back hard in the sharpshooter. Amanda hangs on only for a few more moments before tapping out.

Katie’s arm is raise in victory and the brunette goes back to Amanda standing over her says, “Think about what I told you. You can either take my help or keep eating mat and getting your tits pounded.” Amanda painfully gets to her feet and keeping her eyes locked on Katie climbs out of the ring and heads to the back. Katie watches her go and shrugs before head to the back herself.
Match Eight: Kristen Bell vs. Christina Aguilera

Christina comes to the ring to her song “Fighter wearing a baby blue bikini. After Christina enters the ring Flyleaf’s “Fully Alive” begins playing and Kristen Bell comes out wearing a tie dye bikini that’s mostly red and orange. As she makes her way to the ring she stops as Richard Fannin hold’s up a sign “I want to book a flight on KBELL airlines” laughing Kristen climbs up on the apron and yells back, “Call your travel agent for availability!”

Losing seems to be taking a toll on X-Tina as she opens the match with a thumb to the eye of KBell as the two blonde begin to lock up. Christina takes advantage of her underhanded move and hammers a forearm against the side of Kristen’s head. Staggering again Kristen can’t prevent Christina from whipping her into the far corner. Kristen’s back hits the lightly padded turnbuckles the top one hitting right on the base of her neck. Christina moves in and with a few quick moves removes Kristen’s top. Christina gives Kristen’s bare breast a quick mauling, breaking only to avoid being DQ’d by the referee.

Christina sends Kristen across the ring to the opposite corner, but instead of crashing into the corner Kristen nimbly leaps up on to the second turnbuckle and flips backwards crashing into the oncoming Christina. From that point on Kristen controls the match. KBell air takes off as Kristen hits several Arial moves and has Aguilera dazed and confused. Kristen pushes her hair back and fakes shock looking down at her bare breast yelling, “Hey I’m topless!”, and looking at ring side she points as Rich Fannin yelling, “No peeking!” Kristen then pulls Christina off the mat and leaning her against the ropes takes the singers top off and tosses it aside.

Kristen Irish whips Christina into a corner and walking up to her crouches and sweeps X-Tina’s legs out from under her dropping Christina on her ass in the corner. Kristen grabs on to the top rope on either side of the turnbuckle and leaps up when gravity starts pulling her back down she tucks her legs and swings back down driving her feet into Christina boobs. Kristen drags Christina like a rag doll out a few feet form the corner. Waving her arm above her head Kristen lets everyone know she was heading to the top rope. Climbing the corner Kristen faces the crowd and after flashing the fans the Bullhorns the blonde leaps backward flipping and twisting at the same time and crashes down across Christina’s chest. The corkscrew 630 splash Kristen calls the “Bell-Raiser” brings an end to X-Tina’s night as the singer never moves as the ref make the three count.

After the match Kristen gathers up her top as well as X-Tina’s. Bell walks over to Richard Fannin and Ties her top around her fans neck saying, “You keep that one I’ll wear Chris’s back.” The blonde puts X-Tina’s top on, and it’s apparent KBell doesn’t quite fill out Christina’s top. The victorious blonde shrugs and pulls the top off tossing it into the ring. Kristen topless struts to the back.
Cut Scene Two

Velvet Revolver’s “Slither” begins playing and after some pyro showers down on the stage Jessica Biel pushes her way out from behind the curtain. Jessica has a tight pair of jeans on and a white muscle shirt with the CCW logo on the left breast. The crowd roars as Jessica stops at the top of the ramp and thrust her title belt up. Jess heads to the ring slapping fans hands as she goes around the ring. Jessica stops at the top of the steps again holding the belt up high and receiving another loud cheer.

Jessica walks over taking a mic from the ring announcer. Jessica makes a lap around the ring before moving to the center of the squared circle and throwing the title belt over her shoulder starts, “It seems I have my first challenge as Champion.” Jessica pauses and before continuing, “Well, Let’s bring her out.” Turning to face the stage Jessica yells, “Come on out Rosario!”

Rob Zombie’s “Super Beast” begins playing and running out on to the stage is Rosario Dawson. Rosario is wearing a pair of black shorts and a dark blue tee-shirt on the chest in white letters “Old Town Beat Down” Rosario on her way to the ring snatches a sign from a fan that reads “Jessica Biel will beat you.” Rosario reads the sign and rips in into a couple of pieces throwing it on the floor. Jessica seeing Rosario’s actions brings the mic up saying, “Nice that’s real mature.” Rosario no locking her eyes on Jessica walks to the ring and climbs up on the apron before stepping through the top and middle ropes.

Rosario storms across the ring to Jessica going nose to nose with the champ. Rosario presses her forehead against Jessica’s and asks, “You call me a Punk? Bitch!” Jessica pushing back into Rosario glaring her challenger squared in the eye smirks, “No, but now that you mention it you are a Punk ass bitch!”

Jessica spits out the last word and without any more talk Jessica drops the mic and the two women being trading punches. Jessica looks to be getting the upper hand when Rosario hits a Kneelift to the champ’s beltline. Jessica turns away, but Rosario grabs the back of Jess’s jeans and a handful of hair and runs the champ into the nearest corner. Rosario tosses Jessica between the middle and top ropes where the brunette’s should impacts on the bare steel ring post. Jessica rolls off the turnbuckle and sits in the corner holding her left shoulder. Rosario standing over the champ snarls, “You’re mine! Shine that belt up before you hand it over to me.”

Rosario begins stomping Jessica’s chest and stomach. Finally refs and security enter the ring backing Rosario away from the crumpled champ. Rosario yells at Jessica, “See you’re nothing!” Then Rosario turns on the fans, “Look at her; she can’t take me!”

She finally heads to the rear while Jessica, who is being helped to her feet, shoves the ref helping her. Wincing in pain, Biel gets to her feet and pushing through the crowd around her and heads running to the back obliviously looking for Rosario.
Main Event One: Lacey Chabert vs. Scarlett Johansson (Semi Finals of XX Division Tourn.)

Fans begin to grow restless as it the Semi Finals of the XX Division Tournament are about to begin. The ring announcer climbs into the ring and has a short talk with the ref assigned the match. The Donna’s “Take it off” plays lights begin flashing around the arena... “From Purvis Mississippi, She stands at 5’3”...THE UNDEFEATED LACEY CHABERT!” The brunette comes out on the stage at the same time whistling pyro shoots back and forth above her head. Lacey’s wearing a dark orange bikini top and black low cut boy shorts. Lacey adjust her breast pushing them higher before coming down the ramp.

Lacey has a large following despite the fact she tends to break the rules and for the most part dislikes the fans. However she wins and tends to make the other girl pay for getting in the ring with her. Something a lot of the fans like in their wrestlers. Lacey asks one of the fans at ring side, “You come to see my tits, slapped up against Scarlett’s face again?” The fan and many around him yell, “HELL YEAH!” Lacey shakes her head, “Normally I hate fan request, but that sounds like a good one” Lacey laughing turns rolling under the bottom rope into the ring.

Prodigy’s “Firestarter” begins and explosions go of on the stage as flames shoot up from the stage. A second later Scarlett Johansson comes out on stage. “Hailing from New York, New York...At 5’4”...SCARLETT JOHANSSON!” Scarlett is wearing beige two piece outfit the top leaves a large amount of Scarlett’s cleavage exposed and the bottom fail to cover her butt completely. Scarlett has a grim look on her face as she heads to the ring. Like Lacey many of the fans cheer Scarlett, but she too tends to break rules and attack area’s most women would rather not have attacked.

Staring at each other across the ring Lacey starts the banter, “Last time didn’t I have my way with you?” Scarlett blushes slightly before replying, “You set the ground rules, tonight you’re going to regret that.” Lacey laughs, “Remind me later when your nose is snuggled up against my tits how much I should regret things.” The ref listening to the banter turns and signals for the bell.


Without any wasted movement the two women come to the center of the ring and tie up in a collar and elbow lock up. A few moments of pushing and pulling ends with Scarlett pulling Lacey into a side head lock. Scarlett twists on Lacey’s neck turning the Brunette’s face up and pressed against the side of Scarlett’s left tit. Adding pressure to the hold Scarlett taunts, “Get use to that view Lacey my tits are going to be in your face all night.” Before Lacey can counter the hold or utter a come back to Scarlett’s taunt, the Blonde pushes her hips into Lacey’s mid-section and flips Lacey over her back. Lacey lands flat on her back with Scarlett on top of her still hanging on to the headlock.

Scarlett leans back into the headlock keeping the pressure on Lacey neck, but the brunette slip one arm under Scarlett’s legs and the other around her waist. Lacey rolls Scarlett over on to her shoulder. The ref gets in position, but only gets a one count before Scarlett push off the mat and rolls back on top. Lacey turns Scarlett over a second time again getting another one count before Scarlett rolls back. This time Scarlett frees her right hand and hammers fist into the top of Lacey’s head. After drilling several shots into Lacey’s cranium Scarlett asks, “You want to play games LAAARGHH!” Lacey’s right hand has found Scarlett’s crotch and the blonde’s screams releasing the headlock and scurrying away from Lacey.

Both get back to their feet at the same time, Scarlett gives her crotch a rub to try and soothe the pain. Lacey’s rolls her neck making sure no damage was done by the headlock. Lacey moves forward first and Scarlett lunges to meet her, but the brunette ducks under the blonde’s failing arms. Lacey wraps her arms around Scarlett’s waist, Lacey with her lips right against Scarlett’s ear asks, “Ready to go for a ride?”

Before Scarlett can answer, Lacey lifts the blonde and falls back hitting a beautiful German Suplex. Lacey shoves Scarlett’s legs away as she gets back to her feet. Scarlett arms wrap around her own head holding her skull as she rolls in pain. Lacey grabs both of Scarlett’s ankles lifting her legs and holding the Blonde’s legs apart Lacey cruelly stomps her foot down on Scarlett’s crotch.

Scarlett’s body convulses and she cries out in pain, while Lacey drops Scarlett’s left leg. Still holding the blonde’s right foot Lacey kicks the back of Scarlett’s leg four times. Scarlett finds the ropes and latches on. Lacey looks like she’s going to kick Scarlett again, but instead drops the leg and backs away. Lacey takes a second to play to the crowd holding her arms up yelling, “This is going to be easier than last time.” From behind her Lacey hears, “I wouldn’t bet on that.” Lacey turns right into a clothesline by Scarlett. Scarlett stays on her feet and turns catching Lacey as the brunette tries to scramble back to her feet. Scarlett hooks an arm around Lacey’s head and drops straight down driving Lacey’s head into the canvas with a DDT. Scarlett pushes on Lacey’s side and rolls her over. Not going for a normal pin Scarlett puts both hands on Lacey’s tits pushing down on them. The ref gets a two count, but Lacey is able to easily get a shoulder up.

Scarlett grabs the front of Lacey’s top pulling her upright. Scarlett wraps her arms around Lacey’s chest and pulls her in tight, Scarlett rubs her big tits against Lacey’s own jugs. “Enjoy that win you got last time, it will be the only one you ever get over me.” Scarlett done talking shifts her grip on Lacey bringing the brunette up in position for a Bodyslam. Scarlett doesn’t just drop Lacey to the mat though, Scarlett drops Lacey back first across her thigh. Lacey cries out in pain as she is bent over Scarlett’s leg in the Backbreaker. Scarlett brings her hands together above her head and brings down the Double Ax-handle on Lacey’s stretched out stomach. Scarlett tries to hold Lacey in place, but the brunette’s body jerks to wildly for Scarlett to keep Lacey on the blonde’s leg.

Scarlett stands running her fingers along the edge of her bottoms keeping them from climbing up higher. Lacey moans in pain arms folded across her stomach. Scarlett smirks, “I can’t believe you pathetic ass won last time.” Scarlett wraps Lacey’s dark hair around her hand to pull Lacey up again. The ref’s protest to Scarlett hauling Lacey around by the hair fall on deaf ears as Scarlett pulls Lacey out to the center of the ring pulling Lacey’s arm back into a Hammerlock to control the brunette.

Running a finger over the swell of Lacey’s tits Scarlett continues her verbal berating, “You do have nice tits Lacey, and I can say that since I’ll be the one beating them off you.”

To prove her point Scarlett slaps Lacey’s ample cleavage. Scarlett sees the evil look Lacey flashes her and decides to save the embarrassing stuff for later and do more damage to Lacey. Scarlett’s decision comes a split second to late as Lacey brings her other elbow back and up into the side of Scarlett’s head. Lacey turns clasping Scarlett’s right wrist and sends the blonde off to the far ropes. Scarlett turns so her back hits the ropes and as she returns Lacey charges and leaps taking down the blonde with the Lacey Press. Landing Lacey is straddled on top of Scarlett and begins hammering right hands into the side of Scarlett’s skull. The blonde covers up the best she can as Lacey throws about a dozen punches before getting to her feet.

Lacey walks around Scarlett and pulls the blonde up into a sitting position. Sliding in behind Johansson Lacey wraps her legs around her waist and hooks her own arms under Scarlett’s applying a full nelson. Lacey gives Scarlett a little foreshadowing of what’s about to happen, “You were bragging up you ass. Let’s see what it’s made of.” Lacey rolls backward Pulling Scarlett on top of her and then brings her thighs down on Scarlett driving her ass back to the canvas. Scarlett cries out in pain before screaming at Lacey, “I’m gonna fuckin’ kill you!”

Lacey rolls back again holding Scarlett up for a second before bringing her crashing down again. Lacey hisses in Scarlett’s ear, “Third times the charm.”

Scarlett begins to plead, “No....AAAHH” Lacey rolls back again and WHAM slams Scarlett’s ass into the canvas. Lacey shoves the blonde to the side and gets to her feet. Scarlett rubs her tailbone trying to make the pain go away. Lacey takes her time tugging both the top and bottoms back into position. Lacey struts over to where Scarlett has made it up on to all fours, but Lacey with a handful of hair brings Scarlett the reset of the way up. As Lacey sets Scarlett up for the “Lacey Bottom” she can’t pass up taunting Scarlett one more time.

“You remember how this works, I’ll give you a mean Wedgie and slam you. Then it’s on to the title Ma...CRACK!”

While Lacey was rambling Scarlett drives her elbow into the side of Lacey head, and a second elbow frees Scarlett completely. Scarlett guides Lacey to the nearest corner and moving Lacey’s arms out of the way the blonde reaches back and brings an over hand slap down on Lacey’s cleavage. Scarlett grabs Lacey by the hair and pulls her down along the rope and places her in the next corner. Scarlett puts Lacey’s arms over the top rope. Scarlett’s left hand lifts Lacey’s chin and again over hand slaps Lacey’s cleavage. Lacey wails in pain, but reaches out grabbing Scarlett by the shoulders and switches places with the blonde. Lacey begins flailing at Scarlett’s large tits. Lacey continues her wild slapping at the blonde’s boobs until Scarlett is driven down to the canvas arms folded across her chest.

Lacey drags Scarlett out from the corner by the ankles and goes for a cover, but Scarlett’s arm shoots up at two. Lacey taunts, “I tried to give you the easy way out, now it’s the hard way.” Lacey pulls Scarlett up into a sitting position and takes a seat on Scarlett’s lap. Lacey locks her legs around Scarlett’s waist and her arms around the blonde’s head pulling Scarlett’s head into the valley of her tits. The crowd breaks into a J-M-D chant as the blonde’s face disappears for view. Scarlett’s arms are free and she tries shoving the brunette away to no avail and the tries punching Lacey’s sides but Chabert takes the punches that don’t have much behind then and grinds her tits against Scarlett’s face. Soon Scarlett’s punches slow and her struggles lessen and Lacey smiling uses her left hand to undo the neck and back strap of Scarlett’s top.

After nearly of a minute trapped Scarlett’s arms hang limp and the referee steps into the check on Scarlett, but Lacey shoves the blonde back breaking the hold. Lacey stands up and reaches down pulling the blonde’s top off Lacey and she begins to ridicule Scarlett, “You thought you had a chance against me?” Lacey kneels beside Scarlett and slaps her right boob, “I beat you last time.” The brunette slaps both Scarlett boobs, “I told you the twin towers of power would put you ouAHHHG,” Scarlett able to breathe again slyly moved her right hand close to Lacey’s crotch and while the brunette’s attention is out belittling Scarlett she manages to apply a crotch claw.

Lacey screams in pain again as Scarlett twist her grip, but the brunette then hammers fist down on Scarlett’s breast, stomach, and crotch. Lacey is able remove Scarlett’s weakening grip on her womanhood. Scarlett tries to roll away, but Lacey will have none of that and pulls the blonde back over. Lacey mounts Scarlett and slaps her boobs and face several time before reaching back and undoing her own top. Lacey gives her freed girls a rub and says, “I want to feel flesh on flesh.” Lacey cups the back of the blonde’s head in her hands and lowers her ‘Mighty Mounds’ down on to Scarlett’s face. Again the J-M-D chant rings out as Scarlett’s legs kick slowly trying to find some way out.” Lacey grinds her boobs into Scarlett’s face. Scarlett is barley moving when Lacey adds insult to injury, the brunette lifts her boob off Scarlett’s face long enough to give the Blonde what can only be called a ‘Boob Slap’ Lacey’s shoulders turn from side to side swinging her boobs into Scarlett’s face. Lacey then buries the blonde’s face again.

Twice the referee has check Scarlett’s arm and she manages to keep it from falling, but the ref seeing no movement from the Blonde steps in lifting her left arm by the wrist. Once it’s released the limp falls lifeless, the second time has the same result. Lifting the arm a third time he shakes her arm before letting go and it falls to the canvas. Lacey knows she’s just won the match, but refuses to give up her position until the ref calls for the bell. Lacey sits up letting the slumbering Scarlett’s head fall and bounce off the mat. Lacey stands up and rubs her own tits, explaining to the crowd, “Loser! Slobber all over them.” Lacey takes a victory lap climbing each turnbuckle and holding her arms up high. Lacey the walks around the ring yell, “You’re looking at the New Champ.”

Scarlett is helped from the ring her face slack in what some call JUGG SHOCK! Lacey retrieves her top and puts it back on to the displeasure of the crowd. Lacey laughs yelling back, “Wait til next time. I’ll be slapping these in the face of another blonde bimbo.”
Main Event Two: Allison Mack vs. Billie Piper

The ring announcer stands in the center of the ring and begins, “Time now for our Main Event!”

AFI’s “Miss Murder” begins playing as the ring announcer makes the first introduction, “From Swindon, England...She stands 5’5”...BILLIE PIPER!” Sparks showers the stage then Billie comes busting out from behind the curtain. Billie is wearing a bikini top with the union jack pattern on it and black bottoms and a short leather jacket on over top. The blonde has a large cheering section rooting her on. Billie climbs up on to the ring apron and flips over the top rope. Billie salutes the crowd and then heads to her corner where she removes the jacket and does some stretching.

As Billie’s music dies on the ring announcer start, “Her opponent...” Shinedown’s “Fly from the Inside” begins playing and whistling fireworks are set off. “Wrestling out of Long Beach, CA...She is 5’4” tall...MS. ALLISON MACK!” The blonde comes out wearing a low cut sports bra and spandex short shorts, both maroon. Allison also has a large fan base; many the same people who are fans of Billie. Coming to ringside Allison is slapping the hand of fans that extend them. When she gets around to the where Richard Fannin and Archer are sitting, Rich holds up a sign “BITCHSLAP BILLIE PIPER”

From the ring Billie yells, “OY! What gives?” Rich can only shrug and flips the sign around where it reads, “Sorry Billie!”

Allison laughing heads around the ring and climbs into the ring. Billie points at Rich saying, “Watch yerself”

In the ring Billie and Allison come to the center of the squared circle for a word before them match begins. Allison starts, “OK Billie, I’ll take your bet with on condition.” Billie smiling replies, “Name it.” Allison goes on, “To get the outfit the winner has to make the loser submit. Pinfall gets you nothing.” Billie looks a little perturbed with the added rule, but says, “Yer on!” Allison starts to back away, but Billie says, “’ang on there mate. I just want to say I’m sorry now for what I’m going to do to you. I’ve only got one way to wrestling and it’s full out all the time.”

Allison smiles, “I won’t have it any other way, and don’t expect any less from me.” Billie extends a hand, “No quarter asked. None given.” The two blondes shake hands and head to their corners and await the bell.

At the opening bell the two blondes head straight out from their respective corners and lock up in a collar and elbow tie up. Billie gets the upper hand and pulls Allison’s right arm back into a Hammerlock. Allison looking over both shoulders looking for a way out, bends over and turning reverses the Hammerlock on Billie. Allison pushes on Billie’s arm adding to the pressure of the hold. Like Allison though Billie bends forward and is able to twist and turn Allison back into the hold. Allison is only held for a second before she bends and reverse Billie again. Allison pulls Billie’s arm high on her back causing Billie to scream out in pain. Billie looks over her shoulders and then brings her free elbow back cracking Allison on the side of the head. Allison stumbles back into the ropes holding the side of her face.

Billie stalks right after the wounded blonde, “I told ye I only know one way to hit and that’s ‘ard!” Billie takes Allison’s wrist and pulls the limb behind Allison back and scooping Mack up in one smooth move Billie turns and slams Allison to the mat her arm still trapped. Allison gently pulls her arm out from under her and rubs her shoulder. Billie mean while moves down to Allison legs and lift Allison’s right leg Billie spins Allison’s leg around her own in a step over toe hold. Allison cries out in pain as her ankle and knee are twisted. Billie looking down on Allison says, “You can just give up now and give me your outfit.” Allison slams her arms of the mat answers, “You wish.” Billie smiling replies “Didn’t think so.” Billie releases the hold only to reapply it. Allison cries out in pain, but gets her left foot up and placing it on Billie’s ass shoves the blonde across the ring breaking the hold.

Both get to their feet quickly, but Allison is limping and Billie charges. Allison lashes out chopping Billie across the chest. Billie stunned by the chop, but loads up and chops Allison’s chest right back. Billie yells, “Come on!” holding her chin up Billie offers Allison a clear shot at her chest. Allison does hesitate chopping the Brit. Billie screams in rage and Allison braces for Billie’s coming shot. The crack is loud as Billie’s hand print is visible on Allison pale skin. Billie looking like she’s having fun waits for Allison to chop her back. Allison not backing now hits Billie with an equally loud shot that leaves Allison’s paw print on Billie’s chest. Twice more they take turns. Allison last hit causes Billie to turn away holding her chest and Allison follows coming up behind Billie. Allison grabs both of Billie’s arms and pulls them back. Allison kicks the back of Billie’s knee forcing the Brit to her knees. Allison places her foot in the middle of Billie’s back and pulls on the Surfboard.

Billie moans in pain her shoulders being worked over. Allison now offers, “You could submit and give me your outfit.” Billie yells, “Fat chance.” Allison shrugs and adds twisting Billie’s arm to the hold getting more pained groans for the blonde.

Allison says, “Billie, I will pop your shoulder out if you don’t submit.”

Billie snarls, “Well then do it and quit boring me with yer talk.”

Allison smiles at the Brits grit. Allison the shoves Billie to the mat releasing the surfboard hold. Allison isn’t going to give Billie any chance to recover though jumps down beside her opponent and locking in a side headlock. Allison now squeezing and bending Billie’s neck asks, “How you doing Billie?”

The muffled response can’t be made out. Allison catching her breathe relaxes a bit to much and Billie shoves the blonde and pops her head free and reverse into a Hammerlock. Billie’s face is red and sweaty says, “That’s better, ‘Ow thing for you Alli?” Allison’s face pressed against the canvas lies, “Just great thanks for asking.”

Billie holding Allison shoulder and wrist still bent in the Hammerlock raises her up and brings her knee crashing into Allison arm. Allison cries out and Billie says, “Going to be ‘ard to uses the bear’ug with one arm.” Billie then drives her knee into the trapped limb again. Billie releases the hold and using Mack’s short blonde hair pulls her upright. Allison is leaning into Billie and the Brit unleashes one of her deadlier attacks, nailing Allison across the jaw with a European uppercut. Allison would probably have fallen if the ropes were not so close behind her. Leaning against the ropes Allison is not prepared to defend herself against the second European uppercut that spans her head back. Billie whips the dazed blonde across the ring. The Brit moves to center of the ring and when Allison returns fans are shocked at the speed with which Billie scoops and turns Allison over into a power slam. The referee is caught off guard as well and takes slightly longer to get into position. One...Two...Allison’s arm shots up pulling her shoulder of the mat.

Billie pats Allison belly, “I knew that wouldn’t get it done.” Billie uses the straps of Allison’s top to pull her up again. Allison fires a punch into the Brit belly, but Billie shakes off the blow and hammers a forearm down across Allison’s back. Billie grabs two handfuls of hair and forces Allison’s head down between the Brit’s thighs. Billie then circles her arms around Allison waist and lifts. Allison though drops her hips and keeps herself from being lifted. Billie hammers another fore arm into Mack’s back and tries again. This time not only does Allison keep her feet on the mat, but the blonde powers up and flips Billie over her back with a back body drop.

Allison staggers forward and uses the ropes to stay on her feet. Billie landing on her back takes only a second to get back to her feet sees Allison leaning on the ropes still looking hurt. Billie adjusts her bottoms which were riding high and then starts after Allison. Billie raises her arms to hammer Allison back again, but Mack looks to be playing a little opossum she turns driving a Kneelift into Billie slack stomach. In an instant Allison has Billie scooped up and drops the blonde down across her posted leg in a back breaker. Allison shoves Billie off her leg and when the blonde comes to a stop Allison drops a knee into her exposed ribs. Billie moaning cries out in pain as Allison drive a second knee into the Brit’s ribcage. Allison floats over Billie and then repeats the knee strike to Billie’s other side. Allison mounts Billie then and applies a full nelson.

Allison says, “I know you scouted me as much as I scouted you. So you know once I have your back and ribs soften up enough I will Bearhug you out.” Billie trying to pull Allison’s grip on the full nelson apart only answer is, “SO!” Allison continues, “I just want you to know that even if I like you there is no way you’ll get out with out submitting.” Allison then pulls Billie’s arms together so she can hold her with one arm. Allison with her hand free now begins punching away at Billie’s stretched out ribs. Billie’s cries of pain fall on Allison’s deaf ears as Mack changes arms and works Billie’s other side. Allison the stands and fixing her shorts that have ridden up then lifts Billie off the mat by the hair. Leaning against Allison Billie looks like she can’t stand on her own, but then her right arm comes arcing up and pastes Allison with a European uppercut.

Allison stumbles backwards and this time does fall to her ass. Billie still sore moves slowly, but pulls Allison back to her feet and hooking her arm around Allison neck and catching Allison near leg behind the knee Billie takes Allison over with the Fisherman’s Suplex know as “Pay the Piper” hold the bridge and Allison in the cradle Billie waits for the referee’s count ONE...TWO...THR-NO!”

Allison fist comes up hitting Billie in her already tender ribs and breaks the Brit’s bridge and the ref’s count. Both women take a few seconds before getting back to there feet. Billie beats Allison to the punch this time driving a Kneelift into Allison’s belly at her belt line. Allison’s cheeks puff out as the wind is knocked out of her, Billie is already in the middle of her next move. Feeding an arm between Allison’s legs Billie grabs a generous handful of Allison’s back side and scoops the blonde up.

Holding Allison across her chest, Billie carries her around the ring and then seems to find a spot she likes and Bodyslams Allison to the canvas. Billie standing over Allison leaps throwing her legs out and the leg drop comes crashing down across Allison chest. Billie rolls off Allison and when Mack rolls over on to her stomach the Brit seems to get an idea.

Billie straddles Allison’s back and pulling Allison’s arms, Billie puts them over her thighs and then reaches down cupping Allison chin pulls the blonde into a camel clutch. Allison moans in pains as Billie also uses the hold to catch her own breathe. Billie whispers in Allison’s ear, “You outfit will look nice on my wall next to Jenny’s” Allison can’t open her mouth to respond with Billie pulling on her chin. The pain is plain to see on Allison’s face and something most fans aren’t use to seeing from Allison, Panic.” Billie then finds a new tactic, she holds Allison’s chin in one hand and Crossfaces the blonde with the other. Billie alternates arms to Crossface Allison, but it does give Allison a chance and Mack frees her arms. Billie tries to pull Allison’s arms back into place, but Mack now sees her escape and crawls carrying Billie to the ropes to break the hold.

Billie is frustrated, but releases the hold before the ref even begins to count. Allison checks her jaw that has been taking the brunt of this match. Allison moves away from the ropes and Billie stalks after her. Billie catches up to Allison and hits a front kick to Allison’s gut. Billie snatches Allison’s arm and whips her towards the far ropes Allison turns hitting the ropes with her back and sees the clothesline Billie is loading up for. Allison ducks under the wild swing that could have taken her head off. Allison continues on to the ropes on the other side of the ring and returns. Billie after her wild swing and miss regains her balance and turns right into one of Allison’s deadliest move the “Mack Attack Spear.” Allison’s shoulder buries deep into Billie’s stomach, the tackle would make many linebackers envious.

Many of the Fans chant, “GORE!...GORE!....GORE!” Allison pulls the balled up Brit back and on to her back as the ref scrambles into position.


Some how Billie digs deep and the weak kick out is enough to pull her shoulder off the canvas. Allison can’t believe Piper kicked out kneels beside her and then falls back sitting on the mat with a stunned look. Allison only takes a moment to get over the shock of not putting Billie away with the spear and gets back to her feet. Allison has to adjust both her top and bottom after the impact of the spear. Allison reaches down pulling Billie up by a handful of damp blonde hair. Allison may still be distracted by not getting the pin is caught off guard and Billie getting a hand behind Allison’s head pulls her head down into another vicious European uppercut.

Allison is knocked back on her ass again, but Billie staggers and trips falling as well. The ref begins to count both women out. The Referee gets to four when Billie breathing heavy gets up. Allison is only a second behind begins to rise as well. Billie catches Allison coming up and drives an elbow into the back of Allison’s neck. Allison is driven back to one knee.

Billie says, “It may not get me your outfit, but right now I just want the win.”

She ducks her head under Allison’s arm and hooks her own arm around Allison’s neck. Standing up straight Billie takes a deep breathe before reaching down for Allison’s leg, but that second turned out to be a big mistake. Allison in one swift move pulls Billie’s head down and rolls her over in a small package.


Everyone in the arena is shocked the match has come to such a quick end. Billie breaking out of the hold just a second late kneels on the mat with a blank look on her face. Allison rolling over on her back holds her arms up in victory. Allison gets to her feet and walks over to the still in shock Billie and says, “Sorry, but whatever it takes to get the win without cheating.” Billie looks up and the blonde with disdain and rolls out of the ring and heads to the rear. Allison seems a little upset, but at that moment Shinedown’s “Fly from the Inside” begins playing and the Jumbotron Show pictures of Allison and Lacey with the caption, “For the XX Division Title”

Allison doesn’t stay long celebrating the victory, but does walk around slapping hands with fans as she heads to the back.


The Title match set Harold pulls Lacey and Allison aside in his office, both women are still in their wrestling outfits with CCW T-shirts on over them. Harold is giving them instructions, “You two will meet as the Main event of Show 14” Lacey and Allison nod but avoid looking at each other. Harold continues, “Now here how I plan to make sure you two don’t plan anything between now and then. If anything happens to either one of you, you both lose the title shot.”

Allison nods and Lacey grumbles, “Fine.”

Harold stands up, “Well Congrats, you two have been the hottest wrestlers in your division, you both deserve the shot.”

Getting up both ladies thank Harold and go out of their way to avoid contact as they leave the office. Harold leaps as clapping shocks the man that thought he was alone, “Fine speech, I notice you left some things out though.”

The words are almost venomous as Neve appears behind Harold. Looking like he would like to take a swing at the brunette Harold collects himself asks, “What do you want Neve.”

The brunette walks around the table correcting the promoter, “It’s Banshee...and you know what I want.”

Harold nods, “OK, but this is two.”

Banshee walking to the door says over her shoulder, “Don’t think about screwing with me on this.”

Harold picks up the nearest chair and whips it into the wall.

Allison Mack sits in front of her locker with a towel wrapped around her holding an ice pack against her jaw. She looks up when the door slams open and Billie Piper storms in. Billie walks over and stands next to Allison who doesn’t move, “Oy Mate.” The second word loaded with sarcasm Billie goes on, “I thought we where going to settle this woman to woman in the ring.”

Allison pulls the ice pack away before answering, “I thought we did” Billie getting madder asks, “What was that at the end?” Allison having some trouble talking says, “A small package, you better get use to them.”

Billie looks at the swollen jaw line of Allison and seems to calm down some. Billie goes on, “I just didn’t think the ending would go down that way, as you Yanks say you Pearl Harbored me.”

Allison thinks about correcting the reference, but lets it go. Holding the ice pack on her face, she says, “When I beat Lacey, I’ll make sure Harold gives you the first shot.” Billie pulls back the ice pack to get a better look at Allison’s jaw. Billie now seems back to her normal cheery self says, “Most dames go now long before I hit them with so many uppercuts.” Allison starts to laugh but it seems to hurt and she says, “Yeah, it’s going to be a few days before I’m eating solids again.” Allison looks up at Billie and asks, “We Cool?”

Billie smiles, “Yeah. Why don’t you turn ‘eel so I can ‘ate you properly? Oh and by the by don’t tell that Rich bloke we made up. The beers are on ‘im tonight to make me feel better.”

Allison nods. Billie turns and heads off to find her free beers.