Celebrity Championship Wrestling Show 2 by big fan

Harold Green sits in his office only two days until the CCW’s next show. Looking up at the wall that contains pictures and info on all the wrestlers it hard not to notice the hole where Beverley Mitchell’s entry had been. Beside that the Schedule for the second show also has a hole in the second match. Peeking to no one, but out loud Harold says, “I just can’t wait any longer.” He pulls a binder out of the desk and begins to thumb through it jotting down notes every so often.

Breaking the silence is a knock at the door. Not bothering to look up the promoter just yells, “Come in!”

Entering the room is Neve Campbell. Harold jumps to his feet extending his hand to the woman, “Thank you for coming. I hope you have some good news for me.”

Neve takes the hand giving a short shake and the settles into the chair across the desk from the promoter. Neve waits until Harold retakes his seat to begin, “I’m willing to come back.” The smile on Harold’s face fades fast as she adds, “I have some demands though.”

Harold pulls out the contracts saying, “We worked every thing out with your lawyers. Money, number of appearance, all the other perks, even your theme music.”

Neve holds up a hand interrupting, “I want it written in my contract that I have three matches of my own make. My opponent, my rules, when I say!”

Harold thinks a second asking, “And you’ll wrestle when you’re scheduled as well?”

Neve nodd, “Yes.”

Harold turns to the computer and begins banging away at the keys. A short time later the printer in the room is feeding out a document. Taking the paper Harold hands it to Neve for her inspection. Harold says, “If that’s all, I just need your signature on that and the contracts and it will be done.”

Neve finishes reading and grabs a loose pen on the desk signing the new document first and then another paper handed her by Harold. Harold extends his hand again, “All set” Neve shakes the hand again and turns to leave, but before she reaches the door Harold inquires, “Would you have any problem filling in for Beverley in this next show?”

Neve turns answering, “I’ll be there.”

She leaves, not even bothering to ask who her opponent would be and Harold goes back to the binder he’d been flipping through and pulls out a picture. Walking to the wall Harold pins up the picture in the blank spot of the roster. Neve’s smiling face looking back.

Fans fill the mini arena that has become the home of the new CCW. Many of the well known Celebrity fight fans are present as well as the rich and famous that can pay the high price tickets. In the crowd are some familiar faces to the old NCWL most notably is Monica Bellucci.

Monica had returned to wrestle in Europe after the NCWL folded and the Italian currently holds the European Championship she won recently from Catherine Zeta Jones. Monica waves to fans as she heads to her seats holding her belt up often showing it off.

Pat Benatar’s “Hit me with Best Shot” plays as the giant screen shows highlights from the last show. The song reaching its end is followed by explosions going off and the ring announcer introduces the first match.
Match 1 Lizzy Caplan vs. Alexis Bledel

Rookie Lizzy faces Alexis in the first match of the evening. The Rookie sets the pace of the match keeping Alexis on the defensive most of the match. Liz shows a small mean steak stripping Alexis of her top and on numerous occasions Liz takes advantage of openings to Alexis’s crotch.

Alexis fights back removing Lizzy’s top as well, but before she can capitalize on her advantage Lizzy reverses the tables again with a knee to the crotch. Alexis stunned by a Russian leg sweep cannot prevent Lizzy from applying a half Boston Crab. Lizzy adds to Alexis’s torment by using her free hand to dish out low blows and claws Alexis’s pussy. Alexis soon surrenders to the pain by submitting.
Match 2 Christina Aguilera vs. Neve Campbell

Christina Aguilera had been preparing to face Beverley Mitchell but now she faces a much more dangerous opponent in Neve Campbell. Christina doesn’t wait for the bell to begin the match jumping Neve as she enters to ring. Christina’s sneak attack works as she keeps Neve down beating on the brunette.

Neve fights her way out of holds catching Christina in counter moves, but Christina squirms away each time and finds a way to go on the offensive. As fans begin to think Neve’s long layoff and lack of preparation may cost her this match Neve some how reverses Christina into a Crippler Crossface. Trapped in the center of the ring Christina struggles to move towards the ropes, but her progress is slow and then stops completely. A few seconds later the blonde taps out!

Neve rolls off her defeated opponent and holding her arms up accepting the cheers of the fans. Neve successful return complete she heads back stage.
Match 3 The Simpson Sisters vs. Portman-Cuthbert

Jessica and Ashlee Simpson next take on Natalie Portman and Elisha Cuthbert in tag action. Ashlee and Elisha start the match off. This is definitely an up paced match tags on both sides happen often. Each woman hits and is hit with moves that are sudden. Fans can hardly keep up with the flow things change so fast.

The match slows slightly as Natalie traps Ashlee in a neutral corner. Natalie catches Ashlee with a questionable knee lift south of the belt line. Natalie pulls Ashlee out of the corner only long enough to break the count and shoves her back in. Natalie drives three knee lift into Ashlee’s breast and again pulls the blonde out to break the count. This time Natalie rips the top off Ashlee and engages in some jug mugging. Not until the ref threatens to DQ her does Natalie back off.

But Natalie underestimated Ashlee and takes her time going to tag Elisha. Ashlee uses it to move toward Jessica in their corner. When Elisha realizes what’s happening, she sprints across the ring to break up the tag but she’s too late. Jessica runs the blonde over with a clothesline and keeps going. Natalie hasn’t left the ring turns to see why the crowd just went off. Jessica nails the brunette with the same clothesline that took down Elisha.

The ref has to restrain Natalie from coming back into the ring, giving Jessica time to gather Elisha and force her into the Simpson corner. With Ashlee’s help Jessica begins working over Elisha. Ashlee while helping dish out punishment on Elisha keeps an eye on the ref still pushing Natalie out of the ring. Elisha’s top is ripped off in return for Ashlee being topless. The Ref finally turns to see Jessica working Elisha in the corner and Ashlee standing there innocently holding her arms up. The ref crosses the squared circle and starts counting to get Jessica out of the corner.

Ashlee blows Natalie a kiss that gets the desired response. Natalie enters the ring, Ashlee like a first grade pointing something out to a teacher yells, “Hey ref! Nat’s in the ring!” the count forgotten the ref turns to block Natalie and the sisters’ work on Elisha more. Natalie knows the only by leaving the ring can she help Elisha, but her temper has her arguing with the ref giving the sisters time to switch in their corner and now Ashlee does the heavy work while Jessica assists.

When Natalie does leave the ring, the ref returns to find Elisha sitting on the mat in the Simpson’s corner with Ashlee working a Reverse Chinlock.

Pulling Elisha up to her feet by the chin lock Ashlee reaches back and tags in Jess. Ashlee guides Elisha to the center of the ring and waits for her sister. Ashlee whips Elisha into the ropes and Jessica heads for the ropes opposite. When Elisha staggers back Ashlee crouches and wrapping her arms around the Blonde’s thighs lifts and drives Elisha down with a spin buster. Ashlee hits and rolls off Elisha as Jessica is already air borne. Jessica crashes down across Elisha chest with the splash.

Ashlee moved to block Natalie from making the save as Jessica wraps Elisha in a tight cradle. The ref makes the count without any sign of struggle from Elisha.
Cut Scene

After the tag match the Screen lights up with Kelly Preston standing with Eva Mendes and Eva Longoria. Kelly starts the interview, “Ladies it’s just been signed for the next show the two of you will face Alyssa Milano and Rose McGowan.” Eva Longoria grabs the mic at this point, “Eva and I will face anyone that want’s to get in the ring with us. When the tag belts and up for grabs we will come out on top.”

Kelly pulls the mic back, but Eva Mendes takes it before Kelly has a chance to ask any question. “Ladies, you’ve been warned. Think hard before you put your name on the line to face us.” Not waiting both Eva’s walk out.
Match 4 Camilla Belle vs. Charlize Theron

Rookie Camilla Belle show she not afraid in get in the ring with anyone as she takes on Charlize Theron in her first match. The veteran and the Rookie are very similar in size as they stand nose to nose prior to the match. Camilla soon finds out to her discomfort that Charlize’s experience allows her to avoid the moves that Camilla normally would hit on younger opponents. Still, Charlize finds it hard to intimidate the young brunette as Camilla stands and trades blows with the big blonde.

Charlize and Camilla both begin to slow down as the match wears on. They trade a few near falls and both seem surprised at their failure to finish off the other. Then Camilla learns first hand why Charlize is so dangerous! Theron slips away from an attempted Power Slam by the youngster, drops behind her adversary and Chop Blocks the back of Camilla’s left leg. Camilla’s on the mat before she knew it was happening with Charlize’s long legs encircling her chest and like a vice!

It doesn’t take long and the rookie is tapping out her face red form lack of air. Charlize struts around the ring with arms raised acknowledging her fans. Before leaving though, Charlize stops and says a few words to Camilla who still has trouble breathing as she rolls out of the ring and staggers out of the arena.

Charlize calls for a mic., looks out at the crowd and says, “You are looking at the next champ. Once we get by this bullshit, the world title will be mine!” Charlize walks around the ring, then continues, “I’m here for the Title; I’m just letting everyone know the line forms behind ME!” Then Charlize drops the mic and heads out of the ring.
Match 5 Katherine Heigl vs. Laura Prepon

Heigl’s last show saw her fall victim to Prepon’s joke. Tonight Katherine looks to pay the big redhead back. Kat quickly show Laura the error in her way, beating Laura down with an array of power moves. Heigl show some great strength lifting Laura up in the torture rack, but before Laura could submit the big blonde tosses her to the canvas.

Laura has managed only a meager amount of offense and lies at the feet of Katherine. Looking out into the crowd Kat yells, “It’s just not the same with the fabric in the way.” Kat then peels off her own top before mounting Laura. Kat gives Laura a chance to see the large melons coming at her face. Fans can see the look of panic just before Laura’s face disappears under Katherine’s cleavage. Laura’s struggle is short before she’s tapping the mat desperate to get the blonde’s mounds out of her face.
Match 6 Ashley Scott vs. Cobie Smulders

Scott is in the squared circle waiting for Cobie to make her entrance. Cobie’s music begins and the brunette burst through the curtain on to the stage. While Cobie is busy playing to the crowd Sarah Michelle Gellar comes out from the back. Hearing her name called Cobie turns right into a super kick by Sarah. Cobie’s arms fly wide as she goes down like a fallen tree.

Out cold, spread-eagled on the stage, Cobie is lucky Sarah is satisfied for now and returns to the backstage area. The medics come to check on Cobie, while a stunned Ashley paces the ring. The medics then signal to the ref that Cobie won’t be competing tonight.

Ashley kicks the ropes as the ring announcer declares the match, “No Contest.”
Cut Scene

Kelly Preston runs after the short blonde leave, Kelly begins yelling, “Sarah! Sarah a word, please!” Sarah stops and turns waiting for Kelly and the Camera Man to catch up. Sarah looks around making sure no one is lurking dear by. Kelly short of breath asks, “I assume your action where a response to the attack of Cobie and Alyson at the last show?” Sarah eye’s wide open looking like some one just found out a big secret sarcastically says, “You Think?”

Kelly recovers her breath and train of thought asks, “You’re facing two on one odds, how do you combat that?” Sarah notices Cobie staggering through the curtains and Alyson coming out to help her. Sarah answers Kelly’s question, “By not letting them get me two on one again.”

Sarah waves to Alyson who finally sees the blonde, Sarah steps out the door as Alyson rush towards her. Alyson gets tangled up with Kelly and her Camera man before getting to the door Sarah exited. Opening the door to a small parking lot there is no sign of Sarah. Alyson lets out a frustrated scream prior to slamming the door shut and going back to check on Cobie.
Match 7 Eva Mendes vs. Jessica Biel

Mendes takes on Biel next and right off the bat, Jessica has Eva in trouble. Jessica hits Eva with a belly to belly Suplex that almost gets Jess a win barley a minute into the match. Jessica scoops Eva up holding Eva across her chest. Jessica walks around the ring before dropping Eva down in a backbreaker.

Jessica traps Eva in the corner and uses the brunette as a heavy bag hammering punches into Eva’s mid section. Jessica’s dominance continues as Jessica hip tosses, belly to back suplexes, snap mares, body slams, and finally a German Suplex Eva in a matter of moments. Jessica the give into the crowd and relieves Eva of her top. Jessica parades her battered opponent around the ring giving all the fans a good view of Eva’s rack.

Jessica powers Eva up on to her shoulders holding Eva in the torture rack for a few seconds. Jessica then bends deep at the knees and pushes up hard flipping Eva off her perch. Eva comes crashing down to the canvas face and chest first. Jessica kicks Eva on to her back. Jessica then shows of the muscle in her right arm flexing it for the fans. Jessica is not showing off for the fans she drops her tricep down smashing Eva’s tits. Jessica lazily waits for the ref to make the three count ending Eva’s horrible night.
Match 8 Katie Holmes vs. Kaley Cuoco

Katie Holmes stretches as Kaley Cuoco enters the ring. This match has fans oohing and Aahing and grimacing early as both young women take thumping at the hands of the other. Katie in control has Kaley trapped in the corner, Katie climbs to the middle rope to rain down punches on the blonde. After three heavy right hands Kaley wraps her arms around Katie’s long legs and lifts her carrying her out into the ring before slamming her back first on the mat.

Kaley holds the advantage for a while first grinding Katie down with Mat holds, then dragging the Brunette up to her feet for body slams and suplexes. It looks like Kaley may take this on as three times Katie has just barely beaten the ref’s hand at three counts. Kaley lines Katie up a few feet out from the turnbuckle, and then Kaley climbs the inside of the corner to the second rope. Holding her hands together above her head Kaley shows everyone she’s going for a double axe handle. The blonde leap into the air looking to finish the brunette with one final big blow, but Katie’s foot comes up catching Kaley under the chin.

Katie takes advantage of the time she bought and Kaley’s weaken state to begin pay back. Katie works on breaking down Kaley’s legs and back. Every move focuses on those two areas. With Kaley flat on her back in the center of the ring Katie grabs both of Kaley’s ankles hold her legs apart. Kaley’s first instinct is to cover her crotch with both hands. The blonde even begs, “Don’t stomp my pussy Katie”

Katie’s foot steps between Kaley’s legs slamming down on the mat beside the blonde’s hip. Kaley to late realizes what Katie is really doing. Planting her leg between Kaley’s Katie crosses Kaley’s legs. Katie hooks Kaley’s ankles under Katie’s left arm and rolls the blonde over into the sharpshooter.

Katie laughs at Kaley, “You would think I would settle just for stomping your cunt.” Kaley misreading Katie’s intention has left her trapped. Kaley fights the pain and tires to drag her and Katie closer to the ropes but about half way there Katie loosens her grip enough to drag Kaley right back the center ring. Kaley looks at the long trip she would have to attempt again buries her face in the canvas and slaps her hand on the mat surrendering.

Katie drops Kaley’s out of the hold as soon as she hears the bell. Not bothering to check on Kaley Katie goes to the ref to have her hand raised in victory. Katie plays to the crowd before heading off. Kaley takes longer to get to her feet and gingerly exit the ring.
Match 9 April Scott vs. “Lamia”

Rookie April Scott waits in the ring as the lights dim and “Carmina Burana” begins to play. Wearing the same heavy hooded cloak a figure slowly walks to the ring. Jeers and slurs greet Lamia as she walks to the ring. Lamia climbs the steps to the ring stopping at the top of the step she drops the cloak. At the same time flames shoot from the top of the ring post.

After Lamia’s theatrics entering the ring the masked woman wearing the dark red top and bottoms with black runes attacks with out waiting for the bell. Lamia lifts April backing her into a corner with both standing upright and so close fans can tell Lamia is couple of inches shorter than the 5’7” Brunette. Lamia throws heavy punches into April’s taunt stomach.

April to her credit attempts to fight back. Lamia has just thrown April into the turnbuckles again and charges the rookie. April jumps wrapping her long legs around the masked woman’s head. April then pushes off the ropes taking Lamia over in a huricanrana. April goes to work on Lamia’s thicker legs. April keep the offense up for about a minute twisting and kick away at Lamia’s base.

April pulls Lamia to the center of the ring by the ankles dropping her hold on one foot April signals she’s going to apply a figure four about that time a loud fleshy crack is heard. Lamia’s feet foot shoots up, slamming into April’s crotch. She falls to her knees with one hand holding her pussy while Lamia gets to her feet. Lamia stalks over to the brunette and drives a knee into April’s chest. If possible things turn worst of April, First her top and then her bottoms are torn off. Lamia attacks focus now on April’s ample breast and her crotch. April after a few minutes is not even defending herself.

Lamia pulls the oblivious brunette up trapping her between her thighs. The masked wrestler draws some symbol in the air before flipping April up and over her shoulders. Lamia holds the naked wrestler in place for just a moment before completing the “Dark Sacrifice” April’s head and shoulder hit canvas first. Lamia covers her victim by grabbing two handfuls of boob well the ref executes a really fast three count.

Still not giving and indication of her identity Lamia leave the ring as she heads up the ramp Jessica Alba comes out from behind the curtain. Jessica begins closing the distance yelling, “Jumping people and taking advantage of rookie wrestlers isn’t that scary! Let’s see what you can do against a real opponent?” Jessica breaks into a sprint. Only feet apart Lamia’s head shoots forward and a black mist erupts catching Jessica in the face. Jessica drops screaming like she had just been maced.

Medics, security and Harold come running out. Security places themselves between Lamia and Jessica as some medics check Jessica and other continue to the ring to check on April. Lamia turns and exits out the curtain leaving without further incidents.
Main Event Lacey Chabert vs. Scarlett Johansson

Fans begin to grow restless as it takes sometime to get both April and Jessica on their feet. The ring and ramp now clear the ring announcer climbs into the ring. The Donna’s ‘Take it off’ plays as ... “From Purvis Mississippi standing 5’3”...LACEY CHABERT!”

The brunette comes out on the stage at the same time whistling pyro shoots back and forth above her head. Lacey’s two piece outfit is a dark orange with lighter orange trim. Lacey adjust her breast pushing them higher before coming down the ramp.

Lacey has a large following despite the fact she tends to break the rules and for the most part dislikes the fans. Lacey asks one of the fans at ring side, “You come to see my tits, maybe my pussy?” The fan and many around him yell, “YEAH!” Lacey shakes her head, “Ain’t gonna happen.” Lacey laughing turns rolling under the bottom rope into the ring.

Prodigy’s “Firestarter” begins and explosions go of on the stage as flames shoot up from the stage. A second later Scarlett Johansson comes out on stage. “Hailing from New York, New York...At 5’4”...SCARLETT JOHANSSON!”

Scarlett is wearing beige two piece out fit. Scarlett has a grim look on her face as she heads to the ring and doesn’t stop to play to the crowd. The blonde’s short hair is pulled back. Scarlett climbs the stairs to the ring and slips between the middle and top rope. Scarlett doesn’t stop at her corner crosses the ring going nose to nose with Lacey. Scarlett’s words are too soft to hear, but Lacey’s response is more that loud enough to hear, “Bitch! I’ll fuck you up!”

Lacey shoves Scarlett backward, Scarlett fires back with a slap across Lacey’s left cheek. The ref steps in forcing the young women apart with threats of double disqualification. Once the ref gets them somewhat apart the signal for the bell is given and the two wrestlers both charge. Lacey leaps just before they come together hitting a Lou Thesz Press, but Lacey insists that it’s a Lacey Press, like wrestlers haven’t been using it for over 50 years. Lacey mounted on top of the blonde pounds fist into the side of Scarlett’s head. Scarlett covers up the best she can and rolls her hips knocking Lacey from her perch.

Lacey is on her feet first. Scarlett getting to her feet turns to find Lacey catches the soles of Lacey’s feet in the chest. Lacey’s drop kick sends Scarlett flipping and rolling into the ropes. Lacey bounces up quickly, taunting Scarlett as she walks towards the blonde, “O is this going to be a long night for you Scarlett.” Lacey bends to lift Scarlett off the mat, but Scarlett grabs the waist line of Lacey’s bottoms and yanks forward. Lacey caught off guard is sent through the ropes falling to the floor below.

Scarlett rolls under the bottom rope and as Lacey tries to get to her feet Scarlett stomps on the brunette’s back. Scarlett holding the bottom rope continues to stomp a mudhole in Lacey. Lacey grunts and cries out with each blow. Scarlett looking down at her handy work says, “Guess your right Lacey, It is going to be a long night.”

Scarlett uses Lacey’s dark mane to pull her upright. Scarlett pushes Lacey’s back against the ring apron. Scarlett offsets her self to Lacey’s left and Knife edge chops Lacey’s chest, more precisely Lacey’s cleavage. The crack of flesh brings a gasp from the crowd Lacey mouth opens in a soundless scream her eyes open double wide in shock. Scarlett hears the ref...SIX...SEVEN...

Scarlett spins Lacey around grabbing the back of both Lacey top and bottoms Scarlett yanks hard on the bottoms splitting Lacey’s ass with a wedgie. Scarlett tosses Lacey back into the ring before hoping on to the apron and entering herself. Lacey crawls to the far side of the ring while Scarlett is re-entering. Lacey pulls the wedgie free as she stands. Scarlett coming across the ring says, “Going be hard getting that stain out of your bottoms.”

Lacey actually just flips Scarlett the bird. Meeting in the center of the ring the two wrestlers lock up in a collar and elbow tie up. Scarlett forces Lacey down to one knee, but Lacey is able to force her way back up quickly. Lacey knocks Scarlett arm up just enough to slide to the blonde’s side and wrap both arms around Scarlett’s waist. Lacey’s side Suplex is so sudden Scarlett has no time to counter before she’s lifted up and over landing on her right shoulder hard.

Lacey pushes Scarlett over on to her other side so she can apply an armbar to the arm that just hit hard on the canvas. Lacey’s shin pushes into Scarlett’s chest as Lacey tightens her grip on the trapped limb. “I won’t forget what happen outside there.” warns Lacey. Scarlett turns enough to get her feet under her and pushes into Lacey getting back to vertical. Lacey hangs on to the armbar like a dog on a bone. Scarlett unable to find any other escape pushes into Lacey forcing her into the ropes.

Lacey release the arm, fans are surprised to see the clean break as Scarlett backs away shaking the arm to get blood back into it. Lacey smiles slyly saying, “Face it Scarlett, your just out classed!”

Scarlett replies, “There’s an oxymoron you and class.”

Scarlett waits for Lacey to move towards her and then surging forward Scarlett extends the arm Lacey had been working on. The clothesline catches lacey across the chest knocking her flat on her back. Scarlett rolls her shoulder looking at the arm saying, “Seems to still work.”

Scarlett doesn’t give Lacey much time to recover. Scarlett pulls Lacey up to a seated position. Scarlett lifts Lacey’s arm to feed arm own arms around Lacey and apply a sitting abdominal stretch. Scarlett taunts Lacey while putting more pressure on the hold, “I noticed looks like you need to work abs more.” Lacey through clinched teeth says, “Screw you.”

Scarlett pushes Lacey out of the hold on to her stomach. Scarlett mounts Lacey’s back hook the brunette’s arms in a double chickenwing. Scarlett hangs on to her position for a short time then pulls Lacey up to her feet still holding the double chickenwing. Once their both on their feet Scarlett uses the hold to lift Lacey. Lacey yelps in pain as her shoulders are assaulted. Scarlett is only able to hold the brunette aloft a few painful seconds before letting her drop.

Lacey doesn’t fall when release, but lands on her feet and manages to escape Scarlett’s grasp. Lacey turn to face Scarlett, but the blonde seems in no hurry to force the pace of the match. Scarlett brags, “I have hundreds of hold each more painful. You will submit to one of them.”

Lacey rubbing her shoulder laughs, “You’re so full of shit Scarlett.”

She moves back towards Scarlett looking for another lockup, but this time Lacey’s knee shoots up catching Scarlett low in the belly. Scarlett doubled over and gasping for air is an easy target for Lacey. Lacey moves to Scarlett’s right side and drive a kneelift up into Scarlett’s large boobs.

The attack to her soft mounds drops Scarlett to both knees. Lacey Moves behind Scarlett and taking each of her wrists pulls Scarlett’s arms back into a surfboard submission. Lacey adds to the hold by placing her foot in the center of the blonde’s back. Lacey gets ten or fifteen seconds out of the hold as Scarlett moans in pain. Lacey then releases Scarlett’s arms pushing her foot so Scarlett end face first on the mat. Lacey walks around to Scarlett left side and drops a knee into the side of the blonde’s ribs. Lacey then shoots a have nelson and rolls Scarlett over for the pin. The ref got only about a one and a half before Scarlett kicks out with some force.

Lacey swings her left leg over Scarlett taking a seat on the blonde’s stomach facing her head. Lacey controls Scarlett’s wrist and Lacey uses her shins to secure Scarlett’s arms. Lacey says, “Usually I’m not big in giving the fans what they want, but I’m sure they’ll enjoy me mauling you.”

Lacey proceeds to remove the blondes top. Scarlett’s feet beat the mat and her head bounces in pain as Lacey kneads Scarlett’s pale breast. Scarlett tries headbutting and kicking her way out without success. Lacey slides of Scarlett about 30 seconds later. Scarlett rolls to her side arms across her chest. Lacey digs a hand into the blonde locks of her opponent, pulling Scarlett to her feet.

Scarlett catches Lacey in the belly with a fist as she stands. Scarlett follows up with another gut punch before scooping Lacey up and bodyslamming her. Lacey bounces right back up into another bodyslam Lacey gets to her feet quickly again this time when she charges back to Scarlett the blonde lifts and sets Lacey for a bodyslam, but holds Lacey across her chest Scarlett’s fingers digging into Lacey’s backside. Scarlett tosses Lacey again this time when hitting Lacey stays there.

Scarlett kicks Lacey in the ribs. Scarlett straddles the brunette and drops her ass down on Lacey. Lacey legs jackknife into the air and Lacey gasps for air. Lacey’s top now goes flying out of the ring. Scarlett is twisting, pinching and pulling Lacey’s sweet rack. Scarlett doesn’t have Lacey as secure as she needs and the brunette’s legs come up wrapping Scarlett and taking her back over. The Ref gets a two count before Scarlett rolls on threw.

Scarlett after rolling through is leaning against the ropes and takes a moment to catch her breath and assess the damage done to her breast. Likewise Lacey is rubbing the pain out of her breast. Both get back to their feet to continue.

Lacey challenged Scarlett by holding her arms high. Scarlett laughs, “You want a test of strength. You know you’ll just fail.”

Lacey moves closer saying, “Come on Scarlett, afraid to be put to the test?” Scarlett moves in lacing fingers with Lacey. Once their hands are intertwined Lacey pulls Scarlett’s arms down and slams chest to chest. Scarlett lets a small whimper out as her boobs crush into Lacey’s equally impressive rack.

Lacey taunts, “Boobs hurting Scarlett?” Lacey keeps rubbing her tits over Scarlett’s, keeping the blonde from using her strength and height advantage in the test of strength. Lacey frees her right hand form Scarlett and turns catching Scarlett with a wristlock. Forcing Scarlett to bend at the waist Lacey brings her right arm clubbing down across Scarlett’s back. It takes four of the big blows to drive Scarlett down to the canvas. Lacey drops the arm and mounts Scarlett’s back snaking her arms around Scarlett’s right arm and head Lacey applies a sleeper.

Lacey taunts, “Nightie-night babe. Don’t worry I won’t take to much advantage of you while your out.”

Scarlett slurring her words answers, “Fusk Ouu!”

The ref checks to make sure Lacey hasn’t dropped down to a choke hold jumps back as Scarlett pushes up to all fours. Lacey tries increasing the pressure on the hold as Scarlett reaches back hooking both of Lacey’s thighs and Scarlett lift herself and the brunette up. Standing Scarlett’s face color almost matches her name. Lacey surprised by the blonde’s strength wraps her legs tight around Scarlett’s waist adding the body scissors in hopes of taking Scarlett back down. Scarlett turns so she’s facing a turnbuckle and begins to back up. Staggering and the falling Scarlett squashes Lacey into the corner.

Lacey loses her grip on Scarlett as they both collapse in the corner. The only sign Scarlett is still conscious is the occasional tapping of her foot on the mat. Lacey holding the back of her head which clipped the top turnbuckle seems in better shape. Lacey uses the ropes to pull herself up. Lacey brushes her hair back with her hand and the bends to bring Scarlett to her feet. Like a bear trap snapping shut Scarlett rolls Lacey up in a small package. Lacey’s legs and arms wiggle as the ref gets into position.

“One...Two...Th...” Lacey kicks out.

Scarlett lying on her stomach after the attempted rollup doesn’t see the very pissed off Lacey get up and running over begins to stomp Scarlett’s back and ass. Lacey after about a dozen stomps stops walking a short way away and tries catching her breath. Scarlett rolls under the bottom rope to the floor below. When Lacey turns back it takes her a moment to locate Scarlett. Lacey climbs out of the ring over the ref’s objection. Lacey grabs Scarlett’s damp blonde hair, at the same time though Scarlett reaches up grabbing the front of Lacey’s bottoms and pulls lacey forward and down. Lacey’s head bounces off the ring apron and she falls into a crumpled heap.

The ref first jumps out of the ring checking on the wrestlers. Seeing neither is bleeding and both seem somewhat alert. Heading back into the ring the ref starts the ten count. Scarlett is up about the same time the count begins and lifting Lacey. Scarlett rolls Lacey onto the ring apron. Scarlett leaves Lacey’s head hanging out over the ropes. Scarlett standing to Lacey’s right drives an elbow into Lacey’s chest, then a second that catches more of Lacey boobs. Scarlett then shoves Lacey into the ring. Scarlett follows the brunette in.

The ref checking on Lacey is shoved out of the way by Scarlett. Scarlett hooks Lacey under the right arm lifting her. Scarlett pushes Lacey into the ropes. The Blonde cups Chabert’s chin pushing her head back over the top rope. Looking out to the crowd Scarlett press a finger to her lips, ‘Shushing’ the crowd. The CRACK from the overhand chop Scarlett hits Lacey’s left tit with rings through the quieter arena. Lacey explitive is heard more clearly just before the crowd noise shoots back up.

Lacey stumbles out into the ring arms crossed over her chest. Scarlett lets her go following and waiting. Scarlett reaches out grabbing Lacey’s forearm and dropping her shoulders Scarlett puts her shoulder on Lacey’s hip. With a slight grunt Scarlett lift’s Lacey up on to her shoulders. Lacey isn’t up there long as Scarlett falls back finishing the Samoan drop. Scarlett rolls over hooking Lacey’s leg. One...Two...ThreNo.

Lacey’s right arm shoots up rolling her shoulders off the mat just in time.

Scarlett runs a hand over her head unable to believe Lacey just kicked out. Scarlett’s game face returns as she begins pulling Lacey to her feet say, “OK cunt, I guess I can pound you some more I have no where to go tonight.”

Scarlett spins Lacey around taunting, “You like sleeper holds? Try this!”

Scarlett winds her arms around Lacey’s arm and head trapping her in the finisher. Before Scarlett has the hold secured Lacey steps back and to the side turning the hold into a side headlock. Lacey doesn’t have long, but hugging Scarlett’s waist lifts and falls back hitting the side Suplex.

Scarlett’s head and shoulders hit the canvas first with a wet thump. Lacey rolls away while Scarlett wraps her head in her arms holding the back of her head. The ref once again starts a ten count, but Lacey is up at one looking very pissed off. Lacey drags Scarlett to the nearest corner and sits her up against the pads. Lacey bends down saying. “Fun and Game time is over.” Lacey holding on to the top rope on either side of the turnbuckle leaps at the top of her leap Lacey pulls her legs up. Gravity brings Lacey back down in an arc, swinging back she drives her feet into Scarlett’s unprotected chest.

Scarlett in a lot of pain rolls to her side tears coming down her cheek as she can’t seem to get air back into her body. Lacey doesn’t take long to get back to her feet and dragging Scarlett by the ankles pulls her near mid ring. Lacey takes a few deep breaths before pulling Scarlett up by the hair and an arm. Holding Scarlett up Lacey flips Scarlett’s right arm over Lacey’s shoulder. Lacey’s right arm crosses Scarlett’s chest wrapping up around Scarlett’s neck. Lacey the lifts hitting what most know as a Rock bottom, but of course Lacey calls it “Lacey Bottoms”

Scarlett is laying spread eagled in the center of the ring. Lacey cruelly slides her hand down the front of Scarlett’s bottoms. Lacey says, “If you can hear me. GAME OVER!”

The ref in position counts, “One...Two...Three...” But Scarlett kicks out and the fans leap to their feet thinking she beat the count but the ref is signalling the time keeper that the match is over.

Some fans begin booing and jeering the ref thinking Scarlett was just screwed. With the confusion Lacey takes advantage her hand still inside Scarlett’s bottoms. Lacey says “Something to remember me by.”

Scarlett’s moans turn to cries of pain, which finally gets the refs attentions. Warning Lacey the decision can always be reversed the ref tries getting Lacey off the blonde. Lacey not wanting to give up her hard earned win obeys. The ref reluctantly raises Lacey’s hand making the match official. Lacey climbs each turnbuckle letting the fans know how great she is, and giving a nice view of her impressive tits.

Lacey is about to leave the ring, when Scarlett grabs her wrist turning her around. Scarlett angry asks, “What the Fuck was that shit at the end?” Lacey smiles, “Just want to give you something to remember me by.” Scarlett’s hand goes to her crotch which still must be hurt. Scarlett continues, “I knew you’re where a bitch, but that was fucking bullshit.” Lacey climbs through the ropes and drops to the floor. Before answering, “Well deal with it, You Lost, I won. If you want to do something other than bitch and moan you know where to find me.”

Lacey walks off leaving Scarlett fuming in the ring. Scarlett finally leaves the ring as well as the crew comes to do their work.

Harold Green sits in his office after the show. The expected knock on the door comes. “Come in!” calls the promoter.

Enter a small blonde. standing up Harold says, “Beverley! How are you? I didn’t expect you.”

Beverley Mitchell walks in moving gently and takes the seat offered. Beverley says, “I wanted to see the Show. So some of the others sneaked me into the back and hung out with me incase the masked bitch came looking for me.”

A second knock at the door comes, Harold this time moves between Beverley and the door before answering. Entering the room is Harold’s expected guess, Richard Fannin and Archer. Relaxing Harold invite them in as well. Beverley smiles at the new comers, “Thanks for the flowers Mr. Fannin.”

Richard nods saying, “Least I could do. How are you?”

Beverley looks around to the three men before answering, “I’m OK, the ribs and concussion won’t keep me in bed, but will keep me out of the ring for a while.” Beverley smiles, “Well I don’t want to interrupt your meeting.” She stands, but before she can leave Harold says, “Please wait a moment, I have been meaning to ask you about what happen at the first show.” Beverley lowers her head, “Yeah I figured you’d want to.”

Harold asks, “What do you remember of the attack.” Beverley takes a breath, “Let me start with what I remember.” All three men move the edge of their seats, “I was working with Hayden Panettiere, she wants to join the league as soon as she’s 18. So I was working with her. After we finished she took off and I was stretching I finished up and was gathering my stuff when something hit me from behind.”

Archer broke in here asking, “How long would this have been before the Show?” Beverley continues, “Less than an hour, I was her after the first blow that’s when she scooped me and slammed me on the chair my stuff was on. Then she covered my mouth and noise with a rag.” Beverley shakes her head clearing the bad memory. “Next thing I know I’m on the cart medics working on me.”

Again Archer speaks up, “Did you notice any tattoos or marks that might help ID Lamia?” Beverley shakes her head “No” Harold says, “Thanks for coming by. Making sure you don’t wonder around here alone.” Beverley nods and leaves the room.

“That explains what Jessica Biel, The Simpson Sisters, Katherine Heigl, and Katie Holmes where doing in the hall,” says Fannin.

Archer nods in agreement. Harold looks at his two guests asking, “Either of you see anything that might give us a clue as to the identity of Lamia?”

Looking at each other Richard and Archer both shrug, Richard answering, “She’s skilled; about ‘56”; thicker than most celebs. Other than that, I’ve got nothing.” Archer agrees with his partner.

Richard asks, “How are April and Jessica?”

“They’re both fine. Jess is more pissed than anything. The sting of the mist wore off quickly. April has the usual bumps and bruises of someone that doesn’t do to well in a match.”

Getting up out of his seat Harold says, “Ready to go get that drink?”

Both Richard and Archer agree and the three men walk out.