Celebrity Championship Wrestling Show #21 by big fan (w/promos by Archer)

"Well, Sarah, " Jessica Simpson observed looking at the posted schedule for the next CCW` card, "Looks like you and Emmy are going to get to open with me and Ash."

Sarah Michelle Gellar shrugged: "We can handle it, assuming you and your sister are up to it."

Ashlee Simpson gave Sarah a heartily slap on the back: "Don't you worry about a thing Sarah. Jess and I will more than ready."

Sarah glared at Ashlee, but her partner Emily Deschanel smoothly cut in between them:

"Save the physical stuff for the ring, Ashlee or you'll getting it back right across the face."

Ashlee smirked: "Sticking up for your partner; how sweet."

Emily took a step forward getting chest to chest with the taller Simpson. Ashlee dug in her heels and they gave each other steely looks. Finally, Sarah and Jessica moved in to separate their partners, but the four exchanged dark looks before moving off in separate directions.

Katie Sackhoff studied the card announcement and smiled. She turned to see Megan Fox sauntering up.

"Just want you to know, Foxy: you're about to get your second loss around here," Katie informed the brunette.

"Thank you for the warning. I'd brag about what number of loss this is going to be for you, but I've kind of lost count," Megan replied coolly. "I think I'm going to enjoy grinding my crotch into your face even more than I did doing it to Estella Warren."

"Figures you'd get off on that, but the only crotch you'll be worrying about is your own when I’m done with it," Katie retorted.

"Yeah, I saw you bust Michelle Ryan's crotch after she beat you but I got a waaay tougher crotch," Megan smirked.

"Take it as a warning. Ryan thought beating me wasn't enough, she had to try the boob smother and she paid the price," Katie replied. "You get cute I’m gonna be more’n happy to hand you a bill for it."

Megan leered, "You won't be in any condition to hand anyone, anything. That was Ryan's mistake. I'll make sure you're in no shape to fight back when I ‘try something cute’."

"You’re really getting ahead of yourself, Foxy; you're going to regret it," Katie leered back.

"Not a chance," Megan said confidently, but she made sure to keep her eye on Katie as she made her exit.

Katie watched the brunette go and then burst out laughing. Then she walked off with a confident step of her own.

Eliza Dushku strolls out to the CCW podium in tee shirt and jeans. She is promptly joined by Anne Hathaway in a shimmering blue evening gown with a deep V neckline.

"Hmm, I seem to be overdressed," Anne observed. "Still, I think it's a pretty classy outfit."

"Hey, if I'd lost four in a row, I'd sure do whatever I had to, to distract the fans too," Eliza observed. "After I make it FIVE in a row, you may want to try just bra and panties - that’d definitely be distracting!"

"You say the trashiest things," Anne commented with gritted teeth.

"Hey, that's me; 'Trash With Sass'. I like the idea of a working class girl like me taking to some snooty jobber like you," Eliza replied.

"I am NOT snooty, I have CLASS-something you'll never have!" Anne snapped in frustration.

"Annie, Annie, calm down girl, your face is all blotchy red, it's not your color," Eliza baited.

Anne took a deep breath and tried to steady herself: "Fortunately for you, I didn't forget I'm a lady."

"Hey, no problem, Annie, I've NEVER been a lady and look where it's got me?" Eliza said the taunting dripping in her drawl. "What's not forgetting you're a 'lady' gotten you?"

Anne was glaring at the grinning Eliza and suddenly she blurted: "I just forgot!"

Her hand whipped out and caught Eliza across the face as though trying to wipe the grin off her face. For a moment, Anne and Eliza just stood there looking shocked. Eliza finally raised a hand to her reddened cheek.

"I take it back, Annie, you're not a lady. You're just as trashy as I am, but until this moment, nobody knew it," Eliza said calmly.

Anne looked stricken and tried to speak, but Eliza held up her hand. "Don't bother to say anything. Just know that I'm saving my answer for the ring."

With that, Eliza turned her back and marched off stage,. Anne just stood there watching her go and when she was alone on the stage, she turned to the camera, her face deathly pale,

"We're done here," she said faintly and left the stage.

Olivia in a gold blouse and black miniskirt stands at the podium with Kaley is in a white mini. "I must be coming up in the fed; I hear you're pretty good, Olivia," Kaley said in friendly fashion.

"5-2-0," Olivia said proudly. "People may not be sure who I am outside of the CCW, but inside they know I'm a winner."

"Matter of fact, I'm 3-1 myself," Kaley said modestly. "I wouldn't mind making that 4-1."

"Hmm, didn't you lose another to Dushku?" Olivia asked.

Kaley frowned: "That doesn't count! It was in New Jersey."

"Losses in New Jersey don't count? I had no idea," Olivia said innocently.

"We were on the road; it wasn’t in the CCW Arena," Kaley insisted. "It shouldn't count. Really."

"I'll bet Eliza counts it!" Olivia commented.

"Well, I'll take that up with her one day. In the meantime, I'm focused on beating you," Kaley said defensively.

"Please do. I'm sure I'll just beat you that much quicker," Olivia said smiling.

"Dream on!" Kaley snapped.

"It’ll be a dream come true for me," Olivia said as Kaley scowled.

"Are we done?" Kaley asked the off-camera director.

"We can work with what we have," said a disembodied voice.

"Good!" Kaley snapped and stalked away as Olivia waved "bye-bye!" after her.

"I expect you to win! Do NOT fail me-or there will be consequences!" Neve Campbell's words were still ringing in Rachel McAdams ears as she left the Legion's secret lair somewhere deep in the CCW Arena. Rachel had kept her face tightly controlled under the tongue lashing, but once out in the darkened hallway, she threw back her hood and screamed in fury.

"How DARE she talk to me like that!" Rachel cried.

"Well, well, trouble in Legion Land?" Said a voice in the darkness.

It was all Rachel could do to keep from jumping at the unexpected voice. With great self-control she turned in the direction of the voice and in the semi-darkness she could just make out the exotic face of Kristin Kreuk, smiling at her.

"What are you doing here, Kreuk?" She demanded.

"I hate to tell you this, but you and your Legion girls aren't the only ones who've learned their way around this place. I came down here to make sure the Legion stayed out of our fight," Kristin said.

"And if they didn't, just what were you planning to do about it?" Rachel asked. "You're just one person."

"Oh, I assure you, I can do lots of things if I want to. You and the Legion don't want to find out what they are," Kristin said her dark eyes glittering with a menace that Rachel usually only saw in Neve Campbell's orbs.

"I don't need anyone else to beat you, Kristin," Rachel said stiffly.

Kristin shrugged: "No interference or there will be consequences."

"It's not up to me, you know!" Rachel blurted out. "Go haunt Neve."

"You're the one I'm telling. Remember what I said."

With that, the hall lights went out and when they came back up Rachel was alone. Her frustration level was rising again.

"Now we've got girls stealing our act!" She muttered. "This whole thing is getting out o control."

She pulled her hood up over her head and disappeared into the darkness herself.

Estella Warren looked at the Show #21 list and groaned: "Not Loken!"

"Afraid so," said a voice behind her.

"Hello, Kris," Estelle said, forcing a smile. "I'll be looking forward to our match."

Kristanna grinned: "The only one you look forward to fighting is Julia Stiles and I'm not her. Just try not to lose too easy. I have a reputation to uphold."

"Ha-ha!" Estelle laughed. Julia Stiles had been her only CCW win thus far.

"You know, I've often wondered. How do you jobbers do it? I mean, do you use self-hypnosis to convince yourself you have a chance of winning-or do you just visualize the check you'll get no matter how badly you lose?" Loken mocked.

Estella gave her a defiant look: "I still believe I can win."

"Ah, yes, positive thinking. Well, if it's what gets you through the day, I can't be too critical, but really, I have to wonder when reality finally catches up with you and you leave before it gets any more embarrassing," Loken observed.

Estella drew herself up: "Are you through making fun of me?"

Kristanna smiled: "For now. See you at the show."

"Oh, don't worry. I've been accused of being of lot of things around here, but being late for a match isn't one of them!" Estella growled. Estella left the room and Kristanna just shook her head as she moved off.

Jessica Alba and Keira Knightley came out to the podium in matching CCW tee shirts and jeans,

"You here to talk some trash with me?" Jessica asked breezily.

"I don't think that's necessary," Keira said. "I think you've good enough of record to have earned my respect and give me a good win.

Jessica pretended to pout: "Now, Ms. Knightley, you haven't beaten me yet. It is ill-bred of you boast before you've actually pinned me. Not that you will, of course."

"You cherish your illusions, my dear, but all I really want from you is a good fight before I pin you or force you submit."

"That sounds like a really great fight plan. I have one, too, but involves you being pinned by me," Jessica Alba replied.

"Somehow I thought that's what it would be, but let me tell you something: every fight plan that's than 'I win'-falls apart the first time you and your opponent lock up," Keira informed her.

"Words of true wisdom," Jessica agreed, her eyes twinkling. "You know, I have to say I'm getting really interested in locking up with you."

"You're pretty interesting yourself Alba. Your parents might have considered a bit more originality in your first name though. It can get a little confusing. At first I thought I was fighting Jessica Biel."

"Tell me about it. Every school I was in had five or six other Jessica’s. It was kind of confusing."

"Yes, a child should have an original name like Keira or Charity or Faith or Honor," Tricia commented.

"Honor's fairly original." Jessica said thoughtfully. "I'll have to remember that one."

"Always glad to help. In the meantime, I regret to say I must concentrate on your inevitable defeat."

"Oh, don't regret it. I won’t regret concentrating on beating you." Jessica said with assurance.

"I must say. I do like you, Miss Alba. I do regret circumstances have made us opponents," Keira said. "I hope you will shake my hand before the unpleasantness begins."

"No problem," Jessica Alba said and shook the Englishwoman's hand. They then walked off the stage still chatting in a surprisingly friendly fashion.

Charlize was walking through the CCW lounge when she spotted Tricia coming in. She strode up her and when Tricia saw her coming she tensed, though she maintained a cool expression. "Can I do something for you, Charlize?"

"I just want to make something clear," Charlize announced.

"And that is?"

"You are a stepping-stone to the title I deserve. I’m not letting you - or anyone else - get in the way of my goal!"

"That mean I can expect you to fight dirty?" Tricia inquired.

"If you break the rules first, yes!" Charlize replied coldly.

"I won't," Tricia retorted. "And I want you to know, I want the title as much as you. I have no intention of rolling over for you or anyone else.'

"You won't have to roll over. I'll roll over you all by myself!" Charlize informed her.

"You can try, but that doesn't mean you'll do it," Tricia fired back.

"Oh. I will. I assure you, I will," Charlize said with conviction. "Now, if you’ll excuse me I have a practice session."

"Don't let me hold you, I wouldn't want to be responsible for you showing up unprepared," Tricia said sarcastically.

"That is one thing that’ll never happen!" Charlize assured her with an arrogant toss of her golden hair as she walked away.

As befitting the main event status of this promo, each of the fighters has her own podium and each has come to the stage in an elegant gown. Erica's is a lovely white silk number while Michelle's is royal blue. Both offer generous views of the pair's impressive bust lines.

Erica Durance spoke first: "I want to welcome Michelle Ryan to the CCW. I have appreciated her assistance in the battle against the dark forces of the Legion. She has won her first two bouts here and that is excellent. I want to assure her that losing to Erica Durance is absolutely no disgrace."

"I considered it my duty to fight the evil that is the Legion, but, circumstances will soon be placing us in the ring together as opponents. I must tell you that 'defeat' is not a word in my vocabulary. If I fight, I shall win through at the end. This is not mere boosting. It is a statement of pure fact. I fight. I win.," Michelle Ryan said.

Erica looks a tad impatient: "Yeah whatever floats your boat, ‘chelle. Look, the pure fact is I'm 5-0-1 That means I've beaten three more women than you have. You're going to be number six."

"Yes, but there is always that first loss and I intend to be the one to give it to you," Michelle Ryan replied.

"I realize that would be quite a feather in your rookie cap, but intending to do something doesn't mean you and I intend to see that you don't," Erica retorted.

"As you just said: intending to do something doesn't mean you will. I mean to be the first to defeat you," Michelle insisted.

"And, I mean to beat your rookie butt!" Erica growing irked.

"No need to get vulgar, Erica," Michelle responded smoothly. She looked pleased having shaken the unbeaten fighter's cool. "I think it is enough to say 'May the better woman win'."

"Of course," said Erica, "because that will be me."

Michelle gives Erica an impudent look: "You just keep telling yourself that. See you in the ring."

With that, Michelle Ryan departed leaving Erica looking more than a little irritated.

* * * * * *

Allison Mack, Billie Piper, and Kristin Bell walk down the hallway and Billie asks, "Did either of you know the CCW 'ad a conference room?"

Allison smiles, "Full work out room, several locker rooms, offices, the arena, why not a conference room."

Kristin, walking slightly ahead of the others, turns, "Here. Are we ready?"

Allison puts a hand on each of her friends shoulders saying, "Thanks for coming. I don't think Harold would set us up, but be ready for whatever happens."

Nodding, Billie and Kristin clinch their fists as Allison opens the door to what is indeed a conference room. Sitting waiting are Harold Green and Neve Campbell with Kat Heigl and Agnes Bruckner. Neve sits at the end of the long table with her biggest henchwomen on either side of her. Harold sits in the middle on the far side of the table and stands as Allie and friends walk in.

Harold points to chairs at the end of the table closest the door and invites, "Please take a seat." A hint of nervousness in his voice may have gone unnoticed. Harold places folders in front of Allison and Neve saying, "You know we are here to sign the title match between the two of you."

Allison grabs the folder opening it quickly says, "Where do I sign. It smells in here."

Neve not reaching for her folder, clears her throat, "I think this is moving a little too quick."

Allison slams the pen down smirking, "Scared Neve?"

Neve tries to playoff the fact she almost jumped out her chair by repositioning herself in her chair. Campbell sighs, "I think we need to move the title match to show 24. I need a tune-up first."

Harold looking suspicious at Neve he asks, "What are you trying to pull?"

Neve never takes her gaze off Allison as she answers, "I think before we give the fans the match of the year the blonde bimbo and I should each have a warm up."

Allison's glare matches Neve's lets her frustration show snapping, "Fine! Whatever it takes to get you in the ring bitch."

Neve face cracks into a small sly smile, "You got to wrestle one of the Legion so I should have the same chance to face one of your friends."

Billie stands up pounding a fist on the table, "Yer wanting a match with me Neve all you have to do is ask!"

Neve shakes her head, "Not you..."

Neve still staring at Allison points at Kristin, "I want HER."

Harold starts to answer, but it's Kristin that speaks up first, "If Allison, doesn't have a problem with it. I'll kick your ass first and then hand over what's left to her."

Allison doesn't look comfortable now says, "Neve cut the shit. You and I need to finish this now."

Neve begins pushing the contract in front of her away saying, "If I don't get my warm up match, you don't get your title ma..."

Allison interrupts, "OK!"

Harold shakes his head, "I'll have to redo the contracts."

Neve pulls her contract back saying, "I already had them altered."

Neve quickly scribbles her name to her copy and shoves it across the table to Harold. Allison slowly picks up the pen smirking, "I beat Tits McGhee there." She nodded toward Kat Heigl, "And whatever is left when KBell is finished with you I'll finish what's left and take my belt back."

Allison signs the contract and hands it to Harold who looks at it, and satisfied, looks up. "I don't like it, but I guess it's a done deal."

Allison and friends stand and leave without another word. Harold takes a deep breath happy this meeting didn't fall apart and trap him in the middle of a brawl. As Neve and the Legion members stand, Neve smirks, "You should have checked what you had us sign."

Harold leans back in the chair calmly asking, "Why's that?"

Neve smirks, "In addition to the extra match I had the suits add another stipulation, If I win...you’re out!" Green doesn't react slowly picking up the contracts and starts walking for the door. Neve seems angered over the lack of reaction from the promoter yells, "Did you hear me? When I beat Mack's ass you're fired!"

Opening the door Harold turns around smiling, "Yes I know Neve. You're not the only one who can alter contracts. I found your little additions, so I added my own."

Neve's eyes narrow, the next word comes out more of a snarl, "What?"

"If Allison beats you, all five of your contracts are null and void." Neve's mouth drops open as Kat and Agnes turn with angry looks at their leader. Harold smiles, "In the famous words of Mick Foley...’Have a nice day’."

The Promoter walks out leaving Neve alone with her two angry henchwomen.


Rachel McAdams' face turns bright red as she tries to hold her anger in check. Neve continues, "This changes nothing. When I beat the blonde we will have what we want."

Neve looks at the four other woman and warns, "Mack is not to be touched and none of you will interfere with the match."

The redhead Rachel finally explodes, "Are you fucking kidding? We should beat Mack silly before she gets to the ring."

Neve, expecting Rachel's descent, moves toward the redhead who stands and meets Neve. Neve snarls, "She will not be touched and you'll obey."

Rachel, glaring, snaps, "Neve..."

But Neve aims a slap at Rachel's face for not calling her Banshee - this time Rachel blocks it and, holding Neve's wrist, growls, "Banshee, you have to see everything rides on this we can't leave it to chance."

Neve pulls her arm free and steps back, "Nothing is left to chance. Just make sure you take Mack's friend out tonight."

Rachel nods accepting her leader's orders. Neve calms as well and turns to the other Legion members saying, "Leave us."

Neve waits for the other women to leave and turns back to Rachel, "You know I've always planned to take control of the CCW. I thought you were on board, you are my right hand woman."

Rachel seems to relax and says, "I just don't see why you insist on us not giving you an advantage against Mack."

Neve, her hand on Rachel's shoulder, breaks into a smile, "We cannot give them any reason to back out of the deal. When I beat her they will have no choice but to turn over everything to me."

Rachel agrees with Neve's logic. "Fine I guess all our asses are in your hands."

Neve gives Rachel a quick hug, "We are still on track. Just trust me. Now go get ready for your match."

Rachel starts to leave, but Neve calls as Rachel reaches the door, "Send Kat to me. I have a task for her."

"Sure, Banshee."
* * *
Match One: The Bone Slayers vs. The Simpson Sisters

Emily and Sarah are the first to come to the ring Deschanel is wearing a purple bikini top and matching boy shorts with a white belt. Sarah is in her camo bikini the color mix is red, black, and brown instead of the normal camo colors. The Bone Slayers do not look happy, normally the two greet the fans, but tonight they look all business. Jessica Simpson's version of "These Boots" starts playing and Jessica leads Ashlee out from behind the curtain. Jessica is wearing her normal pink bikini while Ashlee is wearing a white one. The sisters shake the hands of the fans that extend them, but many of the fans seem not to support the Sisters.

The Bone Slayers take their bad mood out on Ashlee who starts the match and never gets a chance to tag Jessica into the match. Sarah started the match taking Ashlee off her feet with a Dropkick. Ashlee's one attempt at offense happens as she reverse an Irish Whip sending Sarah into the corner, but instead of making the tag Ashlee charges trying to crush the smaller blonde against the turnbuckles. Sarah is way too quick though and Ashlee runs herself chest first into the turnbuckles. Sarah puts an exclamation point on Ashlee's mistake driving three kicks across Simpson's back.

Ashlee's night gets worst as Sarah tags Emily in. Emily move in on Ashlee and introduces to her version of the German Suplex. Emily goes on to show Ashlee three different versions of the Suplex, but all end with Ashlee landing on her head and back. Jessica stalks on the apron, but helpless to get in the ring. Emily peels Ashlee off the canvas and drags her to the corner and tags in Sarah. Jessica finally has had enough and jumps in the ring, but the ref intercepts her. Emily standing behind Ashlee arms around her waist waits for Sarah to begin her super kick and lifts Simpson. Sarah's foot hits right on Ashlee's jaw and Emily completes the German Suplex. Emily bridges while the ref gets Jessica out of the ring and returns making the three count.

Jessica stomps in disgust and drops down to the floor leaving without her sister. Emily and Sarah don't show off much as Sarah calls for a microphone. Tapping the mic on her hand before starting, "Legion...You may have the tag team belt now, but don't get use to them being around your waist." Dropping the mic Sarah and Emily step over Ashlee as they leave the ring.
* * *
Match Two: Katee Sackhoff vs. Megan "The Fox" Fox

God Smack’s "Whatever" blares as Katee Sackhoff stalks out from the back. She isn't smiling as she stops twice on her way to the ring; waving her arms and yelling at the fans to, “Make more noise!” Katee’s wearing a gray, low-cut, sports bra and matching boy shorts. After Katee climbs in the ring, she tests the ropes; running across the ring and throwing herself into the far ropes, rebounding and flying across the ring to repeat the maneuver before finally going to her corner.

Once Katee has settled down, "Paralyzer" begins to play and fans of, "The Fox" jump to their feet and while they’re badly out numbered, the number of ‘Fox Fanatics’ has grown in recent weeks although Megan looks like she’d like to spit on them before acknowledging their support. She’s clad in shiny brown bikini and wears her dark hair hanging loose.

Early in the match it’s clear this isn't for the faint of heart as Megan and Katee pound on each other brutally; trading power moves and smashing one another until Katee blocks Megan’s Clothesline and follows up by heaving heavy uppercuts up into Megan's abs; battering them until the brunette collapses; her hands clutching her churning belly as she struggles to breathe.

Megan weathers Katee slamming her to the canvas repeatedly and she kicks out of a half dozen pin attempts; frustrating Katee who can't seem to beat down the brunette. Standing over Megan, Katee gets into an argument with the ref about the slow counts and Fox has time to catch her breath, then takes advantage by kicking Katee in the crotch!

Megan recovers faster than Katee and mounts the blonde; holding her with a handful of short blonde hair as she blasts Katee in the face and head with alternating fists. Once Katee is subdued, Megan pauses to strip Katee’s top before she hair-hauls the shell-shocked blonde to her feet and backs her into the corner where she hammers forearms into Katee's beautifully bare, glorious globes until the ref's count forces her to back off.

Katee’s body slides down the turnbuckles until her butt bounces on the canvas; her bare breasts jiggling. Megan stands in the middle of the ring, tending to her aches and pains. When the referee backs up Megan charges in, leaps and drives a knee into the side of the blonde's head. Megan grabs Katee by the ankles and drags her out to center ring and flips her over onto her stomach.

Megan steps between the blonde's legs setting up her finisher, but instead - she hooks a hand in Katee's waistband and lifts the blonde’s ass in the air, setting Katee on her knees with her face on the mat. Megan backs up a step, lines up like a she's kicking a field goal and, charging forward, punts Katee square in her exposed pussy!

Katee lets out a short scream that echoes thru the arena; then falls silent as her upper body slides forward and her hips drop to the mat. Reaching down, Megan wraps her arms around the blonde's waist, lifts Katee up briefly, then drops her face to the canvas. Again, Megan lifts her, this time lifting Sackhoff higher - again Katee eats a faceful of canvas! The third time Megan lifts, she releases Katee as she spins around and Katee's feet go over her head! Megan catches Katee’s head and Megan hits the Neckbreaker she calls, "The Paralyzer!"

Katee's body convulses several time as Megan mounts the blonde, pulls Katee's blank face tight into her crotch and does a ‘bump and grind’ while the ref makes the three count. Megan's hips sway as she continues to grind on Katee's face and she clearly enjoys her ride because shortly, a strong shudder ripples through her and she lets out a soft moan as she leans forward and supports herself with her hands flat on the mat beside Katee’s head. Then Megan stands and celebrates her victory.
* * *
Match Three: Anne Hathaway vs. Eliza Dushku

Anne comes to the ring to Sum 41's "Fat Lip" but the brunette beauty seems down as she walks to the ring. After a quick start, her wrestling career hit some ‘rough patches’ lately and she’s on a four match losing streak! Anne adjusts her black bikini, drawing a cheer as she snaps the bottom over her butt cheeks before climbing into the ring.

Rob Zombie's "Living Dead Girl" heralds Eliza’s appearance and this brunette is in a red shorts and a matching spandex muscle shirt top cropped just below her full, firm, boobs. She slaps offered hands and waves her arms, pumping up the crowd and even stops to give reporter Keith Pensor a ‘high ten’ just before she steps into the ring. Eliza’s giving up size, but she’s got quite a bit more experience than Anne and the odds makers rate this one a ‘toss-up.’

Anne starts by trying to overpower the smaller Eliza, but she’s dealt with this tactic by big women before and while Anne's plan works - somewhat - she takes several kicks and punches from Eliza in the process. Anne keeps to her plan, working on the back of the smaller brunette as she sends Eliza into the ropes and greets her with a nasty Spinebuster on her return. Anne doesn't waste time pulling Eliza to her feet, just moves her closer to the ropes and sets Eliza up for a Suplex, but as fans know - this isn't going to be a normal Suplex!

Anne drops Eliza forward and when the smaller brunette’s legs hit the top rope, Eliza bounces back up and Anne turns the move into a Powerslam. Eliza has been victimized by ‘The Anne-sthesia’ and while Elisha struggles weakly, Anne locks her up in a tight cover for the ref who makes the three count.

After the count, Anne lets out a shout of joy before she struts to the center of the ring to have her arm raised. Smiling, Anne goes over to help Eliza to her feet and gives her a hug. At first Eliza doesn't look pleased, thinking Anne is trying to show her up, but her temper calms and she slaps Anne's backside and gives her a hug as they leave the ring together.
* * *
Cut Scene One

Velvet Revolver's "Slither" takes everyone by surprise! Jessica Biel hadn’t been scheduled to appear but the Champ comes out; belt slung over the shoulder; in jeans and a white t-shirt. She takes longer than usual to get to the ring as she greets fans and then makes a full lap of the ring before she climbs the steps, grabs a mic and waits for the crowd to settle down. Shifting her belt from one shoulder to the other, she waits and finally has to ask Keith Pensor to stop cheering personally.

With the crowd finally settled down, Jessica starts, "There’s been a lot of speculation after our last show. The rumor is out there that I selected the next challenger for my World Title." Loud murmurs rumble in the crowd as fans trade theories they’ve heard. Jessica nods as names are shouted, then determines the time has come to set the record straight.

"It's true. There is only one other woman who started when the CCW restart that is still undefeated beside myself." Fans argue over who it is - most have to be reminded of a single lose a given woman had suffered. Jessica lets the speculation run for a while then provides the answer. "Erica Durance. As you know, Erica has a match tonight. If she loses, then the winner of the Theron-Helfer match will be the number one contender." Jessica gives the announcement a moment to sink in and adds, "It really doesn't matter though since this belt isn't leaving my waist no matter who I face." Then she holds her title belt above her head, waves good-bye to the crowd and heads to the back.
* * *
Match Four: Olivia Munn vs. Kaley Cuoco

"My Way" by Limp Bizkit breaks the silence as Olivia Munn runs onto the stage in a simple black bikini. She doesn't have many fans, but after her feud with Jessica Alba she’s picked up quite a few. The fans supporting her make a lot of noise for the brunette who was last seen bleeding heavily from a head shot with a camera thanks to Alba. Now there is no sign her skin was ever broken as she enters the ring and moves to her corner to await her opponent.

Kaley follows her out in a similar (but white) bikini with the letters KC in black on her right hip. Velvet Revolver's "Come on, Come in" is playing as she makes her way to the ring; her shoulder length blonde hair hanging loose as the blonde climbs in the ring and stares across at Munn.

This being the first time they’ve met, the feeling out process takes a little longer as they circle slowly before they lock up in a Collar and Elbow Tie-up, but they separate without either gaining any advantage. Olivia raises and arms, challenging Kaley to a Test of Strength. In a rare occurrence in the CCW, neither takes a shortcut and after lacing fingers, they slam breast-to-breast straining for dominance. Fans watching are almost in a trance as the blonde and brunette struggle, but neither can get the upper hand; their arms quivering and then their legs; but still no winner. Finally, an unspoken truce is called and they pull apart to shake out sore arms and legs.

It's been over two minutes since the match started and Kaley decides it's time to break the ice! She just hauls off and hammers a forearm to Olivia's chest. She staggers back, but once she regains her balance she charges forward and hammers a forearm into Kaley's chest. Olivia doesn't give Kaley a chance to recover, however, grabbing the blondes wrist and sending her to the ropes. Kaley rebounds and sees Olivia lowering her shoulder. Kaley does too and THWAAM!

After the impact, both stand eye to eye, neither taking a backward step. Then with a snarl, they wrap their arms around each other and begin pulling and tugging until they trip fall to the mat, rolling back and forth. Kaley ends up on top and she hammers her fist into Olivia's face and chest. Olivia pulls her back down and rolls Kaley over, then hammers fists into the blonde's face and chest. They roll again with Kaley on top; then Olivia; then Kaley; then Olivia. Finally, they push apart and stand - everyone noticing that Olivia's left boob has popped out of her top and Kaley's right boob has been dislodged from hers. Disappointed mutters and moans from the crowd as both readjust their top before Olivia charges in, catching Kaley with a Kneelift. Olivia hooks Kaley's arm and Hiptosses the blonde. Then Olivia gets the first real control of the match when she pulls Kaley's arms back into a Surfboard. She digs her knee in Kaley's spine as she pulls the blonde's arms together - controlling them with one hand.

Kaley screams, "Don't you dare!" as she feels Olivia's hand on her top.

Olivia's answers, "What are you going to do about it?" as she undoes the back strap and pulls the top over Kaley's head.

Kaley's face is a slight shade of pink as her boobs bounce free of her top. Kaley, perhaps driven by the anger at losing her top, powers out of the hold and Reverses it. Now Kaley has the surfboard on a standing Olivia, but a quick kick to the back of her leg puts Olivia on her knees. Kaley pulls Olivia's arms together, reaches out grabs Olivia's top and - a heartbeat later - Olivia's top is airborne; leaving both women stripped to the waist (to the delight of the crowd.)

The missing tops don't have an effect on the match as Olivia and Kaley still go back and forth with neither able to control the match long enough to set up her finisher or any other move that might secure a win. Kaley has Olivia backed against the ropes and backs up and leaps forward, Clotheslining the brunette backward over the top rope!

But Olivia wraps her arms around Kaley and pulls her over with her! Landing in a pile on the outside, both scramble to their feet but Olivia catches Kaley with a Knee to the tits while the blonde is still bent over. She sets Kaley up for a Suplex and lifts the blonde holding her at the apex before she falls back, slamming Kaley into the thinly padded floor surrounding the ring.

Olivia rolls over and hears the ref is at seven in his count so she starts towards the ring. Kaley rolls over up on to her knees coming up in perfect position on bring her arm up between Olivia's legs. Olivia mouth forms the 'o' as her body seems to freeze around Kaley's arm. Olivia's breathing changes to short, rapid, panting as Kaley pulls her into a Facelock and snaps the brunette with an Implant DDT. Slow to get up, Kaley hears the bell ringing and looks around.

The Ring announcer ordered by the ref announces, "This match has been declared a ‘double count out’!"

Kaley goes around the ring to confront the ref yelling at him, "What the Fuck! You didn't have to do that!"

The ref holds his hands up answers, "I gave you a chance, You should have got back in the ring."

"Are you kidding me. You know the 10 count isn't a deadline, you could have come out and give us a chance to get back in the ring." He starts to the back and says over his shoulder, "The 10 count is final."

Kaley, left with no one to argue with, starts towards the back. Olivia gets to her feet, limping and holding her crotch yells, "This isn't over bitch!"

Kaley starts back toward Olivia, but security mills about and they won't allow anything to happen. Kaley yells, "I'm OK with kicking your bitch ass when ever you want." Kaley and Olivia are escorted (separately) to their dressing rooms.
* * *
Match Five: Kristin Kreuk vs. Rachel McAdams

When “Carmine Baurna” begins, fans expect a hooded figure or two to appear from behind the curtain so they’re shocked when a naked redhead comes flying out and rolls across the stage. Closely behind are Katherine Heigl, Agnes Bruckner, and Erika Christensen! Heigl yells, "Get her up!" and Agnes obliges by pulling the redhead up and putting her in a Full Nelson. Only then do fans realize the redhead is Rachel McAdams and the marks and bruises on Rachel's body suggest a beating has been going on. Observant fans notice the other Legion members have a few marks themselves. Erika's hand drifts to her crotch several times, rubbing it as if trying to ease the pain. Kat has a split lip and she swipes some of her own blood over Rachel's face and snarls, "You brought this on yourself." Kat begins hammering Rachel's ribs and belly with big rights and lefts.

Agnes drags Rachel to the ramp and throws her down it. Bumping, bouncing and banging down the metal ramp, Rachel almost reaches the bottom before finally rolling to a stop. Stalking down the ramp behind her, the three women pick up the lifeless Rachel and roll her into the ring. Walking around the ring, ‘the Legion’ space themselves out and wait as 311's "Beautiful Disaster" begins playing. Kristin Kreuk comes out and takes a look at the scene, then cautiously heads down to the ring and climbs in. Looking at the ref, Kreuk snaps, "Well, ring the damn bell!" The zebra looks nervously at Kat and after a curt nod seems to put the ref at ease, waves his arm. Before the echo of the bell’s ringing fades away, Kristin is on top of Rachel, cradling the comatose woman’s body over onto her back; her limp legs slowly wagging as the ref makes a very quick three count - not that it really matters. Kristin smartly decides to celebrate her victory in the back while the three Legionnaires walk away while a couple of medical tech give Rachel get the medical attention she obviously needs.
* * *
Match Six: Kristanna Loken vs. Estella Warren

"Bulls on Parade" by Rage Against the Machine begins - and goes on for a while - before Estella appears in a lime green two-piece; her hair hanging loose as she climbs into the ring, saluting the crowd, before moving to her corner to await Kristanna who comes bouncing down the ramp toward the ring in an all-black, two-piece, to Drowning Pool's "Bodies."

Loken climbs into the ring and immediately goes after Estella but the ref cuts her off, forcing the blonde to wait for the bell. While Estella doesn't back down, she doesn't make a move toward Loken either!

Kristanna isn't much bigger than Estella, but the way she throws Warren around it looks like a heavyweight crushing a lightweight. She lifts Estella over her shoulder with Warren’s face toward the canvas, then sits out - hitting an Over-The-Shoulder Gutbuster! Estella bounces off Loken's shoulder and flops on the mat, her knees drawn up; her hands clutching her stomach.

The towering, sturdy, blonde looks dominate as she easily hair-hauls Warren to her feet and then jerks Warrens top around her neck, letting an impressive pair of breasts tumble out! Kristanna pulls Estella's arm up and bends it back behind her head, then drives her fist into Estella's left boob; her 'Heartless Punch' pancaking Estella's soft boob. When Loken slowly withdraws her fist from the mound of mushroomed flesh, Warren crumbles to the canvas at her feet!

Kristanna applies a Reverse Facesit, straddling Estalla facing her legs as she begins mauling Warren's defenseless tits. The ref checks Warren’s shoulders and then makes a perfunctory three count. He slaps Loken’s shoulder to let know the fight is over, but Kristanna kruelly kontinues the Breast Claw after the kount.

Even after she finally releases it and Warren’s red breasts slip from her grasp, Kristanna keeps her Reverse Facesit and continues to grind Warren's features until Loken's muscular body shudders and her climax sends quivers through her. Not until she’s been sexually satisfied does the admitted lesbian stand; her long, powerful legs straddling Warren’s upper body; the insides of her powerful thighs glistening with moisture trickling down from beneath the wet crotch of her suit.
* * *
Match Seven: Jessica "Dark Angel" Alba vs. Keira Knightley

Green Day's "She's a Rebel" introduces Keira Knightley who is wearing a white bikini with black shoulder straps and piping. Keira gets booed and cheered almost equally but she doesn't appear to care which way the fans lean. Keira climbs to the ring and shows her flexibility putting one foot on the top rope and stretching out; first her right leg then her left.

Soils “Halo” beings as Jessica Alba breaks through the curtain in a pale blue bikini. She has a large, loyal following and takes her time walking to the ring, pausing to slap every hand offered. When Jessica finally reaches the ring she climbs each turnbuckle in turn to wave to the fans...further delaying the proceedings.

Keira normally relies on speed, but the Dark Angel is able to match her pace and the fight flows back and forth with both landing kicks and punches. Jessica nails Keira with a Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker that almost gets her the win! After Keira kicks out, Jessica pulls her to her feet and backs her up against the ropes. But when Jessica starts to Whip her across the ring, Keira grabs Jessica's wrist and turns it into an Arm Wringer!

Keira plants her feet while holding Jessica's arm, then brings her foot up and SMACK, nails Jessica in the mouth, laying her out on her back! Alba barely kicks out at “TWO” avoiding a big Knightley upset win! The smaller Keira just can't keep Jessica down and the Dark Angel gets back into the match; hitting Keira with a Facebuster when Keira sets too early for a Back Body Drop.

Jessica shows her well-known ‘mean streak’ is still intact when - between her DDT and a Release German Suplex - she strips Keira, then climbs to the top rope and tosses Keira’s white bikini to the frenzied crowd. Alba stands on the top turnbuckle and patiently waits while Keira struggles to her feet; then leaps off as Keira staggers around - taking Jessica's Top Rope Missile Dropkick squarely on her modest breasts. The Missile Dropkick takes Keira off her feet and Jessica is able to take her time rolling Keira onto her back and casually laying across her chest while the ref makes the three count.

Keira never moves during the count and Jessica lingers in her cover, laughing and caressing Keira’s face as she taunts, "You should have stayed across the pond, honey.” Then she grabs Keira’s stiff nipples with her thumb and forefinger and shakes her breasts, adding with a cruel laugh, “It's just too, too, rough over here for your little girls."

Jessica gets up to have her arm raised, then struts out of the ring; leaving Keira to recover before she’s forced to make the long, naked, ‘walk of shame’ - alone - into the back where the other girls are waiting to continue her humiliation.
* * *
Match Eight: Rosario Dawson vs. Ashley Scott

Rob Zombie’s "Super Beast" plays while Rosario comes to the ring in a pink and black striped bikini. She climbs through the ropes, going to center ring and raises her arm in salute before going to her corner as Aimee Allen's "I'd Start a Revolution" plays and Ashley makes her entrance. Ashley’s wearing black two-piece with a long leather jacket over it which she discards at the bottom of the steps, climbing into the ring and sloooowly riding the middle rope to complete her entrance routine.

Although Scott and Dawson have never meet in the CCW before, from the way they glare at each other, it’s clear they’ve built a dislike of each other from confrontations in clubs, on apartment carpets and boxing rings in many towns.

At the bell, Ashley quickly takes Rosario to the mat, but Rosario reverses and puts Ashley in an Armbar, then goes through several more holds but each time Ashley manages to slip out of them. Eventually, Ashley locks Dawson in a Leglock as both women continue some high level mat wrestling. Ashley goes through her own repertoire of holds, ending with a Headlock that she uses to pull Rosario to her feet.

Again, Rosario Reverses as soon as she’s on her feet, slipping behind Ashley and rolling Scott up into a Cradle…but Ashley kicks out and Rosario stomps her after the Kickout, trying to solidify her control. Rosario manages to keep Ashley trapped after the stomping as she goes on the attack; focusing her attention on Scott's back. Ashley takes abuse as Rosario drops Ashley into a Backbreaker and folds the blonde’s lanky body over her thigh; bending Scott's back the wrong direction.

Ashley does what she can, however, nailing Rosario with a fist to the head and then a knee! Rosario staggers away to clear her head while Ashley rolls over and slowly struggles to her feet holding her back. She ignores the pain as she tracks Rosario down and scoops her up - then Body Slams her to the mat!. Ashley goes to the top turnbuckle, climbing slowly - sign that her back is still hurting. Rising, Rosario can't locate Ashley at first and she turns right into Ashley's Top Rope Clothesline!

Building momentum, Ashley lifts Dawson onto her right shoulder like a sack of potatoes, takes a few long strides and then drives Rosario into the canvas with a Running Powerslam Ashley calls, “The Fate of Prey."

Crossing the insensate Rosario's arms over her heavy breasts, Ashley rides her crotch on Rosario's face while the ref makes the three count. Even after the referee raises her arm, Ashley’s hips still rotate as a big smile curls the corners of her lips.
* * *
Match Nine: Tricia Helfer vs. Charlize "The Golden Goddess" Theron

“The Golden Goddess" comes out wearing her gold thong bikini to the familiar ZZ-TOPS "Legs." She ignores most of the fans, but as usual she stops to chat up Kim & Ginny before climbing to the ring where, with a toss of her long, shimmering, golden mane, she struts the entire ring, showing off her terrific - albeit not particularly buxom - figure.

Fans expecting Tricia's normal entrance are surprised to instead hear the Canadian National Anthem "O' Canada." Some stand as the giant screen plays a video of Canada's Maple Leaf flag just as Tricia appears in a red thong with a red/white top. She stops at the top of the ramp…. waiting until, from behind the curtain, another blonde in matching attire appears. Bodywise she could almost be Tricia's twin, but it doesn't take knowledgeable fans long to recognize it’s Natasha Henstridge.

Natasha has mic and says, "Introducing one-half of the ‘Canadian Cartel’...Tricia Helfer!"

Tricia holds her arms up pumping her fist in the air, then she takes the mic from Natasha. "And the Newest CCW member, and a Great Canadian… ‘Nasty’ Natasha Henstridge!"

Coming to the ring, the two blondes are too busy talking to each other to acknowledge the fans who nevertheless reach out to touch and grope the gorgeous blondes bodies. Tricia climbs into the ring while Natasha takes a spot on the ring apron in her corner. Charlize doesn’t look intimidated, but ‘concern’ wouldn’t be too strong a word to describe her expression - given that Theron and Natasha have a long, bitter, history in a ten year long rivalry that is been anything but friendly.

Charlize walks over to Tricia, points at Henstridge, and demands, "What's SHE doing here?"

Helfer looks at her new partner with wide-eyed innocence and purrs, "Moral support. Don't worry, I won't need help to beat your over-rated, gold brickin’, ass."

Charlize is clearly NOT happy with developments and she charges Tricia and hammers fists to her jaw; driving her back into her corner. The ref, instead of breaking it up, simply signals for the bell - THEN warns Charlize just as she’s whipping Tricia back across the ring into the other corner. Helfer’s back slams into the corner turnbuckles, snapping her head back.

Charlize chases after the Canadian cuties, lowering her shoulder and driving it into Helfer's gut, folding her over Charlize’s shoulder. Theron keeps up her attack, smashing her shoulder into Tricia’s tummy a second time and dropping her to the mat on her butt in Theron’s corner. Charlize grabs a handful of hair and hauls Tricia to her feet, but Helfer drives a Low Kneelift into the tiny triangle at the front of Charlize's golden thong. The ‘low blow’ stops Charlize’ attack dead in its tracks!

Charlize doubles over with both hands wedged between her thighs and Tricia has no trouble scooping ‘The Golden Goddess’ off her feet. She runs halfway across the ring, then drills Theron with a Running Bodyslam. Tricia backs off and then as Charlize breathlessly struggles to her feet - with the cups of her tiny bikini out of place exposing her erect, hard nipples. Helfer explodes forward and WHAP, slams Charlize across both breasts, upending her with a Running Clothesline!

Tricia quickly spins and drops beside Charlize, wrapping her long, strong legs around Charlize's head and locking her ankles. As Tricia squeezes the Head Scissors, she works the hold; pulsing her legs and adding a handful of Charlize's golden hair to ensure her face remains firmly in place in her crotch!

Theron desperately lifts her legs, twisting her hips and thrashing until she’s able to roll both herself and Helfer, then by pushing on Tricia's legs, Theron is able to pull her head free. She instantly turns the hold into an STF on Helfer who lets out a yelp as she slowly drags both of them toward the ropes. It takes a helping hand from Natasha - pulling her the last foot - but Tricia finally grabs the bottom rope and forces a break.

Charlize, not sure but suspicious, eyes Natasha and sneers, "Still a cheating bitch aren't you?"

A picture of innocence, Natasha lifts her hands, palms out, and - ignoring Charlize - tells the ref, ”I didn't do anything."

Charlize steps back away from the ropes and waits as Tricia gets to her feet and, for the next five minutes, both women show just how evenly matched they are as the action - and the advantage - goes back and forth with the two blondes trading holds, kicks and blows.

Tricia backs Charlize against the ropes and says, "See if you remember THIS!" She sends Charlize across the ring and when Theron rebounds, Helfer’s waiting mid-ring. She ducks low and as she comes up, slaps one hand into Charlize's crotch and the other slams her exposed breast flat. Grunting, Tricia straightens and Military Presses the ‘Golden Goddess’ overhead. Tricia holds Theron overhead, but the strain is clear in her voice as she grunts, "Nat says you LOVE this one!"

Tricia walks around holding Charlize helpless above her, turning to all four sides of the ring before slamming Charlize to the canvas with a ring-rattling Body Slam! Tricia goes for the cover a little too casually, however, and Charlize kicks out at two. As she rolls onto her side, it’s obvious Theron’s hurting.

Tricia pulls the ref aside to argue about a slow count and, while his back is turned, Natasha slides into the ring and grabs Charlize's string top between her breasts, using it to jerk her to her feet snarling, "Remember me?"

Charlize comes up with a less-than-wise, "You’re the blonde who smells like Muscle Beach at low tide?"

Natasha's smile twists from anger into pain when Charlize drives her knee into Nat's abs, then she follows with a Chop across Nasty Nat’s hulking breasts, driving the Canadian’s back against the ropes. Charlize loads up for another chop but Tricia jumps her from behind and they both fall into Henstridge who wraps her arms around Charlize’s head and pulls her face down into her cleavage.

The ref quickly calls for the bell once he opens his eyes and realizes there’s a second Canadian Blonde in the ring. Then he quickly leaves the ring to consult with the announcer, leaving Tricia and Natasha to double team Charlize without anyone to interfere.

Charlize fires punches into Henstridge’s belly, finally getting some breathing space and room to maneuver. She staggers back with Helfer still clinging to her back; her arms wrapped around Theron’s neck choking her. But instead of escaping, Charlize reaches back, grabs a handful of Helfer hair and Flips her over her shoulder. Then she whirls around and levels Natasha with a Short Arm Clothesline. The crowd is on their feet cheering Theron’s spunky defense against the illegally double teaming Canucks.

But Charlize's brief offensive flourish is short-circuited when Tricia dives into the back of her knee, cutting her legs out from under her. As Charlize crashes to the mat, Tricia drives her knee into Charlize's spine, arching her body in a spasm of pain. Tricia grabs her hair and one ankle, bending her into a Bow And Arrow, immobilizing her until Henstridge can rejoin her.

From there, the Canadian Cartel's abuse of the Golden Goddess is a foregone conclusion! They cruelly take turns, one resting while the other beats on the defenseless beauty. The crowd screams in protest, demanding the referee; the announcer; the concessionaires; someone - anyone - put a stop to the senseless brutality.

Far too late, security from the back saunters out to break up the mugging, but they’re expected and as soon as they appear, Tricia jumps out the ring, grabs the only folding chair at ringside and heads for the bottom of the ramp while Natasha continues thrashing Charlize; Power Bombing her and then stomping her chest. Tricia meanwhile, is swinging the steel chair in wide, sweeping, arcs - keeping the less-than-enthusiastic security staff at bay.

Finally, one of the minimum wage guards bravely wrestles the chair away from Helfer and the others go running around her to the ring. Natasha lifts Charlize’ battered body overhead, then throws her OVER the top rope onto the mass of security, taking down two of them while she escapes out the other side of the ring.

The Canadian Cartel seem pleased with themselves as the meet back at the ramp where they hug and kiss, raising each other’s arms in victory as Tricia yells to the crowd, "Who can stand up to two of us?"

Natasha answers her question, "No one!"

The ring announcer, apparently having gotten everything straightened out in the intervening five minutes, then announces the ref's decision: "The winnah of this match…by disqualification fah outside interference...Charlize Theron!" The crowd’s reaction is a mixture of applause (at the justice of the decision) and loud boos (at how long it took to restore order).

Tricia and Natasha have sour looks on their faces as they wave a dismissive hand at the - not unexpected - verdict. The Canadian Cartel heads to the back but Charlize needs a few minutes to get to her feet - then angrily shoves the guards who appear to be brazenly groping her while “trying to help her to her feet.”

Charlize refuses all aid and as she leaves the ring, stops for a quick word with Kim & Ginny - her self-described ‘number one wrestling fans.’ Kim has a concerned expression and Ginny’s seems even more serious as she nods at whatever Charlize is saying. "We'll talk about it later in the bar," Charlize tells them as she limps to the back with both arms clasped over her bare, aching, breasts.
* * *
Main Event: Erica Durance vs. Michelle Ryan

After the stunning performance by the of the new Canadian Cartel it takes the crowd some time to settle back in and just as they do begin to come down Atreyu's "Becoming the Bull" begins the ring announcer introduces "From Enfield England...She stands 5'7"...she is ‘The British Bull’ Ms Michelle Ryan." The brunette come out wearing a white bikini in a Union Jack pattern with the word "Bull" in scroll across her butt. Michelle's shoulder length brown hair is loose and jogging to the ring she slaps hands and waves her arms trying to get more noise out of the crowd.

Michelle has to keep adjusting her top to contain her less-than-ample bosom which never-the-less still seems on the verge of popping free as she bounds up the stairs stepping through the ropes before strolling to the center of the ring holding her arms up letting the fans know, "Time to show you Yanks what I'm capable of." Michele walks to her corner letting the ref check her outfit, not that there is much space to hide any weapons.

Fans know Future Leaders of the world "Let me out" belongs to Erica Durance as she comes out a few seconds after the music begins. "And from that cradle of great wrestlers, Calgary, Alberta, Canada...she stands 5’8” tall...Ms Erica Durance!" Dressed in red top with black bottom with a red and black belt Erica is ‘no nonsense’. Coming to the ring, she gives a nod to the fans, but tonight she’s all business as she enters the ring.

Erica and Michelle have stood shoulder to shoulder against the Legion, but tonight Michelle stands between Erica and a CCW title shot. Erica looks a little uncomfortable as she lets the ref check the small outfit she is wearing. Erica has been close to a title shot before; she was the last one eliminated in the battle royal for the first CCW title match. Now she stares across the ring at the Brit, the last obstacle between her and that elusive title shot.

After the bell, both women come out cautiously and circle trying to get some sense of their opponent. Locking up Collar and Elbow, the brunette's struggle for control but neither can gain the advantage and, with a silent agreement, they part. Fans grow restless as Michelle and Erica work out how to proceed; coming together again Michelle muscles Erica into a Headlock but her success is short-lived as Erica slips out the back, pulling Michelle's arm back into a Hammerlock.

Erica not giving Ryan a chance to find a reverse rips the Brit off her feet with an Armdrag. Rolling across the ring, Michelle comes out of the roll on one knee and looks back at Erica, upset she gave her the satisfaction of the first move. Erica bounces on the balls of her feet waiting for Michelle to rejoin her in the center of the ring. Erica smiles, "Come on babe, My title match awaits."

Michelle pushing back up to her feet answers, "I'm no one's steppingstone honey." She makes her point as they meeting kicking Erica in the gut. Air rushing out of her body Erica is doubled over gasping and easy pickings for the Brit as Michelle lifts Erica into a Fireman’s Carry and drops backward, driving Durance into the canvas with a Samoan Drop. Michelle leans back, covering Erica, but only gets a two count. Michelle rolls over onto her hands and knees and bends over Erica grinning, "Now you know I plan to do anything to win, and I'm not askin’, or givin’, any quarter."

Michelle takes Erica by the wrist and hair pulling her back up and leads her to the corner. Erica begins to struggle more so Michelle drives a Kneelift into Erica's abs. Michelle flips Erica's arms over the top rope clearing her target. Michelle thumps four forearm smashes off Erica's chest. Before the ref can begin his count and Erica can slump in the corner Michelle hooks the brunette under the arm and Hip-tosses her out into the ring.

The expression on Erica's face is one of shock as she flies up over Michelle's hip and lands on her meaty butt with a THUD! Ryan bounces slightly as Erica lands and the Brit stands tall over the would-be World Title Challenger. Erica rolls away coming up to one knee holding her back, but pushes back up to her feet. Michelle moves back in and ducks behind Erica, but before she can clap on the Waistlock, Erica hits a standing switch, trading places with her. Michelle tries to drop her hips and keep her feet on the canvas, but Erica powers her up, then falls back into a German Suplex. Michelle's arms grab her head after it smacks the canvas.

Durance shoves Michelle aside rolling over as she does and gives her a crocked smile, "Sorry honey, but your getting treated like any other bitch who gets in my way."

Erica follows up by stomping first on Michelle's up-turned ass; then twice more on her back. Continuing her simple, but effective attack, Erica grabs Michelle’s ankles, flipping her over before leaping hitting an Elbow Drop to Michelle's firm bosom. Erica turns around, covering Michelle and hooking her far leg. Groggy, Michelle still shoots her arm up at two!

Not upset by the kickout, Erica simply gets back to her feet snapping her red bottom in place as she lets Michelle get to her feet. Michelle tries to throw a right, but Erica blocks it easily and twists Ryan's arm in a Wringer. Holding on to the arm, Erica bends Michelle's hand back forcing her to one knee. Erica takes her time, willing to work Michelle's arm; stealing the British Bulls power. Michelle brings her left arm over to brace her right and fights her way back to her feet, but a Kneelift from Erica forces her back down to her knees.

Reaching the limit of the effectiveness of the hold Erica pulls Michelle back up to a vertical base and sends the Brit into the corner facefirst. Erica follows as soon as she sends her off and, jumping, drives both knees into Michelle's back as her body is draped over the ropes in the corner. But Erica doesn't just crush Ryan; she also grabs the shoulder straps of Michelle's top and as she’s falling backward, Erica hits Michelle with a Lung Blower - driving her knees into Ryan’s spine.

Michelle cries in agony as she flops to the side; her hand going to her back. Erica leans over her, "I could have sent you in back first." She gives Michelle's jugs a pat, making her point before getting to her feet to nudge Michelle onto her back before dropping her weight on Michelle's chest. The ref gets a two count, but Michelle doesn't give up and kicks out even though it is plan it causes her a good bit of pain to do so.

Pulling Michelle up with her, Erica doesn't argue the kick out. Leading the rubbery legged Michelle to the center of the ring Erica spins her around and circles her hips with her arms. Erica's plan hits a snag when Michelle's elbow clocks Erica in the side of the end. Erica's arms still loosely hanging around her waist Michelle spins around sliding her arms under Erica's pulling them in a Chest-to-Chest Bearhug. Not giving Erica any chance to recover Michelle lifts Erica and takes her over with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex. Erica lands with Michelle on top of her.

Michelle pushes up on her knees and rests a second with her hands on her thighs whispers, "My turn mate."

Michelle swings her legs around pulling Erica's head between her thighs clamping down on a head scissors. Michelle lifts her butt off the canvas cranking up the pressure on Erica's head and neck. Taking a handful of dark hair Michelle makes sure Erica can slip out of the hold as she hammers a few forearms into Erica's chest. Michelle stops after a few and pulls Erica up by the hair saying, "Sorry for smacking the boobs around, but anyone else would’ve got the same treatment."

Erica doesn’t even acknowledge the half-hearted apology, just follows where Michelle leads her as she backs Erica against the ropes, then swings a knee up into Erica's slack abs. Taking Erica by the wrist and shoulder Michelle sends her for a ride to the far ropes. Erica crosses the ring and as she turns she finds Michelle more than half way across the ring waiting. The Brit drops her hips and catches Erica around the thighs lifting a screaming brunette that ends with Erica planted with a Spinebuster.

Michelle springs back up after the impact giving a fist pump at feeling in control, looks down at the spread-eagled Erica and says, "Sorry hon, but you got close. It's not to be though."

Lifting Erica to her feet with some effort Michelle keeps her opponent bent at the waist. Standing beside Erica the British Bull reaches between her legs grabbing Erica's limp right wrist. The moan Erica gives, makes it clear Michelle didn't cut her 'friend' any breaks as she brings Erica's own forearm slamming up into her crotch. She pauses a second before reaching across Erica's back and hooking her far arm before Michelle hoists Erica up with the Pumphandle, as soon as Erica's abs touch the Brit's powerful shoulder, Michelle leaps and slams the brunette to the canvas. Hitting the 'Mish-Mash', Michelle reaches down pulling Erica's leg up and slides back making sure her large tits cover Erica's face.


Erica kicks out with only a few inches to spare before her title dreams would have come to an end. Michelle is a little more than shocked at Erica's endurance and complains to the ref about a slow count. Michelle takes a moment to gather her self and checks to make sure Erica isn't going anywhere. Michelle heads to the ropes spring back and aiming an elbow at Erica's heaving sternum. Michelle's aim is perfect, but her target fails to cooperate and rolls away. Michelle jumps back to her feet and again tries to plant her elbow in Erica's tits, but Erica is gone again.

Rolling further away Erica pushes up to her feet at the same time Michelle gets to her feet. Michelle comes straight at Erica but Erica circles around buying a few more moments. Michelle slows up going with a verbal attack instead, "Mate if you just would have stayed down you'd have saved yourself a lot of pain to come."

Erica willing to counter gives Michelle a crooked smile, "I wasn't going to say anything, but all I can think about is the saying ‘Tits on a Bull’ and you obviously have the tits."

Michelle peeks down at her cleavage, snarls back, "They call me the bull for my power, not my sex!"

Erica laughs, "You don't say."

Michelle suckered into giving Erica the extra time pays for it as they come together Erica kicks Michelle in the gut. Hardly pausing Erica grabs Michelle's head and twisting her around turns Michelle and with her head against her shoulder, Erica drops, hitting a Neckbreaker! Michelle’s arms wrapped around her head is an easy target for Erica to slide up against spooning with the brunette and apply a Reverse Bearhug. Erica makes sure her arms are crushing Michelle's jugs to increase the effect of the hold.

Pulling the English beauty up with the hold Erica switches her hold slipping her head under Michelle's arm. Michelle tries to reverse the Belly-to-Back Suplex with by landing a punch on Erica's head, but Erica falls back dropping Michelle on her head and shoulders. Erica shoves Michelle aside and climbs back to her feet. Erica takes a moment to yell at the crowd, "Let Biel know I'm coming for her!"

Turning back to Michelle no laying face down on the mat Erica hooks her hand inside Michelle's waistband giving her a backside-splitting Wedgie.

Walking Michelle to the near corner Erica says, "I guess you didn't see what I did to Allison in the battle royal. So don't take this personal, but I won't let anyone stand in my way of getting the title."

She gives Michelle a heartless breast beating and only stops after the ref steps in and threatens a DQ. Michelle skins into the corner whimpering folding her arms across her battered jugs which have popped out of their cups. Erica backs off making sure the ref doesn't follow up on the threat before she moves back in pulling Michelle out of the corner by the ankles, then lets the Brit's legs drop and falls heavily across her, hooking a leg.

Erica whispers, "This is your mercy. Don't pass it up."

The ref down counts ONE... Michelle with a pained wince says, "I said no begging."

TWO... Michelle shoots her right arm breaking the count.

Erica looks a little angry, and roughly pulls Michelle's top back in place saying, "Put those puppies away before I get any more ideas."

Hair-hauling Michelle back up Erica slips an arm between Michelle's and scoops her up, holding her across her chest and letting Michelle consider what's coming next before dropping her over her thigh in a Backbreaker. Erica lifts Michelle again and repeats the Backbreaker…then does it a third time before tossing her back to the canvas and walks around her; taking a moment to catch her breath.

Erica bends over to retrieve Michelle the Brit lunges wrapping Erica up and rolling her into a Small Package. Butt in the air; legs waggling; Michelle looks to steal the win but the ref is barely down and only gets a one count before Erica powers out of the hold. After falling out of the Small Package Michelle is on top of Erica and hammers short punches into any part of Erica she can reach. Erica with a roar rolls Michelle to the bottom and returns the punches. Going back and forth the brunettes trade places about half a dozen times until Michelle come up on top and pulls her knee back and rams it into Erica's crotch.

Michelle pins Erica's arms above her head and growls, "No quarter."

Swinging her knee into Erica's center again Michelle rolls off the hurting brunette allowing Erica to curl into a ball. Forcing her body back to her feet Michelle's mind tries to shake off the beating her body has take long enough to make Erica regret the pain she caused. Erica lays with her hands wedged between her thighs, moaning as she rubs out the pain. Friendship now totally lost to desire to win, Michelle grabs Erica by her shoulder straps and guides her head between her thighs; trapping her in a Standing Headscissors.

With her 'frenemy' secured Michelle looks for pay back reaching under Erica mauling the Canadian's jugs. Erica pries at her tormentors legs until Michelle satisfied with her pay back pulls Erica's arms behind her back and hits a pedigree. Using a half nelson to turn Erica to her back Michelle falls across Erica's exposed chest and hooks her far leg.

ONE... Michelle looks down watching Erica's head loll.

TWO... Erica shows no signs of the impending doom.

TH…NO! Erica's left arm shoots up so hard she flips over onto her stomach.

Even with the strong kickout Erica doesn't look like she's done any more than earn more punishment from the British Bull. Michelle pushes her hair out of her face and gives her head a shake thinking about her next move to try and put Erica away. Michelle starts with undoing Erica's top and pulling the red top off the brunette. Erica offers no resistance until Michelle tries hair hauling her up, then Erica comes shooting up wrapping her arms around Michelle's legs and lift the off guard brunette on her shoulder. Erica carrying Michelle like a sack of potatoes over her shoulder charges towards the corner behind Michelle and slams her into the turnbuckles.

Taking the middle rope on either side of Michelle's hips Erica repeatedly drives her shoulder into Michelle's gut. Leading Michelle out of the corner by the hair Erica gets far away enough from the corner and spins Michelle around applying a Double Chickenwing. Erica takes a deep breath and hoists Michelle off the mat. When Michelle is as high as Erica can lift her, Erica sits out. With her arms pinned back, Michelle has no way to protect herself and she slams tits and facefirst into the canvas. Erica slaps Michelle’s up-turned ass with both hands before flipping her onto her back.

With Michelle in position, Erica gets up and runs to the ropes. Never a real high flier, Erica still does get good height when she returns and leaps to Splash across Michelle’s chest.

ONE... Erica reaches down pulling up Michelle's far leg.

TWO... Erica presses her bare breast into Michelle's cleavage.

THRE…NO! Now it's Michelle shooting up an arm just in time.

Looking to punch her ticket to the title match Erica pulls Michelle back up on rubbery legs moving behind the swaying Brit. Erica begins to wind her arms around Michelle's head and neck applying a Sleeper, but Michelle knows if Erica applies her dirt nap the chances of her escaping would be slim. Using her dwindling reserves Michelle reaches back taking two handfuls of Erica's dark locks and Hairmares Erica over. Screaming as her hair is pulled, Erica lands with a jarring THUMP on her butt. A loud resounding THUNK is heard as Michelle kicks Erica in the back after the Hairmare.

Brushing hair out of her face Michelle drops to her knees slipping her arms around Erica's chest. Michelle takes her turn applying a Reverse Bearhug around Erica's rack. Trapping Erica in the breast crushing Reverse Bearhug, gives Michelle time to recover while stealing Erica's air and causing her extreme discomfort. Michelle, getting her wind back, whispers in Erica's ear, "I 'ope yer not gona 'old this against me. I didn't come all this way to lose ever."

Still keeping Erica's jugs plastered against her chest Michelle pulls them both back up to their feet. Setting herself the British Bull dips at the knees and takes Erica straight back up over her head hitting a Release German Suplex. Erica's landing is nasty as she’s Matchbooked on the canvas; feet above her and ass in the air! Fans have been going back and forth cheering the brunette in control most of the match and now they are firmly behind the Brit urging her to go for the cover. Michelle quickly throws herself across Erica's legs going again for the win, but Erica digs deep and finds a way to kick out and keep the match going.

Picking herself off the mat Michelle looks at Erica now face down on the mat and then at the ref asking if she got a three count. Letting the Brit know she hadn't picked up the win the ref moves back giving the two wrestlers plenty of room to continue the assault on each other. Michelle adjusting her top snaps the shoulder straps back where she wants them before hairhauling a winded Erica to her feet. Michelle guides Erica to the ropes putting the brunette's arms over the top rope. Michelle standing at Erica's left she Knife-edge Chops the Canadian's jugs, making her cry out in pain as her boobs bounce around her chest.

Michelle stands back a moment, watching Erica's arms fold over her tits, then adds insult to injury, "That looked like it 'urt. Maybe next time you'll stand down!"

Pulling Erica's left arm Michelle sends Erica to the far ropes. Erica stumbles, but gets her legs under control and returns, springing off the ropes as Michelle moves to center ring awaiting her. Michelle's plans go awry as Erica is started to be lifted, but swings around Michelle and hooks her arm around the brunette's head driving her forehead into the canvas with a Swing DDT!

Michelle's face bounces off the mat and she bounces back on her knees for a moment before falling back down to the canvas. But Erica is slow to capitalize on her reversal and she pushes back to her feet just ahead of Michelle who on reaching her feet, is meet by Erica's foot in her belly. Erica moves to Michelle's side and laces her arms around Ryan's waist, lift the British Bull into a Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker!

Erica shoves Michelle to the mat and as the Brit rolls to her stomach Erica slaps Michelle's sweaty back. Erica also finds the snaps of Michelle's top undoing the busty woman's support. Erica informs Michelle, "Don't worry those big boobs aren't going to be on display long."

Pulling Michelle to her feet and removing her top in the same movement Erica spins Michelle around. Erica again starts to apply her sleeper hold, but Michelle starts thrashing trying to keep from being trapped in the 'Dirt Nap' Erica stops and hammers a series of forearms to the base of Michelle's neck to settle her down. Michelle staggers forward trying to cover the back of her head. Erica has other plans now though steps forward applying a Full Nelson. Fans cheer as Erica swings Michelle back and forth, watching her boobs jiggle.

Keeping Michelle held in the Full Nelson Erica walks her to the corner in front of them and slams Michelle's head off the top turnbuckle. Releasing the Full Nelson Erica turns Michelle around and places her arms over the top rope. Michelle and all the fans know what's coming, but Michelle can't prevent the first Breast Chop - or the next three - all of which SMACK her jugs. Erica stepping back after the ref begins his count, but she only moves back long enough to break the count.

Now it's Michelle with her arms folded across sore breasts when Erica pulls Michelle's left arm. Erica looks like she's about to whip Michelle across the ring, but as Michelle begins to pass her, Erica brings her right arm up and nearly takes the Brit's head off with a Short Arm Clothesline.

Michelle looking up at the bright lights of the area is oblivious to the fact that Erica has hopped to the middle turnbuckle. Erica doesn't really leap as much as she just falls, driving her elbow down between Michelle's mounds. Michelle flops like a fish out of the water while Erica looks out at the crowd and yells, "Tell Biel I'm coming for her!"

Erica turns around going back to Michelle and pulls the flaccid Brit up into a seated position. Erica behind Michelle slips her right arm under Michelle's right armpit and lacing her left arm around Michelle's head locking in the Sleeper. Erica, not done yet, pushes forward forcing Michelle's torso down between the Brit's own legs.

Michelle doesn't move at first, but her free left arm stretches out blindly groping for the ring ropes. Erica keeps her weight on top of Michelle's back whispers, "Your arm needs to be two foot longer. Tap! You’re not going anywhere."

Michelle's arm drops to the canvas and as the ref begins to move into check on her, Michelle’s hand slaps the mat three times. The ref calls for the bell. Hearing the repeat ringing of the bell, Erica gently releases the Sleeper and eases Michelle onto her back.

* * *

After making sure Michelle is comfortable, Erica turns climbing the nearest turnbuckle climbs and yells, "Your next CCW Champ!" Erica's hands at her waist showing where she plans to place the CCW World Title. Erica goes to the next corner letting those fans know her plan and get a better look at her topless body. Erica starts for a corner nearer to continue her circuit of the ring when she sees Jessica Biel at the bottom of the ramp.

Erica gives up her tour of the turnbuckles and climbs now to meet the Champ. Jessica nods, "Don't let me interrupt your moment."

Erica realizing a confrontation with the Champ right now may not be the smartest thing she can do stops and smirks, "Enjoy it while it lasts."

Jessica closes the distance between the two women and dropping her voice into a low almost growl, "You won the right to face me, but you will find out why no one is my equal."

There is now way Erica is going to back down now pushes her sweaty bare breast into Jess's going nose to nose as well. Staring each other down Champ and Challenger look into each others eyes for nearly a minute before several refs come to the ring and force the women apart. Erica's music begins playing and seem to remind her she is suppose to be celebrating a big victory. Erica gives the fans a final salute and heads for the back.

Kim and Ginny sit at their normal table when Charlize walks into Daunte's bar. The tall still moving gently walks across the inns floor keeping at arms length of everyone as she takes a seat with her two fans.

Charlize asks, "You sure you want to do this?"

The duo answer in unison, "Yeah!"

Ginny asks, "You have someone in mind?"

Charlize thinks a moment, "Make the call. I already signed papers making you my managers."

Ginny, with a thoughtful look, says, "I guess we'll have to track down Harold Green; start making arrangements."

Charlize smiles, "With that out of the way, I need a drink."
* * *
Rachel McAdams walks down the empty CCW corridor when she hears a voice from the darkness, "Can't say that was one of your better matches."

Rachel backs into the wall and lets out a gasp of pain as she bumps the wall. Rachel slumps down against the wall to the cold floor and looks up as Alexis Bledel steps out into the dim light; her crystal blue eyes sparkling at the thought of having caught Rachel off guard for a change.

Alexis offers Rachel her hand, "Maybe you shouldn't be out walking alone." Taking her hand, Rachel moans as Alexis helps her to her feet. Alexis continues, "How does embracing your dark side feel? Better now?"

Rachel, still having trouble breathing, answers, "It wasn't my dark side caused this; it was Neve. Some day I'll get even with her for that. And what are you doing here anyway?"

Alexis laughs, "Rumor is there are some big cuts coming to the roster, and my record is not what you would call stellar. So I've been thinking, maybe I do need an edge that you could provide."

Rachel starts to laugh, but coughs in pain instead. It takes a moment before the auburn-haired beauty can speak, "You couldn't come to that conclusion sooner?"

Alexis puts an arm around Rachel and looks around furtively, “Let's go somewhere…more comfortable…where we can discuss our future." She supports Rachel as they leave by a side door.

* * *

Kaley Cuoco sits alone in front of her locker drinking a water and moving ice packs around her body. Kaley turns to the sound of the locker room door opening and jumps to her feet recognizing Olivia Munn stalking up to her. She holds out a piece of paper and issues a challenge, "Two weeks from today. Meet me here at 8 o'clock; we’ll settle things."

Taking the paper, Kaley turns it over, looking at the brunette in silence a moment before saying, "You know the rules - no outside fights. We could both be fired for fighting outside the arena."

Olivia tosses her long hair back over her shoulder, "You and I will be the only ones there; nobody else needs to know. I want to settle this; no long feud; just you...and me in a Hotel Room Winner Take All."

Kaley smirks, "What will I win?"

Olivia, not thinking the blonde funny, snaps, "Bra and panties...nothing else. Winner walks out with ‘em. The loser, that will be you; left laid out, legs quivering, to live with the knowledge that YOU CAN'T BEAT ME!"

Kaley's anger now returning stands up chesting into Munn going nose to nose smirks, "We'll see who's legs are quivering when I leave every inch of you in agony."

Silence reigns as the two women glare at one another; breasts pressed into the other's in a silent challenge until Olivia breaks the quiet. "Two weeks; be there."

Kaley nods. "I wouldn't miss it."

Then Munn turns and walks away leaving Kaley alone. She slams the ice pack down; gathers her gear, and heads off in search of something harder than water.

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