Celebrity Championship Wrestling Show #5 by bigfan

Prologue Two days after each show the Card for the next show is posted in the locker room. (Encounters thanks to Archer)

"I see we get to start the card," Camilla Belle observed studying the posted list on the locker room bulletin board.

Standing next to her Michelle Trachtenberg ran a hand through her auburn mane: "I'll be doing my best to keep the early birds interested--see what you can do not to bore them too much."

Camilla's dark eyes narrowed: "Don't worry about me. I am going to enjoy beating your overrated butt down to size."

Michelle smirked: "Don't call anything about me overrated, rookie--you just might get too good a look at it."

Camilla gave her defiant sneer: "Your butt will be under my boot when I pose for the cameras after beating you."

Michelle seemed unfazed: "Don't give me any ideas, 'Bell-Girl'. I like the idea of MY boot on your scrawny behind!"

"Ladies, and use the term loosely, please step aside. I believe I'm on the list."

Michelle and Camilla looked startled and turned to see Rachel McAdams looking at them with ill-disguised superiority. Rachel smoothly elbowed between the pair and took a look at the schedule.

"Well, well, I get Eliza D. Not quite in the first rank, but a name worth beating. Excuse me, I must be off to start preparing my victory speech. I do so want to get it right," Rachel said with a cheerful smile and strolled off.

"Of all the nerve!" Michelle huffed.

"She's even more stuck up than you are!" Camilla commented.

Michelle scowled: "I have to be going."

"Aw, was it something I said?" Camilla asked.

"I just didn't like the smell," Michelle snapped and took pleasure in seeing Camilla's jaw drop. Before the dark-haired beauty could think of a suitable comeback, Michelle was gone. Camilla stomped her foot and started to stalk off--she promptly collided with someone.

"Hey, watch where yer bloody going!" A British-sounding voice growled.

Camilla eyed the slender brunette, then decided she would have all she could handle with Michelle. "Sorry, didn't see you."

"Stupid cow!" Keira Knightley snapped. Camilla flushed red, but moved on muttering under her breath; "Limey bitch!"

Keira thought about going after the exotic-looking brunette, but then she caught sight of her name on the announcement sheet and shifted her full attention to that....

Keira Knightley looked at the Show #5 announcement sheet and wrinkled her nose:

"Not that cow-titted blonde!" She muttered.

"Hey, no bad mouthing my best assets!" Katherine Heigl said coming up behind Keira. "Of course, I understand how they might make someone of your modest measurements feel threatened."

Keira turned around to find Kat standing nearly chest-to-chest with her. She glared defiantly at the blonde.

"You are no threat to me!" She spat.

"If you say so," Kat said and leaned forward so that their breasts were now rubbing against each other.

Not a word was said as Kat gently began to move her body. A red flush slowly crept into Keira's cheeks and Kat's grin grew bigger as their sensitive nipples stiffened.

Katherine suddenly stepped back: "It was certainly nice to make your acquaintance Miss Knightley, I will look forward to continuing this in the ring."

Keira was not normally at a loss for words, but the blonde had clearly gotten the better of her. She watched ruefully as Kat Heigl sauntered away.

"Hey, ducks! Did I make the list?" Boomed out Billie Piper's voice.

Keira started in surprise, then saw her blonde countrywoman strolling up. Eager to get Katherine Heigl out of her head, she glanced at the list and announced:

"Natalie Portman."

"Did I hear my name?" Natalie Portman.

"Yes, you lucky girl, you get to fight me!" Billie informed her.

"Glad you're looking forward to it. You won't after I'm done with you," Natalie announced and swept out of the room.

"Good to meet you, too, Natty-kins!" Billie called after the departing brunette.

Keira and Billie went their separate ways, but no sooner had they left, then locker room door crashed open and a redheaded fireball dashed in.

"I made the list!" Isla Fisher yelled happily to no one in particular. "Only who's this Lacey Cha-bert person."

"That would be me and it’s pronounced 'Sha-Bear'," a busty brunette informed the Australian.

"'She-Bear. Okay, if you say so," Isla said with a happy smile that ignored the cold look she was getting from Lacey. "I'm really glad we can meet like this 'cause you're be way too busy fighting me for a good talk."

"I don't care to talk to you!" Lacey retorted.

Isla seemed to ignore the hostility: "Too bad. I know we could have really good chat. Well, time for me to go! See ya 'She-Bear'."

"It's 'SHA-Bear, you idiot!" Lacey cried, but the redhead had barreled back out of the room.

"That girl has a loose screw or something," Lacey said and moved on.

Eliza Dushku strolled by and glanced at the board. "Rachel McAdams. Hmm, Miss Un-Congeniality herself. That should be loads of fun."

Eliza started whistling and strolled off. The room was quiet only briefly, then the doors open and in came new fighter.

"Erica Durance," Lizzy Caplan said aloud. "I wonder if she even knows who I am?"

"As a matter of fact I do," Erica Durance said, "I might have seen you at a WB party or two last year."

Lizzy smiled: "It's nice somebody knows me. Of course, all I have to do is beat you and more people will know who I am."

"Sorry, honey, I am nobody's stepping stone," Erica said amiably.

Then the familiar figures of Paris and Nicky Hilton entered and ignored Erica and Lizzy to approach the list. Erica and Lizzy gave the sisters a look of disgust and left. As they exited who should come in but Eva Mendes and Eva Longoria.

"Hey, look, Paris, it's Eva and Eva! Our next two Happy Meals!" Mocked Nicky.

"I thought Latinas were tough or something. These two don't look so tough to me!" Paris chimed in.

Eva Mendes seemed to ignore the taunt, but turned to Eva Longoria and said: "You see, the rumors were true--we are going to fight those two spoiled brats!"

"I can't wait," Eva Longoria said with a nasty glance at the Hiltons, "it's time someone showed them what real luchadoras can do!"

"Do you hear someone talking, Paris?" Nicky asked loudly.

"I hear something. Probably one of cleaning women," Paris replied.

"No one important," Nicky confirmed and the pair walked passed the two Evas as though they weren’t there.

"Oh, we are going to get them!" Eva Longoria vowed.

"Right!" Eva Mendes agreed.

"Now girls, don't count your Hiltons before their pinned," Charlize Theron said coming in.

The two Eva smiled and moved on. Charlize studied the list. As she did Estella Warren came up next to her.

"That your name next to mine?" Estella inquired.

"I do believe it is," Charlize said.

"So I'm going to fight 'The Golden Goddess' herself," Estella said calmly. "Is this part where I start worrying?"

"I'd advise it," Charlize said with a smile.

"Nope, I think I can handle her. She should start worrying about ME!" Estella stated with a smile of her own.

"I'm sure she IS worried, very worried," Charlize said.

"Very good. See you at the show, Char," Estella said.

"Wouldn't miss for the world," Charlize replied as the two blondes walked away and silence descended upon the room....

The day before the show Harold Green sits in his office waiting for two of his wrestlers to show up. A knock comes a short time later and Sarah Michelle Gellar and Emily Deschanel walk in. Harold greets them, “Hello, ladies. I just need to give you some new about your match.” Sarah rolls her eyes asking, “What Now?” Harold holds a hand up, “It’s not that bad, but Alyson and Cobie requested that your match be an Elimination match.”

Sarah and Emily sit silent for a second before turning to each other and giggling. Emily tries to put a straight face on says, “Ok by us.” Harold pulls out two sheets of paper hand one to each of the women. “Please sign at the bottom.” Harold says. After both women hand the signed pages back Harold asks, “You don’t seem too worried about the stipulation? I do have to confess I don’t understand Alyson and Cobie’s request either. It doesn’t give them some great advantage.” Sarah and Emily stand shrug, Sarah answers, “If they want to both get beat we’re cool with that.”

Harold thanks them as they leave the office. Sarah and Emily are walking back towards the locker room when they find Alyson and Cobie in the hallway. Sarah comments with a chuckle, “Scary stipulation you came up with Aly.” Alyson and Cobie block Sarah and Emily’s path. Alyson’s cocky tone comes through, “We just want to make sure you just don’t cut loose (Alyson head nods towards Emily) “Boner” and save your own scrawny ass.”

Cobie and Emily are literally nose to nose starring each other in the eye. Sarah replies, “Don’t worry Allie, I’m not going to be hard to find. You’re both going down.” Alyson steps closer to Sarah saying, “I should have done this years ago.” Sarah not backing down says, “See you soon Alyson.” Sarah grabs Emily by the wrist pulling her partner past their opponents.

After they get down the hall Emily asks, “Why not pound them now?” Sarah looks over her shoulder and replies, “You know how much Harold would fine us if we hurt one of them now and they couldn’t go. Plus I want them ring the ring when we beat them.” Emily accepting Sarah’s reasoning follows her partner to the locker room.

Fans making their way to their seats notice three women sitting in one of the back corners of the small “arena”. Jeri Ryan, Salma Hayek and Catherine Bell sit talking. The three do sign autographs, but answer not questions.

The Wrestlers come out before the show and sign the pictures and programs handed them. During the meet and greet the three women can be seen talking and at times pointing out certain wrestlers.

Rob Zombie’s “Never Gonna Stop” plays as the video display is mostly the history leading up to the Main event tonight between Sarah Michelle Gellar teaming with Emily Deschanel against Alyson Hannigan and Cobie Smulders.

Match 1
Starting the show, Camilla Belle takes on Michelle Trachtenberg in singles action. The action early is almost eye blurring as the two young women move with amazing quickness. Michelle hits a drop kick, but as she moves in on Camilla the dark hair wrestler leg sweeps Michelle dropping her on her back. Only a few feet apart they both roll back on their shoulders and kip up to their feet.

Both Cam and Michelle become frustrated at their inability to keep the other down. Michelle is the first to let that frustration come out in an attack. Camilla applies a side headlock to Michelle. Michelle takes the opportunity to bring her arm up between Camilla's legs crashing into her crotch. Michelle's offense after the low blow is more centered on Camilla's move vulnerable areas. Michelle removes Camilla's top and mauls the screaming Brunette's orbs.

Camilla suffers through three or four minutes of breast maul and general beating, until the she able to get a foot up as Michelle charges her in the corner. Camilla seems to have not problems with paying Michelle back for the titty torture. Michelle topless her young breasts are slapped pinched and maul red. Camilla looks to end the fight a short time later climbing to the top rope. When she leaps Michelle who was staggering to get to her feet turns and leaps her self. Michelle catches Camilla right in the chest with a drop kick as the Brunette is coming in. Michelle crawls over to Camilla and hooks the leg. Camilla's kick out comes a split second to late. After the bell sounds Michelle kicks Camilla over on to her back and puts her foot on Camilla's backside for the photographers to snap a few shots.

"Get off of me!" Camilla fumed, but Michelle's foot kept her pinned to the mat.

"Just wanted everyone to see who is the superior fighter!" Michelle taunted, she then did a little one-knee drop across the expanse of Camilla's lovely posterior, drawing a groan from the trapped Belle.

"Ta-ta!" Michelle said, slowly rising and sauntering from the ring.

Camilla pulled herself up and shouted: "This isn't over!"

"It is tonight!" Michelle called back with a sneering laugh.

Match 2
Natalie Portman takes on Billie Piper next. Nat tries to wrestle with the Brit early, but Billie controls the action. Billie snaps Nat over with a headlock take down and squeezes the brunette's head. Billie seems to be rolling to another win when Natalie catches the blonde with a low blow.

Natalie tries several moves to get a pin on Billie, but each time Billie is able to kick out. Billie blocks a suplex attempt. Billie hammers a punch into Nat's gut and follows that up with a European uppercut that sends Nat reeling. Billie works on Natalie's back and shoulders with a variety of hold. Billie wears Natalie down and then pulling the arrogant Natalie to the center of the ring snapmare her to a seated position in the center of the ring.

Billie takes a seat behind Natalie. Billie scissors Natalie's midsection and applies an abdominal stretch. Billie informs Nat, "Lucky you, you'll be the first to submit to The Bad Wolf" Being twisted and squeezed at the same time leaves Natalie little choice but to tap out.

Match 3

Keira Knightley is not her normal cocky self as she faces Katherine Heigl. The big blonde use's every chance to press her large boobs on Keira's modest cleavage. Keira has a few chances’ that against other women Keira would normally attack her opponent’s tits, but Keira passes these chances against Kat.

Kat overpowering Keira plants the Brit in the center of the ring and seeing Keira is hurting Kat takes the time to peel her top off. Kat taunts, "My tits have been in your head since the other day, now it's time they cover the outside of your head." Kat lowers her breast on to Keira's face. Kat has barely secured the seal when Keira beings tapping out. Kat only gives her a few extra grind before dismounting Keira.

Cut scene 1
After Katherine Heigl Leaves the ring and Keira Knightley sulks away. Velvet Revolver’s “Slither” begins playing. Coming out wearing jeans a black t-shirt with Un-Biel-viable written across the chest is Jessica Biel. Heading to the ring many of the crowd cheers the brunette. A small portion display there displeasure. Jessica climbs into the ring and calls for a mic which is tossed up to her.

“I am here to let you know this will be the last time you see me in this ring.” Fans are stunned by the announcement. The few not left speechless, beg Jessica to change her mind. Jessica waits a few second before adding, “Without MY Title belt.” Jessica gets a laugh at her little joke. “Next show they’re going to determine who I’m going to beat.” Looking into the camera Jessica says, “It doesn’t matter. Who ever they put across this ring from me is going down.”

Jessica walks around the ring before continuing, “Charlize Theron, Katherine Heigl. Hell, bring back one of those old bitches like Jeri Ryan or Catherine Bell. Get the Euro Champ Monica Bellucci. Whoever it is, they’ll go down…hard!”

Jessica throws the mic down and climbs the nearest turnbuckle waving her arms to get the fans to make noise, which the fans do. After going to each turnbuckle Jessica jumps down and heads to the back.

Match 4
Christina Aguilera meets Jennifer Love Hewitt in the next match up. Some fans start a J-M-D chant before the bell even rings. Christina and Jen trade holds early with Christina giving Love’s boobs several gropes and slaps when she can. Jen getting tired quickly of being felt up by the blonde backs Christina against the rope and breast chops X-Tina.

The breast chop leads to a series of attacks aimed at each of the women’s large tits. Both topless get back to wrestling as Jen armdrags Christina to the mat and follows up with a drop kick. Christina kicks out as Jen goes for a quick cover. Jen keeps the pressure on Christina trying many times to get the pinfall on the stubborn blonde.

Christina turns the tables ducking a clothesline attempt by Jen and German suplexes the brunette. Jen proves just as tough to pin as Christina goes for pinning combination only to have Jen kick out. Jen catches Christina as the blonde tries a splash. Jen gets her knees up making Christina’s landing very painful. Jen recovers first and after softening X-Tina with some stomps Jen lifts the blonde and sets her up for a piledriver. Jen’s “Love Hurts” piledriver leaves Christina limp. Fans again begin chanting J-M-D. Jen obliges covering Christina’s face under Jen’s boobs. Jen settles for the ref’s three count, instead of going for the breast smother submission. Jen does slide down to get some photos taken of her tits pressing into Christina’s.

Match 5
Rookie Lizzy Caplan takes a big step up in competition taking on Erica Durance. The match is pretty much one sided, with Lizzy only able to mount a limited amount of offense. Erica tosses the Rookie around the ring. Lizzy does manage some offense, but Lizzy's offense usually ends with Erica pounding her way out of holds or reversing attempted moves.

Erica clotheslines Lizzy over the top rope. Instead of going out after Lizzy as she had done against Michelle Trachtenberg Erica takes the time to adjust her outfit. Lizzy gets back in the ring before the ten count. Erica ignores the fist bouncing off her tight stomach, and sends Lizzy across the ring.

Erica waits for Lizzy to return and stepping to the side wrap an arm around the brunette's head and applies the sleeper. Erica forces Lizzy to take a seat on the mat. Adding to the hold Erica pushes forward forcing Lizzy's chest and head down to the canvas between the trapped woman's legs. Erica's "Dirt Nap" doesn't take long to put Lizzy out. The ref lifts Lizzy's arm three times letting it fall.

Match 6
Paris and Nicky Hilton take on ‘The Eva Destruction’, the team of Eva Longoria and Eva Mendes and the match immeditately gets just as nasty as fans expected. Wrestling attire doesn't stand a chance in this one as tops are quickly ripped away…and the wrestlers bottoms don't last much longer as all four pull the clothing off rather than try for wrestling holds. Nicky Hilton, the last wrestler wearing anything at all, removes her own bottom while standing on the ring apron. She’d already suffered three wedgies, two rear and one front and probably figured ‘modesty be damned, that hurt.’

Then Paris gets caught in The Eva’s corner and Longoria pays special attention to the blonde’s perky little tits while Mendes works over Paris’s back. After Mendes tags Longoria back in Paris makes her escape with a thumb to the eye and Nicky fares a little better, getting to Longoria before she can tag in Mendes. Nicky traps the shorter Eva in an Abdominal Stretch, her version of the hold using alternating Claws to Eva’s tits and pussy.

Unable to get the brunette to submit, Nicky tosses her to the mat. Paris wants back into the match by this point and gets the tag from Nicky. While lifting Eva Paris is caught off guard and Eva grabs the blonde head and falls back to the mat Nailing Paris with a Jawbreaker. Nicky climbs back into the ring which also brings Eva Mendes back in. Nicky and Eva meet mid ring and begin trading blows. Eva Longoria gets to her feet first and comes to Mendes’s aid.

Soon Paris is back to her feet as well and joins the brawl. The match now totally out of control the ref tries to regain order. The four women don’t seem to want to obey any more so after almost a minute of mayhem the ref signals for the bell. The match goes down as a double DQ, but the fight hasn’t ended. Security finally comes to the ring to separate the women so the show can continue.

Match 7
Eliza Dushku takes on Rachel McAdams in the next match. Eliza who already has a time limit draw against Olivia Munn seems to be heading that way again as the ring announcer calls out one minute left in the match. Eliza has just taken control of the match again catching Rachel’s cross body attempt and turning it into a power slam, but Rachel kicks out at two.

Eliza lifts Rachel again and sends her into the ropes and heads to the opposite side of the ring when fans see Lamia climb out from under the ring. Lamia grabs both of Eliza’s ankles tripping the Brunette. The ref complete misses the interference and looks wondering how Eliza ended up flat on her face. Rachel doesn’t question the gift and drops an elbow in the small of Eliza’s back. Rachel rolls Eliza over and pushing her shoulders into the back of Eliza’s knees folds Dushku in a matchbook pin. The ref starts the count and misses Rachel putting her ankles up on the second rope.

Once she has her three count Rachel quickly takes her feet off the ropes. The ref sees the ropes bouncing, but not seeing it before there is nothing that can be done. As Rachel celebrates her win Lamia climbs into the ring. Rachel bows to the masked woman and then keeping her distance rolls out of the ring leaving Lamia and Eliza.

The fans see the inverted cross coming down as Lamia moves to lift Eliza. Lamia traps Eliza’s head between the masked woman’s thighs. Setting for the “Dark Sacrifice” Lamia flips Eliza up into position. Before Lamia can drive Eliza into the canvas a blonde blur comes from the back. Katee Sackhoff is almost to the ring before Lamia can drop Eliza. Lamia rolls out of the ring as Katee slides under the bottom rope.

Katee running begins a suicide dive and the lights in the arena go out. There is a loud crashing sound. Seconds later the lights come back up and Eliza is still in the ring, Katee is lying next to the guardrails at ring side holding her shoulder. There is no sign of Lamia! The crew checks on Eliza and Katee who both get to their feet a few seconds later. Katee searches the ring area before heading to the rear.

Match 8
A battle of big blondes is next as Charlize Theron takes on Estella Warren. Power is defiantly on display in this match as both women hit Bodyslams and Suplex one another with power moves that have bone-jarring effects.

Estella drops Charlize on the top turnbuckle with a Snake Eyes that leaves Charlize woozy, then hits a series of moves, going for the pin after each one. But each time Charlize kicks out. She’s proving that it's just not her Scissors that makes her a top contender, but also her ability to absorb a lot of damage and come fighting back!

Estella tries lifting Charlize for another Suplex, but Charlize blocks the attempt, hooking her leg around Estella's, then takes Estella up and over with a Suplex. Charlize straddles Estella, hammering right hands to the side of the blonde's head. Charlize stands after being warned by the ref for the closed fist strikes, then turns her attention to Estella's ribs, softening her up with knees driven into the blonde's sides.

Charlize Snapmares Estella onto her butt and before Estella has a chance to escape, Charlize is down behind her with her legs wrapping around Estella's mid-section like pythons. Estella takes on deep gasp of air as Charlize locks her ankles and begins constricting. Estella struggles violently at first, but the pain and limited air supply quickly take their toll.

Charlize leans in whispering, "This is overkill, but I can't pass up fondling a nice rack like this."

Charlize wraps her arms around Estella, pushes Estella's sweaty top out of the way and begins fondling Estella's tits; playing with her hard nipples. As she’s humiliating Warren, Charlize is also increasing the pressure on Estella's orbs until she’s brutally mauling the red faced woman.

Estella finally gives up, nodding ‘yes’ when the refereee asks if she wants to submit.

Cut scene 2
After Estella Warren is helped from the ring Kelly Preston makes her way down the ramp to the ring. Kelly with Mic in hand climbs into the ring. “I have the honor of revealing the 12 women that will take part in the Battle Royal at the next show.”

Kelly looks around for crowd reaction. Kelly points up to the giant replay screen hanging above the stage. “Let’s first add the two we already know, Ashley Scott and Erica Durance.” The screen is split into 12 squares and Pictures of Ashley and Erica pop into two of the opening.

Kelly walks around the ring the continues, “The next woman just left the ring victorious… Charlize Theron.”

The crowd reaction is very loud as appearing in one of the opening is a picture of Charlize. Kelly waits for the crowd to settle then yells, “Next Tricia Helfer!” Again there is good crowd reaction - though maybe not as loud as Charlize’s.

Tricia fills another square. Kelly goes on, “Rookie Phoneme Missy Peregrym!” Missy picture pops up to a mixed crowd reaction. Kelly presses on, “This woman is no surprise…Katherine Heigl!” Kat’s name gets the first reaction to rival Charlize’s ovation. Again Kelly waits for the fans to quite down, “Starting the second half of the list…Katie Holmes!” again the fans are somewhat split, but Katie’s fans Are very vocal in their support of the brunette.

Kelly Leaps into the next name, “Rosario Dawson!” Kelly picks the pace up a little, “Milla Jovovich!” The European redhead gets polite clapping for the most part. Kelly raises the mic again, “Getting a second chance to make the title Match Kristanna Loken!” Even after her loss to Jessica Biel, it’s hard to argue that Loken isn’t one of the top 12 wrestlers in the CCW.

Kelly takes a little longer and fans start yelling for her to get on with it. Kelly says, “I think these last two names will surprise all of you as much as they surprised me. The final two spots are Allison Mack and Neve Campbell!”

There is a short period of shock then explosive cheering as the two slightly smaller women are announced. Kelly waits for the fans to quite down, “The order of entrance will not be decided until match time. I hope you will all join us!”

Kelly waves as she heads out of the ring. The Fans begin to argue over the entries to the Main Event for the next show.

Match 9
Lacey Chabert and Isla Fisher face off in the next match. Isla comes to the ring smiling and laughing shaking the fans hands. When she gets in the ring she waves across the ring and yells, "Hey, SHE-BEAR!"

When the bell rings, Isla face loses all the humor and she gets a very stern look on her face. Charging across the ring Isla tackles Lacey and grabbing two handfuls of hair begins bouncing Lacey's head off the mat. While Isla is doing this it's the red head screaming as the ref warns her about pulling Lacey’s hair.

The unstable Isla continues to baffle the Fans and Lacey. Lacey gets the redhead back into a corner and drives shoulders into Isla gut. Isla almost laughs manically. The redhead’s behavior continues to be strange as she catches Lacey with a spear, but instead of going for the cover. Isla leans on the ropes laughing with an evil grin.

Isla misses chances that may have gotten her a win, but when she does cover Lacey is able to kick out. Lacey catches Isla with the "Lacey bottoms" pulling the redheads bottom up in a deep wedgie as Lacey drops her. Lacey slides her hand down the front of Isla bikini and goes to work while the ref makes the three count.

Lacey is celebrating the victory when she turns and is surprised to see Isla already standing up, picking the Wedgie out of her butt.

Isla walks over to Lacey saying, "I like you SHE-BEAR! Next time you’re in my shorts though, finish the job, just don't tease me."

The unstable redhead head left for the back, leaving a bewildered Lacey in the ring

Main Event
It is finally time for the main event. The ring announcer lifts the mic, “The Following is a elimination tag match. Introducing first from Washington DC standing 5’6”…Alyson Hannigan! And her partner from Vancouver, British Columbia, standing 5’9”…Cobie Smulders!”

Slipknot “Vermillion” plays as the two women come out in matching teal two piece swimsuits. They get into several shouting matches with the fans as the come to the ring. Seems no one is siding with Alyson on her claims of Sarah backstabbing the redhead. Some fans start a “Cheap Shot Cobie” chant for the sneak attack on Sarah from the first show. Cobie screams at the fans before covering her ears and climbing into the ring.

The Announcer seems surprised when Alice in Chains ‘Them Bones’ begins to play as he introduces the next team. “Their opponents; first from Los Angeles, CA she stands 5’9”…Emily Deschanel. Her partner is from New York, NY at 5’3”…The Slayer herself, Sarah Michelle Gellar!”

Emily’s outfit is purple with white trim. Sarah is wearing a two piece that is cammo outfit. The color mix is red, black, and brown instead of the normal cammo colors.

With a nod form Sarah the two women begin to run to the ring. Sliding under the bottom rope they both get to their feet quickly, which is a good thing as Alyson and Cobie both charge as their opponents enter the squared circle. The Ref signals for the bell as the ring announcer scurries out of the ring.

All four women are trading punches Alyson and Sarah going at it while the two bigger women tag trade blows. Emily gets the upper hand on Cobie and nails her with forearms to the chest backing the brunette into the ropes. Emily takes a few steps back and explodes forward clotheslining Cobie over the top rope to the floor below. Sarah has Alyson also backed up against the ropes on the other side of the ring. Sarah leaps nailing Alyson with a drop kick sending Alyson over the top rope as well.

Sarah gets to her feet as Emily comes over to her laughing, “I see what you mean about the issues with your ex-partners.”

Sarah smiles saying, “Yeah, well she was a good partner at one time.”

The ref reminds them only one of them is to be in the ring at a time. With a nod from Sarah, Emily heads to their corner and steps outside the ring.

Outside the ring Cobie recovers a little quicker and jumps in the ring. Alyson tries getting in as well but the ref blocks her sending her to the opposite corner from Emily.

Cobie and Sarah circle in the center of the ring, Cobie taunting, “Don’t wet your self shrimp. I bet you’ve neveAAAAHH!”

Her taunt comes up short when Sarah Snap Kicks Cobie’s left thigh just above the knee. Three more kicks follow as Cobie tries to limp away; the final kick dropping Cobie to one knee. Sarah moves in quick wrapping Cobie in a Side Headlock. Sarah, trying to hold back a laugh says, “You don’t seem so big now.”

She drops and pulls Cobie over with a Headlock Takedown, putting Cobie on her back with Sarah leaning on her and squeezing her head. The ref gets a one count before Cobie realizes her position and rolls into Sarah to lift her shoulder.

Cobie threatens, “Your gonna piss me off!”

Sarah, mocking Cobie, says, “Oh no, whatever will I do.”

Cobie gets her knees under her and pushes back up to her feet. Sarah keeps the brunette bent over clinging to the Side Headlock. Cobie gets her arm behind Sarah’s legs lifting the smaller blonde. Releasing the hold on Cobie, Sarah rolls over the taller woman’s shoulder and lands on her feet. Cobie doesn’t even get turned around before Sarah is air borne again and drop kicking Cobie in the back.

Cobie staggers forward tripping and hanging herself on the middle rope. Sarah says, “Oh, this is too good.”

Sarah runs into the opposite ropes and picks up speed coming back. Sarah leaps just before getting to Cobie and lands on the brunette’s shoulders forcing down on the rope. Sarah jumps back off Cobie. Sliding off the ropes Cobie coughs a few times trying to clear her air way and get her breath back.

Sarah turns to Emily, “This is going easier than I thought.”

Emily points and yells, “Sarah!”

But it’s to late and Alyson pounds a Double Ax-handle right between Sarah’s shoulder blades. The ref, who was checking on Cobie at the time, chases Alyson out of the ring, but the damage is done. Cobie still limping gets to the blonde as she is trying to get to her feet. Cobie pounds an overhand Forearm Smash into Sarah’s back knocking her back to the canvas.

Cobie reaches down grabbing the back of Sarah’s top Cobie to lift her up. Still holding the fabric, she gets Sarah about an arms length away, the yanks the blonde backward and nails Sarah in the small of the back with a Forearm. Sarah would have fallen if Cobie didn’t kept her grip on Sarah’s top.

Cobie leans in taunting, “Not so tough now, are you?”

Cobie spins Sarah around and lifts Sarah in a bear hug. Running towards her own corner Cobie slams Sarah back first against the turnbuckles. Cobie holds her hand out and tags Alyson in. Cobie gives Alyson a slight bow saying, “Your bitch M’Lady”

Alyson grabs Sarah by under the chin digging her fingers into Sarah’s cheeks. Almost hissing with hatred Alyson says, “Things just went from bad to worst for you!” Sarah out of no where slaps Alyson across the cheek. Sarah somersaults forward and dives making a tag to Emily.

The bigger woman enters the ring stopping to ask Sarah, “You OK?”

Sarah nods, “Give me a few seconds I’ll be ready again.”

Emily turns and moves to the center of the ring waiting for Alyson to come out of her corner. The smaller redhead backed off as the tag was made. Alyson move in to lock up with Emily. The two auburn haired women pull and push trying to get an advantage. Fans thinking Emily would be able to push Alyson around are surprised to see the smaller woman hold her position.

Alyson’s hand shoots up to Emily’s face poking the Emily in the eye. The ref warns Alyson, but it falls on deaf ears. Alyson takes Emily’s right arm and twisting on it Alyson pulls the limb into a hammer lock. Alyson feeds Emily’s hand up through the back strap of Emily’s top. Quickly Alyson spins Emily around scooping her and slams the bigger woman. Emily cries out in pain as her arm is trapped behind her back.

Alyson stands over Emily saying, “This is what you get for trying to play the Hero!” She stomps hard on Emily’s belly and Emily’s legs fly into the air, then flop back down to the mat.

Alyson turns to her corner going for the tag. Alyson tells Cobie, “Get rid of her quick; then we’ll take our time with sweet Sarah. I want to see her sex face.”

Cobie snickers at the comment moving to Emily. Neither of the big women has fair very well in the beginning now face each other. Emily got to her feet and checks her shoulder. Cobie smiles, “I’ve been look forward to this.”

Emily gives Cobie a confused look, “You’ve been looking forward to me kicking your ass?”

Cobie charges Emily who’s more than ready, Emily hooks Cobie’s arm as she’s coming in and tosses the brunette across the ring. Both women are up quickly, but Emily hammers a clothesline across Cobie’s chest sending her back down to the canvas Emily lets her momentum take her into the ropes and coming back Emily catches Cobie as she just gets to her feet and shoulder blocks the brunette back down. Emily drops to her knees beside Cobie and armbars her left arm. Putting her knee on Cobie’s side Emily pulls the trapped limb in tight to her side and pulls Cobie to her feet holding on to her arm but Cobie puts her free hand on Emily’s chest, trying to pry her arm free.

Emily says, “None of that now.” She drops to her knees and takes Cobie over with a Fireman’s Carry, then changes her hold, maintaining control of Cobie’s wrist as she steps over Cobie’s arm and drops her leg on the trapped arm. Cobie cries out in pain as Emily bends the arm around her own leg.

Emily releases the arm getting to her feet. Emily bends to lift Cobie when the brunette catches Emily’s head and one of her legs and rolls the redhead into a small package. One…Two. Emily kicks out, getting back to her feet Emily pissed shouts, “Shit!” turning Emily finds Cobie already on her feet and the brunette wraps her arms around Emily’s head pulling her into a side headlock. Cobie pulls Emily towards Alyson waiting in their corner.

Cobie is stopped short as Emily hammers a forearm into Cobie’s back. The brunette sucks in air hissing in pain, but hangs on to the headlock. Cobie simply says, “Bitch!” and fires several punches to Emily’s head.

Cobie is able to pull Emily close enough to make a tag to Alyson who, climbing into the ring, says, “Open her up.”

Cobie reaches across Emily and lifts her far arm exposing the redhead’s entire side. Alyson lines up her attack and kicks Emily in the ribs just below the strap of her top.

Emily falls to her knee holding her side as Cobie exits the ring and Alyson moves in to keep the pressure on Emily. Alyson wraps her hand in Emily’s hair lifting her to her feet. Alyson move Emily around backing her into Alyson and Cobie’s corner. Alyson winds up and cracks Emily across the chest with a knife edge shop. The loud crack is followed by a low moan of pain from Emily. Red welt forms instantly on the redhead’s pale skin.

Emily explodes into actions a second after taking the blow from Alyson. Emily first hits Cobie with a back elbow that sends the brunette to the floor. Emily grabs Alyson by the shoulders and trades places with the smaller women. Emily hammers two big right hands to the side of Alyson’s head. Emily the drives to drive her knee clean through Alyson’s mid section with a kneelift. Emily moves Alyson down the ropes and Irish whips her across the ring. Everyone expecting Emily to hit some big power moves are caught off guard, that group includes Alyson. Emily drops tripping Alyson up with a drop toe hold.

Emily moves right into a single leg crab hooking Alyson’s ankle under her arm Emily sits on Aly’s back. Emily says “Feel free to give up anytime.” Alyson screams out, “No!” the ref is also asking if Alyson wants to submit. Alyson threatens Emily, “You’ll pay for getting involved.” Emily taps her fingers on her own thumb to indicate to the fans Alyson is just flapping her lips. Emily leans back and loops her arm around Alyson’s chin. Pulling back on Alyson’s head and pulling harder on the leg Emily clasps her hand together bending Alyson in a misshapen ‘U’.

Alyson squeals in pain, but begins crawling for the ropes. Emily maintaining the hold can’t prevent Alyson from making it to the ropes but she does make it a painful trip. Once Alyson’s hand grabs the bottom rope Emily releases the hold and rolls off her opponent. Emily stands and moves back into the center of the ring. Alyson rolls over pulling herself on to the bottom rope. Alyson’s eyes glare at Emily who is bouncing lightly on the balls of her feet waiting for Alyson. Alyson uses the ropes to get to her feet and walks along the ropes to her corner. Leaning into Cobie the leader of the team gives her instructions, “Time to get nasty. Got it?” Cobie nods.

Emily yells at Alyson, “You come to wrestle or not?”

Alyson heads out to meet Emily and threatens, “You have no idea what you got yourself into.”

Alyson kicks her foot for Emily’s stomach. Emily catches the foot holding on to it.

Emily says, “That was to…” She doesn’t get to finish that thought because Alyson leaps and brings her other foot sweeping up, catching Emily with the Enzuigiri Kick. Emily stands wobbling for a second, then slowly topples to the mat. Sarah, who had been trying to warn her partner, pounds the top turnbuckle in frustration.

Alyson walks over to Emily and uses her foot to roll her onto her stomach. Bending down and releasing the clasp on Emily’s top, Alyson taunts, “Don’t be too embarrassed there are only a few hundred here to see your hooters.” She yanks the top off in the process she rolls Emily to her back and observes, “But hen again, there’s the viewing audience, I’m sure they won’t post the photos of you flopping around on the internet.”

Alyson pulls Emily up by the hair, leading the topless woman to the wrong side of the squared circle where she pins Emily into the corner.

Alyson stands on the bottom rope and blatantly chokes Emily. The ref warns Alyson and starts a five count. Alyson jumps down releasing the choking Emily at four. The ref steps between Emily and Alyson and warns Alyson about breaking the rules. While the ref’s attention is on Alyson Cobie steps behind Emily and grabs both of the redheads alabaster breast digging her fingers into the soft flesh. Keep her eyes on the ref Cobie moves back holding her arms up as the ref turns around. Sarah is going nuts on the far side of the ring screaming at the ref.

Alyson moves back in turns pushing her back against Emily. Alyson reaches back and snapmares Emily out of the corner. Before going after Emily Alyson tags Cobie in. Alyson stomps on Emily’s shoulder and chest waiting for Cobie to get in the ring. Cobie joins in the stomping as the ref starts another five count. Alyson smiles at Cobie, “See if she’s a real redhead.” Cobie replies, “Sure.” Cobie lifts Emily to her feet. Cobie turns Emily around. Pressing against Emily’s back Cobie taunts the redhead as her hand rubs Emily’s crotch, “I’m gonna enjoy destroying you. You ready to be my bitch?”

Emily’s arm comes flying back nailing Cobie in the side of the head. WHACK! She fires a second Back Elbow, staggering the brunette. Emily turns wrapping her arm around Cobie. Emily takes the screaming Cobie over with a belly to belly suplex. Cobie’s screaming ending when she hits the canvas. Emily rolls off Cobie and looks around the ring to see where she is. Emily getting to her feet sees Alyson charging her. Emily half leaps forward extending her arm and blasts Alyson to the canvas with a clothesline. Emily stays on her feet and turns to find Cobie beginning to stand. Emily charges and clotheslines the brunette back to the mat. Again Emily turns looking for Alyson. Finding her target Emily shoots an arm between Alyson’s legs and scoops the redhead up. Emily holding Alyson’s waist band give the cloth a good yank up treating Alyson to a nice wedgie. Emily spins around still holding Alyson and slams her down on top of Cobie.

Emily sinks to one knee looking down Emily breathlessly says, “See you bitches soon!”

Then she staggers to tag in Sarah who doesn’t stop to check on Emily as she rushes stright to where Cobie and Alyson are getting to their feet.

Sarah points to Alyson and yells at the ref, “How about getting her out of the ring?”

Sarah jumps at Cobie and catches her in the stomach with a Flying Drop Kick while the ref pushes Alyson to her corner warn her about entering the ring without a tag. Sarah lets Cobie get to her feet, grabs the brunette’s wrist and backs Cobie against the ropes. Sarah pulls Cobie off the ropes with an Irish Whip, but Cobie reverses, sending Sarah into the far ropes. Sarah leaps on to the second rope, springing back with a Back Elbow to Cobie’s heaving chest.

Sarah almost covering Cobie already hooks the leg. The ref gets a two count before Cobie kicks out. Sarah gets to her feet before Cobie has even begun to stand. Sarah waits as Cobie begins to raise Sarah sets herself for a Super Kick - “The Stake” and takes a few steps forward. Cobie sees what’s coming and back peddles and falls going through the rope to the floor outside. Sarah yells, “Get back in here! What are you running from little old me for?”

Cobie has already taken one super kick from Sarah and not about to take another. Cobie thinking she’s safe, turns to let the fans know how smart she is for not getting her head taken off with the Super Kick but just then, Emily Spears Cobie as she turns. Cobie had escaped out of the ring too close to Emily’s corner.

Emily gets up yelling, “Yes!”

She lifts Cobie up by the hair and leans the brunette on the ring apron. Emily looks up at Sarah and yells, “Incoming.”

She lifts Cobie’s bottom making sure to jerk on the Wedgie as she rolls Cobie back into the ring.

Sarah smiles, “Thanks.”

It’s now Alyson going nuts in the corner pounding the top turnbuckle. Sarah rolls Cobie away form the ropes. Sarah stands facing away from Cobie and executes a perfect standing moonsault. Sarah comes down across Cobie’s chest and goes right into the cover. Cobie kicks out just before three.

Sarah looks up at Emily asking, “How you doing?”

Emily extends her hand, “I’m ready.”

Sarah quickly moves over to tag Emily who goes back to Cobie keeping her from trying to make a tag of her own. Sarah is holding Cobie in a front facelock when Emily gets there. Emily undoes the clasp holding Cobie’s top. Emily stands beside Cobie one arm going around Cobie’s waist the other arm hooks Cobie behind the knee. Sarah releases her hold and heads out of the ring.

Emily lifts Cobie setting her for either an Atomic Drop or maybe a Belly-to-Back Suplex. She takes Cobie forward, but instead of posting her leg, Emily lets Cobie fall all the way to the canvas. Cobie cries out as her ass impacts on the mat.

Emily puts a hand on the top of Cobie’s head and the other cups the brunette’s chin. The neck wrench has Cobie moaning in pain. Emily leans close to Cobie’s ear saying, “Don’t worry I haven’t forgot about your top. It’s coming off in a moment.”

Emily releases the hold. Emily keeps her promise and yanks Cobie’s top off tossing it to the side. Emily reaches over Cobie’s shoulders grabbing two handfuls of boob and pulls up. Cobie is brought up to her feet by the tits. Emily gives up on the Breast Claw and Cobie, whimpering, covers her breast hugging herself.

Emily wraps and arm around Cobie’s head and putting her shoulder into Cobie’s stomach lifts’ the brunette up. Holding Cobie up across her shoulders Emily prepares for her Death Valley Driver “The Bones Crusher” Flipping Cobie’s legs Emily falls sideways driving Cobie’s head into the canvas. Cobie is pretty much out cold Emily even gives Cobie’s tits a few slaps checking for a reaction. Emily then goes for the cover. "One…Two…CRACK! Three.”

The crack heard just before the three was Sarah catching Alyson with a Super Kick as the Redhead tried to save her partner. Emily and the ref are surprised to see Alyson star fished on the mat and Sarah walking back to her corner.

Emily yells, “Sarah!” Turning the blonde looks and shrugs, “What. Pin her and let’s go celebrate.” Emily shakes her head no, “I have got an idea.” Going to Sarah, Emily whispers in the blonde’s ear. A big smile comes over Sarah’s face as she says, “Ok”

Emily goes to where Alyson lies in and lifts the redhead. Emily stands behind Alyson wrapping her arms around Alyson’s waist Sarah standing in front lines herself up and as Emily begins to lift Alyson Sarah nails her with another super kick Emily takes Alyson back over her head with a German suplex. Emily bridges as Alyson hits the mat with a dull thud. Later Sarah and Emily explain the new move is to be called “The Bone Slayer” The ref doesn’t bother to chase Sarah out of the ring. One…Two…Three!” The ref could probably keep counting as long as Emily could hold the bridge, but the three was all that was needed.

Emily tosses Alyson to the side. Sarah jumps into Emily’s arms the partners hugging. Sarah then says, “Hey Em, you’re topless.”

Emily grins, “Thanks for noticing.”

The ref raises their arms and Alice in Chains, ‘Them Bones’ plays once more as Emily and Sarah celebrate while the ref goes to check on their two unconscious opponents.

Sitting in his office with Richard Fannin and Archer discussing the night’s events Harold Green is interrupted by a knock at the door. Sarah Michelle Gellar and Emily Deschanel come barging in.

Rich says, “Greetings ladies, great win tonight.”

Stepping into the room Sarah says, “Thanks Rich. Can’t say it was easy, but I was sure we’d win.”

Emily adds, “I knew they’d fold.”

Harold asks, “Well, should I leave you two on the tag team roster?”

Sarah looks at Emily before answering, “Right now I want to look forward to the XX division title, no offense Em.”

She smiles, “That’s cool, but if Alyson and Cobie ever win the tag titles. I can’t think of a better team to take the titles from them.”

Sarah nods her approval, “Deal!”

Harold offers, “Well anytime for any reason you two want to team up again just let me know.” Thanking the promoter the two women leave.

Harold says, “Looks like it’s time to go get that drink again.” Rich and Archer agreeing the three men head out the door.

About an hour later, sitting in a bar called Dante’s the three men are at a table. Walking up to the table is Katee Sackoff. She sits down and, leaning on her arms says, “I got a clue for you.”

Harold asks, “What are you talking about Katee?”

She takes the drink meant for Harold from the waitress, throws it back, then instantly spits the mouthful on the floor. “Where’s the alcohol?”

Laughing Harold takes his drink and orders Katee something. He says, “Taking your crash and burn save tonight I’m assuming this has to do with Lamia?”

Katee smiles broadly, “Yep. Tell me any idea where she goes after the Shows?” Not waiting for an answer she goes on, “Our little friend makes a bee line to the Scientology Center.”

Looking confused Archer asks, “What does someone trying to give off a demonic vibe doing with the Scientology?” Katee just shrugs. “That DOES explain some things. There’s enough pull there to keep me chasing my tail.”

Rich says, “Well what does this little bit of information get us?”

Archer is the first to speak up, “She must be a member.”

Harold adds, “It also gives me a position to push back at now.”

Katee interrupts, “So is THAT worth another shot at the bimbo?”

Harold thinks, “OK Katee but it has to be after her next match.”

Katee’s upset, “I’m not letting someone else get a shot at revealing that cunt as a fraud!” Harold holds up his hand, “Sorry Katee, but Neve Campbell used one of her guaranteed matches to get the next shot at Lamia.”

Katee storms off and Rich says, “Poor Katee, Neve will take care of Lamia.”

Harold nods in agreement, but adds “Let’s hope so!”