Celebrity Championship Wrestling Show #7 by bigfan
Prologue/Previews -
Behind The Scenes by Archer
Jennifer Love Hewitt stood studying the match line-up that had been posted in the CCW locker room. “Oh no! Not that crazy redhead!” shee groaned.

Suddenly, two arms glided around her waist as a chin settled on her left shoulder and someone’s smooth sleek rubbed up her left cheek. “Ooh, I got you, Lovey! This will be SO much fun; well, for me, anyway!” An Aussie accented voice breathed in her left ear.

Jennifer’s face turned red and she struggled in Isla Fisher’s grip, “LET GO OF ME!”

Isla laughed softly, “You say the sweetest things!”

Jennifer rams her left elbow into what she hoped was the annoying Aussie’s solar plexus andwas rewarded with a gasp and loosening the grip around her waist. She then spun around and gave the off-balance (in more ways than one! Love thought) redhead a good shove. Isla stumbled back, but kept her balance - and her smile.

“You got a good elbow jab, Lovey, I’ll be remembering that. Now don’t go looking all pouty at me, I really do like you and I want this to fun for you, too!”

“Don’t do me any favors!” Jen growled, tensing her self for any further redheaded actions.

Isla merely laughed, “You are so cute when you try to look mean!”

“I AM mean!” Jen blurted.

Isla laughed again, “If you say so. Well, see you in the ring!” The redhead then sauntered out leaving Jennifer Love Hewitt shaking her head. She knew lots of girls played mind pre-fight mind games, but she couldn’t help wondering if Isla were playing with a full deck!


Lacey, wearing a simple gray crop-top and black shorts, was working out in the CCW gym when she saw Christina coming her way in a trashy, red-spangled bikini top and low-ride short-shorts. “You trying to impress me with your bad taste, Chrissy?” Lacey sneered, but she was braced for any X-Tina ambush.

The Latina’s lips curled in a sneer of her own, “You wouldn’t know taste if it landed on you. I just came to let you know I’m going to take a special interest in kicking your gringa butt.”

“Don’t insult the butt, Tina—it may be the last thing you see tonight,” Lacey smirked.

“Here I thought it was your tetons—your boobies—girls are scared of. They don’t look so big to me,” Aguilera asserted with a nasty smile.

“When your ugly face is between them, you’ll think they’re even bigger than they are!” Lacey assured her, cockily hefting her melons with both hands and giving them a little shake.

Christina shrugged, “What you know about beauty? You got THAT face to look at every morning. Dios mio! What a shock it must be!”

Lacey didn’t blink an eye, “You are loco, Chrissy; but maybe that explains your lousy taste in clothing!”

“Nice try, Lacey, but I even talk trash better’n you!” Christina responded.

“I doubt that,” Lacey said coldly. “Why don’t you go find someone else to bore? I’ve got work to do.”

“Adios!” Chrissy said with one last sneer and strolled off, swaying her hips in an exaggerated fashion.

Lacey watched her go and muttered, “I’m so gonna like making you suffer, ‘tina; I’m gonna like it a LOT!”


Anne and Keira are shown standing in front of the bulletin board with Camilla and Michelle.

“Hmm, looks like you get a second shot at me, Keira,” Anne observed. “Maybe THIS TIME you can put up a good fight before you lose.”

“Stuff it!” Keira spat. “You’ll be very sorry to see me again. You were lucky the first time.”

Michelle looped an arm over Camilla’s shoulder, “Well, don’t you feel bad, Cami, I for one will be glad to see you again. I want to put my boot on your little heinie again.”

Camilla shook off the arm and glared at her, “I told you this was NOT over between us. You’ll find out soon enough!”

Anne cleared her throat, “Now ladies, much as we’re undoubtedly looking forward to our individual grudge matches, I must point out this is a ‘Fatal Four Way’—I could end up facing you, Michelle—or you Camilla.”

“No, you won’t!” huffed Keira. “Because you’ll have lost to ME. I don’t care which of those blighters I face—neither of ‘em can beat me! I’ll have this whole thing wrapped up!”

Michelle and Camilla scowled. “Don’t count on it!” they chorused, then looked at each other with annoyance at having had the same idea at the same time.

Keira laughed, “I still think I have it wrapped up. See you losers there!”

As Keira strutted away, Anne put her hands on her hips and told Michelle and Camilla, “Either of you take out that skinny snot before I do, it’s okay with me!”

“Our pleasure!” Camilla and Michelle again said in unison.

Anne raised an eyebrow, “For a couple supposed to be deadly enemies, you two sound like a comedy team!”

“WE DO NOT!” Michelle and Camilla chorused, stopping red-faced and very annoyed.

“Okay, but it’s a good routine. You should keep it in,” Anne informed them. The two young women looked confused and irritated.

“You did that on purpose!” Michelle accused Camilla. “You’re trying to embarrass me.”

“Like that’s hard to do!” Camilla retorted. “No, you’re the one trying to make ME look silly! I hate you, Michelle, I really do!”

“Not as much as I hate you!” Michelle said stamping her foot as Anne burst out laughing.

“You two really ARE the best comedy act around. Well, girls, it’s been a pleasure; see ya at the four way!”

Michelle and Camilla were left standing there looking even more confused and irritated.

“You’re turning us into a laughingstock,” Michelle announced.

“Are not! You are!” Camilla fired back.

“Are so! Now I’m REALLY gonna pulverize you!” Michelle threatened.

Camilla’s dark eyes were volcanic, “No, I’m going make you squeal for mercy! You deserve it!”

“I HATE YOU!” They concluded in yet another simultaneous outcry. They glared at each other in bafflement, then each stomped her foot and stormed away fuming and fussing under her breath.

Hathaway had lingered outsight nearby and nearly doubled over with laughter, “Ah, if Knightley only had a sense of humor.”

“Who says I don’t, Luv?” Anne jumped and spun around. Keira smirked, “Not laughing now, are we, dearie? Well, you won’t be when I get through with you this time.”

Anne quickly recovered, “I was wrong; you DO have a sense of humor, Keira. It’s just…a bad one.”

They exchanged sneering looks and left..,,

Prior to the event Harold Green calls the two women who are set to face one another for the World Title at the next show. Sitting on opposite sides of the office, Jessica Biel and Katherine Heigl listen to the promoter, “We’re going to cut a promo tonight with you two. I don’t want any pre-fight hi-jinx. This is the first title match and I expect you to settle it in the ring - during the match.”

Looking at the two women for acknowledgement the promoter waited until both agreed, then continued, “You get the chance to beat each other silly at the next show.” he says consoling the two combatants as they head out of the office. As soon as the door shuts Jessica and Kat can be heard slinging insults.

Walking back to his desk Harold mumbles “I hope they just don’t kill each other BEFORE the next show.”
Match One, Olivia Mann vs Natalie Portman

Rookie Munn takes on vet Portman to open the card. Olivia has wrestled well since joining the league and tonight is no exception. She’s making Nat look like a rookie, throwing the short haired brunette around the ring, making Nat’s body jiggle and bounce sexily as Natalie patiently waits for an opening…then stops Olivia cold with an unexpected Cunt Punt!

With Olivia ‘hors de cuntbat’ Natalie works on her dirtier tactics, removing Olivia’s top and working over her impressive rack before she hair-hauls Olivia up and Irish Whips her into the far corner. But as Natalie comes in for a Splash, Olivia catches her with a foot to the side of the head! Given the opportunity, Olivia shows a mean steak of her own, repaying the abuse by Natalie!

Olivia drives Natalie head first into the canvas before going after Portman’s top, and repaying with interest her jug mugging by punching, slapping and pinching Natalie’s smaller fun bags. After taking her revenge, Olivia again sends Natalie to the ropes and this time she Side Kicks her in the gut when she rebounds! With Natalie doubled over, Olivia pulls Nat’s head between her thighs, flips Natalie up into Piledriver position and is about to end the match when Laetitia Casta runs to the ring yelling something in French at Olivia.

To the Rookie’s credit, Olivia continues her move on Natalie, grabbing the upside down woman’s pubic mound and holding Nat upside down with digging into her crotch. Olivia turns to face Laetitia before she drops to her knees; The System Crash knocking Natalie Portman out cold. Olivia counts along with the ref who’s slapping the mat three times.

Olivia standing up, invites Laetitia to join her in the ring, “Well come on! You want me. Here I am!”

The French floozy turns her nose up in the air as she struts to the ramp. Halfway up, she turns to the ring and says in English, “Soon!” pointing to Olivia. The rookie smirks, bends to retrieve her top, then heads toward the back.
Match Two (tag teams): The Eva’s of Destruction vs The Simpson Sisters

In the first of two tag matches on the card, The Eva’s of Destruction take on the Simpson Sisters. While not officially an elimination match for the tag title hunt, it’ll be hard for the losers to make a case at being in the tag title hunt.

The match doesn’t disintegrate into chaos as the match between the Eva’s and Hilton’s did on a previous card, but it’s still filled with hard-hitting action. Ashlee gets caught on the wrong side of the ring and when Longoria takes the tag from Mendes, she begins lighting up Ashlee’s chest. Longoria rips Ashlee’s top off and goes after her firm young rack with intensity!

As the Eva’s continue to work the younger Simpson over, Mendes sets Ashlee up for a Piledriver, but Ashlee digs deep and keeps her feet on the mat. Using what strength she has left Ashlee lifts Eva M and flips her with a Back Body Drop. Then she crawls toward sister Jessica who’s screaming for her to tag.

Just as Ashlee closes into range to make the tag, Longoria grabs her ankle and pulls her back across the ring. Longoria, having gotten the tag from Mendes, flips Ashlee onto her back, then drops her elbow on Ashlee’s chest. She covers Ashlee who barely kicks out before the three count.

Ashlee gets lifted to her feet and slammed back into the Eva’s corner where Mendes takes the tag and together she and Longoria flip one of Ashlee’s limp arms across each of their shoulders. Looking like they’re setting Ashlee up for a Double Suplex, they both hook Ashlee behind a knee and lift the battered blonde upside down. They hold Ashlee at the top of the Suplex pulling her legs down and spreading them wide apart. Ashlee looks like she’s doing an upside down Splits.

They let the blood rush to her head as they hold her upside down letting the embarrassment of the splits sink in before the Eva’s drop her straight down, spiking Ashlee’s head into the canvas.

The Eva’s “E Squared” move leaves Ashlee out cold and Mendes quickly makes the cover, Jessica never moves from her corner, having seen more than enough of her sister’s less imposing rack being bashed and smashed into submission. Not until the ref’s hand comes down the third time to end the contest does Jessica bolt into the ring - and then only to check on Ashlee. The Eva’s glare at Jessica but they are well satisfied with the destruction of Ashlee as they leave the ring after having their arms raised in victory.
Match Three, Katee Sackhoff vs Eliza Dushku

Katee faces Eliza in the next contest and Katee works on grounding Eliza while the brunette tries to keep plenty of space between them. Katee settles for striking from distance as Eliza miss-times a kick to Katee’s chest and Katee catches her foot. She drives an elbow down to Eliza’s thigh, grounding the brunette. Then Katee, still holding the leg, flips Eliza over and turns it into a Single Leg Crab.

Katee continues to work Eliza’s legs, twisting the brunette in several different directions. Eliza escapes by using the ropes and lures Katee in, then hits a Drop Toe Hold that sends Katee’s into the ropes. Eliza runs to the far side of the ring and comes back, driving a knee into Katee’s back. Again, Eliza sets Katee up and sends her into the ropes, nailing Katee with a Dropkick as the blonde rebounds out of control.

Eliza, moving with lightning quickness, climbs to the top turnbuckle, turns and leaps - covering half the ring before crashing down across Katee’s chest! Eliza rolls off holding her stomach and crawls back onto Katee, hooking her far leg. Katee struggles, but Eliza hangs on to pick up her first win. After the match, Katee and Eliza shake hands and leave together!
Match Four, Jennifer Love Hewitt vs Isla Fisher

Hewitt enters the ring to face the questionably sane Fisher. She out wrestles Isla early, but the unbalanced redhead attacks Jen’s tits at every opening and twice she gives the brunette hottie ass-splitting Wedgies. Jen goes for covers every chance she has, obviously trying to get out of the ring as quickly as possible. But Isla continues to target that Legendary Love Rack until Jen gets so pissed at being felt up and mauled that she abandons her usual ‘clean’ style and goes after Isla tiny tits.

As Jen goes for her rack, however, Isla switches strategies and starts trying to outwrestle Jen technically! The Awesome Aussie hits a DDT, leaving Jen woozy - giving Isla the opportunity to remove Jen’s top. She tosses it to the ringside fans, then pulls Jen up into a seated position, leaning Jen’s back across her thigh. Isla yells, “Boob Quake!” then hammers a Forearm to the top of Jen’s head and watches awe-struck as the force of the blow sends ripples through Jen’s bouncing, shaking, boobs. Isla laughs at her joke while the ringsiders give her a standing ‘O’!

Then tough little Jen fights back, accepting that she’ll probably never figure out what the redhead is thinking. After some grappling, Jen gets Isla top off - just to even the score! She again goes for the cover but Isla kicks out. She goes for another cover, but again she can’t put the Aussie away. During Jen’s third cover attempt, Ilsa shoves her hand down the front of Jen’s bikini bottom and when Jen rears up and frantically tries to pull way, Isla holds on, kneeling in front of Jen.

“My turn to have fun,” Isla laughs as she closes her fist and forces Jen down onto her back and takes a seat on her stomach. Working the Pussy Claw with one hand, Isla begins groping Jen’s jiggling Jello tits with the other. She may be insane, but she’s smart enough to pin Jen’s arms under her knees, leaving her defenseless.

Jen refuses several times when the ref asks if she wants to submit and Isla lifts Jen’s head often enough to break pin counts. Her own stubbornness and Isla deviousness makes Jen suffer for over a minute, by which time Jen panties are down around mid-thigh so fans with the ‘good’ seats can see Isla’s fingers penetrating deep into Jen’s womanhood. Isla abruptly stops her pussy and tit mauling, flips Jen and throws herself tit to tit on Jen, scrubbing her small orbs on Jen’s. “We’re running outta time Lovey. Anything special you want me to do before it’s over?”

Through tears of pain and frustration, Jen moans, “Fuck you…you crazy…bitch!”

Isla giggles, “What a sweet offer. You’re always thinking of others aren’t you Lovey?”

Isla continues to rub her breasts on Jen’s and gets so into it she forgets to lift Jen’s shoulders and the ref makes the three count before Isla realizes what happened. She seems angry that the ref put an end to her fun and she refuses to allow her arm to be raised.

Isla tells Jen, “I want to do this again sometime soon, you’re really fun!” She gives the ref a dirty look before heading to the back.

Cut Scene 1

The screen lights up showing Kelly Preston. “Ladies and Gentleman, starting with Show 9 there will be a 16 woman single elimination tournament held for the XX division title.” Kelly pauses a few seconds before continuing, “First round match ups will be determined at a future time, but any woman less than 5’6” will be eligible for this title.” She walks to a table where the XX division title belt is displayed. It’s relatively plain and it doesn’t spin, light up, and isn’t jewel incrusted. Kelly looks in the camera, “Good luck to those of you going after this belt.” Then the screen goes black.
Match Five, Lacey Chabert vs Christina Aguilera

Chabert takes on Aguilera, hoping to give the blonde her third straight lose to a ‘Party of Five’ cast member. Christina is well aware that she’s 0-2 vs. Lacey’s former castmates isn’t going to let Lacey make it three without a good fight and it isn’t long before the match turns into a real pier 6 type brawl! Hammering away at each other, the blonde and brunette seem determined to beat a submission out of the other.

Christina traps Lacey in a corner and pounds the young brunette’s impressive rack while the ref makes a five count. X-Tina backs off to avoid being disqualified, but as soon as she breaks, she kicks Lacey between her spread legs. The Crotch Kick takes a lot of the fight out of Lacey and Christina goes for a series of pinfalls.

Lacey manages to kick out of the first two, and gets to the ropes on the third, extending the match. Lacey finally gets a chance to reverse the flow of the match when Christina charges her in a corner and Lacey swings up both feet up, kicking Christina in the tits. Pancaking Christina’s perky boobs, Lacey moves in to get some revenge. She kicks Christina’s legs apart and Stomps on the blonde’s center, making sure she grinds her foot on Christina’s pussy in the process!

Lacey batters Christina for a few minutes before setting her up for the “Lacey Bottom”; with her arm across Christina’s chest and a handful of Christina’s bikini, Lacey lifts the blonde, giving her an ass splitting Wedgie in the process, then Slams her to the mat. Lacey pops up and turns to the crowd

“If you want to see it? Let me hear you!” she says, motioning with her hands across her tits.

The crowd starts a “J-M-D! J-M-D!” chant so Lacey returns to Christina and the chant grows louder. Ripping Christina’s top off and then taking off her her own top, Lacey mounts her blonde victim and rubs her melons on Christina’s defeated tits.

Moving up, Lacey buries the singers face under her mountainous mounds and the cameras catch the look of panic on Christina’s face at the moment her features disappear under Lacey’s “Ladies.”

It doesn’t take long…Christina gives into her looming defeat and taps out to avoid the humilation of a “KO.”

But Lacey isn’t feeling generous and she continues Breast Smothering and the ref seems inclined to give Lacey some leeway to continue dominating Christina. Finally, he warns Lacey to release the beaten woman and while Lacey takes her time, she eventually uncovers Christina’s flushed, sweaty, face and gets her arm raised in victory. Then Lacey walks back to Christina and resumes her taunting, “0 for 3! Just confirming your loser status. Good luck finding SOMEONE you can beat!”
Match Six (tag teams): The Hilton Sisters vs Columbian Crush

The second tag match of the night sees the Hilton’s (Paris and Nicky) facing the newly formed duo of Columbian Crush (Sofia Vergara and Shakira). Like their match against the Eva’s in our last show, the Hilton’s get down and dirty right from the bell! Shakira is trapped in the Hilton’s corner and stripped naked in the first three minutes!

After escaping to tag Sofia, the Columbian cuties return the favor when Sofia forces Paris into her corner where she and Shakira make short work of removing Paris’ skimpy ring attire. Then Shakira returns to the ring facing Paris and her speed quickly leaves Paris’ head spinning. She hits Paris from all different directions - seemingly at once! Paris kicks out of one pinning combo and scampers to her corner to tag in Nicky.

Columbian Crush has the Hilton’s in trouble again when “Eva’s of Destruction” show up to pull Sofia down from the ring apron and double team the busty brunette on the arena floor. When Shakira realizes what’s happened to her partner, she comes over and climbs to the second turnbuckle. She starts yelling at the Eva’s, but Paris runs over and lifts Shakira off the turnbuckle, then uses a Belly to Back Suplex to drop Shakira on the back of her head. She hits the canvas folded in half, then unfolds and sprawls on her stomach.

Paris kicks Shakira over onto her back and gets the easy “gimme” pin. The Eva’s rush the ring as soon as the match is over and brawl with the Hilton’s again. The ref stops tearing his hair long enough to call security and they flood out of the back and enter the ring, finally separating the two leading teams for the tag title before someone gets hurt.
Match Seven, Billie Piper vs Lizzy Caplan

Billie squares off with rookie Lizzy Caplan who again gives a good account of herself against a very good wrestler. Lizzy is able to reverse her way out of several holds and works some offensive moves on Billie, although Billie still controls most of the match. She sets up for a Back Body Drop after sending Lizzy to the ropes, but Lizzy leapfrogs over the bent over Brit, grabbing her hips and pulling Piper down and over into a Sunset Flip!

The move almost got Lizzy the win, but Billie kicked out just before three. Billie is upset she almost gave the rookie an easy win and takes out her frustration by hammering Lizzy into the canvas! Billie regains some of her composure and lifts Lizzy to her feet, holding the back of Lizzy’s head as she brings her right arm arcing up and snapping the brunette’s head back with a European Uppercut!

Lizzy falls back into the ropes where Billie steps in, holding her up for a second European Uppercut that leaves the brunette’s eyes glazed and her legs rubbery. Billie pulls the dazed Lizzy off the ropes, wraps an arm around the back of her neck and hooks the brunette’s near leg behind the knee. She lifts Lizzy in the Fisherman’s Suplex, dropping straight down after Lizzy reaches the top of the arc. Lizzy lands on the top of her head and ends up face down on the mat. Billie slips a Half Nelson on the battered brunette and rolls her for the easy three count.

After the match Billie grabs a mic as Lizzy is helped from the ring by the ref. “Oy! There’s this little thing coming called the Double X Division Title.” She paces the ring, continuing, “Ye’re looking at the champ. Sorry to disappoint the ladies in the back, but that belt’s MINE!” Then she drops to mic with a THUMP and heads to the rear.
Match Eight, Cobie Smulders vs Emily Deschanel

Continuing their feud from their previous tag team match, Smulders and Deschanel meet in singles competition. Both use their strength to try and batter each other and Cobie tosses in a few under-handed tactics to take control, nailing Emily with a Forearm to the side of the head instead of a clean break. She takes advantage of her shortcut, Bodyslamming Emily before applying a Surfboard! Emily fights her way to the ropes forcing a break, and takes control on the restart - only to see Cobie remove the redheads top!

Emily takes Cobie to the mat with a Shoulder Block, going down to quickly apply a Figure Four Head Scissors. Emily uses her position of control to rip away Cobie’s top, returning that statistic to level the playing field. Cobie escapes the Figure Four by getting her long legs to the ropes, planting her foot over the bottom rope.

Emily regains control and wears Cobie down by working on her back. Emily stands behind Cobie, wraps her arms around her waist and then falls backward, taking Cobie over with a Bridging German Suplex. Cobie’s shoulders stay on the mat as Emily plants her feet and arches long enough for the ref to get through the three count.

Emily is celebrating her victory when Alyson Hannigan enters the ring and nails her in the back with a Dropkick! Cobie comes over to join in the beat down that ends with both Cobie and Alyson stomping the auburn-haired actress. With Sarah Michelle Gellar absent from the show tonight, the assault goes on and on until more refs arrive; forcing Alyson and Cobie to run to the back. They head up the ramp warning fans, “Sarah’s next”
Cut Scene 2

The giant screen above the stage comes on showing Kelly Preston between Jessica Biel and Katherine “Kat” Heigl. Jessica is wearing jeans, a gray t-shirt and a faded ball cap. Kat is also in jeans, but with a loose pink blouse. Neither looks happy with the other so close.

Kelly starts, “I want to congratulate both of you for making it to this first title match.” Katherine nods smiling.

Jessica seemingly uninterested says, “Thanks.”

Kelly asks Jessica, “You where the first to earn a spot in the title match how did that feel?”

She sits up a little straighter, answering, “I knew they would be making this title match quickly so I just tried to win as impressively as possible each time in the ring.”

Kat chimes in, “Yeah! You looked real impressive with Kristanna pounding your tits flat! But I have to admit…it’s a good look on you!”

Jessica begins to stand, but Kelly places a hand on her chest to remind her, “This isn’t the time or the place for an altercation.” Then Kelly turns to Kat, “Katherine you made it through the Royal Rumble; entering second and lasting to the end...”

Jessica interrupts, “Great move, falling on your face to avoid Erica!”

Kat, looking angry, retorts, “I was in the ring THIRTY minutes; I battled ALL the top women.”

Jessica smirks, “You mean lieing on the mat while they fought over and around you?”

Both women sprang to their feet and squared off with fists raised. Kelly bravely steps between the two contenders, her action serving as a reminder that they’ve both been warned to be on their best behavior. After a tense stare-down, both return to their chairs and Jessica says, “Your new movie is gonna have to change its name from ‘Knocked Up’ to ‘Knocked Out’…Juggy!”

Katherine leans back in her chair and points to Jessica’s backside, “They talk about your callipygian ass! Looks more like a Calamari Ass to me! You should cut back on the fried food or they’ll change your name to Jessica Butt!”

The shouting match is now on! Kat and Jess refrain from attacking each other physically, but both have plenty of comments about the others body parts; her wrestling skill (or lack of) and even her personal hygiene habits!

Kelly realizes she won’t be able to control the title contenders much longer and turns to the camera, screaming to be heard over the two wrestlers screaming at each other.

“Show #8: Biel vs. Heigl! This will be classic!” Just before the screen fades to black, you can see security stepping in to push the red-faced women apart.
Match Nine, (Fatal 4 Way): Trachtenberg-Knightley-Hathaway-Belle

Four of the best young wrestlers meet in an elimination match. Michelle and Anne start with Camilla and Keira outside. Anne gets the better of Michelle early, taking her to the mat in a Side Headlock. Anne switches holds a few times, but keeps Michelle grounded until Michelle finally manages to roll away and get to her feet, then she spins around and WHAP, slaps Camilla’s face!

“You’re it! Get’n the ring!” Michelle says as she struts away shaking her ass proudly.

Camilla, after a second of shock, steps through the ropes going after Michelle. Unfortunately, Anne is the legal opponent and while Cam is chasing Michelle, Anne comes up behind Camilla and wraps her arms around her midsection, then Belly to Back Suplexes the brunette.

The match goes on with the tags being almost as physical as the wrestling. Michelle has Keira in trouble with the English Rose sprawled in the center of the ring. Michelle heads to the ropes, but as she turns her back to spring off the ropes, Camilla reaches out and slaps Michelle’s shoulder.

Stopping her momentum, Michelle whirls around yelling, “What was that, loser?”

Camilla stepping through the ropes says, “TAG! I’m just getting someone in the ring who can close the deal.”

The ref forces Michelle out of the ring, letting Camilla lift Keira to her feet. Keira calls on her reserve energy, shoves Camilla back into the ropes and when the brunette bounces off, Keira Front Kicks her in the gut! Camilla, doubled over, can’t keep Keira from applying a Butterfly Lock, snapping Cam over with a Suplex. Keira rolls right into the cover and gets the pin!

Camilla Belle is eliminated!

Getting up after pinning Camilla, Keira is crunched by Anne who just runs her over with a Shoulder Block. Anne scoops Keira up and sets her up for the “Anne-asthisa.” She lifts Keira and drops her legs on the ropes for the Slingshot, but Michelle comes into the ring and clips Anne behind the knee. Keira and Anne both fall with Keira laying across Anne’s ample chest. Keira, not caring how it happened, hooks Anne’s leg and gets another pin!

Anne Hathaway is eliminated.

Anne protests the method, but it’s too late and Keira and Michelle square off as the final two. Michelle is first to strike, Hip Tossing Keira who lands on her bony ass! Michelle is quick with a Rear Chinlock and sheh roughs Keira up for a few minutes. Michelle’s dominance ends when she ducks too early attempting a Back Body Drop and Keira stops short and Snap Kicks her between the breasts!

Keira, taking full advantage of the situation, Butterfly Locks Michelle’s arms and snaps her over with a Suplex. Keira hooks Michelle’s leg and once the ref is down checking Michelle’s shoulders, Keira puts her feet up on the second rope, making it impossible for Michelle to kick out. The ‘cheat’ pays off and Keira gets the three count before Michelle can break free.

Keira struts the ring with arms raised, having pinned all three of her opponents! Michelle, still complaining to the ref, is joined by Anne Hathaway who returns to bitch to both the ref and Michelle over the way she exited the match. Michelle and Anne’s argument turns into a shoving match and, unlike the previous match, more refs’ show up quickly to clear the ring as Keira gets involved as well. While the zebras are trying to get the ring cleared, Camilla reappears to join the chaos!

Finally, all four are removed - though they continue the argument as they head up the ramp toward the backstage area.
Main Event

After the excitement of the Fatal Four Way, fans haven’t caught their breath with the ring announcer gets into the ring as Sound Garden’s ‘Black Hole Sun’ is playing. “From Ontario Canada…She is 5’ 5.5” feet tall…Neve Campbell!” She comes through the curtain in her usual black two-piece. She also has a black warm-up jacket. Neve comes down the ramp, her face a grim set of determination, climbs the stairs to the ring and steps through the ropes. She moves to the center of the squared circle and raises both arms overhead acknowledging the crowd, then walks to her corner where she removes the jacket and tosses it to a ring attendant.

Her focus is on the curtain leading to the rear area as she waits for her opponent when Carl Orff’s ‘Carmina Burana’ begins and the ring announcer again has to do a double-take before reading the intro, “Neve’s executioner…is from the Darkest corner of Neve’s mind…she is ‘The Mistress of the Dark Sacrifice’…she is LAMIA!” Smoke blows on the stage and two gouts of fire shoot from the stage. Slowly walking onto the stage is a figure wearing a heavy robe with hood pulled over her head. Walking to the center of the stage, she drops the cowl to reveal a dark red two-piece with runes in black on the top and bottom. Her mask also bears a demonic, leering, face. Her mask covers her head with all her hair hidden by the mask. It’s obviously a woman - her solid D-cup breasts and shapely figure are proof of that!

Lamia walks slowly to the ring, her head high, eyes on the ring. Fans try taunting the masked woman to get a reaction from the enigmatic wrestler. Lamia climbs the steps entering the ring between the middle and top rope, her eyes locked on Neve as she steps to her corner waiting for the match to begin. The ref looks at the two women, decides to skip the pre-match instructions and signals for the bell. Neve and Lamia walk to the center of the ring and stand nose to nose.

Neve hisses, “I’m taking that mask, and putting an end to your tactics.” Lamia just stairs into Neve’s brown eyes the masked wrestler’s blue eyes not blinking. Neve reiterates, “The mask comes off tonight.”

Then in a clearly altered voice, Lamia speaks, “What do you offer?”

Neve seems taken back by the question only reply is, “What?”

Lamia clarifies, “What do you put up against my mask?”

Neve catching on smirks, “I guess you want me to put up my career if I lose?”

Lamia shakes her head slowly no, “I want you, as my minion.” Neve’s hesitation is almost not noticeable as she agrees. Lamia makes a horrible noise that sounds some what like a laugh saying, “Your soul is mine.”

Neve’s response is a little less refined. The brunette plasters her right hand across the left side of Lamia’s face and her head is knocked past 90 degrees so she’s looking over her shoulder. In the blink of an eye, Lamia whips her head back staring into Neve’s eyes. Neve sees this as an opportunity to slap her again and, again, Lamia’s head swivels from the force of the slap!

Her head turns back again as Neve loads up for another, but this time Lamia blocks the slap and before Neve can react, stabs her extended fingers into the brunette’s throat. Neve drops to one knee, holding her throat and choking, unable to breath. The ref steps in between Neve and Lamia, warning the masked wrestler about not pushing the rules. Given time by the ref, Neve gets to her feet, blinking tears from her eyes as she is able to breathe again. The two women move closer taking traditional wrestling stances and circle looking for some hole in the others defenses.

Neve shoots in, dropping to her knees, grabbing Lamia by the wrist and flipping the masked woman over her shouldes to the mat. After the Fireman’s Carry, Neve hangs on to Lamia’s arm, tucking it under her armpit and leaning into the Armbar as she slides closer to Lamia, planting a knee in Lamia’s ribs.

Neve as a matter of fact states, “OK, now I got a hold of you, lets see what we want to work on first.” She pulls the trapped limb tighter, keeping her knee hard against Lamia’s ribs. Lamia rolls her hips over and pushes into Neve to regain a vertical base, but Neve controls the devil’s left arm. Lamia begins to force Neve back toward the ropes to force a break, but Neve side-steps and brings Lamia’s arm down, twisting it up behind the masked woman’s back in a Hammerlock. Neve yanks on the arm to keep Lamia from reaching the ropes.

With the ropes eliminated as an escape option, Lamia bends at the waist and before Neve can stop it, Lamia reverses the Hammerlock trapping Neve’s arm. Neve twists and turns looking for a way out of the hold. She too bends over, reaching between her legs and grabbing Lamia’s ankle. She pulls Lamia’s foot up between her own legs, dumping Lamia on her well padded ass. Still holding the foot, Neve twists her legs around Lamia’s right leg, then sits on the twisted limb. Lamia’s body sits up as Neve’s weight comes down on her leg. Neve hammers a Forearm across Lamia’s chest, knocking her back down.

Neve warns, “Don’t try matching holds with me. You’ll only get hurt.”

She keeps the pressure on Lamia’s leg for about 20 seconds before releasing the hold and getting to her feet quickly. Before Lamia can move, Neve drops her elbow right between Lamia’s breasts! Neve reaches down and hooks Lamia’s far leg, going for a cover, but the ref barely gets out, “One” before Lamia tosses Neve off.

Neve stays on Lamia, capturing her near arm in an armbar, “You’re really not that good, are you?”

Lamia growls in response, rolling her hips to get her knees under her, then pushing into Neve. Lamia is able to work her way up in front of Neve. She skips trying to wrestle her way out of the hold, instead resorting to brute force; bring her free arm up and slamming her forearm into Neve’s head. Three more hard forearms follow and Neve’s legs go all rubbery.

Lamia lifts Neve’s chin to get a clear shot at her chest and the Knife Edge Chop sends a fleshy CRACK through the arena that Neve reacts to bey turning around and staggering away. Slowly, Lamia stalks the Scream Queen who gets to the ropes, leaning over them trying to clear her head. Lamia moves slowly to within a few feet, then explodes forward driving her knee up into Neve’s unprepared belly.

Lamia yanks on the ropes, propelling Neve off them, catches her by one arm, leading her to the middle of the ring. Feeding one arm up between Neve’s legs and the other across her chest, Lamia easily scoops Neve up and slams her to the mat with a ring-rumbling Bodyslam. Neve hits and bounces once, settling on her back. Lamia steps across Neve’s chest, then kicks out both legs and drops the full weight of her ass down onto Neve’s chest. Lamia rubs her backside on Neve’s tits as the ref makes the count.

Neve bucks Lamia off at two, but rolls onto her side coughing and trying to get air back into her lungs. Lamia moves in, kicking Neve onto her stomach, then sits on the Neve’s back, lacing her arms under Neve’s armpits and clasping her hands at the back of Neve’s neck in a Full Nelson. Lamia pulls back, lifting Neve’s torso off the canvas, sitting in her butt to pin Neve’s hips on the mat. Neve begins to cry out in pain as her body is bent 90 degrees the wrong way!

Neve repeatedly gasps “No” to submission offers as Lamia continues to work the hold. Unable to make Neve submit, Lamia slams the brunette’s face on the mat after almost a minute of torture. Neve’s face and breasts slam into the mat with a THUD! Lamia stands, reaches down, the back strap of Neve’s top and a handful of hair and brings Neve to her feet, spinning her around face to face.

With the speed of a striking snake, Neve hooks an arm around Lamia’s neck and the other behind Lamia’s right knee, rolling the startled Masked Menace up into a Small Package. The ref has to scramble to get in position and by the time he starts the count, Lamia kicks her legs free and rolls out of the hold. Neve slams her fist on the mat and glares angrily at the ref.

Both women get to their feet quickly though its clear Neve’s back is hurting after spending a long time trapped in Lamia’s Full Nelson. Neve tries buying time for the pain to subside in her back as Lamia moves slowly towards the brunette. Neve bends over, sucking in a hissing gasp of pain and her hand quickly grabs her injured back. Lamia quickly moves in - and finds out too late the move was a trick! Not really in as much pain as she let on, Neve drops down putting one leg in front of Lamia’s legs and swinging the other around and clipping Lamia in the back of the knees. Lamia crashes face first on the mat and before the fans realize what’s happening Neve has Lamia locked in an STF! Lamia tries pulling herself and Neve to the rope - difficult with only the one arm and leg free. Neve pulls back on the masked wrestler’s head, cranking up the pressure and hoping for a submission.

Neve leans close to Lamia’s head taunting her, “You’ll never make it to the ropes. You might as well give up now and let me take your mask.” Lamia lets out a primal scream as she stubbornly continues to drag herself slowly toward the ropes. Coming out of the back, Rachel McAdams runs up to the ring close to where Lamia is trying to reach the cables. Neve turns and yells at Rachel, “Stay out of this or I’ll break you scrawny ass too.”

Rachel limits herself to shouting encouragement to Lamia who, trapped for over a minute, has managed to work her way to the ropes. Neve grinds on the hold even harder and Lamia goes limp, no longer moving. The ref gets low trying to see if the masked woman’s eyes are open - which gives Rachel the opportunity to reach into the ring and, with a quick motion, lifts Lamia’s foot onto the bottom rope.

“HEY! Ropes ref!!” Rachel yells, getting the ref’s attention and pointing to the foot on the bottom rope.

Neve tales most of the five count before releasing Lamia who free rolls into the ropes and hangs on like it’s a life line while Rachel consoles her by massaging her neck.

Neve turns to the ref to complain, “Come on get her up! She can’t lay there all night.”

The ref step over and tells Lamia, You have to get up or I’m stopping the fight.”

Rachel yells, “Give her a sec!”

Lamia pulls herself up the ropes and moves back into the ring. Neve, thinking she has an easy victim, moves in before Lamia can catch her breath. SMACK! Lamia’s hand snaps up, driving a Spade Thrust of fingers into Neve’s throat. The attack brings a warning from the ref, but puts Neve on her knees; choking and gagging, sucking air.

Grinning, Lamia pulls Neve back to her feet and backs into the nearest corner where the ref begins a five count. Lamia punches and kicks Neve, knocking her to her butt in the corner. Neve’s head rests on the middle turnbuckle as Lamia takes a couple of steps back as the count reaches five. Lamia runs to the opposite corner, turns and charges back across the squared circle. Just before colliding with Neve, Lamia turns so her hip which smashes into Neve’s face. Neve slumps lower into the corner as Lamia turns and walks away; the ref following and shaking his finger in warning about following the rules.

Rachel lends Lamia a helping hand, grabbing a handful of hair and bending Neve’s neck back over the bottom rope, pulling the brunette’s head down and choking her. Rachel keeps an eye on the ref as Neve’s arms and legs flail frantically, trying to get to free herself. The ref does finally turn around but Rachel just backs away…just as Jessica Alba, who had seen enough from the back, comes racing toward the ring. Rachel takes one look at Jessica and the race is on! Alba chases Rachel around the ring, up the ramp and into the backstage area.

Lamia drags Neve out towards the center and goes for a cover. Neve kicks out at two and half, keeping the match going. Lamia kneels by Neve, grabs a handful of dark hair and pulls Neve to her feet, then turns her back to Neve and reaches back, taking Neve over with a Snap Mare! Neve lands on her butt in front of Lamia whose talon-like hands dig down into Neve’s shoulders working the Trapeziums Neck Claw.

Neve moans, feeling her strength being sapped away. Lamia eases up on the hold just long enough to pull the straps of Neve’s top down over her shoulders, leaving nothing between her fingers and Neve’s flesh. After another thirty seconds of digging into Neve’s shoulder muscles, Lamia raises both hands and brings them chopping down on either side of Neve’s neck on her aching shoulders.

Neve flops forward, landing facedown on the canvas with her limp, lifeless arms at her sides. Lamia goes for another cover, One…Two…Thr…NO.

Neve users her legs to push her hips up and roll a shoulder off of the mat, but Neve is still in big trouble. Lamia takes the time to tug at her bottom before hair-hauling Neve to her feet again. Lamia wraps her in a Bearhug, holding the brunette against her chest and muttering, “You’re mine!”

Lamia’s prophecy proved a bit premature when Neve headbutts her on the bridge of the nose. Neve snarls, “I’ve never been anyone’s bitch.”

Before Lamia can block, Neve has her scooped up for a Bodyslam. It takes Neve longer than normal to follow up on the Bodyslam because her shoulder straps have slid down around her elbows, almost off her breasts. She has to pull her top back up and by then Lamia has crawled away and gotten to her feet. Neve and Lamia come together again and Neve is first to strike, driving a Kneelift above Lamia’s waist line. Neve grabs the sides of the mask and falls to the mat, pulling Lamia’s face is down to the canvas. The Facebuster leaves Lamia motionless and Neve quickly takes a seat on her back, locking in a Camel Clutch!

But instead of pulling back on Lamia’s chin or mauling her big tits Neve starts trying to untie her mask. Lamia squirms as the mask is loosened but she’s unable to free herself. As Neve finishes unlacing Lamia’s mask, Rachel McAdams comes running back out with Jessica Alba closing in a few feet behind. Neve doesn’t see them barreling toward the ring as she hooks her fingers under the bottom of the mask and pulls.

Fans look somewhat confused because - a short time ago - Katee Sackhoff had proved to everyone that Lamia had dark blonde hair. Now, it looks like Lamia has auburn hair. With a final tug, Neve stands and pulls the mask off and tosses it into the crowd where Lamia is unlikely to be able to retrieve it.

Rachel slides under the bottom rope, grabs the ref and, pointing at Jessica, screams, “HELP! She’s tryin’ to kill me!”

Jessica’s a split-second behind but as Jessica is getting to her feet, she collides with Neve and both brunette’s crack heads. BONK! Rachel keeps the official occupied while Lamia gets up and kicks Jessica’s unconscious body out of the ring.

Rachel scampers out of the ring as the ref warns her about interfering in the match. When the poor dope turns around, Lamia has Neve’s head between her thighs. Pushing the sweat matted hair out of her face, everyone can see the face of the woman who has been terrorizing the CCW - Erika Christensen!

Erika takes a deep breath, flips Neve up over her shoulders positioning her for the “Dark Sacrifice.” The evil grin on her face is more disturbing than her mask ever was. Then Erika falls forward and drives Neve’s head into the canvas!

Running out of the back come two of Lamia/Erika’s victims, Katee Sackhoff and Eliza Dushku. They had fought each other earlier, but now seem of a single mind. As they approach the squared circle, Erika ignores the approaching duo to cover Neve.

One…Two…The ref hesitates a second, but then the hand comes down again Three! Fans can’t believe the result will stand as a win for Erika/Lamia.

Katee and Eliza enter the ring and attack Erika and start beating her down. Rachel starts to come back, but she’s grabbed by Jessica. Erika fends off Katee and Eliza the best she can while Rachel and Jessica trade punches on the floor outside. After beating Erika to the mat, Katee and Eliza go and check on Neve.

Eliza asks, “You OK?” At a nod from Neve, they help her up and turn back to the woman who left them upside down and naked above the ring.

Katee says to Eliza, “Think we should leave her the same way we got left!”

Eliza agrees, “Like totally!’

Outside the ring, Rachel nails Jessica with a Low Blow and when that proves successful, she hits her with several more Low Blows as well. Jessica curls up into a fetal ball out of fight for sure while Rachel heads into the ring where Katee and Eliza are happily stripping Erika as Neve staggers to join the fun.

Without warning or explanation, Neve grabs Eliza around the waist, lifting and taking her over in a German Suplex! At the same time, Rachel comes up behind Katee and drives her forearm slamming up between Katee’s thighs, cunt bashing the blonde’s pussy. Then Neve and Rachel toss Katee and Eliza out of the ring and help Erika to her feet.

Erika stands in the center of the ring, her arms raised as Neve and Rachel bow their heads and kneel before her. The area goes black and after almost 30 seconds, the lights do come back on and all three are gone. The fans are stunned!

Sitting in a very quite office Harold Green, Richard Fannin, and Archer also are stunned by the night’s events. Rich finally speaks, “I can’t believe Neve turned like that. I never thought SHE could go heel.” The others nod in agreement. There’s a soft knock at the door followed by an envelope being slid under it.

Walking over to pick up the envelope Harold says, “The way things have gone, this’ll probably blow up in my face.”

The paper doesn’t blow up and the promoter rips it open and pulls a single page out. A few seconds later he says, “I can’t be-fuckin’-lieve this!” Handing the paper to the others, Harold goes on, “From now on Neve will be know as ‘Banshee’ and Erica will continue to be introduced as ‘Mistress of the Dark Sacrifice.’ Rachel is…WHAT?”

Archer looks at the page, “The Succubus.”

Harold sits thinking for a few minutes in silence then jumps up and claps his hands, “Forget the problem children! We have a scouting trip to take.”

Rich and Archer seem to cheer up. Rich says, “Nothing like bonus women’s wrestling when things go to hell!.” They head out of the office to the parking lot.

An hour later, all three are sitting in a bar where a ring has been set up. After waiting in the concession line to pay (too much) for snacks, Rich and Archer are doing their best balancing act with the food in their arms. Getting to the ring side seats, Harold looks at one of the plates Rich is holding, “What the hell is THAT?”

Smiling broadly, the other Promoter says, “Deep fried Snickers.” Shaking his head, Harold thinks its better to just let it go.

They’re joined a short time later by the Captain and Harold makes the unnecessary introductions, then asks the Captain, “Who’s she wrestling tonight?”

Looking a little nervous the Captain responds, “Michelle Williams; it’s the main event.”

Evaluating the show, two women’s performances really stood out: Brittany Snow destroying Bijou Phillips, and Kristen Bell’s aerial attack proved too much for Mila Kunis. Checking the notes he’d made on the xeroxed program, Harold, anxious for the main event and asks the others, “Whaddya think?”

Rich answers, “Kristen Bell. She should definitely be signed.”

Archer agrees, “Yeah, she’s got the moves.”

The Captain points to the curtain shielding the area the wrestlers are using to change, “Here comes MY girl.”

Danielle “Dani” Fishel Comes out to a large cheer from the small crowd. Her match against Michelle Williams goes back and forth with both dishing out a ton of hurt. The Captain fills in the others, explaining that Dani and Michelle have been involved in a nasty feud with the losers usually being treated to after-match embarrassment, if not outright humiliation. Tonight it’s Dani arm that gets raised and the after match action is pretty much a J-M-D treatment for Michelle; something Dani is extremely well equipped to dish out.

After the show the four men sit discussing the matches. Harold says, “It comes down in my mind to four wrestlers: Bell, Snow, Kebbel and Fishel.”

The Captain speaks first, “You know I prefer Dani over the others. If there’s a second opening, that’s up to you.”

Richard follows up with, “Kristen really needs to be added. She could really shake up the ‘XX’ Division; it’d be a perfect fit right before the title hunt.”

Harold thinks a moment, “OK, its Dani and Kristen. Arielle and Brittany are young; I can keep them here to get some more experience.”

Bidding the Captain a good night Harold, Rich and Archer head back to the CCW arena having solved a couple of old problems only to be confronted by two new problems named “Banshee” and “Succubus.”