Celebrity Championship Wrestling Show #8 by bigfan (promos by Archer)
Promo for Match 1: Laura Prepon vs. Kirsten Dunst.
The tall red haired Laura Prepon saunters out to the podium where a sulky-looking blonde Kirsten Dunst awaits her. “Sorry to keep you waiting, Kiki,” Laura purrs. “I had to sign autographs for my fans. I’m sure you’ll get some someday - fans, that is. All you have to do is win. Of course, it won’t be against me!”

Kirsten flushes: “You’ve got one…ONE…lousy win Prepon. I’m not jobbing to you or anyone!”

“You wound me. Did I say anything about jobbing? That implies you’ll LET me win. Hon, you won’t have a choice; you’re losing—again!” Laura continues.

The frustration of being 0-2 boils over for the smaller girl and she shoves Laura. The surprised redhead sprawls on her butt.

“I NOT be a jobber! I WILL beat you!” Kirsten swears, angry tears welling in her eyes.

Laura scrambles to her feet, flushed and embarrassed, “You are going to regret that!”

“No, I won’t!” Kirsten cries and lunges again, but this time, Laura is ready and neatly Hip Tosses her to the floor. Dunst bounces up quickly, ready for more, but the CCW Security staff swoop in to prevent mayhem.

Promo for Match 2: Allison Mack + Erica Durance vs. Alyssa Milano + Rose McGowan.
Alyssa and Rose stand at the podium with innocent expressions on their faces. Alyssa smiles, “Sorry folks, we have NO idea what’s become of Allison and Erica.”

“Yeah,” Rose interjects. “I hope everyone understands Mack and Durance are rookies; they don’t have the professional discipline veterans like ‘lyssa and I developed after years of successful competition.”

“It’s a shame so many newbies have such unprofessional habits. If I were a fan, I’d feel SO disappointed in their behavior!” Alyssa adds.

Suddenly, there is a huge commotion backstage and in burst a dishelved looking Allison and Erica who are all-but breathing fire. Rose and Alyssa start smirking. “Ah, the new kids have finally found their way here!” Alyssa mocks.

“I’m gonna knock your block off!” Erica snarls at Alyssa.

“And that goes double for me!” Allison growls at Rose.

“Why, whatever has happened to you, two?” Alyssa asks, her eyes wide with mocking concern.

“AS IF you two didn’t know!” Erica cries.

“We were ambushed, stuffed in trash barrels and locked in a closet!” Allison says in an accusing tone. ”Luckily, we managed to crawl out through an air duct.”

Rose turns to Alyssa and, with her hand to cheek asks breathlessly, “Why, whoever would’ve done such a thing - and around here of all places?”

“There ARE some rowdy elements, I admit,” Alyssa said, nodding gravely. “Surely don’t blame US for your misadventure?”

“Fucking right we do!” Allison said as she wound up and took a swing at Alyssa. Her open hand WHACK struck Alyssa’s cheek. At the same time, Erica tackled Rose!

Alyssa was swift with an answering and resounding SMACK to Allison’s cheek and they locked together as their partners rolled on the floor in furious clawing and punching action. Security hurried in but the four combatants proved hard to separate. Finally, with many threats and curses, the teams were led away in opposite directions.

Promo for Match 4: Jessica Alba vs. Alyson Hannigan.
Two future opponents encounter each other in a CCW hallway. Jessica has just come from her workout and is wearing black shorts and white tee shirt over a white sports bra with a towel around her neck. Alyson is in dark red shorts and a black sports bra, and she’s headed to her workout. They eye each other warily.

“Anyone going to be coming to the match?” Jessica asks.

“Funny, I was going to ask you that,” Alyson retorts.

“Tell your pal Cobie Smulders to keep her fat ass in her seat if she knows what’s good for her,” Jessica said.

Alyson snapped, “Cobie’s a good friend. She LIKES to support me.”

“Yeah, right. Just remember, Hannigan, I’m NOT the person you and Smulders should be messing with,” Jessica said coldly.

“Ohhhh, I’m really scared,” Alyson replied her voice dripping sarcasm.

“You should be!” Jessica said coldly as she brushed past Alyson who suddenly whipped off her towel and snapped Jessica’s trim bottom with it - a direct hit!

Alba gave a yelp of surprise and spun around, yanking off her own towel. But by then, redheaded Hannigan had taken to her heels. Jessica took off chasing her, snapping her towel…and just missing....

Promo for Match 6: Rachel McAdams vs. Alexis Bledel
Alexis was sitting in CCW lounge looking thoughtful when she felt a hand on her shoulder, looked up and saw auburn-haired Rachel McAdams looking down on her with bemused contempt. “You look worried, child; as well you should. I’m not a gentle fighter,” Rachel told her with all the warmth of a lioness sizing up her zebra lunch.

Alexis’ heart began to pound, but her jaw stiffened as she stood up, shaking off the hand on her shoulder. She faced Rachel and stuck out her hand in a gesture of greeting. “Pleasedtomeetcha, I’m Alexis,” she said stiffly.

Rachel eyed the hand briefly, then took it and shook. “Polite, too,” she said with an agreeable nod. “How refreshing. Too bad good manners won’t help you in the ring.”

“You haven’t won yet!” Alexis said a trifle too loudly.

“True! But, let’s face it, Alexis; you really don’t have much hope. I just thought I’d tell you in case you had false hopes on the subject,” Rachel informed her.

“Why don’t you go find those new friends of yours, Christiansen and Campbell; maybe sacrifice a goat or something?” Alexis snapped.

“’Sacrifice a goat’,” Rachel sneered. “How positively droll. You’ll need a sense of humor after I’m done with you.”

“Sorry, but I have somewhere else to be.” Alexis announced. “Can’t say it’s been a pleasure, but it HAS been interesting.”

“Of course!” Rachel said with a smug grin. “You met ME!”

Alexis rolled her eyes and as she strode away, the auburn-haired McAdams eyed her behind and smiled...

Dani Fishel walks into the huge sound stage that has been converted to fit the needs of the CCW. Looking around they don’t see any signs of people. Dani looks around and turns asking the Captain, “Where do think this guy’s office is?”

The Captain scans the backstage area and points to the first room, the sign says weight room, but a clang of metal on metal at least gives away the presence of someone. “We can always ask.” Entering the room fill with work out machines they see a redhead sitting on a leg press machine working out.

Dani walks over and steps in front of the machine so she is facing the woman, “WHOA!”

The redhead is Isla Fisher, and the only thing she has on is sweat form her work out. Isla lowers to weights and jumps up extending a hand, “HI! I’m Isla you must be one of the new play things?”

Dani reluctantly takes Isla’s handshake. Getting over the shock of the nude weightlifter, she says, “I’m Danielle Fishel, but you can call me Dani. This is The Captain.” Isla doesn’t seem bothered by a man interrupting her nude work-out and waves to the Captain.

Somewhat stunned, Dani asks, “Do you always work out naked?”

Isla smiles, “Yeah, they keep it so hot in here I don’t like getting my clothes all sweaty.”

She starts walking around the machine towards Dani. Keeping the equipment between her and Isla Dani asks, “Can you tell me where I could find Harold Green?”

Isla’s smile is more than a little disturbing and Dani can tell Isla is staring at her tits as she answers, “Yeah, on the other side of the soundstage the only hallway back there.”

Dani grabs the Captain’s hand saying, “We won’t bother you any more. Thanks.”

Isla calls out as Dani pulls the Captain towards the door, “Hey maybe we can be friends? Like my friends Lacey She-Bear and Jenny Love.”

Dani hits the door without answering, but turns to the Captain, “I hope she’s not the normal wrestler around here.”

Walking around they find the office of Harold Green knocking they enter as a voice invites them in. Harold invites the two in and to take a seat. Harold says, “Thank you for coming, I’m glad we could get you signed with the CCW.”

Dani smiling answers, “I’m happy to be here, and looking forward to getting into the ring.”

Harold smiles, “Glad to here that. I have your first match lined up for show 9 against Lizzy Caplan.”

Looking at each other Dani and The Captain turn together asking, “Who?”

Harold smiles, “A rookie. I’ll get you some tapes on her so you can prepare. By the way what do you want as your intro music?”

Dani reaches in her bag pulling out a disk handing it to the promoter, “AC/DC You shook me all night long”

Harold laughs, “I’m sure the sound guys will be able to get that.”

Harold’s office door explodes open then Allison Mack and Erica Durance enter without knocking. Allison stops when she sees the promoter isn’t alone. “Sorry, we didn’t realize you had someone in here.”

Harold replies, “That’s OK, we’re done here.”

The Captain and Dani stand as Harold does introductions and when Dani and Allison are introduced, the normally jovial women give each a stern look. Dani and the Captain abruptly leave the room and Erica and Allison turn to Harold.

Allison starts, “Will you tell Erica to stop. She thinks I’m still angry about her cheap move in the Royal Rumble.”

Erica says, “Just do it Alli and get it over with.”

Harold, as so often happens, looks confused. “Settle this yourselves. I have to go.” He walks out leaving Erica and Allison to fix their own problem.
Match One: Laura Prepon vs. Kirsten Dunst

Prepon and Dunst open the card with Kirsten still looking for her first win while Laura has already roughed up Amanda Bynes in her last match. Kirsten seems desperate to win early and keeps Laura off balance, nailing the big redhead and moving away before Laura can trap her. Kirsten sends Laura into the ropes, then takes her to the mat with a Crossbody that gets the winless Kirsten a two count.

A short time later, Laura traps Kirsten’s leg as she tries a Spin Kick. Laura drops Kirsten on her head with a Belly to Back Suplex, then goes for the blonde’s tits with both fists! Laura punches, twists, pulls and mauls Kirsten’s smaller tits, streaking the blonde’s cheeks with tears before Laura goes for the move that ended Amanda Bynes night! Sitting on Kirsten’s stomach and pinning the blonde’s arms with her knees Laura begins Jack-hammering fists down into Kirsten’s soft fleshy mammaries until Kirsten’s screams of pain turn to screams of, “I Quit!”

After the ref signals for the bell, Laura pulls Kirsten up by the nipples, cups her throbbing, bruised tits and says, “Next time I take THESE home with me.”

Laura tosses Kirsten out of the ring, ignoring the protest by the ref. Once again, Laura Prepon celebrates like she’s in the main event, not the opening match! Her one-woman celebration is brought to an end when Korn’s ‘Freak on a Leash’ begins to play and Missy Peregrym appears holding a mic.

She waits for her music to die down before, “Hey, Chewing Gum!” Laura looks really confused, Missy laughs lightly and waves her hand over her head. “Completely missed that one, didn’t you Red?”

Laura begins to object, but Missy holds up a hand stopping her and says, “Never mind. You’ve been out here banging titties and acting like you’re some big shot.” Missy points to her boobs, “How about you try that shit on THESE babies!?”

Laura grabs a mic from ringside and snarls, “You want to commit boob-icide, I’m ready anytime!”

Missy just nods and mouths, “You and Me.” She heads to the back leaving Laura fuming in the ring.
Match Two: Allison Mack + Erica Durance vs. Alyssa Milano + Rose McGowan (Tag Teams)

Fans want to see if Mack and Durance can still function together after the Royal Rumble in which Erica took advantage of Allison, eliminating her blonde partner with a sneak attack. The answer turns out to be…yes…as the Smallville women dominate the Charmed Ones! Alyssa and Rose are able to make their tags, but no matter which is in the ring she seems to be taking a beating at the hands of either Mack or Durance - or both!

Allison and Erica live up to their promise to make the Charmed Ones pay for the Pearl Harbor job they orchestrated at the promo shoot as Alyssa and Rose are unable to work any of their normal underhanded tactics against the two powerhouses.

Alyssa lies starfished in the center of the squared circle after Erica Powerslams the small brunette, then Erica takes a look over at Rose who is still sitting on the ring apron holding her mid-section in pain from an earlier Spear that Allison hit on her a few minutes before.

Erica walks over to her corner, holds out her hand and says, “I believe the “Honor” should be yours.”

Allison takes her tag saying, “You didn’t have to, but thanks pardner.”

Allison enters and pulls Alyssa up onto rubbery legs; her arms encircling Alyssa upper torso. When Alli clamps down on the Bearhug, Alyssa lets out a squeal of pain as her feet leave the mat. Allison swings the smaller woman side-to-side, making Alyssa’s arms, legs, and head jerk violently with each abrupt change of direction. When Allison stops swinging, the ref steps in to ask Alyssa if she’s ready to submit.

Unable to breathe Alyssa croaks something unintelligible, rapidly bobbing her head ‘yes.’

Allison throws Alyssa down and Erica joins her in the ring to have their arms raised.

Erica asks Allison, “We Cool?”

Allison puts an arm around Erica giving her partner a crooked smile says, “Yeah.”

They leave the ring to the cheers of the fans while Alyssa and Rose have to be helped to the back by the ref and a medic.
Match Three: Jolene Blalock vs. Rosario Dawson

Dawson is out to prove her disappointing performance in the Royal Rumble was just a fluke and Jolene has the misfortune to be the wrestler in the ring with her tonight. Blalock is a ‘steady if unspectacular’ wrestler, certainly capable of holding her own against any opponent. But tonight Rosario is on a mission of destruction and the blonde is her target.

After battering Jolene the first five minutes from corner to corner, Rosario picks up the overwhelmed blonde and sits her on the top turnbuckle. Hammering two punches to the side of Blalock’s head to keep her dazed, Rosario then climbs to the second rope, setting Jolene up to take her over with a Top Turnbuckle Suplex!

WHAAAAAM! Rosario cradles Jolene tightly, but it’s unnecessary as the ref easily gets the three count without so much as a single kick from Jolene. Rosario doesn’t celebrate her victory, just lets the ref to raise her arm and heads for the back!
Cut Scene 1

The screen comes to life showing a dark smoke filled room standing quietly are three hooded figures. All about the same height it’s hard to tell which is which until the center figure tosses back her hood to reveal it’s Erika Christensen.

“You may think the loss of my mask would be a blow to my movement,” Erika smiles an evil grin. “But I’d gladly give the mask up for what I got in return.” She reaches over, pushing the hood off the figure to her right. Neve Campbell stands with a cold stoic glare on her face. Erika continues, “You sent Neve to stop me; now I send The Banshee to destroy YOU!”

Turning to the other figure, Erika pushes her hood back, revealing Rachel McAdams. “The Succubus played you, keeping you off balance until it was time for her to act.”

Unlike Neve, Rachel wears a proud smile. Turning to the camera Erika’s maniacal laugh sends shivers down the spines of those watching. “We are the Legion!”

The screen goes dark.

Match Four: Jessica Alba vs. Alyson Hannigan

With their on-going feuds, Alba and Hannigan are entwined and fans expect someone to jump out from somewhere at anytime. The match starts out with the two wrestlers trading holds and displaying some really good chain wrestling moves. Alyson jealously targets Jessica’s larger boobs frequently while Jessica sticks with mostly straight wrestling moves. Finally, however, Jessica gets fed up with Alyson’s ‘dirty’ tactics and gives the redhead’s own small breasts some twists, slaps and punches!

Jessica almost gets the win with a Moonsault off the ropes, but Alyson rolls a shoulder in the nick of time. Jessica pulls Alyson to her feet, hooks the redhead’s underarm and plant’s Alyson with a DDT! Jessica rolls Alyson onto her back and heads to the top turnbuckle in the neart corner, stopping just long enough to hold both arms up before she dives across the ring to crash across Alyson’s chest. Jessica bounces off Alyson, then crawls back on her, hooks her leg and gets the win.

As Jessica celebrates as fans heads spin, waiting for the vultures to swoop in. Jessica herself seems surprised she’s not fighting off Legion members or watching Sarah Michelle Gellar and Emily Deschanel come after Alyson.

Jessica heads to the rear without incident and even Alyson, slow to get up, looks shocked nothing happened during the match.
Match Five Kristen Kruek vs. Amanda Bynes

Kristen Kruek is giving up a good bit of size to Amanda, but she shows she’s the more skillful wrestler - and maybe the harder hitter. Amanda has been showing improvement in her matches, but Kristen has been chopping bigger woman down to size with ease.

Kristen drops Amanda with a Drop Kick to the chest and once Amanda’s on the canvas Kirsten rolls the blonde onto her stomach where she applies a Straddle Full Nelson. Kristen hauls back with all her strength, bending Amanda’s torso up off the mat and arching her back sharply. Amanda tries breaking the small girls hold, but it’s hopeless. With no chance of escape; and the pain building in her back; Amanda is forced to submit.

Kristen drops Amanda and goes to one of the ring side cameras, points her finger at the lens and announces, “Elisha, I want you!” Then she walks out of the ring without another word.
Match Six Alexis Bledel vs. Rachel McAdams

Alexis is normally a bundle of energy coming to the ring, but tonight she looks downright scared walking down the ramp. The reason for her fear arrives a few seconds later - Rachel with the other members of ‘The Legion’: Neve Campbell and Erika Christensen.

Alexis almost refuses to come out of her corner when the bell rings and, apparently, with good reason. As soon as she does, she’s in trouble as Rachel unleashes swift attacks the brunette can’t counter. Outside the ring, fans plead with Neve to come to her senses and turn on Erika and Rachel who has Alexis trapped in a Single Leg Crab. The redhead hammers the occasional fist into Alexis’ crotch, then continues to dominate the young brunette, stripping her of her wrestling outfit!

Rachel drags the nude Alexis around the ring by her hair - over the protest of the ref - and tosses her out of the ring right in front of Erika and Neve who look down at the brunette laying naked at their feet. Rachel enters into a heated discussion of the rules with the ref, giving Neve and Erika to stomp a mudhole in Alexis before Neve lifts the shell-shocked girl up and rolls her back into the ring where she’s easy pickings for Rachel.

McAdams climbs to the top rope and perches, waiting for Alexis to get up. It takes a few moments for the dazed and confused Alexis to regain her feet but as soon as she turns, she walks right into a Missile Dropkick by the redhead. Rachel takes her time covering Alexis for the three count, then rolls off and waits for Erika and Neve to enter the ring.

Rachel asks, “What do we do with her now?”

Erika looks down on Alexis and shrugs, “Nothing. She’s not a worthy sacrifice.” Rachel starts to object but a stern look from Erika puts an end to anything she may have wanted to say. Erika says, ”Banshee, get her out of MY ring!” Rachel is disappointed as Neve grabs Alexis’ hair, hauls her to her feet, scoops her up and heaves her over the top rope out onto the floor.

Just then, coming onto the stage are Katee Sackhoff, Eliza Dushku and Jessica Alba. Jessica, carrying the mic says, “We seem to have a problem.” She looks at the other two on stage with her. “The Legion thinks they’re scary with their cool new names … Lamia … Banshee … Suck Bitch!”

Rachel seems irritated at the insults thrown her way by Alba who ignores her glare and continues, “But I’M not scared, are you two?” Both Katee and Eliza shake their heads ‘no.’

Jessica hands the mic to Katee who picks up the dialog, “As a matter of fact, ALL THREE of us are so unimpressed by you Hell Ho’s, we had Harold give us a match with the three of you for ‘Show 10’.”

Erika looks at Rachel who climbs out of the ring and grabs a mic for her leader so Erika can answer, “The Legion will sweep you aside. Abandon all hope ye who enter.”

The lights in the arena go out and when they come up, The Legion is gone! With no one to vent their anger on, the trio on the stage heads toward the back, but Eliza grabs the mic before leaving and yells, “Get a new shtick!”

Match Seven Tricia Helfer vs. Estella Warren

Helfer and Warren put on a display of power wrestling in their match. Tricia is slightly taller and Estella is a bit thicker, but they match up well in strength! Body Slams and throws are used by both women. Estella goes after Tricia’s smaller tits and her breast mauling slows Tricia, allowing Estella to apply a Bearhug. Estella works the psychology, rubbing her tits on Tricia who eventually escapes by Headbutting her way out of the hug - although her Headbutt takes a toll on both!

Tricia later has Estella in trouble, running the big blonde over with three consecutive Shoulder Blocks that send Warren to the canvas each time. Tricia waits for Estella to rise after the third and Whips her to the corner. Tricia charges in, driving her shoulder into Estella’s gut. With Estella folded over her shoulder, Tricia lifts her onto the top turnbuckle, plants her shoulders under Estella’s legs and lifts the big blonde off the top turnbuckle. Turning to face the center of the ring, Tricia Powerbombs Warren! Three seconds later Tricia has another win!

Tricia doesn’t have a big group of fans yet, but she acknowledges those she has as she heads to the rear.
Match Eight Sarah Michelle Gellar vs. Christina Ricci

Ricci has trouble keeping up with the speedy Gellar early and after a few minutes of the super fast pace Sarah sets Christina is panting hard. It’s not that Christina is unable to mount offense, but she’s is much more comfortable when she can overpower her opponent and trap them in one location. Sarah, on the other hand is in constant motion.

Christina does trap Sarah a few times making the blonde suffer until she is able to escape and hits Ricci with a Flying Crossbody that gets a two count. Sarah is up quickly, using the ropes to pick up speed as she Dropkicks Christina in the chest as she’s trying to stand. Sarah moves behind Christina and waits for her to rise on wobbly legs.

Fans know what’s about to happen and Christina’s fan try warning her - while Sarah’s fan are going nuts as they wait to see Sarah Superkick another foe out. Christina turns out to be more than cooperative, turning right into Sarah’s right foot.

Sarah’s just about to pick up another win when Alyson Hannigan and Cobie Smulders come running from the back. Sarah runs to the corner closest to where Alyson and Cobie will arrive; climbing the turnbuckles and not stopping until she leaps from the top turnbuckle, flipping over. Sarah’s leap takes her 10 feet in the air before the Flying Slayer lands on both Alyson and Cobie!

All three women end up crumpled on the floor but the attack hurts Sarah as much as Alyson and Cobie. It gives Emily Deschanel to come from the back and the brawl is on! All four women continue their feud as Emily clotheslines Cobie over the guardrail into the second row of seats.

Alyson battling Sarah, has the blonde on the ramp stomping her when Emily comes to her partners rescue, wraps her arms around Alyson waist and takes the redhead straight up over her head with a German Suplex.

Emily goes to Sarah but just then they hear the bell!

The ref had completed a ten count on Sarah and lifts Christina’s limp arm, pointing to the brunette and proclaiming her the winner. Sarah and Emily argue with the ref while Alyson and Cobie laugh through pained expressions as they head to the rear; happy just to have cost Sarah the match.
Cut Scene 2

After the brawl is cleared and Christina Ricci comes to and finds out she actually won the match. Flyleaf’s ‘Fully Alive’ begins playing. Fans haven’t hear the music used before so the wait to see who comes out. A few moments later a small blonde blur pops out from behind the curtain. The crowd recognizes Kristen Bell when she stops at center-stage and holds her arms up both hands with a hook’em horns sign up. Kristen is wearing jeans and a black t-shirt that is cut off just below her breast.

Kristen brings the mic to her lips, “For those of you that don’t know I’m Kristen Bell or if you prefer K-Bell.” A sizable group of fans cheer wildly. “I see some of you know me,” laughs the blonde. She waits for a second cheer to die before continuing, “I’ve been watching here tonight and I went over every match since the CCW started. I’m sorry!”

Fans look confused but Kirsten goes on, “You’ve been robbed by the women trying to bill themselves as ‘High Flyers.’ Hell, for the most part they just flop off the top rope like baby birds falling out of the nest.” Kristen laughs so hard, she has to wait a few seconds before she can continue. “I mean, none of ‘em have any talent. It’s a miracle they haven’t hurt themselves.”

Kristen walks around asking some fans near by, “They suck don’t they?” Kristen going back to addressing the entire crowd says, “Well, I’m here to save you from bad top rope moves. At the next show you’ll see what a real high flying superstar can do as I take on Beverley Mitchell.” Kristen waves to the fans chanting “K-Bell” as she leaves the stage.

Match Nine Charlize Theron vs. Katie Holmes

Charlize had demanded this match after the Royal Rumble during which Katie had been one of several women who teamed up to eliminate her. Katie accepted Charlize’s challenge, then threw more gas on the fire when she gave an interview and said, “Charlize is just crying because she got eliminated.”

The beginning of the match is more brawl than wrestling with both women trapped on the ropes and beaten by the other. Charlize has Katie against the ropes working the brunette’s tits, then she backs up and takes Katie over the top rope with a Clothesline, then follows Katie outside.

But Katie catches Charlize with a Kick to the crotch, leaving her writhing on the cement as Katie goes back into the ring breaking the count. Then she returns back outside going after the blond. Katie slams Charlize back against the guard rail, rips off her top and tosses it to Charlize’s biggest fan (Kim) sitting at ringside. Then she turns back and crushes Charlize’s small breasts with a Leaping Forearm Smash!

Katie looks at Kim and says, “This is for you!” She drives her knee up into Charlize’s pussy, nearly lifting her up and over the guard rail! Katie pulls Charlize back over the guard rail and rolls her into the ring and goes for the pin.

But Katie can’t finish off the blonde as Charlize kicks out several times, then Theron fights her way back into the match and sends Katie to the ropes with an Irish Whip. Holmes returns and Charlize jumps up, wrapping her legs around Katie’s mid-section and taking her to the canvas where her python-like Leg Scissors make Katie scream.

The brunette refuses to submit although Charlize works the scissors hold and even removes Katie’s top so she can add some ‘payback breast torture’ to her scissors.

Katie refuses several times to submit when asked by the ref, but finally it’s all too much pain and Katie cries out, “Please stop!” The ref asks Katie if she means she wants to submit and this time she breathlessly gasps, “Yes.”

The ref signals for the bell but before releasing Katie, Charlize warns her, “Don’t mess with The Queen, Bitch.” The she shoves Katie to the mat adding, “And next time, you might want to bring some friends.”

Charlize acknowledges the cheering fans as she climbs out of the ring, still topless, and walks over to autograph her top for Kim before heading to the back!
Main event (Title Match) Jessica Biel vs. Katherine Heigl

After Katie makes her way to the back, the ring Announcer climbs in the ring. Waiting for a signal from ringside the Announcer begins, “It is time to crown the first CCW World Champion. The title match will be contested with no time limit.” Fans cheer as the announcer continues, “The prize for tonight…” The ref for the match holds a large black bag reaches in and pulls out the new title belt. The leather strap is adorned with one large center plate and two smaller side plates. The plates are gold with in laid silver. On the center plate is ‘CCW World Championship’. The belt is relatively plain, no jewels or spinning centerpieces. The Ring announcer yells, “LET’S GET IT STARTED!”

Velvet Revolver’s “Slither” begins. Explosions go off on the stage sparks shower down on the stage. “Our first participant defeated Kristanna Loken to earn the right to be here tonight. From Ely, MN…She stands nearly 5’8”…she is the Unstoppable Jessica Biel!” Biel comes out wearing a light blue bikini. Jessica stops at the top of the ramp and holds up one arm and lets out a battle cry. Jessica then makes her way to the ring slapping the extended hands of the fans, then enters the ring and climbs each turnbuckle, pumping her right arm up as fans cheer. Jessica moves to her corner swinging her arms to loosen them up.

Fans erupt as Marilyn Manson’s ‘Sweet Dreams’ announces the approach of Katherine Heigl. Pyro whistles from everywhere on the stage as the Announcer introduces, “Jessica’s opponent the winner of the Royal Rumble hails from Washington D.C. She stands 5’8”…The owner of the most lethal breast smother…Katherine Heigl!” Katherine “Kat” Heigl comes out and again pyro is set off. She is wearing a lavender two-piece that puts her awesome cleavage on prominent display - as usual. Kat jogs slowly to the ring, her gate seems more to make her boobs bounce higher rather than quicken her pace to the ring.

Kat enters the ring moving to the center she holds her arms up turning 360 degrees giving all the fans a chance to check out her magnificent tits. Kat then moves to her corner waiting for the match to begin. The ref shows the belt to both women, before handing it off to the Ring announcer to hold until the end of the match. With a nod form each of the wrestlers the ref’s points to the time keeper…


The contenders meet in the center of the squared circle for a final word with each other before beginning the action. Heigl, who is slightly taller, presses her tits into Jessica’s as they meet. Jessica looks down, stabs her index finger in Kat’s nipple and smirks, “THOSE don’t scare me.”

Kat quickly replies, “They should!”

Jessica shrugs, “You bring your puffy tits - see what happens to them.”

Kat continues pushing her tits into Jess’s and says, “You’re Calamari ass ready for kicking?”

Jessica nods, “Insult away. I know when this’s done I’LL be walking out the champ; you’ll just be out.”

With a final big push of her tit’s into Jessica’s Katherine says, “Let’s go bitch!”

Jessica holds her ground so no one thinks she’s backing down, then takes a few steps back and drops into a wrestling stance. Kat also ready begins to circle, but before they complete half a circle both move forward colliding in a Collar and Elbow Tie-up. Shoving and pulling against each other. Neither can get an advantage both pushing away they create a small space between them and stare at each other.

Both shake their arms out walking back and forth, glancing sideways at each other with watchful eyes. Kat surprises everyone turning and challenging Jessica to a test of strength. Jessica smiles, “It’s your funeral.” and steps up to meet Kat. Lacing their fingers together slowly Kath slams her chest into Jessica’s as the secure the grip on both hands. Jessica literally nose to nose with Kat says,” That little butt isn’t going to make up for me forcing you to your knees.”

Kat, already straining, replies, “In your dreams.”

But already Jessica is slowly forcing Kat’s hands back. Letting out a small yelp of pain Kat swings a Kneelift into Jessica’s stomach. The blow is not nearly hard enough to bring Jessica down, but it does change her focus enough to allow Kat to reverse the Test of Strength and with her hands on top Kat begins forcing Jess to her knees.

Jessica pushes with all she’s got but with Kat’s hands over her own she just can’t get enough power to turn the tide. Kat lets out a cry, “YEAH!” as Jessica’s left knee touches the mat. Jessica in turn lets out a primal scream and pushes back up off the mat. Making her way back up Jessica picks up speed and soon is forcing the blonde down. Jessica brings her knee up catching Kat in the belly. A second knee hit’s Kat right on the belly button. Jessica pulls her right hand free and pulling Kat into it lariat’s Kat. When they hit the canvas Jessica reaches back and hooks Kat’s leg. Jessica is rewarded with the first two count of the match, but Kat’s kick out is powerful enough to give her the space to get back to her feet before Jessica can trap the blonde on the mat. Jessica also returns to her feet holding her thumb and index finger about a quarter of an inch apart Jessica says, “That close to being over.”

Kat, not happy her shoulders were the first to on the mat, lunges and hammers a Forearm to the side of Jessica’s head. Jess wasn’t ready and she staggers backwards as Kat follows with another stinging Forearm to the side of her head! Wanting to even the score, Kat scoops Jess up quickly - getting a handful of her much talked about ass - and Power Slamming her! Kat hooks the leg and gets a two count before Jess rolls away, coming up on one knee facing Kat.

The blonde mimics Jessica moments earlier, saying, “That close.”

Both stand and move back to meet. No lock up this time, the two contenders just begin trading punches. The ref warns both about the closed fist, but it falls on deaf ears. Kat comes up with the novel idea to actually block one of Jess’s punches and hanging on to the arm flattens Jessica nice tits with a Forearm. Kat Whips Jessica to the corner behind the blonde and when she hits, the ring literally shakes from the impact of her back hitting the turnbuckles. She groans in pain, grabbing her back as she staggers out into the ring - right into a Clothesline.

Kat, staying on top of Jessica, lifts the Brunette by the hair, again ignoring the ref, Kat bends down putting her shoulder against Jessica tight tummy and lifts and turns Jessica. Holding the Brunette up on her shoulder with Biel’s face just below Kat’s boob, Kat drops to one knee driving Jessica’s right shoulder into Kat’s posted right leg. The Shoulder Buster causes Jessica to cry out in pain as Kat dumps her on to the canvas. Jessica rolling in pain as Kat stands holding her arms up after the display of power. The blonde only take’s a short bow before going after Jessica again.

“I know that wasn’t enough to put you away, but there’s plenty more coming!” taunts the blonde as she moves in to gather Jessica up.

Jessica is just about upright when she knocks Kat’s arms away. Biel quickly steps into Heigl looking the blonde in the eye she says, “That was barely enough to piss me off, bitch!” Arms wrapped around Kat, Jessica hoists her over in a Belly-to-Belly Suplex. A grunt of pain escapes Kat as she hits the canvas with Jessica on top of her.

Jessica goes for another cover, but again Kat kicks out at two. Jessica lets Kat roll to her stomach before mounting the blonde. Jessica slides her left arm around Kat’s head holding her in a Chinlock.

Jessica leans forward, “I’m going to wear your flabby ass out.” She begins hammering rights into Kat’s ribs and when Kat tries covering up with her right arm, Jessica grabs it with her left hand - keeping Kat’s ribs exposed. The ref checks to make sure Jessica isn’t choking Kat and Jessica yells, “I’m on the chin…dumbass!” Kat can only groan in pain as Jessica and the fans lose count of how many punches have landed on the blonde’s ribs. The red mark forming shows Jessica has been very accurate hitting the same spot over and over. Jessica finally stops shaking her hand out.

Pushing up so she’s sitting on Kat’s back Jessica undoes the clasp hold the blonde’s top and laughs, “May as well score big points with our fans!” Jessica yanks and pulls the top free and tosses it aside, then bends over and pulls Kat up by the hair. She flips Kat’s near arm over her shoulders saying, “Don’t worry, I’ll leave your bottom on. Because it makes THIS easier.” She grabs the side of Kat’s lavender panties and lifts the blonde up and over with a Suplex!

When Kat hits the mat she moans in pain as her big tits bounce wildly over her chest. Jessica holding on to Heigl rolls her hips turning both women over and pulls Kat back upright. Jessica quickly snaps off another Suplex. Hitting the second time Jessica goes for a third rolling again and pulling Kat upright. Kat though has no intention of going over for the third time and fires an Uppercut into Jessica’s unprepared stomach.

Jessica shakes off the blow and tries to get Kat over, but the blonde jams her fist into Jess’s gut again. Kat shoves Jess away and kicks the brunette just above her waist ban. Kat seeing her chance jumps forward catching Jessica around the head on her way to the mat driving Jessica’s head into the canvas with a DDT.

Kat’s burst of energy is spent and Jessica rolls over glassy eye. The ref would normally start a double count on the two downed wrestlers, but there is no way this match is going to end on a count out. Both women begin getting to their feet about the same time. Kat has rolled to the ropes and is using them to climb back to her feet. Jessica shakes her head clearing the cobwebs. Kat rubs her ribs that Jessica tried to turn into powder.

Jessica says, “Looks like I’m ahead.”

Kat stops rubbing her ribs, gives Jess an angry look replies, “How you fuckin figure?”

Jessica points to Kat’s bare breasts, “You’re topless and I still have my outfit.”

Kat smirks, “I can see how a lesser woman would think that. My top was coming off at some point anyway, you just saved me the trouble of removing it before I put you between the girls!” She pushes off the ropes and they lock up in a Collar and Elbow Tie-up. Kath gets Jessica moving backwards and forces her into a corner. The ref asks for a clean break not really expecting the two to heed the warning. To everyone’s surprise though they do break clean and Kat moves back a few steps.

Kat taunts, “You’re not…” CRACK! Jessica comes out of the corner with a breast crushing Clothesline that takes Kat off her feet. Jessica reaches the center of the ring before turning around to go back to Katherine. Bending over to pull the blonde up by the hair and her arm Jessica says, “I’m sorry were you going to say something.”

Jessica pushes Kat into the corner, placing the blonde’s arms over the top rope Jessica has clear shots at both Kat’s big hanging breasts. Kat unaware of what’s coming screams echo as Jessica buries her fist into Kat’s right boob and then the left one. The ref warns Jessica and begins a five count, but Jessica hammers each boob again before backing away.

Kat through tears and the pain snarls, “You Bitch!”

Leaping at Jessica, Kat grabs two handfuls of hair as she takes Jessica to the mat. Sitting on top of the brunette Kat bounces Jessica’s head off the canvas. The ref now warns Kat about the Hair Pull. Kat doesn’t wait for the ref to begin the count as she gives up the handfuls of hair to go after Jessica’s top.

Kat taunts, “They’ve already seen the best tits in this match, but what the hell, and there may be some pervs out there who like your pathetic excuse for tits.”

Kat succeeds in removing Jessica’s top and drops it beside the dazed wrestler. Kat moves to Jessica’s head reaches down hooking the brunette under the arms and lifts her so she is sitting on the mat. Reaching over Jessica’s shoulders Kat grabs two handfuls of Jessica’s tits. Jessica is instantly screaming in pain and trying to pull Kat’s hands away from her soft flesh. Heigl kneads Jess’s breast like lumps of dough before changing over to some Nipple Twisting. Jessica desperate to escape the breast mauling blonde reaches up and Rakes Kat across the eyes.

Kat let’s out a squeal as she blindly stumbles away. Jessica holds her breast and tries to rub the pain away as the ref chastises her for going to the eyes. Jessica gets to her feet while Kat is still leaning against the ropes clearing her eyes. Kat turns to find Jessica moving in on her, but able to see again the Blonde moves down the ropes and then out to the center of the ring now prepared to face Biel again.

Kat threatens, “You’re going to pay for that bitch.”

Jessica blows the comment off saying, “I’m sure.”

Jessica charges Kat, Jessica ducks under a swing by Kat and gets behind the blonde locking her arms around Kat’s waist. Jessica lets out a grunt as she lifts Kat. Instead of falling backwards in a Suplex Jessica waits until Kat is about shoulder height and releases Kat. Gravity takes over and Kat falls to the mat landing on her ass. Kat cries out in pain and rubs her tailbone. Jessica standing behind Heigl kicks the blonde across the back.

Jessica steps in front of Kat and pushing her shoulders down goes for a cover. This time it is very close, but Kat kicks out at two and a half. Jessica looks at the ref with accusing eyes questioning the speed of the count. Jessica without warning slams the palm of her hand down on Kat’s crotch. Kat sits up her mouth open in an oval of pain her eyes wide as well. Biel stands as Kat sinks back to the canvas her legs crossed with a hand wedged between them holding her womanhood.

Jessica warns Kat, “It’s only going to get worse for you and your udders.”

Kat doesn’t respond, but is breathing heavy form the pain. Jessica goes over her next move and walks to Kat’s legs. Picking up Heigl’s long legs Jessica begins alternating Kicks between both of Kat’s meaty thighs. After half a dozen kicks to both legs Jessica keeps both legs in the air reaches down grabbing the sides of Kat’s bottoms and pulls. The lavender bottoms roll up Kat’s legs and come off. Jessica drops them near where her top still lays. The ref moves around and kicks both articles of clothing out of the ring,

Jessica leans over, “Butt ass nakAAAHHH!”

Kat pulls her right foot free and slams it into Jessica’s crotch. Now both women tend to their aching centers. Kat is the first to her feet. Heigl makes her way over to Biel and kicks Jessica over on to the stomach. Sitting on Jessica’s back Kat faces Jess’s feet. Kat says, “Don’t worry Jess, I’m not taking your shorts off - not yet!” Kat grabs the waistband of Jessica’s short pulling them up inside Jessica’s spectacular ass. Jessica’s feet drum the mat and she screams in pain. Heigl gets a big smile on her face looks out to the crowd asking, “Wanna see me tan her ass?”

Some loudly give the blonde their support, Kat slaps Jessica’s exposed ass, waves ripple across her ass check and her pale skin turns bright red. With one final overhand slap Kat leaves her seat on Jessica standing walking to the ropes. Kat takes sometime to get her breath back and gives her body a check before going back to Jessica. Jessica pulls her bottoms out of her ass groaning in pain as it pops out. Jessica is just getting to her feet when Kat returns. Kat pushes into Jessica forcing her towards the ropes.

Kat says, “The girls are waiting for you, get ready to meet them.” Kat sends Jess across the ring with an Irish whip. When Jessica returns Kat is waiting and bends at the knees, Kat’s arms wrap around Jessica’s thighs and lifting Kat takes the brunette up turning and slamming her down with a spine buster. Kat kneeling between Jessica’s spread legs. Kat looks down at her big boobs and says, “Girls, this is Jess.” Looking down at Jessica, Kat concludes the introduction, “Jess, these are the girls. Now it’s time for a close-up and personal greeting!”

Kat climbs Jessica’s body and nuzzles her breast against Jessica’s face. Kat wraps her arms around Jessica’s head trapping the brunette. Jessica tries rolling side to side dislodging the huge tits from her face and Kat, keeping her perch, jeers, “The belt will look great around my waist.”

Jessica runs a hand on Kat’s side finding the spot on Kat’s ribs she had worked over earlier and begins hammering fist on the same spot. Kat can’t ignore the pain, but tries fighting through it squeezing Jessica’s head tighter. Jessica just keeps hammering on the same spot. Kat finally has to release Jessica and rolls away holding her ribs sucking in painful breaths. Jessica also takes deep gulps of air refilling her searing lungs. The actions lulls as both women take time to regain their strength. Jessica is up only a second before Kat. Both women seem unsteady on their feet. Jessica says, “You’ll pay for that.”

Kat sneers, “You’re going back between them as soon as I kick your ass some more.” She charges Jessica hoping to catch her off guard, but Jessica is ready and catches Kat coming in. Scooping the blonde and using Kat’s own momentum takes her over in a Bodyslam. Jessica comes down on top of Kat in prefect position for a cover and hooks her leg.


Kat’s left arm shoots up pulling her shoulder off the mat. Jessica is disappointed, but stays focused and pulls Kat back to her feet by the hair. Jessica holding on to Kat wrist pushes her back against the ropes. Jessica presses against Kat whispers, “Time for the Jess-plex, and there’s nothing you can do about it.” She sends Kat across the ring with a Whip and Kat’s arms windmill as she comes stumbling back into Jessica who hook Kat’s leg and takes her up and over in a T-bone Suplex called the Jess-plex.

Kat lands folded up her feet above her head and bounces ending up starfished. Jessica rolls over and crawls on all fours to Kat. Hovering over Kat, Jessica slaps Kat’s big boobs saying, “So much for the girls.” Then she goes for the cover.

One…Two…Thre… As the ref’s hand come down the third time, he suddenly leaps up, waving off the count off and pointing at Kat’s right foot on the bottom rope.

Jessica on her knees can’t believe she was so close to a win yells in frustration, “Fuck!” She pushes her damp hair out of her face before hooking Kat under the arms and dragging her out into the ring, Jessica pulls Kat up into a sitting position and leans her back against Jessica’s own legs. Leaning over Jessica hammers a Forearm down on Kat’s big tits. Kat cries out in pain as her tits are battered again, Jessica then hammers another Forearm to Kat’s hanging breast. Kat rolls off Jessica’s legs to the canvas cupping her boobs and sobbing softly.

Jessica heads to the near corner climbing the turnbuckles. Fans saw Jessica uses the Flying Bulldog to finish off Kristanna Loken. Jessica has to wait a few moments for Kat to rise, on cue Jessica leaps high in the air. Kat spins quickly and she doesn’t really catch Jessica, but she does turn the brunette as they hit and turns the attempted Bulldog into a Power Slam.

Heigl only takes a second before throwing herself across Jessica. The ref gets two and a half, but Kath didn’t hook Jess’s leg so it made it easier for the brunette to kick out. Kath is lying on top of Jessica who’s now on her belly. Kat still hurting is slow to apply her next move, but after a few seconds slides both her hands under Jessica, Jessica’s head pops up and she screams, “Fuck!” When she pushes up slightly, fans can see that Heigl has a Double Breast Claw on Jess’s rack.

Kat says, “Give Up…or I’ll…rip your tits…OFF!”

Jessica screams, “NO!” between moans.

The mauling continues for another minute as Jessica pushes up on to all fours and struggles toward the ropes while the pain in her tits comes closer and closer to forcing her to submit. When Jess grabs the rope, Kat waits until the ref starts the five count and then releases her grip when the count hits ‘four.’

“The girls want you to suffer more for what you did.” Kat tells her.

Jessica, through the burning pain in her breasts, hisses, “Fuck you Jell-O tits!”

Heigl tries to go after Jessica while she’s still in the ropes, but the ref blocks her and Jessica uses the ropes to get to her feet. The red marks stand out on Jessica’s milky white boobs. Kat shoves the ref out of the way now going after Jessica. Kat grabs Jessica wrist and Whips her to the opposite ropes. Katherine raises her foot when Jessica returns to hit the brunette with a big boot move, but Jessica ducks under her raised leg and before Katherine can recover - Jessica has her set up for another Jess-Plex.

WHAM! Katherine hits the mat folded with her feet above her head, bounces and ends up Starfished once more. Jessica uses her remaining strength to cover, making sure she hooks the blonde’s leg.


Katherine kicks out but it comes just a heartbeat too late! The ref jumps up signaling that the match is over and calls for the World Title Belt. Jessica, still on top of Kat, hasn’t moved. The exhaustion of the match finally sinks in to both women as Jessica rolls off and lays on her back beside Heigl. Looking up at the ref holding her Title Belt, Jessica sits up, grabs the belt and hugs it. Heigl rolls out of the ring trying to get to the back without being noticed as Jessica struggles to her feet and holds the belt overhead as Velvet Revolver’s “Slither” plays and confetti rains down on the ring as pyros go off onstage. Jessica finally leaves the ring to go continue her celebration.



Many of the CCW roster greets Jessica when she reaches the back stage area. Jessica shakes hand and hugs those that greet her. Jessica makes it through the well wishers and instead of going to her locker room, she instead heads for Katherine’s. Jessica enters and finds Kat sitting at her locker with her head down. Kat looks up as Jessica walks in and comes over to her.

“You OK?” Jessica asks. Heigl, her eyes red from crying, sighs, “Yeah. Things just hurt more when you lose.”

Jessica nods, “How well I know that!”

Offering Kat her hand Jessica says, “I promise; you’ll get a rematch.”

Kat breaks a small smile says, “Just be sure you hold onto it long enough to keep that promise.”

Jessica turns and heads toward her dressing room, passing Harold Green who is walking to his office brushing confetti out of her hair. Standing outside his door, Neve Campbell is holding a paper in her hand. Harold stops, “What can I do for you?”

Neve hands the paper to the promoter and starts to walk off. Looking at it, Harold yells after her, “I’m NOT going to honor this! I made that deal with Neve, NOT Banshee!”

Not stopping, Neve replies, “You BETTER honor it, if you know what’s good for you.”

In the office Richard Fannin and Archer are waiting, without preamble Harold says, “Come on we have a party to go to.” Archer and Rich are leaning over a laptop computer and Archer turns around, “You should see this first.” Archer resets the video clip and hits play.

The Video

Alexis Bledel had to spend a long time under a very hot shower to stop herself from shivering - and it wasn’t really because she was cold! She could admit to herself she had been scared…really, really scared…an emotion she didn’t like in herself. She emerged from the shower and wrapped a towel around herself.

“You certainly took long enough in there,” the voice was cold and mocking and so unexpected that Alexis reflectively jumped backwards, not exactly the smartest thing to do on a wet shower room floor. Her right foot slipped and she was about to go airborne, when a hand reached out and steadied her.

“My, my. I never thought mere words could have such an effect on people,” Rachel McAdams said, her voice still cold and mocking. “By the way, your towel’s missing.”

Alexis suddenly realized she was stark naked and frantically grabbed her towel as Rachel kept smirking.

“You’re a trip, child,” Rachel continued. “Lamia sadly underestimated your potential for humiliation but look forward to changing her mind on that. We can have SUCH interesting fun!”

Alexis recovered her shredded dignity. “You proved your point earlier, McAdams. You’re better’n me, at the moment. You don’t have to come back here and play mind games.”

“But I rather enjoy mind games,” Rachel chuckled. “It’s one of the things that drew me to Lamia. I especially like playing them with someone who’s mentally pliable; like you!”

“Just get out!” Alexis snapped. “You’re not as scary as you think you are.”

“Oh, my child, I’m beyond trying to scare you. I want to MOLD you. You may laugh, but I love a challenge. We’ll talk again some time,” Rachel said and then, suddenly, she was gone.

Alexis stood there, stunned and puzzled. Then she got angry. “I am not your puppet, Rachel McAdams! You’ll find that out!” But the locker room was silent - though, just for a moment - Rachel thought she heard a mocking laugh...

The video ends and Harold looked at the other two, “How’n hell did you get that clip?”

Archer smiles, “You never know where a good promo clip will take place.”

Harold gives the resourceful Archer a glance, “Don’t let on to the girls that you’ve got their shower wired.”

Richard Fannin asks, “Whaddaya think that means? Is the Legion recruiting Alexis?”

The other two don’t seem to have the answer, but Harold says, “Well, I sure as hell hope Alexis is smarter than that; but it’ll be up to her.” Looking at his watch he starts toward the door. “Come on, we don’t want to keep the Champ waiting.”

Leaving the room, the promoter turns the lights off as he leaves.