Petra Verkaik battles Kathy Shower by Southgate

Verkaik looked forward to this match up. Resentful that she had not been chosen as Playmate of the year, Petra looks for every opportunity to work over one of the chosen ones. Kathy Shower, now 46 wears her years well; a bit heavier than she was in 1985, she keeps herself in great shape and has been kick boxing for several years. Petra studies her for a moment, and quickly determined to stay away from Kathy's thick, muscular legs. In fact, the two are fairly evenly matched, with Kathy an inch taller and just 10 pounds heavier, although the weight is distributed, well, differently.

Round 1
The first round is a slugfest. Kathy, with fists raised, comes out swinging and the big boobed, 34 year old Petra answers blow for blow. Petra is crowding Kathy effectively, to keep the blonde's kicks neutralized. At close range, both women have launched into a rapid fire offense, punching hard as each takes considerable punishment to head, sides and arms in the first few minutes.

As their arms tire and defenses drop a bit, a contest quickly develops between the two women as they trade belly shots. Soon, Shower finds herself slowly backing up as the aggressive Verkaik lands her punches with great authority. Kathy is panting for air as Petra starts landing two shots for every one that Kathy can fire off. Petra smiles, sensing that the older woman will soon run out of steam. But, wisely, Kathy changes tactics, slamming her fist into Petra's right tit, mashing it flat against her rib cage and getting all of Petra's attention. Kathy fires two more jabs into the wounded tit. Hurt and angry, Petra again slams her fist into Shower's belly. Kathy fights to draw a breath as Petra buries another punch deep into her midsection. Petra takes a step backward, to load up her next shot, but the crafty Shower measures the distance and lashes out with a high kick that explodes into Petra left tit, spinning her around, and right into another high kick that catches her in the chin. Kathy charges forward, grabs the wobbly Petra by the waist and throws her to the mat.

As they struggle on the mat, Verkaik finds herself being rolled over. Shower has locked her big legs around Petra's. She overpowers her younger opponent and rolls her over on to her back. Kathy grabs Petra by the hair and starts to pummel the side of her face, then switches to a neck claw. Verkaik shrieks, slowly pushes up to all fours and then flips onto her back, pinning Shower under her, but the blonde quickly locks her legs around Petra's waist and pulls her into a combination scissors and full nelson to hold her. Shower locks her thighs in tight, Petra yowls as she feels the immense strength in those legs. Acting quickly Petra rams her head backward, catching Kathy in the nose. Shower release the hold and kicks Petra away.

"You'll pay for that, bitch," shouts Kathy. Both women are on their feet.

Kathy's nose is bloodied. They meet in a test of strength. Verkaik holds her own for a few moments, but Shower starts backing her up. With their fingers still locked together, Kathy slams her knee into Petra's gut repeatedly and drives Verkaik backwards, pressing the brunette against the ropes. Shower releases her left hand and grabs Petra's throat. Choking Verkaik on the ropes, Kathy then rams her knee into Petra's crotch. As Petra slumps down on the ropes Kathy steps back, spins and plants a foot on the side of Petra's face. Kathy pulls Petra off the ropes, twists her arm into an armbar. The big blonde delivers three kicks to the brunette's belly, spins Petra around in circles and throws her into the ropes.

As Verkaik rebounds, Kathy slams a double ax handle into her chest, knocking the brunette flat on her back Shower grabs her foe's ankles. Holding Petra's legs apart, Shower drops a knee down on her crotch. As Verkaik cries out in pain, the big blonde turns her over and applies a Boston crab. Shower sets her self low over her foe and bears down. Verkaik struggles for a minute or so, trying hard to power out, but the pressure is too great. As Petra calls out her submission, Shower suddenly release her hold.

"We're not done yet," she states coldly.

Grabbing the brunette by her hair Kathy pulls her to her feet, slams a knee into her gut and crashes a double ax handle against the side of her foe's reeling head as she falls. Shower lands with both knees driving into Petra's side. Turning her foe onto her back, Shower straddles her waist, pinning her arms under her own legs. Kathy grabs two hands full of Petra's big tits and squeezes hard. As Petra tries to buck, Kathy slams her left fist backward and into Petra's gut. A loud "oof" signals that she can return to her tit torture.

Petra bucks and twists, nearly unseating the blonde. Shower reaches forward and wraps both hands around Petra's neck. As Petra's face turns white then blue, Shower releases her choke, scrambles to her feet and drops down, again driving both knees into Petra's belly. Kathy scrambles to her feet, yanks Petra up by her hair and throws her into the corner. Dazed, Petra hangs on the ropes as Kathy's spinning left foot crashes into her right tit. For nearly a minute, Kathy uses Petra's boobs for her workout bag, landing many unanswered kicks. Verkaik is screaming her submission. Finally, Kathy slams a kick into Petra's belly. The big brunette slumps down onto her butt, looking dazed, confused and badly beaten in the corner. The referee signals the end of round 1.

Round 2
Revived between rounds, the sore boobed Petra seethes with hatred. As the bell rings, the determined Verkaik moves cautiously to the center of the ring to meet her foe.

Kathy taunts, "..say, those tits look sure look ugly…" and strikes out with her finger nails scratching across Petra's boobs.

A very angry Verkaik leaps onto Shower, and they tumble to the mat, rolling over and over. But this time, Verkaik gains the advantage. Landing on top of the model, Petra grabs two hands full of hair and repeatedly pounds her foe's head into the mat. Petra's attack is relentless. Retaining the hair hold with her left, Petra slaps her right hand back and forth against Kathy's face. Shower tries to buck Petra off her perch, rides slams her fist into Kathy's already bloodied nose.

As Kathy tries to shake out the cobwebs, Petra quickly get to her feet and leaps up with both knees landing in Kathy's stomach. Petra grabs the blonde by he hair and pulls her to her feet. Petra's tits hurt to much to user the bearhug, her favorite weapon. Instead, she locks Kathy in a headlock, slams her fist into her head and then runs across the ring, slamming Kathy's head into the turnbuckle at the opposite end of the ring. Kathy bounces backward and lands with a thud. Petra again drives both knees into her victims belly. Kathy is out of it.

Petra climbs to the top rope, gains her balance and then leaps off, her butt slams into Kathy's chest. Petra pulls the flattened blonde to her feet, locks her fingers around her chin and lifts her up in a hangman. After several agonizing moments, Petra drops the blonde to the mat as the referee signals the end of round 2.

Round 3
As the third round starts, Shower's corner has managed to stop her nose from bleeding. She is a hurting unit, but she has cleared the cobwebs from her head. As the bell ring, a determined Kathy rushes forward and catches Petra with a spinning kicks to her belly and head. As the Verikaik falls forward, the tough blonde wraps her right arm around Petra's head and bull dogs her to the mat. Petra lands with a huge bounce. Shower scrambles to her feet and stomps a big foot down on the back of Petra's head. Kathy leaps down, knees first, into the brunette's back, and then straddles her foe. Kathy slams a fist into the back of Petra's neck. Petra's immense tits are pressing outwards under her. Kathy grabs a handful of each and digs her nails in deep and twists. Petra's screams are music to Shower's ears.

"You're over due for some breast reduction, cow," taunts Kathy as she claws away.

Finally, Shower shifts her weight forward, grabs Petra under her chin begins to locks the playmate up in a camel clutch. But before she can set herself, a quick thinking Verikaik pushes up on all fours. Kathy locks her legs around Petra's waist, yanks back on her hair and slaps her brunette foe on the ass.

"Oh, you're a stupid horse, not a stupid cow, giddy-up horse-face," taunts Kathy.

Enraged, Petra is determined to have the last laugh. Had Kathy concentrated on a waist scissors instead of riding and clowning, her leg strength could have finished Petra off. But Verkaik surprises Shower with her strength, rises to her knees and then manages to get to her feet with Kathy still holding on. Her legs have slipped down to Petra's hips, where they can do far less damage. Petra staggers around the ring for a few moments, and then slams backward into the corner turnbuckle. Kathy's back takes the brunt of the hit. Petra drives her elbows back into Kathy's belly repeatedly. As Kathy's legs drop, Petra spins around and slams her forehead into Shower's nose. Again the blood flows.

Petra grabs Kathy by the hair and snap mares her to the mat. Petra slams her ass down on Kathy's face, trapping the blonde beneath her hard butt. Reaching forward, Petra's fingers dig deep into Kathy's tits. "There's nothing much here to maul, you has been," shouts Petra. Scratching and twisting enough to leave welts and bruises on Kathy's white skin, Petra switches tactics. Locking her fingers together, Petra attacks Shower's weakened belly with a barrage of ax handles. As the adrenaline rush finally passes, Petra rises, grabs the blonde by the hair and pulls her to her feet. Petra twists her foe's arm spins her around the ring and flings her into the corner.

Even as Kathy crashes hard into the corner, Petra has launched herself forward. Petra's shoulder slams into Kathy's chest. Verkaik lifts each of Kathy's legs over the ropes, leaving her splayed in the corner. Petra works the blonde over, concentrating first on her belly, Petra beats her like a drum. Measuring each of her punches,

Petra talks slowly to her foe, all the while slamming punches deeper and deeper into her belly, "Did you think I would let you beat on my tits and let you get away with it?"

Shower is gasping for air. Petra steps back and the unloads a huge kick into Kathy's belly that lifts her off the ground. Five more kicks slam into the blonde's gut. Verkaik drags the blonde to her feet, and shoves her into the corner. Petra is in high gear as she slams her knee into Kathy's belly repeatedly. When Shower can take no more, Petra snap mares her to the mat. Straddling the blonde's waist. Petra leaps in the air and lands with both knees in Kathy's belly. The big blonde moans and rolls over in agony, gasping, unable to talk, her wide eyed, nearly hysterical face says it all. It's all over!
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DOWNLOAD - Angelina vs. Vanessa Kraven (CyberStorm 2007)