Alicia Silverstone vs. Tara Reid by TNT

"Uhhhhh," the busty blonde groaned as the incoming fist slammed into her lovely face snapping her head back. RIPPPPPP! The sound of her lovely dress being torn filled the blondes ears as sharp fingernails sunk into her large firm full breasts, digging through the sheer thin fabric. ", stop!" Alicia pleaded as Tara dug her fingers deep into her breasts, squeezing and twisting the firm mounds.

"Enjoying the party, bitch?" Tara hissed, her beautiful eyes sparkling with "catfight malice." She giggled as she leaned forward, raised her leg up hard and fast slamming her knee into Alicia's pubic mound. THUD!

"Now that's just plain nasty," an excited onlooker sighed as she watched Tara release her moaning rivals breasts and bury her long fingers in silky blonde hair.

"Blonde on blonde; how quaint," another noted with a satisfied smirk as Alicia's screams filled the air.

"Umpppfhhh!" WHAM! "Eeeeeeickk!" CRASH!

Alicia groaned as Tara shook her upper body and head violently courtesy the nasty painful hair pull. With a grunt and powerful pull push combination Tara slammed her rival into a wall, then into a table before sending her sprawling to the carpet. A fast well aimed kick to the tush added to Alicia's humiliation.

"Enjoying the show, people?" Tara queried with a chuckling sneer as she eyeballed the excited party crowd. Eyes focused on her beauty, her pretty face, her erect nipples pushing against her tight silky evening gown. Tara felt quite confident and satisfied. So far her "skirmish" with Alicia had been extremely one-sided-she was teaching "the bitch" a lesson for a snide remark. "How dare anyone mock or belittle her and her gorgeous body?"

"Unggggh! Grrrrrr..." Alicia grunted, groaned and growled as she slowly got to her hands and knees. "I'll kill that bitch," she promised herself, muttering under her breath. Her hair was a mess, her gorgeous body full of aches and pains, her expensive low-cut dress was torn and her black strapless bra was exposed.

"Nooooooo!" RIPPPPPP! SLAP! "Uhhhhhhhh..." Alicia's positive ‘self-help talk’ came to a screeching halt as two angry fast hands grabbed a handful of her hair and the back of her dress. Once again the dress ripped, further this time, completely exposing the overstuffed bra.

"My, my your lovely dress…it's all torn, what a shame!" Tara mocked sarcastically as she spun Alicia around, delivered two blistering backhand slaps to a beautiful, stunned face, then fired a punch deep into an unprotected stomach.

"UHHHHHH!" Alicia moaned as she doubled over gasping for air. "Oh too bad! First your poor dress gets torn and now your bra’s come undone! What a terrible mess you are sweetie," Tara chirped as she reached down, grabbed Alicia's bra strap and broke it, then unsnapped the bra and pulled it off. "Now, lets show everybody your big ol' tits," sneered blonde Tara, cackling as she hammered her fist down on Alicia's back, further weakening her. She grabbed a handful of hair and jerked Alicia upright, putting her in a painful full nelson.

"Uhhhhh! ARGGGH! Nooooooo...umppppph! Pleasseeee, let me gooooo!" Alicia groaned as her arms were jerked up and back.

The lucky crowd cheered and applauded as Tara slowly paraded her topless rival around the room, giving everyone a look (and a few lucky women an feel) as Alicia's nipples quickly stiffened in the cool air. Her lovely large areola brought many pleased comments as several bold women reached out to slowly fondle the busty blondes lovely treasures. One woman, a buxom older redhead, enjoyed a little 'tongue to nip' taste and the crowd went crazy.

"Having fun, hon'?" Tara giggled as she jerked her captive back harder, forcing her lovely chest out a bit more. "You seem a bit flushed, are you thirsty cunt?" Tara teased as she pressed her chest hard against Alicia's upper back. Alicia groaned, realizing Tara was more that just enjoying this for humiliations' sake. She could feel Tara's hard erect nipples stabbing into her bare shoulders and her worst fear was confirmed when Alicia heard Tara's next words, "Listen blondie, after I strip you naked, I'm gonna give you something really sweet - a little juicy dessert. That sound OK dear?"

Tara dragged Alicia toward a table and announced, "Hey everybody, Alicia's really thirsty. I'm gonna give her a nice cool drink."

"Nooooooo...pleaseeee....NO!" Alicia screamed a desperate plea as she felt her head being forced down toward a large bowl of pink punch. She felt Tara's weight shift and her hands shift position from the back of her neck to higher on her head.


"What the hell? You bitch.. AIEEEEEE!" Ignoring her pain, summoning every ounce of her remaining strength, Alicia broke loose; her foot flashed backwards. WHAM! Alicia’s heel slammed down on Tara's instep. Suddenly set free, Alicia fired her elbow backward into Tara's left breast. Spinning on a dime she whipped a backhand to the blondes face.

"ARGGGGH! Why you stupid bit...Offffff....Uhhhhh!" Tara's nastiness, sarcastic and caustic comments came screeching to an abrupt and unplanned halt when Alicia fired punch after punch into her beautiful body, working her way up to her lovely face. When Alicia stopped punching, a thin trickle of blood ran from a cut on Tara's lower lip.

"Noooooo!" SLAP! SLAP! "Stop it plea..." WHAM! THUD! "Uhhhhnnnngh!"

Tara's blocking attempts failed miserably and her angry topless rival rocked her around the room, bouncing her off of tables, walls, and chairs.

"Ain't this great! Jeez, payback is so totally cool!" a slender blonde in the crowd cried happily.

Alicia chased the screaming, whimpering Tara around the room, hammering her royally. Alicia's bare breasts bounced and jiggled as she fired punches and whipped Tara with sexy bitch-slaps. "Now, they wanna see YOURS, bitch," Alicia snarled as she lunged toward the slumping Tara.

"EEEEEK! Pleaseeee...NO...oh!" RIPPPPP! Tara's gown gave way ripping clear down to her waist and two beautiful breasts found freedom; her stiff brown nipples announcing to the world, 'we're ready for action!' Catfight action, humiliation with a twist, as Alicia latched onto the erect nubs with a snarl of catfight payback pleasure.

Tara's beautiful eyes filled with tears and she moaned, "Pleasseee, oh pleaseeee boobs, you're hurting my booooobs!"

"Such tiny little titties they are too, Tara. Hell, they look like skeeter bites," Alicia laughed as she pinched, twisted and pulled Tara's nipples between her fingers.

Alicia suddenly smacked her forehead between Tara's eyes and her eyes rolled back in her head as her knees buckled. But before Tara hit the floor, Alicia grabbed her gown and as Tara crumpled to the floor, she slipped right out of her dress as Alicia ripped it off over her head, leaving Tara in just her sexy pink panties. Finally, a hard kick to the ribs sent the shrieking blonde rolling across the floor.

"Get up blondie, now its your turn," Alicia shouted. "Everybody wants to see what YOU got!" She danced in, reached down, grabbed two handfuls of hair and jerked Tara to her feet. A face claw and three quick punches to her stomach, two knee shots to the groin, then a painful chin hold left Tara sprawled on her back across a table beside the punch bowl. Holding the squirming, wriggling, whimpering blonde down with one hand, Alicia slid the other slowly down Tara's tight abs and into her pink panties.

"Noooooo, not my pusEEEEEEE!" Tara screamed as Alicia jerked her panties up so hard the sheer thin strip of material disappeared into the thicket of her dense blonde bush. "AIIIEEEEEEEE...YEOOWWWWW!" Her screams were only surpassed by the crowds screams of excited pleasure when Alicia switched her torture target from titty to twat, then back again; repeating it several times before she finally stopped.

"Gosh you look a bit thirsty blondie?" Alicia asked with a wink to the crowd.

"Noooooo..." (Gurgle. Gasp. Gurgle.) After several times having her face plunged into the punch bowl, the beautiful Tara emerged with her once lovely blonde hair now drenched and plastered to her skull, sporting bits of lemons and oranges from the lovely nectar.

"Anybody want some blonde sweetness?" Alicia chirped.

Before Tara could scream an agonized protest, three women sprang forward, grabbed the screaming blonde and dragged her away to the ladies room.

Alicia laughed as she watched her ‘friend’ being carried away, "Gosh, I feel flushed...and a bit thirsty. .Somebody get me a drink!"