Alicia Silverstone vs. Michelle Williams by CROZ and ? 5/5/01

The buxom blonde appeared without music or fanfare, but the crowd provided it's own, buzzing loudly then cheering, as she began her procession to the ring.

Never one for simplicity, Michelle strolled to center stage in an elaborate corset, white with red trim, an embroidered rose over each breast. Leaving her shoulders and a great deal of her ample cleavage bare, the garment was laced down the front and came to an abbreviated end a couple of inches above her navel, below which a pair of white silk panties led down to a similarly composed set of stockings via a pair of white garters.

Did these slobs deserve to see such perfection? Of course not, but it was impossible to hide such beauty, so why try? An angel in white, Michelle told herself, and if she had to rip apart her opponent, well that's what angels did sometimes.

Michelle loved the feel of the outfit tight against her milky skin. It was her favorite, yet she only brought it out on special occasions; occasions when her foe was simply overmatched and Michelle knew that Alicia Silverstone was.

Fans reached at her as she made her way, Michelle disdainfully pulling away before anyone could touch here. They hadn't cared whether she'd won or lost against Rose, just that she was stripped clean and now they were her fans? Michelle provided the crowd with her response. An odd sight, the petite blonde walking to the ring in her delectable undergarments giving anyone who cared - and even those that didn't - the bird.

She slid under the bottom rope and leapt to her feet, her breasts undulating as she bounced in place, a little dewiness already gathering on her skin. She could feel her heart begin to race as the anticipation grew. Her intellect told her this figured to be done in short order...Alicia was no Rose...but sill the animal inside Michelle felt no difference. The excitement of simultaneously being the predator and the prey revved her adrenaline no matter what form the enemy took. Today, it would be Alicia, and she waited less than patiently.

Michelle would not have to wait long for Alicia as the Sounds of Lenny Kravitz's version of "American Women" blared over the P.A. The drop dead gorgeous blonde step out from behind the locker room curtain dressed in pink wrestling boots, pink panties, and a tight pink T-shirt. An outfit similar to that she wore for the Rolling Stone cover a few years before. Her beautiful blonde hair hung down. The Arena went wild as Alicia made her way to the ring smiling and slapping high-fives to the fans.

As Alicia made it close to the ring she looked to up to see an stone faced Michelle Williams staring at her. Alicia stopped just out side the ring and stared back at her adversary. Michelle just gave a cold stare back. The stare off lasted for about 30 seconds until Alicia finally broke the contest by blowing Michelle a kiss and giving her a wink.

Alicia pulled herself on to the ring apron and then jumped over the ropes. Her ample breast bounced slightly as the Blonde landed inside the ring. It was obvious that Alicia had not worn a bra from the visibility of the tight shirt. Alicia continued to walk around the ring waving to the crowd as her rival continued staring at the buxom blonde.

Alicia continued to acknowledge to cheering crowd as she jumped on the middle turnbuckle and took in the cheers. Finally, Alicia jumped off the ropes and turned her attention to her opponent. Alicia leaned up against the ropes and waited for the bell to ring.

Michelle swaggered to the middle of the ring, attired as if she had materialized from the court of Louis XVI, or perhaps more precisely the boudoir. She called to Alicia with a look of contempt.

"Aren't you Little Miss Pretty in Pink? Get your ass out here so we can get you over with."

Alicia pushed off the ropes and met Michelle chest to chest; Alicia's tits resting a couple inches higher than the shorter girl's. She smiled and gave Michelle another wink, infuriating her. For someone who was going to get her ass kicked, she certainly had a cheery attitude and for the life of her, Michelle couldn't understand why, except perhaps for her total ignorance of what was in store for her.

The bell rang and before Michelle could get in the first shot, Alicia had swung her arms down and around Michelle's waist, lifting her off-balance then slightly off the mat. She rushed back to the corner with Michelle in her embrace, Alicia depositing her roughly against the turnbuckle. Michelle's back arched in pain from the impact - her breasts nearly bursting from their frilly confinement - but her spine was soon headed in the opposite direction, as Alicia lowered her shoulder and drove it deeply into Michelle's gut, the "Creek" star doubling over, her breath expelled.


Obviously, not so ignorant after all.

Again Alicia drove in, and again; the only thing keeping Michelle on her feet was Alicia wedging her in between shoulderblade and corner. Desperate, she pulled Alicia's T-shirt up her back, raking her nails into the smooth, tanned skin as she did, a high-pitched squeal let loose, as rosy welt lines emerged almost immediately, Alicia drawing away from Michelle and sliding her tight pink cotton back into place, covering the marks, her smile now a grimace.

Michelle hung in the corner - bent over - regaining her breath, as Alicia closed in for another strike, this time flashing a kick at Michelle's midsection. With the blonde's arms already lowered to waist level, Michelle easily picked off the incoming limb and dragged Alicia out to the middle of the ring, the 'Clueless One' hopping on one leg to keep up. Williams sent Alicia to the mat with a sweep of the opposite leg, still holding her right leg extended, Alicia scrambling to escape but to no avail, as Michelle dropped a pointed elbow to the soft, but shapely inner thigh of Alicia's right leg, the point driving deeply into her muscle, a lightning shot of pain causing her to scream out incoherently.

Quickly, Michelle scrambled atop Silverstone landing a couple of close-in shots to her kidneys, her fists caving in the flesh just above her rival's hips. Alicia gagged, but did not lose focus, even as Michelle, never one to miss an opportunity to raise the stakes, reached for Alicia's bosom, only a thin sheath of cloth between her breasts and Michelle's mauling digits.

Instead, Alicia swiveled her hips closed around the chest of Michelle. Immediately sensing her dire situation, she transferred all concern to defense and began prying at Alicia's legs, but the golden-haired beauty only bore down all the more, rotating Michelle sideways so as to better crush her considerable assets between her own sleek - and already slightly dewy - legs.

"You don't look so cocky now you bitch," Alicia said as she really worked her leg scissors on Michelle's well endowed chest.

Alicia tossed her blonde locks over her shoulder as she continued to pour on the pressure to the Dawsons cutie's chest. Michelle was far from finished though, she raked her long nails down the inside of Alicia's thigh. The "Batgirl" gave out a small yelp and quickly kicked Michelle away.

Michelle rolled to her knees and looked up to see Alicia just getting to her feet. Both girls stood and charged the other simultaneously. Michelle went for a clothesline, but Alicia dropped to the mat and tripped Michelle.

"How could this be happening?" Michelle thought. "This little tart should be begging me for mercy by now."

Alicia quickly rolled on top of Michelle and tried for a Boston Crab. Michelle saw it coming, however, and kicked her legs up, knocking Alicia back onto her luscious ass cheeks.

Michelle rose to her feet and charged at a still kneeling Alicia. She raised a knee, catching Alicia under the chin and dropping her to the mat. Silverstone grabbed her jaw with one hand as she pounded the mat in agony with the other. Michelle rolled down next to her, grabbed Alicia's right leg; one of the weapons that had so gracefully been used against her. Now, the weapons would be turned on Alicia.

The 'Dawson's Creek' beauty positioned herself between Alicia's legs, pushing her right leg out and using her own legs to force Alicia's delectable limbs to spread apart in a spectacular splits. Her already battered and gashed inner thighs spread nearly 180 degrees as her pink panties strained under Michelle's pressure. Alicia's groans turned to screams, but much to Michelle's chagrin - no submission. Michelle finally rose from between Alicia's gams and stood over her. As Alicia sat up, she slowly eased her legs back from a position only Dominique Moceanu would have been comfortable with. She rubbed her loins and tried to stand, but instead the blond lurched back to the canvas, her legs still suffering from the strain as Michelle circled her grounded opponent.

Although Alicia had shown both skill and fortitude, Williams' supreme confidence had returned. She stomped Alicia's tits, forcing her back to the mat with a guttural grunt, then slid under the bottom rope and leapt the restraining barrier like a cat. Throwing 'Buffy' star Alyson Hannigan out of her chair in the front row like a redheaded stepchild, Michelle climbed onto the apron chair in hand, pausing only to turn and throw a last insult or two at the slight, but succulent second banana. Then she veered back to her victim in the ring. Only now, Alicia was a victim no longer.

Alicia flipped Michelle into the ring over the top rope with a violent yank of her golden locks. Williams' face and chest landed hard on the chair, her arms splaying at her sides. Michelle twitched slightly as Alicia sent a kick into her ribs, then desperately began to claw at the canvas for an escape that was far out of her reach.

The pain in Alicia's legs had faded with the rush she got stomping Michelle's injured ribs. The tough blonde couldn't help but give out small grunts as Alicia stomped away. Michelle was ripped upright by her gorgeous blonde locks as Alicia threw Dawson cutie in to the turnbuckle, her chest taking the main blunt of impact and she bounced backward onto the canvas holding her chest.

Alicia ran up and dropped a leg across the downed blondes throat, then pulled Michelle up by her hair again and whipped her back into the same turnbuckle again. This time, Michelle's back struck the post. Michelle's body hung in the corner, supported by the ropes.

"Look at Miss Tough girl now! Can't even hold her self up," Alicia said. "Figures a loud mouth bitch like you couldn't back up her words. Oh and by the way Michelle, how are those ribs of yours?" Alicia asked as she began to rain punch after punch into Michelle's ribs.

Then Alicia fired a knee into Michelle ribs causing her body to crumple forward. The blonde wrapped her arms around the injured actress and put Michelle in a face to face bear hug. Michelle tried to fight the pain, but couldn't help but utter a groan of pain from the crushing hold.

"What's the matter honey, does that hurt? Well, this probably won't make it feel any better," Alicia said as she brought Michelle down over her out stretched knee, perfectly executing an atomic drop.

Alicia pushed Michelle off of her knee to the mat where she lay moaning and clutching her bruised womenhood.

Michelle lay curled into a ball, her face showing her shock, eyes wide, tears rolling down her cheeks from the pain. Alicia felt no pity for her opponent and was quickly on her again. She knew Michelle wouldn't waste such an advantage on her and she was about to waste hers.

Alicia peeled Michelle out of her cocoon, straddling her at the waist. Michelle, still unable to pry her hands away from her warm, aching crotch, had her arms pinned by Alicia's legs. Michelle's entire upper body was now exposed, free for the taking.

Alicia smiled down on Michelle's frightened visage, sweat dropping from her blonde locks onto Michelle's face. Tenderly, she unfastened the ties of Michelle's top while the buxom blonde pleaded with her to stop.

As Michelle kicked trying to free herself, Alicia continued her task until the entire front of the garment was open, the lingerie held together only by gravity. Then Alicia carefully pulled aside the two halves and Michelle's breasts blossoming from behind the embroidered roses; her moist, ivory skin nearly as white as her corset; her breasts, full and shapely, pulsing with the rapid beating of her excited heart.

Alicia let Michelle's fear linger before following through.

She fashioned her hands into claws and drove her fingers into the soft, giving flesh. Michelle squealed as Alicia sculpted her breasts into a different style of masterpiece - one of pain . Alicia mashed and squeezed, scratched and pulled, twisting her full, ripe nipples while Michelle wriggled from side to side in a fruitless attempts at escape. Her efforts only seemed to infuriate the focused Alicia, who stopped the breast torture for a moment to give Williams a sharp slap across the face.

Grabbing Michelle by her blond locks, Alicia jerked Michelle's head off the mat.

"Aww...are you tired of me playing with your tits?"

Alicia shook Michelle's head so it nodded, 'yes'.

"Then maybe I should play with my own...and I'm sure you'd want to be involved," she laughed.

Again, Alicia nodded Michelle's head for her, then released it back to its resting place and began to slip her skin-tight pink shirt off. Michelle knew what was coming and her squirming intensified. She had to get out from under Alicia or she'd receive an up close and personal view of what lay beneath Alicia's shirt.

Michelle eyes grew wide with fear as Alicia tossed away her shirt and sat topless with her firm young breasts bouncing on her chest above Michelle's face.

"Pucker up bitch," said Alicia as she lowered her breasts onto Michelle's face.

Alicia pinned the Dawson's Creek cutie's face to the ground with her medium sized boobs; her elbows at either side of Michelle's head to reinforce the smother and add to her humiliation. Alicia assumed a bored expression as she cradled her chin in her hands and pretended to yawn for the jeering crowd. Michelle, cut off from oxygen, began to squirm and kick in a last ditch attempt to escape.

"Well Michelle, I have to admit. I expected a little more of a challenge from you," Alicia mocked.

Michelle continued to squirm but her hands were barely able to move with the Alicia kneeling on her shoulders. She blindly tried scratching at Alicia thighs, but with the little room she had it was barely effective. Time was running out for Michelle and she was starting to get dizzy. Then she had a stroke of luck!

As Michelle was trying to scratch Alicia's thighs she happened to catch her nails on Alicia's pink panties. She pulled the best she could towards her and was rewarded with a little start and a yelp from the surprised Alicia. That little jump was enough for Michelle to get one arm free. She began to pull the clinched panties up, wedging them into Alicia's ass and pussy. Alicia tried to fight the pain knowing that Michelle couldn't hold out for long with no air.

But Michelle continued to pull at Alicia's panties and then pulled as far up as she could, each tug bringing a yelp from the buxom blonde. The two were in a standoff over who would last the longest until finally, Alicia couldn't take any more and rolled off Michelle, desperately pulling at her panties to free the wedgie.

Michelle rolled over, red faced and coughing, but most importantly she was getting some badly needed air in her lungs. To aid her breathing, Michelle tore off her corset; her costume now reduced to merely her white silk panties and stockings. At this point, modesty was becoming less of an issue than winning. Alicia had proved to be much more than just a pretty face to be slung between one's thighs and Michelle's survival instinct took precedence over anything else.

Michelle scrambled to the relative security of the corner, still panting and coughing from Alicia's breast smother. She wiped the sweaty, matted strands of hair back off her forehead as she rose with the help of the ropes. Alicia had also risen, though still picking uncomfortably at her panties. Michelle's desperation wedgie had been particularly effective for she hadn't known how sensitive Alicia's pussy was, it had been mere luck her attack had struck at the blondes "soft spot."

Michelle sighed deeply and braced herself for the next round, moving out of the corner prudently, no longer overconfident after having felt Alicia's wrath. As Michelle approached, Alicia extended her hands and motioned Michelle forward, offering to meet her in a test of strength. The 5'9" Alicia bringing her hands down so the 5'4" Michelle could grab hold, which she did without hesitation. Instantly, Alicia - using her height advantage for leverage - brought Michelle to the mat on her knees, her arms straining, wrists bent backward under Alicia's pressure. Michelle's eyes clinched tightly trying to hold fast, but unable to.

Realizing the futility of her situation, Michelle rotated her wrists and disengaged from the losing proposition. With blinding speed and efficiency, she sent her newly freed fist upward, sinking her knuckles deep in Alicia's womanhood. Alicia's lips pursed as she buckled to her knees. The exhausted, brutalized women leaned into each other, their dewy breasts pressed so tightly to each other they could each feel the other's racing heartbeat.

Michelle sunk in a short right uppercut to Alicia's breast, separating them; then a right cross to the chin that sent Alicia sprawling to the mat with one hand holding her jaw and the other cradling her wounded crotch.

Michelle crawled over to Alicia and pulled her hand away from her crotch and replacing it with her own. She dug deeply into Alicia's oh-so-precious pink panties. Alicia yelped and Michelle could feel her stiffen as her fingers invaded Alicia's most sensitive tissue. Only a thin layer of pink cotton lay between Michelle's mauling fingers and Alicia's privates. Michelle swung her body over Alicia and straddled her waist; her back to Alicia's head so as to better control the contortions Alicia was hoping might lead to escape. However, Michelle only dug her fingers in stronger. She knew the pain in Alicia's pussy had to be excruciating. Even though Alicia tried and disguise it, she couldn't help an occasional high-pitched yip or groan that revealed the truth to Michelle's happy ears.

"Am I a challenge now, bitch? Am I a challenge now?" Michelle taunted as she worked her hand between Alicia's shaking thighs.

Alicia fought the pain that was increasing below her waist. She squirmed and wiggled in a mix of discomfort and attempts to knock Michelle from her perch. Alicia couldn't help moaning in pain as Michelle maneuvered her claw expertly.

"Awww, what's the matter Alicia you don't seem to be enjoying yourself," Michelle said, her confidence swelling.

Alicia had to come up with something or be forced to submit to the curly haired blonde. She tried pushing Michelle off but to no unveil. The pain in her crotch was growing more severe with every second and she was becoming desperate. Sinking one step lower than her rival, Alicia reached up around Michelle's chest and grabbed her bare breasts. The blonde gave out a gasp of surprise when Alicia clamped on her talons.

"What are you doooooing?" Michelle squealed in surprise.

Alicia didn't respond, just kept her nails buried tightly into Michelle pale boobs. In return, Michelle tightened her claw and it became of a battle over who could endure more pain. Alicia would twist and turn Michelle's boobs into grotesque and unnatural positions but Michelle really leaned into her crotch claw. Both screamed in pain as they clinched their teeth and tried to outlast their opponent.

Keeping one hand firmly embedded in Michelle's breast, Alicia dropped the other around her waist and rocked back, twisting Michelle's body away from her attack point. As Michelle struggled to regain the claw, Alicia reversed gears. She used her legs to rock back, then forward, planting the 'Creek' Star between her spread legs with a tailbone-busting butt bump. Michelle's mouth flew open in shock at the effective move. She momentarily forgot about the claw as Alicia rolled back with Michelle in tow, ready to do it again.

"!" Michelle moaned, her volume growing, as impact approached.

Alicia moving her other hand back up to Michelle's full breasts didn't help matters because she squeezed both of Michelle's breasts AND butt bumped her one more time.

"Damn it," Michelle cried, reaching up to rid her breasts of Alicia's ruby, red nails.

Michelle was finally able to roll away only because Alicia felt there were better spoils to be had. Alicia adjusted her panties, giving her crotch a quick knead or two as she bounced to her feet, her young breasts gently bobbing; her sweat giving them a gorgeous luster. Below her, Michelle still sat on the mat massaging her aching bosom. Angry red streaks crisscrossed the supple flesh, brown nipples stiff and hard, engorged from all the activity - both good and bad.

Alicia felt some more tenderizing was in order so she planted a pink boot at the base of Michelle's neck; her head shooting forward before snapping back in a recoil; her body following to a prone position on the mat. Michelle lay with no movement save the gentle rise and fall of her chest. Her eyes were wide and unblinking.

Alicia scooped up what remained of her once confident and animated opponent who was now little more than a beautiful, glistening shell. In one fluid motion, she draped Michelle across her shoulders, one arm clamped down on her neck and the other mid-thigh; locking her in place. Alicia bounced up and down like a piston, simultaneously bending and shaking Michelle's pain-wracked body. Her spine feeling as if it would surely snap if only Alicia wished it to happen; unable to spit out anything, except the most fragile squeaks of pain.

Alicia reveled in her domination, tossing insults over her shoulder to the barely aware Michelle while she continued to bend and jolt her unmercifully. Finally, Alicia fell backward to the mat, using Michelle as a moist, fleshy cushion. Michelle grunting from the impact of first the mat then Alicia's body. Alicia rolled over to face Michelle, who feebly raised her arms in defense but Alicia disdainfully slapped them aside.

"Now, what am I to do with you?" Alicia asked rhetorically.

She stared at the injured blonde that lay before her, trying deciding what do to inflict even more pain and maybe even get a submission. A devilish smile crossed Alicia's face as she came up with a idea.

"I think I know what to do with you bitch."

Alicia ripped Michelle to her feet by her hair and kneed her in the stomach. Michelle grunted and dropped her hands to her abdomen. Alicia reached down, wrapped her hands around Michelle's upper thigh and pulled her up, putting her over her shoulder. Then she carried Michelle to the nearest corner.

Smacking Michelle's ass she said, "I think some one needs to work on those buns a little bit 'chelle."

With that Alicia sat Michelle down on the top turnbuckle. The nude blonde sat slumped over, holding the ropes to keep from falling while the barely dressed Alicia climbed the ropes and put her hands around Michelle's head.

"Nitey, Nite 'chelle," Alicia said as she fell backward nailing Michelle with a top rope DDT.

The move was sloppy and obviously performed by an amateur, but effective none the less. Alicia stood up and admired her handiwork while she played to the cheering crowd, putting her hands above her head and yelling. Then she went for the cover

The Ref counted. One...Two...Thr... kick out!

Michelle hurt and dazed somehow managed to kick out just in time! Alicia looked a the downed blonde with a mix of amazement and anger.

"How could she have kicked out of that," Alicia thought to her self. Then, filled with rage and she said, "So you think you still have some fight in you huh? Well, we'll see about that!"

Alicia then proceeded to walk over Michelle's legs and grab each of her ankles. Alicia put her heel into Michelle's womanhood and fell backwards, twisting Michelle's legs over each other as she drove her heel deep into the pale skin beauty's mound. Michelle cried out as her pussy was flattened by Alicia's foot.

"Yeah that's what I wanted to hear," Alicia gloated. "Now I want to hear you cry out your submission, slut."

Excruciating waves of anguish rolled over Michelle as the ball of Alicia's heel was wedged deep between her legs. The pain was unreal and Michelle, already exhausted by the non-stop battle, knew Alicia was close to getting her wish. The end of her agony was only two words away, or was it?

If she submitted, would Alicia be satisfied? The thought of what she might do drove Michelle onward. Flailing her legs in an attempt to extricate herself from Alicia's grasp, however, the more Michelle squirmed, the more Alicia drove home her point. She would remove her foot for a moment, only to kick it back in with renewed emphasis.

Michelle bit her lip, whimpering like a beaten puppy, but withholding her surrender. Alicia grew angry at the 'Creek' Star's refusal to give in. Michelle rolled weakly from side to side, the exhaustion and pain making escape seem less likely by the second. Then, suddenly, the blinding sharpness of pain disappeared! The dull ache in her crotch remained as Michelle struggling to sit up, reaching down to give herself a little relief - but only momentarily.

Alicia supplied a little something of her own in the form of a fist to Michelle's left tit. Michelle collapsed back prone, her arms splaying over her head; her creamy, glistening body not answering her desperate urging for it to, 'get up...get away.' Alicia straddled her foe and leaned down to look down into her hazel pools.

"I think you're ready now," Alicia said, a sadistic glint in her eyes.

Leaning forward, her hands supporting her on the canvas next to Michelle's lats, Alicia popped up and came back down on Michelle's ample bosom, smashing the fleshy orbs into her unyielding breastbone. Michelle offered no resistance, she was unable to do anything but whimper a pitiable cry.

"1-2-..." the referee counted.

But then Alicia broke contact with Michelle and in so doing stopped the count.

"Now, I know you're ready," Alicia hissed.

Rolling off beside Michelle, Alicia slid one of her gorgeous gams under Williams' neck and raised the other in the air above her like a guillotine ready to drop. Alicia held Michelle by her sweaty golden locks and pulled her face up along her smooth, slick, legs, over her calves and above her knee.

Michelle, realized what lay in store but was unable to stop Alicia in any way. Her look of panic was a stark contrast to Alicia's joy, as she felt Michelle's face sliding into the humid, sticky, inner sanctum where Alicia's upper thighs met. Only then did Alicia drop her other leg down, enveloping Michelle's face and trapping it against her sweat-soaked pink undies.

The pressure of the scissors was immediately debilitating; not that Michelle had far to go. Her arms slapped weakly at Alicia's thighs, but within seconds, they stopped and fell limp at her sides. A final squeak from between Alicia's legs gave the victor sanction to finally, fully, enjoy her dominance, that and the exciting feel of Michelle's desperate sucking for oxygen tickling Alicia's fancy.

There was still the win to collect but Alicia was essentially in the ring with her own 5'4", 110-pound plaything and wasn't she deserving of so much more? Alicia lay with her most intimate of areas smothering Michelle beautiful face. She could feel Michelle struggle for air between her legs which caused a strange feeling in the dominate blonde. The sensation of Michelle wiggling to get out from under her combined with Michelle pitifully trying to push her ass off her made Alicia even more excited. She found herself slowly grinding the facesit with almost erotic delight. Alicia had never felt like this before and she began to sweat lightly and grind faster.

Alicia could feel the excitement inside her growing from her dominating of this pale blonde and it soon became obvious what was happening. She began to grind faster and faster and the crowd watched in amazement at the sight of the "Clueless" star humping the blonde "Dawson's cutie" face. Alicia grabbed Michelle curly locks and began to moan and grind violently, in a matter of minutes Alicia finally gave out one large moan and rolled off to the side. Alicia had never really been attracted to girls and she still wasn't, but Alicia realized she'd never been able to dominate a women before and that gave her a rush.

The ref went to Michelle and despite Alicia getting the pin during her little sexual escapade he ruled Michelle out and signaled for the bell to ring for the match to be over.

The ref helped Alicia to her feet as the ring announcer said, "The winner by pin fall, Miss Alicia Silverstone."

As the ref raised Alicia's hand, the crowd responded with a mix of cheers and boos. Alicia walked to the corner, taking in the applause of the crowd. Alicia went to the other corner turnbuckle and did the same. As she was going to the third turnbuckle she passed her defeated, sleeping rival, still out cold and an evil grin crossed her face.

"When would I get this chance again; to dominate an opponent? Michelle really hurt me," Alicia thought as she remembered the crotch claw Michelle had given her. Suddenly, the memory of her pain came flooding back to her. She remembered Michelle stomping her breast and the painful wedgie Michelle had given her. With that, Alicia made her way over to the downed blonde, stood over Michelle's body, roughly nudging her with her foot. But she wouldn't wake up.

"Come on bitch, get up."

Alicia tried slapping Michelle's face, but still no luck. Then she got an idea. She reached down and began to pinch each of Michelle's perky, upturned, cherry red and hard nipples.

"It's your wake up call, bitch!"

Michelle began to stir and was soon jolted back to her senses by the searing pain in her chest.

"Were not done yet bitch."

Alicia stood up and gave Michelle a stomp to the crotch that made the lithe blondes body jerk and roll over on her side writhing in pain. Alicia kicked her onto her back and grabbed Michelle's ankles. Michelle still wasn't exactly sure what was going on but painfully realized she was being pulled backwards. Alicia began to run backward, dragging Michelle's naked breasts along the rough mat. Michelle gave out screams of pain, but they fell of deaf ears - Alicia was enjoying herself too much. Finally, the blonde stopped and turned Michelle over onto her back.

"That was for stomping my chest," Alicia said.

She gave another kick to Michelle's crotch. "That was for the clawing my crotch."

"And this one is for me!" Alicia laughed as she pulled downed her soaked pink panties and hovered above the dazed and confused Michelle.

She dropped her bare ass on Michelle's face, smothering her for the second time. This time, Michelle had barely any fight left and within a matter of seconds she was out cold.

Alicia rose off Michelle and started collecting her clothes. She found everything but her bra, but then realized she hadn't worn one. She dressed as she took in the cheers of the crowd.

Before Alicia left, she knelt down next to Michelle and whispered in her ear, "That was fun, we have to do that again sometime."

Alicia left the ring walking awkwardly from all the pain that caused to her crotch and thighs. She could feel her chest was bruised and her neck really hurt. Alicia was hurt alright, but she was the victor nonetheless.