Alicia Silverstone vs. Reese Witherspoon by Oberon

The contest is soon to commence although the two women scheduled to wrestle each other have yet to arrive. The room designed for sexfighting is empty except for a bedroom type setting set directly in the center. The bed on which this match is about to take place is situated alongside a small night table and other additional accouterments, a Persian carpet graces the floor underneath. On the night table is a lamp giving off a soft light illuminating the room around the bedding area. Close to the bed is another night table with a lamp giving the same soft glow, casting it further out into the room. The effect is both soothing and erotic. The setting could easily be one of the combatants' bedrooms, but it was located in the heart of the CWC arena.

A door on the far wall opens and Reese walks confidently in, patiently surveying the scenery around her, taking everything in until she is satisfied. Reese is dressed in a short black leather miniskirt that shows off her shapely thighs, and underneath her motorcycle jacket, a matching black leather tank top that reveals just enough of her curvaceous midsection to arouse an onlooker's attention while still leaving much to one's imagination. The contrast between Reese's vestments and her long, flowing naturally blonde hair is quite striking as she shifts out of her jacket, throwing it over the back of a chair and sitting down in it to wait for the arrival of her shortly-to-be opponent.

A few moments later, the door opens again, and her rival, Alicia, appears. She looks around the room, seeing the bed and the lamps on the night tables strategically positioned alongside it on either side, sensing the soft feel of the Persian carpet giving way underneath her, taking care to remember not to fall for any secret strategies Reese had in mind for this match. Then, upon casting her eyes across the room and seeing that Reese is calmly sitting in the chair and waiting for Alicia's eventual arrival, she briskly strides up to Reese, exuding a visible air of renewed, determined confidence, quite eager to redeem herself in her own eyes besides the eyes of the CWC after her previous match wrestling Christina Aguilera.

Reese rises from her chair, and approaches Alicia to stand toe to toe with her. For a few long, drawn out moments they do nothing but just stand there, sizing one another up. At five-six, Alicia has at least a good four inches on her shorter rival, who stands five-two and Alicia figures she should be able to use her height to her advantage. At the same time, she's well aware of Reese's reputation as a fireball who will pull out all the stops to win a match, including fighting dirty if she has to. It's for this reason Reese decided to include an 'anything goes' stipulation to their match; any dirty tactic is allowed: punching, biting, scratching, kicking and clawing in addition to the usual use of bear hugs and scissor-locks.

After a submission was forced from one or the other of the combatants, there remained the question of the winner bringing the vanquished woman to orgasm. Besides her habit of collecting articles of clothing from her defeated opponents as trophies, Alicia had also heard of Reese's ravenous lesbian appetite from her fight with Parker Posey at a local health spa.... As if reading Alicia's mind, Reese smiled wickedly and moved slightly closer to Alicia, their bodies almost touching they're so close.

Tilting her head just slightly backward and moving her face close to that of Alicia as if to kiss her, she suggestively purrs, "I trust you understand the terms under which we're going to wrestle?" Alicia hears Reese chuckle underneath her breath, "Because it's to be a contest of sexuality in addition to our respective wrestling skills, I feel this is an appropriate setting for our fight." A look of barely suppressed excitement and battle lust on her sweet face, she continues. "As for what you and I resort to in order to win.... anything goes. And I do mean anything-as in headbutts, eye gouging, biting, scratching, kicking, choking, squeezing waists and necks.... you get the idea, as I've already let you know. And after one of us or the other has gained a submission from, the orgasm forced from the loser will have to nothing less than bring the whole damn house down." Gliding a hand lightly along Alicia's leg, she finishes, "I hope you don't mind me taking part of your bikini as a trophy after I've made you come!"

With that, Reese steps back just a little, that wicked smile still plainly visible on her face as she begins to slowly, seductively bump, grind and sway to some sensual music only she seems to be hearing inside her head, as Reese is obviously imagining some sexy vamp to have as a guide as she slowly begins to peel off her black leather tans top, alternating between peeling the material away from her squirming body and then repositioning it again as Alicia watches, almost as if teasing her, deliberately trying to entice her into an uncontrollable sexual lust.

"I'll show you who's the real woman," Reese breathes as she repeats the same motion of peeling and repositioning, peeling and repositioning, again.... and again.... and again.... while undulating her lower body like a serpent possessed by some lustful spirit, or a sinful snake-charmer.... until finally, she pulls the leather tank top from her torso, revealing the frilly, semi-see through black lingerie she is wearing underneath.

"Let's see you top this performance when it's your turn to strip, Alicia," Reese continues to taunt her.

She tosses the tank top over to where her jacket is and turning to give Alicia another view of her lush physique, she bends over, suggestively wiggling her backside at Alicia, as she repeats the same seductive movements with her leather miniskirt as she had with her tank top, seemingly for an eternity of forbidden titillation until finally, she slowly, painstakingly, pulled the tight material from below her curvy midriff to reveal a matching set of lingerie garter and panties. Tossing that article of clothing over to where her jacket and tank top are by the chair, she almost playfully kicks off her black cowboy boots into the rest of the ensemble, reaching down to her ankles and slowly peeling the sheer black stockings from her feet all the way to her feminine hips, carefully fastening them to her garter by the two straps resting on the outer thigh.

Then, standing up tall to face Alicia again, she intones, "Alicia, I always find the prospect of pitting my half-naked body up against another's to discover which is the better woman exciting to me. Besides that, I assure you I have very much been looking forward to our fight since we agreed to take one another on. Remember, you and I both agreed that anything goes in this match, which you have to know means that I will stop at absolutely nothing to force a submission from you in the end. This fight between us will continue, until one of us can't go anymore and gives that submission to the other. No other strings attached; just a good old fashioned all-out no holds barred cat-fight, or cat-brawl to be more appropriate. All we need is our wits, all the physical strength we can muster to stay in the game.... and the will to win. So, I hope you are ready to give this your all, because I know I will. By the way, had I forgotten to mention hair pulling, pussy clawing and stomping....?" she finishes with a sardonic laugh, turning and walking toward the bed where she rested on her knees, waiting for Alicia to begin her own pre-match strip show. "Let's see what ya got...."

As soon as Alicia entered the room, she knew that this fight would be like no other she'd been in. Sure, her brawl with Christina had taken a sensual turn toward the end (mostly once Alicia had already been pounded into submission), but this time Reese was exuding sexuality from the moment she laid eyes on her. Wearing a leopard-print top, low-cut to reveal her modest cleavage, along with a short black skirt and black nylons, Alicia stood silently as Reese performed her striptease. As her opponent stripped down to her frilly lingerie, Alicia noticed that her heart was starting to race, and her breathing had grown slightly heavier.

"Calm down," Alicia thought to herself, "this isn't going to help."

Alicia hadn't been planning on such an elaborate pre-match display herself, but she knew that she had to follow Reese's lead. So walking right up to wear her opponent was kneeling on the edge of the bed, she put one hand on the back of Reese's head, and - at the exact same moment as she used her other hand to unfasten her skirt - pulled Reese's head gently into her crotch. The result was that, as Alicia pulled the skirt down her stocking-clad legs, Reese spent a moment with her nose and lips lightly touching Alicia's black panties before she backed away to continue her striptease.

Standing a short distance from Reese, Alicia stepped cleanly out of her skirt. Extending her right leg toward Reese, she ran her foot along her opponent's thigh, gently teasing her. Meanwhile, she pulled her shirt up over her head and off, revealing a rather skimpy piece of black lingerie that accentuated her small breasts while cutting off slightly above her navel. With her foot still resting on Reese's thigh, Alicia began to peel off her right stocking.

"I don't need to hide my legs behind anything," she said, se she rolled it down past her knee. "So why don't you help me out here."

Reese, being the obliging sort, finished peeling Alicia's right stocking off, and then they repeated the same process with her left leg. Finally finished, Alicia pulled her leg back, took another step toward Reese, and then turned her back to her. Revealing her thong-clad ass for the first time, Alicia used her barely-covered butt to bump Reese lightly in the face, knocking her back slightly. Turning around again, she placed her finger on Reese's forehead, then ran it slowly down her face, between her full breasts, and down her stomach until she reached the lower portion of her lingerie. Lightly snapping the waistband of Reese's panties, she back away and beckoned her opponent to join her.

"By the way, Sweetie," Alicia whispered, "you're welcome to a piece of my clothing. Because like it or not, I'm taking all of yours."

Reese smiled wryly at Alicia's verbal taunting. Apparently it was meant to elicit some kind of angered or annoyed response. She believed she recognized the psychological tactic from her previous fights with Parker Posey and Danielle Fishel, both of whom had gone far over the top to elicit a response from her that would have clearly given her respective opponents the advantage necessary to win the fight. From Alicia, however, this tactic seemed much more sexually provocative, as well as an attempt to outdo Reese in their pre-match striptease contest. On the other hand, the pneumatic natural blonde established her domain within the sexfight room, so to speak. Without Alicia's knowledge the contest had already begun between them from the moment she and Reese first established eye contact with one another and Reese exuded her legendary sex appeal. So far, Reese had drawn her soon-to-be opponent right into her web of seduction, which Reese knew she could capitalize on in order to gain the edge over the taller Alicia.

This was why she allowed Alicia to add physical contact to her stripshow, when Alicia had placed her hand on the back of Reese's head to draw her into Alicia's black panties, had placed her bare foot onto the smooth skin of Reese's curvy thigh and let Reese remove the stockings from her legs, et cetera, et cetera. Alicia's performance was punctuated with one verbal taunt in particular about how Reese was supposedly hiding her legs behind her stockings, meant to add to the intended effect of removing her own stockings. Reese interpreted that taunt as an effort to make her feel self-conscious as to why she was wearing the sheer black material on her own shapely limbs.

Then, when she watched Alicia stepping back, inviting Reese to join her on the Persian carpet a distance away from the bed, announcing that she intended to strip Reese all her vestments, she concluded that Alicia's tactic was to fill her with embarrassment. But it was doubtful to Reese this would be met with much success, as Reese felt her ravenous lustful appetite to well up from deep within her. Finally she decided to fight fire with fire and rose from the bed, approaching the waiting Alicia.

Padding silently across the Persian carpet toward her opponent, she walked forward until she was right in Alicia's face, their half-naked bodies almost touching then, with that sinfully wicked smile still on Reese's face, she purred in a low, insinuating and extremely sexually tinged tone, "Well, love honey, who said I was hiding any part of my luscious body from you?"

Running a finger down along Alicia's bared stomach, from just underneath her breasts to the top of her panties, Reese pressed her own psychological assault.

"After all, I just love the feeling of these sheer stockings against my sexy legs. The way they hug my thighs like a second skin, it makes me feel so incredibly sexy inside." As if to punctuate her provocative statement, she slowly lifts her right leg off the soft Persian carpet, lifting it towards Alicia. "And baby, I think you will agree with me when you feel the material for yourself, against your own skin."

With that, Reese began to slowly glide her thigh in between Alicia's bare limbs, very, very lightly, the sheer material of the stocking caressing Alicia's inner thighs, moving languidly down to her knees and back up to her panties. Reese repeated the seductive motion again, and again, and again, and again, still moving very slowly in her efforts to draw the prey into her trap, so that she would strike like a ravenous snake ready to crush it's meal to death before devouring it. Reese went on repeating the liquid movement until she began to see the expression of barely suppressed excitement surfacing on Alicia's face. Her sexy smile broadening at the look, Reese breathed another taunt to her, in a voice so low only Alicia could hear.

"Besides, we could have had at least a little more fun it you had kept your stockings on.... like this," Reese reached up to where her panties were and unfastened the clips that connecting her stockings to her garter, lifting them to Alicia's panties and fastening them, thereby ensuring the start of their battle would be one fought in decidedly close quarters. Regarding Alicia's rising excitement, imagining the thoughts that must be going through her mind, Reese breathed, "Believe me, sweetness, I am every bit as excited as you."

Reese lowered her leg back down to the soft Persian carpet beneath them as she prepared for another attack. Her stockings fastened with Alicia's panties, Reese flashed Alicia yet another inviting, dazzling smile as she gently wrapped her arms around Alicia's waist, as if wrapping her in a loving embrace. The flesh of her nubile, curvaceous waist, feeling oh so smooth against Alicia's naked midriff, brushed lightly against Alicia as the embrace Reese fixed around her waist almost imperceptibly tightened, giving a stronger impression of a hug than a physical attack. Reese chuckled as their stomachs brushed together as lightly as it did, then parted again.

Carefully steeping up her attack, she said "I have to admit, bunny, you do have such soft skin. It's not as nice as mine; you understand; but I have to ask you: do you work out often? I think I could feel some muscles just under that sexy smoothness you have." Her breathing soon beginning to deepen, to grow louder, she pressed on farther still. "Thinking of that; picturing you in the gym doing aerobics or just working on making your slender body nice and strong, while working up a nice sweat in the process, makes me very excited.... fox. Just don't quote me to everyone, okay? After all, I do have a reputation to uphold."

Reese tightened her hug just a little more around Alicia's waist, again brushing her soft stomach against Alicia's as the embrace became that much more fervent, that much more pronounced. She breathed out again as their naked flesh came into contact once more, then parted. Enjoying the expression her sexual tactic had elicited on Alicia's face, Reese leaned forward to extend the smallest part of her tongue to brush it against Alicia's cheek. Reese knew she was going out on a limb by doing this, but she decided to take a chance with compounding on her attack considering the psychological effect it was having on her adversary.

"Alicia, honey," she intoned softly, her breathing slowly, steadily increasing, "your skin feels so very good against mine." A third time she brushed her bare midriff against Alicia's, the motion allowing just the slightest contact between them.... then, their stomachs parted yet again. "You look like you're having as much fun as I, angel," she breathed softly. "That's so hot. I can't believe how deeply you're turning me on."

A fourth time their stomachs brushed together and parted, with Reese verbally tantalizing her opponent yet again, drawing Alicia progressively farther, and farther, and farther into her web. Alicia was so entirely mesmerized by Reese's erotic maneuvers that she barely noticed as Reese began to turn herself and her opponent around.... slowly, slowly, very slowly.... so that Alicia was now standing with her back to the bed. Now Reese decided to add another seductive tactic to her plan of attack, saying "Oh, my God. I think I am going to greatly enjoy this." Now, instead of brushing her stomach against Alicia's, Reese began to lightly bump her smooth waist against that of Alicia's, every bit as lightly as Reese had brushed her skin against her adversary's. With more painstaking slowness, Reese repeated this motion over and over again. Each time their bodies connected now, the seductive bumping of their stomachs became a little harder and a little harder, as the embrace Reese fixed on Alicia tightened and tightened. There was a look of apparent near-ecstasy etched onto Reese's angelic countenance as she breathed out words, as if she was punctuating each collision of their skin.

"Alicia... Alicia.... God..... Alicia.... you're so.... so.... I.... I.... I...."

By now the colliding of their naked stomachs had progressed to the point where they were punctuated with audible slapping noises, as Reese began to walk Alicia backwards, her feet softly padding with Alicia's onto the yielding Persian carpet, backing Alicia towards the bed. When Reese and her opponent had finally closed the distance towards the bed, the blonde's embrace on her opponent had become almost tight enough to feel uncomfortable to Alicia. The slapping noises grew louder and louder, the embrace tightening with each passing moment, until Reese leaned forward once again, to plant a passionate kiss directly onto Alicia's open mouth, caressing Alicia's teeth and tongue with her own tongue. The kiss felt like the dam to Reese's animal lust was about to break through and engulf her adversary in its sinful juices.

Breaking the kiss, Reese made eye contact with Alicia, the expression of crazed desire on her face burning deeply into Alicia's psyche, saying, "It'll be very enjoyable to edge you into that submission, and then that screaming orgasm you're going to have."

Speaking those words, Reese moved forward and pushed Alicia down to the bed, her stockings still fastened to Alicia's panties, and locked her calves underneath Alicia's thighs. Letting go of the embrace around Alicia's waist, she grabbed Alicia's wrists, gripping them tightly and pinning them to the soft mattress underneath her.

Smiling seductively into Alicia's eyes, Reese persisted in slapping her bare stomach against that of her opponent's, saying, "If this is exciting you a bit too much, sweetness, just let me know."

Alicia was so overwhelmed by what had transpired over the past couple of minutes that she barely knew how to react to Reese's sudden physical aggressiveness. The feeling of skin on skin...the touch of her soft tongue inside her mouth...Reese's sexy, throaty whispers to her...Alicia felt half-seduced, and they were barely underway. More importantly, though, she also found herself pinned to the bed mere moments into their fight. With Reese sprawled on top of her, her stomach grinding against her own, she was practically at her mercy if she couldn't find a way to reverse the situation. With her leg movement hindered by the fact that Reese's stockings were still clipped to her panties, she had to try to use her upper body to spring free. But upper body strength had never been a huge strong point for the young actress, and especially from this angle it was going to be an uphill battle.

With a sudden movement, Alicia tried to wrest her arms free from Reese's grip. But before she could budge her much, Reese clamped down on her wrists and pinned them back down against the bed. Alicia grunted and groaned slightly as she tried again to out-muscle her opponent, but it clearly wasn't working. Reese, meanwhile, was visibly turned on by her re-asserted dominance over Alicia. As a broad smile crossed her lips, she rapidly increased her grinding against Alicia, adding an occasional pelvic thrust to her stomach-slapping. Once, and then again, she leaned her face into Alicia's and ran her tongue along her cheek.

To Reese's detriment, though, she was beginning to get too involved for her own good. She'd had a strong strategy from the outset, having successfully lured Alicia into her sensual trap. But now, with her opponent seemingly within her control, she got a bit greedy. She wanted her prize, and she wanted it now. Which is why, taking a big, uncalculated risk, she tried to use one hand to pin both of Alicia's wrists together as the other one quickly reached between them, tugging Alicia's skimpy lingerie top down to expose her smallish breasts.

Alicia, who had only recently given up on her attempts to power her way out, wasn't about to be caught napping when presented with this golden opportunity. Quite simply, the 5'2 Reese might have had a slight advantage in upper body strength - but certainly not enough to pin two arms with one. So almost immediately Alicia's arms sprang free, and as one wrapped around Reese's neck in a headlock, the other pushed at her side.

In a flash, Reese - who had taken her advantage for granted - found herself lying underneath Alicia. And for the first time thus far, the match got a bit violent as Alicia rained open-handed slaps down onto Reese's face as her stunned opponent tried to regain her bearings. Getting to her knees, Alicia landed a couple of solid punches into Reese's bare stomach. But not wanting to fight too much in close quarters for now, she quickly unfastened Reese's stockings from her panties, grabbed her by the hair, and stood up.

Bringing Reese with her so that they were both standing on the bed, Alicia unloaded a haymaker that caught Reese on the jaw, knocking her off the bed and onto the floor, where she rolled to a stop on her stomach, her stockinged legs stretched out behind her, and then quickly scurried to her knees as Alicia climbed off of the bed...

Reese struggled to her knees, fighting the waves of dizziness that had overwhelmed her as Alicia climbed from the bed. She knew her opponent was quickly approaching and that she had to regain her bearings in order to mount an effective counter-offensive to whatever Alicia had in mind for her next. However, the savage haymaker Alicia unleashed upon Reese had compounded on the sudden retaliation of stinging slaps to her face and blows to her fleshy stomach. Reese was now in a position of disadvantage unlike the moment when she had successfully pulled Alicia into her web of sensuality, and her adversary was almost upon her. Redoubling her efforts to shake the cobwebs from her head, Reese inwardly admonished herself for allowing herself to become too overconfident and resolved not to make the same mistake again.

Alicia had seized hold of double handfuls of Reese's generous tresses, her fingers digging in deeply so that Reese felt as if her scalp was practically in fire. Hauling Reese back up to her feet, Alicia grinned and planted a lingering wet kiss directly on her lips, her tongue feverishly wrestling with the pneumatic blonde's. Fighting to stay in the game, Reese returned the kiss as passionately as she was receiving it from her taller opponent. This contest of seduction continued for a few fleeting moments that seemed to draw themselves out for much longer until Alicia broke the kiss, releasing Reese's hair with one hand and delivering a series of slaps to her cheek that reverberated in the closed confines of the sexfight room. Unknown to Alicia, however, the impacts of her open hand striking her angelic face were not having their intended effect on her as much as they were forcing Reese back into a state of awareness of her situation. After a few more slaps, Reese felt somehow re-energized enough to strike back despite the stinging pain she felt on her cheek.

Alicia had reared her hand back and was preparing to deliver another haymaker that would have knocked Reese off her feet and back down to the floor when, just as Alicia was beginning to drive her balled fist forward, Reese opted to meet directness with directness, curled the fingers of her left hand into a fist of her own and drove it suddenly, violently forward, channeling her upper body strength straight through her arm and into a fierce blow that impacted on Alicia's nose with resounding force. The punch took Alicia completely by surprise and stopped her continued assault dead in its tracks. Her head snapping back, Alicia was visibly dazed and temporarily unable to follow up on her offensive in any way. Deciding this was all the time she needed to gain an advantage over her adversary, Reese moved forward as Alicia's hand still at least lightly gripped her hair, wrapped her arms around Alicia's slander waist and lifted her off her feet.

The strength of the bearhug forced a sudden gust of oxygen from Alicia's lungs as Reese squeezed down hard, her forearms pressing into the small of Alicia's back, her muscles constricting tight against Alicia's sides. Recalling her own match against Rose McGowan from a while back, Reese used a similar tactic that had been used on her early on during that grueling contest. Firstly she focused her energy into compressing the slim midriff ensnared in her unaffectionate, tightly gripping embrace, striving to force a second huff of air from Alicia's lungs. A long, agonized groan emanated from deep within Alicia's throat as Reese worked the bearhug tighter around her midsection, grinding her arms into Alicia's sides and back. The two combatants' stomachs were pressed together so tightly that they resembled a pair of Siamese twins and Reese wasn't about to let up on the pressure she was exerting on her adversary's body. The grinding of her arms into Alicia shortly graduated to compressing the painful hold in a series of short, staccato bursts that prompted a series of pained UH's from Alicia's lips.

Alicia's head was thrown back in pain, her long hair was pulled back from her forehead by the force of gravity and pointing straight down to the floor beneath her. Still, Alicia stubbornly refused to cry out in her profound discomfort, seeming to be aware that this would only encourage Reese to squeeze tighter. So they remained locked in their mutual position for a time, neither side very much willing to give in to the other, and Reese seeming determined to receive some kind of a sign of Alicia's suffering, a sign that Reese was clearly not getting the satisfaction of hearing or seeing. But Reese was not quite finished with her tactic just yet. As Alicia was facing the ceiling, she was completely unaware of what Reese now intended to do to her next as Reese walked forward with Alicia still caught in her grasp, then suddenly dropped to one knee on the floor, her other leg bent at the knee directly under Alicia's crotch. As Reese fell to the floor,. she pulled Alicia into her own body as far as she could, brining her unprotected womanhood right down on her outstretched knee.

The impact sent waves of agony rocketing through Alicia's body, beginning at her crotch, moving upward along her spine and mushrooming inside her brain, where it exploded like a 1000-megaton nuclear warhead. The pain washing over her, Alicia lay prostrated on the floor, her face and stomach pressed against the soft Persian carpet. Her mouth was hanging wide open as she was now the one fighting to overcome the searing agony consuming her from the inside out. After dropping Alicia to the carpet, Reese stepped back to regain her bearings, breathing evenly as she stared down at her prone foe who appeared to be furiously struggling to catch her breath. After a few long moments, Alicia struggled to her hands and knees, readying herself to get back to her feet. But Reese was not about to give her advantage up so easily. Approaching Alicia, she kicked her onto her back and proceeded to repeatedly drive the heel of her foot into Alicia's gut, hard, knocking more wind out of the woman.

After the fourth or fifth impact of Reese's heel striking her midriff, Alicia saw Reese lifting her leg to deliver another blow with her foot into Alicia's waist. As the heel came down, Alicia somehow managed, out of either strategy or desperation she did not know, to wrap an arm around Reese's calf, topping her to the floor alongside her. Almost simultaneously the women rolled onto their sides so that they were facing one another. The next thing they knew they were rolling around on the floor, raining slaps, blows and knees onto any part of each other's bodies within reach.... until Reese finally landed a fist into Alicia's solar plexus. Again Alicia gasped for air as Reese rolled her over so that Reese was lying on top of her, her breasts and stomach pressing against Alicia's back. Rolling over again, Reese pulled Alicia on top of her as she once more coiled her lags around Alicia's, this time around her thighs, as she wrapped one arm around her opponent's throat and with the other secured Alicia's right arm so that Alicia wouldn't be able to budge it.

This hold secured, Reese slid her calves upward along Alicia's smooth thighs, bringing the heel of her right foot to a level with Alicia's crotch. Uttering another low chuckle, she began to massage Alicia's pussy through her panties, lightly at first, then progressively harder as Reese began to hear the long, deep breaths coming from her enemy's throat. The sexual tactic seemed to be working like a charm as Alicia was squirming feverishly within the tight anaconda Reese had firmly ensnared her in. Leaning her head forward, she started to tease Alicia's outer ear with her long, moist tongue, expertly caressing Alicia's earlobe while blowing lightly, suggestively into her sensitive canal.

Reese's tactics were certainly working, as her arms and legs held Alicia tight while her stocking-clad heel pushed her further toward the brink. Alicia's legs thrashed about, her feet pounding on the carpet, but that was the only free movement she could make, and it wasn't going to do much to get her out of this predicament. Knowing that she had Alicia well within her control, Reese slid her left arm down somewhat, still keeping a firm grip (now around her ribcage) but enabling her to use her fingers tug on Alicia's skimpy lingerie top until, with a rip, it tore down the middle. Tossing the article of clothing off to the side, Reese put her hand over Alicia's small right breast, using her fingers to alternately tease and torment her nipple.

Now, with Reese manipulating her crotch with her foot and her breast with her fingers, Alicia knew that she needed to act quickly before her body became even less cooperative in fighting back. And so she did the only thing that seemed capable of working, and the one that would best take advantage of Reese's obvious attraction to her. With maximum effort, Alicia managed to pull her body up just enough that her thong-clad behind rested on top of Reese's panties. Reese managed to maintain her leg-lock, but her foot no longer could comfortably reach Alicia's crotch; meanwhile, Alicia managed to force both pairs of legs into the air somewhat, which was vital to the next part of he plan. With Reese's legs now slightly raised, Alicia managed to lift up her butt somewhat...and then slap it directly into her opponent's panty-covered crotch. Reese let out a surprised grunt on impact...and then another, and another, and another, as Alicia continued the move.

Now, it was Reese who found her body being manipulated, and Reese found herself growing increasingly moist as Alicia continued to drive her bare flesh into her. Finally, Reese's arms loosened their grip, and Alicia succeeded in breaking free, pulling her legs away at the same moment and jumping to her feet. Before Reese could properly react, Alicia grabbed her by the ankles, spread her legs somewhat, and placed her bare foot on her opponent's crotch. Grinding it in, she couldn't help but notice the tantalizing moans coming from Reese's mouth...that is, until Alicia followed up with a solid kick that brought a distinctly different type of groan from her lips. With Reese temporarily incapacitated, Alicia got down to her knees, lifted her opponent's legs by the ankles, and pushed them up so that Reese's legs were over her own upper body and her feet were over her head. Taking a seat on the back of her opponent's stocking-covered legs, directly over her chest, Alicia maintained the hold while beginning to bounce up and down...

Reese had been quite stimulated by Alicia's sexual retaliation as the taller actress slapped her derriere into her crotch and then massaged it with her naked foot, almost so much that the sudden forceful kick that she delivered to her jarred her state of pleasure into one of agony as she felt Alicia's foot sinking hard into the soft recesses of her moist snatch. Groaning and sucking in much-needed breath, Reese was hardly in a position to stop Alicia while the taller woman pulled her own legs upward and above her head. Immobilized, Reese could only stare upward for the moment as Alicia planted her derriere on the back of her thighs. Her fingers gripping Reese's ankles, Alicia was bouncing up and down on top of her, pushing the front of her limbs into her breasts and thus causing her significant discomfort. The combined assault of Alicia's butt on the back of her thighs and the motion of forcing her legs into her bust was taking its toll on Reese; and a retaliation was crucial if she wished to stay in the game.

Alicia was sensing Reese's attraction to her, from the constant close bodily contact between them, and had decided to capitalize on this to gain an advantage over her. Since half this battle between them had been of a sexual nature right from the start, Alicia believed some additional incentive would be appropriate in order to come out ahead of her opponent. Shifting her grasp on Reese's legs, holding on to both ankles with one arm, with the other she reached behind her and sought out the moist area between Reese's thighs. A few moments and Alicia found it; grinning wickedly as she looked down into Reese's eyes she began to rub and massage Reese's womanhood through her own panties as Reese had similarly done earlier on. Her lips emitted a long, deep breath as Alicia's fingers stroked her snatch, then slowly stole underneath the material and slid their way into her as Alicia seemed to know her efforts were met with some success. Reese was in a state of combined pain and pleasure as Alicia expertly manipulated her womanhood.

Squirming slightly underneath Alicia's backside, Reese felt the waves of ecstasy washing over her and knew she would have to do something quite soon in order to escape her opponent's erotic grasp, for Reese could feel Alicia's sexual manipulations threatening all the more to wear down her resistance. Fighting to maintain a clear head, Reese calculated the frequency in which Alicia was bouncing her ass into the back of her thighs. Trying not to allow it to be noticed, she began to move her lower body in tandem with Alicia's movements in the hopes of turning this tactical and sexual combat around in her favor again. Reese could sense her adversary was every bit as excited by Reese as Reese herself was by Alicia, and remained confident she could still make the effect her seductive overtones had on Alicia work for her. Alicia continued to bounce on the back of Reese's thighs and massage her pussy under her panties, as Reese struggled to keep her concentration and continue her own bodily movements.

Finally, when Reese sensed the right moment to strike back had arrived, she whipped her curvaceous body into a sudden convulsive shake, kicking her ankles free of Alicia's arms and half-toppling her off of her thighs. Alicia hadn't expected to be uprooted from her position of supremacy and uttered a startled yelp as she found herself thrown from her sitting position, her right knee resting on the soft Persian carpet and her other knee resting on Reese's stomach. Although the movement pained her, Reese brought her legs up and locked them around Alicia's throat to topple her to the yielding, too comfortable carpet underneath her. Falling flat on her back, she gagged as she felt the muscles in Reese's legs constricting around her windpipe. Reese tightened the scissors in a few quick pulses before releasing Alicia and rolling away to regain her bearings.

The time Reese took to collect herself allowed Alicia to regain her own footing as well. Reese reared up on her knees and then stood on her legs. As they faced one another, their eyes met across the space between them and locked together as each woman spent a few long moments attempting to stare the other down. Light films of sweat had surfaced on their bodies that glistened in the soft glow from the lamp alongside the bed. The physical exertions both women had used to wear down the fight in their respective opponents was obvious on their faces; as they took tentative steps forward they retained the physical energy still existing inside them. As they closed the distance separating them, Reese lifted her arms over her head, as if daring Alicia to mimic the movement. It took a moment or two for Alicia to figure out Reese was inviting her to engage in a test of strength.

Before long Reese and Alicia were standing face to face, belly to belly, their bodies almost touching. Alicia lifted her own arms as if to interlock her fingers with Reese's, but on their way they reached toward the lingerie top covering Reese's generous breasts, pulling the material from her body with a seductive look on her face. Feeling the material being pulled from her body, and knowing her breasts exposed before Alicia, Reese interpreted the move as another attempt to make her feel self-conscious about her semi-nakedness as Alicia lifted her hands to her adversary's and clasped her hands. Still staring into Alicia's eyes, Reese smiled invitingly as she slightly thrust her chest outward, her sweat-filmed breasts pointing toward Alicia as she tightened her fingers in their mutual hold.

She pushed forward, and Alicia pushed back as both combatants struggled to force the other backward. In a few moments' time, Reese and Alicia were dancing and stumbling around, shifting their footing within the confines of their close quarters contest as they fought against the exertions of the other. During this time their bodies grew closer together and eventually collided together with a resounding sweaty slap. The shockwave of the collision sent shivers up their spines as their arms strained to overpower the other. A slight parting of bare skin and again their bodies inadvertently slapped together as they continued the test of strength.... again, and again, and again, both women feeling the sweat flesh of her opponent slapping and grinding against her. Each time that little shockwave of sexual excitement made them tingle and shudder.

Profoundly turned on, but tiring of the game, Alicia wrenched her fingers free of Reese's grasp and slammed her slim arms around Reese's curvaceous midsection, securing a bearhug and crushing her opponent with great fervency. Gasping, Reese was determined not to be outdone and wrapped her own arms around her taller opponent, her arms pinning Alicia's biceps to her and thus tightening her own hold around Reese. Reese in turn tightened her bearhug around Alicia, squeezing down hard and pulling Alicia into her. Their bodies appeared glued together as each woman sought to out crush the other. Occasionally their legs would slide against the other's thigh and their chests grind together. Reese could feel Alicia's hardened nipples pushing their way into her breasts, just as Reese's own distended aureole were pushing their way into Alicia. In addition to this, every time their chests ground together, Reese's breasts would balloon between them and engulf Alicia's smaller breasts. This began to make Alicia feel self conscious and soon she creamed in rage as she reared her head back and head butted Reese with much force.

The impact clouded Reese's brain with some more cobwebs; shaking them loose as best she could under the circumstance she sent s knee straight into Alicia's crotch, driving it into her unguarded pussy. Now it was Alicia's turn to gasp and suck in breath as the pain rocketed through her, but still she concentrated her energy into out crushing Reese as Reese maintained her own bearhug. As Reese brought her foot down after kneeing Alicia's womanhood, her legs somehow became entwined with Alicia's and before they knew what was happening both women went crashing to the soft Persian carpet. Falling to the floor jarred both women loose of their mutual bearhug; as they regained breath and reared up on their knees Reese all of a sudden sent a right hook directly into Alicia's face that violently snapped her head back.

Acting quickly as Alicia lay on the carpet, Reese moved toward her, turning around so that she was facing Alicia's feet and planting her backside directly onto Alicia's face. Alicia's eyes widened in near-panic as Reese's butt cheeks practically cut off her breathing. Soon, a series of muffled screams came from Alicia's throat as Reese spread Alicia's legs and proceeded to pummel her womanhood with both fists. This went on for a time until Reese shifted her position, lifting her ass from Alicia's face to apply a reverse leg scissors around her throat while she ripped Alicia's panties from her. As her shapely thighs crushed Alicia's windpipe, Reese began to feverishly massage and then finger Alicia's pussy.

Reeling from the simultaneous pleasure and pain inflicted by her opponent, Alicia was afraid that she'd wind up submitting, or coming to orgasm, or both, if she couldn't get out of this predicament. Her feet kicked in the air and stomped on the ground, her arms flailed uselessly, and in spite of herself her hips ground up and down as Reese manipulated her pussy.

Alicia squirmed, trying to free her throat from between Reese's thighs, but it was to no avail. Grabbing onto her opponent's legs with her hands she tried to pull them apart, but Reese's grip was too powerful. Even pounding on her thighs with her weakening arms didn't do much good, and Alicia felt at her wit's end.

Finally, the captive blonde realized that only a quick, decisive action could save her. And so before Reese even had much of a chance to notice, Alicia grabbed her by the hair with her hand and slammed her fore-head first into the rug.

Reese was stunned enough by the blow that her thighs immediately loosened enough for Alicia to pull herself free and roll to the side. The two girls got to their knees - Alicia completely naked, and Reese still wearing her panties and stockings - and quickly extended their arms toward each other.

Perhaps because she'd taken somewhat less of a beating, or else because she just had a bit more upper body strength, Reese was able to overpower Alicia shortly after they grabbed hold of each other. Returning the favor from moments before, she drove Alicia's head into the mat once, twice, and then a third time, then dragged the dazed girl to her feet by her hair.

Holding her in place with one hand, Reese drove several body shots into Alicia's slightly soft tummy with the other. Then, with Alicia barely putting up any resistance, Reese spun her around and tossed her, face first, onto the bed.

Alicia tried to push herself back up almost upon impact with the soft bed, but in a flash Reese was on her. Facing her opponent's feet, Reese straddled Alicia's back.

Using her body weight to keep her naked opponent pinned, Reese began to rain down open-faced slaps upon Alicia's bare butt. With the first slap, Alicia let out a startled moan...but before long, it became clear to Reese that a part of Alicia was enjoying this dominant spanking. And when she snaked her other hand between her opponent's legs, it quickly became clear which part.

With Alicia again kicking her legs up and down, began to rub her moistening crotch with her right hand while she continued the spanking with her left. And once she inserted a finger into Alicia, it was only a matter of time before the prone actress lost all control.

Alicia tried to fight it, but having already been brought close moments before, there wasn't much she could do. Her breathing became accelerated, her fingers gripped the bed sheets, and her feet pounded the mattress, until, with a scream, her body shook in a full-blown orgasm.

Dismounting her opponent, Reese broke into a wide grin. "That was even easier than I expected," she purred, flipping Alicia over so that she could look in her face. "Is it my turn now, Sweetness?"

Alicia lay there for a moment, catching her breath. Sweat covered her forehead, and her small chest heaved up and down as she tried to recuperate. And then, with a sudden movement that shocked her heretofore dominant opponent, she reached her arms into the air, grabbed onto the sides of Reese's head, pulled her down to the bed, and quickly leapt upon her back.

"Hey, Sweetie, thanks for the fun," she said softly, "but you should have put me away first. We're not done if you didn't get a submission, remember?"

"You seem to forget something, babe," she said, reaching up and gently running her fingers along Alicia's naked thighs with both hands, her fingertips lightly brushing against the soft flesh. "I am aware that if I'm to force a submission from you, it's necessary to wear down your defenses, any way I can." As she finished speaking, Reese quickly slid her fingers underneath Alicia's legs, gripping the muscles in the back of Alicia's thighs with a tight grasp that felt to the taller woman virtually like unyielding pincers digging their way into her skin. Alicia cried out as Reese's digits crushed the sensitive muscle tissue underneath her skin, reflexively trying to bounce up and down onto Reese's hands to extricate herself from Reese's grip. But the fingers were pressing remorselessly down into either side of the muscle, forcing Alicia's slender limbs to straighten outward. Seeing she was beginning to lose her balance, Alicia fell forward, pressed her bare chest into Reese's sweaty back and trying to wrap her legs around Reese's thighs.

Reese instinctively flipped herself over, taking Alicia with her so that she was now lying atop Alicia. During the shift in position Alicia was able to immobilize Reese from the waist downward by coiling her legs around Reese's thighs. She had prevented herself from being thrown off by wrapping an arm around her opponent's neck and was still holding on, flexing her forearm tightly across her Adam's apple to cut off her breathing. But Reese's pronounced backside, half-obscured by the thong panties she was wearing, was pressed firmly into Alicia's naked crotch. Fighting back choked cries of discomfort as Alicia continued to strangle her with her arm, hooking her wrist behind her other arm, feeling the effect of the choke hold fixed on her, Reese resumed talking. "Whether I have to wear you down by pain or pleasure, I WILL weaken your body enough to get that submission. And then I will give you such an orgasm you won't be able to walk for a week or two."

With that, Reese began to grind her half-naked ass into Alicia's pussy despite the tight choke being applied to her, her movements painstakingly slow and calculated as her cheeks rubbed themselves hard into her adversary's damp womanhood. Feeling Reese's posterior grinding into her sex with its provocative motion, Alicia gasped and let loose with a long, deep breath as she felt herself stimulated by the shorter pneumatic blonde. Reese was taunting her as she continued her seductive movements: "Does that feel good, honey? Don't feel ashamed to admit it." Reese's ass ground harder still into Alicia, prompting another expulsion of breath from the slender woman. Considering Reese's words, Alicia realized that she was falling victim to Reese's sexual tactic she'd elected to add to their fight right from the beginning. The orgasm she had already had rocked her body hard, and Reese was beginning to bring her into the opening stages of another one.

In shock Alicia realized that if Reese was allowed to go on stimulating her, eventually the orgasms would render her completely helpless and unable to withstand any wrestling tactics Reese would decide to use on her when the right moment arrived. Practically without Alicia's knowledge, Reese had expertly drawn Alicia into her web of seduction and capitalized on the visual and erotic effects she had on Alicia to gain an advantage. An advantage she was compounding on to reduce Alicia to little more than a quivering mass of Jell-O to inflict pain and suffering on before she delivered the piece de resistance, an orgasm that might even knock Alicia out cold if it was strong enough. To top it all off, Reese was chuckling in a low, sexy voice at the pleasured moans issuing forth from Alicia's throat that steadily increased in pitch and volume as Reese ground harder still into Alicia's snatch.

Screaming in rage and frustration, Alicia released Reese's nubile thighs as her arms snaked away from their tight grasp around Reese's neck In a sudden, sharp movement she jerked her body upward so her pussy was out of reach of Reese's ass and slammed her legs around her tormentor's curvaceous waist, locking them together at the ankles and squeezing down so hard that her feet were pointing directly at the ceiling above them. Setting her jaw at the strain, Alicia screeched through clenched teeth, her inner thighs bulging as they pressed into the soft flesh of Reese's sides. Not to be outdone in her strategy, Reese began to squirm and writhe like a serpent within the devastating scissors, her lower back seeking to press into Alicia's moist crotch. Having none of it, Alicia constricted her scissors tighter, the sweat gathered on her legs and Reese's midriff causing the hold to slip occasionally. Determined to crush the fight out of her adversary, Alicia held firm in her efforts to subdue Reese's struggles to free herself.

Reese's squirming movements soon graduated to bucking wildly between Alicia's legs, kicking her own limbs outward in an effort to loosen the hold around her. One convulsive whipping of her body and the combatants were lying on their right sides, with Alicia's legs still wrapped tightly around Reese's curvy midsection, squeezing her as if there was no tomorrow. As they fell to their sides, Reese raked her nails along the thighs crushing the life from her. Crying out, Alicia found she had to shift the scissors to maintain the hold. As she did this, Reese somehow managed to shift her body so that her foe's legs were pressing into her stomach and lower back. Naturally, Alicia perceived this as a welcome advantage and squeezed harder, delighting in the short, tight gasps now emanating from Reese's lips. But Reese had other plans; as Alicia persisted in crushing her opponent's body, enjoying the feeling of Reese's stomach giving way underneath her thigh, Reese pushed her hand in between Alicia's legs, seeking out the wet patch that marked her womanhood. Twisting her fingers into claws, she seized hold of the moist pussy, her fingernails digging into their sensitive folds.

The ensuing scream from Alicia threatened to shatter crystal as Reese's fingers mercilessly worked Alicia's already enflamed womanhood; digging, gouging and clawing at the tender tissue of her snatch. Desperately, she fought to maintain the scissors fixed around Reese's waist, but Reese was now having a field day with her pussy and wasn't about to let up just yet. In a sudden jerk of her legs, she forced a loud huff of air from Reese's lungs as she tightened her limbs around her curvaceous waist. Reese gasped and sucked in breath as the encircling legs around her punished her stomach and lower back. Alicia's legs felt almost as if they would cut Reese in half if the hold sustained itself any longer. In response, she dug her fingers deeper into Alicia's wet crotch, threatening to tear the skin. Alicia screamed again as Reese's fingers felt like talons assaulting her womanhood.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! You fucking bitch! Let go of me!" Alicia screamed as Reese's claw-hand tortured her pussy.

"Let go of my waist and I'll stop, cunt!" Reese snapped back as Alicia's legs crushed her remorselessly.

As if Alicia was reading her mind, she yelled, "I'll cut that body you're so proud of right in half if you don't let go of my pussy - AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!"

Again Reese's fingers assaulted Alicia's moistening womanhood and again Alicia tightened the scissors around her waist, as once more both women were locked in a stalemate with neither side willing to concede the advantage to the other. Remaining locked in their mutual position for what seemed like an eternity, the combatants locked eyes as they continued inflicting pain on one another. Finally, Reese let go of Alicia's snatch, only to ball her hand into a fist that she began to repeatedly drive into the wounded sex of her opponent before Alicia even had a chance to breath a sigh of relief. Again and again Reese rained punches into Alicia's pussy until Alicia had no choice but to finally release the leg scissors around her. Rolling away from one another to take time to recuperate, Reese and Alicia eventually reared up on their knees to face each other on the bed, their eyes again locked in their mutual animosity.

As if at an unspoken signal, the women charged each other, colliding atop the bed with a wet, resounding SLAP as flesh met flesh. The impact of their collision knocked both women off the bed and down to the soft Persian carpet underneath, Alicia landing on top of Reese. Snarling, she delivered a series of stinging slaps to Reese's face before reaching downward to tear off Reese's thong panties in a wild jerk, leaving Reese naked except for her sheer stockings.

Throwing herself at Reese then, Alicia grabbed hold of her pronounced natural breasts and began to yank and tug at them. Now her turn to scream as Alicia punished her, Reese plowed a fist into Alicia's face, knocking her to the carpet as she pulled Alicia's fingers from her breasts, standing on shaky legs and proceeding to stomp Alicia's prone body, her breasts, stomach and womanhood.

Angrily but methodically, Reese continued to stomp the fight out of her opponent as Alicia flopped around on the soft rug. Finally, resting her foot on her opponent's midsection, Reese paused for a moment and ground her heel into her Alicia's tummy. "You know, you could just give up now," Reese offered, "and we can move straight to the fun part."

With tears in her eyes, Alicia remained defiant. "Not a chance," she whimpered, and then, to punctuate her point, she pounded both fists into Reese's knee.

Reese hopped backward, releasing her opponent in the process, and Alicia quickly tried to slither away. But Reese, who hadn't been badly hurt, almost immediately grabbed her by her feet and, holding them together, stopped her progress. Then, with Alicia's arms flailing in desperation, she dragged her back towards herself.

Reese knew that she had her opponent in complete control, and she wanted to show her just how inferior she considered her to be. So rather than keep trying to wring out a submission, she simply let go of Alicia's feet, letting them fall to the floor, and stood directly over her. "Get up and fight, then," she said, "if you're sure you're not done, then I guess you won't mind it if I beat your little ass some more."

Alicia rolled over so that she was looking straight up at her tormentor. Here eyes were wide with apprehension, and her breathing was heavy. But Alicia wasn't done by a long shot and, noticing that Reese wasn't paying as close attention as she should have, she suddenly brought her leg up and punted her opponent full-force in the crotch.

Reese had been caught square on, and before long she fell to her knees in pain. Not wanting to waste a moment, Alicia got to her feet, grabbed Reese by the hair, and forced her head between her thighs. After squeezing for a moment, she suddenly dropped to her butt, driving Reese's head into the rug and further stunning her.

Grabbing Reese by the hair once again, Alicia dragged her back up and shoved her against the wall. Once there, she rained a series of punches onto her opponent's body, some of which were blocked and some of which connected.

Alicia wasn't much of a power puncher, however, and in between punches Reese was able to land a shot to her body that backed her up and allowed her to scramble to the side and then away from the wall.

The two girls circled each other once more, Reese looking to put Alicia away and Alicia believing that she was fighting her way back into the bout. And then, as they both reached for each other, they wound up clutching onto each other's breasts as though some sort of mutual agreement had been reached.

Neither one wanted to claw, knowing that the other would quickly follow suit, so instead they simply squeezed with all their might. The contrast was noticeable, with each of Alicia's small breasts fitting into Reese's hands and Reese's larger ones only partially covered by Alicia, but that didn't seem to make much initial difference as the both struggled. Finally, though, Alicia began to bend backwards under the pressure, looking as though she was on the verge of losing another battle within the war.

Reese's teeth were gritted in pain again as Alicia persisted in squeezing her sensitive breasts. She fought to clear her head of the cobwebs from Alicia's sudden retaliation. Her brain reeling from the impact resulting when her head collided with the floor, both her cheeks tingling with small aftershocks of the sensation of Alicia's inner thighs pressing relentlessly into her, she rebelled against the pain of her opponent's hands torturing her chest while renewing the pressure her own hands exerted into Alicia's smaller breasts. The advantage here was that Reese had a better purchase on her rival than Alicia had on herself due to the larger size of her breasts. Deciding an easy way out of this stalemate between them would be to capitalize on this, Reese took to digging her fingers deeper into Alicia, beginning to twist and turn on the smaller breasts.

An inadvertent cry issued from Alicia's lips as Alicia arched her body back further, then somehow managed to stand straight up again, glaring defiantly into the shorter blonde's eyes. Alicia clawed Reese's breasts in retaliation, her fight graduating from raking her nails into the sensitive flesh to pulling at Reese's tits with increasing strength until it seemed she was trying to tear them from Reese's chest. Doing her best to shut out the pain, Reese suddenly lunged forward as her taller adversary pulled at her, causing Alicia's arms to curl upwards towards herself as Reese's soft midriff slammed into that of her foe, causing a short expulsion of air to escape her lungs. Alicia's grasp on her tits were loosened and then she was forced to relinquish the hold as Reese released Alicia's breasts, snaking her arms around Alicia's slender waist. Her forearms and then her upper arms gliding along the area between Alicia's ribs and her hips, Reese grasped her wrist with her other hand, pulling Alicia into her as she began to squeeze down hard.

Alicia gasped as the force of the bearhug slowly but surely robbed her of her ability to breathe. Reese's hands were pressing tightly into the small of her back, the base of her spine being the focal point of the pressure she exerted on her. This caused Alicia to arch her back once more as she was crushed by the unforgiving muscles in Reese's upper arms, and she was being inexorably pulled into her opponent by where it caused the most discomfort. She thought of slamming a knee into Reese's crotch to free herself of the bearhug, but every time she tried to move her legs her thighs brushed against Reese's and she found she couldn't find the equilibrium to mount an effective counteroffensive. Then, seeing how close their bodies were touching, Alicia opted to fight fire with fire, wrapping her own arms around Reese and pinning Reese's arms to her sides as she affixed her own bearhug.

Letting out a long winded screech, Alicia poured as much pressure as she could into the curvaceous woman caught in her grip, compressing Reese's body tightly. Since Alicia pulled Reese into her with her bearhug, their bodies were pressed firmly together as if glued. The only sounds in the sexfight room were the labored breathing and occasional curses of the two combatants as both of them sought to crush the very life from the other. Their eyes locked in their mutual animosity, and Reese and Alicia exchanged identical glares that seemed to bore into one another's consciousness. A sudden jerk of Reese's arms and she pulled Alicia into her body tighter, her breasts ballooning and engulfing Alicia's smaller ones. Looking down and watching her breasts being engulfed filled Alicia with frustration; she pulled the bearhug tighter as if she sought to pull Reese right through her.

This was all the distraction Reese needed as she unexpectedly slipped one bare leg between her opponent's, tripping Alicia to the carpet and landing squarely on top of her. The shock of the impact forced another huff of air from Alicia's lungs and her legs splayed violently outward as there was nothing to hinder her fall. Sensing her opportunity, Reese repeatedly drove a knee into Alicia's unprotected womanhood as Alicia groaned progressively louder and louder from the waves of agony shooting through her body. When she was satisfied with the effect the knee shots had had on her, Reese decided to change tactics, using another strategy she learned from her match against Rose McGowan while maintaining the crushing bearhug. Slowly she pressed her crotch against Alicia's, slithering upward so that first her womanhood, then her stomach and finally her breasts were rolling in waves against her rival's body. A second time their crotches touched, then their stomachs and breasts as Reese completed another body roll. The effect was almost unbearably erotic on Alicia as Reese repeated the maneuver again and again and again, eventually punctuating the movement with a short French kiss on Alicia's lips each time she completed the body roll.

Alicia was breathing heavily again, fearing the seductive effects of Reese's liquid movements were going to edge her closer and closer over the brink of orgasm. She squirmed to break free of Reese's clutches, but this only served to increase the erotic effects of the body rolls. In her desperation she could only think to do one thing as Reese completed one more body roll, squeezing her own bearhug as tightly as she could as she lifted her head to smash it into Reese's forehead. Wrapping her legs around the back of Reese's knees as she saw her adversary was dazed from the impact she jerked her body so that she was laying on top of Reese. But Reese used the inertia to roll herself out from under Alicia and somehow ending up lying on Alicia's back. Rearing up on her knees, she moved upward along Alicia's bare back and pressed her inner thighs against Alicia's cheeks as with one hand she clawed at her rival's face mercilessly.

Alicia didn't know how much more she could take. She'd put up a decent fight - certainly, she'd given everything that she had - but nothing seemed to be enough. She felt outmuscled and outlasted, and she was humiliated that Reese's larger breasts had actually been brought to bear over her small ones. Now, she was trapped in a position she didn't know how to get out of, with Reese's weight holding down her upper body, her thighs pressing against her face and her hand grabbing at her.

Alicia, her will seemingly broken, began to sob in frustration, warm tears running down her cheeks and hitting Reese's thighs. With her lower body uncovered, Alicia tried to get up to her knees - but as she raised her lower half, Reese responded with a hard smack on her butt and used her free arm to push her down.

"Alicia, sweetie," Reese said softly as she lowered her mouth to Alicia's ear, "you've got to give it up. Let me know it's over, and I'll give you something that'll stop your crying."

"No way," Alicia sniffled, somewhat unconvincingly, "I'm a fighter."

"No, you're not," Reese whispered, "you're more of a punching bag. But I'll bet that you're much better as a lover..."

With that, Reese nibbled gently on Alicia's ear as she reached back and stroked her opponent's ass with her free hand. And then, subtly but noticeably, Alicia gave Reese a sign that she was giving in to her advances. Her body stopped squirming, her arms lay flat on the ground, and her legs parted ever so slightly. "That's it," Reese said, and shifting backwards along Alicia's body she hovered over the prone woman's midsection, then grabbed her around her waist and turned her over.

Placing her body directly on top of Alicia's, Reese planted a big, lustful kiss on her mouth amid very little resistance. Sliding slowly down her body, she ran her tongue down Alicia's chest, along her tummy, and then...

WHAM! Having waited until the exact moment when she had a perfect angle to strike, Alicia slammed her knee into Reese's crotch. The heretofore dominant girl rolled to the side, clutching at herself, as Alicia lay flat on her back, then slowly rolled over and shakily got to her knees.

But after such a beating, was it even worth fighting back? Could she take the risk of further humiliation? Was there anything she could do that would get to Reese? Alicia was still tentatively considering her options as Reese got back to her feet...

Reese slowly stood up on shaky legs as Alicia considered her options, massaging her agonized womanhood from the brutal impact Alicia's knee shot had on her. Breathing heavily, she glared at her opponent, her sweat-slicked body glistening under the soft lights in the sexfight room. Her pussy throbbed in 3/4 time even as she feverishly rubbed it with one hand as she kept her eyes on the taller woman, her other hand twisted into a claw at her left hip, prepared to slash at Alicia in case she made any sudden movements. Her nubile midriff rose and fell in time with her breathing as it sent waves up into her pronounced chest. Her libido was in overdrive from the constant physical contact with her adversary; looking across the space between she and Alicia she saw that Alicia was likewise sexually inflamed, not to mention finally nearing the end of her endurance, a ripe picking for another win.

Her naked feet padding almost imperceptibly on the soft Persian carpet underneath her, Reese moved forward, taking her hand from her womanhood and lifting it into the air above her head with her other hand, inviting Alicia to engage in a test of strength. As she closed the distance between them Alicia tiredly raised her own hands above her head; their fingers clasped tightly together, so tightly the grip of both women was knuckle-white. Within the barest matter of seconds both felines were drawing on their remaining reserves of strength in struggling against each other, their feet gliding along the carpet as they sought to overpower their respective opponent.

Reese's teeth were gritted in her feverish exertions to subdue Alicia; her muscles bulging in rigid definition as slowly she began to force Alicia's hands behind her back, pushing and pushing until she finally managed to secure Alicia's wrists at the small of her back.

Reese knew she had Alicia exactly where she wanted her now, and she had every intention of following up on her advantage. Grinning wickedly right into Alicia's eyes, the sweet, beaming quality of her wide smile obviously belying the enjoyment she felt at subduing her foe, Reese brought her knee up and slammed it hard into Alicia's unprotected crotch. A second later Alicia's eyes bugged wide open as the fresh agony washed through her body, her mouth hanging open wordlessly as Reese repeated the motion again, a second time, a third time, a fourth time. In the back of her mind Reese could feel the spreading wet patch between Alicia's thighs on the edge of her knee every time it repeatedly impacted with harsh force into the sensitive flesh of Alicia's pussy. Seeing the pain registering on Alicia's face, Reese allowed her no respite as her knee slammed into her once more.

Wrenching her hands free of Alicia's, Reese lunged forward with startling suddenness, thrusting her arms around her opponent's midsection, locking her wrists together behind Alicia at the small of her back, took a long, deep breath and squeezed brutally, reveling in the sudden gasp for breath that came from Alicia's lungs and throat. Reflexively, the taller woman slammed her arms around Reese, pinning Reese's upper arms to her sides and thereby increasing the force of Reese's bearhug around her as, with a long-winded screech, Alicia constricted her own tight grasp around Reese's body. They simultaneously threw their heads back for lack of oxygen feeling the severe constrictions growing tighter and tighter, forcing more air from their lungs with each passing second. Their chests and stomachs were pressed so tightly together they appeared glued, their breasts ballooning and mashing into one another's as both hellcats sought to outcrush the other.

Not only were Reese's and Alicia's chests and stomachs pressed tightly together in their mutual exertions, but so were their upper abdomens and their crotches. Their thighs brushed together feverishly, as neither woman could find an opening to try another crotch shot due to the tight closeness of their bodies. Gasping for breath Reese snarled and compressed Alicia's midriff into a smaller space with a sudden harsh pulse of her arms, pulling Alicia closer into her own body .... and that was when she noticed Alicia's hardening nipples pushing their way into her tenderized breasts. On the heels of that came the realization that Reese's own nipples had grown equally distended and were pushing their own way into Alicia's chest. On top of this, both combatants' crotches were moistening from the constant rubbing of their bodies as the breath steadily faded from them both. Soon both Reese and Alicia knew the conclusion of this fight was just a matter of which of them would submit first.

The two women squeezed with all their might, fearing the consequences of showing any signs of weakness. For Reese, it was a matter of following through - she had controlled much of the fight, and she wasn't about to lose ground now. For Alicia, it was an unexpected opportunity - having been dominated for several minutes previous, she now found herself on an equal footing with her opponent, and with a legitimate chance to win.

And yet, though she struggled with everything in her, Alicia slowly felt her energy being sapped. With their bodies pressed together, Reese's larger breasts were overwhelming her smaller ones, flattening them painfully against her chest; Reese's arms, with their impossibly tight grip around her midsection, were driving the air from her. But the worst part was that, looking at Reese's face, she realized that although her opponent was in pain, she was tiring less quickly.

Reese could feel Alicia's grip loosening, first almost imperceptibly and then quite noticeably, until her body began to slump somewhat. Seeing that this was her chance, but knowing that he own energy was fading fast, Reese poured everything that she had into her bearhug and, with an impressive effort for a woman her size, managed to lift Alicia slightly off of the ground, holding her in the air as she squeezed, then putting her feet back on the ground for a moment, then lifting again.

With a pitiful whine, Alicia began to cry again, knowing that she had lost another all-important battle. Her naked body became soft in Reese's arms, as though she'd given up the effort of straining to fight back or break free, and as an exhausted Reese released her grip she fell unceremoniously to the floor, landing on her stomach.

Having broken her fall with her hands, Alicia tried to push back up to her knees - but as she rose, Reese rudely reached down and shoved her back down again. Again Alicia tried to rise, and this time Reese used her foot to kick her back onto her stomach. Pitifully, Alicia began to slither along the carpet, and for a moment Reese was content to watch with a bemused expression on her face. Finally, though, she placed her foot forcefully upon Alicia's butt, holding her in place and then using it to prod her onto her back.

With Alicia barely having time to react, her arms and legs only coming up in a weak defense, Reese hungrily leapt on top of her, pent-up desire taking hold of her body. Pinning her weakened opponent's arms to the carpet, she planted her lips upon Alicia's, forcing her tongue in with minimal resistance. Reaching between their bodies with her free arm, she took Alicia's small breast in her hand and teasingly, seductively tugged on her nipple - and then, with Alicia seemingly overcome, Reese was able to force her legs slightly open with her own.

Lifting her upper body off of Alicia, Reese slid slightly down her opponent's naked body until she was in just the right position, and then began to rub her moistened crotch into Alicia's increasingly wet one. With a screechy moan borne that was part frustration and part pleasure, Alicia kicked her bare legs in the air as Reese now held onto both of her breasts, using them to lightly pick her upper body off of the mat, and then dominantly slam it back down again...

Reese knew she had her now.

Grapevining Alicia's legs so they were completely immobilized, she slithered upward to slowly lower her sweat-covered breasts onto Alicia's flushed, exhausted face. Her air cut off, unable to kick her legs even in protest, Alicia uttered a muffled scream as Reese smothered the taller woman with her pronounced chest. Desperately she thrashed from side to side in an effort to topple Reese to the carpet, but Reese held fast, clearly unwilling to lose her advantage. Uttering a long, sexually charged breath, Reese proceeded to grind her breasts into Alicia's face, feeling the saliva from inside Alicia's lips gathering on them as she imagined Alicia's teeth were brushing against her.

"Don't even think about biting," Reese growled as she continued smothering.

Holding her there for a few more drawn out moments, Reese slid her legs out from her tight grapevine hold, lifted up and roughly yanked Alicia upward into a sitting position, quickly moving behind her and slipping her arms underneath Alicia's armpits, intertwining her fingers behind Alicia's neck. The full-nelson secured on her opponent, Reese slid her sweat-slicked legs forward, her calves and then her inner thighs brushing against Alicia's sides. Reese coiled them tightly around Alicia's waist in the sensitive area between her ribs and her hips. Locking her ankles together over Alicia's navel, Reese squeezed her eyes shut in concentration as her thighs crushed her hapless opponent with all her remaining strength, focusing on squeezing the last of the fight from Alicia.

Crying out in pain again, Alicia squirmed as furiously as she could to break free of the agonizing hold, to no avail. Reese slid and ground her thighs against her opponent's sides, systematically alternating between relaxing and tightening the devastatingly tight scissors-lock around her waist, progressively compressing Alicia's midriff into a smaller and smaller space with each passing second. Shortly, Reese began to relax and tighten the full-nelson around her neck in unison with the leg scissors, not satisfied with the punishment she was inflicting on her exhausted, near-finished rival. Another pained cry issued forth from Alicia's throat, then another and yet another as Reese persisted in crushing her waist with her legs. Reese's breasts were pressed firmly against Alicia's shoulder blades, her stomach against her lower back as she increased the pressure around her.

With Alicia's diminishing struggles Reese had an idea she was done by now; leaning forward so that her lips were at a level with Alicia's ear, she whispered, "Give?"

"Yesss," Alicia mumbled incoherently, obviously in pain from the devastating combination of leglock and full-nelson and apparently unable to say anything else.

"I'm sorry. I didn't quite hear you," Reese pushed on, tightening her legs again around Alicia's midriff as she tightened the full-nelson, clearly enjoying her position of dominance over her rival.

"I GIVE!" Alicia yelled defiantly, with a sudden defiant jerk and twist-squirm of her slender, sweat-drenched body. "Get off me! fucking bitch!"

Reese's sweaty face breaking into a sweet pleased smile at hearing Alicia's submission. She tightened her legs once more in a harsh pulse, delighting in the cry the movement forced from Alicia, then released Alicia's waist and neck, rolling backward to allow Alicia to fall to the carpet, naked, utterly exhausted and out of breath. Alicia was too far gone to move by now; all she could do was lie there and fill her burning lungs with oxygen. Collecting herself for a few as she watched Alicia's chest rise and fall as Alicia desperately sucked more and more air into her lungs, Reese crawled over to where she lay on the carpet. Sitting squarely on Alicia's face, her ass cheeks pressing into underneath her chin while facing her legs,. Reese hooked her arms underneath Alicia's thighs and lowered herself down to chest-level with her crotch, wrapping her thighs around Alicia's neck to hinder her movement.

Remembering the terms of their fight they both agreed on before it started, that the winner would bring the loser to orgasm, Reese looked back sweetly at Alicia, staring into her eyes, "Sorry for all the pain I caused you," Reese intoned softly, almost under her breath, "Now I'm gonna make it up to you. Relax and enjoy the ride.... sweetness."

She lowered her breasts onto Alicia's crotch and began grinding them into her inflamed womanhood, slow and hard. Alicia gasped and sucked in breath as the scissors tightened around her throat and the erotic motions of her rival's breasts began to overtake her much quicker than the first time Reese brought her to orgasm. Within seconds she was breathing heavily, her eyes closed as Reese ground her breasts hard into her pussy. Alicia's breathing quickened, her body reflexively squirming in time with Reese's liquid movements; then shortly she realized that she was actually assisting Reese in her efforts to bring her to orgasm! As if picking up on this, Reese reinforced her motions, grinding her breasts harder and faster into Alicia's womanhood, feeling the love juice from Alicia's pussy drenching her tits as Alicia's moaning grew louder and louder.

Alicia knew that she was only moments away from orgasm, and with Reese's bare butt still resting lightly on her face, she snaked her tongue out reached her opponent's moist crotch... Reese knew that Alicia was close, and she didn't want to risk coming first if her tongue kept working its magic. To speed things up, she moved her hand to Alicia's pussy and inserted a finger into her, her breast still rubbing just slightly above. Before long, Alicia's body began to squirm ever more desperately, her breathing grew heavier, and her legs kicked frantically until she exploded in an orgasm, a shriek muffled by Reese's backside, her legs sticking straight up in the air. With a smack to Alicia’s raised butt, Reese got off of her. Alicia legs fell back to the ground and she lay limp, spent from two orgasms in a relatively short time span with a nasty beating between them. But Reese wasn't finished with her just yet. She straddled her once more, lifting Alicia's limp leg with one hand and positioning herself with her own moist pussy directly aligned with Alicia's soaked one. Slowly, Reese began to grind herself into Alicia, their upper bodies pressing into each other as Reese's breasts once again overwhelmed the smaller ones. Faster and faster Reese ground into her, her tongue slurping hungrily at Alicia's face and down to her chest...until Alicia, grinding in rhythm, came yet again.

"Wow," Reese purred, not relenting at all, "you must really like me hon; or else you get off on having your ass kicked. But it's my turn now..."

Reese continued to hump Alicia, harder and faster, the woman under her moaning and whimpering...until finally, with a massive thrust and a scream, she came in an orgasm that threatened to shake the walls. Alicia just lay, spent, as Reese slowly got to her feet and slid her underwear and panties back on. Walking over to her vanquished opponent, Reese gave her a light tug on her hair until Alicia reluctantly got to her knees. Bending down, Reese planted a long, wet kiss on Alicia's lips, then drew her face back just an inch or two.

"As for the clothes thing," Reese said, slowly pulling away. "I'm taking ALL of yours. I hope you don't mind showing that nice ass and those cute little titties to everyone when you leave the room!"

Reese lightly pushed Alicia and she slowly slumped back to the ground, weakly whimpering as her dominant opponent left the room. Reese left the sexfight room with Alicia's clothing draped casually over one shoulder, but on her way out, she stopped and turned back with an adorable smile on her face that belied the savagery she’d exhibited during their fight, she called back to her beaten rival, "Hon, anytime you want to take me on again, to win these back or perhaps take something of mine, don't hesitate to ask."