Victoria Silvestedt vs. Salma Hayek, Maria Checa and Patricia Velasquez by HlywdCatft 14-Jan-00

Victoria Silvestedt vs. Salma Hayek

Victoria is waiting down in the ring for Salma Hayek. Victoria is wearing a red thong bikini, she takes off her top and throws it to the crowd letting her giant boobs hang out. Latin music starts playing and Salma Hayek comes down the aisle to cheers from the crowd. Salma is wearing that black skin tight lowcut button down top that she wore in Desperado with her belly exposed. With that top Salma is wearing skin tight black leather pants that are so tight that her panty line is visible.

Salma enters the ring looking a bit nervous, Victoria looks ready to devour the tiny Latin beauty. It already looks like a mismatch. Victoria challenges Salma to a test of strength, but Victoria has a foot of reach over the tiny 5'2" 105 pound Hayek. Victoria allows Hayek to climb to the top turnbuckle to have a reach advantage. Salma instead tries to go for a crossbody block on the prone large blonde. Victoria does not budge and catches the small Latin beauty in midair. Salma has a look of both shock and fear on her face as she kicks her legs back and forth trying to free herself from Victoria's grip.

Victoria holds her prey horizontally and carries her around the ring showing off her beautiful prize. Victoria then slams Hayek over her knee and holds Salma in an over the knee back breaker. Salma's screams can be heard around the arena as her legs dangle to the mat on one side, her long black hair flowing to the mat on the other, her chest thrust up into the air. Victoria picks Salma back up now who's struggles have ceased and gorilla presses her tiny body over her head. Victoria with an amazing show of strength manages to toss the petite Mexican across the full diameter of the ring. Salma comes to rest with her legs around the turnbuckle pole unaware of what is about to happen.

Victoria exits the ring. Victoria grabs Salma by the ankles as the crowd cheers their approval and pulls Salma by her ankles towards her slamming Salma's crotch into the pole.

"AAAAAAIAIIIIIIIIEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!" cries Salma, after the loud clang of impact.

Victoria pulls again.

"OOOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!!" screams Salma. "I give up!!!! no more!!!!!"

"Sorry you little cabbage picker, but I ain't done yet!" shouts Victoria.

Victoria reenters the ring and picks up Salma by her long black hair and knees her in her exposed belly letting out an audible "ooof" from Salma. Victoria throws Salma onto the floor and pulls off Salma's leather pants and twirls them above her head. Salma is left in a white cotton thong pair of panties. Victoria grabs Salma by her hair and tosses her across the ring by her long black locks.

Salma starts to get up and Victoria bodyslams the dazed Latina back to the mat. Victoria stands Salma up by her hair again and whips her to the ropes, upon Salma's rebound she is met with a clothesline across her chest that spins the little Mexican 360 degrees, the force sending her breasts out of her top. Victoria stares down and admires her domination of the pretty petite brunette who is laying on the mat, her boobs heaving up and down as she gasps for breath.

Victoria tears Salma's black top to shreds and throws it outside the ring. Victoria lifts Salma off of the mat by her breasts and lifts her in the air.

"Looks like you got some growing up to do!!!" says Victoria commenting on Salma's 36C breasts which for her small size are quite large.

Victoria tosses Salma across the ring by her breasts as Salma curls up in a fetal position covering her redened sweaty tits. Victoria grabs ahold of Salma's white thong and lifts her to her feet and drapes her over the turnbuckle upside-down.

Victoria sits down and grabs ahold of Salma's panties and pulls giving the Latin a wedgie while she hangs upside down. Salma cries out in pain as the cotton material disappears up her crevices, Salma's black pubes soon show followed by her labia that is split by the panties that totally disappear up her cunt, within a few seconds her reddened clit pops out on one side. Victoria stands up and sends her fist into Salma's pussy a couple of times before slamming the Mexican cutie off of the turnbuckle.

The big blonde then pulls Salma around the ring by her panties, the panties near the tearing point. Victoria then decides to pull the damp panties out of Salma's sweaty snatch and down her legs. Victoria holds the panties up to her nose and breathes in the Latina's snatch, with her other hand Victoria fingers herself. Victoria take Salma's little white thong panties and throws them into the crowd, a fight practically breaks out for possession of Salma's sweaty soiled panties.

Salma in the meantime is laying on her side, still trying to cover her sore pussy. Victoria sit behind her and puts her in a painful bow and arrow hold. Victoria after a few minutes of pleasure of hearing the nude Mexican woman scream places Salma over her right shoulder in an over the shoulder back breaker. Victoria charges the turnbuckle dumping Salma into it.

Salma tumbles into it and lays in a sobbing pile on the mat. Victoria is not done as she takes Salma's legs and spreads them apart while standing over her. Victoria slams her boot heel into Salma's cunt. Salma yelps in pain and cries. Victoria keeps her heel in there grinding away enjoying the sounds of Salma bawling in tears.

Victoria then presses Salma up high over her head and drops her crotch first on top of the corner buckle. Salma's bare pussy meeting the metal pole. Salma from the pain passes out, her head is slumped as she sits on the top turnbuckle. Victoria climbs the turnbuckle and throws Salma over her shoulder and prepares to leap off.

Right as Victoria leaps Salma gains consciousness and screams, "Nooooooooo!!!!!!!!" but it is too late.

Salma is put out by a top rope tombstone. Her body lies still and spread eagle on the mat, Victoria gets an easy three count as she places her foot on one of Salma's boobs.

Victoria Silvstedt vs. Maria Checa

Victoria doesn't get a chance to celebrate her victory long because she is drop kicked from behind by another small black haired girl. We soon realize that it is Maria Checa. Checa is wearing a bright green thong bikini. Checa climbs up the turnbuckle and leaps at Victoria with a top rope Frankensteiner, but Victoria catches her and easily turns it into a powerbomb slamming the little 95 pounder down with ease.

Victoria tears off Checa's top and then grabs Checa by her bikini bottoms and swings her around in circles by them. The material tears as Checa now is left nude too. Victoria lifts the tiny Colombian up in a gorilla press and drops her right on top of the still out cold Salma so that the two Latins are now left in a 69 position with each other's faces in each other's crotches.

Victoria pulls the two Hispanic hotties to the corner and leaves them in their position while the big blonde climbs the turnbuckle. Victoria leaps off and lands on the two Latinas in a huge vertical splash, squashing both Latin lightweights.

Victoria lays the two out cold Latinas out next to each other. Victoria takes Maria Checa's bikini bottoms and stuffs them into Salma's open mouth then slaps Checa awake. Victoria takes off her bikini bottoms and then sits down on Checa's face and commands her to start licking. Checa quickly obeys and licks her out. Victoria next commands Checa to lick Hayek's pussy, which she reluctantly does.

Victoria Silvstedt vs. Patricia Velasquez

While that is going on, another surprise visitor enters the ring, sexy Venezuelan Patricia Velasquez dressed in a sky blue thong bikini.

Victoria gets up and Patricia attempts to clothesline her, but Victoria doesn't budge. Patricia runs to the ropes and as she rebounds she's nearly decapitated by a clothesline that flips her around 360 degrees.

Patricia is quickly stripped of her bikini and then given a piledriver. Victoria grabs Checa by the hair and drags her over, then makes her lick Patricia's bikini bottoms out.

Victoria then commands Checa to lick Patricia's pussy. Checa keeps at it until Patricia cums. Victoria slaps Patricia awake and commands Checa to make out with Patricia. Patricia is forced to taste her own pussy on Checa's tongue.

Victoria then decides to put Checa out of her misery. She shoves Checa's face into her cleavage and smothers her with her giant breasts until Checa passes out. Victoria then commands Patricia to lay on her back and lowers her pussy down on the Venezuelan's face. Patricia is commanded to lick her out.

Within a minute Victoria explodes into orgasms all over Patricia's pretty face. Victoria doesn't allow Patricia any air and soon Patricia is unconscious too. Victoria takes Paticia's panties and stuffs them into Maria Checa's mouth before she gets up and leaves the three Latins in the ring out cold awaiting medical attention.