Victoria Silvstedt vs. Becky DelosSantos by Southgate

Victoria steps into the ring keeping her eyes on Becky. As the match starts, Vicky moves heavily on her feet, her guard up as she meets Becky's aggressive assault punch for punch and kick for kick. Victoria's slightly longer reach servers her well as she manages to keep Becky just outside of her effective punching range. Becky tries to duck under Victoria's powerful jabs but she runs into Vicky's straight arm right. Her cage rattled, Becky's knees buckle but she has the presence of mind to grab the blonde's hair as she falls backward and drags Vicky down with her. Twisting Victoria as she falls, Becky, sitting on her side, wraps her solid thighs around the blonde's neck, still holding tight to her hair. Silvstedt tries to keep her cool, but the pressure from Becky's thighs is crushing her.

Victoria has poor leverage lying on her back as she throws several punches into Becky's body. The hard-body DelosSantos leans forward, grabs two hands full of hair, and the stretches backward, trying to yank out all of Victoria's hair. Silvstedt rakes her fingernails across Becky's thighs. Becky yelps. She unlocks her legs and triple hammers her top leg down on Victoria's chest. Rising quickly to her feet, she rubs her thigh as she waits for Victoria to get up, taunting. "Hey bitch, you're just an Anna Nicole wanna be. You need a new act." Furious, Silvstedt is on her feet and quickly both women are throwing punches. Victoria proves to be the more powerful boxer. Her blows land with authority and punish Becky's ribs and arms. After several frustrating exchanges, Becky wades in. Victoria nails her in the nose, drawing first blood.

"Bitch," spits Becky. Victoria moves in to attack, Becky covers up, her ribs take a pounding as Silvstedt backs her into the ropes. Victoria steps her the attack, landing several rapid blows to the side of Becky's head. DelosSantos moves her guard up. Victoria's two fists beat Becky's belly. Becky's hands drop to her side as Victoria's fists pump rapid fire into her gut. Silvstedt slows the pace. She buries her right fist deep in Becky' gut. As the air rushes from Becky's mouth, Victoria slams her left into the same spot. Becky lunges forward and rakes her fingers across Victoria's eyes. With two hands full of hair, Becky spins her blonde foe around and yanks down, driving Silvstedt face first into the mat.

Becky quickly twists her to her back and again rakes her eyes. Becky executes a perfect knee drop, planting two knees squarely in the blonde's belly. Becky pulls Vicky into a scissors, locking her muscular legs tight around her foe's thick waist. Victoria grunts with each squeeze, trapped once again in Becky's vice. DelosSantos is mustering all the power she can, constricting her thighs with violent jerks that shake Victoria's whole frame. Straining hard, Silvstedt finally twists around to her knees.

Facing Becky, Silvstedt tries to punch her way out. She blasts Becky in the face and chest with a series of wicked fists and elbows. Becky's nose is bleeding again, but she keeps her cool, uses the strength of her legs to throw Victoria off of her knees and back onto her side. Victoria once more sinks her fingernails into Becky's leg. DelosSantos, cursing, chops Silvstedt in the throat. As Silvstedt gasps for air, Becky rolls Victoria onto her back. Straddling her, Becky's ass slams down on Victoria's big boobs. Becky's left hand clams around the blonde's throat while her right rakes Victoria's eyes. Silvstedt arches up and succeeds in bucking Becky off balance. But Becky rolls forward and once more slips her thighs around Victoria's neck and shoves Silvstedt on to her side. Seizing Vicky's wrists, Becky settles in. Bearing down as hard as she can, Becky is now in complete control, finally, slowing the pace of the match with her neck scissors.

She punishes Vicky for more than a minute. Silvstedt continues to struggle, bucking and twisting her body, finally pulls her hands free. Becky responds immediately, unlocks her scissors and slams her top leg down on Victoria's neck. On her knees, Becky straddles one of her foe's legs. She grabs the other leg and bends the leg forward, across Victoria's body. Victoria's crotch feels like it is going to split. For emphasis, Becky hammers her fist in Silvstedt's crotch. "Your thigh is the size of a side of beef," taunts the brunette. Shifting her body around, Becky kneels by Victoria's head, holding her in a half matchbook. The brunette sinks her fingers into the back of Victoria's thigh, clawing at the woman's leg muscles.

DelosSantos reaches forward with her free hand to grab Victoria's left tit. First squeezing the whole boob, Becky then grabs the nipple and twists while Silvstedt screams. Becky slams her fist into the boob, flattening it against Victoria's rib cage. Victoria yowls, and with a huge effort manages to twist and kick free. Eager to recapture her tortured foe, Becky lunges forward and headlong into Victoria's foot and scores a direct hit on her jaw. Becky drops to the mat.

Victoria straddles Becky, slamming her fist into Becky's nose, and again, the blood gushes. "You bitch," screams Becky. Her arms shoot up. Her fingers grab Silvstedt around the throat. Becky rolls Victoria over. Choking Silvstedt violently, Becky regains her composure, stands and hair-hauls her dazed opponent to her feet. Becky drives her knee up into Victoria's belly and throws her out of the ring

Victoria lands hard on the wooden floor. Becky is over the rope and on her in a flash, stomping down on Victoria's tits and

belly. DelosSantos grabs Victoria's hair and hauls her to her feet. As she rises, Victoria slams a fist into crotch, stopping

her cold. The blonde stands, twists Becky's arm behind her back; controlling the brunette with a punishing hammerlock, Vicky shouts' "Wedgies time" as she grabs Victoria's biking briefs and pulls them up into the brunette's crotch. Victoria hoists Becky off the ground and drives her forward, slamming her headfirst into the ring post. The big blonde hair-hauls Becky to her feet.

Vicky lifts the brunette upside down, pile drives her to the floor. Vicky throws Becky back into the ring. As the dazed

brunette lies on the mat, Vicky bends her into a matchbook and goes to work on Victoria's crotch, pounding, scratching and

digging at Becky's thighs. "How do you like this, bitch!" Vicky hisses. Becky struggles frantically as Vicky works her over for

several minutes. Ready for something new, the blonde pulls Becky to her feet and throws her into the ring post. DelosSantos

staggers forward and Victoria unleashes a kick that catches the brunette in the gut. The brunette falls to the mat. Laughing, Vicky walks over to the badly beaten DelosSantos and squats down over Becky, slamming her big, wide ass down on Becky's face.

Victoria reaches forward and mauls Becky's big boobs. "You shouldn't start what you can't finish" crows Vicky. Silvstedt

bounces her big ass up and down on Becky's face as she works over both of her tits. Sliding forward, Silvstedt sits on Becky's beaten chest, trapping the brunette's arms under her big thighs.

For an excruciatingly long time, Vicky's long fingers claw deep into Becky's belly. Finally, Vicky's fists slams down into

Becky's aching gut. Vicky climbs off of DelosSantos. She lifts the big brunette up and slams her down across her knee. Vicky pulls Becky to her feet, measure the distance and unleashes a punch that slams into the brunette's nose. As blood streams down, Vicky pushes Becky back into the corner and lets fly a barrage of punches the smash into Becky's belly and boobs.

The big blonde lets Becky fall to her ass in the corner. Vicky stands the brunette up again. She slams a fist into Becky's belly, catches her as she falls forward and lifts her up across her shoulders in a back breaker. Parading around the ring, Vicky roars, "I am the greatest," as she throws the thoroughly beaten woman to the mat.