Road Trip: Jessica Simpson vs. Eva Longoria by Leglock

Jessica stood in front of the mirror in a white lace thong, blow drying her hair and looking at the perfection that was her body. Jess had always been beautiful, but she had put a lot of work into her body. She was really petite, but her breast and her sculpted shoulders made her appear broader than she really was. Her ass and legs were average at one point, but many hours in the gym had toned her ass to perfection and her legs were legendary, toned to the point where there was actually some rippling muscles. Her nipples were hard and it wasn't because of a cool breeze, not here in Arizona; no, she was thinking about her new girlfriend Eva Longoria. They were on a three day girl trip to a quiet, isolated spa in the Sonoran desert.

This was the second day and Jess felt weird and confused. Eva had been both competitive and flirty; at a level that was starting to make Jess uncomfortable. The competition started with flirting with every guy they encountered - even the limo driver. Then continued into their morning workout where Eva worked Jess over in an aerobic battle. Jess fought back, pushing Eva on a weights circuit, then Eva challenged her to basketball. Apparently, Eva had learned a few things from Tony and thought she was pretty good, but Jess had played in high school and shut her down, winning easily. 11-2. Eva was furious and suggested they wrestle.

"I'm not wrestling with you," stated Jess.

In addition to the fact that wrestling seemed like an extremely childish thing to do, it also meant body to body contact. The two girls had always been flirtatious when they were out, but that was just fun stuff, food for the cameras. Eva however was being flirtatious this weekend and no one else was around. Several times she touched Jess' ass or legs during the workout, and last night she cupped her breast. Jess knocked her hand away immediately, but her nipples did get hard, and were getting hard now as she thought about it.

Jess thought she heard something out in here room so she walked out of the bathroom. There was Eva in only a red thong, laying on her stomach on Jessica's bed. Jess stood there and stared for a minute. What a body Eva had, her ass was perfect, just humped up enough and it accented the small of Eva's back. Her legs were perfectly proportioned and as Eva turned around, she revealed her beautifully sized breast.

"You want a picture?" teased Eva.

"No! I want you to put some clothes on"

"No you don’t, babe. Come over here; I need you to see if I have a bug bite on my leg," said Eva.

Jess went over and crawled onto the bed to get over to Eva. "Where is it?"

“Down here, on the under portion of my thigh," Eva said, pointing. Jess bent over, but when she did, Eva grabbed the back of her head and pushed it between her legs. When she had Jess where she wanted her, Eva closed her legs and locked her ankles.

"Aaaaaarrrrgggghhhh.." Jess yelled. Her head was locked tightly between Eva's thighs, her nose an inch from Eva's perfect ass.

Eva saw that Jessica's nipples had instantly harded with excitement, so she reached out and grabbed one. "Excited to be here, huh?"

"Let go of me before I kill you!" grumbled Jess.

"What are you gonna do bitch? I told you I wanted to wrestle; now lets see if you can wrestle out of THIS," Eva laughed.

Jess desperately pushed and pulled at the fiery Latina's legs but she couldn't make any progress. After a couple minutes, the now sweaty Jess just lay there, her chest heaving as she gulped lungfuls of air. After she caught her breath, Jess tried another move. This time, she managed to straddle Eva's stomach, but with her head still firmly trapped between Eva's legs.

Jess began to bounce up and down on Eva's stomach; softly at first; then harder and more rapidly. Eva still wasn’t going to let go - in fact she tightened her legs and forced Jess to stop to again catch her breath. Jess had been caught in Eva’s scissors for at least ten minutes and her neck was killing her.

"I'll let you go if you promise to be my slave for the next twenty-four hours," Eva offered with a smugly superior snicker.

"Fuck you, Eva,” Jess gasped. “Yuh…you’re gonna be my slave…you can hold me, but you can't break me."

"I'll break your neck," Eva chirped. “Pretty much the same thing, I’d say. Then I can sit on your face all the time and you’ll have to lick me.”

Jess thought of another plan. Her head was facing the top of the bed and she began to drag herself toward the foot, pulling Eva along with her. It was a slow process, but after a few minutes Jess’s legs dropped over the side of the mattress and her feet touched the floor.

Her head was still trapped, but now Eva's head was now hanging off the side of the bed between Jessica's legs and she was able to reach back, grab Eva’s hair and pull her head up until Eva's nose touched her ass. Jessica crossed her ankles and completed her own Reverse Head Scissors.

Eva knew she was in deep trouble. She tried to twist her head to the side to get her nose out of Jessica's ass crack but her hands on Jessica's tremendous thighs felt the muscles tighten until they felt like stone.

"Release my head or I'll crack your open with these Daisy Dukes," Jessica grunted, pulsing her thighs again. Eva had no choice but to let Jess go.. Her head felt like it was being crushed in a vice; and her ears were gonna meet each other in the middle of her head.

"UUUrrrrggggghhhh please Jess, your legs are too strong!" groaned Eva.

"Are you gonna be my slave for the next twenty four hours? Or am I gonna do calf raises until tomorrow?" She began to do calf raises with her toes on the floor, pressuring Eva's head with each one. Soon, Eva's nose was pinched between the cheeks of Jessica's ass.

Jessica held Eva trapped for about another ten minutes, extracting promises of everything from agreements of slavery to promises of ass kissing before Jess eased up and lay down on her back on the bed with Eva's head still trapped between her legs with her cute little nose wedged deep in her ass.

When Jess turned on the TV and started flipping channels, Eva pleaded, "Pllleeeaaassse when are you gonna let me out?"

"If you can't earn your freedom,” Jess purred cattily. “Then I'm afraid you'll be stuck there until tomorrow. After all, you’re the one who insisted we wrestle, now I own you."

Jess looked back at Eva with an evil smile and the completely defeated Eva sighed, submitted, and spent the next twenty minutes begging before Jess finally released her - of course, by then Jess had climaxed two more times - and they still had another day left on their road trip!