Jessica Simpson vs. Pink by Story

Roars were heard as the two celebrities entered the cage ring for their match and as each slid off her silky robe the roars only grew louder because they were both stark naked. Not only were Jessica and Pink going to face one another in a cafight in a cage ring, they were doing it naked! The rules were simple and both women had agreed to them - the one who was able to walk out the cage would be the winner.

Jessica was first to lose her white robe, confident her blonde bombshell looks would be popular with the crowd - and indeed they were! She turned slowly to really show off her body; her long blonde hair flowing to her shoulders; her teeth gleaming white as she grinned. She’d added weight and looked even more curvy than usually and although her never-quite-fit stomach looked even softer than usual, her heavy breasts heaving with her excited breathing and her long, thick, pink nipples bounced. Her butt had gone toward the meaty side and even her pussy, now shaved completely, showed plump lips and a tight slit. The crowd didn't seem to mind the somewhat curvier Jessica Simpson and they gave her a round of applause.

"You've gone flabby!" smirked Pink as the cocky woman ran a hand through her short platinum blonde hair before she dropped her black robe. Jessica frowned as Pink got at least as much of a roar as she had. The short-haired blond was at least an inch or more taller and her body was very tight and looked super fit. Pink’s medium size breasts rolled and undulated slowly on her chest with every breath and her hard pink nipples betrayed her eager anticipation of the match to come. Her butt was in excellent shape and her bulging pussy sported a long, tight slit with neatly trimmed platinum-dyed pubes.

As soon as the bell sounded, the women started slowly to circle each other; Jessica frowning and Pink smirking. The more Pink smirked, the more Jessica felt compelled to make a move. Finally, she couldn’t take it any longer and went after Pink, trying to grab her but Pink nimbly side-stepped her charge and yelled, “Sorry Jessica; too flabby, too slow!"

Jessica glared back at her slightly taller opponent and charged again; this time she was brought up short by the hard SLAP-SLAP across both plump breasts at once when Pink pirouetted to avoid the undisciplined attack. Pink turned to face Jessica and sneered, "Now it's my turn!"

Jessica backed away trying not to appear nervous as her short haired opponent lunged and grabbed her big, swaying, breasts, closed her fists and squeezed incredibly hard; her strong fingers digging deep into the soft flesh. Jessica let out a yelp and grabbed Pink's wrists, trying in vain to free her breasts. By the time she finally managed to break free, Pink's knee slammed up into her stomach! Jessica grunted as she doubled over holding her soft belly.

Jessica could hear Pink laughing as she danced around in the ring mocking her. Jessica took a breath and tried to stand tall, although her stomach was still churning from the Pink’s kneeing. Pink was distracted, busily exorting the crowd to cheer her - something they did with obvious pleasure.

The women faced off again and Pink smirked, “Maybe you should’ve spent time doing situps instead of shopping!"

Jessica glared at her, then lashed out but once again Pink was too quick for the chubby little blonde. Jessica tried again, only this time instead of derision, she was met with a hard kick to the left thigh. She cried out in pain and hobbled backward, away from Pink who followed and managed to drive another hard kick to Jessica's already cramping thigh. This time, Jessica almost dropped to one knee. She was hurt, but what hurt her even more was the crowd cheering Pink!

Pink smiled at her and said, “Well, come on Jessica; aren't you even gonna try another move?" She rubbed her hands together and smirked. Pink felt good about the contest already.

Jessica sure didn't. Her face was flushed bright red and she was still backing away slowly. When she didn't try another attack, Pink went right at her, grabbed her long blonde hair and yanked hard. Jessica screamed as she slapped wildly, hitting Pink’s bare breasts and causing her to yelp in pain for the first time.

The short haired Pink quickly ptt a stop to the slapping by slamming her fist into Jessica's already sore belly, doubling her over again. Jessica's stomach was hurting badly and she was wheezing and gasping for air. Pink slipped around behind her and proceeded to spank the bent over blonde's chubby butt, drawing jeers from the excited crowd with each hard SMACK and WHACK! Jessica's cries could be heard over the crowd noise which made Pink laugh out loud.

The spanking continued as Jessica to her hands and knees as her belly, thighs and now her butt cheeks were all hurting. Pink sat down hard on Jessica's back, grabbed her hair in both hands and ordered her to give her a ride. Jessica balked until a few hard yanks on her hair changed her mind and in a few seconds, Pink was riding around the ring on the back of a battered Jessica who was gasping and whimpering as she was crawled on all fours with Pink astride her back. The crowd cheering only made Jessica blush that much brighter. After several lminutes of riding, Pink got off and left Jessica on her hands and knees, her head bowed, panting like a race horse after the Kentucky Derby.

Pink wasted no time, however, and got on her knees behind Jessica and sneered, "You’ve got a really nice, fat, ass babe. Let's see if it’s worth all the shit I’ve been hearing about it!"

Before Jessica could even react Pink rammed a finger up her flabby, unprepared ass and the long haired blonde lifted her head, tossed it back and screamed in surprise and pain. The forward thrust slammed her down on her big breasts and belly, her butt cheeks jiggling and jumping. Pink laughed as she grabbed Jessica's long blonde hair in her free hand and started fingering Jessica’s ass; drawing loud cheers from the wild crowd.

Jessica whimpered and moaned and when she started squirming trying to pull away, Pink sneered, “You’ve got a flabby ass Jessie, I'm sure it can take one more finger!"

Jessica groaned and looked back over her shoulder, shook her head and pleaded, "NO…please…"

The platinum blonde just smirked as she forced a second finger up her ass, then started moving both fingers; rotating them, wiggling them up and down; pumping them in and out of Jessica's formerly virgin butt; fucking her deep and hard! Jessica had tears running down her face but what worried her more was she felt her nipples hardening and her pussy dripping. She blushed hard and even though she hated what Pink was doing, there was no denying that it was turning her on sexually. Far worse - Pink saw it too.

"Your flabby pussylips are drooling wet Jessica. Maybe I’ll just make you cum in front of all these people; show them how easily I can dominate you sexually!"

Jessica would have replied but just then Pink’s third finger spread her already strained ass and was jammed inside; shutting her up as she bit her lower lip and shivered excitedly. All Jessica could do was whimper, moan, pant and groan as she spread her legs wide and her soft buttcheeks rose and fell with the rhythm of the hard thrusts of Pink's fingers. Jessica closed her eyes and her pussyslit began dripping on the mat between her knees.

Still, Pink was relentless - and good at what she was doing! Jessica struggled to hold back but it was all too much for her; Pink was too dominant and too experienced. After just a few minutes, with a loud scream, Jessica came hard; her body shivering on the mat; her legs shaking; her pale face blushing bright red; her saliva drooling as she was pushed to climax forcibly by the cruel dominatrix Pink.

But that wasn't the end of it! Still weak from the massive orgasm, Jessica let Pink pull her to her feet by her long hair. Her eyes were glassy and she could hardly stand, but she snapped fully awake when Pink slammed her into a corner and started using her big soft breasts as punching bags! Jessica yelped and tried to block the punches but that was a huge mistake! She got another hard punch to the stomach and gasped for air, holding her sore belly with both hands which made it easy for Pink who grabbed her hard pink nipples, then tweaked, tugged and twisted them.

Jessica cried in pain which only made Pink that much wilder; shaking her big breasts by the nipples, making Jessica cry and whimper.

“Please stop.....stop it Pink.....please!"

If Pink heard Jessica’s plea she simply ignored it but when she stepped back, Jessica thought her torment was finally over. She even managed a grim little, relieved, smile but Pink had only stepped back to get a better angle for the hard kick she drove up between Jessica's weakened legs into Jessica's soft, bald, pussy. Simpson cried out as the impact lifted her off the mat, then she dropped back down and collapsed facedown on the mat; her hands under her cupping her hurting womanhood. She rolled onto her back, knees drawn up to her heaving chest as she rocked in immense pain and sobbed uncontrollably.

When Jessica finally fell still she was on her stomach, her bare bottom curving in the air, Pink put her right foot under the battered blonde's face and ordered her to, “Lick my toes!" Jessica didn't even pretend she hadn't heard and with her pussy still throbbing from the hard kick, she lifted her chin, opened her mouth and poked out her tongue to lick Pink's toes one after the other until they all were wet. Pink laughed, “It tickles but feels good. You're good for something after all Jessica!"

The humiliation went on for a while, with Pink towering over the battered and weakened and totally beaten Jessica. But Pink still wanted more because she pulled her foot back and kicked Jessica over onto her back. The curvy singer just lay there, hands at her sides, bare breasts heaving up and down with each breath; her nipples still hard; her face red with shame as she stared up at her fit opponent. Pink placed her foot on Jessica's wet, oozing pussy and raised her hands in the air.

Pink smiled down at Jessica and said, “Now yell at the top of your lungs and tell everyone I'm a better woman than you. Let them all know!"

Jessica sobbed; she knew Pink was right and she started yelling, "Mmmmhhh Pink is a better....."

As she yelled, Pink smirked and pressed her foot down on Jessica's soft pussylips, rubbing them and making the curvy blonde shudder and moan as another orgasm began to build in her loins. Pink looked down at Jessica and smirked, "You were saying something?"

Jessica moaned and tried again. "Yuh…you are better than....meaaaaaaaaaahh" Jessica began, but then Pink's big toe spread her pussy lips and slipped easily into her well-lubricated opening; the platinum blonde just toying with her. This went on for a while and the crowd really loved it, cheering the vastly superior Pink and laughing at the totally beaten Jessica.

When finally Jessica managed to stammer that, yes, Pink was her Mistress and the better woman, Pink let her cum again; this time using just her foot. Jessica writhed on the mat, panting, moaning and finally passing out from the pain, pleasure, and the humiliation.

Pink slowly climbed out of the cage door and slammed it behind her. It had been a very easy match - and a lot of fun. She thought of something her lover, Kristanna Loken, had told her as they lay in bed one night and thought now may be a good time to call Charlize Theron and schedule a match with her. From what Loken said, Theron was very easily aroused sexually, maybe even easier than Simpson. Which Pink thought meant she’d be only a slightly more difficult opponent than Simpson.

“Birds of a feather,” Pink chuckled.