Jessica's Pool Party-Lesson One: Jessica Simpson, Christina Aguilera, Lucy Liu, Kristanna Loken, Laura Prepon by TNT

"Are you thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?" Laura Prepon said as she watched the gorgeous little blonde flit in and out between the partiers, flashing her cute smile, flirting, swiveling her hips, struttin' her "stuff."

"Yeah, and it ain't pretty; but it sure would be fun; a helluva lot of fun," Kristanna Loken said to her friend as they watched the cute little blonde zip past them again.

"I hear she's really spoiled," Laura said. "That little brat just pushes my buttons."

She took a sip of her refreshing margarita and leaned back in her chaise. The party was in full blast; the upbeat music energized the small group of Hollywood revelers. It was a great party; a great mix; some were dancing, on the large outdoor courtyard; others were enjoying a refreshing dip in the pool a short distance away.

"Here the little bitch comes again," Kristanna chirped.

"Yeah, and right towards us; I think I'll trip her this time," Laura laughed.

"By all means go for it! You tri, I'll strip," Kristanna said.

Both laughed as Jessica headed towards them, stopping to flirt, joke and tease several people on her way.

"You thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?" Lucy Liu said as she stepped up behind attractive blonde Christina Aguilera.

"Yeah, and it ain't pretty; but oh how much fun, pure, pure evil and FUN," Christina giggled as she turned to face Lucy.

"Yeah almost as fun as dunking YOU!" Lucy said as she grabbed Christina's blonde hair, shoved her underwater and followed her down. After a brief playful struggle both surfaced, their tops in disarray, sputtering and laughing.

"Now that wasn't very nice, Ms Liu," Christina laughed as she grabbed Lucy's hair and plunged her under.

This time, when they surfaced, Lucy came up behind Christina and wrapped one arm around her waist and the other around her shoulders and pulled her back against her chest. Christina giggled as she felt her friends stiff nipples on her back. She knew Lucy was hot and had more than swimming on her mind. Christina was torn between two desires; to have some fun with Lucy or to have some "FUN" with Jessica Simpson!

"Lets get back to that previous thought," Christina chirped, reluctantly pushing away Lucy's hand that was cupping her right breast.

"OK, we'll finish this later. So how do we get Miss Spoiled Rotten Blond Princess in the pool?" Lucy asked with a most mischievous grin.

"EEEEEICKKK!” A loud erotic squeal caught their attention as it did everyone else's.

"Why look there, I gotta feelin' she may just be comin' to us," Christina laughed.

"Yeah, I can't wait," Lucy said as she hitched up her skimpy white bikini top.

"Lets get her," Laura yelled to Kristanna who had opened the first move of their 'Jessica's Ass Kickin' Party.'

"EICKKKS! YEOWCHHHHH! OW! My hair...stop pulling my hair...HEY, that hurts!" Jessica squealed as Kristanna yanked her long silky blonde hair.

"We're gonna teach you some manners, little brat," Laura hissed as she grabbed Jessica's cute cheeks and pinched them, much the way a "grandma" would with her cute little granddaughter.

"Stop it! Let go a me. HELP! Somebody HEL...urkkk!" Jessica's screams ended when Laura's' fist pounded into her belly. RIPPPPP. The redhead grabbed Jessica's silky blouse and tore it open, exposing a sheer black lace bra.

"OUCH!" Laura shouted as the screaming young blonde fired a hard desperate kick that luckily found Laura's shin.

While Laura stood on one foot rubbing her shin, Kristanna grabbed Jessica around the neck, jerked her off balance and quickly unsnapped her skirt. The squealing blonde squirmed against the bigger blonde while her skirt worked its way over her hips, then slid down her legs around her ankles. Jessica was left in bra and pantyhose plus the tattered remnants of her blouse. Her arms flailing wildly, her legs kicking, her entire body twisting and wrenching - all the while screaming and cussing - Jessica was proving to be a handful even for big Kristanna 'The Terminatrix' Loken! Every eye was watching Jessica's luscious body as it squirmed and wriggled in Kristanna's arms.

Most were thinking; "Good! It's about time somebody kicked that lovely spoiled little butt and good!"

"Crap! TOO many martinis; TOO many margaritas," Kristanna thought as she struggled to subdue her furious, feisty captive.

She yanked one shoulder strap down on Jessica's bra as she squirmed and a beautiful breast slowly worked its way into view. The erect nipple had just found sunshine when Laura came back on the scene, "OK, Kris, hold her still for me, will ya?"

"I'm tryin'; I'm tryin," Kristanna grunted. "But she's a real handful!" as she finally put Jessica in a half-nelson and jerked her upright.

Laura smiled as she cocked her fist, "Smile Jessica sweetie, I got something real special for ya."

Jessica's beautiful eyes filled with fear as she watched Laura's sneering face, then the big angry fist with her name on the knuckles start to move forward...

"Uhhhhhh...oppffffh!" THUD! CRUNCH! WHUMP!

The frantic desperate young blondes muscles seemed to move with frightening speed, barely a nanosecond before Laura's incoming fist of fury reached her face. Jessica twisted her head downward, sideways, groaning at the sharp pain in her neck it caused..

"No, ohhhh NOOOOO," Kristanna's groan came "too little too late" just before the impact of Laura's sledgehammer fist.

Kristanna's head snapped back as her face exploded with pain, then she slammed backward toward hit the cement deck, about to land flat on her her eyes fluttered and the bright sun lost its light. Fortunately for Kristanna, a lucky bystander caught the lovely blonde just as her luscious body went limp.

"Oh no! Sorry Kristanna! Why you little blonde bitch, now I'm really gonna kill you," Laura screamed, her mind racing a million miles a second as she realized 'lucky Jessica' had barely escaped her knuckle sandwich and knowing it had taken her friend out of the picture made the redhead that much more furious!

SLAP! "Uhhhh!" SLAP! "Uhhhhh..." The tall busty redhead swarmed all over the beautiful blonde. firing slaps and punches that had Jessica staggering and reeling.

"STOP IT! Please, somebody help me...she's crazy! HELLLLP!!" Jessica bawled - to the delight of the crowd.

After a guick slapping barrage, Laura moved in, grabbed the blondes bra and succeeded in finishing exposing her half-free breast. A good hard squeeze and a nipple pinch was rewarded with Jessica's pained wails and more jeers from the crowd as closer and closer to the edge of the pool the fight moved.

"Stop it, no more!" Jessica pleaded and Laura surprisingly stopped her assault because she realized the blonde was just inches from the inviting cool blue water.

Laura advanced slowly, deliberately and growled menacingly, "Wanna go for a swim, little Jessie girl?"

"Nooooo! You wouldn't dare," Jessica said as she took a small step back; her trembling hands covering her bare breast.

"Oh but I would, and I will!" Laura said.

"Throw her in! Throw her in!" the crowd chanted as they watched the erotic and almost comical sight.

Laura's low-cut strapless gown showed ample cleavage as well as her thick erect nipples which gave evidence she had no bra. Jessica, in half of her bra and torn pantyhose looked quite sexy while her plaintive pleading and Laura's cool icy, calmness added another erotic element to the scene. In the pool, two beauties waited eagerly, anticipating the fun they'd have with little lovely Jessica as soon as she hit the water

"Get ready, hon, you're goin' down!" Laura warned, then she sprang.

"Nooooo! Aargggggh!" RIPPPPP. SPLASH! "Aieeeeee!" SPLASH!

As Jessica lunged for her, Jessica desperately grabbed the front of Laura's gown and she hung on to the skimpy fabric as she felt herself falling back toward the pool. Laura screamed as her beautiful gown ripped open and her beautiful breasts bounced free as she felt herself taking the same dreaded trip she'd sent her rival on.

"Argggggh." (Cough. Gasp. Cough.) Both beauties went down and underwater in a roiling cauldron of bubbles.

Surfacing, Jessica found herself immediately in trouble as Christina lunged at her, grabbed her by the hair and pulled her down.

Laura shot to the surface, coughing and spitting out the mouthful of foul tasting burning, chlorine water she'd swallowed when she hit the pool facefirst in mid scream. As she opened her eyes, she looked right into the beautiful eyes of a ‘more-than-happy to see you Red,’ Lucy Liu.

"Nice of you to join the party, Laura hon," Lucy chirped as she stared at the beautiful topless redhead. Laura's torn gown was floating around her waist, from there up she was naked and her long legs were visible with the gown floating near the surface. "That lovely gown is just gonna get in your way and keep you from having fun," Lucy purred. "Loose it!" she snapped.

"But...I..." Laura's protests came up short when Lucy lunged through the chest-deep water, grabbed a handful of wet red hair and pulled Laura under. In a most erotic battle, Lucy stripped Laura's gown off and left her gasping and sputtering in only an expensive pair of French cut silk panties.

(Cough. Gasp.) "You bitch! Why'd you do that?" Laura growled as she finally surfaced and angrily glared at Lucy who was laughing as she tossed the wet gown out of the pool to a most grateful observer.

"Oh shut up," Lucy grumped. "Let's go have some fun with Jessie; it looks like Christina could use some help!"

"How dare you fight me! What the hell? Does EVERYbody hate me?" Jessica whined. "I'm the best; the best singer, the best looking, but why is EVERYBODY so jealous and so mean to me?" Jessica asked as she pushed Christina's head under water for the fourth time.

Christina had caught the lovely incoming Jessica and dunked her before she could catch her breath, which further infuriated the already irate lovely blonde. When she came up for air, Jessica fired an incredibly lucky punch that just happened to catch Christina off guard. They grabbed each others hair and pulled and tugged each other back down underwater. After a furious struggle, Christina surfaced first, but then Jessica grabbed her legs and pulled her back under. A mouthful of water going down the wrong way left Christina gasping, coughing, weak and vulnerable to Jessica's angry, flashing,claws. Jessica had Christina's bikini top off and was mauling her beautiful breasts viciously after several more long dunks had further weakened her.

"Awwwwwck! Let me go! I wasn't done with her yet!" Jessica protested as Lucy grabbed her by the hair and dragged her away from Christina.

"Too bad you little bitch," Lucy snarled as she wrapped her arm around Jessica's neck and jerked her to her feet.

As Lucy tightened her hold, Laura grabbed the blondes torn bra, unsnapped it and ripped it the rest of the way off.

"Hmmmm, firm, perky, but so little," Laura laughed as she cupped Jessica's breasts and squeezed.

"Little?" Lucy giggled. "Maybe compared to you big girl," the lovely Asian laughed, glancing down at her own modest mounds.

"OW! Stop that! Leggo a my boobs; what are you a Lezbo or sumpthin’?" Jessica snipped as she tried to push Laura's strong fingers from her "pride and joys."

"Arggggh! Uhhhhhh…" the blonde moaned as Laura pinched her erect nipples and added a painful knee press to the crotch to her repertoire.

The crowd of onlookers were beside themselves with excitement as they watched Laura and Lucy continue the "talk" with a most reluctant, feisty Jessica. Christina had finally recovered and she was moving to get back in the action.

Whack! "Ouch!"

"That's for the lezbo remark, smartass," Laura said as she delivered a stinging backhand across Jessica’s bare breasts..

"Eiickk! Whoaaaa!" SPLASH! Laura yelped and disappeared underwater because Jessica had lashed her leg out, hooked Laura's and jerked her off balance. Lucy was caught off guard momentarily, and as she felt Jessica suddenly twist around, the blondes hard elbow slammed into Lucy’s left breast. Then, with a triumphant shout, Jessica turned to get away.

"Not so fast cunt!" Christina shouted as she lunged and grabbed the fleeing blonde. WHUMP! Christina tackled Jessica and pulled her under.

Her eyes wide, stealthy as a barracuda, Lucy slithered up behind Jessica just as she was surfacing, but only briefly; then her two attackers pulled her back under; their angry fingers, slapping, punching, twisting, ripping, pinching and clawing.

"Yeah, all right! Get her! Strip her girls!" Laura shouted as she cheered her friends on.

Laura had recovered quickly and though she felt like she had swallowed half the water in the pool, she was quickly feeling much better as she watched Jessica's clothes being slowly and most erotically stripped off thread by thread. Soon, the blonde beauty’s wildly kicking legs were totally naked and her lush pubic patch was in view - at least the few who could take advantage of an underwater vantage point! A white bikini top slowly floated to the top and the landlocked partygoers couldn't wait to see the battlers surface, especially the beautiful Asian Amazon warrior.

"There she is!" someone shouted excitedly as Lucy surfaced, waved to the crowd, and then dove back again. Soon, others surfaced, including Jessica who was thrashing only weakly as she was pulled to shallower, waist deep water. The blonde wasn’t fighting as vigorously any more, just making empty threats and moaning expletives, her arms slapping ineffectively as she desperately tried to impress her captors with her vocabulary.

To the sheer delight of the crowd, Christina suddenly grabbed Jessica and dunked her twice, then put her in an erotic full nelson, forcing her lovely chest up out of the water. Her completely naked body a bit limp, but her nipples standing at full attention, she seemed to be quite delicious to both Laura and Lucy who stood on either side of her. Lucy grabbed her hair, twisted her head and gave her a long passionate French kiss while her free hand cupped Jessica’s left breast, tweaking the nipple. Laura leaned into the captive blonde, reached out and cupped her right breast in both hands, then bent over and captured the erect jutting nipple in her lips. Jessica moaned loudly from one - or both - stimulations when Lucy finally broke the kiss, leaving hem both gasping for air!

"Guess she don't mind THIS toooo much," Lucy laughed. "Is that OK with you, Lezbo Laura?" Lucy giggled as she ran her fingers playfully through Laura's drenched red hair.

Laura ignored Lucy’s remark, seemingly in a different world as she continued to suckle Jessica’s sweet captured orb.

"Oh gawwwwwwd," someone bemoaned as Lucy reached up, cup one of Laura's large dangling melons and tweaked the erect pink nipple, then began to tease it with her flicking tongue. Lucy let go of Jessica’s hair and slowly slid her other hand down between Jessica's legs, her elbow moving up and down a few times.

The trapped blonde moaned, "Please, stop, pleaseeeee.” Her face blushed bright pink as her legs seemed to buckle under her.

"Girls, I thought we were going to teach this little broad a lesson!" Christina said angrily.

"Oh yeah, right," Lucy said as her underwater hand switched tactics.

“AIIEEEEEE….!” Jessica's bloodcurdling scream announced Lucy’s return to the original game plan and Laura's suckling turned into nipple nipping.

SPLOosh! All three pulled the screaming Jessica underwater in mid-scream, dunking her several times as they went to work on her breasts, stomach, ribs, legs and crotch. As Jessica's painful embarrassing lesson drew to an end, Laura caught her, turned her over on her stomach, and held her draped over the pool rim where Lucy and Christina took turns spanking that beautiful up-turned sexy bottom until it was beet red.

"Its about time, huh girls?" Lucy chirped.

Laura released the blubbering blonde who climbed painfully out of the pool and ran sobbing and naked through the taunting laughing crowd screaming, "You nasty, mean bitches! It’ss about time! You’re going to get yours, just you wait and see, you cunts!"

When Jessica disappeared into the shower room, the three girls, all topless, got out of the pool and took their sweet time walking through the crowd, treating on-lookers (both men and women) to kisses and/or a most pleasurable ‘feeling up’ before they followed Jessica into the shower room.

"Oh, Jessica, about that lesson,” Lucy told her when found her cowering in the showers. “Lesson number one is complete, but we've still got lesson number two to come, so as soon as you’re ready let us know!"

END (unless someone wants to write "Lesson Two")