Dukes of Hazzard: Jessica Simpson vs Britney Spears by kit

"Uunngg...fuckin' cunt," huffed Britney on her backside, her hands deep in Jessica's hair.

"Fuck you! Uummph..," groaned Jessica from on top as she matched Britney's intense hair pull.

From top to bottom Jessica Simpson and Britney Spears were wrapped in a tight ball of arms, legs, bodies and hair. Cheek-to-cheek Jessica lay on top of Britney as they worked their hands and fingers thru soft, silky hair. Britney's tight, tone legs wrestled streniously with Jessica's equally matched legs as their hips, bellies and breasts crushed and mashed on each other.

"Uuummm...whore," growled Britney, ever-so slowly working a leg around Jessica's hip and forcing them on to their sides. Their cheeks and faces rubbed across each other, trading makeup, as Jessica got her leg back around Britney's leg.

"Uuunnn," moaned Jessica, pulling back hard on Britney's hair and trying to get back on top of her. Their faces turned together, and their noses wrestled for a second as their lips swapped heavy gloss and lipstick. A trickle of sweat ran down Britney's rosy cheek as beads of perspiration popped up on Jessica's forehead.

"Oouucchh!" winced Britney sharply, about to go over on her back. Jessica's breasts smeared across Britney's breasts. Both moaned from the sudden pressure. A hard, erect nipple speared an equally hard, erect nipple. Jessica's eyes flinched. Britney gasped for air, and then used her nipple to turn Jessica's nipple over as she pushed forward with her hips and stretched Jessica's head back by her hair.

"Aaahhh ggaawwdd!" wailed Jessica softly as she was turned over with Britney now coming down on her.Cheek-to-cheek the girls lay knotted. Their legs hooked and locked tighter than ever as their Daisy Duke shorts rubbed zipper-to-zipper. Britney's hot ass dripped out as Jessica's sexy butt wiggled on the grass. Their bellies pumped up and down together as Britney's left nipple dueled with Jessica's right nipple thru their tight tops.

"S-l-u-t," whispered Britney in Jessica's ear as they turned their hands in each other's hair.

"W-h-o-r-e," Jessica breathed and Britney could feel Jessica's lips on her ear as she said it.

"Uuummm...gawd, I fuckin' hate you, you bitch!" swore Britney in her ear as they traded damn hard hair pulls.

It was true. Britney Spears hated Jessica Simpson with a passion. She thought she hated Christina Aguilera (and at one time she did), but she didn't hate her near as much as she hated Jessica. Every bone in Britney's hot, sexy body was filled with jealousy and envy, and she wanted nothing more than to destroy Jessica in this catfight and take the role of Daisy Duke in the upcoming filming.

"Uunngg. I hate...your fuckin' guts too, s-l-u-t," growled Jessica right back.

Jessica had only lost one catfight in her life; a few years ago to none other than Britney Spears. But since then she'd whipped Mandy Moore; knocked out Lyndsey Lohan; beaten Christina Aguilera to a pulp and won a dirty fight against Jennifer Love Hewitt. The only fight she hadn't won in that time was to Beyonce Knowles whom she‘d battled to a long, painful draw after which both vowed victory their next fight. Now it was her star that was burning brighter, and not Britney's, and she intended for it to stay that way.

"Umph!" grunted Jessica, lurching with her hips and yanking back on Britney's hair.

The crotch of Jessica's Daisy Dukes slammed against the crotch of Britney's Daisy Dukes, and coupled with the hard hair pull, she was able to overthrow Britney.

"Uumm. Shit," Britney swore, falling off, but giving Jessica's thigh a smart swat.

Jessica slapped back, and the two pop divas now went into a good series of long, slow rolls, pulling hair; tugging and stretching each other's tops; exchanging a couple of slaps to the back and ass; and spitting insults in each other's ear.
Britney Spears had been approached first about the role of Daisy Duke. At first she was hesitant, and then agreeable, and then hesitant again. The studio staff then began looking around, and when Jessica Simpson showed a great deal of interest, Britney was put on the back burner. Once learing the news that her arch rival was now the lead candidate, Britney agreed to accept the role. Now it was the studio that was hesitant and expressed concern over Britney's true enthusiasm. Britney strongly expressed her desire for the role, and although she had some support within, the studio said they'd consider her.

But being considered wasn't good enough. Britney was now mad at herself for not accepting the role the first time. Obviously there was something too being Daisy Duke if Jessica wanted it. And if Jessica wanted it, then she wanted to take it from her. It was already bad enough the bitch had a show on tv, and it would only get worse if she soared into showbiz. Britney was to fight; she'd whipped Jessica once, and she'd surely do it again.
A few days earlier (before this catfight they were now having) Britney had called Jessica and challenged her to a catfight. Jessica instantly accepted as the two rattled each others cages and got their blood hot and boiling during a 20 minute cuss fight over the phone that had them calling each other every nasty, filthy name in the book. Now, here they were, rolling across the lawn of one of the studio's hotshot's homes as they fought for the role of Daisy Duke.

"Bitch!" hissed Jessica, pulling Britney off by the hair.

Laying sideways, Jessica and Britney had a fist of hair and were going for tits as their tangled legs kept them from escaping each other's wrath.

"Ooohh ggaawwdd!" wailed Jessica as Britney slipped her hand down the front of her top.

"Uuuunnggg! Ssshhit!" swore Britney as Jessica's hand went under her top.

Britney cruelly pinched and twisted Jessica's areola as Jessica painfully squeezed one of Britney's bare tits.

"Ow! Ow! Ow!" barked Jessica, her eyes closed and her head shaking.

"Fuuuuuck!!!" Britney cried, her eyes wide and her head tossed back. The two blond bombshells continued torturing each other for several seconds as their legs tried to unlock. Springing their legs free, Jessica and Britney kicked at each other as Britney ripped down some of Jessica's top as Jessica slapped her across the cheek.



Britney and Jessica rolled clear as a small grumbling rippled throughout the few studio-onlookers and Catherine Bach.
Before the fight, Catherine Bach talked privately with Jessica Simpson, telling her, "I know what you're going through. You know I had to fight Tanya Roberts for my role?"

Jessica nodded. "I heard that. It was pretty crazy wasn't it?"

Catherine smiled and chuckled. "Yeah, it was." She took Jessica’s hands and looked deep into her eyes. "I know you've fought her before and lost, but you can do this. She's nothing but a slut; just white trash with money. She stands for everything I'm against and I want you to beat the living shit out of her."

"I'm a better fighter now than I was then," said Jessica confidently.

"So I've been told. Look, you can do this!" said Catherine. "You're Jessica Simpson; the most popular woman on the planet. You're sweet; talented; absolutely beautiful; you’d be a perfect Daisy Duke."

Jessica blushed, "Thanks. That means a great deal to me coming from you, Daisy."

Catherine smiled. "No, not Daisy; not any more. YOU’RE Daisy Duke now, so go out there and live up to it. Daisy Duke don't lose catfights. Daisy Duke is everything a girl wants to be and everything a guy wants to be with. Daisy Duke is the all-American girl and NOBODY is better for that than you, hon."

Jessica fought back the tears. "Thank you. I promise I won't let you down." They hugged tightly.

"Make me proud," whispered Catherine.
Britney and Jessica rolled clear of each other and sat upon their knees catching their breathes. Jessica's brown top was torn halfway down, exposing most of her right tit, but not the areola. Britney's black wife-beater t-shirt was stretched and showing some good cleavage, but nothing more. Both had on skin-tight, blue Daisy Duke shorts, booty socks and white tennis shoes.

Laboring for air, Britney and Jessica glared hard and hatefully at each other. Only a couple of minutes into it, both were sweaty and panting. They had started by exchanging a couple of good slaps to each other's pretty face before grabbing hair and going down to the ground and fighting. They both knew this catfight was far from being over and that things would get uglier and nastier before it was done.

"Ready, bitch?" asked Britney, leaning on her thighs.

"Ready if you are, slut," responded Jessica, pushing back her messy hair.

Britney got up, combing back her tangled locks as Jessica stood up and wiped the sweat off her brow. The two girls circled once, and then called each other a 'slut' as they went back to it. Both grabbed two handfuls of hair and yanked. Both winced as they pulled each other over and tugged on the back of each other's hair. Staggering around in a circle, Britney and Jessica tried to twist each other's head off. The muscles in their legs braced and flexed as they went one way and then the other...pulling; jerking; yanking; and tugging.

"Ooooowww! Sssshhhit!"

"Fuuuck! Uuunnggg!"

Their knees trembled. Jessica jerked Britney forward. Their bodies jolted upright, and their breasts slammed together. "Bitch!" shouted Jessica, yanking on the back of Britney's hair, putting her face in position for a wicked slap. SMACK! Britney wobbled, but grabbed Jessica's top and tore it to the waist. Jessica slapped Britney again as Britney grabbed a tit and squeezed. "Ooooowww!" howled Jessica, feeling the sting of five clear-coated fake fingernails.

Jessica let go of Britney's hair and doubled over in pain, pulling at Britney's hand and arm and trying to push her away. Britney stumbled back, dragging her nails thru Jessica's firm tit flesh. Jessica kick out with her foot, but missed. Britney lunged forward and caught a handful of Jessica's hair on the side. Instantly her other hand came around and slapped Jessica squarely on the cheek. Jessica's pretty head turned, her hair flying around her face as she grabbed Britney's black wife-beater t-shirt and tore it to the naval. Britney was forced to stagger sideways, but she jerked Jessica with her by the hair. Jessica threw an elbow into Britney's ribs just as Britney looped another chopping slap across her red cheek. Jessica dropped to a knee as Britney gasped and peddled backwards doubled over.

There was a slight pause (seconds only) before Jessica rose and reached out for Britney who, filling her lungs with a quick gulp, lunged back and the two divas groaned as their voluptuous breasts slammed nipple-to-nipple as they grabbed more hair. Bullying her way more forcefully, Britney drove Jessica back until Jessica lost her balance and they crashed to the ground. Jessica's back slammed into the lawn as her right thigh took Britney's kneecap into it. Britney's forehead also banged Jessica across the bridge of the nose, causing her eyes to water and her vision to blur. But a good yank of hair and an open palm under the chin, and Jessica was able to shove and pull Britney sideways as Britney finished tearing Jessica's top completely open.

"Bitch," huffed Jessica, trying to roll on top of Britney.

"Fuck you!" swore Britney, bringing her knee up and placing it in Jessica's belly, stopping her.

As Britney shoved her knee against Jessica's tummy, both girls grabbed two fists of hair at the back and pulled. Closing their eyes, Jessica and Britney swore thru gritted teeth as their scalps blazed with fire.

"Aaaaahhhh fuuuuuuck!!" flinched Britney first. "Ooowwww!!"

"Damn bitch!" cussed Jessica, the first to tear out her opponent's hair. Still screaming, Britney slugged Jessica in the ribs. Jessica grunted as she took another set of knuckles to the bones before she could counter with a fist of her own across Britney's cheekbone, gashing it open.

"Get away!" shouted Britney, shoving with her knee and pushing with her hands.

Jessica rolled away, and one minute turned into two as both girls lay curled up catching their breathes and reviving their senses, and trying to get over the pain they were in.

"Is it over?"

"Who won?"

"Are they done?"

"What are we gonna do?"

"This sucks!"

"I pick Britney."

"Hell no! Jessica."

"Guys! Guys!" Catherine said sharply. "It's not over! Give the girls a chance. It's a catfight! Let them settle it!"

Jessica sat up, pulled her knees up against her chest and buried her face between her knees.

"Alright," said one. “But they looked pretty gassed."

"Mmmm, shit…" moaned Britney, rolling over on her back and rubbing her head.

"Let's see what happens," suggested another, eyeing Britney's bare breasts hanging free now that her wife-beater tee-shirt had been ripped completely open.

"Oh...gawd," Jessica groaned, pulling her face out of her legs and running her hands thru her hair. Like Britney, her breasts too were exposed, jiggling gently as she rocked back and forth on her tight ass.

"Well...it won't last much longer," said someone.

The two minutes turned into four, and the four minutes turned into five. Britney finally sat up and looked at Jessica. The two divas blinked and gazed at each other.

"Had enough?" asked Jessica hopefully.

"Have you?" answered Britney as she started pulling off her torn wife-beater.

"Fuck you!" muttered Jessica, shedding her tattered cotton top.

"Eat shit and die, bitch!" Britney grumbled.

"OK girls, enough chit-chat," somebody said. “Finish it already."

"Go get her, Jessica," cheered Catherine.

"Hey, bitch!" screamed Britney, pointing threateningly at Catherine. "You go fuck off you washed-up old cunt!"

Catherine glared at Britney and muttered, "Go on an’ kick her ass, Jess!"

"After I'm done with her, bitch, it's you and me," said Britney as she stood.

Jessica got to her feet and snarled, "Shut the fuck up, slut. Your fights with me."

Britney glared at Jessica, "Then let's go, motherfucker."

In just their Daisy Dukes and tennis shoes, Britney and Jessica started to circle as the catty chat continued. Each eyed the others bare, bouncing breasts and both took unsuccessful little swipes at them as they stalked and cussed.

"Man, this is great!" one guy whispered to another. “We gotta do this again for Theron’s next picture.”

The guy nodded, "I've seen good catfights, but nothing like this. It's gonna be close."

As Jessica darted in to slap at Britney's tits, Britney lunged and perfectly timed a right hook across Jessica's chin. CRACK! Britney's knuckles spun Jessica's head around, sending her staggering and stumbling sideways.

"Bitch!" yelled Britney as she grabbed Jessica by the hair and yanked. Jessica's body jolted to a sudden stop as her head nearly snapped off. Whirling Jessica around, Britney drove her right fist into Jessica's face again under the left eye. Jessica sailed backward and crashed to the grass on her ass, legs flying up. Rushing in quickly, Britney leaned down to grab her hair again, but Jessica threw her left fist up into Britney’s crotch!

"Unnnngghh!" groaned Britney, clutching herself and baby-stepping back tenderly. Jessica rolled to her knees and pushed up to her feet as Britney sprang back to life. Obviously the blow had inflicted only minimual and temporary pain. "Bitch!" shouted Britney, springing and swinging fists.

"Bitch!" echoed Jessica, lunging and throwing punches. Both girls landed a pair of fists in each other's face as they charged forward and took each other by the hair. A wicked 10 second hair pulling spree erupted as Britney and Jessica stood locked at the knees shaking each other's brains out. Violently jerking back and forth, their girls doubled over sideways (hip-to-hip) as Jessica hip-tossed Britney to the ground by the hair. Naturally Britney pulled Jessica down with her by the hair.



With hands full of hair, their sexy legs hooked hip-to-ankle as they rolled across the grass screaming, swearing and trying like hell to rip out each other's hair. Britney. Jessica. Britney. Jessica. Britney. Jessica. Britney. Jessica. Britney. Jessica…then back the other way again.





"Ooowwww!" cried Jessica, losing a handful of hair. She pulled Britney off, tearing out a clump of hair also.

"Fuuuuuuck!" screamed Britney, on her back now with Jessica rolling on top.

"Oh, you fuckin' slut!" shouted Jessica, straddling Britney and beating her head on the ground. "I fuckin' hate you!" Britney dropped her hands out of Jessica's hair and placed them on her tits. "Oooowww!!" howled Jessica, throwing back her head as Britney dug in with her nails.

"Get off! Fuckin' bitch!" bucked Britney, scratching and squeezing. "Oooowww!!" But Jessica didn't get off; instead, she grabbed Britney's tits and dug in with her nails also. Working their nails back and forth, Britney and Jessica gritted their teeth and held on for dear life. They hated each other, and they especially hated each other's tits. Britney's head rolled side-to-side as Jessica's head tossed up and down.

"Aaaaarrrrgggg!!" screamed Britney, breaking down. Unable to take the punishment, Britney hooked a pair of quick, rapid rights up under Jessica's ribs.

"Uuunngg! Uuummph!" grunted Jessica from the blows. Her right cross to Britney's chin stopped the hooking to her ribs; then a left to her mouth turned Britney's head. Another right from Jessica busted Britney’s nose and the following left hook did more damage to Britney's swollen, bleeding lips.

"Stop! Stop!" screamed Britney, dropping to her knees and hiding her face behind both hands.

Jessica grabbed Britney's wrists and pushed her onto her back, pinning them over her head as she scooted up Britney's body until her ass was grinding on Britney’s red, throbbing titties. "You fuckin' slut!" yelled Jessica in her face as she bounced her tight ass up and down on Britney's deflated breasts.

"Oh...please," moaned Britney, spitting blood. Her mouth, lips and nose all bleeding, crimson coating her face, running down her neck and tinting her blond hair.

"You give, bitch? Had enough, slut?" asked Jessica, riding Britney's chest.

Britney, eyes closed, nodded 'yes'. "Oh...yes...you win...please, no more."

Jessica wanted to revel in her victory; to rub Britney's nose in her snatch; to torment her, make her beg, plead. To make her wish she'd never been born. But there wouldn’t be time for that…not today anyway.

"Oh, Jessica!" shouted Catherine Bach in glee as she ran over and hugged her girl. "You've won! You've won! You're the new Daisy...Daisy Duke!"