Rachel Stevens vs. Jessica Simpson by Interac 6/3/01

The Manager of the S Club 7 had a meeting with the band about their upcoming live performance on the David Lettermen show. They were all in the dressing room when the Executive Producer came in and apologetically told them Jessica Simpson had just been booked and was being put in their spot. The band was understandably pissed off, not knowing what to do about it, but Rachel leaped up and hurriedly left the dressing room.

Jo: "Where you off to Rach?"

Rachel: "I don' t like this. I need to think. I'll be back in a bit, gang."

Tina: "Why'd you ask 'er that, Jo? Where'd you think she's going?"

Jo: "You don't know Rachel too well, do you? She's gonna go beat on that whore Jessica."

One of the guys says, "God, I'd love to see that."

Rachel walking through the hallways, came upon Jessica who was waving to a few people on her way to a dressing room. Before she could shut the door it was kicked out of her hand. Jessica turned around and saw Rachel Stevens staring at her with her hands on her hips and a frown on her face.

Jessica: "Hello. Just who the Hell are you?"

Rachel: "You know bloody well who I am you bleedin' wanker. Me and my mates don't appreciate you stealin' our spot. This was a great huge chance fur us to show our stuff on this side of the pond."

Jessica walked up to Rachel and bodied up to her. Jessica was wearing a white tank top and blue jeans.

Jessica: "Oh, you're part of that little band, the 7 something? Like that? Well dear, your spot was there to be taken. They needed, well, to have like a real show. Somebody with talent, something your little garage band obviously doesn't have any of. "

Rachel: "Well, I'm here to tell you this quite simply; leave now or there'll be trouble."

Jessica: "Trouble? From you? I don't think so. I heard what happened when you fought Jennifer. I'd just do worse too you only I wouldn't stop."

Rachel: "Really? Well, let's find out."

Rachel pushed forward into Jessica. They tumbled down on the floor where Rachel grabbed Jessica's hair, wrapped it around her fingers and hauled it as hard, shaking her head all around.

"Drop out or this will get worse," Rachel warned.

"Screw you!" Jessica screamed as she clawed at Rachel's hands in her hair.

Jessica punched upward, sending Rachel off of her. A trickle of blood started to run from the corner of Rachel's mouth. She looked up just in time to see Jessica sending down another punch.

Jessica hissed, "When this is over, don't say I never warned you."

She pulled Rachel's shirt over her head and started to kick Rachel in the back. Rachel fell on her chest, which was now exposed, as Jessica lined her up and kicked her in the side again. The force of Jessica's foot sent Rachel rolling onto her other side. When she got up, she was breathing hard and her sides were already a little tender. She looked over at Jessica who was standing holding the door open and pointing toward the hall..

Jessica said evenly, "Now get your ass out before I do a lot worse to you. You sorry Brits never could beat an American."

Rachel picked up her shirt from the floor and started toward the door but she stopped when she reached it. Before Jessica realized what was happening, Rachel threw her shirt over Jessica's head and wrapped it around her neck. Rachel tossed Jessica out into the hallway where Dave Lettermen was standing. He snapped at his crew to get a camera right away. Tonight, he was going to destroy Jay's ratings.

Rachel slammed Jessica's pretty face into the wall before she released her choke hold. Jessica was already gasping for air but she tried to fight back, pulling off Rachel's shirt and tossing it aside, then pushing off the wall and reaching for Rachel. Rachel grabbed the front of Jessica's shirt as she came toward her and jerked upward, grinding it on the underside of Jessica's soft young breasts. Finally, Rachel got Jessica's tank top up to her throat and started choking her again. Jessica grabbed hold of the shirt, trying to pull it away from her neck.

Rachel had her teeth bared, screaming "Bitch" at Jessica who pushed back, sending Rachel crashing into the wall. Jessica leaned forward a little, off balance from her shove and almost instantly Rachel was on her back. Jessica raised up and flung herself back against the wall. Rachel had her breath knocked out by the impact with the wall and lost her strangle hold.

BOOM! Jessica sent her back elbow and nailed Rachel right in the stomach.

Rachel fell to the floor and Jessica fell to her hands and knees, both women gasping for air. When the rest of Rachel's bandmates arrived to see what the commotion was, they saw both lovely women down on the floor. Other guests came out of their dressing rooms too and everyone was cheering someone on. Yet behind a few of the people one of the guests remained hidden, trying hard not to be noticed.

Both ladies crawled on the floor trying to get their bearings, but Jessica made it to her feet first. She picked Rachel up by the hair and hair-mared her over to where her mates where standing. They goaded Rachel to get up and fight back.

Jessica grabbed the back of Rachel's jeans, lifted her back up to her feet and then kidney punched her. Rachel let out a scream but Jessica just pulled her up again by the back of her hair. She held her up, showing her to her bandmates who turned their heads away, unable to watch Rachel's suffering.

By then, Letterman's camera crew had showed up and began taping to show to the studio audience.

"Who will sing here tonight?" the announcer asked rhetorically. "The winner will sing and the other will whine."

Rachel, desperate for relief, sent her fist backward and nailed Jessica square in the pussy. When Jessica let go of her to tend to her bruised womanhood, Rachel turned around and slapped Jessica in the face. Jessica dropped to one knee and couldn't defend herself as Rachel grabbed one side of her hair and started slapping her face back and forth.

When Rachel stopped slapping, Jessica's face was bright red and bruises were beginning to show. Jessica was on the floor holding her face when Rachel undid her bra clasp and turned her around so the camera crew and everyone in the viewing audience could see what was about to happen. Rachel got a nasty surprise of her own though as Jessica lifted her foot and thrust it right into Rachel's belly.

Rachel's beautiful eyes went wide and her mouth dropped open as she fell to her knees. Jessica grabbed Rachel's hair and slammed her face into the floor. Rachel got her hands in front of her just in time, blocking most of the force of the blow. Jessica stood up, hauling Rachel to her feet by her hair. Jessica returned the favor. She slapped Rachel's face but after three hard slaps, Rachel brought her knee up into Jessica's crotch and the onlookers went "oooh!"

Jessica swallowed her pain and the two women started to trade knees as they ripped and tore each others hair. Jessica was more powerful and forced Rachel back against the wall. She pressed her body against Rachel's, trying to show superiority. Rachel screamed when she felt Jessica's breasts mash hers down and in towards her body.

In desperation, Rachel leaned into Jessica trying to end it and bit Jessica's face. Jessica grabbed her face and pushed Rachel away but Rachel never budged. She grabbed the back of Jessica's hair and slammed her face-first into the wall, and then again. In the background, an arm was seen on camera pointing to the rest of Rachel's bandmates; then the hand gave person some money.

Rachel slammed Jessica's beautiful face into the wall for the third time! She turned Jessica around and choked her down to the floor. Jessica was out cold and Rachel triumphantly sat down on her chest and raised her hands in the air over her head.

She looked over at Dave and said, "So, who else is on the show with me and the band?"

Dave Letterman chuckled, nodded and said," OK, we got David Duchovny and Jennifer Love Hewitt"

Rachel's mouth dropped open in shock. "What?"

All of a sudden, Rachel felt her head being jerked backward by the hair and a knee struck her in the back of the head.

"Hey bitch long time no see. Time for the main event," Jennifer Love Hewitt said.

Jennifer picked Rachel up and DDTed her back down, Duchovny was telling Letterman this wasn't right but all Letterman could do was shake his head and say, "Well, what can you do? I'm just glad this is happening here instead of on Howard Stern's damn show. Besides, why didn't you bring Gillian Anderson along? I'd love for her to get involved too!"

Duchovny snorted derisively, but still he turned back to watch the action while adjusting himself out of view of the camera as Jennifer put Rachel into a sleeper hold that was very near to being a choke. Rachel struggled briefly, but slowly started to fall asleep.

Just then, Jo O'Meara, Rachel's bandmate chum, pushed aside the man Hewitt had paid to block her off and jumped on Jennifer.

Jo dragged Jennifer off her friend as Jennifer squirmed and kicked trying to get free. Jo and Jennifer tumbled around on the floor hauling at each others hair. Jennifer finally got a leg in between she and Jo and kicked her off. Jennifer dove on Jo and began to bang her head on the floor. When Jennifer got off the dazed blond, she lifted Jo's legs, spread them wide and raised her foot. Jo raised her hands in the air, shook her head and pleaded with Jennifer not to do it.

"Alright then," Jennifer said as she started to lower Jo's legs.

But she suddenly lifted them up again and started stomping down onto Jo's open pussy over and over. Jo screamed her surrender, but Jennifer wouldn't let up. She started brutally grinding her heel on Jo's battered pussy as the girl cried. Then Jennifer dropped a knee on Jo's pussy and held it there as she pulled Jo's head forward by the hair. She kept the pressure on her knee until Jo eventually passed out from the pain.

Jennifer kept it up until someone grabbed her from behind. But instead of picking Jennifer up, she was bulldogged by her hair to the floor. Rachel was back in the fight! She ripped away Jennifer's shirt but Jennifer kicked her away and got up with her bra exposed. The arms and back of Jennifer's torn shirt were barely clinging to her wonderfully curvaceous figure.

"Come on you bloody wanker. We're face to face now, let's see how you do," Rachel screamed.

Jennifer shook her head and said, " Another time. Another place. Then I'll kick your ass all over again."

Rachel screamed, "NO! Why not right here and right now?"

Jennifer laughed, "The damage's already done. Look at your friend. That would of been you if she hadn't interfered to save you. By the way Jessica darling, thanks for goading her into fighting. It really helped me out."

Jessica, who was only now starting to re-awaken, looked over at Jennifer who was already leaving and just shook her head. Rachel was pissed and had a maniacal look in her eyes. She picked up Jessicas' legs just as Jennifer had done to Jo and started doing the 'Texan Two-step' on Jessica's pussy.

Then Rachel tried to breast smother Jessica, but by then network executives had arrived and a worried Letterman told her to get off. When Rachel let her go, Jessica's hair was matted to her face and she looked like Hell. Letterman told Rachel her band still couldn't perform; but only because Jo was in no shape to go on. But he did tell Rachel she could take Jennifer's place as the second on air interview.

Rachel looked down at Jessica and told Letterman not to worry, that he still had a musical guest. Rachel said she wasn't going to go onstage unless her bandmates where there with her, but they all convinced her to do the interview anyway. They even suggested she bring Jessica onstage with her to show everyone they'd ended their feud once and for all. Rachel agreed.

During the show, while Letterman was interviewing David Duchovny, Rachel was getting herself ready to come on. When she finally did come out, she looked amazing. There was no visible evidence of her fight. Also, she was wearing Jessica Simpson's tank top - but she filled it out much better than Jessica had.

"Thank you, Dave, for allowing me this time," Rachel said. "I'm sure all you Yanks saw the video of me and Jessica fighting. (The crowd started to holler and Rachel flexed her muscles.) Well, then you also saw Jennifer Love Hewitt jump me and hurt my friend. Now, I'm challenging Love to fight me. I don't care where it is or what kind of fight. Sooner or later, we'll put an end this. There WILL be a clear winner. But for now, Ladies and Gentlemen, I want to present the former owner of my tank top, here she is, my new best friend, Jessica Simpson!"

Jessica was thrown out onto the stage by the other girls from S Club 7, totally naked! She was forced to stand there, her hands meekly folded in front of her to hide her pale pussy from the leering fans, while she sang her new song. All the while Jessica was singing, Rachel clapped along to the music; a big smile plastered on her face. And she had reason to smile. She had humiliated Jessica on national television and now she couldn't wait to do the same thing to Jennifer Love Hewitt.