Amy Smart vs. Reese Witherspoon by Oberon and ? (fr CWC3)

Arriving at the luxury apartment where she and Amy Smart are scheduled to fight, Reese Witherspoon surveys the spacious living room as she removes her street clothes and tosses them aside, revealing a curvaceous frame clad only in a red thong; her fingernails and toenails painted to match. The sun shining through the windows illuminates her stocky upper body as the heat warms her, causing her bare flesh to tingle with excitement. She hoped Amy would make a tough customer, or perhaps something more than that.

Seeing no one is waiting in the living room for her to show up, Reese drifts into the bedroom, Opening the door, she makes eye contact with Amy for the first time. Noticing Reese is appropriately dressed for the occasion, Amy smiles into her eyes as she stands up. For the sake of spending a few pre-match moments to size each other up, so the both of them know what they are getting into before they get down to it, Amy removes her top so Reese can get a close view of her chest. Tossing it aside, she waits a couple of beats, showing Reese her chest. Amy is no slouch in the allure department either, with a lithe, slender frame, smooth skin and more subtle bodily curves.

To match Reese's attire, Amy slowly peels off her jeans to reveal her thong and, like Reese's, her finger and toenail polish matches her thong. She stands back so Reese can get the full view of her near-naked body. If Amy is self-conscious about her breasts, which are considerably smaller than Reese’s, she doesn't show it. Confident about her own curves, Amy approaches Reese until they're a couple inches from one another. Watching her face to see how Reese reacts, Amy leans in further, until their nipples brush together.

A few tense moments pass before she speaks. "I'm gonna have lots of fun with those big, floppy tits," the tall blonde announces. "I can't wait to use them for target practice!"

At the first sensation of Amy's soft nipples brushing hers, Reese doesn't show any trepidation at the intrusion. Instead, she takes a slow, calculated step forward to establish closer physical contact. Their chests press provocatively together and their thighs brush lightly, this time causing Amy's body to tingle with the vibes Reese is wordlessly sending her. Reese slides her breasts along Amy's with a small but noticeable amount of friction, gliding them lightly under her opponent's and then pushing so her nipples poke the underside of Amy's tits.

"You want to talk about my boobs?" Reese intones. “You’ll see them up close and personal when they’re smothering you unconscious."

On the heels of that, Reese curls her fingers and rakes them downward along Amy's breasts. The move is not intended to cause Amy pain, but Amy is shocked all the same at the vibrations it sends through her body. The sensation is oddly erotic, but Amy is familiar with Reese's track record. From past bouts with Rose McGowan, Christina Ricci, Parker Posey and Alicia Silverstone, she is aware Reese has engaged in sexfighting as well as wrestling and catfighting. Perhaps Amy could beat Reese at the punch, so to speak, on her way to winning.

"For the time being," Reese continues, assuming a ready stance with her hands at her sides, fingers curled into claws. “Let's get started!"

Reese begins circling her rival, narrowing her eyes to slits, showing Amy to see her nail polish as she curls and uncurls her fingers while Amy circles the opposite direction, both watching for sudden movements.

Eager to show her contempt for her intimidation tactics, Amy snickers. "You think that's gonna scare me?" she taunts, then suddenly kicks out her foot in an effort to sweep her opponent's legs out from under her.

Sidestepping the kick, Reese lunges forward, forcing them to lock up. They grapple for a moment, still sizing each other up, and Amy sees this isn't the way she should be fighting Reese. The bustier blonde is also sturdier, and Amy realizes she'll need to be quicker and smarter rather than attempt to overpower her. But before she can step back Reese snares her in a headlock and tries to force her to the floor.

Knowing that's the last place she wants to be, Amy tries to pull free, yanking Reese's arm. But her grip is too strong. Needing an out, Amy stomps twice on Reese's foot. While Reese grunts heavily, it's not enough to earn her release. Flailing her arm, she manages to get hold of her rival's blonde hair with one hand and give it a hearty yank. Amy's other hand goes for her breasts and begins to twist and pull at them. Amid that pressure Reese's grip loosens, and Amy is able to pull free and step back, putting some space between the two of them.

Reese returns to circling her opponent, in case Amy is trying to bait and unbalance her. Raising her hands above her head, she curls her fingers inward in two quick motions, inviting Amy to a test of strength. Slowly, Amy approaches her, raising her arms as if agreeing to one. Before their hands touch, Amy slashes her nails along Reese's breasts, harder than Reese had done before they started. Her nails slash Reese's skin, and Reese's face registers the discomfort this causes her. Stepping back to massage her chest, she glares openly at Amy.

"Just returning the favor for you clawing my tits earlier, bitch," Amy sneers as she moves closer to Reese, reaching for her hair.

"In that case, I'll have to give you a better reason!" Reese responds as she moves in, raking Amy's breasts before she can grab one strand of her hair. This time the raking is much harder, and Amy feels the pain as Reese's nails drag along her breasts and nipples. Lashing out to slap Reese's face, Amy follows suit with her exposed breasts, landing stinging slaps to both of them. This catches Reese off guard, but she still lands a SLAP to Amy's face and a few to her breasts. With the slap, Reese's nails rake Amy's breasts leaving fresh scratches behind.

Amy responds by feinting a punch between Reese's legs, then nailing her with a vicious slap to her face when the shorter blonde moves to protect that sensitive part of her body. Shaking the waves of the impact from her head, Reese darts quickly forward to slash her fingernails across Amy's slightly muscular stomach. Reese feels the muscles in Amy's belly give way beneath her fingers; the next thing she feels is the sensation of Amy's fists slamming into her stomach in rapid succession. Doubling over, Reese winces as Amy's nails slash along her back.

Before Reese can regain her bearings, Amy kicks both legs out from under her, sending her crashing chest-first to the floor. Amy is all over her in an instant, pulling her on top by the hair. Wrapping her legs around Reese's midsection, she crosses her ankles and squeezes.

"Oopsie!" Amy taunts her scissored rival as Reese squirms to free herself. "I guess I should have warned you first." Punctuating her words with a vicious contraction of her long legs, Amy adds, "But if I had, I couldn't show you firsthand how strong these legs are!"

"You better hope you squeeze the fight from me now," Reese groans, "before my chance comes to show you what my legs are capable of!"

Stretching her legs to compress the squirming blonde, Amy retorts, "We'll see whose legs can last longer when we really go to it..."

To demonstrate the strength in her legs, Amy arches her back as she compresses her rival's midriff. Sliding her arms under Reese's armpits and clasping her hands behind Reese's head, Amy twists her upper body as she keeps the pressure steady. A series of pained groans come from Reese as Amy squeezes and twists. To add to the pain, Amy rolls Reese facedown on the carpet and grinds her face into it. keeping her legs around her body. Amy rolls Reese face up again after a time, releasing her arms and concentrating on Reese's waist. In time she feels she has given Reese a good demonstration and releases the scissors, standing back and waiting for Reese to get back to her feet.

Reese does so, and she is not happy with being crushed by her rival's legs. She lets Amy know this by lunging forward, hands outstretched and reaching for her hair. Seizing double handfuls of Amy's tresses, Reese knees her in the belly. Twisting to the right as Amy doubles over, Reese brings Amy to her knees. Wrapping an arm around Amy's neck, Reese strangles her, keeping her other hand buried in Amy's hair.

Grabbing the shorter blonde's tresses as Reese chokes her and yanks her hair, Amy twists to the side in an abrupt, violent motion. Before Reese knows what is happening, Amy throws her to the carpet and rolls her onto her back. Kicking her legs as Amy slides her body alongside hers, Reese uses the inertia to roll Amy to her back, hoping to pin her. Amy reverses the move at the last second, mashing Reese into the floor. A series of well-placed knee shots take the wind out of Reese's sails long enough to allow Amy to pull herself free of Reese's grasp.

Sitting quickly behind Reese as she forces herself into a sitting position, Amy slams her legs tight around Reese's curvy midriff. She locks her ankles and squeezes, wrenching her head back by the hair as she does so. Grunting at the combined sensations of being squeezed by Amy's strong legs and having her hair wrenched by its roots, Reese takes to clawing the legs squeezing her curvaceous, crushed waist. Holding tough against Reese's clawing, Amy decides to add insult to injury.

Still holding on tightly to Reese's tresses with one grasping hand, Amy slaps her bare breast with the other. Encouraged by the sound of Reese grunting from the impact, Amy slaps her breast again, then grabs hold of the fleshy mound and gives several harsh tugs to Reese's nipple. Crying out again, Reese rakes her nails harder along Amy's legs, scratching them from her knees to her hips. As she does this she intensifies her squirming between those squeezing, constricting legs. But Amy manages to keep her stuck in the tight scissors.

Seeing she's not draining enough energy from Reese, Amy suddenly twists to her side, pulling Reese to her side with her. Still laying behind Reese, Amy is able to apply more pressure on Reese as the trapped blonde's legs kick and slide along the carpet. Amy grabs hold of Reese's full breasts again, twisting and turning. Reese grits her teeth as Amy works on her breasts as if trying to pull them from her chest.

Keeping the scissors locked tightly on Reese's squirming body, Amy alternates between slapping, clawing and pulling her breasts, steeping up the pressure of her leglock each time Reese tries fighting her way out. Normally, a less experienced catfighter would be howling in agony by now. Fortunately, Reese's intensive experience gives her the ability to withstand the pain longer than her taller opponent can dish it out. Eventually, Amy's legs tire. In spite of the extreme pain in her body, Reese feels the hold loosen enough that she's able to pull her way free.

Reese massages her breasts and stomach as she regains her feet to face Amy. Massaging her thighs as she stands, the taller blonde lands a sudden kick to Reese's stomach, driving a heel deep into her belly. The force of the kick knocks the breath out of her in a harsh expulsion of air, doubling her over. Taking advantage, Amy darts behind her, raking her nails sharply down her back. As Reese screeches through her teeth, Amy grabs her wrists, wrenching Reese backward and groaning as Amy applies pressure until the stocky blonde slowly sinks to her knees.

Planting her knee in the middle of Reese's back, Amy stretches her body painfully. Gritting her teeth, Reese struggles to stay upright on her knees, but Amy uses her extra four inches of height to her advantage, streeeeeeetching the shorter blonde's body as if she's trying to tear Reese's arms from their sockets. As Reese doubles over more, Amy withdraws her knee and replaces it with her foot, eventually forcing her to the floor. Bearing down on Reese's back, grinding her heel between her shoulder blades, Amy mashes her breasts into the carpet.

Amy wrenches Reese's arms painfully, adding to the intense pressure by twisting her wrists back and digging her nails in them. Reese's legs hammer the carpet underneath her. She twists her body feverishly, trying to escape Amy's clutches. Still firmly holding on to Reese's wrists, Amy withdraws her foot from between her shoulder blades, then slowly eases herself onto Reese's back. Planting her butt on top of her squirming rival, Amy drapes Reese's arms over her thighs. Raking her fingernails across Reese's eyes, temporarily blinding the shorter blonde, Amy grips Reese under the chin, bearing down with all her weight, wrenching Reese's back painfully as the shorter blonde groans in protest.

Reese squirms trying frantically to escape as Amy stretches her curvy body, then grunts, "Get off me!"

"You're going nowhere, whore, unless I want to let you up," Amy growls, pulling her back more to emphasize her point.

For a time it seems Reese is in deep trouble as Amy continues working her back. Then a sharp cry of pain comes from the dominant blonde as Reese's teeth clamp down on a few of Amy's grasping fingers. Angered at this, Amy bounces on Reese's back, pulling her painfully while wrenching her arms across her thighs. An instant later Amy is slapping and clawing Reese's breasts as well, adding to Reese's discomfiture.

"Going by what I've heard about your past matches, I thought you'd be more of a challenge," Amy says as she eventually tires of subduing an unmoving opponent. Releasing the submission, she rolls Reese face up on the carpet, positioning herself alongside her. Wrapping her legs around Reese's midsection, she causes Reese's body to jackknife with a powerful compression of her limbs. Slapping Reese hard across the face to knock her back to the carpet, Amy enthusiastically returns to crushing her curvy waist between her clamping thighs.

"I suppose success in Hollywood can spoil anyo…" Amy begins a taunt but her words degenerate into a long, keening scream of agony when Reese retaliated by reaching between Amy's thighs. “AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Reese’s red-painted fingernails gripped the taller blonde's womanhood through her purple thong and plunged in deeply. Amy's legs spring apart at the abrupt intrusion. Still screaming, Amy reaches for the fingers assaulting her tender womanhood. When the taller blonde least expects it, Reese SLAPS Amy's face with her free hand, first forward handed, then backhanded. Dazed, Amy is unable to prevent Reese from grabbing her hair with both hands and flipping her to the carpet.

"Don't count on Hollywood spoiling me TOO much, slut," Reese growls in Amy's ear, still grasping her hair.

Amy groans through her teeth as Reese wrenches Amy's hair with one hand, raking her back with the other. Reese prepares to flip Amy to the carpet again; reacting at the last possible instant Amy grabs Reese's hair and takes her to the carpet with her. Landing on their backs in the doorway between the bedroom and the living room, the two blondes roll to their knees and tear into each other with feet and teeth and nails. Somehow they end up facing each other in the living room, wrapped up in a spine-grinding breast to breast bearhug. The blondes grunt and groan in unison as their arms flex and compress each other's naked torsos, each with one arm tucked under the other's.

In their mutual exertions, Reese and Amy take to slamming and grinding their bodies together, their bare boobs warring as fervently as their arms do. Squeezing and groaning, they scratch and claw any area of their backs within reach. Red and purple colored fingernails drag along bare skin as Reese and Amy rake and tear at each other, slamming their breasts together, letting loose with louder groans and cries of pain. Their bare breasts continue to slam and grind together while the warring sex kittens continue their contest of endurance.

The occasional bite into the soft flesh of each other's necks, cheeks and earlobes add to the other's discomfort as they continue to crush and squeeze with all their might. Their biting and clawing is secondary to their battle of wills as they strain to out-crush each other. While Amy has fared well this far, this part of the battle is not serving her well. For one thing, there's the stockier blonde's upper body strength; while Amy's done well with her legs, she's losing the battle of the arms. Then there is the breast battle, in which she is coming out behind. Her chest growing sore from the persistent breast mashing, Amy looks down to see Reese's breasts engulfing hers effortlessly.

"Looks like my 'floppy tits' are serving me just fine," Reese purrs in a low, seductive voice. "Too bad about yours."

"Fuck you, whore!" Amy replies through gritted teeth, but her voice is reduced to gasps as Reese tightens the pressure around her torso further still. Eventually her own grip begins to weaken, and Reese can feel Amy growing slacker in her arms. Amy is nowhere close to losing the war, but she plainly has lost this part of the battle. Reese seems to know this, too; pouring all her strength into the crushing bearhug, Reese briefly lifts Amy off her feet, her purple-painted toes brushing the carpet as she kicks her legs. The next thing the squeezed Amy knows, Reese bodyslams her to the floor, grabbing her hair with one hand and delivering two quick punches to her stomach with the other.

As Reese lets go of her hair, Amy looks up at her rival with wide eyes. She hadn't quite expected this level of ferocity. But even as Reese glared back down at her, plotting her next move, Amy knows she has to show her rival she'll need to do a lot more than this to beat her.

With a smirk, Amy reaches up and extends a middle finger in Reese's direction, "That all you got?"

Scoffing at Amy's provocation, obviously meant to unbalance her, Reese declines the bait presented her. Instead, she flips her taller rival both middle fingers as she remains right where she is, saying, "Come on, if you think you can do any better!"

Amy attempts to get to her feet to meet Reese's challenge, but the stockier blonde places a foot to her chest and knocks her down again. A second time Amy tries to stand, a second time Reese tries to kick her back down. This time, Amy grabs her ankle and tugs, knocking her foe off balance. Reese manages to pull free and stumble back, but that gives Amy a chance to jump up. Hoping to regain some measure of control, Amy suddenly charges toward Reese, bending down and wrapping her arms around her waist, hoping to bring her to the floor.

Reese is surprised as Amy tightens her arms, lifting her off the floor and carrying her across the living room. Lunging in a swift motion, Amy body slams Reese to the carpet, landing directly on top of her a second later. The combined impact of hitting the floor and having the taller blonde land on her chest to chest knocks the wind from Reese in a massive heaving gasp. Wasting no time, Amy slides upward to sit on the shorter blonde's chest, facing her. Swinging her legs forward, she slams her thighs around Reese's neck, staring into her eyes as she crosses her ankles together.

As the squeezing resumes, Reese claws and bites at the thighs pressing into her head, trying to move her head forward to bite the crotch inches away from her face. Amy just chuckles as she bounces up and down on Reese's neck and squeezes her legs tighter. Reaching behind her, she grabs Reese's full breasts and digs her nails in. Screeching, Reese swings her legs up to scissor Amy's throat from behind. Grabbing a flailing leg, she holds it firmly in place. Leaning over as she tightens the leglock and claws Reese's tits with her other hand, Amy sinks her teeth into Reese's calf. Reese arches her back off the carpet, trying to force Amy off as her red painted feet continue kicking and flailing.

Twisting her body to the side to apply greater pressure to Reese's neck, Amy taunts the trapped blonde, "You're not so tough when you're on your back." Reese's retort is choked off as Amy twists farther to the side, her legs contracting tighter around the supple blonde's windpipe. "But then again," Amy continues, "you always work best on your back, like all Hollywood sweethearts. Don't you?"

Reese shows little indication of being inflamed at Amy's taunting comments. She only arches her back to escape the tight neck scissors, her curvaceous waist bucking and stretching. In response the taller blonde twists the scissors into a figure four. Gagging and choking for breath as Amy's grasping legs push into her neck, Reese grits her teeth as Amy bites her calf again, slapping and clawing her breasts. Slamming her knee repeatedly into Amy's back in protest, Reese turns her head to the right, leaning in to sink her teeth into Amy's thigh.

A vicious rake of Amy's nails across her eyes convinces Reese to unhinge her jaws before Amy returns to clawing her breasts, but her knee persists in slamming into her back, hammering the taller blonde with increasing force. Grunting louder each time Reese's knee connects with her, Amy releases Reese's calf and breasts, twisting her frame to tighten the devastating figure four. Gagging, Reese continues to arch her back in her efforts to push her opponent off her. Reese's angelic face turns red from the relentlessly applied leglock; she chokes for breath with such desperation it sounds like she might pass out.

Kicking her legs up, Reese clamps them hard around Amy's neck from behind. Tightening her legs, Reese gags louder than ever as the inertia causes the figure four to tighten to an almost unbearable limit. Chewing on Amy's thigh to force her to open the scissors, Reese pushes her fingers in and claws her womanhood harder than before. Reflexively, Amy opens her legs and uncoils the figure four, allowing Reese to force her down to the carpet.

Gasping for breath, Reese rolls and repositions perpendicular to Amy. Swinging her legs around she molds her thighs under her chin and behind her neck, pressing them inward as she crosses her ankles. Her shapely legs turn out to be much stronger than they look as they clamp on Amy's windpipe. Her heart-shaped pair of thighs bulge in visible definition as Reese arches her back to tighten their grasp on her neck. Amy arches, bridges and kicks her legs to pull herself out from those powerful legs, shocked at their sheer strength. Her fingernails rake across the thighs cutting off her air as Reese persists in strangling her, trying to choke the fight from her body. Flopping like a fish out of water, Amy bites and scratches until Reese's tight scissors eventually loosens, loosens, and falls away.

"I'm not done with you yet, whore," Amy growls as they crawl to their knees. "I'll hear you scream for mercy before this is over!"

"Go for it, slut," Reese growls back. "Let's see how soon you force me to scream for mercy!"

"It will be the sweetest thing I ever heard!" Amy exclaims, lowering her shoulders to attack.

Amy charges Reese, slamming into her like a freight train. Knocking her to the carpet, she delivers a stinging slap to Reese's face for good measure. Reese returns the favor with no hesitation, viciously backhanding Amy across the face. A bare instant later the blondes exchange violent slaps and fingernail slashes as they roll around on the carpet, fighting for dominance like enraged tigresses fighting over dinner. Their bodies twisting and turning, the warring hellcats collide with a nearby sofa, ramming into it by the shoulders. The impact knocks them apart, but Amy recovers first, raking her fingernails across Reese's stomach in a quick succession of slashes. Reese gasps and sucks in her breath.

Grabbing double handfuls of Reese's hair, Amy flips her face up onto the sofa. As Reese lays there, moving her hands to massage her scalp, Amy leaps on her with a scream of desire to rip her shorter rival to shreds. Tearing into each other, their fingers buried in each other's hair, they struggle wildly on the sofa, fighting for dominance until they fall to the floor. Almost without noticing they're not on the sofa anymore, they take to rolling around on the carpet again, their voices growing hoarse and their throats growing raw with the profanities they scream at each other, occasionally wrenching their heads and banging their heads against the floor when one of them finds herself on top.

Somehow ending up on top of Reese, still keeping her grip on her rival's hair, Amy twists to the side and reaches for an ankle. Finding it, she grasps the kicking limb. Planting both her feet firmly into Reese's back, Amy simultaneously wrenches her hair and ankle, stretching her arms their full length to pull at Reese as she stretches her legs all the way out to push into her back. Reese gasps for air again, agonized.

"Let's see how long before I rip you in two, bitch!" Amy shouts, enjoying her position.

"It's gonna take longer than you think, whore!" Reese shouts back defiantly, gasping in pain again.

Her upper and lower body bent the other way, her stomach thrust agonizingly outward, Reese groans through clenched teeth, her free leg kicking uselessly. Amy uses her longer arms and legs to stretch the shorter blonde's body. Relaxing and stretching out again, Amy applies more pressure each time, trying to force the screams she so wanted to hear from Reese's lips. Reese refuses to give Amy the satisfaction; hearing no screams from the trapped blonde, Amy finally releases Reese's hair and ankle, sending her rolling across the carpet with her feet.

Getting to her feet and walking after Reese as she is still on the floor, Amy is shocked when Reese kicks out with her good leg, tripping her rival's legs out from under her and sending her crashing to the carpet in a confused tumble of limbs. Scrambling toward Amy before she can get her bearings, Reese yanks her into a sitting position, planting her ass in Amy's lap and sliding her legs forward. Wrapping a tight scissors around her, constricts her taller foe's ribs, slapping both sides of Amy's face and rakes her eyes for good measure. Rubbing her eyes, Amy groans as Reese reaches around to grab her hair, pulling her head back as she leans in to sink her teeth into Amy's smaller boobs.

"AAAAHHHHHHHH! Get your teeth outta me you fu…AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Amy screams as Reese goes to work on her engorged nipple.

Fighting the combined sensation of Reese's legs, hands and teeth as she squirms under the triple assault, Amy reaches around to her back and rakes her fingernails viciously along her soft skin. Reese throws her head back and cries out as Amy tears into her, releasing her breast, Giving Amy one more brutal tug of her hair, Reese releases Amy's tresses and rakes her nails along Amy's eyes, leaving red scratches across her face. Crying out louder as Reese works her way to her back, Amy wraps her arms around Reese's upper body, pulling her into her own.

Meeting the fierce compressions of Reese's legs with equally fierce compressions of her arms, Amy gasps as Reese follows suit, pinning her rival's arms beneath hers. The movement causes their bodies to press even closer together. Their bodies grind together, held fast by their clenching arms. Reese's squeezing thighs cause Amy even more discomfort than Reese is receiving from this part of the contest. Squirming against the dual compressions of Reese's arms and legs, the taller blonde succeeds only in abrading their bodies with more friction. A chill and a shiver seems to rise in them at the same time as the body grinding continues... but this happens only for the barest instant.

Uncoiling arms and legs, Reese and Amy spring apart, regrouping and preparing to attack again. Springing at Amy first, Reese pins her to the carpet, dragging her there by the hair, molding her breasts over Amy's nose and mouth. Fighting the urge to panic as her air is cut off, Amy loosens her jaws and sinks her teeth into the nearest breast in retaliation. Fighting the screams back, Reese wrenches Amy's hair as Amy's jaws clamp hard on her nipple, releasing the scissors and yanking her head back so harshly that Amy finds herself pinned underneath her.

Grapevining Reese's legs from below her, Amy flips them over so Reese is pinned flat on the carpet. Grabbing Reese by the hair again, Amy forces Reese's face between her breasts, grinding her chest to mold her boobs onto Reese's face. Screeching as Reese's teeth clamp down on her tit chewing hungrily, Amy lifts a leg and proceeds to slam her knee between Reese's legs, hammering her womanhood without respite. The good news, for Reese, is Amy's modest cleavage doesn't make for an effective smother. The bad news is that she now has intense pain shooting from between her legs through her body, courtesy of the knee repeatedly plowing into her groin.

Despite her advantage, Amy is unable to secure the smother effectively. Opting to switch tactics, Amy grabs Reese's hair again, standing up and dragging the shorter blonde to the sofa. With Reese still slumped in pain, Amy slaps her across the face, hard, sending Reese falling onto the sofa on her ass. Again Amy pulls her up and slaps her, hoping to drive the fight out of her. But this time Reese doesn't go down. Instead, breathing heavily, she uncorks a massive slap of her own, knocking Amy's head sharply to the side. The taller blonde is stunned for a moment, which is all Reese needs. As Amy shakes the cobwebs loose, Reese maneuvers behind her and clamps on another bearhug.

Amy is lifted slightly off her feet, Reese grunting with the effort as Amy's legs kick and flail in the air in frustration. She puts her down, then does it again, Amy clutching at her tormentor's arms trying to pull them apart, but finding the grip too strong to break.

"What's the matter?" Reese taunts Amy as she gasps. “Can't take a little squeezing? You may as well quit kicking," Reese taunts again as Amy's legs bicycle harmlessly in the air. “You have nothing to kick at!"

As earlier, Amy's struggling slowly diminishes. This time, when Reese releases the grip she shoves her forward on the couch. Inconveniently for her, Amy hits the side of it, loses her balance and winds up splayed face first as Reese approaches. An instant later, Amy feels Reese's arm slithering across her throat, securing itself behind her other forearm before she can slide her way out. The sensation of being pulled to her knees and having the choke tightened around her throat snaps Amy back to the fight. Shaking the cobwebs loose as best she can, Amy rears up on her knees. Choking from the compressions of her arm, Amy lowers her head and bites down into Reese's forearm.

Yelling from the sudden intrusion, Reese instinctively snaps the chokehold loose from Amy's throat. Reaching behind her, Amy grabs Reese's hair with both hands. Bending at the waist and screaming in rage, she flips Reese over her head. The impact reverberates in the living room as Reese's back collides with the floor so hard the breath is knocked from her body and she can only lay there, catching her breath.

"How did that feel, pussy?" Amy taunts Reese as she lays on the floor. "Nothing to say? Perhaps I should try again to get some feedback!"

Winded, Reese can do little as Amy reaches down to grab Reese by the hair again, dragging her back to her feet. Dropping to one knee as she secures her fingers in Reese's hair, Amy flips Reese over her shoulder and to the floor a second time. The second impact is even harder, echoing off the walls as Reese lands on her back. A sharp UNH! comes from her lips as she slams into the carpet, legs kicking convulsively. Securing a grip on Reese's hair again, Amy pulls her back to her feet. When the shorter blonde tries dragging her nails across Amy's back in retaliation, Amy turns and knees her hard in the stomach, doubling her over in pain and knocking even more oxygen from her body.

"Still no constructive criticism?" Amy intones. "Let's try it once more. I really want to know what you think!"

Pulling and wrenching Reese's hair brutally, Amy repeats her maneuver, flipping her over her shoulder and down to the carpet a third time. With this impact, Reese feels as if someone has been holding a blowtorch to her scalp and squeezing the air from her lungs from the inside. As if that wasn't enough, Amy grabs her tresses and drags her to her feet a fourth time, preparing to flip her again. As Amy readies, Reese lashes out without warning, launching a kick at the taller blonde's ribs. The unexpected kick connects with a sharp SMACK of flesh on flesh.

Wincing from the sudden ferocious kick, Amy releases Reese's hair and stumbles across the carpet. Reese pursues her, reaching for her hair to give Amy a little taste of her own medicine. As Amy feels Reese's fingers gliding through her hair, she whirls around to present her with a fierce punch to her breasts. Grunting, Reese throws a punch to Amy's lower abdomen, reveling in the groan from Amy's lips as her fist sinks in. An instant later Amy hammers Reese's breasts with both her fists, receiving a brutal blow to her crotch. Falling to her knees as her body responds to the punch, Amy winces as Reese aims a few punches at her breasts, followed by a vicious rake of her nails across her eyes.

Lashing out blindly, Amy hears Reese cry out in surprise and pain as her nails somehow manage to slash across her eyes. Regaining her sight as Reese now stumbles away, Amy follows her across the carpet. Catching up to Reese, she spins her face to face and wraps a devastating front bearhug around the midpoint of her back, lifting her a few inches off the floor. As Reese tries wrapping an arm around Amy's neck from the front, Amy bounces her in her unaffectionate embrace, shaking her like a ragdoll and snapping the submission tighter as Reese gasps for air. When Reese claws at Amy's arms, trying to push a wider space between them, Amy moves her arms lower, increasing the pressure and lifting her higher off the floor. As Reese fights to keep breathing, Amy drops to one knee as the other smashes directly into Reese's crotch.

"That one had to hurt!" Amy taunts as Reese lays prostrate on the floor, the waves of pain surging through her body. Walking over to the downed blonde, she stomps Reese in the belly a few times before dragging her to her feet. Reese's legs are shaking as Amy wraps her arm around Reese's head, Amy locks her wrist behind her forearm and compresses the hold. Writhing to break free, Reese slaps at Amy's arms as the taller blonde wrenches her head, grinding her forearm into Reese's face. Reese's feet shift and glide across the carpet as she struggles against the crushing arms squeezing the breath from her body. Again and again Amy's knee smashes into her stomach, groin and crotch as her arms flex and compress the groaning blonde's head. Reese slaps and scratches Amy's belly as the pressure on her head increases.

Realizing her slaps of Amy's arms are ineffective, Reese reaches her arms lower and wraps a bearhug around Amy's midriff, squeezing with all her strength in a wordless demand to be released. Grunting, Amy squeezes Reese's head tighter. Having delivered such a beating to Reese these past few moments, Amy is confident she can withstand this particular power struggle for longer. But the shorter and bustier blonde is not to be counted out just yet. Her arms continue their constrictions, squeezing tighter by the second. Feeling more breath pushed from her lungs as Reese persists in squeezing her body, Amy groans and wrenches the headlock, pushing her forearm harder into Reese's face.

"How's your nose feeling?" Amy taunts her, hoping to gain an edge in this contest. "I might let go if you scream."

"How comfortable are you?" Reese taunts back in a hoarse voice. "This will be like chopping down an oak tree..." she adds as she repositions her arms and snaps them closed. The maneuver adds more pressure to her bearhug, squeezing Amy's waist with renewed determination. The taller blonde grunts in pain as she feels the full brunt of Reese's retaliatory compressions, more air leaving her body in agonized gasps.

In time Amy feels her grip loosening, and that scares her. So she decides to break free sooner than later. Pushing Reese's head down as far as she can, she brings her knee up again, this time connecting with Reese's chin. When she feels her adversary's grip slackening, Amy takes the opportunity to toss her to the floor, taking a step back to recuperate as Reese lays facedown on the floor. Reese soon hears the sound of hurried footsteps approaching her. Looking up at the advancing blonde, Reese grabs an outstretched hand reaching for her hair and kicks Amy's legs out from under her. Shifting her weight as she jams her foot into Amy's stomach, Reese sends Amy sailing over her head where she lands on the carpet behind her with a loud THUD! Amy's body jerks up to a sitting position massaging her back while Reese rolls over and scrambles onto her hands and knees.

"I guess this fight is back to normal now," Amy intones. "Ready for more slut?"

"If you wanna try this again, slut," Reese intones, slowly regaining her feet. "No sudden moves this time, at least not now."

Approaching her taller rival, she lifts her arms to chest level, extending her fingers, inviting Amy to join her in a test of strength. Amy obliges her, moving forward and clasping hands with her rival. Bending low at the knees as their fingers interlock, Reese pushes at Amy, who has to lean forward at a greater angle to meet the energy Reese is expending. Their feet shift and reposition on the carpet as they try to force each other back. Lowering her shoulders and bending at the knees, Amy twists to the right as Reese steps closer, pushing at Amy's arms and forcing her to move a leg forward to keep her balance. Looking down briefly to see Reese's leg positioned close to hers, Amy kicks Reese's ankle, causing the shorter blonde to pitch forward and drop to one knee.

Pressing her advantage, Amy leans into the kneeling blonde as Reese tries pushing herself back to both feet, bearing down until the shorter actress is forced to her knees. Redoubling her efforts as Reese channels more energy through her arms, Amy walks into her, arching Reese's back under the pressure. The curvy blonde grunts as Amy closes the distance between them, forcing Reese's back to arch more until the inertia forces her to the floor. On her way down, she rams a heel into Amy's gut, sending the taller blonde over her head and to the carpet.

Their hands still clasped, Reese and Amy roll to their knees, trying to find the leverage to push the other into a defensive position. Seeing neither of them are gaining an advantage, Reese wrenches her hands free of Amy's and reaches to wrap an arm around her rival's throat. An instant later she winces as the taller blonde's elbow suddenly connects with the side of her head, dazing her. An instant after that Reese feels Amy's fist slam into her stomach, beginning a series of repeated shots to her stomach that doubles her over in pain. Reaching for Reese's hair, Amy is shocked when Reese launches an uppercut that connects with Amy's lower abdomen, knocking her back a step.

Darting behind her, Reese wraps her arms around Amy's midsection. Balling her fists and digging them into her belly, Reese lifts her from the floor and drops to her knees. Falling with her, Amy feels shockwaves rocketing through her body as she lands ass-first to the carpet. Dazed from the impact, Amy is unable to stop Reese from sliding her legs around her waist. Leaning back and bending her legs at the knees, Reese presses her inner thighs into the taller blonde's sides between her ribcage and her hips, pulling her crossed ankles tightly into Amy's belly.

"How do these legs feel, honey?" Reese taunts as Amy tries squirming free of Reese's crushing limbs.

"I'll fix those legs of yours… AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Amy's retort is cut off as Reese bridges her body to increase the pressure being applied to her midriff. Groaning from the extreme strain on her waist, Amy grabs hold of Reese's ankles, twisting her feet back and forth until a wide enough space is opened for her to wriggle her way out. Pulling herself from the leglock and jumping to her feet, Amy keeps a firm grip on Reese's thrashing limbs, as if silently informing her what's to come.

"You wanna see which of us has stronger legs, bitch?" Amy snaps at her opponent. "Let's see, NOW!"

Before Reese can respond, Amy twists around and firmly wraps the shorter blonde's legs in a tight figure four leglock, crossing Reese's right ankle over her calf and squeezing her legs to secure the hold on Reese painfully. Bearing down on Reese's shapely thighs, Amy reaches over and grabs hold of her belly, digging her fingernails in deep. Reese winces again, trying to force Amy's fingers out as she tries to roll onto her stomach and reverse the figure four. Pushing herself to the right, Reese props herself up by the elbow and tries to roll Amy facedown with her. Reese grits her teeth in pain as Amy channels more pressure through her legs, pressing the shorter blonde's ankle over her calf.

Slamming her fists into the carpet, Reese pushes herself to her elbow again, her left arm swinging in the air as she tries shifting her body to the right. With a Herculean effort she is able to roll Amy's body the rest of the way. Propping herself up with both palms flat on the carpet, she reverses the pressure on Amy's longer limbs. Grunting from the pressure of Reese's stockier legs, Amy struggles to roll her face up again.

"Your legs can't outlast mine!" Amy growls at the shorter blonde, clenching her thighs against the pressure Reese exerts on her.

Reese tries to remain propped by her palms as Amy works on rolling them again. Despite her efforts Amy gains a few more inches, using her taller height as leverage. Completing the maneuver and applying renewed pressure to Reese's legs, Amy sits up, her palms resting against the carpet behind her so she can watch Reese's expression. Arching her back, Reese groans as Amy pours on the pressure, sneering at the look of agony on the shorter blonde's face. "I won't say I told you so," Amy says as they make eye contact again, "but here we are again!"

As if to emphasize her point, Amy uses her arms to bridge her body as she keeps Reese's legs locked in the figure four, channeling even more pressure through her thighs and calves to cause Reese more discomfort. Reese clenches her teeth to keep the scream from escaping as Amy increases the energy into keeping the submission locked on her. Again, she rolls to her right to reverse the hold. This time it takes her longer to roll herself and Amy all the way facedown, but she eventually succeeds in doing so.

"I said your reversals aren't going to work, whore!" Amy gasps as Reese applies more pressure. "You'll be screaming before long!"

Showing Reese that she is not willing to be denied as she finishes speaking, Amy uses the inertia Reese started to roll them onto their backs. Reese responds in kind and the two blondes roll all around the living room, fighting for supremacy. Groaning louder from the extreme pressure on her legs, Reese reaches over and plunges the fingers of her right hand into Amy's stomach. Her other hand grips her right fingers, pushing them deeper into Amy's belly. Amy grunts from the painful claw and clenches her thighs securing Reese's legs to exert more pressure.

"Scream, bitch!" Amy demands of her shorter opponent. "I wanna hear you scream for mercy!"

The next drawn out moments of this match become an even more epic struggle of strength and endurance as the warring blondes fight over whether Amy will maintain the leglock on Reese or not. Having to grit her teeth harder and harder, her face turning red from the loss of wind, Reese's resilience and determination eventually win out as Amy's limbs begin to loosen. With great effort Reese is eventually able to slide her legs out of the figure four. Releasing Amy's stomach, Reese rolls away, massaging both her legs as Amy massages her stomach.

The only sounds in the room are the blondes' labored breathing and the smooth sound of skin sliding on skin as Reese and Amy take time to gather their strength for another go around the block. Amy is infuriated that Reese had not given her the satisfaction of hearing her scream in pain, but she keeps it in check, saving it for when they engage again. Equally incensed, Reese is eager to get payback for the beatings Amy inflicted on her. For a time they glare daggers across the space between them, their eyes speaking their mutual ire for one another.

When Reese and Amy recuperate enough to continue their fight, they slowly crawl toward each other in the middle of the living room. Reese moves slowly, favoring her pained leg. When the two of them arrive within striking distance, Reese springs at her quick as a feline. Knocking Amy to the carpet, Reese launches herself at her head. With her left leg she presses the back of her thigh into Amy's throat and presses her calf into the back of her neck. Feeling her windpipe crushed, Amy chokes and gags until she is able to kick her legs around Reese's head.

With a sudden and savage thrust of her legs she drags the surprised Reese to the carpet. Her neck freed from Reese's constricting leg, Amy draws in breath and stretches her legs out, compressing the gasping blonde's head as Reese's hands slap her thighs in protest. Her legs shift and slither along the carpet as Amy retracts the scissors a bit, then stretches it tight again, choking the breath from her struggling rival.

"Bitch!" Reese gasps as Amy's legs constrict around her head even tighter.

"Save your breath, slut," Amy growls back. “You're gonna need all the air you can store!"

Gripping Amy's legs with both hands, Reese pushes her fingers in, clawing and scratching, trying to loosen the submission. Shifting position, Amy leans on her back, dragging the blonde's face into her crotch as she props herself by her hands and shifts the scissors to Reese's neck. Amy arches her back as she stretches her legs again. Her chin on Amy's groin, Reese continues scratching at Amy's compressing thighs.

In response to the persistent scratching, Amy shifts position again, rolling Reese to her side and increasing the energy she channels through her legs. Reese's legs kick wildly as she gasps for air. Her lower body bucks and writhes from side to side in her feverish struggles to escape the tight scissors. Reese's hand reaches for Amy's upper arm as Amy pulses her legs against the sides of Reese's neck. From her position she makes eye contact with Amy, dragging her nails along her upper arm when she reaches over to yank and tug at her hair.

"I can give as good as I get, whore," Amy snarls, maintaining the pressure, "and I can keep this up as long as I want!"

Squeezing her legs tighter to suppress Reese's wild squirming, the taller blonde adds, "Scream if you want to; you've held out for a long time but you can't forever," still determined to hear the sweet sound of Reese howling in pain.

Reese knows that for Amy to hear her give voice to her agony would encourage her to pursue and eventually force a submission. Defiantly, she increased her efforts to kick free of the scissors, grunting through her clenched teeth and reddened face.

"I'll... (cough).... see you.. smothered...(choke) my tits...first!...(cough)....Or...maybe...(choke) ass...there!"

The remark enrages Amy. Twisting her body with a sudden jerk, she lays her palms flat on the carpet as she pulses the scissors tighter still around Reese's throat. Her lower body jerking in her efforts to scissor Reese, Amy sets her face in concentration and presses her thighs into her opponent further and further. Reese's legs kick in the air, her arm rising and slamming into the carpet as Amy continues to strangle her, twisting her slender body back and forth again and again... first leaning back on her hands, then resting on her elbow, then leaning back on her hands again.

Reese is quickly running out of breath as Amy's legs squeeze tighter and tighter. The blonde's fingers search for purchase on Amy's thighs, still clawing and scratching... until by some miracle she finds there is enough space opened for her to do what she does next. Leaning into Amy's thigh, Reese sinks her teeth into the fleshy leg cutting off her air, chewing her flesh as if her life depends on it. The ensuing screech from Amy resounds throughout the room, quickly degenerating into a thick grunt as Reese kicks out of the scissors and rolls to her knees.

"My turn again, bitch," Reese intones in a low voice as she kneels next to Amy, letting loose with vicious blows to her unsuspecting belly. The force of the blows, catching Amy off guard, cause her to assume a protective fetal position to ward off Reese's oncoming fists. Just as unexpectedly, Reese nails Amy with a hard blow to her solar plexus. Amy gasps in pain, fighting to regain the ability to breathe.

Just when Amy recuperates, Reese twists to the side, dropping on the taller blonde with her elbow slamming into her solar plexus, knocking even more air from her. Amy writhes on the floor, fighting to regain her breath as Reese stands by, watching. It takes more time for Amy to recover from the brutal elbow drop; she is beginning to crawl to her knees when Reese pulls her up by the hair, wrapping her taller rival in a devastating bearhug, using her upper body and shoulders to exert pressure on Amy as she lifts her off the floor, squeezing down hard.

Amy throws her head back under the pressure, her back arching as Reese's arms compress her slender body. Regaining composure, she digs her nails into Reese's shoulders, pushing at her arms to loosen the hold. A loud grunt is pushed from Amy's lungs as Reese squeezes again, throwing her head back as she increases the fierce pressure. Amy throws her head back almost simultaneously; the blondes tilt their heads back at the same time and they make eye contact as Reese steels herself on the carpet, pouring more power through her arms.

"From wrestling Rose McGowan, I learned quite a bit about crushing another woman, even if she DOES happen to be taller," Reese intones in a low voice, squeezing tighter. Amy arches her back and throws her head back again. Wrapping her limbs around Reese's legs in an attempt to topple her, Amy grunts and winces in pain as Reese steels herself and proceeds to belly-bust her taller opponent, beginning the rhythmic pulling back and slamming her stomach hard into her opponent's. Amy grunts from each impact as this adds to the impact of the bearhug.

Persisting in squeezing and belly-busting Amy as the taller blonde continues pushing her arms and attempting to uproot Reese with her legs, Reese throws her head back and groans from the pressure she is exerting on Amy. Grabbing her hair with both hands, Amy makes an effort to force Reese off her feet. Shifting and undulating as she yanks Reese's head left and right, she grunts louder each time Reese slams her stomach into her own. A long groan of frustration escapes Amy's lips as Reese fights to remain standing, squeezing and belly-busting.

"Your ribs feeling alright?" Reese taunts. "How’bout your tummy?" Wrenching the bearhug tighter and slamming her belly into Amy's when Amy tries pushing her breasts into Reese's face again, she adds, "Maybe I'll bite your boobs off the next time you shove them into my face. That wouldn't feel too pleasurable, would it?"

As Amy presses her breasts into Reese's face, Reese lashes out with her teeth, trying to bite into them. Enraged, Amy extends her legs and kicks them into the backs of Reese's knees, trying to kick both legs out from under her. Reese responds by working Amy's torso with more enthusiasm, giving her a massive compression while bouncing the taller woman in her arms. Reese and Amy sound off with identical groans as the bearhug tightens and Reese slams her stomach into her rival's. Balling her hands into fists, Amy pounds them into Reese's back.

In retaliation, Reese slams their stomachs together harder. Amy grunts louder as Reese bounces her in her arms again, pulling her deeper into the bearhug. Grinding their bodies together and bending at the knees when Amy tries hammering her in the back again, Reese squeezes the bearhug tighter, causing her agonized opponent to stretch her arms in the hope of alleviating the pressure. Bouncing Amy's body in the tight bearhug a few more times, Reese lifts her knee and slams it into Amy's crotch as the taller blonde's legs slip away from Reese's thighs.

Reese circles her slowly, waiting for Amy to get up. Getting back to her feet, Amy notices the unmistakable look in Reese's eyes. As if at an unspoken signal, they reach down to peel off their thongs, so that all they are wearing now is their nail polish. For one of them to make the other cum, they will have to fight this last leg of the match completely bare. Padding slowly toward each other and meeting in the center of the living room, they lunge forward, their bodies coming together with a resounding breast-to-breast slap. Reese and Amy share another mutual groan as, for the third time since their match started, they enfold each other in their arms, squeezing the life from one another.

"Now, we will see which of us is stronger," Reese groans as the bearhugging and grinding commences.

"Or maybe smarter!" Amy groans, flexing the muscles in her arms as she returns Reese's embrace.

"Or... smarter..." Reese groans again, almost having to force the words out through the strain of squeezing her lithe-bodied opponent and having her own curvaceous body squeezed by the taller blonde.

Exerting massive amounts of pressure, Reese and Amy dance and stumble around the room, arms compressing, retracting and compressing again. Their heads whipping around, undulating their bodies, fighting to remain standing, they continue squeezing each other, their bodies grinding together. Exhaling deeply, Reese starts slamming her stomach into Amy's, knocking more breath from her body with each impact.

Although she is quite uncomfortable from the tight compressions of Reese's arms, Amy discovers she is beginning to grow aroused by the constant contact of their bodies. Imagining Reese's current psychological state can't be much different than her own, Amy opts to use the friction they caused, rubbing her body sensually against Reese's. Sensing the provocative manner in which Amy is now grinding against her as her body automatically responds in kind, Reese tightens her part of the double bearhug, slamming her body harder against Amy's.

"If you think you're gonna fuck me into defeat," Amy grunts, grinding against Reese. “You just may find I can fuck harder!"

She returns the belly-busting she had been getting from Reese, tightening her stomach muscles as she slams their bellies together. Grunting as their stomachs slap and grind, Amy pulls back as Reese does the same. Almost in unison, their bellies ram each other loud enough that the sound ricochets off the walls, prompting long, sighing groans from them as their bare skin abrades together.

"You'll have to screw me a lot harder if you expect me to cum," Reese intones. "I have LOTS of experience!"

"I'm sure you do," Amy sneers at Reese. "But don't expect to achieve an easy victory. You just might have met your match."

The bearhugging, body grinding and belly busting intensifies as Reese and Amy press on, both fiercely determined to bring the other woman to orgasm first. Their bodies continue their mutual stimulation until they seem to move without any kind of directive from their brains, as if their pained breasts, bellies and cunnies have taken minds of their own and were now in control of what happened next. Seemingly vaguely aware of this, Reese and Amy press on in their quest for victory, their provocative bodily movements slowly graduating to wild humping.

Their arms reflexively grasping each other tighter as their bodies grind progressively harder, Reese and Amy sigh almost euphorically as their now hardened nipples compete for dominance. Steeling herself as Amy slams her muscular belly into her own pronounced belly, Reese grinds harder still into Amy, gripping tighter and rubbing her crotch into the taller blonde's. At the sensation of their pubic hairs and the dampening folds of skin touching and then grinding, Amy utters a guttural sound and grips Reese tighter, plowing on to push her over the edge.

"Ohhhh, Amy, now you're playing in MY ballpark," Reese breathes seductively.

The grinding continues, as neither woman is willing to allow the other to get ahead of the contest. But it's Reese's extensive experience at this that gives her the edge as she works her seduction on her taller rival. Grinding their bodies low while Amy pays closer attention to their breasts, Reese exerts the most pressure on Amy's belly and womanhood. Seeing the excited expression on her opponent's face as their wet cunnies kiss and slide together, Reese increases the intensity of her tactics, slamming into Amy with harder impacts. Remembering her past sexual battles against Rose and Parker, Reese goes with the flow as Amy tries to keep up with her, allowing herself to be fueled by her own rising excitement, allowing that excitement to push her into stimulating Amy with ever-increasing effectiveness.

Reese sees it's working when an involuntary scream of pleasure suddenly escapes Amy's lips. "Yeah that's right, hon," she breathes, flicking her tongue along her neck before she returns to her relentless stimulation of Amy's body. "You're right where I want ya now."

Sensing that she is slowly falling to Reese's expert physical seduction, Amy desperately tries turning the match around before the inevitable happens. It's to little avail, however, as Reese knows exactly what she is doing. Little by little, Amy senses the onset of an orgasm looming on the horizon. Reese just smiles into Amy's eyes and continues to stimulate her chest, stomach and womanhood, pulling her deeper into an inescapable web of seduction. Feeling herself irrevocably pulled into this web, Amy holds out as long as her body is still willing to allow her to do so, which is not really saying much at this point. Deeper and deeper Reese draws her in, her goal of making Amy cum plainly in mind.

After what seems like an eternity of this, Amy's body begins to shudder with the first waves of her climax. The second and third waves of it overtake her some moments later, and the next thing Amy knows she is screaming in absolute pleasure, stiffening in the throes of a multiple orgasm that threatens to shake her to the very core of her slender body. A few moments later, she's just vaguely aware of Reese cumming on the heels of her orgasm, the screams she had been holding back all through their match pealing forth loud enough to shatter glass.

Feeling herself shoved to the sofa before she can regain her bearings, Amy is still shaking from the orgasm as Reese quickly retrieves the thongs they had removed and cast aside before approaching the final summit of their fight. Deftly tying her hands together to one end of the couch, she ties Amy's feet before she is able to snap out of the orgasm Reese just gave her. Leaning in to lightly kiss Amy's trembling lips, Reese smiles sweetly into the taller blonde's eyes, whispering, "It appears that I won this contest after all, sweetness..."

At that moment there is a knock at the door. Seeing Amy is tied securely, Reese gets up to answer the knock. Opening the door, she sees Rose McGowan standing outside, wearing a black lace bra, a leopard skin miniskirt, and a garter and black stockings. A small smile surfaces on Rose's face when she looks inside the apartment to see Amy tied to the sofa. On the heels of this smile comes an expression of excitement and desire when she turns her eyes back to the naked, sweat-slicked Reese Witherspoon standing before her.

"I took the liberty of inviting Rose to meet us here," the victorious blonde explains to the tied up Amy, "and to wait outside until the match was over. I figured that the two of us could offer you some education on sexfighting if I happened to win our little contest. Now that I can claim my prize, you will receive such an education firsthand, not to mention one on how to squeeze a woman in a match like you and I just had." Reese sidles up to Rose, and they share a passionate French kiss before Rose glances at Amy, then turns back to Reese.

"I'm more than happy to show this whore a thing or two," Rose intones. "After that, I intend to show YOU the same in another crush war."

"I look forward to that, Rose," Reese answers enthusiastically, "I really do..."