Samia Smith v Helen Flanagan by knowlesey

Jane Danson is chatting to Helen Flanagan and Michelle Keegan in her dressing room. Michelle says, casually, “That little runt Jack Shepherd reckons he’s been screwing Samia Smith. Silly little bastard! What do you reckon Jane?”

The blonde gazes at the younger girl, “Well, I think you should ask Samia herself. She’ll be here soon.”

Helen, looking down her nose, as usual, offers, “So that’s a ‘Yes’ then, I think. What a tart - she really does drop her knickers for anything with a cock, doesn’t she?”

Jane tries to defend her friend, “Normally, I’d agree - she’s bedded a few of the guys on the cast over the years, but this time’s a bit different. She’s being blackmailed by Jack, and he’s forcing her to do the business.”

Michelle just shakes her head, “She really does deserve a kicking, little bitch!”

Jane is surprised, “Come on Michelle! It’s Shepherd she’s fucking! You don’t want the little shit, do you?”

The brunette shakes her head, “No one wants him! I cringe every time I have to touch him on set! But that isn’t the point - Samia just spreads those legs for any bloke she fancies, then dumps him. I reckon someone needs to teach her a lesson - someone like Helen!”

The teenager smiles, “Yeah! I’m up for that!”

The girls look up as Samia saunters into the room, smiling, “Hi Jane! Oh hey you two - how’s it going?”

Helen walks over to her, “It was going well! You utter slapper! How could you even touch Shepherd, never mind fuck him?”

Samia looks at Jane, “Oh cheers mate! That was a secret! And you know why I’m doing it - it’s hardly fun having that smug little bastard pawing me every time he feels like it, and giving me a seeing to every Thursday night. I hate him!”

Helen sneers at the older actress, “Who are you going to bed next? My money’s on Ben Thompson (plays Kym Marsh’s son in the show). In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if you bedded him as his seventeenth birthday present last month!”

Samia glares back, “What’s the problem? Want him for yourself, do ya?”

Helen still sneers, “So you don’t deny you’ve had him, then?”

Smiling, Samia responds, “Actually, I haven’t - yet! But I’d sure like to!”

Michelle just about stops Helen from slapping the older girl, shouting, “OK! Enough! Right, sort this out on Sunday afternoon - the Old Manor 3 o’clock!”

The girls nod, then in strolls Jack Shepherd, smirking, “Well, well. What’s all this talk of a fight? My lovely Samia against the pouting Helen? That I would love to see!”

Michelle looks at him with disgust, “Well, come and watch, then! Why not bring Ben with you?”

Jack has moved next to Samia, and he is fondling her butt. He kisses her lips gently, then looks at Michelle, “Sure - why not? It’s time that boy grew up!”

Michelle looks at Jane, smiling, “Why not get in touch with some of the old girls, and invite them along. Samia’s screwed most of their boyfriends, so they’ll enjoy watching Helen work her over.”

Jack’s hands are wandering over Samia’s body, then he strokes her thigh, parting her legs, and whispers, “I’ve got an hour or so to kill - long enough to give you a quick fucking!”

The pair disappears to Jack’s dressing room, he locks the door, strips Samia, then finger-fucks her a few minutes, before taking his own clothes off. The actress hates this teenager, but knows what he wants, and gets down on her knees, then slides her lips over his erect penis and starts sucking, her lovely locks moving rhythmically back and forth, until Jack, smiling his smug smile, eases her off, then pushes her onto her back, the girl flinching as she parts her legs, then feels his big thick cock slide into her. Samia wraps her arms around Jack as he screws her, closing her eyes as she feels his lips on hers, forcing herself to part her lips, and to slip her tongue into his mouth, until finally, he comes, jetting semen inside her wet pussy, her thighs gripping his as she pushes her crotch harder and harder against his.

Jack disentangles himself from Samia then eases himself into a comfortable armchair and rests for a while, motioning for the girl to sit at his feet. She places her head on his lap, and he strokes her face and hair, his limp penis dribbling the last blobs of semen onto his thighs, which she licks off.

After a while, Samia sees Jack’s cock starting to harden again, so she helps it on its way with a few kisses, gently running her tongue over the tip, then down the shaft, back on her knees at his feet. The smug teenager stands up, turns Samia round and bends her over the armchair, then roughly parting her thighs, he rams his cock into her and screws her from behind, hurting her as he pumps back and forth.

Once he has finished screwing Samia, Jack tells her to clean him up, so the licks his cock and balls, drying them with her knickers. He then dresses, helps her dress, constantly pawing her as he does, then the pair amble out and into Jane Danson’s dressing room. Jane is on the phone, but Michelle is still there, and Jack cuddles Samia, kissing her long and hard, leaving with the parting shot, “You need to clean your teeth babe - your breath tastes of cock!”

Michelle gazes at Samia, who is slipping her knickers off and wiping her crotch with tissue, and snaps, “What a charmer - I can see why you’re so in love with him!”

A weeping Samia snaps back, “I told you - he’s blackmailing me - I hate him! The bastard! It’s not even Thursday, it’s Tuesday and he’s had me twice already!”

As usual, when Thursday dawns, Samia receives a text from Jack, “Looking forward to tonight - bring stockings, basques etc.”

The day drags for Samia, but at 4 o’clock she goes to Jack’s dressing room as usual, her overnight bag packed with sexy underwear. As she enters his room, she sees that he is chatting to Ben Thompson, who grins, looking her up and down appreciatively. Jack moves towards Samia, kisses her, and fondles her leg, his fingers drifting inside her short skirt to stroke her inner thigh, and he announces to Ben, “As I was saying, Samia is one hell of a good lay - I hope you get to fuck her one day - she never struggles, and knows how to keep her mouth shut, don’t you babe?”

The actress winces, but nods, and he grins, “Plus, she is a fantastic little cocksucker, aren’t you?”

Shocked, the actress blushes and responds, “I do my best.”

Jack laughs aloud, “Yeah, you do! C’mon - give Ben a demo - suck my cock!”

Samia cannot look at the younger boy as she drops to her knees and unzips Jack’s trousers, his erect penis immediately popping out, and the humiliated actress parts her lips, then, after rubbing her tongue over the tip of Jack’s cock, she slides it into her mouth, bobbing back and forth, knowing that he will not come, as he always keeps his first three or four shots of spunk for her pussy.

The vile Jack is encouraging her, “Go on Samia! Go on, keep sucking! See if you can make me come! Ben’s watching, Samia! He wants you! C’mon you little tart!”

After fifteen minutes, Jack pushes her away, grinning, “See Ben! I’m always in control! Tomorrow morning, just before I bring her back, she’ll suck my dick again, and I’ll shoot my load straight down her throat!”

Off go Jack and Samia, an open-mouthed Ben left with the most massive erection he has ever had, aching to have the chance to bed the gorgeous actress.

On Friday afternoon, Samia is relaxing in her dressing room, hears a knock at the door, and who should be there but young Ben Thompson himself. She smiles at him, “Hi Ben. Sorry about yesterday - I don’t usually give public performances.”

The boy looks sheepish, “No, I’m sure. Look, don’t go mad, but I heard a couple of the girls talking, and they say you’re fighting Helen on Sunday - is that true?”

Samia licks her lips seductively, “Mmm, yeah it’s true! I’d like you to be there, Ben - I need some friends right now.”

He reddens, “I also heard you fancy me a bit.”

Samia walks across to the door and locks it, then puts her hands gently on Ben’s cheeks, pushes her face up, and kisses his lips, her tongue flicking in and out of his mouth, her fingers loosening his trousers, she murmurs,

“No Ben - I fancy you a lot! Fuck me; fuck me now!”

The 17 year old needs no second invitation, and soon has Samia stripped, his fingers caressing her body before he plunges his huge penis inside her vagina, the little actress panting and gasping with pleasure as the young stud screws her. Ben is in Samia’s room for best part of two hours, during which he screws her three times, and she finishes off by giving him the best blowjob of his young life, thanking her by parting her legs again, prostrating himself on the floor, and licking her out, excited to have given her pleasure.

Samia keeps herself busy on Sunday morning, receiving a few texts, several supporting her, and she sends one - to Helen,

“Can’t wait to beat you up later - by the way - Ben - I’ve had him! Mmmm Nice!”

Helen responds, “Bitch! I knew you would! Still he probably needs to practice on an old bike before he gets himself something decent!”

The day wears on, and Samia is driven to The Old Manor then shown to her changing room - half an hour before the fight, and she’s feeling quietly confident - the budding relationship with young Ben has buoyed her feelings, particularly as it is obvious that Helen wanted him first.

In the main hall, Jack and Ben are the only males, and they are surrounded by all the ‘Corrie babes’ of recent years, most of whom cannot stand Jack, but several of whom take an instant liking to Ben, and he soon has Nikki Sanderson hanging on his arm, her eyes fixed on his bulging crotch. Into the room strides big Suranne Jones, who surveys the scene and snaps her fingers, “OK girls! Strip ‘em off!”

The two young men are each ‘attacked’ by four babes, and they are soon both naked and paraded before the dominant Suranne. She glares at Jack, then smiles at Ben, gently stroking his growing cock, smiling, “Nice!”

Then she barks, “Tie ‘em!”

The boys are strapped to chairs, their ankles to the legs of the chairs, their wrists to the arms, both of them with huge erections. Jack is reminded of the previous time he watched Samia fight, a crushing defeat by ‘Spice Girl’ Mel Brown, and even more he is reminded that that was the night he first got to screw the little beauty, and how that has led him to where he is now.

Suranne is always keen to show the other girls she is still the boss, and she calls out, “Right - Tina O’Brien! Michelle Keegan!”

The two girls immediately stand before Suranne, who grins, “I want those boys cocks sucked - not sucked off, just give them some pleasure! Tina, you can suck Jack, and Michelle you get that gorgeous Ben!”

Tina is not at all happy as she gets down on her knees before Jack and takes his cock into her mouth, but Michelle is delighted, grinning at the jealous Nikki Sanderson as she hungrily slides her face down and over the youngster’s lovely big prick.

Suranne does not let this go on too long before she sighs, “Oh, pack it in - that’s making my cunt wet and itchy!”

Suddenly she drops her knickers and hoists her skirt, then clicks her fingers, “Zaraah! Get over here!”

The other girls lower their eyes as the pretty black actress approaches big Suranne, who puts her hand on the smaller girl’s head and forces her to her knees. “Go on then, stupid! Eat me!”

After receiving a quick slap across the ear, Zaraah slips her tongue inside Suranne’s dribbling vagina, quickly touches the tip of her swollen clitoris and licks her to climax, gagging as Suranne’s juices explode over her face.

So, it is time for the main event of the evening.

First into the hall is the buxom teenager, Helen Flanagan, looking gorgeous in the white basque she wore in her role in the soap itself. She stands in front of Ben, legs parted, and blows him a kiss, grinning widely as she sees his penis grow even bigger and harder. Very soon, she is joined by the small, but beautifully formed, Samia Smith who is looking typically gorgeous in black.

Samia looks at Ben and whispers, “I want you again, soon as I can! Again and again and again!”

The two actresses face each other in the middle of the room, Helen clearly a couple of inches taller than Samia, and thicker set. Samia is an experienced fighter, although most of her recent experiences have been bad ones, but she is confident of victory over the teenager.

Helen glares at Samia, sneering, “Come on then you little shagbag! Let’s get you beaten up - again!”

With that, the teenager punches Samia in the stomach, then, as the older actress slumps forwards, pulls her head up by the hair with her right hand and slaps her face back and forth with her left hand, palm and back, palm and back. A wide eyed Samia manages to chop her left hand into the teenagers midriff, then again, so that she releases her hold.

“That’ll cost you, tart!”

She grabs for Samia’s hair again, but the brunette is ready for her, and grabs her wrists, pulls her arms above her head, and thuds her knee into that inviting crotch, bringing a gasp from Helen’s famous rosebud lips. Samia then hooks her foot around Helen’s ankle, and drops the teenager to the floor before flopping on top of her, grabbing her wrists again and pinning them to the mat.

She is smiling at the younger girl’s discomfort, “Awwww, whassamatter? Like to dish it out, but can’t take it, can ya?”

The teenager does not answer, but uses all her breath to heave Samia off her, twisting onto her side, forcing the older actress to release her hold on her wrists, she then eases her onto her back, and straddles her, the two girls’ flimsily clad crotches pushing against one another. Helen grins a smug grin as she slides her crotch forwards, slipping it over Samia’s taut stomach, squashing her pert little tits, then coming to rest on her chest as the bigger, younger Helen pins her to the mat with her knees painfully on Samia’s upper arms.

Her eyes wide with excitement, Helen sneers, “Weak little tart! Now who can’t take it?” She slaps Samia’s face, rocking it back and forth; using both palms alternately, reddening the older girl’s face. All Samia can do is twist and turn her head as the blows rain down. The cruel teenager taunting the older Samia, “Let me know when you’ve had enough, TART! Just say the word and I’ll let you eat my pussy! Mmmm, I bet you can taste my cum already can’t you? Nice, young teen cum from my sweet, juicy, teenage pussy!”

Helen grips Samia’s wrists, pushing them flat against the floor, then eases her body back down her, those long legs straddling the older girl, until she is sitting on her flat stomach, which she bounces on, just to hear the girl gasp. She bends forwards, her big breasts now sitting on Samia’s burning cheeks, and she snaps, “How’d you like a nice, big pair of tits like mine, instead of those little puppies’ ears you’ve got? Come on tart, Do you want big tits?”

The tiring Samia pants back,

“That’s all you have got - a pair of oversized tits - and most of that’s fat!”

An angry Helen then presses down on Samia, her big breasts covering the smaller girl’s pretty face, and she thrashes and writhes beneath the bigger girl, fighting for breath.

Helen could quite easily finish this fight with a breast smother, but she decides to have some more fun with Samia first, and she pushes herself upright again, laughing as the smaller girl gulps in air, her face flushed, her lips drooling and her eyes moist with tears. Helen gets to her feet, then hauls Samia to her knees, yanking her up by the hair, then tucks that lovely face tight into her crotch, grinning as the older girl flails her arms, her nose and mouth smelling and tasting the teenager’s pussy through her silky knickers as she begins to leak a little cum in arousal, feeling Samia’s mouth just millimeters from her aching clit, protected by that thin fabric.

A panting Helen looks at the watching audience of Corrie babes past and present, nodding when she hears Kym Marsh call out, “Go on Helen! Finish her off! Cream her face, then do her! Give the cocksucker a kicking!”

Helen pulls Samia’s head back by the hair, sneering, “Hear that, tart? The girls want you beaten up!”

Samia bows her head, making Helen think she is going to beg for mercy, but the teenager yelps in pain as the older girl briskly jerks her head upwards, smacking it into that damp crotch, and the teenager doubles over, grabbing at her aching pussy with her right hand. Samia knows that she cannot outmuscle the younger girl, but she can outwit her, then beat her if she uses her kickboxing experience.

Quickly taking advantage of Helen’s position, Samia rips a couple of nice kicks into the younger girl’s midriff, hurting her and dropping her to her knees. She then turns around, raises her leg, and crunches her heel into the back of Helen’s head, stunning her and knocking her to the floor. Helen is helpless, lying face down on the floor, and Samia stamps hard on her lower back, the teenager gasping in pain, her upper body twisting in pain as she arcs up wards, then lies still again, trying to cover the back of her head as the older girl rains punches onto it.

Now Samia is in control! She catches hold of Helen’s wrists and pulls her to her knees, then gives her a couple of nice kicks in the butt and another to the back, the teenager weeping with pain. Suddenly Samia lies on her back, plants her feet on Helen’s back and pushes her torso forwards, still gripping those wrists, and the youngster is screaming in agony, her body slumping to the floor when Samia releases her.

Helen is still lying face down on the floor, so Samia mounts her like a pony, sitting astride her back, then reaches forward to grab the younger girl’s hair, but the teenager simply bucks her off, the older actress landing flat on her back.

Irritated, Helen picks up Samia’s ankles, lifts her legs in the air, and lands a sharp kick to her back, before folding her legs over and on top of her, pressing her down. This is a nice finishing move for the teenager who sits on Samia’s legs, pushing them down harder and harder.

“C’mon, tart! Time to quit!” Helen barks. “Time to let your stinking tongue lap my sweet pussy!”

But Samia isn’t ready to quit - not yet! She chops her right hand across Helen’s body, then again, and the teenager slides off her, rolling onto the floor. Samia cannot afford to let Helen recover, and quickly scrambles to her feet, thudding a couple of nice kicks into the younger girl’s stomach, making her curl round into a ball. She then hauls Helen up by the hair, holds her steady with her left hand, then slaps her face back and forth with her right, the teenager’s eyes bulging with tears. She raises her hands to push Samia away, but the older girl lands a super kick to her gut, knocking the wind out of her.

Helen is gasping on the floor, her back to Samia, and the smaller girl pulls her right arm behind her back, twisting it, pushing it up to her shoulder blades, the teenager screaming, fearing her shoulder will pop as tears run down her face.

Helen hears Samia’s voice, “Don’t think I’m gonna lick your fat twat anytime soon, bitch! I reckon I’m gonna feel that juicy young tongue of yours massaging MY clit soon enough; hmmm? Yeah, real soon, bitch!”

With that, Samia pushes Helen forwards, then kicks her again in the ribs and gut, the kicks landing, hurting and weakening the teenager, who can only roll away, once more presenting the older actress with the e chance to sit astride her back, a chance she takes, pulling the bigger girl’s legs back, making her squeal as she arches that back.

Ben calls out, “Go on darling! Break her back!”

Samia mouths a kiss towards the boy, then, dragging Helen behind her, she moves towards him, grins at his erect penis, and just goes down on him, sucking that cock for all she’s worth as he groans with pleasure, but she withdraws her head as she feels him on the verge of coming, then pulls Helen to her knees, slaps her face, then bends down, her mouth millimeters from the teenager’s nose.

“Can you smell it bitch?” Samia snarls. “Can you smell Ben’s cock on my breath?”

Helen opens her mouth to respond, but Samia slips her tongue inside it, flicking it around, withdraws and snaps, “Tastes good huh? Come on, bitch - do you like the taste of Ben’s prick?”

The teenager nods, “Yes! Love it! Look, I’ve had enough - please let me go!”

Samia laughs, “Oh I couldn’t do that - not yet! I’m having way too much fun!”

Helen is very weak now, and when Samia butts her on the bridge of her nose, she falls backwards, flat on her back, pretty much at the older girl’s mercy, and she lifts up those ankles again, spreads her legs open, and stamps on her pussy, the youngster screaming and sobbing, “Please! Please make her stop! Someone...anyone!”

Again Samia drops Helen’s legs, the girl curling into a ball in her anguish, getting a kick in the ribs as a reminder, and the older girl stamps on her until she is lying face down in front of the two boys.

Samia parades around her wounded opponent, kicks her in the ribs, then drops onto her back, before lifting the girl’s head and tucking it between her thighs, squeezing her, choking her, her own lovely face now split by a beaming smile as she demands, “Time for little girls to say night-night, you smug bitch! After you surrender to me! What do you say?”

Gasping, Helen can only respond between choking sobs, “I...!”

Samia loosens her crushing headscissors long enough to ask, “And what is my reward?”

Tears stream down Helen’s face as she squeaks, “I’ll lick you! Ahhh...all night if you want! Just please... don’t hurt me any more!”

A thoughtful Samia grins, “Mmmm, that might be fun...but what I really need is someone to take my place in Shepherd’s bed every fucking Thursday. Would that someone be you?”

Realization dawns on Helen, and she whispers her agreement, “Yes! I’ll do it! I’ll be Jack Shepherd’s whore - if he wants me!”

A cheering young actor calls out, “Yeah! Bring it on! I’ve wanted that fat mouth on my dick for months; now it’s mine!”

Samia lets Helen go, then clocks her fingers, and the battered girl crawls over to Jack, then, with tears streaming down her face, she parts her lips and slides them over his erect cock, her head bobbing rhythmically up and down as she sucks it, sucks it til she feels the first dribble of jizz in her mouth, tasting his salty pre-cum, expecting a jet of white salty spunk to hit the back of her throat, when - Samia hauls her off him by the hair, points at her crotch. Helen, robotic in her actions, tugs the older actress’s knickers down, plunges her tongue into that well worn slit and licks her to orgasm; continuing even as Samia’s cum washes over her face, dripping off her chin. Satisfied, Samia strips Helen, removes her own top, then drags the teenager over to Suranne.

“Shall I finish the bitch off, or is that enough?” Samia asks her.

Suranne glares at Helen, pulls her to her knees, then finishes her off herself, smashing her knee into the poor girl’s face, sending her into dreamland, before saying to Samia, “I suppose you want a reward! Untie Ben!”

Samia does as she is told, fondling his big cock, as she hears Suranne, “Not tonight, tart! He’s mine tonight! Come here darling!”

The boy drifts over to the big actress, who cups his balls in her hand, then kisses his young mouth, groaning as she feels his hands slide over her legs, his fingers probing her damp panties, the she says, “Now untie lover boy there!”

Samia again obeys, untying the hated Jack, recoiling as he gropes her breasts, then gasping as she hears Suranne,

“After tonight, you’re free of him! But tonight! Ah, tonight you’re still his tart! Fuck ‘er Jack!”

A horrified Samia is eased onto her back, weeping as the boy mounts her, his big cock immediately inside her, and the watching girls cheer as he gives her a good hard shafting, right in front of them.

Dosed with Viagra, Jack gives Samia a last (well, maybe last) exhausting night in the sack In the morning, the actress is unable to stand, let alone walk.