Adele Silva vs. Samia Smith by Knowlesey

The British soap stars awards ceremony had gone well for Samia Smith and her colleagues, Helen Flanagan and Michelle Keegan, each collecting a statuette for her looks, sex appeal, and dress. The same couldn’t be said for their rivals, Roxanne Pallett and Sammy Winward who hadn’t even been nominated.

Samia had already beaten Roxanne in a catfight; forcing her to kneel and kiss her feet as punishment while she enjoyed her latest victory over a rival. The awards evening ended and Samia, Helen and Michelle were walking toward the exit when they saw Roxanne and Sammy finishing their drinks. There was no one else in the room, so the three babes confronted the other two.

Samia sneered, “Poor Roxy! Another defeat for the loser! Did you really think you’d win the vote of top soap babe?”

The blonde Sammy snaps back, “Come on Samia, we know that result’s a fix - Roxy’s left the program, so she won’t win!”

But the smirking Ms. Smith continues, “Last time I saw you, you were groveling about on your knees, Pallett!”

She moves towards the weaker girl, and sneers, “There’s some dirt on my boot, tart! Get down and lick it off!”

Roxanne hesitates - which earns her a slap - then a side door opens and in struts Adele Silva, Roxy’s friend former costar.

Adele shouts at Samia, “That’s enough, bitch! Always picking on the weak, aren’t ya?”

Samia turns to face the Londoner, “Piss off, has-been! Just cause I’ve given your mate a lesson! Don’t forget the others I beat!”

But Adele moves closer, smiling that lop-sided sneer, “Yeah, three fights, poor, weak little Roxy, no-hoper Myleene Klass and worn out shag-bag Rachel Stevens. Not exactly top of the range fighters for the great Samia Smith!” Adele gets in Samia’s face.

The Mancunian smiles, “Fancy your chances, do ya? That’s a laugh!” She turns to Helen and Michelle and says, “Come on girls - three of us against three of them! Lets kick some ass!”

But Helen glares, “No way! Roxy’s a mate of mine, everybody loves Sammy, and Adele’s a bit of a legend!”

Michelle adds, “Plus you haven’t always been much help to us younger girls, have you? Maybe you might remember that!”

Adele runs a finger down Samia’s pretty cheek, then turns to the big bouncer by the door and calls out, “You OK to make sure we don’t get interrupted, mate? Me and this bitch have to settle this right now!”

The burly man grins and locks the door, “Sure, babe - Get it on!”

Adele sneers at Samia, “Ready for a real fight, bitch?”

The Mancunian is unsure, but cannot back down, “Sure thing has been!”

Adele removes her dress to reveal her pink basque and knickers, then says, “Can’t fight in our party frocks can we? Come on bitch, get it off!”

Samia quietly removes her own dress and stands before Adele in her favorite black underwear. The two girls look well matched, although Adele’s breasts are much bigger than Samia’s, and she has far more experience. Samia is hoping that she can use her kick-boxing technique to weaken, then finish, her cruel opponent.

Adele mimes a kiss at Samia, then lands a playful SLAP to her left cheek. Samia counters with a neat punch to Adele’s hard belly and another to her ribs. But Adele simply sneers and pushes the younger girl and Samia slams against the paneled wall.

Samia taunts Adele, “Don’t like it, do ya, has-been?” She moves back to Adele with a punch at the blonde’s jaw, but Adele catches the brunette’s arm as it sweeps forward, then quickly twists it up and around her back, making her yelp. Adele smiles at her mates, but Samia slams an elbow back into the blonde’s stomach, making her gasp as she releases her arm.

Both girls glare at each other, Samia flexing her shoulder while Adele rubs her belly, takes a few deep breaths, then sneers, “That’s gonna cost you, ya bitch!”

Adele moves towards Samia quickly, but the brunette side - steps her, then flicks a nice kick to her body, a kick which lands and brings a grunt form Adele’s lips. Samia, sensing she has the blonde in trouble, fakes a punch to Adele’s head, then lands another nice kick, this one to Adele’s thigh! The older actress stumbles against a big sofa at the side of the room, grabbing the back as she folds forward over the seat, her butt thrust in the air.

Samia looks smug as she moves toward Adele, grinning, “Poor Adele - too slow and stupid to keep up with class!”

Samia aims another kick at Adele’s ass, but she sees it coming, turns and catches the brunette’s foot - then gets a lovely kick of her own into the youngster’s inner thigh. The kick, together with lifting Samia’s leg that she’s still holding, dumps Samia onto the carpet with a loud THUMP. Adele kicks Samia in the ribs as the brunette scurries away on all fours to seek refuge behind the sofa; squeezing her eyes shut against the pain Adele’s kicks have caused.

Adele glares at her, “You are gonna be so fokkin’ sorry, bitch! So, so, sorry!”

The blonde quickly vaults the sofa, grabs Samia’s forearms as she raises them to protect herself from the slaps she is expecting and with her feet spread apart, she tries to wriggle free. What a mistake! Adele, seeing the younger girls legs spread wide, rams her right knee up into the poor girl’s crotch. The gasp, then scream, from Samia makes all four girls watching applaud as she collapses in a heap.

Adele grips Samia’s hair in her left hand, jerks her head up, then slaps her face back and forth a few times with her right, each blow reddening the pretty brunette’s cheeks a shade deeper. Then she kicks Samia nice and hard in the gut, lets go of her hair, and allows the girl to slump breathelessly to the floor.

Stomping on her back with her right foot, Adele laughs, “Who’s slow and stupid now, bitch? Ready to say, ‘I’m sorry’?”

Samia is hurt, but groans back, “No way - this isn’t over!”

Adele grabs another handful of hair and pulls Samia’s head up again, but the young girl is tougher than she thought and Samia lands a couple of nice punches to Adele’s unprotected stomach. But the older woman isn’t hurt or fazed and she turns Samia around and ram her face down on the arm of the sofa.

Laughing as the brunette slides back to the floor, Adele sneers, “Silly little bitch! Now I’m really gonna teach you a fokkin’ lesson!”

A dazed and weeping Samia feels herself being pulled up by her hair again, and she tries to brace herself against being whacked against the sofa arm again, but Adele has other plans as she rams her knee hard into the small of the brunette’s back, then again, before turning her around to face her, the poor girl on her knees, sobbing. Adele glares at Samia’s face, still gripping her hair with her left hand, then slaps her hard across the face, once, twice, three times. Each slap is a measured blow, each slap hurts like mad, and each slap makes Samia squeak with pain, tears running down her red, sore cheeks, and spittle dribbling from the corners of her mouth.

Finally, Samia blubbers between gulps and gasps, “I…I’m suh…sorry!”

Adele slaps her again, then barks, “Louder, bitch! What was that?”

Samia half-shouts and half-sobs, “I’m sorry! OK? I’m so fokkin’ sorry, Adele! You’ve taught me a proper lesson, now please… enough?”

Adele frowns a lop-sided, mock, frown and purrs, “Enough? No…I think not!”

She drags Samia across the room on her butt, slaps her again, then releases her hair and laughs as the little brunette flops onto her back; her chest heaving; battered and helpless. Adele struts around her, then plants her right foot on Samia’s ruddy, tear-streaked face and rubs the sole over her little nose, finishing by forcing her big toe between the pretty girls pouting lips.

“Suck, bitch!” Adele demands, haughtily tossing her hair.

Roxy, Sammy. Helen and Michelle cheer as they hear the distinctive sound of ‘the best dressed soap star 2009’ sucking on Adele’s toes. But what will Adele do next? The answer comes swiftly. She removes her toe from Samia’s mouth, lifts her foot and WHUMP, stamps as hard as she can on the battered girls belly; leaving the poor brunette doubled up in pain. Samia rolls over, turning her back on the blonde - which earns her another couple of kicks to the body and legs.

Samia ends up on her belly, arms beside her head, her legs slightly parted. Adele drops on her back, her knees smacking into her, hurting the poor girl so badly her mouth pops open in a silent gasp. The cruel blonde, straddling Samia’s back, pulls her upper body up by the arms, arching it backward painfully.

Samia screams, “Please Adele! No more! Please!”

The blonde is loving this and snaps curtly, “You little bitch! You’re gonna show me respect now!” She lets the little brunette flop forward whimpering. “You’re mine, whore! My own little bitch!”

Adele catches hold of Samia’s ankles, tucks them under her armpits and bends her backward again, the little brunette screaming as she feels the power of Adele’s Boston Crab; a hold Adele well knows can be crippling since she herself has been finished off with it on three separate occasions by Jennifer Ellison. Adele laughs as she hears the brunette squeal, “Yes! Yes, I’ll be your bitch! Please Adele! Please… stop!”

The brutal blonde just pulls harder, growling, “What will you do if I let go, whore?”

Samia has no fight in her, and she just sobs, “Anything…anything you want! You own me!”

Adele tosses Samia’s legs to the floor, smiles and saunters over to the sofa and sits down. “On your knees bitch! Crawl over here!” The beaten brunette slowly rolls over and crawls painfully slowly over to the sneering Adele, who slowly stretches out her legs and barks, “Kiss my feet!”

Samia obediently lowers her lips to Adele’s feet and kisses every toe in turn; licks both arches; runs her tongue over them; lavishly laving her peds until Adele grows bored and demands, “Now, my little bitch - pull my knickers down and lick me out! Lick me ‘til I come!”

Totally humiliated, Samia Smith gently lowers Adele Silva’s pink knickers and gently wiggles her tongue past the dense, wiry, thatch of pubic hair into her vagina. Easily finding her conquerors aroused clitoris, Samia licks, kisses, sucks and slurps until a gush of liquid squirts out and splatters her flushed face; getting into her eyes, nose and filling her open mouth and making her gag.

Adele casually kicks Samia in the crotch, making her fold forward onto her face, then kicks her over onto her back and sneers, “Time to finish you off, bitch!” She sits on Samia’s face, her ass covering the girls nose, her pussy clamped on her mouth and slowly grinds, smothering the breath out of Samia whose arms grip Adele’s strong thighs until she blacks out and they flop limp to the floor.

Roxanne Pallett walks over, looks at Adele, gestures at Samia’s limp body and meekly asks, “May I?” She smiles as Adele gets up, kicks the battered Samia and nods, “Strip her!”

Roxy laughs, “Oh yeah! Great!” She rips Samia’s bra and panties off her senseless body, then Adele douses her with cold water bringing her round. Adele chortles, “Hey, Rox! Let’s put the bitch on her back on the pool table!”

Roxanne and Adele drag Samia over, lift her onto the baize-topped table and lay her flat on her back. Then Adele calls to Michelle Keegan, “Hey you! New tart! Get over here!” Michelle quickly obeys, looks at Adele’s cruel eyes, and nods when she orders, “Lick this tart’s tits and finger her! Let’s see what she’s like when she’s horny!”

The youngster lowers her face onto her costars breasts and licks and suckles her nipples while sliding her first and second fingers into Samia’s vagina, rubbing and stroking the humiliated actress who begins gasping and panting in spite of herself.

Adele snaps her fingers, “STOP!” Michelle quickly pulls her fingers out of Samia’s pussy and stands up, not sure what to expect. The girls are all shocked to hear Adele call out to the bouncer over from the door, “Ever fucked a real celeb mate?”

The big man shakes his head ruefully, “Only in my dreams. I’ve never been that lucky!”

So Adele beckons him over, “Now’s your chance…fuck Samia…and be as rough as ya like!”

The big man needs no second invitation, drops his trousers, removes his pants and mounts the shaking little actress, plunges his huge cock deep inside her and savagely thrusts his hips to and fro, the room echoing to the sound of Samia’s panting, the man’s grunting and the slapping noise of his bollocks against her firm backside, sounds which end when he comes with a violent shudder, his semen jetting into the brunette’s vagina. The pair are entwined, but Adele interrupts, “OK mate! Off you get!”

The bouncer looks for his pants and trousers, but Adele puts her fingers to her lips, smiles and gently shakes her head. She looks at Samia, “Enjoy that, did ya?”

She gasps, “Yeah! That was great! Really great! Thanks!”

Adele looks at the bouncer again, “ You got a girlfriend, mate?”

He nods, “Sure I have, she’ll be waiting for me at home.”

The blonde smiles, “Well we don’t want you getting into bed with her still smelling of whore, do we?”

She glares at Samia, “Come on bitch! Lick your man clean!”

The pretty little actress slides her naked body off the pool table, oblivious of the excess semen dribbling down the insides of her thigh, drops to her knees before the big man, runs her tongue up and down his cock, licks his bollocks, gently running her lips down his leg, removing all traces of her juice from his genitals. But now Samia has excited the man and his big cock grows hard. He smiles at her, strokes her face then looks at Adele who nods her permission. The kneeling brunette has lost all possible self-respect now, and she parts those soft lips, takes the man’s big cock in her mouth and gives him the best blow-job of his life. His only disappointment is that he has to end it by coming, his cock squirting a good helping of jizz into the actress’s mouth and down her throat as he cruelly holds her head whilst it fills her up.

He puts his clothes back on, saunters back to the door and announces, “Five minutes girls, then I’m locking up!”

They are all staying at the venue overnight, and Adele has already dressed, then hands Samia’s dress to her, handing her underwear to the bouncer as a souvenir, before sighing, “Time for bed, girls!”

She grabs a handful of Samia’s hair and pulls her face to her, demanding, “Kiss me bitch!”

The battered girl presses her lips to the blonde’s, wincing as she feels the older woman’s hand caressing her, then she hears her bisexual conqueror saying, “My favorite tastes, bitch! Lips, pussy and cock - all from the same evil little mouth! Come on, bitch, let’s get you to bed - I’m gonna ride that face!”

The actresses leave the room, four of them to sleep; Adele to dominate; and poor Samia to be humiliated beyond her worst nightmare!