Suzanne Somers vs. Heather Thomas by TNT

"EEEEEEEK!" The high pitched schoolgirl like squeal pierced the air in the plush penthouse and brought an instant smile to the blondes' attacker.

"Nice try, but you ain't gettin' away, hon," Heather Thomas snapped as she lunged towards the screaming Suzanne Somers who was running for her life.

"Nuuhhhh...ohhh..." Suzanne yelped as she felt the back of her low-cut halter rip and her scalp blast into fiery pain. Heather yanked back on the silky blonde hair and tugged harder on the soft ripping fabric. She spun Suzanne around, released her hair and treated her to a blistering backhand that sent the busty blonde reeling backwards.

With a snicker and a brush of her beautiful hair, Heather caught a glance of herself in the mirror. As usual, she looked absolutely stunning. She was wearing a modest bikini top, and short tight, cheek baring denim cutoffs that displayed your gorgeous perfectly muscled, perfectly tan smooth legs. She kicked off her sandals knowing they'd be an unwanted hindrance. She wiggled her toes in the thick soft plush carpet.

"This blonde bimbo's got good taste," she mused as she looked at the snarling, whimpering blonde beauty who was picking herself slowly up off the floor. Heather looked at her lovely opponent. Suzanne looked as gorgeous as ever. Her pretty blonde hair, cute face, those full large breasts that seemed ready to bounce right out of her torn top. Suzanne wore tight shorts as well; they were hot pink and seemed to be a most inviting target to Heather. She had often wanted to have a pleasant "conversation" with the actress. "Ditzy blonde," Heather thought. "She's gonna be fun to "chat with."

"So you think you're tough, huh, lady?" "Well, I don't know what your problem is, but I've had enough of your unladylike behavior." "Now, you'd better leave before I hurt you, understand?" "Huh?" Suzanne snipped as she tried to put on her best angry, threatening face. She curled her fingers into fists and took up a boxing stance.

"Huhhh...haaaaa!" Heather stepped back and burst out into a bit of stifled laughter as she watched the blonde position herself into what seemed to be a cross between a chimpanzee stance and a drunken athlete trying to do squats.

"You? You're gonna fight me like tha...Unnnnhhhhhhh!"

Heather's overconfidence and smirky smile dissipated as quickly as her entire midsection burst into waves of numbing pain. Suzanne had suddenly leaped towards her and fired her bare foot solidly into her rude unwelcome guests' groin.

"Gotcha Miss SmartiePants," Suzanne snarled as she grabbed Heather's hair and pulled her towards her fast. She shot her leg out, hooked Heather's leg and dumped her to the floor. She smiled as she watched Heather land hard on her tight derriere, bounce a couple of times and cut loose with a few choice words.

"My, my, what a dirty mouth you have," Suzanne cackled. She noted Heather's skimpy top and with a mischievous smile she moved in fast and reached. "Gonna have some fun and rip that thing clean off she thought." Suzanne didn't mind a good tussle; though she almost always lost, she did find the action fun and a bit erotic. She had wrestled Joyce DeWitt who always won, but the wrestling was only in fun. Priscilla Barnes, however, was a very, very different story. Those two had a dispute which they decided to settle by wrestling in a hotel room. It had been Priscilla's idea. It all started out fun after a few drinks. Priscilla soon got nasty and began pulling Suzanne's hair and slapping her; playfully at first, then hard. Suzanne lost it and punched the tall blonde beauty. Priscilla responded likewise, drove a knee into her groin and flipped her to the floor. A few hard slaps and nasty punches later, Suzanne found herself in a fog and heard the sounds of her own clothes being ripped from her body. She winced each time she recalled Priscilla's angry determined fingers pulling her hair, squeezing, twisting and pinching her breasts and spanking her lovely derriere until she pleaded for mercy.

"Lets' see 'um, little stunt girl," Suzanne chirped, noting her rival's fame as a popular actress.

Her fingers latched onto Heather's bikini strap, she smiled and then she yanked....

"Bingo! They are pret...EEEEEEK!!"

Suzanne's compliment concerning Heather's revealed treasures was cut off midway when Heather lunged forward and fired a hard fist into her crotch. The busty blonde groaned and her knees buckled. Heather scrambled to her feet, her torn top slipping down off her beautiful full breasts to her waist. With one fast swipe, Heather pulled off the useless bikini top with one hand as she gathered up a handful of blonde hair with the other.

"NUUUAAAIAH..." Suzanne shrieked as her head was wrenched to the side, then she heard the WHOOOOSH of a bikini top as it zipped through the air and wrapped around her neck. The blonde actress struggled for air as pressure built up against her windpipe, her arms flailing wildly as her fingers reached back to claw for her snarling attackers hair.

"You're going down, you ditzy blonde bimbo!" Heather rasped as she jerked back hard on her top and smiled as she slowly bent Suzanne backward into a painful erotic arch that brought her own twin peaks into jutting prominance. Suzanne moaned as her attacker forced her backward towards a plush sofa with her lovely chest pointing upwards.

"You doofus blondes are sooooo much fun," Heather chirped as she watched her lovely victims' full breasts jiggle erotically; Suzanne's thick nipples seeming to lengthen with each desperate struggling gasp.

Heather enjoyed the show immensely for, like all of Suzanne's fans, she appreciated the blonde beauty sporting her nips on her TV show. Heather figured that now she could show the actress a little extra-special appreciation.

"Please..." (Gasp) "let me...." (Gasp) "goooo...Unnnnhhhhh," Suzanne pleaded, her growing weak as she strained in vain for air; her huge breasts bulging nearly out of her torn top, giving her tormentor a delightfully revealing show each time she struggled and sucked air. A few more pulls and twists of the bikini top noose and two thick, fully-erect long nipples made their long delayed appearance as they came flipping out from under the torn top.

"Time to finish you off, hon! Ya ready for some REAL fun?" Heather snarled as she suddenly eased the tension of her top, ran her hand down to its end, loosened it and then easily slipped it off the unresisting Suzanne's body.

"Hummmpfffh..." Suzanne gasped a sigh of relief, dropping to her knees as she sucked in precious air and rubbed her tender throat. But her relief was short lived as Heather stepped in, grabbed her hair and flipped her over onto the sofa.

"Noooo.....uh....ahhhh...," Suzanne grunted as she found herself flying upwards, sideways, then landing hard on the plush cushions with her legs spread. Two lightning fast hands grabbed her ankles and twisted viciously, sending pain shooting up the long-legged blonde's entire lower body as hard sharp nails dug into her ankles, then slid up her legs to dig deep in her firm, but tender, calf muscles.

KERWHUMPPP! Heather stopped her leg torture only to jump on her whimpering opponents stomach straddling her; then two blistering backhands put Suzanne in another world of pain and fog. She groaned and gasped as she felt angry fingers seize her torn top and rip it apart by pulling in opposite directions.

"OK, now let's see what YOU got, sweetstuff!!" Heather said as she ripped the beautiful blonde's top apart. "Hmmm, nice knockers," Heather cackled as she gave each full mound a stinging slap, then grabbed the nipples and pinched hard.

"YIEEEEEEE!" Suzanne squealed.

She writhed as she reached for the offending hands, her fluttering fingers weakly swatting Heather's determined hands.

"That's it girl, fight me hard; harder! C'mon bitch, fight! My, my, is that ALL you got blondie?" Heather snickered as she bounced up and down on Suzanne's belly and delighted in the slow painful squeezes she was abusing her screaming rival's twin pleasure mounds with.

"OWWWWW....OOOOOOOH..." Suzanne moaned, her sexy, pouting lips groaned with each bounce and painful squeeze.

"You are such a wusss...ARGGGGGH!" Heather's taunt ended in a loud agonizing groan as two weak hands suddenly shot up, latched onto her own firm breasts and squeezed viciously. Suzanne's quivering lips curled slowly into snarls as she heard Heather begin to gasp and wince as her weak fingers changed into strong, determined talons. The blonde's sharp nails raked Heather's rock-hard, sensitive nipples as they dug into the tender areolas. "AAAWWWWWCHIEEEE!" Heather bellowed as she released Suzanne's jugs to grab desperately onto Suzanne's wrists trying to pry her hands from her breasts.

"And just how does it feel for YOU, hon?" Suzanne snarled, still in a bit of disbelief at how she had turned the fight around.

Suddenly, Suzanne snagged a nipple with her thumb and forefinger and pinched as hard as she could. Heather screamed bloody murder as she rocked wildly back while Suzanne tightened her abs, planted her feet against the sofa and then bucked as hard as the wildest bronco in the West.

"Nuuuaiaaahh…" Heather found herself going airborne. WHUMPPP! THUD! The gorgeous stunt woman hit hard on the floor, her entire body enfused with throbbing pain from the breast mauling and the hard fall. A foot came out of nowhere and slammed into her crotch causign Heather to gasp as her upper body sat up, then fell backward as the room began to spin. While Heather grabbed her pussy in both hands, other, angry, hands grabbed her ankles, gave a wrenching twist and her legs were shocked by blinding pain as she was flipped over onto her chest and belly.

"Nooooooo...uhhhhhhhh...ooooooh," Heather moaned as Suzanne began to drag her around the room by the ankles, treating her already aching breasts to the painful rug burns of intense, flaming heat. The plush carpet seemed incredibly rough as sandpaper on her soft, tender flesh.

"Wazza matta stunt girl? No escape tricks to perform now?" Suzanne taunted.

Her pent-up frustration, embarrassment and the haunting remembrance of personal pain seemed to vanish a bit more every time Heather squealed and pleaded for relief. Suddenly, Suzanne came to a halt and viciously twisted Heather's legs again, flipping her onto her side. A vicious hairpull hauled Heather halfway up, just enough for Suzanne to drop down and in a few seconds put her stunned, surprised, opponent in a crushing leg scissors.

"UHHHHHHH!" Heather gasped as the blondes powerful legs squeezed slowly, mightily, draining the breath out of her squirming body. Heather couldn’t believe how incredibly strong this ditzy blondes thighs were!

"Betcha didn't know 'bout my secret, eh babe?" Suzanne asked with a giggle. "My secret inventions' gonna make me big bucks; make me famous and make smart-ass pretty girls like you squirm and begggg for mercy," the blonde boasted as she watched Heather struggle furiously, futilely in the awesome power of her thighs. Suzanne leaned forward and cupped Heather's firm left breast, then closed her fist and squeezed the luscious orb slowly, painfully increasing the pressure on the sensitive glob of yielding flesh. Suzanne’s fingers captured a stiff nipple, teased it playfully to bring it to fully erect hardness, then pinched down hard and cruelly. As Heather screamed. Suzanne chuckled before finally she released the sensitive throbbing nub and ran her open palm up and down her captives rock hard, flat tight abs.

"Abs are nice, yeah; but thighs; oh yes, thighs can be deadly, right girlie-girl?" Suzanne quipped as she squeezed the moaning stunt woman's body a little tighter as her fingers moved down and tugged at Heather's cutoffs.

"Damn you!" Heather snarled, her voice barely audible.

"Pretty tough for a girl who's almost history," Suzanne snipped. "Gonna squeeze you breathless, you arrogant bit....AIEEEEE..."

Suzanne's smugness, her serious threats for her rival's seemingly sure destruction came to a screeching, painful halt when a furrow of fire exploded on her leg. Incredibly hard, sharp nails dug deep into her tender skin! Suzanne had barely loosened her strong leg grip to reach for her wounded thigh when hard knuckles cracked her face. Angry fingers reached back, found blonde silk and yanked forward viciously. A hard, sharp elbow rocked backward, driving into a tender breast. In a blur of blistering motion fit for one of the finest stunt women in television history, Suzanne met her demise as Heather, flipped her to the carpet and fired a flurry of well-placed punches in a series running from the busty blonde's belly, to her ribs and finally her breasts. As Suzanne lay gasping, Heather yanked her to her feet by a vicious double-handed hairpull and swung her around to face her.

SLAP! "Uhhhhhh..." SLAP! "OOOOOOOH!" SLAP! Blistering backhand and devastating forehand slaps had Suzanne reeling and staggering like a drunken sailor, bouncing into furniture, into and off of walls. She seemed to be rudely introduced to all of her plush penthouse furniture as Heather worked her body like a gorgeous blonde rag doll.

"My hair, stop pulling my hair!! OWIIIIEEE!! My boobs...OW....oh, you're hurting my boobs! Nooooo, please... stop pinching it hurts...YEOWWW! tummy...oh GOD stop it...that hurts!"

Suzanne protested like a little school girl being tormented by a bullying classmate as she tried unsuccessfully to block, then to run and finally just to escape Heather's determined attacks.

"Time to end the fun," Heather muttered under her breath as she delighted in another nipple pinch which was followed by a punch to her rival's now tender ribs.

"NOOOOOOO...not that...pleaseee, no...." Suzanne screamed as Heather tripped her, brought her down to her hands and knees, then as she tried to scramble away, caught her by the waist of her hot pink shorts and dragged her backward.

"Gotcha blondie!" Heather laughed as she pulled Suzanne's shorts over her hips, over her round white bottom and down to her knees; then past her ankles and finally off altogether. A sexy pair of red French-cut silk "cheek revealing" panties were revealed but within seconds, Suzanne's lovely derriere was delightfully positioned; raised and waiting as Heather sat down in Suzanne's own favorite plush chair and pulled her down to administer a painfully embarrassing and oh so erotic spanking!

WHACK! "Owwwwwie..." WHACK! "Pleaseee...ouchhh." WHACK!

After several torturous moments of spanking pleasure, Heather sent her whimpering rival flying headlong across the room with a foot in her ass then several well-placed solid punches peppered the blondes' stomach, ribs, and each lovely breast leaving her weeping and incapable of mounting any further resistance.

"Now, for one more bit of fun, blondie," Heather said as she delivered a mind numbing perfect uppercut to Suzanne's chin. The blondes head snapped, her eyes rolled back and as she staggered, her long, strong legs slowly buckled. Just as she was about to go down, however, Heather caught her under the arms and held her upright. .

"Good! Perfect calculation, devastating, but not a complete knockout." Heather hissed in her lovely dazed rival’s ear as she turned her around, stood behind her and wrapped her arms around her head in a perfect sleeperhold. "Sweet dreams, honey," Heather whispered as her lovely rival slowly dropped to her knees, then when she released her, toppled over facefirst on the carpet where she lay with her rosy red ass sticking in the air unconscious.

Heather picked up her own top, looked around the room at the mess their fight had caused, took in Suzanne's exquisite beauty one last time and then slowly walked away, leaving Suzanne dreaming quite sweetly of things to come…."My secret weapon; it builds lovely, strong thighs; deadly thighs; its gonna make me biggggg bucks - and girls like Heather will be history."