The Fighting Sopranos #14: Carmela (Edie Falco) vs. Dr. Jennifer Melfi (Lorraine Bracco) + Susan Lucci by titfreak

Carmela quietly let herself into Dr. Melfi's office and stood near the consulting room door to see if there was anyone in with Jennifer. She decided that the brunette psychiatrist was either alone or was with someone in the soundproofed, secret fight-room, and slowly opened the door and saw Jennifer busy at her terminal, alone!

Deliberately coughing as she stepped into Jennifer's inner office, Carmela quietly said, "Hello, my lovely mistress - I'm not here to fight this time; I just want to be the slave you want me to be; to roll around with you, fucking both our brains into mush!" Smiling shyly, she approached Jennifer's desk, already unbuttoning her blouse to expose one of those 'torpedoes' as she adding lasciviously, "Of course, if YOU want to fight, I'm at your command!" The psychiatrist, wary of her unpredictable blonde sub, prepared to repel the attack she was certain was coming, but Carmela only leaned over the desk top and kissed Jennifer on the lips, her hands gently cupping Jennifer's ample and brassiered breasts inside her knit blouse. "I don't want to try to hurt you any more," the blonde confessed. "When you made that awful Rosalie stop mutilating my breasts, I knew you really loved me! When I got home all I could think about was you fucking me. The thought of your touch made my orgasms so violent I fainted several times during the night from coming so hard- and it’s all about YOU! You're my dirty, fucking, lesbian-mistress, bitch and I want to have you fucking me from now until the end of time!" Then gasping with excitement she added, "I don't want anyone else in my cunt, or sucking my tits, but my beautiful JENNIFER MELFI, my dirty fucking brunette bitch!"

The last phrases accompanied with Carmela's bulging eyeballs as she confessed her wild infatuation with her somewhat delighted sexual mistress. Jennifer smiled at her submissive and told her that she too came several times each night thinking of Carmela and the catfights when she'd had those beautiful, jutting 'torpedoes' in her mouth.

"My orgasms thinking about those breasts drive me up the wall and sometimes last for fifteen minutes. My bed is soaked with my jism!" Jennifer admitted to her drooling blonde slave. "But now, my blonde bitch, it's time for your retraining to become my abject submissive so you’ll do whatever I tell you, whenever I tell you to do it - without hesitation or question!" After her little 'confession' Jennifer got up and opened the bookcase door to the fight room and said, "You lovely bitch, I still want to fight you to a screaming defeat and then have those wonderful tits in my mouth while I'm getting one off over you!"

Noting how Carmela's eyes widened at this revelation and her fingers went at her remaining blouse buttons to open it and reveal those long torpedoes made Jennifer crazy to suck into her mouth for light biting and to drain some of the blonde's milk out of her rigid nipples. Not wearing a bra, Carmela's torpedoes were so firm and attractive, cantilevered out from her chest like a 15 y/o girl's that every woman privileged to see them bared would entertain desires for sucking, not to mention biting if they were pulled into view during a violent catfight.

"I want to have a dirty fight with you now, you bitch!" Carmela hissed.

She closed the soundproof door behind her and watched her opponent kick off her shoes and drop skirt and panties at the same time. Jennifer couldn’t take her eyes off Carmela's breasts as her blouse came off and her gorgeous mammary glands jiggling ever so slightly, invited her eager lips. Getting down on the soft mats and laying prone with her arms spread out to receive the blonde's upper body, Jennifer gasped, "C'mon you blonde whore, get down here on top of me while I suck in one of those monsters and enjoy hearing you plead for me to stop biting!"

This was one of the brunette psychiatrists major turn-ons, having Carmela’s beautiful torpedo in her mouth, her teeth barely denting the firm gland and Carmela's frightened shrieks at what the 'dirty doctor' might do to those gorgeous, cantilevered, jutting and firm mammary glands she was so proud of. She fought hard to reverse their situation and have her breast-crazed opponent Jennifer as HER slave to maul and punish her continually! Pushing one torpedo into Jennifer's gaping mouth, Carmela straddled the brunette's upraised thigh and squirmed her crotch hard onto it to stimulate her pleasures!

"Dirty blonde bitch; you want it too, don't you?" Jennifer growled as she twisted her pussy to jab Carmela's pussy with her extended clitoris, gasping as it rammed into Carmela's equally excited thick organ. Jennifer's clitoris, when aroused, was quite prominent its length sometimes exceeding that of many aroused male penises, so it was already between their thighs and thrusting against the blonde's somewhat shorter clit, both organs swelling with the excitement of this catfight! They spent a lot of time calling each other dirty names; referring to earlier fighting holds and indignities, accompanied as grunts and gasps as their moist pussies 'fought' for supremacy while Jennifer was enjoying her 'sucking attack' on Carmela's torpedo breasts!

Carmela's claws were at the brunette's breasts, ready for retaliation of the possible biting her torpedoes might be getting from the excited brunette who had really clamped down hard on one as an enormous gagging orgasm froze her cunt and lower belly. And Jennifer had her own violent pleasure with Carmela's tits for as least a half hour while the blonde squirmed her own crotch tight against the brunette's raised thigh, screaming with her own pleasures while Jennifer gurgled and gasped through her mauling of both of Carmela's torpedoes as she wildly sucked and chewed to bring on both women’s orgasms again and again with loving comments between the erotic sounds of female orgasm.

Carmela's vaginal ejaculations spurted hard, streaming down Jennifer's grinding thigh onto her belly and even trickled up between her breasts as Jennifer’s suckling and rubbing brought Carmela to ever more powerful, violent thrusting climaxes as their two squirming clits each stabbed and thrust at each other like sword-fighting gladiators in a Roman arena.

When their erotic coupling finally ended, Carmela rolling off and gasping for air from the violent spasms that froze her breathing each time she came hard, Jennifer rolled to one side and watched her pretty blonde opponent gasping for breath, her own breathing equally frantic from the many orgasms she's shared with Carmela!

"You dirty blonde whore! You really love me sucking these beauties and grinding my thigh up onto your pussy while you get off," Jennifer laughed.

Carmela, smiled and gasped, "Oh, you dirty dyke, you almost killed me the way you go at my tits that way, I wish I could do things like that to you, you dirty brunette bitch!"

Jennifer smiled her answer, already knowing the blonde's reaction to what she was about to tell her. She reached up and gently stroked Carmela’s sweat-matted blonde hair as she murmured in her ear, "Carmela, I’m sorry; but my next appointment’s due in ten minutes. I don't have time to really let you do all you'd like to dme and get off as hard as I do with those beauties. But maybe you'd like to practice with my next patient?” Carmela raised up slightly, pulling her hard nipple from Jennifer’s lips, a frown creasing her brow. Jennifer explained, “It’s the woman you nearly blinded with your acrid jism the other night at my place!"

Carmela sat up in surprise, remembering who she'd done that to! "You mean that beautiful bitch Susan Lucci is coming HERE; NOW?" Carmela gasped, as Jennifer smiled and nodded. "Oh gawd,” Carmela sighed. “She made me come SO hard... I really feel bad about my jism hurting her eyes - she's so pretty…and that face!"

Jennifer had thought her blonde sub had the hots for Susan, now she was sure and she felt a little jealous twinge! Susan had called before Carmela arrived, wanting to get to ‘know’ the doctor a little better than just orgasming over fucking her face as she had the night before. Jennifer realized the facial cream saleslady wanted more of the same and now Carmela had presented her with the opportunity to find out more about Susan’s mysterious and narcotic jism. Jennifer was already thinking of ways to harness Susan’s ejacula or her own dark purpores - i.e., enslaving an entire stable of beautiful patients who she could make catfight each other on command for her pleasure, then take the beaten loser for herself for some sexual mauling.
Thinking back, Dr. Melfi had some funny thoughts in her head as she’d learned from what HER OWN analyst got out of her and she knew a sex session with Carmela and Susan would fill her needs marvelously! She and Susan would fight to overpower the blonde bitch, then Susan could retaliate for Carmela's brutal face-fucking. The added attraction would be the new experience for Jennifer's sex slave Carmela when she experienced the effect of Susan's ejaculation for the first time! The night in Jennifer's living room when Rosalie substituted Susan for her own triumphant face-fucking as a catfight winner, Jennifer had been orgasming at least once an hour just from touching her pussy inside her panties - even when she urinated she climaxed!

Susan's jism had a wildly erotic sexual effect on a woman even when only tiny quantities were ingested! Rosalie's insistence on having Susan ejaculate directly Jennifer's mouth after she lost their “friendly catfight’ had opened the possibility of a whole new area of female sexual dominance for the brunette psychiatrist. Susan's copious jism was loaded with a potent aphrodisiac that produced a violent sexual reaction in women who got even a tiny taste of her sweet fluid. Jennifer had been drenched with the tasty fluid, liking its sweet flavor so much she licked it up like candy, then experiencing sexual reactions that enhanced her orgasms and produced heretofore unexperienced new peaks of violent sexual gratification!

Jennifer's first thought after she regained her composure was, "How can I use this on that blonde Mafia cunt and her bitchy kid?" ever mindful of enslaving Carmela and turning her into an even more subservient slave than the brunette psychiatrist had already done! Thoughts of the enhanced pleasure from Susan's 'magic' jism already had Jennifer’s clit at attention, even after her exhausting morning romp with Carmela's breasts on the fight-room mats!

The beautiful TV star's jism was so sweet-smelling and so full of powerful stimulants that the sexy blonde bitch would be driven wild with it; falling even further under Dr. Melfi's already firm control. Jennifer's images of the performance she could illicit from Carmela for her own pleasure were already causing jism to run down inside her thighs and the odor of her own transformed jism was making her heady. Whatever substance was in the stuff was SO potent that even the odor got a clit stirring within a pussy.

Jennifer's former girlfriend and ex-college roommate, Rosalie Aprile had given her the drug she used on her sub-bitch, Susan Lucci, and Jennifer had ingested a good quantity of pretty Susan's violent spurtings after Rosalie won their catfight, then to 'educate' her friend Jennifer had substituted Susan in her place to deliver the face-fucking rape of the psychiatrist. Now, Jennifer was hooked on the wonderful chemistry being processed deep inside another woman's belly and delivered during a triumphant orgasm onto a victim's face and into her gasping mouth. The sexual supremacy of this sort of female conquest was near-total and Jennifer wanted to further dominate the blonde Carmela, then later extend her control to Carmela’s bitchy, spoiled daughter - making them were both completely subservient to her sexual desires!

First, Jennifer wanted to make a trial ejaculation on Adriana's face to see how that dirty bitch would react in front of her lez lover Gloria - strictly as a scientific test of sexual supremacy, of course! Then, as a corollary to that 'experiment', she planned that both lezzy bitches would fight each other while under the influence of the powerful substance - perhaps with the Soprano women watching, with the possibility of a four-way sexfight extravaganza for the climax, so to speak, with Jennifer the ultimate triumphant winner and complete sex goddess over them all!

Lately, Jennifer had often fantasized about a violent mother/daughter catfight involving Carmela and Meadow after seeing the natural mother-daughter competition between them and after having fought both. Now, thanks to Susan’s ‘contribution’ that would be a very real possibility as the powerful stimulant from the female vaginal ejaculant glands would break down the already fragile reluctance for either to raise a hand to the other! The real possibility of witnessing a violent clawing, scratching and biting catfight involving EVERY part of the Soprano female anatomy was now available to Jennifer thanks to her former lover Rosalie and Susan’s magnificent reproductive organs.

Then there was the situation involving Gloria and Adriana, two lesbian whore catfighters who would have THEIR RELATIONSHIP fundamentally changed by Jennifer’s discovery. Jennifer nearly auto-orgasmed as the possibilities raced through her mind as she gazed up at Carmela's attractive, heavy-hanging torpedoes.

But the immediate problem was getting Susan's potent jism in Carmela's mouth in order to make her an addict; a woman continually searching for orgasm which - Jennifer planned - would be courtesy of another woman who would be shrieking from delivery of violent breast-biting, cunt-reaming and many more dirty catfighthng tricks women know!

Because Susan was so absorbed in her beauty products, her sexual addictions had slowed down, but her domme Rosalie could bring them back to the forefront with daily sex-fights. Rosalie, nearly crazed with desire to have Susan's addictive jism in her own face and mouth, instigated fights over nothing at all, even Susan innocently gazing at her tits!

Rosalie would gasp, "You dirty little bitch, you'd like to bite my tits like you did the last time, wouldn’t you?" Then Susan, already reacting to the enzymes from the 'infection' inside her, would respond to her panting domme, "C'mon you stinking whore, let's get at it! I can't wait to give your face another blast of my cunt juice!" Then after a vicious slap, or a face-scratching, they’d get down to dirty catfight action and the obligatory face wash finish!
Flashback to the present in Jennifer's fight room!

"I gave to get at last partly dressed before she arrives,” Jennifer said. “But I'll get her mad enough to challenge me to a fight in here," laying the groundwork for Susan to drench Carmela with her 'magical' vaginal secretion. Jennifer explained to Carmela that Susan was coming to fight the psychiatrist because she wanted to maul her breasts. The thought of Susan even touching Jennifer (HER Jennifer!) made Carmela hot as hell! In truth, after the psychiatrist left Carmela and closed the soundproof door behind her, she greeted Susan and quickly explained her plan so when Susan entered the fight room with Jennifer a few minutes later, she was all ready partially stripped for a nude catfight that would end with her ‘special treatment’ to the startled Carmela's pretty face!

Jennifer and Susan both grabbed Carmela's arms and dragged her to the mat, kneeling on her arms; then each seized one of her gorgeous breasts and dropped their eager mouths to them with Carmela angrily shrieking, "You fucking lezzy bitches, it took two of you to get me down this ti…YIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!" Followed by a pained yowl as Susan, resenting the implication that she wasn’t woman enough to handle Carmela on her own, dug her teeth into the torpedo' she had in her mouth. At the same time, Jennifer was sucking and chewing her own 'assigned torpedo' adding to Carmela's screams - mostly of anger at the unexpected and (in her mind unnecessary) two-on-one sneak attack!

"Maybe you'd like some of my sweet jismoin that pretty face followed by a jism shampoo to make all that blonde hair come loose!" Susan said, playing on the fear of the squirming blonde - reminding her that Susan’s eyesight was still blurry from Carmela's ejaculant of the night before. "You stinking blonde cunt, that stuff from your smelly pussy really burned my eyes, but now I'll get you back for that!" Then adding, "I'll warn you so you can take a deep breath when it comes!"

Jennifer, anxious for Carmela's introduction to Susan's ejaculant, called out while she grabbed her assigned torpedo in both hands and squeezed, "Go on; climb on and fuck her face, dammit! Give her you special facial while I hold her down!! she hissed, squirming over Carmela and grabbing her wrists to free Susan so she could position herself to 'educate' Carmela! This required that both women relinquish their holds and bites on her gorgeous glands, but Susan was already so horny over her 'contact' with her 'target' that she barely had to rub for a minute before she reached a violent orgasm. Carmela, still cursing at her, received a thorough mouthful of the tasty ejaculant and within seconds she’d become the newest adherent to Susan Lucci's special product - one that would cement her submissive relationship to her horny mistress, Jennifer Melfi!

The Mafia bitch, her face slimed by Susan's ejaculant screamed, “You dirty little cunt! That slime from your foul-smelling cunt’s making a mess of my hair and I just had it done this morning!"

Her screaming about this minor matter only made it easier for a substantial amount of Susan's 'magic juice' to flow into Carmela's mouth but Susan, already so far into her own pleasure that her grip on Carmela's hair was threatening to pull out great clumps, just pulled the gasping blonde's face deeper into her spasming pussy, grinding and delivering ever more of her sweet-tasting jism. Carmela had no choice but to swallow and once it got into her system, her brain instantly began to demand that she become an even more crazed and erotic submissive bitch for Jennifer's wild pleasure. Susan's violent orgasm continued and she reveled in mauling the dirty blonde bitch who’d almost blinded her with her acrid jism a night before.

"How do you like THIS, you dirty bitch?!" Susan screamed, shaking Carmela's blonde head as she buried her face in her thrusting groin, sending another surge of her vaginal secretions spurting out from her vagina onto Carmela's face, most of this batch slathering Carmela’s fashionably coifed blonde hair. Letting the blonde have a break between her violent ejaculations, Susan heard Carmela's curses end as she began to murmur happily about, “…being drowned by this delicious stuff!"

The fast-acting effect astonished the eagerly smiling and gasping brunette psychiatrist as she peered around Susan's bouncing bare butt to watch the 'face blasting' Susan was giving her blonde Mafia bitch-submissive. No longer busy holding Carmela down, Jennifer was able to return to lightly biting her blonde's labia and licking her pussy, reaching in under Susan's rising and falling ass to massage the rear of Susan’s own turgid labia to further stimulate the outpouring of 'treatment' Carmela was getting. Best of all, Jennifer was ecstatic about the effectiveness of Carmela's 're-education and training'!

"That's it Susan! Give her another squirt, come as hard as you can, I want her to get a full dose of your elixir!"

Still holding Carmela prone - and at the same time reaching around Susan to gently massage and fondle her breasts, Jennifer added to Susan's ejaculant force by pulling Carmela's lips open just as a massive spurt of juice was jetted into the blonde's gaping, screaming mouth. With all that was going on, Carmela's resistance faded to nothing and Jennifer noted the acquiescence as she moved around to kneel at Carmela's head where she resumed massaging Susan's copious squirting pussy and tilted Carmela’s head up with a handful of her stickly, long blonde hair.

Carmela felt the new grips and the massaging and screamed, "Get away from my hair you dirty whore!"

Jennifer gritted her teeth and snarled back, "I'm getting all this fantastic juice rubbed into your brain as hard as I can!" her violent hair and scalp massaging driving the blonde Carmela into gagging shrieks and screams while Susan's jism kept jetting onto her face, into her mouth and over her blonde hair.

Then to enhance Jennifer's new torturing, Susan screamed, "Jennifer, it's working, it's working - my jism is making her hair fall out, look!!"

Susan was brandishing a shred of tattered white panties from one of the three, but just out of sight so all Carmela caught a glimpse of was a brief flash of ‘blonde hair’ that she couldn't see it in enough detail to identify! As planned, Susan had thrown a fear of mutilation - her hair - into Carmela's mind, giving Jennifer another 'rescue opportunity' to further scramble the blonde's thoughts.

She seized the opportunity and quickly ended the 'hair-removal' hold that Susan was giving Carmela, establishing her as an even more dominant Goddess - in Carmela’s mind! It sort-of spoiled the small orgasm Susan was having, but she tried to make up for it by squirming back and bending down to chew one of Carmela's breast's and that erotic action quickly produced a splatteringly strong orgasm that squirted Susan’s juices all over Carmela's upward-thrusting crotch as she responded to in kind!

This time the effect on Carmela’s psyche was even quicker and more pronounced as she became a wild-woman with Susan and Jennifer having trouble holding her down! The sweet sticky fluid in the quantities Carmela had ingested had a far greater erotic effect than Jennifer expected and the blonde bitch's sex-fighting spirit was multiplied to the point she was nearly able to overcome both women who were having a lot of trouble controlling her.

Jennifer was screaming domme orders to her, but Carmela ignored her, so Jennifer threatened, "I’m gonna bite those torpedoes as hard as I can!!" She was joined by Susan who also threatened dire consequences for continued ‘disobedience’.

But in her addled mental state, Carmela welcomed any form of torture control and she rejoined, "Go ahead, try it you dirty bitches, I love it when you do that- it makes me come so hard!"

Then proving it by falling into spasms of a violent orgasm that sent her own jism jetting high into the air, then splattering on Susan's back while she was leaning over her attacking one of Carmela's wildly bouncing breasts with her teeth. At the same time, Jennifer was busy with Carmela's other gorgeous torpedo, sucking it into her mouth, not realizing she was enhancing Carmela's next, even more violent, orgasm. Unable to see Carmela’s bulging eyes and the spittle drooling from her screaming mouth, Jennifer was unaware Carmela was into the most massive orgasmic spasm a woman could have, one that would completely overcome the wild sex-fighting storm that she’d fallen into from Susan's narcotic jism affecting her brain.

After the two brunettes had satisfied their own lust with Carmela's beautiful breasts, her limp body told them she would be out of the fight for a long while - at least until she caught her breath and regained her mental faculties.

As Jennifer checked Carmela’s rapid, shallow breathing, Susan sat up smiling proudly, "The bitch got a good dose of me, didn't she?" Then - still horny as ever - Susan challenged Jennifer! "Maybe you'd like another dose? I'd love to have your pretty face in my pussy feeding you a delicious dollop of my ‘special sauce’!"

Susan clearly understood the erotic effects her jism had on another woman's brain but Jennifer was worried about Carmela and reluctantly declined; remembering how scrambled her mind had been the first time her friend Rosalie had introduced her to Susan's delicious jism after winning her own face-fucking orgasm during their friendly catfight, reminiscent of college days and their roommate catfights on the bed and the floor.

But the psychiatrist noted the disappointment on Susan's face and agreed to catfight her. “Let’s see just how much of a REAL WOMAN you are!" A challenge almost guaranteed to produce a spirited fight!

When Susan was preparing, the brunette psychiatrist reached into a drawer nearby and retrieved a specimen vial which she slipped up into her own vagina. Her scientific curiosity had come forward and she needed a sample of the potent jism that spurted from Susan's cunt when she orgasmed. But now she’d have to submit after fighting the bitch in order to ensure a sample was forthcoming into her own face - and her mouth - to repeat the wild pleasure of her first experience with this sexy Susan. She had to know what the stuff was and a fresh, untainted, specimen was going to be taken while Susan was enjoying her victory over Jennifer.

For several minutes of struggling, Jennifer had taken charge in the catfight and she went after Susan's breasts with both hands. She soon had her screaming with pain and sexual arousal, then Jennifer rolled over onto her back, pulling Susan on top of her and switched to pulling her hair; allowing Susan to work on her big breasts while she screamed and yanked Susan's shoulder-length hair to anger her and get her jism glands loaded up with a fresh sample.

Susan was reacting to her violent breast mauling of Jennifer’s big breasts, screaming, "How do you like THIS, you dirty bitch?"

Jennifer yanked her hair and answered, "As much as you like THIS!"

Grinning at the pained shriek from her opponent, Jennifer gave Susan a violent knee to the groin as she became angered by the rough mauling her breasts were taking from Susan's strong fingers. Her knee initiated a series of belly and groin thrusts that got Susan’s orgasm started and Jennifer spread her legs, opening her labia, as she pulled Susan into position as the first spurts of her ejaculation streamed down, flowing into the vial Jennifer had secreted in her own pussy as a receptacle. When Susan moved up to begin her triumphant face ride, Jennifer reached down and quietly retrieved the specimen vial from her twitching pussy. Susan's enthusiastic thrusting at her groin had dislodged the vial, but the Dr. was able to reach in far enough to retrieve it

Both of them were so wound up over what had happened with Carmela, that Jennifer had no trouble at all getting a liberal sampling of Susan's jism in her screaming face and in mouth as well when she fought the 'face cream' lady into another of several orgasms that provided a generous sampling for later analysis. After another half hour of hot, passionate sex, they fell asleep in each others arms. Hours later, Carmela and quietly crept out of Jennfer’s office, hurrying home to tend her mauled torpedoes and wash Susan's jism from her still-sticky hair.

"That bitch tried to scare me, it's all there!" Carmela realized when she looked at her 'crowning glory' in the mirror. Then she smiled as her mind recalled the overwhelming pleasure she’d felt and how that ‘dominant bitch Jennifer’ had tried to end the terrible hairpulling she was getting - just as she’d forced Rosalie to stop mutilating her breasts the night before!

Just as Carmela was coming out of her bathroom, Meadow came waltzing into her bedroom and saw what a mess her mother was and screamed, "That Melfi bitch did all that?" Carmela tried to ignore the comment and get in the shower but Meadow kept after her. "Why didn't you wait for me, I want to get my claws into her again - and now she really has you for good!" she sighed, realizing her mother was the brunette bitch's sex slave and 'maybe' wanting in on the fun herself. Still, despite the feelings of arousal in her pussy as the stared at her gorgeous blonde mother’s naked body, she wondered…."I don't know…she IS my mother?"

It was a Mafia-thing; something far worse than the normally incestuous 'sex-with-your-cousin' type of 'fun practiced in ‘polite society.’ This sort of 'Soprano conjecturing' could become a serious problem for the pretty brunette psychiatrist the next time she had another (non-Tony) Soprano appointment!

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