Sopranos I: Edie Falco vs. Lorraine Bracco w/Jamie Lynn Sigler by titfreak

A dirty catfight over Bracco's activities with Falco's husband! Falco's husband was really only an excuse for a lesbian confrontation as both women had seen and (sort of) admired each other, we know that they are both dirty catfighters and this confrontation is eagerly sought by BOTH of these attractive women! For those of you unfamiliar with the TV show 'SOPRANOS', Edie and Lorraine are the principal actresses and these are their stage names. The 'tenor' of the show is not a factor in this story.

Edie has arrived at Lorraine's office with her 18 year-old daughter, Meadow, but once it became obvious that a fight was pending, she sent the 18 y/o out to the car.

"Wait for me out in the car, I won't be long teaching this brunette whore not to fuck around with somebody's husband."

Bracco is Edie's husband's psychiatrist and during a session he 'attacked' her on her desk. Lorraine's separate discussion with Edie in an attempt to initiate a relationship with her brought out the 'attack' situation and Edie jealously took exception. The fight is about to begin (as are the close contacts they both are looking forward to).

"You whore," Edie said. "You led him on. (She sort-of did) He wouldn't fuck a stinking brunette when he has me!

"Don't call me a whore unless you're looking for a fight! Besides, he likes my tight cunt around that big, thick dick.

(A successful attempt to antagonize the 'blonde bitch' even further. Lorraine realizes Edie's interest in her and they both want a fight so that they can really GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER BETTER!)

Edie screams, "You're a whore! A brunette, bimbo whore! And I'll fight you any time you aren't too chicken."

Lorraine laughs, "You stupid little bitch. I fight karate style and I'll kick your ass good."

"Fuck you!" Edie screams. "I fight down and dirty, really down low! I'll rip out your lousy clit and stuff it up your smelly cunt!"

"Well, if you want that kind of fight," Lorraine sneers, "I'm ready, you dirty little blonde slut. And as far as ripping out clits, kiss yours goodbye if you want that kind of a fight!"

[Time to note that Lorraine is nearly a head taller than Edie and is also quite experienced in dirty female catfighting. Some of her female patients (Lorraine is a practicing psychiatrist) come to see her with fantasies about catfights with other women and she helps them fulfill them in a small fight room next to her office. Lorraine is quite familiar with female organs and where to go to do the best (or the worst) to an enemy who is beginning to fight dirty with her. The blonde Edie could really be in over her head with this brunette bitch!]

Lorraine offers, "Come on you blonde twat, try me out."

Dirty bitch, I'll maul you!" Edie cries. "Take off that padded bra and let's see those tits I'm going to rip off. Compare them to mine, you brunette whore."

[This is really unfair because Lorraine has good tits and certainly doesn't need a padded bra, but it does make them both angrier and have a really good, dirty catfight!]

Lorraine adds, "Panties off too, you blonde twat... let's see that tunnel entrance he can drive his van through when he gets one off over me. He told me he thinks about me when he's fucking you - your lousy twat is so big he can hardly feel anything anyway!"

Both women are soon nude and facing each other, their breasts jutting out excitedly over this oncoming battle. Edie screams in anger at Lorraine's last comment as they crash together, hands locked into the long blonde and black hair, falling to the floor, pressed together.

Lorraine rolls on top of Edie and gets her thigh between Edie's thighs for a hard cunt kneeing while the blonde aims for the same area on the brunette's crotch with her own leg. Each woman drives her thigh into the others' pussy and both begin to show signs of wetness from this exciting fight. The muscular thigh each woman is driving into her opponent is only bringing on a wild sexual stimulation - so far nobody is getting hurt!

Screaming through gritted teeth Edie yells, "Fucking whore, I'm going to smash your lousy cunt!"

Edie is driving her thigh upwards into Lorraine's crotch but not really doing any damage as Lorraine matches the blondes blows with her own thigh thrusting into Edie's groin. Edie screams angrily and in some pain because of Lorraine's weight is augmenting the crushing power of her blows.

Edie hisses, "You dirty bitch! You want that kind of fight, huh! I'll smash your smelly cunt, then I'll rip off those floppy tits."

She grunts in pain as Lorraine drives her thigh down hard into her crotch. Releasing her hold on Lorraine's hair with one hand, Edie rolls them both over and squirms on top of the brunette so her knee is now directly opposite Lorraine's cunt. Edie is planning to really give it to her opponent, but Lorraine viciously tears at Edie's blonde hair hurting the blonde and postponing the cunt kneeing she was just about to get from the angry Edie.

At this point, Edie is on her knees, her hands supporting her upper body directly over Lorraine's face. The leg she has against the brunette's cunt is drawn upward, preparing for a smashing knee jam to Lorraine's womanhood. Edie desperately wants to get a gagging surrender and an exciting revenge mauling of Lorraine's body. As her thigh is being drawn back for the crippling blow, Edie's mind is racing through what she has planned for Lorraine after the brunette is screaming in pain from her cunt-smashing kick ... for the next few seconds, Edie's mind goes over her plan while she draws back the leg that is about to smash Lorraine's cunt:

Watching Lorraine's face contort from the pain of the kneeing, Edie backs off to roll her face-down and tie Lorraine's wrists with her own bra. Then Edie plans to roll Lorraine back over onto her back again and, kneeling alongside the gasping brunette, start on one of her big breasts with her teeth, every so often releasing it to scream the question, "You dirty brunette whore, how do you like this?"

Next, Edie will return to maul the gland with her teeth and with all ten fingers as she clutches the soft mound and bites at it again and again in different spots to really hurt her shrieking victim. While all this runs through her mind, Edie's thigh is still drawn back and poised to deliver this crippling blow to the prone Lorraine's sex.

Lorraine's breasts re tight against her ribcage and fill a DD bra cup. Her nipples are normal sized and project out an inch from the firm, but soft glands within. Each breast is a perfect hemisphere and stands up proudly even when the attractive brunette is flat on her back. This angers the blonde Edie even more and she plans to intensify the planned attacks on her prone brunette victim's tender and beautiful glands to get more satisfying shrieks from the helpless brunette.

Edie's leg draws back another few inches as her mind races ahead to what she's going to do to Lorraine.

After a few minutes of mauling and biting one breast, Edie will crawl around her screaming victim and go at Lorraine's beautiful black hair, getting new shrieks from the gasping brunette victim, but Edie tires of it quickly and crawls around to repeat her vicious mauling of Lorraine's other beautiful breast.

Edie smiles and asks, "You brunette cunt, your tits aren't looking so good now?"

This fantasy is jetting through Edie's mind while she lifts the leg that will ram her knee deep into Lorraine's open cunt, winning this dirty catfight. A laughing Edie, getting off hard from her victim's shrieks, as the brunette clamps her aching cunt with both hands and screams for mercy from her blonde torturer.

But it never happens...

Lorraine, her panting mouth only inches below Edie's breasts which are hanging right above her face, sees the huge opportunity and suddenly wraps both arms around Edie's back and arches upward to seize one of Edie's breasts in her teeth and retaliate for the breast-biting she instinctively felt the blonde was planning to give her after the cunt-smashing had crippled her. Edie's breasts are as firm as Lorraine's, but are longer, narrower and jutting, shaped somewhat like large cucumbers. The prominent feature is the huge brown areolas that completely cover the end of each breast; those and the thick, long nipples that invite attack by the prone brunette. Edie's shriek brings the semblance of a smile to Lorraine's mouth which now holds a substantial portion of the blonde's left breast.

Edie falls to one side, tearing at Lorraine's face with one hand as the other digs into the breast in the brunette's mouth trying to yank it free of the torturing teeth. Edie's brunette torture fantasy is now forgotten. The blonde is finally successful at freeing her bitten gland and rolls away from the laughing brunette.

"How'd that feel, you blonde whore?" Lorraine chuckles. "There's more to come if you want to keep this up."

But Edie is momentarily frightened byt this unexpected turn of the fight. She gets to her knees to crawl away from this brunette monster! Lorraine sees the blonde's pudenda squeezing between her sexy buttocks and mentally debates whether a cunt attack is tactically worthwhile. Somehow, Lorraine read Edie's mind about the planned mauling after the cunt kneeing and she wants to deliver the same to this attractive blonde bitch. So she opts to leap on Edie's back and seizes the blonde's long tits in each clawing hand.

Edie shrieks at the attack and rolls to one side. The bad maneuver allows Lorraine to get her legs around Edie's waist for a crushing scissors, while her hands are doing their work on Edie's soft breasts. The blonde's fantasized breast massacre of Lorraine's tits has come around to her own gorgeous glands and the excited Lorraine is enjoying the advantage; her fingers digging deep into the firm mounds of breast gland.

In fact, Lorraine is REALLY enjoying her mauling the blonde's attractive breasts. Edie's squirming and grinding against Lorraine's crotch has gotten to her and her clitoris has swollen past her labia and is driving against Edie's butt crack. Lorraine is becoming wildly stimulated by this sex fighting and Edie can feel the hard organ slipping down her ass crack and realizes her own clitoris is, like her opponent's, growing in its excitement.

"This lovely brunette bitch wants to fuck me!" Edie's mind shouts.

"You dirty slut, you're trying to fuck me up the ass, aren't you?" Edie cries out. "Get that dirty, stinking thing away from me, or I'll twist it off."

And it was a fact! Edie was able to reach back and grab the hot button, which by now extended some 6 inches from Lorraine's labia, and begin to squeeze and twist. Frightened that she might be ruined, Lorraine began to scream and try to free herself from the blondes grip.

Lorraine sobbed, "You little blonde bitch, let go of my clit or I'll rip off these tits then shove my claws up your smelly cunt and shred it from inside into ribbons!"

Edie gasped, "Stop with my tits first and then I'll let go, you fucking whore!"

Lorraine, worried about her womanhood, lets go of her grip on the blonde's breasts and after Edie releases her, quickly moves away. Edie quickly gets to her knees facing Lorraine who has also scrambled to her knees. Both women have 'tasted' the others sexual assets and both want to continue this very exciting battle. Each realizes the other woman is as excited as she is judging from the size of the erected clits standing out from their slimy labia.

Lorraine nods her head and says, "You want to fight that way? Let's get at it and see who's the strongest woman and has the toughest clit."

Stinking brunette bitch," Edie says. "You'll be shrieking out your surrender when I get those tits in my teeth."

Lorraine smiles, "We'll see whose tits get it right after I twist that lousy clit out of your smelly cunt."

Both grabbed for the long, sensitive organs at the same time with one hand; the other hand groping for the nearest breast to double the mauling and force a screaming surrender. They each clawed and crushed their opponent's tit and clit but Edie even bent down to try to bite Lorraine's other breast. She was stopped midway by the brunette's nails digging hard into her swollen clitoris. As Lorraine twisted and pulled the rigid organ violently, Edie shrieking at the terrible sensations in her sensitive organ.

"Surrender, you blonde bitch! Give up, or I'll tear it off!"

"Fuck you Lorraine," Edie moaned. "I've got yours good and you can't get away. How does this feel?"

Edie manages to dig three or four fingernails into Lorraine's tender clitoris and gets a shriek of pain from her opponent.

Lorraine's body quivers as she sobs, "You fucking whore, ---- oowwwww! You dirty bitch-owwww!"

Edie chuckles, "Feels good, huh! You brunette fuck... aiiiii! Oh, you dirty whore, stop! Owwww --- you dirty piece of crap!"

Lorraine is returning the favor using her own sharp nails. Both women now have drawn blood from the other's sex. To add to Edie's pain, Lorraine releases her 'tit hold' and forces several fingers into the blonde's slippery vagina for a vicious scratching.

Edie shrieks at this new indignity, "C'mon Lorraine, stop it with my cunt.... owwww, STOP IT, STOP IT!"

Lorraine really has gotten a good grip on Edie now - one hand on the blonde's rigid clitoris and the other clawing the entrance and the first few inches up inside her vagina.

Lorraine fights back tears as she mutters, "Yeah, sure - go ahead hurt me while I rip your clit out of your smelly cunt. C'mon HURT ME you blonde bitch - go ahead, grab my tits! HURT ME and I'll have your bloody clit in my hand while you're spouting blood from your torn-up vagina all over us."

Lorraine notes that Edie's cunt is already oozing. Between her own screams and gasps caused by what Edie is doing to her, Lorraine screams at her clit-mauling opponent, "You're leaking a lot, bitch! Could it be you like all this? Makes me hot too - real hot, REAL, REAL HOT - how's this feel now, you dirty blonde bitch, huh?"

Edie starts to beg through clenched teeth, "Owwww you fucking bitch! Let go... of... me. LET GO, LET GO - owwww - Please, oh please... stop, your... ripping.... my clit apart ----owwwww-please, please don't hurt me any more --- owwwwww-please stop."

Just then, Lorraine shoves her hand further up into the blonde's squirming and oozing vagina and taunts her, "C'mon wimp, what's the matter, your lousy cunt can't take a little scratching, huh! And I've only just getting started on you!"

"Oh nooooo, please Lorraine. No more no more --- you're hurting me-don't do that any more-please, please!"

Lorraine knew she was winning but she decided to teach this uppity blonde bitch a good lesson. She let go of Edie's clitoris and used that hand to invade Edie's wet and slimy vagina, joining the hand which was already in there. The second hand joined the first and she began to force Edie's vaginal entrance open wide, driving both of her hands further up inside the screaming blonde.

"Now bitch," Lorraine yelled, having to scream to be heard over Edie's cries. "Let's see how tough you are when I do this to that stinking slot you call a vagina!"

Edie's body shook as she cried, "No, no please not up in there---- owww-oh no, not up there! Oh please Lorraine, not that --- oooooh, don't go up there so far and claw it that way - owwww, no, no, please."

Edie is really getting it good now and Lorraine has both invading hands up into the blonde's vagina with Edie's labia tight around her wrists. Edie is screaming for mercy but Lorraine remembers what the blonde was planning for her if and when she won!

"OK you little bitch!" Lorraine hissed. "You want to give up? Just leggo my clit and I'll stop ripping up your vagina, c'mon give .. give, you dirty little blonde bitch. Give quick, 'cause I'm about to cum over doing this to you and I really go ballistic when that happens!"

Edie released her hold on Lorraine's clit and used both hands to try to pull the brunette's hands out of her vagina, screaming her surrender as the red-faced Lorraine dug her nails in to secure the vagina hold. Lorraine wanted Edie to faint from what was happening to her tender womanhood. Finally, the blonde gangster's wife fell back, both hands clamped over her bleeding pussy, nearly unconscious from what Lorraine had been doing to her sensitive womanhood.

Lorraine licked her lips and asked, "Had enough, bitch? I'm ready to revenge what you were planning for my tits and hair, or do you want to really quit?"

As in all wars, the situation can change very quickly!

"Oh god Lorraine, enough, enough! Get over me you beautiful bitch, you make me so hot for you! I'll suck that lovely clit until you cum. Oooooo, that's it, push that long thing into my mouth and I'll make you orgasm so hard, you stinking bitc.... ugghh!"

Edie's gasps were cut off when Lorraine pushed her groin and her swollen clitoris into the blonde's gaping mouth for a violent sucking to orgasm.

Lorraine looked down at Edie as she purred, "Ooooh, you blonde cunt, that's it, get me off hard and I won't fuck you to death right away - ooooh, that's it, THAT'S IT!"

For a short time the only sound was of Lorraine's gasping breath and then the cries of a woman in excruciating pleasure as Edie brought her enemy/lover to the extreme of a blasting orgasm and the absolute top of excruciating sexual pleasure, Lorraine's pretty face red and contorted from the violence of her wild blasting.

The fight was over and now Lorraine wanted to give her new lover the same wild pleasures she had received. They spent the next few hours in dirty catfighting and screaming surrenders that always ended in a squirming 69 position, heads tightly clamped between thrusting thighs as lips and teeth worked on the long, hard, bright-red clits. After several hours, both were tired, panting from their wild exertions. Edie asks for a truce, but Lorraine is insatiable and 'mauls' the screaming Edie in retaliation for the 'attention' she received from Edie's husband.

Lorraine held Edie and told her, "You fucking blonde whore, come back here when you heal and bring your little twat daughter with you. I want her to see her stinking mother getting it good from a beautiful brunette before I go after HER myself. Then you can watch your stinking 18 y/o get it good from a tough brunette. And maybe - after I beat a surrender out of her - I'll make her bite her mother's lousy tits so I won't claw up the inside of her smelly little cunt."

Edie wept, "You lousy brunette whore. We'll make hash out of you if you think you can take us both."

Then, collecting the rags that had been her clothing, Edie marched out to her car, covering her bleeding breasts and pussy as best she could with the tattered rags while Lorraine watched from her office window. Lorraine smiled at the sound of Edie's daughter's gasp of astonishment at the way her mother looked, hair all over her face, breasts bloody and clawed and a trickle of blood down both thighs from her mauled cunt.

Seeing her mother's condition, she asked, "What happened?"

Blushing, Edie snapped, "Shut up! We'll get that brunette bitch next time but first, I've got a few things to teach you about catfighting!"

Note: We may get an opportunity for hearing more about this continuing sex fighting in the future.
Sopranos II (Edie Falco=Carmela, Lorraine Bracco=Dr. Melfi & Jamie Lynn Sigler-Meadow) by Rocko

Carmela Soprano parked her car outside the therapy center and took a long deep breath to calm herself. She'd been waiting months for a chance to teach Dr. Jennifer Melfi a lesson and tonight was the night. Tony was in Italy on 'business', Anthony Junior was at camp and Meadow was staying over at a friends house. There would be nobody at home to notice any of the 'battle-wounds' the blonde wife expected to receive tonight.

Carmela flushed with anger as she thought with anger at what the good Doctor had done. She was sure Tony was fucking his therapist and while that made Dr. Jennifer Melfi simply the latest in a long string of whores, the fact that this was a case of a Doctor sleeping with a patient made Carmela more furious than usual. In her eyes, what Jenny had done amounted to little more than sexual abuse as she'd taken advantage of Tony when he was vulnerable.

Her rage was also fueled by the not unreasonable fear that Tony may actually care for his therapist and, if that were so, her position as Tony's wife would be endangered. While a two-bit whore was no real rival for her husbands affections, the challenge from a college-educated psychologist was much greater. Carmela had just graduated from high school when she married Tony, and so she felt she had come to nip this affair in the bud to teach the good Doctor a lesson she would never forget!

Doctor Jennifer Melfi was sitting inside her office waiting for her next appointment. She'd thought Tony Soprano was in Italy but earlier she'd received a text message on her mobile from him asking for a private session at 11 o'clock. She'd quickly agreed and now she was eagerly awaiting the arrival of the corpulent Mafioso.

One hand idly rubbed her crotch as she pondered her feelings towards him. She could feel the mutual attraction swelling between them and although she knew it was wrong, she couldn't help her completely illogical lust for the fat mobster. Should she stop the therapy sessions or not? That was the thought running through her mind when the door to her office opened and a grim faced Carmela Soprano slammed the door behind her.

Surprise flickered across Jenny's face and she said, "Excuse me Mrs. Soprano! I'm sorry, but this is inappropriate. You should leave. I have a session scheduled with your husband right about.."

She was cut off by an irate Carmela, "I'll just bet you do you whore. I made that appointment and I'm here to teach you a lesson 'bout messin' around with MY Tony!"

Jenny got up and walked toward Carmela, trying to placate her.

"I can assure you Mrs. Soprano that..!"

Her protest was abruptly cut off by a powerful slap from the mobsters wiry Italian wife.

The slap was followed by the shrieked words, "Don't lie to me, you conniving bitch!"

Dr. Melfi's glasses were sent flying and she suffered a cut lip as she rocked back on her heels from the venomous blow. Raising her hand to her face, she touched her lip and when it came away, she saw blood on her fingertips. The sight of her own blood enraged the college-educated psychologist! Her therapy training was forgotten as a red mist came over her eyes.

"You crazy blonde bimbo!" Jenny Melfi screamed as she balled up her fists. "You want a goddamn fight, you Dago slut? I'll give you a goddamn fight" yelled the normally reserved therapist at her rival.

The two women glared at each other, the blonde housewife/moll and the brunette girlfriend/therapist. Carmela Soprano was wearing white heels, a white skirt, white pullover and a white jacket. Dr. Jennifer Melfi was wearing black heels, a brown skirt and matching jacket and a white blouse. They tensed; than with a loud grunt, they rushed toward each other, yelling and screaming with their hands extended. Each intending to wreak awful vengeance on her hated rival for Tony Soprano's affection, attention and the ill-gotten gains that came as part of the package.

Eager hands grasped hair tightly, to begin pulling and wrenching the blonde and brunette locks. They were being ripped out by the strength of the fighters hatred. Soon, the floor of the office was strewn with clumps and strands of both blonde and brunette hair; mute evidence of the ferocity of the struggle. Carmela though was getting frustrated by her inability to gain the upper hand. She made a fist with her right hand and drove it deep into Dr. Jennifer Melfi's soft belly.


Jenny doubled over and Carmela smiled confidently as she clasped her hands together, raised them above her head and unleashed a crushing double ax-handle to Jenny that dropped her to the floor moaning in pain. But Jenny wasn't done for yet! As Carmela drew back her leg to kick her, the Doctor grabbed her out-stretched limb and wrenched it causing the blonde to tumble hard to the floor. The two women drew away from each other and momentarily recuperated as the opening salvos of the fight came to an end.

Both women stood and took off their jackets while eyeing their foe warily. Than they rushed forward again, grabbing, slapping and scratching each other with feminine fury. Carmela took hold of the doctors shirt and ripped it off, but at the cost of losing her own top at the same time. Each woman attacked the others skirt and as their skirts were torn away, both women lost their heels so now both were fighting in just a bra and panties (Jenny in red and Carmela in pink). Furious at Jenny's resistance, Carmela upped the ante still further and pulled off Jenny's bra, unveiling two soft, round globes of titflesh. The doctor reciprocated, but was suddenly howling in pain when the gangster's wife bent down and bit her left breast!

Blood swelled around the bite and Jenny was in agony. Desperate to get out of this painful hold, Jenny aimed her nails toward the blondes face, aiming for her eyes. As she reached them, Carmela abruptly broke off her attack and leapt backward, desperate to avoid damage to her darkly beautiful eyes. Jenny took full advantage of the opening and struck with lightning speed, the pain in her breast motivating her to strike back with venom.

First, a powerful elbow smash to the face knocked Carmela back and unleashed a jet of crimson from her nose. Second, Jenny followed with a devastating knee to the groin that left Carmela almost delirious from the pain. Finally, Carmela felt her head being grabbed and before she could react, Jenny proceeded to slam it with all her strength against her hard oak desk. The blow was so powerful that it opened a gash on Carmela's head and knocked her out cold.

Jenny leaned against the desk, her bare breasts heaving and her mouth open as she sucked air into her lungs. She looked down at the unconscious blonde as she wondered what to do next.

* * *

Meadow exited the bathroom wearing nothing but a robe. Her skin was still moist from the shower, but she felt clean at least. She flushed with embarrassment and disgust as she remembered the guy (she'd never learned his name) who'd thrown up over her. After that her party mood had evaporated and she'd gone straight home to remove the vomit. She was just wondering where her mom was when she saw the front door open and her dads therapist, Dr. Melfi, drag her unconscious mother's limp body into the house.

"Mom!" screamed Meadow as she rushed downstairs to deal with the woman who had dared to hurt her mother.

Jenny looked up and saw Meadow rushing down the stairs toward her with hands clawed and her robe fluttering about her firm young body. Even though she braced herself for the impact, Jenny was bowled over by the young ball of feminine fury.

Meadow dug her nails into the doctors face screaming, "Fuckin' bitch! How dare you hurt Mom!"

Jenny frantically fought back, tearing off Meadows robe but as they fought, Meadow got a hand under the waistband of the doctor's panties and ripped them away, so now the nude therapist was rolling about the floor of the Soprano's house entangled with an equally nude high school senior.

The two locked their legs together and clawed frantically at each other. Meadow's firm young breasts clashed and mashed with Jenny's softer, older ones, bringing groans of agony from both women. Legs tightened around waists as they proceeded to scissor each other, further increasing the pain on each of them. Their crotches rubbed together, showing if there was any doubt, that this would be a no holds barred contest.

Gradually, Dr. Melfi's greater weight and strength began to tell. She finally managed to plant her ass on Meadow's chest just below her full breasts. Jenny began raining down punch after punch onto Meadow's delicate young features. Meadow resisted violently and, in an act of desperation, reached up with right hand, extended the middle three fingers and drove them straight into Jenny's pussy!!

The doctor gasped and squealed in agony as she was violated by the young catfighter. Meadow began clawing and scratching inside the doctor's most intimate area. Galvanized by fear of injury, Dr. Jenny Melfi smashed harder and harder blows on the young Soprano's face until Meadow stopped her assault and had to use both hands to try to ward off Jenny's fists. That turn of events seemed certain to bring Jenny victory but, even as the doctor pressed her advantage, behind her, away from the embattled pair, Carmela Soprano was starting to awaken.

Seeing her hated rival attacking her daughter, Carmela rose on unsteady legs and rushed toward the writhing wrestlers. Jenny turned her head right into a mighty punch from the furious mother that send her sprawling across the living room carpet. Carmela followed up, delivering punch after punch to the brunettes pretty face until her visage was completely wrecked and bruises and blood covering her entire face.

By this time, Meadow had managed to get back up and Carmela motioned her daughter towards her as she picked up the doctor and pulled both of her arms behind her back.

"Come on Meadow, lets show the whore what she gets for messing with The Sopranos!"

Meadow nodded woozily, still suffering from the punches she'd received. She ran toward the doctor with her fist cocked back to deliver the knockout blow to the doctor.

But, just as her punch winged its way toward her face, the therapist managed to duck and Meadows wildly swung fist thudded into the cheekbone of her own mother with a sickening "THUD!"

Carmela toppled over backward from the powerful blow as Meadow stared in horror at what she had inadvertently done. Released from Carmela's grasp, Dr. Melfi sprang to action!

A fierce kick to the gut doubled Meadow over and she followed up with a vicious elbow to the back of the girls neck that sent her moaning to the floor in pain. Then a knee drop to the face finished the job, knocking the teenager unconscious. The doctor turned to face Meadow's mother, Carmela. The blonde was still dazed from Meadow's punch and as she stumbled forward, she walked directly into a gut punch from the tough brunette. Carmela gasped and, as she fell to her knees, Jenny stood over her and trapped her head in a crushing standing head scissors. With both hands having a firm grip of the mobster's wife's blond locks, the therapist steadily increased the pressure until the blonde passed out.

Dr. Jennifer Melfi released the mother and Carmela's body slid to the floor next to her daughter. Jenny looked down at the destroyed Soprano women laying unconscious at her feet and laughed. Then, she straightened her clothing, picked up her purse and wrote a note on the back one of her business cards.

if you'd like to sign your girls up for anger management counseling, call me to make an appointment.
Love, Jen xoxoxoxo"

Then she tore Meadow's robe into strips and hogtied the teenager and her mother in the middle of their living room. She stuck her business card where she was sure Tony would find it when he got home and found them bound and gagged. Then she tossed her purse over her shoulder and whistled happily as she sashayed out of the house and drove back to her office for her next appointment.
(THE END) Note: Bracco won our vote: 237-154