Britney Spears-Jessica Simpson vs. Susan Dey-Mandy Moore by Scott

For years Hollywood producers have been making old TV shows into major motion pictures. The Adams Family, The Beverly Hillbillies, S.W.A.T., Miami Vice and perhaps the most successful of them all - The Brady Bunch! Popular on television the same time as the Brady Bunch was The Partridge Family, a show based on the real life Cowsils - a mother and her children in a rock ‘n roll band. Producers were especially excited thinking about what hot young actress would portray Laurie Partridge the teenage daughter in the group.

Executives wanted Susan Dey’s (the original Laurie) input and Susan said she liked the idea of Mandy Moore continuing with the character. Mandy was much like her character, kind and sweet and very pretty. Susan invited Mandy for lunch at a restaurant one of her friends owned and the owner closed the restaurant to the general public so Mandy and Susan could chat in private. The more the ladies talked, the more Susan became charmed by Miss Moore.

“Well Mandy, the part is yours. I’ll have the producers contact your agent to work out the details,” Susan said smiling.

The women hugged and Mandy excused herself to go to the ladies room. Suddenly Susan looked up as she heard the door open and slam shut.

“What are you two doing here?” Susan gasped as she saw Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson standing there.
Recently the tabloid battered Britney had been seeking professional advice from Jessica’s dad Joe Simpson and had become chummy with the singer from Texas. They’d both heard the rumors about the go ahead for the movie and were tipped off where Susan would be.

“Your search is over, Suzy,” Britney said. “Whether it’s me or my girlfriend Jess, here; one of us is the next Laurie Partridge.”

“That part has been filled! Besides, Laurie was a good wholesome girl - so neither of you would qualify”

“I think she just insulted us Britney,” Jessica gasped in mock disbelief.

“How could the role have been filled so quickly?” Britney asked suspiciously.

“None of your business. Now get out before I call the police,” Susan snarled, reaching for her cell phone. Just then the women heard the toilet flush

“Who else is here?” Britney wondered aloud.

“I bet it’s that goody-goody Moore” Jessica added.

“Get out NOW!” Susan ordered as she started dialing.

“I don’t think so!” Britney said. She swiped at Susan’s hand, knocking the phone across the room.

“How dare you!” Susan barked as she walked up to Britney and WHAP slapped her surprisingly hard, twisting her head to the side.

Britney slowly turned her face around. She was pissed and had fire in her eyes. Susan’s look of anger turned into fear but as she tried to back away, Jessica blocked her retreat. Britney grabbed Susan by her hair and lifted her knee into her midsection knocking the wind out of the 50ish Susan. Jessica then locked her arms into Susan’s arms holding the actress up as Britney landed a couple of punches to Susan’s midsection. Jess had to strain to hold Susan up as the older woman, who was considered a jobber in her heyday, was nowhere near being in fighting condition and could not absorb the gut punches.

“That was a big mistake Suzy!” Britney growled.

She roughly grabbed Susan’s chin forcing her to look at her. Then she slapped her in the face turning the actress’s head back and forth. Jess let go of her and Susan was barely able to stand. Brit pushed her back and Susan landed in a chair. Jesse got one of Susan’s scarfs and had gotten behind her. She pulled her arms back and tied her hands behind her and through openings in the chair. Britney took a cloth napkin and stuffed it Susan’s mouth so she couldn’t warn Mandy. Britney stayed with Susan, making sure she did not move while Jessica hid behind the counter.

“What’s going on here?” Mandy shouted, alarmed at seeing Susan tied up and Britney standing next to her.

Mandy marched forward to Britney demanding that she release the actress. She saw Susan’s eyes widen in horror.

“What’s wrong Susan?” Mandy asked unaware of Jessica’s sneak attack that was about to occur.

The next second Jessica came up from behind and swung a wooden bar stool crashing it against Mandy’s back, breaking the stool in pieces and knocking the big girl down. As Mandy tried to lift herself up Brit and Jess began stomping the young actress/singer on her upper back and back of her head, keeping her down. Brit and Jesse added a few Elbow Drops and Knee Drops between Stomps, leaving Mandy helpless on the floor.

Then they tore off Mandy’s slacks and blouse, then her bra. After a few more minutes of abuse, the tarts backed away and removed their own tops, waiting for Mandy to recover. She was having trouble catching her breath and it took a while for her to struggle to her hands and knees.

“I’ll take care of this, Jess!” the all-of-a-suddenly brave Britney proclaimed as Mandy staggered to maintain her balance.

“Yeah Britney, take out the trash,” Jessica said ironically

Jess walked over to Susan and jerked her head in place making sure she had a bird’s eye view of the action.

The gallant Mandy was no quitter and although already battered she gamely moved towards Britney. She and Britney locked arms. Being a two time mom, Brit’s breasts were like gargantuan melons, seemingly twice as large as Mandy’s modest pair, her aureoles were 3 to 4 inches in diameter, and her nipples were already erect in anticipation of this erotic engagement.

As the women pushed against the other the shorter but stronger Brit had the advantage and was slowly but surely forcing Mandy to step backwards. Understanding that she could not out muscle Brit, Mandy let loose of her arms, lifted a quick knee to Brit’s chest and spun behind Brit and wrapped a forearm around her neck. Brit was caught totally offguard and before long she was gasping for breath in the chokehold. Mandy poured on the pressure and in moments brought a gasping Brit to her knees.

Jessica immediately ran behind Mandy and landed a punch in her unprotected kidneys. Mandy though held on so Jessica threw another punch. The second blow hit Mandy square in the kidneys and she was forced to let loose of Britney for a second. She turned around and put her weight behind a roundhouse right that floored the surprised Texan. Mandy then quickly got her hands around Britney as she had just gotten back to her to one foot and re-established the wrap-around choke.

The extra seconds, although, were very helpful to Britney and she was fighting the choke and managed to get to her feet. She threw elbows into the side of Mandy’s ribs in the same area where Jessica had struck.

“OOOF” Mandy moaned as Britney kept on throwing elbows into the big girl’s side. As the seconds went by, Mandy’s grip around the blonde’s throat began to loosen. As Brit was throwing backward elbows both she and Mandy lost their balance and they stumbled backward, causing both women to topple onto a sofa.

When they made contact with the sofa Mandy lost her grip around Brit’s neck. The women found themselves side by side, clawing at each other, pulling hair, squeezing tits. Brit draped her stocky leg over the top of Mandy’s hip and forced her over onto her back. Mandy repeatedly smacked her feet against the floor as she sought the best location for gaining purpose, for propelling Brit off of her. Up and down, open and shut, went Mandy’s legs as she struggled mightily, her tits and face squashed to invisibility beneath the smaller woman’s frame. Not only was Mandy flailing for the top spot; judging by her gasps, she was anxious for air too.

The sofa cushion slid from underneath Mandy, and both fighters spilled onto the floor. Mandy rolled onto Brit and straddled her. She slapped at her colossal mammaries, causing them to quiver and making their owner squeal in agony.

Again Jessica, seeing Britney losing the battle came up to Mandy’s side and launched a kick heading Mandy’s skull. Mandy saw it coming out of the corner of her eye and caught Jessica’s leg and flipped her. Jessica crashed to the floor hitting her head hard. All the same, the interruption gave Britney time to get a second breath.

“BITCH!” snarled Brit, shoving the distracted Mandy aside with surprising ease. Brit had gained considerable strength in her biceps over the past several months from carrying those babies around.

Jessica leaped across Mandy’s midsection and held down her arms preventing her from rolling away allowing Britney to trap Mandy’s flawless face between her thighs; Mandy moaned as the other woman grabbed a fistful of hair and guided her nose snugly into her crotch. Mandy made a face a indicating she was getting a protracted whiff of some barely covered pussy.

Susan was yelling obscenities at both girls so Jessica got off Mandy seeing that Britney had things under control and went over to the actress and punched her in the gut putting an end to her protests.

Brit was stretched out on her side, propped up on one elbow, controlling the bigger female seemingly without effort. Mandy’s face was caught beneath the compact fighter’s thighs as painfully as if it was in a heavy–metal vise. With her own, much longer legs, Mandy kicked wildly at nothing but air as she writhed on her side, her face locked onto Brit’s no-doubt, smelly triangle.

Mandy was not ready to give up and kept pushing and pulling until she wriggled free, and both girls leapt to their feet. Mandy had her hands on her hips bent over, obviously tired. Britney strutted around in small circles like the only cock in a barn full of hens.

They circled each other. Then Brit boldly moved in on the tired girl, bending at the waist and grabbing her adversary’s left leg in both arms. Mandy, taken completely by off-gaurd, exhaled sharply as Britney’s shoulder was rammed into her midsection and slumped forward over Brit’s right shoulder. Much to Mandy’s disbelief, Brit lifted her completely off her feet. She spun around slowly as one of her arms had snaked up through Mandy’s crotch, and her finger dug mercilessly into the tender expanse of a butt cheek. Her other hand clamped unyieldingly against Mandy's inner thigh, gripping it, gouging it. Mandy screamed with a combination of agony and outrage, her arms flailing uselessly at the same air for which she was gulping.

“I thought you were supposed to be such a tough cunt,” spat Brit as she tossed Mandy onto the sofa like a rag doll. “Well, you’re going to find out what tough really is, bitch!”

Mandy tried to sneak out between Brit’s legs as the latter woman straddled her; but she didn’t make it. Brit planted her ass squarely on Mandy’s face. She gripped Mandy’s wrists and pinned them down against the back of the sofa as she twisted her crotch into the veteran’s visage with mounting fury. Again, Mandy tried to place her feet on the floor in the best spots, bridging repeatedly in an attempt to escape, but to no avail. This time there was clearly more fear, more mindless exaggeration, in her movements. She writhed and kicked in seemingly genuine panic, looking smaller every second. Brit was robbing her of an identity it had taken her years to mold.

“Now it’s time to finish you for good!” said Brit, grinding her crotch into Mandy’s face; smothering her until her struggles ceased. After a few minutes Britney stood, pulling a semi-conscious Mandy up beside her. Mandy’s arms hung limp at her sides; her legs barely supporting her as she slumped against her smaller, but tougher challenger.

You could hardly see Mandy’s features; so much hair obscured them. Britney locked on the bearhug rocking Mandy back and forth in her unrelenting grasp. Mandy was dizzy, coughing, exhausted as she hung limply in the smaller woman’s grasp. Brit pushed Mandy down onto the floor, on her back, and knelt at the top of her groaning head. She played with her moderate sized tits as she said, “Now the so-called classy singer is gonna get a taste of my monsters. Come on over here and join me, Jessica!”

What followed was ten minutes of cruel, intense Tit Smothering as Brit and Jessica took turns pressing their mammaries onto Mandy’s face. Mandy valiantly but fruitlessly fought to free herself; there was no way she was going go get herself out from under those four gargantuan orbs.

Susan cringed hearing Mandy’s muffled screams of frustration and desperation. After a series of in effectual bridges, Mandy’s throng slipped to one side, exposing her neatly shaved sex flower. Mandy’s shapely legs were flexing and thrashing, her pussy exposed; her boobs jiggling as her hard nipples pointed to the ceiling. With her face thoroughly covered, every pained inhalation was an embittering, demoralizing gift from Brit and Jessica. Mandy sagged to the floor for the final time, her once strong legs falling open, her pussy in full view.

The fight was over!

Susan had kept trying to get herself loose during this horror show and finally broke free. Britney saw her make a break for it.

“Hey Jess, Suzy Q’s on the move. Get her!”

Jessica ran after Susan and tackled her from behind and quickly turned her on her back. Susan kicked her in the chest forcing Jess off her but before Susan could escape Jessica leaped and caught Susan by the legs. She wrestled her down and got on top in quick order. She mounted her sitting on Susan’s small chest. Susan began to slap at Jessica’s face and arms so the blonde grabbed her arms and held them to the floor.

“Well Suze, is the part going to either me or Brit?”

“Go fuck yourself?” was Susan’s muttered response.

“You’re the only one here who is going to get fucked? Jessica threatened. She lifted up and slammed her butt down on Susan’s midriff, knocking the air out of her. She repeated the move three more times leaving the frail Susan totally breathless and unable to defend herself.


By then, Britney had finished breast-smothering Mandy into unconsciousness and came over to assist Jessica. She pulled off Susan’s pants and panties then the disgraced pop princess sat behind Susan and placed her feet on her shoulders and pulled her arms back.

Jessica then went by Susan’s feet and sat between her legs. Jessica then placed her foot on Susan’s mound and began massaging her pussy. Susan struggled to break free but Britney had her arms secure and Jessica had hold of her legs. Soon Susan began moaning in pleasure despite the unwanted violation. Jessica had slip in part of her foot inside Susan’s love opening. As Susan screamed and thrashed about Jessica increased speed. Susan bucked and thrashed about as much as she could trying to escape but the blondes had her secured. Jessica’s foot was performing its’ magic and soon Susan gave in and began thrusting her pelvis forward to meet Jessica’s foot.

Moments later Susan came, crying, embarrassed as her juices spread onto Jessica’s foot and down her leg.

The girls released the exhausted Susan and turned her on her stomach. Britney pulled out her strap-on dildo. Things looked bad for Susan, when all of sudden a punch drunk Mandy came up from behind and stumbled into Britney knocking her away from Susan a few feet. Mandy almost fell herself when she bumped into Britney. Jessica immediately ran towards Mandy and kicked her in the stomach bending her in half.

Susan gamely tried to come to the assistance of her new friend but Britney came over to her and kneed her in the midsection then grabbed her in a headlock and threw a viscous right fist landing square on Susan’s glass jaw. Susan fell back onto then off a table to the floor. Brit went after her and pulled her up and whipped her across the floor where Susan landed on a row of tables and fell to the floor, knocked out. Britney then went over to help Jessica with Mandy.

Each girl now had hold of one of Mandy’s arms and took turn lifting knees into Mandy’s tight abs, holding her up not allowing her to fall. After a dozen or so knees they let Mandy collapse to her knees. Jessica grabbed Mandy’s legs stretching her out lying on her stomach. Britney stood on a table behind Jessica and leaped over her landing with her ass on the back of Mandy’s neck. Mandy was again knock out and lucky her neck wasn’t broken. Brit then rolled Mandy over and saw she was finished.

Jessica went over to Susan and dragged her over to Mandy.

“Now what were we going to do before we were so rudely interrupted?” Britney asked, “Oh yeah, right…”

Britney then picked up the two strap-ons. The hotel lounge singers then put Susan in a sitting position. Britney sat behind her and wrapped her arms around Susan’s arms in a full nelson. Britney then laid on her back with Susan on top of her. With Jessica’s assistance Britney inserted her strap-on in Susan’s rear end.

“Owwwww!” Susan squealed re-awakening to the nightmare

Jessica laughed at Susan’s predicament. She took pleasure out of seeing the thin actress hands flail in the full nelson as Britney began pumping her ass.

When Susan’s resistance slowed a bit Jessica eased herself between her legs and slowly forced her strap-on into Susan’s tight love hole.

“OW, AH” Susan continued to whimper as she was being pumped both from the front and backside. She became the meat of a tramp sandwich.

The girls developed a steady rhythm pounding Susan’s fragile body with their monstrous objects. How proud they must have been violating the middle aged actress,

"EEEEEEE-AHH!" was the unmistakable shriek of agony and ecstasy coming between Susan’s lips as the heartless singers increased their pace. Jessica saw Susan was nearing orgasm so she went in deeper and faster and Britney followed her lead shoving her tool up the actress’s ass harder penetrating Susan’s tightly clenched sphincter.

Seconds later Jessica saw her toy was well lubricated by Susan’s juices and withdrew her toy and Britney did the same. Susan just rolled over curling up in a ball. But Britney went to her and clamped on the full nelson again while Jessica held Susan’s head up and pressed the dildo in her face making her suck her own juices off the object.

After making Susan’s lick off tool Jessica soon began pumping Susan’s mouth as fast as she was her love hole minutes earlier. Susan’s eyes were teared filled and she couldn’t even scream what with a Jessica’s sex toy halfway down her throat. After 5 minutes of pumping the actress Jess pulled out. Britney increased the pressure of the full-nelson pushing Susan’s head down into her modest chest and lifted her up to her feet shaking her violently side to side in the nelson. Susan soon went completely limp in the hold and Britney tossed her to the floor where the actress lay like a wet noodle.

Mandy was beginning to moan and the evil duo repeated their violation of Mandy. The only difference was Jessica did the pumping in Mandy’s rear end and Britney was on the front side. Although she resisted coming as best she could Britney was relentless and Mandy too came all over Britney’s sex toy. Because she resisted so much Britney and Jessica were angered and they got up and stomped Mandy between the legs. Jessica then added knee drops to Mandy’s mound while Britney did the same to her head until Mandy was knocked out. The cruel pair poured on a couple extra drops even when they knew she was out until Mandy’s body began to twitch involuntarily.

As a final humiliation the girls rolled their victims over with Britney taking care of Susan and Jessica going to Mandy. They cruelly kick and stomped their victims in the back of the head and neck, sending each into a full body spasm.

Then Brit rolled Susan over on her back and Jess rolled Mandy over. Each singer stood above the downed women bending over slapping their faces until Mandy and Susan flutter their bleary eyes open.

Susan couldn’t even open her mouth to protest but Mandy managed to whispered pleadingly, “No more…”

Brit and Jessica weren’t listening they plopped down on the upper chests of the ladies. Mandy and Susan’s legs flexed up in reflex upon impact but they could do nothing but look on in horror as the blondes slithered their way up to their necks rubbing their moisten crotches on their upper bodies. Up and down Brit and Jess slid, slowing moving forward and spreading their pussy lips making sure the ladies got a good look and whiff of what awaited them, until they finally covered their faces in a front face press.

Britney and Jessica pressed their smelly crotches full weight on their prizes. Mandy could only shuffle her legs while Susan’s body shivered. She was too frail to take this kind of abuse and seemed to be going into shock. But then again, having Britney’s stinking cunny jammed in your face would send (almost) anyone into shock.

The singers moved up and using the noses of their victims as a penis they pulled up on their victims' faces as they humped and pumped their way to pleasuring themselves. The blondes were breathing heavy now as the friction of their victim’s faces against their cunny’s was bringing a pleasurable sensation that vibrated throughout their bodies.

Now both the oxygen deprived Mandy and Susan weren’t moving except for the occasional twitch of a limb. The only visible part of the ladies were their beautiful hair visible under Britney and Jessica’s loins. The blonde’s were burning hot and each began whimpering in pleasure as their hot fluids began to flow and they orgasmed.

The blondes were grinding their womanhood on their respective victim’s placid faces. Faster and faster they went with Mandy’s and Susan’s noses being forced deeper and deeper into their musky loins. The blonde’s were joyful getting sadistic pleasure with their brutal face riding; grinding hard on the classy ladies faces.

Both women’s faces were jerking and moving up and down as Jessica and Britney gyrated their pussy’s, looking as if they might swallow their victim’s faces. Susan lost unconsciousness when she was unable to endure the weight and aroma of the pussy riding her although her body continued to twitch with involuntarily movements.

The younger, stronger Mandy was getting close to joining Susan in ‘dreamland’ but she still could roll her hips and shuffle her legs, though her movements posed no threat and, in fact, her resistance just made Jessica grind harder.

Moments later, the dirty blondes lips started to quiver as their moans grew louder and louder until...

"AHHHHH! GAWD" Britney erupted, spewing her ‘love nectar’ onto Susan’s already wet face. The juices seeped from Susan’s face and ran under Britney's dripping pussy to soak the carpet beneath.

Seconds later, Jessica too threw her head back, letting out a throaty yell as she shuddered to her own climax.

“YEE-HAW” she screamed as the fluids seeped through her opening onto Mandy’s face.

The singers stayed on their victims as their tiny circles of flesh quivered uncontrollably leaking out their sticky fluid. Mandy’ legs thrashed about a few seconds and her body finally gave out during Jessica’s after shock and she too passed out.

Satisfied Jessica slithered off Mandy but Britney wanted more Moore! She rolled off Susan and crawled over to Mandy, mounted the classy young lady and continued to stroke her pussy on her face until she workself up to another orgasm that left Mandy’s flushed face slathered with a glisten layer of ‘girl goo.’

Grinding her hips sensually on Mandy’s face as the helpless woman's body convulsed as if it were being electrocuted, the fact that Mandy was going into shock didn't bother the obviously jealous Britney in the least! She stayed on Mandy, riding her until she’d emptied herself in both Forward and Reverse Facesits, while slapping and kneading Mandy’s tits with a joy unseen since a similar sickening display with Charlize Theron several years ago!

When she finally peeled herself off the beautiful young woman, the sickening ‘pop’ of the sticky seal on Mandy’s face being broken made Jessica chuckle.

The two twits got up and dressed after slapping note between Susan’s sticky breasts saying, “We’ll be waiting for your call.” Instead, the next day Susan’s publicist announced that the plans to remake the ‘Partridge Family’ movie have been put on hold indefinitely… and that Ms. Dey had left the country for an extended vacation and would be ‘unavailable.’