Britney Spears vs. Jessica Simpson+Christina Aguilera by TNT

"You wanna go first, or can I?" Jessica asked her friend Christina as they watched their unaware beautiful rival walk to the pools edge, raise her hands, arch her back and dive neatly into into the clear water.

"I've always wanted to smack her around; dreamin' about it for a long, long time," Christina said as she watched Britney climb out of the pool and adjust her bikini top. The beautiful Britney looked around, wishing at least a few of her fans were there to watch her, congratulate her, ask for her autograph, or better yet just stare at her gorgeous body. She'd spent the morning working out and her long strong lean muscular legs had gotten the maxworkout, then she'd spent time in the tanning booth. Now, she was enjoying a dip in the pool at the plush exclusive resort hotel. She had no idea Jessica and Christina were thinking up 'special' plans for her as they watched her from the balcony of the room they were sharing

"Did ya do it Christina? Did you take care of business?" Jessica asked as she slipped into her bikini.

"I sure did, guaranteed no interference or interruptions once I flashed him these," Christina giggled as she lifted her bikini top revealing her beautiful young, firm breasts.

"Nice; firm and naughty," Jessica laughed as she reached out and cupped Christinas firm mounds, teased her blonde friend's nipples then leaned forward and gave her 'special friend' a long, passionate French kiss. Christina broke the kiss, gave Jessica a playful push then suddenly grabbed her hair, slammed her into a wall and latched onto Jessicas firm full breasts squeezing them painfully hard, digging her sharp nails through the thin bikini top.

"Ouch, what the hell are you doin'?" Jessica moaned as she tried to pry Christinas strong fingers away.

"Oh, sorry, Jessie honey, just practicin' up for Brit," Christina giggled as she released her painful hold.

Both girls laughed as they left their room and headed out to 'chat' with Britney who was relaxing in a lounge chai, her face covered with a magazine. Soon Britney had unexpected company as the two blondes slipped quietly up to her and stood on either side of the beautiful pop singer.

"Oh Britney, girl, hows the sun, huh?" Jessica shouted loudly.

Britney yelped, startled and the magazine fell from her eyes. She stared through her sunglasses at the two blondes who were laughing and teasing her.

"Aren't you hot out here?" Jessica asked.

"You should take off your top; get a complete tan," Christina chirped as she grabbed Britneys top and pulled; the bikini shifted and Britneys left breast bounced free. While Britney screamed and frantically tried to stuff her breast back into her suit, the two laughed at her display of modesty.

"How about a swim; a dip for a dip?" Jessica laughed as she grabbed a handful of Britneys hair. Christina did the same and they jerked the reluctant Britney squealing to her feet.

"Arggggh! Get away from me you two crazies," Britney shouted, then quickly realizing what was going down.

Britney got angry and swung her fist, catching Jessica in the left cheek and rocking her head back on her shoulders. Christina fired a punch into Britneys stomach that bounced off her tight abs.

"Uhhhhhhh!" Christina moaned as Britneys heel slammed into her foot. As Christina screamed and hopped around in pain, Britney reached out and pulled the string on the back of her bikini top. Jessica laughed as she grabbed the top and playfully pulled it off.

Christina yelped and quickly covered her bare breasts with her hands, pouting at Jessica, "Mean! That was mean; you're nasty to your own friends, you spoiled little bitch. Take this!" she snarled as she grabbed for Jessicas blonde hair, jerked her head back and drilled a punch to the ditzy blonde’s perfectly tilted up chin.

Jessica grunted as her head whipped back and her eyes rolled back in her head. As her knees unhinged and she started to topple over, Britneys hands shot out like a lightning bolt and she grabbed both cups of Jessica’s bikini top. As the young blonde staggered backward, Britney yanked….hard!

"Nice tits," Britney laughed as she pulled off Jessica’s top.

The blushing newlywed tried to cover her large boobs, but Britney fired two quick punches, one to each of Jessicas firm beautiful breasts. Jessica yelped twice, one for each wounded puppy, then let out a scream as Britney grabbed her by the hair and pulled her forward and bent her over forward.

BONK!.Britney smashed Jessicas head against Christina’s and both topless blondes groaned as they dropped to their knees seeing stars.

"I think both of you overheated bitches need to cool off," Britney snarled as she grabbed two handfulls of blonde hair and dragged Jessica and Christina towards the pool on their knees. Then with shout and two hard kicks to two cute butts, she sent them headlong into the pool.

"I think I need a swim too," she giggled as she dove in after them.

Things were about to get real interesting! Britney had just been daydreaming about kicking both of the singers butts - a particularly steamy, hot, erotic dream. Now, strangely and luckily enough, it was coming true! Britney took three quick strokes toward the two floundering blondes and dove underwater, grabbed the back of their bikini bottoms and WHISK…right down around their knees!.

THE END (or just the beginning? Anyone want to continue from here or do a sequel?)