The Complete Destruction of Britney Spears: A Holiday Story by blackcape 12/30/00
"TONIGHT! ONLY ON PAY PER VIEW! Christina Aguilera's New Year's Eve Pajama Party Bash! See scantily-clad women cavorting around the Christmas tree singing their little hearts out as the countdown begins! Only $29.95! Don't delay! Order NOW!"

The television screen turned black, sank into the recesses of the wall and was replaced with a section of wood paneling.

"Alright, that's a fairly good ad. How much time do we have before the show?"

Pretty little songstress Christina Aguilera sat at the head of a long, polished table in the center of her manager's 26th story office, surrounded by nappy-looking ad-men and business professionals concerned with her career. Christina herself was dressed rather sedately in a light tan blouse with matching slacks. Several of her associates were sipping politely on glasses of water; the one to the right of her was admiring the curve of her thigh as it stretched across the opposite leg.

Christina's primary business manager gazed respectfully at her from across the table, one eyebrow twitching in nervous anticipation. "Well Christina," he began, "if you seriously intend on a live broadcast during New Year's Eve, you've only got a couple of days. Have you decided your guest list? Where will the program will take place? Any details at all?"

"Hmmph!" Christina snorted, and tossed her long blonde hair for emphasis, "I've been...busy. You know that!"

"You mean going out with Justin Timberlake behind Britney Spears' back?" her manager replied, giggling slightly. The others in attendance followed suit, laughing in short gasps under their breath.

"Hey, that's none of your fucking business, so stay out of it!" Christina shot back. The giggling was immediately replaced with an uncomfortable silence. "Actually, I've decided to have the event take place at my own home. Furthermore, I DO have a guest list!"

Taking a worn piece of paper from her pants pocket, she crinkled it up into a ball and threw it at her manager, "That's the fucking guest list. Damn, you all are so stuffy! Now make my special happen! I'm going shopping! This meeting is over!"

A scant two hours later, Britney Spears was practicing her moves in the living room of her recently purchased mansion before a shining, wall-sized mirror, when there was a knock at the door. She opened it to find a rather odd, stocky-looking chap in a red vest with matching slacks and a red cap upon his head.

"Singing telegram for Miss Britney Spears," he said.

"Oh boy! Is this from Justin?" she asked, giddy with excitement.

"Just listen," the boy replied.

"Christina Aguilera will soon be on TV,

She requests your special presence

Upon this New Year's Eve!

There'll be lots of fun and presents,

Christmas tree and all,

And I'd hate to have you miss it,

'Cuz we're going to have a ball!"

"So let me get this straight," Britney sighed, hands on her perfect hips. "SHE's inviting ME to a party?"

"Yes ma'am," the singing lad replied, passing her an envelope. "All the information is in there!"

With that, the odd-looking boy walked away.

"Well," Britney thought as she opened the envelope, "I suppose it would be fun to hang with my old pal Christina. Justin's out on tour, so it's either that or another lame MTV New Year's Eve bash. I really can't stand those sniveling twelve-year-old bitches anyway or that bozo Carson Daly getting sloshed and pawing me like last year."

Rubbing her crotch slightly, Britney retreated back into the echoing halls of her mansion to continue dancing, but her mind was filled with anticipation of an unforgettable New Year's Eve.

Christina appears on camera wearing a big smile and a pink teddy, which barely covers her bouncing breasts and tight ass.

"Welcome to my New Year's Pajama Party Special," she squeaks happily. "As you can see, I'm all ready for beddie-bye!"

She points to a battery-operated clock on the wall to her left.

"See? It's almost midnight! Only 30 minutes left to go! This is my house, isn't it wonderful? Come on, let me show you around!"

The camera pans left, across the white shag carpeting to a wet-bar, complete with four bar stools and two glass shelves stocked with a multitude of beverages.

"I had this put in special," Christina says to the camera. "It's for when my parents want to get drunk. I don't drink at ALLLL...teehee! Now over here..."

The camera swings mid-right, following Aguilera's long, lithe legs, until it is focused on the center of the room.

"... is my very favorite couch- see how puffy and long it is? The color is Marble-White, in case you're wondering. These round pillows on each side are in case there's a pillow fight! And look, above it, there's my wreath, still hanging from Christmas! Speaking of Christmas..."

The camera pans right and focuses on the rear corner of the room.

"... this is my Christmas tree! I haven't taken it down yet because it looks so pretty with the lights and ornaments and everything."

The door bell rings.

"Hmmm! I wonder who that could be?"

Christina puts her pinkie to her lips like the bad guy from Austin Powers. The blonde beauty opens the door for the stunning Britney Spears, who enters wearing a long overcoat.

"Oh, I must have my manservant take your coat," Christina cries. "Justin! Oh Justin!"

Justin Timberlake enters from an adjoining doorway.

"Honey!" Britney gasps. "What are YOU doing HERE? Aren't you supposed to be on tour?"

"I took the night off, babycakes," Justin replies as Britney unbuttons her coat to reveal a pair of tight pink bikini briefs and matching bra, which is losing the fight to contain her enormous assets.

"So why did you invite me to this party?" Britney asks, her hands traveling down the length of her body before coming to rest on her hips.

"Well, we go back a long way, so I can't lie to you," Christina purrs as she saunters up to Britney, breasts jutting out from her pink teddy until both girls are breast to breast and nose to nose. "The New Year is all about going 'in with the new'..."

Her hands ball up into fists.

"... and throwing out the old!"

With that, Christina lands a solid blow to Britney's midsection, doubling the singing sensation over. Grabbing the back of Britney's head, she follows up with a knee-lift to the face, snapping Britney's head back. Before Britney can react, Christina lifts her erect by her hair and delivers four more punches to her face, staggering Spears.

"Oh no, you're not falling over yet," Christina snarls as she grabs the front of Britney's bra to hold her up. "You've beat me lots of times, but tonight, I'm going to make sure that I destroy you!"

With that haughty declaration, Christina slams her knee deep into Britney's pussy.

"Ohhhhh," Britney groans.

Aguilera follows with an uppercut to the jaw, which sends Spears sprawling to the floor. As she lays spread-eagle on the carpet, breasts heaving, trying to recuperate, the doorbell rings once again.

"Oh!" Aguilera gasps in fake surprise to the TV camera. "Who's that at the door? Why ladies and gentlemen, it's Christina Applegate!"

Applegate enters wearing a black trench coat. Justin Timberlake is immediately attentive, stepping over Britney to relieve the guest of her coat. The 'Married With Children' star is wearing what can only be described as a white "micro-nightie." The practically see-through cloth caressing Applegate's free-borne breasts and erect nipples is hemmed just above the pelvic region to allow a peek of her bulging, thong-covered womanhood.

"Hi, Christina! Happy New Year!" Applegate cries.

"Same to you, Christina!" Aguilera replies. "This is soooo cool! Like, there are TWO Christina's in this room! What're the odds?"

"Yea," Applegate says. "And there's only ONE Britney. Do you need any help here?"

"Ohhhhh, yea, the bitch took me by surprise...," Britney moans.

"Not YOU, you stupid whore," Applegate snaps at the fallen singer, who is struggling to get to all fours. "I was talking to our hostess here. Can I have some fun too?"

"Help yourself," Aguilera says. "While you do that, I'll sing one of my favorite Pat Benetar songs! Hit Me With Your Best Shot..."

As Aguilera croons the 80's classic, Applegate picks Britney up by her hair. Looking about the room, she spies the bar stools.

"Ready for a ride, bitch?"

Tucking Spears' head under her left arm, she makes a mad dash to the wet bar, leaps in the air and bulldogs Britney's face onto the top of the nearest bar stool. The singer's good looks flatten on the wooden seat, the impact ricocheting her body backward. Britney lands at the foot of the bar writhing in agony and clutching her swollen nose.

"What? No blood yet?"

Applegate straddles Britney, lifts her by the front of her bra and begins drilling punches into her face. Britney's head snaps with each and every blow and a slight trickle of blood begins to run from her lower lip.

"Hey Aguilera," Applegate cries, releasing the bra and letting Spears drop "THUNK" to the carpet. "You want to help me with something?"

"Sure, Christina," Aguilera replies. "What?"

"Here. You take her hands and I'll take her feet. Let's see if we can hit the glass shelving unit behind the bar!"

"Wait a minute," Aguilera snaps. "That thing cost a lot of money!"

"Yea, I'm sure it did," Applegate replies with a grin. "But won't it be worth it to watch the bitch smack up against it?"

"You're right," Aguilera says with finality. "Let's do it!"

They bend over, pick Spears up and with a, "One! Two! Three!" fling her over the bar counter, where she hits the glass shelving unit breasts first. The glass shelves shatter, as do the bottles of alcohol they hold. Spears bounces off the wall and flops behind the bar out of the view of the TV camera.

"Oh!" Christina Aguilera says. "There's another guest! Justin, be a sweetheart and answer the door?"

Justin answers the door, a noticeable bulge in his black butler slacks.

"Alicia Silverstone and Katherine Heigl to see you, mistress!" Justin announces somberly.

"Oh, do be a dear and take their coats, won't you?"

"A pleasure," he replies and does as she asks.

Alicia is dressed in a short pink nightie made of the same see-through fabric as Christina Applegate's, her plump, yet firm, ass is covered by a pair of tight pink cotton undies. Katherine Heigl is attired in a skimpy white lace bra with matching lace-fringed, silk panties. Each girl carries a tin of fruitcake.

"These are for your party," Katherine tells Aguilera.

Meanwhile, Britney is clawing her way up from behind the bar counter, her body covered with small cuts from the broken glass. Her lower lip is swollen and split, the bridge of her nose is turning purple and her disheveled hair covers her eyes.

"Hey bitch!" Britney snarls, the fire having finally been lit beneath her. "Enough hiding behind your friends! I can still kick your ass!"

"You know what?" Aguilera says, taking the fruitcake tins and putting one under the tree. "I really don't like fruitcake."

She turns to the camera, "Do you?"

With a sudden movement, she flings the fruitcake tin at Spears, hitting her square in the face and knocking the young singer down behind the bar again.

"Is that Britney Spears?" Heigl asks. "Hey, I HATE that bitch!"

"Join the club," Applegate replies. "Wanna have a go at her?"

"You bet," Silverstone cries, running around behind the bar.

Grabbing Britney by both ankles, Silverstone drags the diva out to the center of the room, leaving broken pieces of glass in her wake.

"Hey Katherine, wanna make a wish?" Alicia grins.

"You bet!"

Silverstone and Heigl each grab a leg and slowly spread Spears as wide open as they can. Then, each with one of her legs between theirs, they slowly do a split until Britney's calves are pinned to the floor beneath the two girls' rock-hard pussys.

"Ahhhh, my legs!" Britney cries, massaging the straining tendons of her inner thighs as Silverstone and Heigl begin bouncing up and down to stretch her legs even closer to their breaking point.

"Uh-uh, no use of hands is allowed," Applegate scolds, shaking a long, manicured finger in the songstresses face.

Kneeling over Britney's head, Applegate pins Britney's arms to the floor, while Aguilera positions herself between Brit's outstretched legs.

"Justin's mine, you fucking whore," Aguilera snarls. "I'll make sure he can never use you again!"

To fulfill that angry promise, Aguilera raises her bare foot and stomps down on Spears' womanhood once; twice; and again before grinding her heel into her pubic mound.

Britney, pinned to the floor, can only squirm and groan while the pressure on her lower extremities is increased.
Suddenly...DING DONG!
"Oh boy!" Aguilera chirps, "more guests!"

"Honeypie," Justin calls out, "there's two Anna's to see you!"

Handing their coats to manservant Timberlake, Anna Paquin and Anna Kournikova enter the living room and stare happily at the sight before them. Kournikova is wearing a tight white teddy, while Paquin, conversely, is clad in a small black teddy.

"Oh wow," Alicia Silverstone exclaims as she continues grinding her pussy on Spears' pinned calf. "TWO Christina's and TWO Anna's! This is REALLY gettin' freaky!"

"So what's going on?" Anna Paquin asks as a crooked grin crosses her pixie face.

"We're destroying Britney Spears," Katherine Heigl replies. "Wanna join us?"

"Duh! You don't have to ask twice," Kournikova says in her broken English. "Keep her pinned there, will you?"

"No problem," Applegate exclaims, tightening her grip on Spears' wrists. "She ain't going nowhere."

Stomping once on Britney's pussy, "for luck" Kournikova says, the tennis sensation straddles her old nemesis, undoes Britney's bra strap, lifts the cups and clamps her hands on Spears' firm breasts. She squeezes with strength only real tennis players have, titflesh oozing from between her fingers as Britney howls in pain.

"Shut up bitch! Just shut up!" Aguilera cries and stomps Britney's pussy again.

"That won't do any good," Applegate sniffs. "You need to stifle her at the source!"

With a look of expectation, Christina Applegate spreads her thighs, scoots up to Spears' forehead and, with a sudden hop, drops a reverse face-sit on their hapless victim. Britney's cries are muffled by Applegate's luscious ass as Kournikova, facing the TV actress, continues to assault Britney's breasts.

"Well shit!" Anna Paquin snarls, "What can I do? I wanna help too!"

Just then, the front door opens.
"It's me, Jessica Simpson!" a voice calls out. "Can I come in?"

"Show her in Justin, will you?" Anna Paquin orders.

"Hey Paquin!" Christina Aguilera sneers. "Justy's MY slave, not yours! Get your own manservant! Take her coat, will you Justin?"

Jessica Simpson is revealed in a deep red teddy, which hugs her curvaceous body like a voracious lover. She stares at the center of the living room; there lies Britney Spears, spread-eagled and pinned, suffering a suffocating reverse face-sit from Christina Applegate and a dreadful breast mauling from Kournikova. Jessica turns to Anna Paquin.

"Have you had any fun yet?" she asks.

"No, I'm afraid not," Paquin replies pouting.

"Alright, let the bitch up," Simpson snaps. "Anna and I are gonna show ya how ta finish the slut for good!"

Slowly, the other guests stand up. Britney is gasping and gagging, her tight stomach jerking up and down, her proud breasts black, blue and jiggling from the exertion of just breathing.

"Anna, pick her up from behind," Jessica orders. Paquin does as she is told, clamping her arms around Spears just below her battered breasts. Britney's legs are useless after the extended stretching they've suffered. They dangle and drag limp beneath her.

"OK," Simpson says. "Come closer ...closer...closer... get her head upright with her face aligned to my tits...good. Now. What say you give me a hug, Anna? It's been such a long time!"

"Oh yes!"

Paquin complies and as the girls wrap their arms around one another they sandwich Britney's head in a double-breast smother. Spears' arms flail and flap at her sides, her legs kick and convulse as oxygen is stolen from her lungs once again.

"Ohhhh Anna!" Jessica groans, rubbing her breasts in Britney's face.

"Ohhhh Jessica!" Paquin cries, pressing herself to the back of Spears' head.

"OK, OK, you seem two are having way too much fun," Alicia Silverstone finally exclaims. "Let me and Kournikova have some too!"

"Be our guest," Simpson says.

Within seconds, Kournikova has replaced Simpson in front while Silverstone has taken Paquin's spot behind.

"Lift her up a little bit," Silverstone orders Kournikova. Anna complies, pulling her up until Britney's flushed face rests on Anna's shoulder.

"Are you ready for this? Double bear-hug!"

Immediately, Silverstone and Kournikova wrap their arms around each other and squeeze with all their might, crushing Spears between their firm bodies. Britney grunts and lets out a low gurgling sound and drool begins to run from her mouth and down Kournikova's shoulder.

"Harder!" Silverstone shouts. "Harder!"

Both girls squeeze with every ounce of their strength until the satisfying sound of cracking ribs is heard. Anna and Alicia each give one final burst of power, then allow their battered opponent to fall to the floor. Britney's body quivers with electric convulsions and her eyelids flutter, but she's not destroyed - yet. Taking her by the feet, Katherine Heigl drags Spears beneath the Christmas tree and leaves her there spread-eagled as she prepares for the final coup de grace.

"As the host of this party," Christina Aguilera declares, "it's my pleasure to say that, in two minutes, it'll be midnight and I intend to start the year off right!"

She walks to the tree and removes three shiny round ornaments, red, gold, and green. Standing over Britney, Aguilera places the gold and green ornaments over her eyes and the red one between the singer's lips. Leaping in the air, Christina lands ass first onto Britney's face, shattering the glass ornaments with her ass. Spreading her thighs wide, Aguilera grinds away on a forward face sit, heedless of the glass shards covering Britney's face and her own bottom. Rocking harder and harder, driving Spears' head into the carpet again and again with violent thrusting motions until, just as the clock strikes twelve, Aguilera explodes in an orgasm and cums on Britney's face to both cheers and applause from her guests.

Aguilera remains seated on Britney's upturned face for a minute more, savoring the moment of Spears' ultimate defeat. Then she arches her back, thrusts out her perky breasts, and asks the camera as it dollies in to frame her face in close-up, "Am I not a true goddess?"

The moment of glory is interrupted by Anna Paquin, however.

"Well, it's a new year," she states. "Isn't it time to take down the tree?"

"It most certainly is," Aguilera replies, carefully getting to a squat and finally standing and picking a few pieces of broken ornament from her ass cheeks. "We should take the tree down now, don't you think?"

The others cheer wildly as she takes the Christmas tree in both hands, rocks it to and fro, and sends in slamming down on top of Britney's body. The tree lands with a thud as Britney disappears beneath a pile of pine branches.

"Come on, we need to mash the tree down before the garbage men will pick it up."

Aguilera cries happily as she jumps up and drops ass-first on the tree. Simpson, Kournikova, Paquin, Heigl, Silverstone and Applegate all join in, hurling themselves on the tree and bouncing their asses up and down in unison, and crushing Spears beneath them.

Finally, Aguilera turns to the camera, flips her hair and puts her hands on her hips.

"Well," she says to the TV audience. "It looks like this is going to be a wonderful New Year! I hope it's as good for you as it will be for me! Justin!" she snaps her fingers. "Come here, boy!"

Justin appears from the left hand corner of the screen; his zipper down and his shirt-tail out. Aguilera plants a big kiss on his compliant lips and then, speaking to the camera again, screams, "Happy holiday to all my fans!"