Match #1: Booty Championship - Britney Spears vs. Jennifer Lopez by Freddy Roberts

The results of the most recent survey among all interested parties has revealed that a bit of an unlikely scenario is in the works. Challenger Britney Spears, the Pop Princess against reigning Booty Champ J-Lo. There is a great deal of bad blood between these two who have faced off in the past with J-Lo having two easy wins over Britney.

Britney has been photographed lately after the birth of her baby and it appears according to a New York Post front cover that she is in super shape. The photo shows her in leather shorts , boots and top. Lopez has retained her booty title with a stunning and decisive win over super ass model, Vida Guerra. Lopez stuffed the former Queen and totally humiliated her after Vida had beaten Jen twice. Britney has no love for Lopez and considers herself to be a better actress and performer.
Britney is only 24 years old compared to the older Lopez in fact, Britney just celebrated her 24th birthday two weeks ago. She has a great body and her ass is among the best around.

The rules for this match are:
Submission match.
Strip-match to nudity.
Ass spanking.
Anything goes.
Loser must submit to a 20 minute post match humiliation.
Pre-match beauty contest.

Both women are allowed to have corner assistants and Jen chooses Angelina Jolie...her lover, while Britney chooses Halle Berry. (Hmmmmm!?) The girls agreed on New York City as the location for the fight - Madison Square Garden in front of a special invited crowd of 10,000 fans. The fight is even being wagered on by the Internet site, “Bet On Sports dot com” which has J-Lo favored by slightly more than 2-1.

Judges for the pre-fight beauty contest are:
Pierce Brosnan
Sean Connery
Derek Jeter
Jason Kidd
Tom Cruise
Sean Penn

The girls have their lawyers complete the proper paperwork and these prizes are agreed on for the winner:

$500,000 dollars - both women put it in an escrow prior to the match.

The loser’s lover or boyfriend for a night of sex (Lopez and Spears both agree, but neithers boyfriend/husband has any idea both have a female lover too)

The winner must give the loser a rematch - if she wishes!

Finally, photos of the loser submitting to the winner will be sold to highest bidder with proceeds donated to charity.

It's on!!! Spears arrives to the pre-match with a long satin robe. She whispers to Halle that she’s confident this time, “I think I can really take the fat cow.” Jen arrives in a black satin robe. The ‘beauty contest’ will consist of seven areas, as usual: breasts, legs, tummy, face, ass, sexiness, overall shape. The ladies enter the ring and Lopez disrobes and is wearing a black micro-thong that barely covers her tits and enormous ass. Spears wears a red micro-thong; very sheer and it covers almost nothing.

Contest One...Breasts. J-Lo removes her top and displays her very ample tits to the judges. She has large brown nipples and cups her breasts for the judges. She gets out of the ring and walks up to Tom Cruise. He gently reaches for them and touches her tits. Katie Holmes, pregnant and in the crowd, rushes towards the ring and Cruise quickly sits down.
Jen walks back to the ring and watches Britney take off her top and shake her big milky white breasts. They are larger than Jen's, having been enhanced and her nipples stand up at attention as she cups them in her hands.

“Hey, Jen, THESE are tits! Ask Marc, he sucked them once.”

Jen rushes Britney and slaps her face. Britney kicks at Jen and they pull hair before the match begins. Jen calls Brit a whore and Brit calls Jen a slut as they are separated. The judges rule 4-2 for the winner - BRITNEY.

Contest Two. Legs. Both girls have great and powerful legs.. Judges rule..5-1 for the winner BRITNEY who LEADS 2-0.

Contest three. Midsection. Both girls have tight, taut, tummies and they parade in the ring showing their abs to the judges..
Judges rule…4-2 in favor of JENNIFER!

Contest Four. Facial beauty. Both girls have great smiles and beautiful faces. Judges rule...TIE…Spears leads 2-1-1.

Contest Five. Overall Sexiness. This one is close as the girls look at the judges and try to figure how they vote. Britney has slept with four of the judges and J-Lo, too. The judges decide..4-2 for the winner…SPEARS who leads 3-1-1.

Contest Six. Overall Shape. Jen needs this to stay in the contest. Britney goes first and walks around the ring. She bends over and spreads her legs for the judges and poses in a sexy pose with her legs up in the air. Jen goes next. She is topless and removes her bottom to displays her snatch to the judges. Britney is pissed. She did not do this and Jen has the judges full attention as her furry pussy is on display. She gently reaches for it and plays with her hairy pussy. Jen gets on all fours and shakes her million dollar ass at the judges. They see enough that Jen wins 6-0 and now trails by 3-2-1.

Last Contest. Ass. Jen has shown her ass and the judges approved. Her ass is firm and large. It is in great shape and Jen knows it as she walks around and shakes it. Britney, also known for her very photographed behind does a dance and shakes her sweet shaped ass for the judges. It is of no use for Brit, however, as Jen wins the ass contest 4-2. The final tally is a tie...Britney-3, Lopez-3, Tied-1

Now for the fight. The girls put on their bikini's and go to the corners. As this is happening. Halle Berry charges across the ring and sucker punches Angelina, knocking her out cold with a hidden object. Halle pulls her by her legs to her corner as the crowd is stunned. Angie did this to Halle at the last fight and this is payback.

On to the match…The girls are in their respective corners and they both look great. In a surprise move, one of the judges, Pierce Brosnan, goes up to the ring and whispers something to Britney. She smiles, kisses him and the match is about to begin. While Britney was distracted, Halle has pulled Angelina to the corner of her side of the ring and KO'd her with a single punch! Halle hog-ties Angelina and strips her, stuffing her panties in her mouth. Once the gorgeous Jolie is nude and hog-tied, Halle sits on her face to watch the fight.

The match begins as Britney and Jen circle each other as Jen curses her calling her a no talent pig. Britney tells Jen, “Maybe so, but I fucked Marc Anthony AND Ben Affleck. And by the way, I also screwed Jolie last night after Halle and I kidnapped her for two hours!”

“Bitch!!” Jen screams. “I wondered where she was last night! We were supposed to have dinner.”

“Well,” chuckled Britney. “I WAS her dinner, she ate me all night long, the big cunt-licker that she is!”

Jen is wild with this news. Little does Britney know Jen has also had a brief fling with Kevin Federline, her hubby. Jen arranged it last week and she and Kevin screwed all night at Jen's mansion. He and Jen did this knowing about the fight. Kevin wants to break up with Brit and was turned on by the Jen fuck session. He told her that she has a sweeter pussy than Britney.

Jen screams, “Hey, your little boyfriend had a taste of my sweet Latina snatch…and he LOVED it!”

“WHAT!!” Britney wails at Kevin. “Why you ungrateful prick; how could you do that?”

Kevin laughs and tells the audience he can’t wait to see his spoiled wife get her ass kicked. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are both in the crowd rooting for Brit to smack Ben’s former girlfriend’s ass.

The bout begins with Britney and J-Lo circling each other and looking for an advantage. They quickly trade vicious kicks. Jen connects with a side kick to Brit's waist and Brit connects with a shot to Jen's tight tummy. Bit and Jen grab hair. They pull hair viciously and trade punches to the face. Only glazing blows as Brit uppercuts Jen, rocking her a bit and Jen scratches Jen's face. Jen is hurt, but she grabs Brit's bikini top, yanking it and snapping it towards Brit.

This startles Brit and hurts her tits and she responds by catching Jen with a left hook to the nose. Jen responds with a kick to the ass of Brit and Brit kicks Jen in the knee hard, temporarily making Jen's knee buckle. Brit does it again as she sees Jen's leg hurt. Another kick to her knee has Jen reaching for it. Jen quickly escapes the kicks and goes for Brit's top again. She is able to pull Brit forward with this move and then punches her in the mouth. In return, Brit lands a punch to Jen's eye and then one to her tit.

The girls meet in the middle of the ring and Brit grabs Jen in a bearhug. Jen also squeezes Brit, pulling the blond close to her. In the double bearhug, the pressure is tremendous on both women and after a minute, Brit and Jen are forced to separate, but as they step back, each grabs the other's bra! Jen's flies open between the cups while Brit's parts in the back. Both bras fall to the ground leaving both women topless.

“Nice, fake jugs!” sneers Jen as she lunges and grabs Brit’s luscious tits.

Britney grabs Jen's shapely tits, pulling and twisting them. There, in the middle of the ring, the topless warriors face off in a tit squeezing contest.

Brit screams, “You big pig...I’ll pull your nips off. That's what you get for fucking Kevin!”

Jen says, “Eat shit, blondie! You had both Ben and Marc...good! I’ll beat your ass to a pulp and then give YOU a taste of my Latina butt.”

They continue to attack their opponents mammaries until Jen and Brit are both crying as the relentless tit torture continues. Brit squeezes Jen's breasts, pinching her nipples but in return her own brown nipples pulled, squeezed and tugged. But Britney has an advantage since when Jen pulls her tits her rounded nipples aren’t as pronounced as Jen's. Brit is able to hurt Jen's nipples and Jen lets out a cries as her hand slips off Brit's tits. Jen is forced to try and cover up while Brit maintains her grip, then kicks Jen in her weak knee.

Jen cries, “MY TITS, MY TITS....PLEASE, PLEASE…” but Brit keeps the pressure on and Jen's tits are being battered to a pulp. Jen tries to rally, but Brit will not let her go. “AHHHHH!” screams Jen as she falls to the canvas.

Jen slumps into the corner and tries to cover her tits, but Brit simply knees her to the face and Jen's lip is cut and bleeding profusely. Jen slips Brit's next kick and punches Brit directly in her pussy! Brit is stunned and her face goes pale when Jen reaches back and slams her fist deep into her hard belly, then Jen gets to her knees while Britney slumps to the canvas on her knees.

Both girls are hurt; Jen is bleeding and has sore tits while Brit's twat is throbbing and she’s had the wind knocked out of her. On their knees, the two women pull hair and SLAP. Brit pokes Jen in the eye and backslaps her! Jen's head spinning as Brit SLAPs her again. Jen's nose and lip are both bloody, but she keeps fighting, landing a straight right to Brit's bare tit that forces Britney to cover up with her shoulders hunched over.

Jen stands up straight while Brit is cowering and knees Brit in the face! Brit now is bleeding from the mouth, her lower lip is cut and after Jen unloads a right to her nose, and Brit's nose starts bleeding too! Both girls have bloody faces but Jen has the advantage with Britney on her knees. Jen stands over her and her assault continues as Brit collapses on her back from another shot to the head.

Jen tries to straddle Britney, but the blond reaches up and cunt punches Jen which stops her in her tracks as she slumps to her knees. Again, both are on their knees and that allows Brit to headbutt J-Lo’s head. Jen falls onto her back and Brit jumps on her chest, her ass on Jen’s face facing Jen's feet! She slams a punch down onto Jen's cunt, pulls her legs apart and hammers her fist again down on Jen's tormented twat.

Jen cries out, “My cunt, my cunt....stop, stop,, please...” Brit has Jen’s arms pinned under her legs and Jen is in major trouble as Brit keeps punching Jen's cunt. “AHHHHH, no, no!” yells Jen, her twat in agony.

Brit pulls J-Lo’s panties off and Jen suffers when Brit drives four fingers into her cunt and pinches her cunt lips. Jen cannot take this torture and as much as she wants to, she refuses to give.

“Give!! Give!” demands Brit as she continues to assault J-Lo’s pussy. “GIVE!!”

“No,” yells Jen. “No!”

Brit reaches into her cunt harder and with her ass raised, Jen manages to rise up and bite Brit’s leg. She screams as Jen bites hard and doesn’t let go! Brit has to get off Jen who is now nude. Brit is topless as she stands up to check her bite mark…it is deep and bleeding. Jen stands up, nude and hobbling in pain. The girls again punch each other and pull hair. Jen hauls off and nails Brit with an uppercut, then as she’s reeling from that, J-Lo knees her in her pussy.

”AHHHHH!” screams Brit as Jen’s vicious knee doubles her over, then Brit sprawls on the canvas on her tummy.

“Big bad Brit!” laughs Jen. “Let's get rid of this bottom!”

She unties Britney’s thong and pulls it off, Brit leaving her nude, her ass exposed to the crowd. Brit is hurt as Jen straddles her shoulders, pinning her arms. Jen reaches down between Brit's legs and wedges three fingers in her ass...working them in and out while Brit cries. Jen also pulls handfuls of pubic hair…just for the fun of it!

Brit cries, “Oh, pussy…my ass....stop it, stop it...”


Brit is in agony as Jen probes her pussy and viciously rakes her hands over her pussy. Brit is getting her twat and asshole attacked and her arms are pinned. Brit cries, tears streaming down her ruddy, flushed face. Britney is in pain as Jen works her booty and twat as she rides her shoulders, grinding her nude ass on Brit's face and neck. Brit screams, begging Jen to let her up but Jen continues to squeeze her labia and finger her asshole, demanding her submission.

“Tough luck, Brit, your ass is mine,” yells J-Lo.

Jen is in control as Brit tries to wiggle out. Jen goes down to bite Britney's ass, but Brit somehow gets a foot up and catches J-Lo in the forehead with a hard kick. Jen is hurt and the kick knocks her off to the side where Jen lays holding her head, on her back, writhing in pain.

Britney straddles Jen’s belly and pins her arms under her knees. “So, Ms. Fat Ass Lopez, the tide has turned,” Britney laughs as she moves forward and plants her cunt on Jen's face. She turns around to face sit Jen and as Brit's ass covers her face, Jen tries to turn her head, but Brit knees her in the head leaving Jen woozy. Brit sits on Jen's face and wiggles her ass on her face. She is controlling Jen's arms and orders Jen to give up.

“No,” huffs the out-of-breath brunette.

Brit suffocates her. Jen is under her ass and bites Brit's ass,. Brit screams as the bite is deep. Jen doesn’t release her bite and it is a hard one that makes Brit sit up. Brit has to get off Jen's face and she is smarting from the bite to her ass. Jen is still laying on her back on the canvas as Brit stands over her. Had enough Jen, or do I need to kick your fat ass some more. Jen is still woozy from the long face sit but kicks out at Britney. The kick misses and Brit again dives on Jen and knees her in the pussy.

Jen yelps aloud and is in great pain, writhing on the mat while the judges lean over and whisper to each other. Pierce Brosnan tells Derek Jeter it looks like a major upset is about to happen, but Derek says he still has hopes for the ‘Bronx Bombshell’. As Jen stares up into the arena lights, Britney again knees her to the groin. Jen has tears in her eyes as Brit straddles her chest and pummels her face with lefts and rights. The bare knuckle punches are vicious and Jen is hit by at least 10 straight to the face with no response.

Jen tries to turn her head, but her face is now a bloody mess and the last bare knuckle punch has opened a laceration on Jen's forehead. Her lips are bleeding and swollen, her nose is possibly broken and bleeding and both eyes are black and blue and swollen almost closed….yet, she has not given up! Brit backhand slaps her and calls her a whore.

Jen’s face is wide open to slap after slap, but she still does not submit.

“Give up…” yells Britney. “…or I’ll keep pummeling your face in.”

Jen turns her head to the side as Britney goes for the submission hold with Jen almost unconscious and extremely groggy. She facesits Jen and pins her arms, then reaches down and pulls up Jen's legs up, trapping her in a matchbox hold. Jen's feet are folded back almost to her head as Brit pulls her forward and sits on the back of her legs leaving Jen's ass exposed. Brit has her completely helpless.

“Give now, bitch!” screams Brit.

“No,” moans Jen.

Brit then has Jen folded and then with Jen's body in this position, Brit forces three or four fingers in the great Lopez ass.

“Well, my face may have missed your Latina Ass,” Britney laughs. “But my fingers will enjoy it!”

“No…please…” begs Jen. “P…please, NO!” she whimpers as the pain increases. Jen can’t move her legs and her arms are pinned. She’s completely at Brit’s mercy now.

“Give yet?” yells Brit. “Give!!” Jen is in unbelievable torture as Brit bends her back even further then calls out to Angelina Jolie who is laying groggy in the corner. “See your lover now?” yells Brit. Since Jen can’t move and won’t quit, Brit keeps up the anal torture.

Finally and almost without notice, Jen’s hand begins to beat a steady tattoo on the mat and she moans, “I GIVE!!!”

Brit releases her and jumps into the air screaming, “YEA!! I AM the booty champ! YEAH!”

Jen’s limp legs slowly unfold and collapse flat on the canvas. She lays spread-eagled as the stunned audience watches. They cannot believe Britney Spears - The Pop Princess - has beaten the Queen of Booties!

Brit now says, “Hmmmmm, now I have time to really whip your ass.”

This is the bonus post-match time for Britney. She’s thoroughly beaten Jennifer Lopez and had the nude J-Lo helpless in the middle of the ring. Brit kicks her over onto her tummy, then proceeds to SPANK Jen's fabulous ass until it’s bright red. The open handed SMACK is heard all the way back in the last rows of the arena. Jen is humiliated beyond belief as her million dollar ass, which has facesat the best of them, now is being SPANKed red by bitchy Britney Spears.

Not content with spanking, Brit next bends down and bites Jen’s ass and she yelps in pain, pleading, “STOP! Stop…my ass… please…”

Brit feels some sympathy for the fallen queen, but she knows she has a job to do - her subjects expect certain things from their “Ass Queen” after all.

“Now Lopez, I’d like some pleasure. I’ll lay on the canvas and I want you to lick my tits, then go down on my pussy. Do it, bitch!!!!”

Brit lays down and spreads her legs, her hands clasped behind her head. Jen crawls over to her and gently kisses her on the lips. This is a bonus; Brit hadn’t asked for this! She then massages Britney's round, sweet breasts and licks her nipples and sucks them. Brit enjoys this. Jen then kisses her tummy and goes slowly to her pussy. Jen then caresses her twat and begins to lick her pussy as she plays with her tits. Brit is starting to enjoy this and grinds her twat into Jen's face. Jen continues to eat her and Britney climaxes, juices flowing into Jen's face, making it wet. Jen finishes and Brit pats her on the head, telling her she’s a great licker and lover.

“No wonder Angie is so crazy about you. You not only have an unreal ass, you’re very sexy. I’m sorry it had to end this way.”

Jen, her head bowed, puts on her robe and leaves the ring in tears. But Britney calls her back to the ring and as they exchange a long passionate kiss, Jen is getting excited.

Brit says, “Take off your robe!” Jen lets it drop to the floor and they hug tightly. Brit caresses Jen's ass softly as they kiss. Britney whispers, “Do you have some time?”

“You bet I do!!” says Jen.

They walk together to the locker room and close the door, locking Angelina out - as well as Halle! They look at each other, hold hands and leave the arena together. The following week, stories hit the tabloids after a reporter spotted Jen and Britney on an island in the Caribbean. There’s a photo showing Jen nude on the beach with Britney pouring lotion on her lower back and rubbing it on her ass cheeks.
Match #2: Britney Spears vs. Vida Guerra by Freddy Roberts

The much awaited booty title match between former champion Vida Guerra and current champ Britney Spears has at last been signed. The match will be in Los Angeles at the palatial estate of Supermodel Cindy Crawford who has a great picture layout in the current MAXIM and is being touted as a possible contender for the booty title herself! Not only is Cindy hosting the fight, she will also referee the bout!

The rules are as follows:
A pre-match contest which will be judged;
Followed by a no holds barred strip match...loser must be nude;
Face sit NOT required during regular match;
Ass spanking IS required;
Winner has the option of a post-match twenty minutes humiliation period;
Loser must submit, pins and KO’s will NOT count;
Outfits chosen by contestants;
Loser pays the winner $125,000;
Finally, the winners facesit photos will be posted on the Internet with the site password sold by a lottery!

Attendance is for invited guests only - all in the entertainment field and all wish to be anonymous. The match will be videotaped and recorded then given to the winner. Invited guests are seated around the ring in the Cindy’s basement. As they enter, Spears is accompanied by her lover, Jennifer Lopez. The two have been lovers ever since J-Lo lost the title to her and become Britney’s lover. Kevin Federline is in the audience with Marc Anthony although neither are aware of the romance.

Vida is accompanied by her longtime lover, Halle Berry. Halle hates both Britney and Jen and Halle, widely known to be bi-sexual, also has a boyfriend in attendance as Derek Jeter is also at ringside.

The girls arrive and make their may toward the ring for the pre-fight beauty contest. Britney struts in wearing dungarees and a see-thru tee-shirt, her nipples poking through the shirt and her sheer bra. Vida wears a short skirt that is low-cut and so short you can see the bottom of her ass!

Britney calls Vida a ‘Spanish Slut’ and Vida answers by calling Brit ‘a pig.’

The beauty contest will be judged on tits, ass, legs, overall shape, face, belly and sexiness.

The judges are:
Pam Grier,
Barbara Eden,
Victoria Principal,
Janet Jackson,
Heidi Klum.

Contest One: Tits. Britney pulls off her t-shirt and has on a sheer pink bra. She walks around and goes by the judges table. You would love to suck on these, hey Janet. Janet looks at her. They are former rivals. Her chest is very nice and boobs fill the bra. May I check them out, asks Heidi and she proceeds to feel them. Vida drops her gown straps and has no bra on. Her jugs are very shapely with large brown pointy nipples. Vida loses...Britney ahead 1-0.

Contest Two: Legs. Britney wins with sexy legs as she removes her jeans and has on lace panties. Vida has shapely legs that are muscular but still Britney wins and goes up 2-0.

Contest Three: Face. It’s no contest, Britney wins to go ahead 3-0! She’s all smiles since one more win will clinch it for her.

Contest Four: Belly. Britney has a tight belly and firm midsection as they pass the judges. But Vida, with her very tight belly wins and cuts Britney’s lead down to 3-1.

Contest Five: Ass. Both girls have fabulous asses! Vida squats and displays a very tight ass that is very shapely. Brit's is firm and shapely too, but Vida wins this and now Brit leads by just 3-2.

Contest Six: Overall shape. Vida wins again and Britney is no longer smiling as the contest is tied 3-3! Britney is pissed and she curses Vida again as Vida removes her gown. She will finish this in a black thong only...topless. Britney is still wearing her pink bra and pink lacy panties.

Contest Seven: The final contest area, Sexiness. Vida wins this one by a vote of 3-2 after Janet Jackson, the deciding vote, announces her decision by calling Britney a “whore” and a “slutty pig”. Vida wins the beauty contest by 4-3.

Britney is so pissed as she charges Vida and grabs her tits. Britney is known as a dirty fighter, but Vida is a former champ and great fighter too. The girls swear at each other as they meet and pull hair in the center of the ring. Vida wants to get Brit to make a mistake early so she kicks her in the gut. Brit responds with a kick to Vida's thigh after which Vida scampers to the side and ducks under the rope, leaving the ring. She calls to Kevin Federline, Brit's hubby, and asks for a “time out.” Referee Crawford calls time and Brit looks at her, wondering what is going on?

Kevin gets to the ring and Vida and Kevin share a long passionate kiss in front of Britney whose face is bright red as Kevin feels up Vida's ass in front of her. Kevin asks for the microphone and then announces that he is leaving Brit after having a baby with her, then he also reveals he and Vida have had an affair. Derek and Halle look at each other and shake their heads in disbelief. J-Lo sees how pissed Brit is but she can’t do anything about it. Brit goes over to Jen and hugs her, then for spite she runs her hand down over Brit's ass and feels it up in front of the crowd. What a night this will be as Kev, a real slime ball returns to his seat.

“Bring it on bitch!” yells Vida.

Brit charges her only to be met by a foot to the belly and a punch that lands on her chin. Brit is stunned and backs up and Vida is the aggressor. Several hard body punches and Brit is in early danger. Topless Vida 's boobs are jiggling as she lands more hard body blows to Brit's kidney’s and belly. Brit tries to cover up in the corner, but Vida pursues her and lands a solid kick to Brit's pussy area.

“AHHHH! AHHHH!” screams Brit who is in early difficulty as Vida wants to get her badly.

Brit calls her a cunt and curses her again as Vida pulls her around the ring by her hair. She slaps her in the face. Brit has not thrown a punch for several minutes as Vida uncorks a great hook and is nailed by it and falls to one knee. This is all very fast as Vida knees Brit to the face and Brit is almost KO'd by the knee.

“Fuck her up!” yells Halle and Kevin as Jen looks on.

Brit falls on her back as Vida stands over her and drops her knee to Brit's face again and again. Another knee to the face starts Brit's nose bleeding. Her lip will need stitches as it too is bleeding badly and her left eye is almost closed from these knee shots to the face.

Vida is in total control as she pulls Brit up by her bra and unsnaps it, unleashing Brit's jugs which are finally exposed. The round, fleshy orbs with protruding hard nips are greeted by cheers from the audience. Brit tries to cover them with her hands, so Vida kicks her in the cunt, then knees her in the groin. Brit's arms drop as she crumples spread-eagled on the canvas, slowly rolling from side to side, hands clutching her battered pussy.

Britney’s firm young titties are very nice and Vida looks at them hungrily as she plans her next attack. Vida straddles her across her bare chest and tells Britney, “Curse ME out, you little shit? Now I’m going to totally fuck you up!”

Vida pins Brit's arms under her legs, grabs her breasts and smashes them together, then begins to SLAP her tits back and forth, grunting with each cuffing blow. Finally, she pinches her nipples, hauling up as she stretches them until Britney’s back arches off the mat.

Unable to take the pain, Brit cries, “Please stop…my titties, please...”

But Vida continues her assault on Brit's tits and squeezes them viciously. Brit cries “STOP!” but doesn’t submit when Cindy asks, so her tits continue to be pounded by Vida; her nipples stretched and pulled. Vida sees the tears in Britney’s eyes; tears and pain. Vida again demands a submission as she punches Brit's face and slaps her over and over.

“Give up, yet, bitch?”

Brit does NOT give up but her face is a total bloody mess. Vida pulls off Brit's bottom and shows her snatch to the crowd.

“Nice twat!” yells Halle as Britney's golden haired pussy is exposed.

Vida is seated on Britney’s chest with Brit trying in vain to free her arms when, in a surprise move, J-Lo charges into the ring and punches Vida in the head, knocking her off of Britney. Referee Cindy Crawford grabs Jen and holds her arms as Halle Berry comes in and cold cocks J-Lo with a vicious uppercut. Crawford and Berry pull her to one side while Vida gets up.

“Get off me bitches!” screams Jen. Security guards come to the ring and drag her away, still cursing Berry about the sucker punch and vowing to kick her ass. “Your face will be under my ass!” Jen threatens as she is forced to leave her lover in the ring.

Vida gets back on the bleeding and woozy Spears who is in rough shape. Vida still needs to make her submit, so she knees her to the head again, then stands over her and removes her thong.

“Here it comes, Brit…my sweet LATIN ASS on your lily white face!”

Vida squats down and Brit's face is covered by her enormous, tight ass. Her nose and mouth consumed by Vida’s ass; her screams muffled by the powerful cheeks. Vida pulls out some cunt hair and Brit can do nothing.

“Give yet?” Vida asks as she lifts her ass.

Brit does not give up, so Vida twists and grinds her ass on Brit's face over and over. Then her pussy grinds into Brit's face as she plants her pussy on Brit's nose and works her clit on it to excite herself. Brit can’t breathe as Vida increases the action and her ass covers Brit's face completely.

Vida lifts her ass and again asks Brit, “Give or my ass will suffocate you into tomorrow.”

Brit can’t move, her arms are pinned as Vida wiggles her ass into her face over and over. Brit struggles to free her arms, but can't as she is tortured by Vida's muscular and very well-developed ass. There is a famous photograph of this moment as the cameras flash.

Vida lifts her booty again and asks Brit if she submits and this time Brit screams, “YES! Yes…yes…please, I give…please get off my face…”

Vida has done it! She’s regained her booty title. The stripped and beaten Spears has submitted! Vida stands and poses for the cameras with Brit spread out on her back with Vida’s foot on her naked breasts, unable to move.

Vida orders Brit to get on her tummy as she is going to get her ass spanked. Brit can do nothing, just slowly rolls over on her belly and lays with her sweet milky white wide ass exposed to the crowd.

Halle asks Vida, “Please, may I have the honor of spanking the little spoiled bitch?”

They ask Cindy Crawford if it’s OK and she shrugs, “What the hell do I care, sure!”

As Halle, wearing a sleek white bikini enters the ring, Cindy has the security guards bring back J-Lo who has her hands cuffed behind her. They sit her at ringside with security flanking her and force Jen to watch her lover Britney endure the post match humiliation as Halle looks at the prone Britney, spits on her and sits on her back facing her nude ass.

“You do have a nice ass, Brit,” Halle says as she raises her arm to being spanking.

The CRAACK echoes in the basement as first her left cheek, then WHAACK her right cheek gets its turn! Halle switches back and forth, spanking until both of Britney’s hemispheres are not just bright red, but bouncing and dancing wildly as her muscles contract, jerking and twitching uncontrollably as Halle Berry batters Britney’s butt into a submission of her own! As Halle gives her ass the last few SMACKs Britney is sobbing out loud.

When Halle gets off her, Vida comes in to finish off. She looks down at the beaten Spears and curses her, “Well, Ms. Britney, as promised, your sweet little milky ass is mine and I’m going to fuck it up.”

Vida kneels at Brit’s feet, forces her legs to spread open and then SMACK, spanks her ass some more. Britney is totally humiliated as Vida’s open hand cracks her ass. Vida spanks her forehand….and backhand…and two-handed! She gets a belt from Halle and SLASH, whips her ass with that. Britney begins screaming as welts appear on her well-known for being ‘flawless’ ass.

“You may have whipped J-Lo,” Vida proclaims. “But YOUR booty is gonna be sore for a long, long, time!”

Red welts cover her ass as Britney continues to cry and beg for mercy. “Please stop…please…OH, my ass…please.’

“Not such a big shot now!” Vida snickers as Brit's ass is tortured.

“Please stop!!!” J-Lo watches in helpless agony as her lover is being beaten to a pulp. She screams at Vida, “Your face will be under MY ass soon because of what you’re doing to Britney.”

Vida just laughs while Halle goes over to the handcuffed Lopez and SLAPS her. “Shut up fat ass!! Your big ass is a loser!”

Vida says, “I'm hungry,” and proceeds to bend over and CHEW on Brit's sore ass. Her teeth dig in deep and Brit screams even louder. “My ass! I beg you…STOP! My ass! Please….”

Vida stops biting and tells Britney to get on her back. Brit quickly rolls onto her back and Vida wedges her legs apart and kneels over her pussy. “Well, Brit, now you’ll feel a nice dildo in your sorry pussy...”


Vida gets a long black dildo and slides it, with surprising ease, deep into Britney's opening. She puts it in slowly, then pulls it out slowly. Vida clearly wants to force Brit to climax in front of the crowd. Again she slides it in, then slides it back out. Brit rolls her eyes and bites her lower lip. Again, Vida gently pushes it in about 9 inches, then pumps it slowly in and out. Vida repeats it over and over until…Brit arches her back and screams in ecstasy as she comes!

“Aahhhhh….ahhhh….oh Gawd…it feels so good!” Britney sighs. She has come all over the dildo in front of Cindy’s appreciative guests! The wet dildo is withdrawn and Britney is told to lick it off…further humiliation from Vida.

“You have a very nice ass, Brit, but you need a lesson...” Vida hisses as she forces Britney to all fours with her ass in the air, then drives the slick, wet dildo deep in her ass.

“Oh no!!! NO!!” screams Brit as the thick, wet dildo enters her asshole to the hilt, slamming her breasts down on the canvas as her ass is pushed up by the force of Vida‘s thrust! Brit’s red ass is still sore as Vida hammers it all the way in, then pounds away until Brit can’t take any more and passes out.