Britney Spears vs. Madonna (Part One) by Bob

Britney was still all abuzz from the tongue-lashing should have received from Madonna during the MTV Video Music Awards show. The young and sexy blonde went looking for Madonna and finally found her when she passed a dressing room and heard a lot of moaning. Hoping the moaning was coming from Madonna - and curious to know what was going on if it wasn't -Britney opened the door and was surprised to see Christina Aguilera and Madonna lying on a couch with their tongues in each other's mouths.

The two pop stars stopped what they were doing and separated. Madonna looked at Christina and sarcastically asked, "Did you invite her to join us?"

Christina shook her head and replied, "Hell no! Why would I invite HER?"

Madonna shrugged and said, "Beats me!"

Still oblivious to the fact she wasn't wanted, Britney offered, "How 'bout if we have a little threesome?"

Madonna made a face and said, "All we're doing is swapping spit. Notice we're still wearing clothes? And I don't think three can trade tongue at the same time anyway. No offense, but you weren't very good at it, in fact you sucked! No wonder that Justin guy dumped you!"

Britney started to cry and pouted at Madonna as she stamped her foot, "I thought we were friends."

Madonna laughed, looked at Christina, leaned over and opened her mouth. Christina immediately took the hint and opened hers as well and Madonna quickly moved in, pushing her tongue into Christina's mouth.

Still crying, Britney said to herself, "I can't believe this is happening."

When Madonna and Christina finished with their lip lock, Madonna looked up and asked Britney, "Why are you still here?"

"How can you be so cold and callous?" the upset blonde whined.

Madonna laughed as she ran her hand up the inside of Christina's thigh and purred, "Do YOU think I'm cold and callous?"

Christina laughed and said, "Not really." Then she glared at Britney and snapped, "Now get lost. Remember, two is company and three's a crowd."

Britney wanted to slap Christina, but was afraid that Madonna would interfere and the two divas would then gang up on her. Finally she said, "You want me to leave, fine, I'll leave. But before I leave I want to show you something Christina." She walked over to the black-haired diva and planted a big kiss on Christina. When Christina accidentally opened her mouth, Britney slipped her tongue in it. She held the kiss for several seconds and then turned and started to walk out.

Madonna saw the look in Christina's eyes and realized that the blonde's kiss had made quite an impression on her young friend. She tried to get Christina's attention, but the black-haired beauty was in a trance.

As Britney reached the door, she turned and as she looked back, she realized her kiss had made more of an impression on the sexy young diva than she'd realized..

"What about me?" Madonna asked.

Britney laughed, turned and exited the dressing room. She had taken a couple of steps when she felt her head being yanked back. Madonna had grabbed her hair and pulled it, snapping her head back. Britney immediately reached behind her and grabbed Madonna's hair with both hands. She quickly yanked the brown-haired pop star's head forwards. The two held on to each other's hair tightly. Madonna was unable to pull Britney's head backwards and Britney was unable to pull her opponent's head forwards. As the two divas struggled to gain the advantage, Madonna said, "Give up and give me the same kind of kiss you gave Christina or I'll make you suffer."

"Doubtful!" said Britney. "I know I'm hurting you more than you're hurting me, so I'm not giving up and I'm not giving you a kiss. You had your chance."

Madonna drove her knee into Britney's shapely derriere and said, "Then I'm going to make you suffer."

Still holding Britney's blonde locks, Madonna gave the blonde another hard knee to the rump. Britney screamed and let go of Madonna's hair. With the brown-haired superstar now holding an advantage over the young blonde, she let go of Britney's hair and wrapped her arms around Britney's throat. She then started squeezing tightly.

The young blonde knew that Madonna was very muscular and strong, but was not about to concede defeat. She grabbed Madonna's wrists and tried to pull then away from her throat. While pulling, Britney lowered her head and bit Madonna's left arm and Madonna screamed, "No biting."

Britney quickly followed, biting Madonna's right arm. Madonna again screamed and said, "I said no biting." She then drove her knee into Britney's ass again.

Grabbing Madonna's hair again, the blonde beauty leaned backwards. The move caught Madonna by surprise and the two of them quickly tumbled to the floor. As Madonna's head hit the hard floor, she felt the impact of Britney's head hitting her face. The brunette couldn't believe the way Britney had taken her down. While she sensed she wasn't bleeding, her entire face burned from the force at which Britney's head had hit her face. Although Madonna wanted to continue choking her foe, she had released her hold as soon as Britney's head hit her face. Despite being a little dazed, the blonde was a natural fighter and had great instincts. She immediately turned, and started throwing a barrage of punches, landing lefts and rights to Madonna's face. When Madonna moved her arms so that she could cover her face, the blonde showed her fight prowess and began banging lefts and rights against Madonna's ribs. The brown-haired superstar was being taken apart by the young blonde and although she was stronger than Britney, Britney was definitely giving her a lesson.

After taking quite a few punches to the ribs, Madonna was suddenly having trouble breathing. She now had to protect her injured ribs. As she uncovered her face and put her hands at her sides, the blonde resumed her assault on Madonna's face, which was starting to show the wear and tear of her ferocious punches. Britney landed punch after punch to Madonna's face. The brown-haired strong girl was in a lot of trouble. Her entire face hurt. She wanted to look in the mirror and see how many bruises Britney had inflicted on her. While Madonna was curious to know what her face looked like, she was afraid to look in the mirror. She thought about quitting, but hoped that her young foe would make a mistake.

As the blonde continued to land punch after punch, Madonna finally managed to roll over. Although Britney was still in the dominant position, at least the blonde would be unable to massage her face with lefts and rights. Britney sat on the small of her foe's back and waited for Madonna to try to get to her knees. When Madonna didn't move, Britney brought her hand down and gave Madonna a hard slap to the ass.

Finally Madonna tried to get to her knees. Britney stood up, wrapped her arm around Madonna's throat, and violently threw her backwards. As soon as Madonna's back hit the floor, the young blonde was all over her, once again, throwing punches to Madonna's face. Madonna tried to turn on her stomach again, but was unable to. After taking a terrible pounding, the brunette finally cried, "I quit."

Britney stopped throwing punches. She quickly moved up on Madonna's chest and started bouncing up and down on the bitch's breasts. "I said I give up," Madonna cried.

"Sorry, but that doesn't mean anything to me," Britney replied as she continued to bounce on Madonna's breasts. "You humiliated me and now it's my turn for a little revenge."

"Get off me or I'll beat the shit out of you, you blonde bitch."

Britney laughed and said, "Like you just beat the shit out of me now. I didn't attack you from behind, you attacked me and I kicked the shit out of you."

Madonna tried to spit at Britney, but she was unsuccessful, as her spit wound up falling short of its mark and hit her in the face. Britney gave her a hard slap and said, "I thought you were tough, but you're a pussy." She then moved off Madonna's tits, reached out, grabbed the brunette's tits and started squeezing.

Once again, Madonna squealed, "I give up!" but still Britney kept twisting. "Get the hell offa me!" Madonna pleaded.

"I'd get off you if you gave up. But somehow I doubt it," Britney said. "You want me to get off and I will. But first, you agree to a few of my terms of surrender. Number one, you be my slave whenever we are together. If you agree to be my slave, I might even give you some tongue. Do you agree?"

Realizing she had no choice, Madonna reluctantly said, "All right, I'll be your slave. Now get the hell off me."

Britney ran her fingers through her blonde hair and said, "No way, I said conditions. I've only given you a condition. Number two, when I get up, you take off all your clothes."

Madonna smiled, thinking she and Britney were going to have some sex. "Agreed!' said Madonna.

Britney got off her foe and said, "All right, Slave girl, take off all your clothes."

Despite what Britney had told her, Madonna was sure they were going to have sex and smiled as she started removing her clothes.

The blonde then turned to Christina, who had been captivated by the whole experience. "Do you want more tongue?"

Acting like a young school girl that was being asked out for the first time, Christina awkwardly shook her head. "Good," said the blonde beauty. "If you want some more then I want you to take off your clothes."

Christina quickly got up and started removing her clothes. Once both divas were totally naked, Britney said, "All right, now both of you come here."

The two naked divas obeyed Britney's orders, anticipating the blonde would reward them for their quick compliance. As soon as both nude divas joined the blonde, she grabbed each of them by their hair and yanked their heads forwards.

"What are you doing?" Christina asked.

Britney grinned and said, "I've got something both of you want badly, badly enough that you're willing to be my slaves, or as they say in prison, my bitches." She then started pulling her two bitches to the door. "We're going back on stage." Looking at Madonna, she said, "You gave them a show they'll never forget. Well I plan to give them a show that will make them forget what you gave them."
Part Two: The Rematch by Bob

It had been a month since Britney had beaten the hell of Madonna. The now blonde-haired ageless wonder had been waiting on Britney hand and foot in hopes of getting some sex, some tongue, anything. However, Britney had given her nothing and Madonna was sexually frustrated. Finally she approached the younger blonde, while she was relaxing in bed and said, "I've waited on you, done everything you've asked, and got nothing to show for it. When do you reward me?"

The young blonde sat up and said, "I never promised you would get anything."

"You implied it Britney," Madonna answered.

"Bull, I never implied anything. You attacked me, I kicked your butt, you gave, and agreed to be my bitch. I said I might give it to you, but you hurt me when you threw me out of the dressing room and I'm giving you a little payback."

"I can give you real payback, Brit, all you have to do it take off your clothes and let me hop in the sack with you."

"Sorry, but you're not my type," Britney chirped.

Madonna's face turned beet red. "Listen here you little tramp, I'm everyone's type. I've had more men and women in one month than you'll ever have and no one has ever been dissatisfied."

"Hey Babe, there's always a first."

Madonna smirked and said, "Suppose I tell you that Justin said I was the best he ever had!"

Slightly agitated by the comment, Britney said, "I'd say that Justin is a moron, but I knew that when he dumped me."

Once again Madonna smirked. "Did you ever wonder why he dumped you? He did it for me."

Suddenly Britney's eyes opened widely. She ripped off her covers, hopped out of bed and flew across the room. At the last second, Madonna threw her right leg up and planted her right foot in Britney's chest. The stunned blonde flew backwards, landing on her bed. Madonna laughed as she looked down at the stunned blonde. "I think you're going to find out that you won our last fight because you had a big advantage; I wanted you and was thinking more about sex with you than kicking your ass. If I was concentrating on the fight I would have beat the shit out of you. Well, this time I'm not going to have anything on my mind when we fight except giving you one hellacious ass kicking."

The dazed blonde continued to lie on her bed. When she didn't move, Madonna cautiously walked to the blonde's bed. She reached down and grabbed the young blonde by her hair. She then lifted her foe off her bed and delivered a hard right to Britney's chin. Britney screamed as she fell backwards, once again landing on her bed. Sensing the blonde was almost finished Madonna flew towards the blonde's bed. As she got near to her pray, the blonde threw her legs up and kicked Madonna in the stomach. The older celebrity grimaced and backed up two steps. However, she recovered before the blonde could get out of bed and went after her foe again. Once again the young blonde threw her legs out. However, this time the young starlet wrapped her legs around Madonna's neck and started to squeeze. "Give up before I break your damn neck," the young blonde commanded.

Much to her surprise, the muscular brunette grabbed her legs, and lifted the blonde off her bed. Despite the fact Britney's legs were still wrapped around Madonna's neck, the older celebrity was still in control. Britney squeezed as hard as she could, trying to make sure that her opponent didn't drop her. However, her worst fears were soon to become a reality as Madonna arched her back and smashed the blonde against the floor. Britney screamed and released her hold. Once again the young blonde was dazed. Madonna quickly pounced on her barely conscious foe, landing hard on the young blonde's tits. The young blonde screamed one more time as she could feel the air leaving her body.

"So, whose neck are you going to break? How about if I rip those large melons off your body?" The muscular brunette than slammed her fist into Britney's left eye, causing it to immediately close shut. "Girl, when I get done with you, you're going to wish you had given me sex."

Despite being dazed, Britney thought about Madonna's words and thought maybe she could get the buff brunette off her. For a second she contemplated agreeing to sex, however, despite the fact that she had taken a beating she decided to continue to try and defeat her foe. Reaching up, she grabbed Madonna's throat and started to squeeze. Madonna laughed in a maniacal way and then gave Britney another hard punch, this one landing on the blonde's nose. Despite being hurt badly by the punch, Britney was going to fight through the pain to the best of her ability and continued to choke her foe.

Being very sadistic, Madonna trying to lull the young blonde into a false sense of security, the tough and sadistic brunette started gagging. Not realizing that her opponent was playing possum, the game blonde could feel the surge of adrenaline flowing through her body. She started squeezing her foe's throat even tighter. Madonna gagged for several seconds and then grabbed the blonde's hands. She easily removed them from her throat. Still holding Britney's wrists, the brunette started to get up. As she got up, she lifted the stunned blonde. Now standing and still holding the blonde's wrists, Madonna started turning, spinning around and around. Spinning faster and faster, the brunette finally let the blonde go and watched as her opponent flew across the room. Madonna smiled as Britney's head hit the wall. Britney collapsed to the floor. As Madonna casually strolled to her battered foe, making sure that she wiggled in an effort to turn her foe on, she bent down, grabbed Britney by her blonde hair and lifted her off the floor. Once the blonde was standing, Madonna bent slightly and put her arm between Britney's legs.

She lifted Britney onto her shoulder and as she began to spin, Britney screamed, "No more, I give."

Madonna continued to spin as Britney pleaded for her to stop and let her go. When Madonna finally stopped spinning, she threw Britney on her bed and stood looking at her beaten foe as she lay sobbing. Madonna slowly removed her high heeled boots and her dress and then mounted Britney. Sensing that she was about to have sex, the battered blonde was too frightened to tell Madonna that she was too battered to perform. The victorious brunette looked down at her foe and raised the blonde's lingerie so that her pussy was exposed, then moved so that she was in the perfect position to show Britney what she’d missed out on. Madonna slowly lowered her head and licked the blonde's pussy until, despite her pain, Britney felt a tingling sensation.

"That's what you lost out on." Britney wanted to speak, but the incredible feeling that she was experiencing had left her speechless. Much to her disappointment, Madonna lifted her head, got off her foe and put her dress back on. As she sat down so that she could put her boots on, the sadistic tease laughed and said, "One month, that's what you’re missing. Now we have new conditions; you move in with me and be my slave. You’ll also be a slave for my children; and in fact when Guy’s around, you’ll obey his every command. If you're a good slave and obey all my commands, I MAY give you more if what you just experienced."

As Madonna walked out of the room, Britney watched her every shake and wiggle. Despite being in a lot of pain, she could feel her nipples hardening with the thought of more of what she had experienced at the end of her fight with her former slave.