Britney Spears vs. Shania Twain (by unknown) 30-Jul-99

The crowd eagerly awaited this match up. Not because they thought it would be a good fight but because it was always good to watch a little girl get destroyed by a bigger stronger woman. Britney came out dancing to her hit ...One more time her hair done in double pigtails and wearing the school girl outfit that had here in the minds of every boy in America. Now it was Shania's turn.

The crowd exploded as she strutted out to the ring wearing a leopard print top and pants waving and blowing kisses to the crowd. She entered the ring eyeing up her smaller and weaker opponent. Shania taunted her opponent from across the ring.

"Sure you wanna do this little girl?"

Britney was quick with her response, "Yeah you fat cow!!!"

The bell rang and Britney charged but the older Twain was ready raising her knee as Spears crashed crotch first into it. The crowd went silent as the arena was filled with the harsh screams of a girl in pain. Britney lay draped over Shania's knee her hand rubbing her damaged crotch as Shania laughed.

"Your outta your league tonight dear."

Shania lifted Britney's face to hers and was met with a hard slap, the ring on Britney's finger opening a gash on Shania's left cheek. Shania yelped and dropped Britney to the mat. Reaching up to her face Shania looked at her hand and saw the blood.

"Damn you, you little jailbait slut!!"

With that Shania yanked Britney to her feet and tore open her white blouse revealing Britney's smaller but just as firm chest. With greedy eyes Shania dug her nails into Britney's chest twisting and turning without mercy. Britney's eyes filled with tears as her face twisted and contorted in utter agony. Britney tried to fight back, digging her nails into the large white breasts of her dominating opponent. She dug her pink nails into Shania causing the bigger woman to yelp out in pain.

Both woman poured on the pressure and pain and soon both were cursing each other and had tears running down their faces. Unfortunately it was obvious that Britney was getting the worse of this exchange and soon she abandon her attack and gave a hard yank on Shania's hair. The bigger woman yelped out again, but she still had a firm grip on her adversaries chest. Using this grip Shania yanked Britney towards her and raised her knee up into the poor girls unprotected crotch once again. Britney instantly doubled over in pain grabbing her throbbing privates.

With this new opportunity Shania grabbed the double pigtails of her opponent and used them to whip her chest first into a corner post. The crowd roared with approval as Britney crashed chest first into the post screaming as her chest was mashed into the corner, then falling to the mat. Shania approached her downed foe grabbing her by the legs she spread Britney wide and slammed her heel into Britney's crotch.

The poor girl screamed as her virgin crotch was being completely destroyed. Shania laughed as her opponent sobbed and begged for mercy her sobs filling the arena. Shania yanked her opponent up to her feet once again only to tear off her blouse completely off, then the bra.

Shania taunted her, "Ha, you call those breasts?? I was bigger when I was twelve."

With that she sent a hard right hand across the face of Britney knocking the poor southern girl straight to the mat. Shania finally decided to end this massacre, removing her top (much to the joy of the crowd) she full body straddled Britney placing her chest on the face of the destroyed girl executing a perfect smother.

Britney's arms and legs flailed uselessly for a few minuets before she slowly and finally passed out into a sea of darkness. Shania stood up waving to her fans who were now going crazy over her awesome victory over her young adversary