Britney Spears vs. Shania Twain by Shanahan Jul-Sep 2000

Facing each other on their knees, Britney Spears and Shania Twain came together in the hot, padded confines of the small cell to begin their one-on-one bikini bout. The up-and-coming young songstress was adorned in a sexy pink just-too-small-top and thong, and was set to struggle against the award-winning, older country music superstar, who was resplendent herself in a French-cut black two-piece swimsuit. Both beauties were barefoot.

The match began as they seized each other by the shoulders, grunting audibly as they strained against one another, each beautiful woman trying to force the other one to the floor to gain dominance. Wily catfight veteran that she was, though, Shania suddenly softened her grip just long enough to twist herself around and behind Britney, the novice too slow to react. Before she knew what was happening, the pop princess was under assault by the country music queen, the brunette's bare hands reaching around from behind the blonde beauty to fasten upon Britney's soft, luscious sheathed breasts and begin squeezing them savagely.

The teenager screamed out loud as her older opponent tried to breast-squeeze her into submission, Shania grinning as she worked her younger foe's magnificent mounds over with both hands. Greedy fingers sank into soft white flesh, and cruel fingertips pulled mercilessly at covered thick nipples as Britney squealed in pain, her hands clawing frantically at Shania's wrists but to no avail.

The brunette pressed in closer, her own fabulous bikini-clad breasts pressing against Britney's bare back, Shania's dynamic legs and smooth thighs now wrapping about the blonde's trim, soft waist in a scissors-hold. Shania smiled confidently as she continued to squeeze her agonized opponent without pity at both ends, the fight perhaps over before it could even really begin.

Shania continued to squeeze Britney's breasts without pity as she attacked the blonde from behind, the brunette also wrapping her shapely legs about the youth's waist to further entrap her as their cell catfight unfolded. A few more minutes of merciless breast punishment, and the country singer was certain the pop princess would submit, whether by choice or unconsciousness.

Good, thought Shania. She felt Britney was just one of the many carbon copy teenage blondes fouling up the current music scene, and it didn't make her any happier to know her own husband had actually produced one of Britney's mindless tunes. In fact, it pissed her off to no end. The first chance she got on this celebrity cruise (after reaming her spouse, of course), Shania had gotten the blonde alone and made her feelings known to Britney.

The blonde tried to brush the brunette off as a jealous older bitch who was imagining things, and who had also passed her time in the music industry, to up-and-comers such as herself. Shania smiled then, steamed as she was within to be talked to in such a manner, but maintained some degree of civility as she gently challenged the youth to a no holds barred catfight to the finish deep within the bowels of the ship.

Britney was a bit taken aback at first, as she had heard through the grapevine that Shania had some fighting prowess, mostly in battles with actress Heather Graham. Britney, though, felt that since she was half the brunette's age, she should be able to use her youth, strength and quickness to defeat the country queen handily, and so the Southern belle readily agreed to meet the Canadian cutie in combat. That very night they made their way to the special room, long used by female celebrities for private bouts, and soon they got down to business where upon Shania quickly gained control of the match.

Shania smiled again widely at Britney's feeble struggles and screams as she squeezed the blonde's breasts even harder. She grinned at the sheer joy of dominance, of inflicting agony and defeat upon the other beauty ...

... and then fell backwards with a yelp in a haze of pain, her nose feeling like it was broken as the Canadian songbird recoiled from Britney's reverse head butt, the blonde having snapped her pretty little head backward and smacked the back of her blonde-tressed skull hard against Shania's gorgeous face in a desperate effort to escape. The brunette also lost her hold on the blonde's bountiful breasts, Britney taking full advantage of her foe's dazed state to pry Shania's hands loose of her mounds while also wriggling free of her opponent's crushing legs.

Twisting loose of her attacker, Britney fell forward onto the mat, whimpering softly as she caressed her magnificent chest with both hands, flesh reddened and sore from Shania's hands, long marks evident where fingers had sunk deep into flesh. Shania lay on her back a few feet away, gingerly rubbing her face with one hand as she sought to knead away the pain, her consciousness still wavering.

Glancing back, Britney glared icily at her fallen foe before clambering over to her fallen older foe and straddling the brunette at the waist. Smiling wickedly as Shania still lay there, Britney leaned in and reached down to tangle her fingers in Shania's glossy dark hair before yanking hard with both hands. Shania cried out as Britney snickered, but the blonde's momentary joy soon gave way to agony again as Shania snarled at her younger enemy and then began slapping Britney hard across the face, alternating hands, the crack of flesh against flesh resounding throughout the small chamber.

Britney screeched and tugged harder with both hands in her foe's hair, eliciting further yelling from Shania, who continued slapping away wildly in response, until the brunette alternated tactics and grabbed the blonde by the hair to pull hard and return the favor. Both women continued yelling as they tried to rip each other's silky strands loose, neither woman willing to relent but neither babe able to take control of the fight, either. Britney had the advantage of position, but Shania had more fight experience, and now she used that experience again as she shifted her grips to plaster her hands expertly over Britney's nose and mouth to shunt off the blonde's breathing passages.

Britney went wide-eyed as she tried to breathe and failed, her subsequent cries muffled beneath Shania's hands as she realized her more mature opponent was trying to suffocate her. Shania smiled below as Britney released her hairholds to claw at Shania's wrists, trying to break the brunette's airtight grip, but Shania only held on tighter, her right hand cupped over Britney's pouty mouth, her left hand pinching the youth's nostrils completely closed.

Britney tugged and pulled from above with all her might, but got nowhere fast as her oxygen began to run out. Shania grinned even wider, again feeling she needed only a few more minutes to claim victory over her less experienced adversary. Turnabout was fair play, though, and soon Shania's world became breathless as well, as Britney reached down and covered Shania's pretty nose and mouth with her teenaged hands, trying to smother her older opponent out cold before she went under herself ...

The fight continued deep within the bowels of the luxurious cruise ship, as Britney and Shania kept hand-smothering each other within the padded cell, the young blonde straddling the older brunette at the waist. Trapped beneath her teenage foe, Shania held on to her opponent's nose and mouth as best she could, but the Southern-born blonde was pressing down upon the Canadian stunner with both of her own hands, wearing out the older woman by pressing down upon Shania with her full weight.

Both women were running out of breath; but Shania was half her foe's age, plus she was on the bottom of their two-woman pileup, and the northern songbird was rapidly running out of air. She could hold on and try to suffocate Britney first, but knew her odds of outlasting the teenager were slim and none - and slim was out of town. More than likely the blonde's combined age and strength advantage would soon fully assert itself, and when that happened the brunette would be as good as finished.

Realizing that to continue to attack would likely only end in her defeat, Shania went on the defensive, releasing Britney's nose and mouth to grab the blonde beauty by the wrists and try to pry her hands loose from the brunette's breathing passages. Britney gasped and immediately be sucking in great lungfuls of air as Shania's soft hands peeled away from her face, but still she kept pressing down with both hands upon her victim's gorgeous countenance, one hand clamped tight over Shania's mouth, the other hand expertly pinching the brunette's nostrils shut.

Shania tugged and pulled at Britney's wrists below, desperate to free herself, but the blonde held fast, flesh filling Shania's nose and mouth and robbing her of more breath with each passing moment. Soon the blonde was smiling widely, reveling in her foe's muffled cries, Shania using up even more air in expressing her agony. She twisted from side to side, trying to buck the blonde off, but knew she had no hope of breaking free in this manner against a younger, stronger enemy.

Her lungs burned, her throat grew dry, her muscles ached and her vision grew hazy as Shania felt herself teetering on the edge of unconsciousness. The lights were beginning to dim for the beautiful brunette - until she peered through her exhausted eyes to focus upon Britney's tender, hanging young breasts, two fleshy globes swaying slightly back and forth just above Shania's own perfectly-shaped mounds. The brunette smiled weakly beneath her foe's all-encompassing palms before releasing her wristholds to reach up, latch onto Britney's firm, young, milky-white mammaries with both hands, and begin squeezing them savagely with all her fading strength. Hard, sharp nails dug into soft flesh for good measure as Britney's screams suddenly began to reverberate throughout the small, set-off room as age and treachery asserted themselves once more in their fight to the finish with youth and skill.

Shania was still suffocating beneath Britney's hands, but now the brunette had latched on to both of the blonde's breasts and was squeezing away mercilessly. Britney screamed and bore down with both hands over Shania's nose and mouth, trying to smother the older beauty, but the pain she was experiencing was absolutely excruciating, Shania's fingers sinking deep into the soft white flesh, nails digging in viciously. Britney tried to maintain her grip, but it was no use, the agony in her chest was too great.

Desperate to end the pain, the youngster fought back the only way she knew how, detaching her hands from Shania's face to reach down and squeeze them viciously about the songbird's perfect breasts. Shania gulped in much-needed lungfuls of air as Britney's bare hands peeled away from her breathing passages; but soon she was screaming out loud as well as the blonde began crushing her enemy's chest. Fingers began sinking and twisting deep into Shania's soft upper body flesh in much the same manner as she was assaulting Britney's luscious mounds. The shrieks of the two beauties reverberated throughout the padded chamber, muffled to the outside world but clear as anything to the two battlers within.

For long moments they continued to try and breast-squeeze each other into submission, mouths agape and eyes shut tight, moaning in agony. Younger versus older, blonde versus brunette, pop versus country, neither woman was able to gain the upper hand(s) until Shania released one of her own and then smashed a coiled fist hard off of Britney's vulnerable chin. Britney just hung there, totally dazed by the impact, grips softened just long enough for Shania to heave with all her might and toss Britney off of her and to the side. The blonde crash-landed hard to the padded red mat and rolled to a stop, while Shania lay there on her back, whimpering and massaging her sore udders with both hands.

The moments passed slowly, haltingly, as the two women took their time recovering. Finally they sat up at almost the same time, Britney rubbing her jaw, Shania cupping her chest, their eyes locked onto each other's in a glare of mutual hatred. Without a word they rose silently, shakily to their bare feet and began to tread slowly towards one another, ready to renew host8ilities, as they locked their hands together in a test of strength and began to push against one another.

Bare feet slipped and scrabbled on the padded vinyl surface as they began to force one another back and forth, their magnificent breasts and rock hard nipples pressing together erotically, eliciting gasping moans from the two sirens. Furry crotches then ground together even more erotically, rubbing up and down, back and forth, blonde hair versus brown, mounds growing moist and sweaty as they fought sexually as well as physically, sharp-nailed hands still interlocked and firm breasts still squashing together.

Finally Britney, the younger and more innocent of the two, suddenly thrust herself away in disgust from her older opponent and wrenched her right hand free of Shania's left to ram the heel of her hand up hard underneath the brunette's chin, stunning the glamorous brunette. Dazed by the blow, Shania swam there in place in semi-conscious before feeling all the weight of the world wrapping about her waist and squeezing.

Looking down through weary eyes, Shania then threw back her head and howled in anguish as she realized that Britney had trapped her in a crushing bearhug, the youngster coiling her arms about the brunette's body and squeezing with all her strength, the blonde lifting the brunette off her feet in her savage, sudden attempt to end their back-and-forth struggle for supremacy ...

Shania squealed and groaned in Britney's powerful grip, the blonde wrapping her arms tighter and tighter about the brunette's waist and squeezing the life from her in a bearhug. Britney grinned wickedly as she saw the agony etched on Shania's face, the youngster lifting her older opponent off her bare feet as she squeezed and squeezed, with Shania pushing away futilely at Britney's lower jaw and shoulders, unable to push free of her competitor's breath-squeezing grasp. Four fabulous breasts squashed together, pointed brown nipples vying for supremacy as Britney hugged Shania close to her, the teenager fully intent upon on squeezing the fight from her senior foe.

"Feeling a little squeezed, sweetie?" mocked Britney as Shania pushed away at the blonde's lower jaw with one hand.

Shania's beautiful brown eyes were shut tight and her sparkling white teeth were gritted as she felt all the pressure in the world constricting about her waist with each passing moment, and she fought to keep from blacking out.

Altering her response, Shania lifted her feet fully off the floor and then wrapped her legs about Britney's body, the brunette trying to squeeze out a stalemate, but the battling blonde had too much of a head start. Britney grimaced as Shania entangled her younger enemy in her long, shapely legs, but Britney responded by wrapping her strong young arms ever tighter about Shania's trim waist, until the Canadian beauty was barely able to breathe.

"Nice try," chided Britney again as she kept up the pressure, "but you've got nothing left, grandma!"

At the sound of that last word, Shania's eyes snapped open in fury, and she lowered her head and stared down into her tormentor's eyes with newfound rage.

"You little slut!" snarled Shania through agonized lips, the pressure about her waist now nearly unbearable. "I'll show you!"

Suddenly the smile evaporated from Britney's face and she shrieked as her head was yanked back hard. Unbeknownst to the blonde, Shania had ceased pushing away with her hands as the younger woman's face and shoulders, and had reached behind her opponent to entangle her fingers in Britney's golden locks and begin yanking away like crazy.

"Aiieeee!" screamed Britney as Shania tried to snap her neck like a twig. The screaming stopped soon after, though, as Shania suddenly reared up in her foe's grasp to bring her firm breasts in line with Britney's pretty little face. In a flash, Shania then thrust her naked chest forward to mash it hard against that lovely countenance, and held it in place by pushing upon the back of Britney's head with both hands, smothering the blonde.

"Mmmppphh! Mmppphhh!" came Britney's muffled cries from beneath Shania's breasts, the blonde's panicked eyes her only visible feature beneath Shania's sweaty mounds of flesh. Shania then began to rock back and forth and side to side, trying to throw Britney off balance as the blonde staggered beneath the brunette's weight and tried desperately to stay on her bare feet ...

Britney still tried to squeeze Shania into submission, wrapping her strong young arms tighter about the country singer's shapely waist. The brunette, though, continued with her own attack, shapely thighs tightening around Britney's baby-soft waist, arms constricting about the blonde's head and squashing her pretty face deeper into the Canadian beauty's more-than-ample breasts. Alabaster flesh filled Britney's breathing passages, pressing against her nose and mouth to cut off her air supply.

Britney staggered underneath her opponent's weight, Shania fully off the floor and wrapping herself even tighter about her younger adversary, who wasn't strong enough to keep both women aloft. She stumbled once, then twice, then dropped towards the padded ground before collapsing onto her back, with Shania still on top of her. Shania kept mashing her chest hard into Britney's face, suffocating the blonde, who had released her bearhug to claw at Shania's shoulders, trying to push the brunette off her so she could breathe again. Still her nose and mouth were clogged with flesh, the air warm, wet and alkaline with sweat as Shania plunged the youth deeper into her bust, sapping the pop princess' strength as she continued to deny her foe breath.

Britney tried to open her mouth, to sink her teeth into one of Shania's breasts and bite her way free, but the way Shania was holding her head, Britney's jaws were too constrained to open. Any attempt to stretch her jaws wide enough for a decent bite was met with agonizing resistance, and so Britney continued to scratch away at Shania's shoulders. Her nails were leaving long red marks on Shania's skin as she fumbled for the brunette's throat, trying to strangle Shania even as she felt herself weakening in her older opponent's grasp.

Shania simply smiled at her foe's feeble reactions, the brunette squeezing the blonde at both ends, legs and thighs tightening sideways about Britney's waist, arms and hands entrapping the blonde's head as her own fabulous breasts continued to smother the hapless youngster's face. Shania grimaced as Britney's nails bit into her skin time and again, but still she kept squeezing the youngster, crushing her with all four limbs, denying her of both breath and relief as Britney struggles grew weaker and weaker. The teenager thrashed about softly as she tried to throw Shania off, but to absolutely no avail, and her resistance grew weaker and weaker until moments later she stopped struggling altogether as she passed out.

Shania held on, trying to make sure the rookie catfighter wasn't faking unconsciousness, only finally releasing her prey a few minutes later. Unwrapping her legs and arms from about the blonde, Shania pulled herself up to her knees and straddled Britney's waist as she stared down at the unconscious youth and ran a hand through her own dark matted hair as she smiled broadly in triumph. A wicked thought then crossed the country singer's mind and she reached down with both hands to squeeze them about Britney's plump young breasts. There was no response from the blonde, who lay there silently, barely breathing, her chest rising and falling slightly, her arms and legs akimbo.

Shania squeezed and kneaded Britney's soft young sacks for the next few moments, even going so far as to tweak the blonde's thick brown nipples between her fingertips every so often, before relinquishing her holds and placing her hands on her hips. Smiling wickedly again, Shania then reached down once more to fasten her soft hands about Britney's softer throat and begin squeezing. She twisted Britney's head from side to side slightly, the blonde still oblivious to the brunette's assault despite the thumbs pressing down hard on her windpipe. Shania had been angered by the blonde's "grandma" comment earlier in the bout and part of her now wished to hold on until she had choked the life from the arrogant teen. She looked down and swore she could see her mortal rival, blonde actress Heather Graham, expiring in her grasp ...

Regaining her senses, Shania again saw Britney below her, and she broke off her stranglehold. Hands now on her thighs, Shania stared at Britney again and then covered the blonde's mouth with one hand and pinched her nose shut with the other, smothering the blonde to ensure one last time she was truly out, until finally Shania was satisfied.

Leaning back on her victim's body, her apple of an ass pressing down upon Britney's little stomach, Shania licked her lips in triumph as she surveyed her handiwork. Finally she rose to her bare feet and stared down again before placing one sole just below Britney's breasts and striking a nude victory pose over the fallen pop princess. Score one more for the country queen - this time.