Britney Spears vs. Shania Twain - The Rematch by Shanahan Oct 2000

Shania Twain awoke the night after her closed cell victory over Britney Spears, and decided she wanted to go for a swim. Pouring her fabulous body into a French-cut black cotton bikini, she made her way from her suite onboard the celebrity cruise vessel to the waiting moonlight pool at the stern. She had planned this swim earlier that morning, and had paid off cruise personnel to ensure that she would have the entire pool to herself for an hour or so.

She made her way to the pool and dropped her bag and towel into an adjoining deck chair, almost ready for her swim. She stretched, smiling, her bikini curving and flexing along her curvaceous form, about her firm full chest and her delectable derriere. Stepping back, she looked out over the glassy surface of the pool, and readied herself to dive in, when she heard a familiar voice coming from behind her that stopped her in her tracks.

"Well, look who thinks she's going for a swim," called the voice, soft and youthful with a hint of adolescent mocking.

Shania turned disdainfully to her right to see Britney herself standing about fifteen feet behind her, the blonde pop princess radiant in a form-fitting pink bikini. The teenager was grinning gleefully, her arms folded across her more-than-ample chest, one shapely leg crossed in front of the other as she stood in the frame of an adjacent hallway, located right on the edge of the spacious pool patio.

"Well, look who woke up," shot back Shania, steeling herself for the inevitable fight.

"Yeah, I woke up," snapped Britney, unfolding her arms from across her bust as she began to stride towards the older woman. "And now I'm gonna put you to sleep, you old slut!"

"Like hell, you little tramp!" snarled Shania, who began to move towards her younger foe, bare feet padding across the black rubberized patio.

Neither showed any fear of the other as they both continued to advance, eyes locked on to each other's as they shortened the distance between themselves with each passing second until finally they came together in a clash of voluptuous feminine flesh and shapely long limbs. Grunts and squeals filled the air as they wrapped about each other and squeezed, arms encircling waists and torsos as they tried to bearhug one another into submission. Both were well-rested from their previous encounter and were fresh for this fight, but neither could gain the advantage right away.

Shania latched her hands onto Britney's sheathed breasts and began to squeeze them as the blonde squealed in agony before responding in kind. Clutching Shania's firm boobs in her own hands, she applied unyielding pressure until Shania shrieked out loud. Britney grinned even as her own chest was still under assault, and squeezed back even harder. Both women squeezed and squeezed and squeezed, sharp thunderbolts of pain shooting through their chests, pain which only magnified as they tore away each other's bikini top and fastened their hands onto each other's naked, jiggling mounds. Short but sharp fingernails dug into soft, firm white skin, fingertips pinched away at thick brown pointed nipples, and strong fingers sank into soft, warm globes and squeezed with no mercy.

Both women were tiring in the other's grasp, each of them intent on destroying the other's magnificent bust as they fought to the point of exhaustion. Bare feet shuffled back and forth on the rubber surface as the two beauties strained and stretched against one another, struggling for supremacy but only canceling each other out as tears welled up in their lovely eyes ...

... until Britney hooked a foot around Shania's ankle and then pushed forward with all her flagging strength, toppling the brunette to the ground with the blonde falling atop her. Shania lost her grip in the fall, but Britney managed to hold on to Shania's breasts with both hands. As they hit the floor, Britney knelt over Shania, who was flat on her back, and renewed her breast-squeezing assault with full fury as the brunette moaned out loud and clutched futilely at the blonde's wrists. Britney squeezed and crushed Shania's mounds like silly putty, the agony engraved on Shania's tortured features as she suffered in her younger foe's grip and cried out once more.

"Shut up!" snapped Britney, not wanting to draw any possible attention to the fight before she could finish Shania off.

The brunette began to grope at Britney's face with one hand while trying to break Britney's breast grip with her other hand, but still she could not escape. She bucked beneath the blonde, trying to throw Britney off, but it was no go. Shania slapped the soles of his bare feet against the ground as she demonstrated her frustration, as Britney grinned from above and continued to crush the brunette's fabulous chest, fingers sinking deeper and deeper into the rounded alabaster flesh and threatening to burst the firm, fleshy mounds.

Suddenly Shania reached up with both hands to bury them in Britney's blonde locks and begin pulling like crazy as Britney screamed bloody murder. Shania continued to pull away as Britney released Shania's perfect-shaped globes and began slapping the brunette hard across the face, palms cracking audibly across Shania's cheeks like rifle shots. Shania tried to hold on and rip Britney hair out by the roots but, weakened by Britney's breast-squeezing and subsequent slapping, felt her arms growing heavy, her fingers growing numb.

Finally Shania collapsed altogether, her arms splaying out uselessly to the side as the last of her strength ebbed away.

Britney slapped away until she saw that Shania was offering no resistance, the brunette's cheeks apple red and slightly swollen with the fruits of the blonde's vicious labors. Britney placed her hands on her hips and licked her lips as she saw Shania lying there defeated, and she smiled as she knew there was still more to come for the unfortunate country queen.

"Now, let's have some fun, whore!" crowed Britney ...

A close-up on Shania's face would have displayed a beautiful but battered brunette, a woman nearly out cold following a savage beating by the blonde beauty. The close-up would have then revealed two bare hands reaching in to fasten themselves slowly, deliberately about Shania's throat, encircling it, massaging it, until finally, their hold established, the hands began squeezing in a stranglehold, thumbs pressing down mercilessly on the victim's windpipe.

Shania gagged and gasped, her eyes shut in abject pain, but she offered no resistance as Britney began to choke the life out of her, the teenager squeezing with all her strength as she sought to complete her revenge.

"Unhhhh ... unnhhh ... ulkkkk ..." gasped Shania as her face began to turn even redder from lack of oxygen, but still the beaten brunette made no move to defend herself as her opponent choked the air from her beautiful body. Shania's chest heaved and sank as she tried desperately to breathe, and failed. Britney took no notice, content to pull Shania up by the throat and then force her back down again and again, slowly and deliberately, in a sickly, bobbing fashion as the blonde exerted her control.

"Wow!" thought Britney to herself as she poured on the pressure with both hands, thumbs pressing harder. "I'm strangling Shania Twain, and she's not even fighting back! This is so cool! Wait until Christina and Mandy find out about this!"

Then a frown colored her countenance, as Britney wondered if choking Shania might have netted her the triumph in their first meeting.

"No matter," thought the blonde. "I'm winning now, and that's all that counts. Now let's just drag this out a bit."

Detaching her hands from Shania's throat, Britney stood up over her fallen foe as Shania lay there, barely breathing. Taking a moment to place her hands on her hips and stare down upon Shania in triumph, Britney then stepped out of her panties and then reached down to relieve Shania of her briefs, pulling them down Shania's legs and over her feet before tossing both pairs away. Britney then descended upon her victim once more, clutching her hands about Shania's breasts and squeezing them pitilessly before lowering her head and engulfing Shania's left breast in her greedy young mouth, sucking it for all it was worth as Shania cried out. She then bit and pulled at Shania's nipple, the brunette moaning softly, offering no resistance, but not really wanting to, either.

The blonde continued to suck and squeeze, repeating her performance with Shania's right breast as she knelt over the brunette, nude bodies pressing together erotically. Finishing up several minutes later by sensuously licking Shania's nipple, Britney then grabbed Shania by the wrists before she began rubbing her furry golden crotch against the older woman's soft black snatch, back and forth, harder and harder, until both beauties were sighing and squealing in mutual ecstasy. Suddenly Britney clamped her hands over Shania's nose and mouth, smothering her foe, as Shania went wide-eyed from this new lack of breath, her cries muffled by Britney's palms as the blonde bore down upon her foe's face, sealing off her enemy's breathing passages.

"Little bit out of breath, bitch?" chided the blonde, knowing she was in total control.

For long moments they lay there, Britney suffocating, Shania suffering, until finally Britney released her grip and sat up on her shins. She ran a hand through her sweated blonde hair as she looked down upon Shania again, the brunette still out of it, before going for the coup de grace.

"Let's end this, Shania!"

Lowering herself upon her victim, Britney again gripped Shania by the wrists before pressing her magnificent breasts full over Shania's face in a fight-finishing breast smother. Wrapping her legs about Shania's to pin her in place, Britney then began to grind her chest against Shania's countenance, ample flesh filling Shania's nose and mouth and cutting off her air supply, the brunette's closed eyes her only visible feature beneath the wall of breast ensconcing her pretty face. Britney's solid young mounds jiggled and shook as she pressed and pushed away, suffocating the brunette, the air warm and moist and alkaline for Shania as she awaited her inevitable defeat. Harder and harder gyrated the blonde, long legs entangling with Shania's, furry crotches grinding together, and Britney's breasts suffocating to maximum advantage until Shania collapsed unconscious mere moments later.

Britney ground away a minute or so more, making sure Shania was out, before sitting up and viewing her handiwork with pride. She smiled and squealed with delight as the heady feelings of revenge and victory washed over the shapely young siren. She sat there awhile longer, reveling in her win over the unconscious brunette, before she got to her bare feet, picked up the remnants of her bikini, and made her way back to her suite in triumph, leaving Shania lying there, arms and legs akimbo, seemingly out cold and defeated. But Britney stopped halfway down the hall, unable to resist herself one last shot.

"See you next time, Grandma!" she giggled, before she pranced away naked, whipping her bikini about like a baton while woo-hooing all the way.

Back on the deck, Shania lay there, still silent, still unmoving ... with a small, growing snarl now creasing her dry lips.