Geri Halliwell (ex-Ginger Spice) vs. Melinda Messenger - no rules catfight by Harry 12-5-99

Geri felt good, she was ready for this, her first catfight on the road to getting her own back on the bitches who had thrown her out of the Spice Girls. She would savour every second of grinding their faces into the dirt. She ran her hands down her body, over the skimpy black tanktop, her bare midriff and to the top of her leather trousers. The thought of grinding herself onto Mel G's battered body, sent a shiver down hr spine, and she moved a hand to feel her swelling nipple.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the entry of her opponent, Melinda Messenger. Like Geri she was wearing her hair down. She was attired in white knee boots, white leggings which clung to the immaculate lower half of her body and a white blouse that she'd opened the show off her cleavage. Had the press known about this private cat fight it would have been dubbed "Battle of the Top Shelf", as both women had had a career appearing naked, Geri had even appeared in a Turkish Game Show!

"So you came!" purred Geri as she turned to face her opponent.

"Your small beer after fighting in the USA, but a fight with you does have a certain novelty value. When I meet your ex- band mates I'll be the one who got you first" replied Melinda.

She stepped forward and confronted Geri in the centre of the bare room. The curtains were drawn so no one in the street below could witness the clash. The lights were dimmed.

"From what I hear dearie, even little Britney Spears managed to take you out. What's it like to have a schools girls sock in your mouth?"

Melinda smiled sweetly, "I see that you still haven't left the gutter have you. Just so you know I can fight at that level as well."

She swung the palm of her left hand which caught Geri's cheek with a resounding, before leaping for her long ginger hair. Geri retaliated by taking two handfuls of Melinda's long blonde locks, and as they tussled each trying to get a more painful hold. Melinda started to shake Geri's head as if to rip it fro her neck. Geri's response was to spit in Melinda's face , the saliva running over her nose and mouth.

"You filthy fucking slut!" Melinda snarled as she took and had from Geri's hair to wipe it away. But as she did so, Geri smashed her fist in her midriff, causing her to double up and release her remaining hand. Geri took a handful of hair from the back of Melinda's head to hold her in place and used the other to rip away at the back of her blouse.

Melinda used her hands to grip Geri's legs as it was about all the could reach. She tried to bull Geri towards the wall, but she just steadied herself by opening the stance of her legs. It was then that a searing pain shot through her brain, Geri had put her hand down the back of her leggings and was squeezing her left arse cheek. Crazy with pain, Melinda drove a fist into the crotch of Geri's leather trousers, once, which caused her pain to ease; twice to get her hair released and a third time to cause Geri to stagger backwards clutching the battered area.

Not resting Melinda charged knocking Geri over and winding her. Melinda was now atop the prone and Geri, and used her left hand to resume the hair pulling and driving her right fist in the bare flesh of her opponents midriff. All Geri could do was groan, and use her hands to protect herself. She had to recover quick, and tried to knee Melinda's pussy, but her first effort missed, and Melinda wrapped her booted legs around Geri's to prevent another attempt.

Melinda was now starting to enjoy herself, she was in control. She stopped punching Geri and moved her right hand up under the tank top. As she did so, the pain from Geri's hairpulling increased. She took a grip of a firm, unprotected breast and began to squeeze.

"You still haven't left the gutter have you Geri, wearing no bra. I bet you've got no knickers either!"

Geri used all her energy to roll Melinda over so that she was now on top, leaving Melinda winded. She let go of the blonde hair and used both hands to rip open Melinda's top and attack her unprotected breasts.

"So if I'm in the gutter, where does that put you?"

Melinda arched her back in pain as Geri's fingers began to squeeze her tits, but she didn't through her. She retaliated by putting both hands up Geri's top and squeezing and kneading her breasts. Geri howled as the she felt her breasts in a vice like grip. She daren't let go of Melinda and their legs were still wrapped together. Melinda was suffering the pain of Geri's fingers in her breasts and from having Geri on top of her.

"Get off me you fat slut!" screamed Melinda.

"Never, you little bimbo. I'm staying here until you admit that I'm the better woman," gasped Geri.

As they struggled on the floor , their hot bodies locked together, hands squeezing each others breasts there was little break in the deadlock. Geri returned to spitting on Melinda, but Melinda retaliated in kind and at that range they couldn't miss.

They both hurt like hell. It was Melinda who let go first, but only so that she could return to punching and probing her opponent. Geri's leather trousers, which clung tightly to her body protected her backside from being punched or Melinda squeezing her hand down the back. She tried pulling on Geri's hair, and although a few strands came away, the pain was beginning to sap her strength. As she resumed her blows to the stomach, by accident hit the top of Geri's trousers. Desperate to hurt Geri more than she was being hurt, she quickly went for the trousers zipper, undid it and plunged her hand into the gap.

This came a surprise to Geri who had begun to plan the celebratory e-mail she was going to send to Mel and Victoria. Melinda's hand grabbed a tuft of ginger pubes and began to pull. As some came away, she readjusted her grip. Geri's howled with pain and tears began to flow. She tried to struggle and squirm but could do nothing. She let go off Melissa s breasts and frantically began to try and pull the hand out of her Jeans, but to no effect. She tried rolling over so that Melinda was on top, but it brought only momentary relief, before the pain continued. This time much closer to her lips as Melinda began to work her way down.

With a fury born of desperation, Geri used her right hand to start tearing at Melinda's leggings, shredding the thin fabric exposing her milky white skin. Now it was Melinda's turn to squirm, she knew the pain that would ensue if Geri got hold of her wispy blonde mane. A spasm of pain shook her as Geri drove her fist into her thigh. Having inflicted a dead leg her opponent, Geri started to rip aside the slinky knickers. Just as she broke through and grabbed a few tufts of blonde pussy, Melissa rode away.

Both women howled as new levels of pain swept their bodies - each was holding a clump of pussy hair, with Melissa holding the considerably larger amount. They lay their, about two meters apart on their back. Each body was bathed in sweat which began to pool in the cleavage of their battered breasts, marked, scored and bruised. Geri's midriff was also bruised and her pussy felt like someone has attacked it with a Brillo pad. Melissa blouse was barely worth that description now, and her leggings were in tatters, her knickers thrust aside and her pussy exposed.

"Had enough yet Mel, or do you want some more big girls fighting?" said Geri with more confidence than she felt. She turned her head to see that Melissa has started to crawl away on all fours. Very wearily she to got onto her hands and knees and started to pursue her opponent. She caught up with Melinda and, grabbing hold of her boots pulled hard, sending Melissa flat on her face. But before Geri could strike, Melinda rolled to one side and continued to crawl away. Geri lunged again this time getting a firm grip of the leggings, which as Melissa fell forward came apart totally exposing her arse and pussy. As she resumed her crawl away, Geri started after her, and summing all her saliva spat directly onto her pussy lips, which sent a shiver through Melissa, who fell forward for a third time. She half rolled over to see the advancing Geri, her sweat soaked face lit up with a grin. Melissa started to lash out with her boots.

"You know Geri you really are the most disgusting whore!"

On the third attempt, as Geri was about to lunge forward, Melinda's left boot connected with Geri's right breast. Geri's whole body exploded in pain which brought forward a torrent of tears and all thoughts of hurting Melissa stopped as she cupped her damaged breast. Melissa gave another kick which just missed Geri's ear and added to her misery. She rolled over and rose to her knees before stumbling towards her fallen opponent, who was till sobbing. Geri's self pity was cut short when Melissa took two handfuls her hair and very cautiously dragged her to her feet.

"No Melissa please, I'm really hurt, Pleaseeeeeee!"

She swung her towards the wall, which she hit with a sickening thud.

When Geri recovered she was on her back staring into Melissa's face. Her opponent had her wrists in an iron grip, was above her on all fours, the sweat running down her breasts and dripping onto her body.

"Had enough slut?" snarled Melissa.

Geri struggled feebly and shook her head, and as a response Melissa slammed the her tits down onto Geri's. The pain was excruciating and Melissa's erect nipples scratched at the damaged flesh of Geri's breasts.

"Please no more", Geri howled, "Mercy please, I can't take any more!"

"So you give do you? Repeat after me if you want me to let go, Geri Halliwell is the dirtiest slut of them all!"


"You heard me, so fucking repeat it!"

After a couple of seconds silence Melinda rose a few centimeters and slammed them down again. The tears flowed from Geri.

"I'm the dirtiest slut of them all" she stammered.

"That's good, we know now you place don't we. But before I go, I want your cat suit so when I fight in it I'll remember how I won it. And If its not delivered tomorrow I'll return to dish out some more. Understand?"

"Yes, it'll be delivered."

Melinda raised herself up, letting Geri go, the winner on her knees aside the loser. She got up to leave and started to scoop up a few bits of clothing. As she was about to leave the scene of her victory, she say that Geri was on all fours, her long hair matted to the her face and back. Melissa walked back and stood in front of her beaten foe.

"One last thing Geri, lick my boots or else!"

After a few moments hesitation, Geri's tongue started to caress the sweaty white leather of Melinda's boots, her defeat was total.