Madonna vs. Mel G (Scary Spice) by Harry 07-Dec-99

Mel reclined luxuriously into the black leather sofa at the end of the room, and admired herself in the mirror at the opposite end. She was looking good and feeling good. This was her chance to make it big. Sure she'd fought with other members of the band, and she dearly wanted to get Geri Haliwell on her own again, but how many women got to go up against Madonna? She was wearing black gusset ankle boots, white thigh stockings, black leather micro skirt, black plunge bra with brace clips over the shoulder and between the bra and skirt, black leather jacket and black fingerless gloves. She wore no jewelry and had even taken out her eye brow stud, after and incident in a previous fight when he opponent had tried to rip it out.

The door next to the mirror, and her opponent walked in drinking water from a plastic bottle, and a shiver went down Mel's spine. Even at 41, Madonna looked fit and primed, her blonde hair was untied and flowed over her shoulders, she was wearing black chunky lace up trainer boots, black leggings which ended at her knees (and showed off her great figure), and a white sleeveless camisole with a plunging neck which gave an ample view of her cleavage through which outline of a white bra could be discerned. She to wore no jewelry and her outfit was completed by a white sweat band on each wrist.

She stopped in the centre of the room and drained the last of her water, in the process some dribbled out of her mouth and don her cleavage. When the water was finished, she tossed the bottle to one side and motion to Mel to come forward, all the time fixing her with a disinterested look.

Mel rose and slinked to the middle of the room until she was less than a meter away. Already she could feel herself sweating and saw that Madonna's face already had a slight sheen. As they took one another in, Mel felt a slight sense of awe at who she was about to fight. This was soon dispelled when she spoke.

"So you're Mel from that piece of shit Spice Girls out fit are you? As a group, your music's crap, and your solo stuff ain't much better, I'd go back to your day job if I were you."

"Well fuck you Madonna you old slut, personally I don't think you done anything decent since the 80's, were shit in Evita and frankly you should stick to porno shoots."

"Typical Brit, all mouth and no claws and fuck all talent!"

This infuriated Mel who went to slap Madonna round the face with her right hand, but was parried and so put her hands out in front of her, fingers like claws. Madonna did the same, and they started to slowly circle one another. Mel lunged forward and her hands were met by Madonna's and they began a silent struggle, un-watched, in the centre of the room as each tried to bend the others wrist back or gain some advantage. Madonna thrust herself forward so that her chest came into contact with Mel's, momentarily Mel was overwhelmed with her presence, allowing Madonna to snake a foot round one of Mel's legs causing her to lose balance. As she did so Madonna pushed forward causing Mel to fall backwards to the floor, with Madonna on top of her and winding her in the process.

Released by her black opponent Madonna straddled Mel, pushing her pussy down onto Mel's, pressing breast to breast and taking two handfuls of hair. Dazed for only a moment, Mel's realised that she could not throw Madonna off, so grabbed to fistfuls of blonde hair that were dandling within reach. Madonna raised her hips and drove them down repeatedly, as if trying to prove that it would be her womanhood that would prevail.

Realising that her hair pulling wasn't working,, Mel placed one hand under Madonna's chin and began to start pushing it upwards exposing her neck. This caused Madonna to cease her pussy pounding just as she was about to lower herself again, which gave Mel the opportunity to bring up a knee and drive it into the exposed crotch. Madonna let out a brief shriek of pain as she fell forward, her pussy falling onto Mel's face, where even through the cotton leggings the small of womanhood was all pervading. As Madonna squirmed she rubbed herself over Mel so that she couldn't escape. Mel's first reaction was to sink her claws in the flesh of Madonna's arse with its skimpy protection. This drew another shriek from Madonna and more squirming as she drove her pussy downwards. Mel realised, with a surprising lack of surprise, that her opponent was wearing no underwear and tried to bite her way through the leggings. Fearing what was about to happen, Madonna rolled free from Mel and scrambled onto her hands and knees to face her opponent who had assumed a similar pose.

They tensed like two wildcats for a few moments, before leaping at each other as if by some hidden signal. Mel took hold of the Material Girls blonde hair but was surprised when Madonna grabbed the braces that went over her shoulders. Ignoring the pain of Mel's hair pulling, Madonna pulled with all her strength, which had the effect of dragging the bra, and the encased breasts towards her. A burning pain bit into Mel's Chest, causing her to squeal in pain which was added to when the clip holding onto the upper part of the left bra cup gave way, and Madonna used the spare had to grasp some hair. She then released the remaining brace which snapped back against Mel's shoulder causing a painful weal and another spasm of pain.

As the darker woman lessened her hold on Madonna's hair in response to this new pain, two firm grips were taken of her hair on either side of her head and she was dragged forward, her face driven into the carpet, her bum in the air so that Madonna was lying on her back. Using her legs to pin her opponent Madonna started be punching the trapped woman in the flanks of her midriff. This seemed to have no reaction, partly because there was little Mel could do in retaliation.

Seeing a more tempting target, Madonna pulled up the leather micro skirt to reveal black Knickers and the top of the white stockings, which she tore into, before starting to squeeze and rake the exposed cheeks. As the burning sensation grew Mel struggled to free herself, but all she could was try and do was lower herself so that Madonna had to stretch slightly further.

"Enjoying yourself down there?" snarled Madonna as she launched a new assault, this time aiming at the crack in her opponents cheeks.

This brought a fresh wave of intense agony to Mel's, who raised her head in pain; directly into Madonna's crotch. This stopped the attacks, and before Madonna could react again Mel repeated the action, only harder this time, causing Madonna to roll off clutching her groin.

Sensing an opening, and ignoring her pain Mel threw herself forward, hands outstretched and thrust aside Madonna protective hands before starting to claw at the fabric of the leggings. Almost instantly rips and tears began to appear revealing white skin and the merest hit of a blonde minge. Realising what was going to happen Madonna raised herself and plunged both hands into Mel's black hair in the hope of dragging her away. But Mel ignored this new attack and started to peel away he leggings as if the were the skin of a banana leaving no protection to Madonna's pussy, which caused a redoubling of the hair pulling. And when some hair came away, Madonna readjusted her grip.

In retaliation a dark arm shot up under Madonna's top and started to squeeze the left breast and pull away and the bra cup. With her other hand she plunged into the blonde triangle before her. Madonna screamed Mel's fingers began to pluck and probe, she tried to maneuver out of the way, but only got a fist in her right thigh for her trouble. With multiple sources of pain wracking her body, Madonna violently raised her left knee, shrouded in shredded cloth from the leggings, which connected solidly with the left cheek of Mel's face. The pain stopped and Mel slumped, stunned, adjacent to Madonna who jabbed an elbow in a breast causing to pop out of its bra cup, before rolling away.

Mel didn't know whether to scream or start to cry as she shook her head to clear the fog. She turned her head to see her white opponent on her knees, her top clinging to her sweat soaked body massaging her groin. She slowly pulled herself to her knees to face Madonna again, just out of reach and waved her hands at her, showing a few blonde hairs stuck to her gloves.

"Want these back honey?"

"Madonna looked up, "I've lost more having good sex, something that you will never experience when I have finished with you."

Mel raised her middle finder in response and Madonna lashed out and knocked it away. The raised there hands again and moved towards each other and again started to struggle in a test of strength. But it was soon clear that this approach was getting neither woman anywhere and Madonna pushed Mel away to re-evaluate her strategy. Mel, sensing that she had the upper hand motioned with her hands to Madonna that she should could come closer.

"Come taste my girl power Mads, it'll make you feel like you've been touched for the very first time, if you can remember that far back!"

"Oh don't worry I will little girl, I'm more of a woman than you'll ever hope to be."

They moved to lock fingers again, but Mel was to quick and lashed out with her left fist that just connected with Madonna's chin knocking her backward. As Madonna waved her arms back trying to keep her balance, Mel followed up with a shove aimed at her breasts which sent Madonna sprawling on her back. Madonna's chest felt as if someone had tried to push her nipples out of her back, but she was able to roll out of the way as Mel threw herself forward in an attempt to slam her on her opponent. But instead all she did was knock the air out of her lungs and squash her exposed breast against the floor.

Like a ray of light Madonna was astride her fallen opponents back, sat at the base of her spine. She plunged both hands into Mel's frizzy locks and pulled with all her strength. Mel let out a howl of anguish as she was almost bent double.

Madonna lent forward and whispered hoarsely into Mel's ear, "So who's got the girl power now", before leaning back with a new effort, pulling hair from Mel's head as she did so.

Mel was frantic, she was trapped and there was almost nothing she could do. He hands could only reach back and scratch at Madonna's knees, which did nothing to ease the pain.

It was her tormentor herself who eased Mel's pain, as she released one hand and started to attack the back of Mel's bra, and after a few attempts broke the remaining straps so that the bra feel free. Mel thrashed like a fish out of water, but her only response was to move one of her arms to try and protect her exposed breasts. Madonna bounced up and down on the prone Mel's back brining forth fresh screams of anguish. Madonna then turned her attention to driving her fist into Mel's right midriff, causing new waves of pain to wash across Mel's body and redoubling her efforts to buck and thrash free. Madonna then returned her attention to her Mel's driving her hands in and slowly starting to stand up. Mel's screamed anew as she was dragged up by the roots of her hair. Once they were standing Madonna thrust a hand downwards and undid the back of the micro skirt allowing it to fall the floor so that above her thighs, Mel was naked.

This momentary relief to Mel was brutally interrupted when Madonna released Mel's hair and slipped her arms under her opponents and took a firm grip of Mel's breasts.

"No please don't," Mel screeched, throwing her head back.

But Madonna dodged this unintentional head butt and moved her face close to Mel's right ear and whispered, "So whose better now, scary slut or the real materiel girl?" ending with a new squeeze of the firm brown breasts.

As a desperate effort to be free of the pain Mel started to punch Madonna's hips and midriff causing her to grunt hoarsely into her ear. Mel's struggled even more trying to throw Madonna from her back, and they staggered around like two lovers in a hateful embrace. The tussle was ended when Mel raised her write foot and stamped downwards driving the heel of her boot into the top of Madonna's right boot. Madonna squealed in pain and released her grip from Mel's breasts and the screamed even more loudly as the heel of Mel's left boot connected with her shin.

Free of Madonna's grip, Mel stepped forward and thrust her left elbow backwards connecting solidly with he white woman's stomach, causing her to double up. She spun round to she her opponent coughing and spluttering. Her eyes burying with revenge for the humiliations she had suffered, Mel grabbed two handfuls of Madonna's damp hair and swung her round, tripping her over in the process. Madonna sprawled to the floor on her back. Whilst she was trying to come to her senses, Mel drove her left boot into the exposed blonde pussy causing an ear splitting scream from the fallen opponent. Whilst Madonna rolled on the floor in agony, her hands protecting her womanhood.

Mel was breathing heavily and decided to finish the fight, and moved forward and sat on Madonna's stomach, thrusting her hands out of the way. Looking down at her own bruised breasts, and those of her opponent, still safely ensconced behind a bra and sweat soaked camisole she decided on her course of action. Pulling the now recovering Madonna up by her hair until they were almost face to face, before transferring right hand to take a handful of the top of the camisole and bra. She then released her grip and Madonna fell backwards, accompanied to a ripping sound as the top and bra gave way, exposing two firm white breasts and erect nipples.

"Having fun are Mads? Lets see how who enjoy this..." and she plunged both hand forward taking a firm grip of Madonna's tits and trying to drive them into her chest.

Madonna screamed even louder than before, and summing upon hidden reserves of her strength, reached up with both hands grabbed Mel's hair in a cruel grip and dragged her down so that they were face to face, "fuck you bitch" she spat. Mel straightened herself out so that she was laying atop Madonna, and they renewed their struggle, alternately squeezing breasts and pulling hair. Their sweat soaked bodies locked in a bitter struggle, they rolled back and forth across the floor amidst the debris of their fight. Booted feet and legs struggled for some little advantage, Madonna being able to drag the underside of boots against Mel's stockings, laddering then and opening holes. It was blonde pussy against dark minge, black against white, nipple vs. nipple and reputation against reputation.

After a few minutes rolling and exchanging bitter insults about the others woman hood, Mel regained her dominant position astride her opponent, despite Madonna's excruciatingly painful grip on her breasts. She looked down on the contorted face of her opponent, no longer a sense of awe, but now hatred for what she had done to her magnificent body. She released her own grip and with the flat of her leather covered left hand she slapped Madonna across the face, leaving a distinct imprint.

"Let go...." whack!

"...of my fucking...." whack!

"...breasts you slut...." WHACK!

Madonna felt her senses abandoning her. In sheer desperation she hooked up her legs and tried to wrap them round Mel's neck. The first effort failed, but distracted Mel for long enough for a second attempt which succeeded, and Mel was dragged backwards with a surprised wail. She was held in place by Madonna's feet, exposing her knicker and the black bush within. Needing no second opportunity, Madonna ripped aside the black knickers and plunged her hands into Mel's pussy producing a loud cry of extreme anguish which slowly gave way to sobs. Madonna's fingers pulled pubes and probed at Mel's womanhood without mercy pushed into the vagina.

Mel had given her all. She was overwhelmed by the damage that was being done, the smell of Madonna's trainers and sweat and her own weariness, and burst into tears.

"Pleaseee, no more Madonna, I beg pleas let me go I giveeeee."

Madonna held on for a few seconds before releasing Mel, who rolled away and ended up on her back sobbing. Madonna stayed there for a few moments savouring her victory whilst Mel sobbed quietly. Madonna stood up and looked down on her beaten foe, slowly walked over to her.

She sat astride Mel, causing her to groan, "No more, pleaseee."

Madonna surveyed all before her, her swelled but damaged breasts, the battered body of her opponent and smiled in triumph. She realised how much she had enjoyed this triumph. She wiped her face, body and cleavage with her sweat bands until they were soaking wet. She took them off, pulled Mel's face towards her by the hair and wiped it with her juice soaked sweatbands, before letting go of the head. She got up, leaving the sweat bands on Mel's face and walked to the door.

She was a Winnnnerrrr!!!!