Victoria (Posh Spice) Beckham vs. Louise Nurding (Ex-Eternal) by Harry 09-Dec-99

This was a catfight that most men in Britain would have paid good money to see, but instead it was going to take place in the private of the Beckham residence in the North West. Their mutual dislike was based partly upon their husbands - Victoria's played for Manchester United whilst Louise's played for rival Liverpool - but also on their careers. Louise had been a member of a successful girl band, had split away and now had an equally successful solo and modeling career. Victoria was a member of a more successful girl band, had helped found girl power and had married a very successful footballer. But the Spice Girls were starting to go their own ways, and Posh's solo career had not started at all well. They had both had fights in their time, Victoria held especial enmity for Geri Haliwell whom she badly wanted to get on her own, but had never achieved the reputation that they felt they deserved.

The decision to have the fight had come as a result of a private slanging match they'd had after a recent football match in which their husbands had been playing, on opposite side. Victoria had challenged Louise to settle it like a woman or shut up. There had then been some protracted negotiations between the two, Louise wanted the fight to be in private, Posh wanted it in public or at least with an audience. In the end they did a deal - the fight would take place in private at a location of Victoria's choosing, no publicity, the loser would then fight a woman of the winners choosing. There was also an option of the loser picking the location for a re-match. When Louise appeared at the Beckham mansion on evening whilst David was playing an away game, Victoria was waiting with a piece of paper for Louise to sign naming Louise's opponent if she lost. Louise signed naming Posh's potential opponent as Kate Winslet and whilst Louise would have to fight Kylie Minogue, the Australian soap opera star, pop star and friend of Geri Haliwell's.

Having both signed, Victoria led her opponent into an expansive bedroom, devoid of furniture. Louise walked in and wen to the far side before turning to face Posh who was closing the door. Facing one another, Vic slipped of her high heels and strutted towards the middle of the room, clad in her trademark leather trousers and a sheer black sleeveless T-shirt under which a wonder bra was visible. Louise removed her shoes and leather jacket and moved closer clad in tight, ripped jeans and blue molded strapless bra top, her brown hair hung loose onto her shoulders. They faced off about a metre apart.

"So we meet at last Louise darling." said Posh, her voice dripping malice and insincerity.

"I'm afraid that you are going to find me a tougher opponent than you are used, I'm not a Spice Girl. But I tell you want, Miss Posh Slag lets make this fight interesting...."

With that, Louise took her right hand and undid the buttons on the top of her jeans and allowed them to drop revealing her long tanned legs and grey high leg briefs.

Victoria reacted quicker than she wanted to. The whole point had been to have the fight on her terms, and now Louise had taken over. But she also undid the buttons holding up her leather trousers to reveal paler legs and black briefs. For a moment they drank in the view of each other before slowly starting to circle making tentative swipes with a hand which was easily parried. Posh made the first definitive move by lunging forward which Louise side stepped and they resumed their slow build up. Victoria balled up her fists and started to lash out wildly hoping to drive her opponent into the corner, but had pushed her back only a couple of steps before her wrists were gripped and they began to tussle. Initially this was at long distance, but Louise struck out with a waist high kick with her right foot which caught the edge of Vic's backside. Whilst it didn't hurt it did convince Posh that she would be better off close in and charged forward, straight into Louise's upper body pushing her back. Realising the impact of this tactic, Victoria repeated it gaining a few more steps.

But on the third attempt, Louise released a wrist put en extended palm out in front of her, catching Posh in the face and stopping her in her tracks with a little squeal. Victoria drove her free hand up into the armpit of Louise's extended arm causing her to wince and release her face. She then hooked her arm round her opponents neck, and taking a firm grip of Louise's brown hair pulled her close and for the first time their bodies touched. With her head being pulled slightly back, Louise used one had to return the favour by pulling the hair on the top of the Posh's head and driving her fist into the bare skin of her stomach and midriff. Initially Victoria decided to keep herself as close to her opponent, she was bitterly aware of how vulnerable her pussy was now that she had lost her leather trousers. She used her free hand to take a second grip of Louise's longer hair. As the fist drove into her stomach Vic let out grunts of pain which were mixed with Louise's squeals. All the while their legs rubbed up against one another adding to the struggle to achieve supremacy.

The ex Eternal singer realised that she was getting no where and stopped using Posh as a punch bag and instead plunged her hand down the back of the skimpy black briefs, taking firm grip of butt flesh. Victoria let out a pretty common squeal and arched her body in response to this attack thrusting the front of her panties into Louise's.

"Oh posh" said Louise, " I thought that you'd really, really like this, isn't it what you want??"

"Bitch" was Vic's only reply.

She took on hand away from Louise's hair and thrust it under Louise's chin pushing her head backwards and stretching her neck. Louise winced with pain, but as the efforts of their attacks split the fighters slightly apart, she drove her knee up into Posh's pussy. Victoria let out a strangled cry of pain and let forth with a stream of most unPosh-like language and ceased her assaults momentarily. Louise brought both of her hands to bare, grabbed the top of Posh's T-shirt and swung her round, sending her sprawling and ripping the T-shirt from the back of her opponent. Victoria was sent sprawling, the air knocked from her lungs.

Louise strode over to look down on Victoria who had rolled over onto her back and started to lash out with her bare feet. Louise was wary of being caught and jumped from side to side, trying to catch hold of an ankle and force Victoria to keep repositioning herself. She caught the left ankle and was intent to move in closer, but had to twist to avoid a heel aimed at her crotch. But instead, Posh drove in into her right shin, causing Louise to start to buckle. A second blow made contact, and she fell onto one knee. The third blow was aimed at Louise's panties but missed, and drove into her stomach, sending Louise sprawling.

Victoria rolled over and raised herself on to her hands and knees, and in a sultry manner crawled to her opponent. Louise was sufficiently alert that she rolled into a similar position to face Posh - to the uninitiated it could have been an underwear photo shoot. They closed on each other, claws lashing out to gain a grip on one another. Posh gained the advantage first getting hold of Louise's longer brown hair and pulling her towards her. This allowed Louise to retaliate by taking a grip of short black hair with first one and then both hands and start. With both hands enmeshed in the others damp hair, the two cat walk minxes slowly, and painfully pulled each other up to their full height on their knees. The struggle continued in silence, each pretty face grimacing with pain.

"You know Posh, dearest" Louise whispered hoarsely, "If your fellow sluts Mel G and Mel C could see you right know they'd be loving this."

"Oh just fuck off why don't you Louise. The way you've been fighting you've been taking lesson in the gutter from Geri. Are you sure that Jamie would like you associating with dirty sluts like you used to?"

"Well I'm here with you aren't I!"

Louise's hair gave way first and Posh whooped with triumph as a handful of brown hair came free. Louise, squealing with the pain of her loss let go with one hand, and drove a fist into Posh's left breast. The flimsy fabric of the Wonderbra(c) offering no protection against such a venomous blow. Vic's mood of joy was instantly replaced with screech of anguish as she clutched both hand to her damaged breast. Louise's anger was aroused now, and she was not inclined to let Mrs. Beckham have any respite. She put all of her weight behind a left handed slap which caught the sobbing Posh full on the cheek, causing her to look up from her injured breast in time to see Louise leaping forward, grabbing her shoulders pushing her backward. They fell backwards with Victoria underneath, panties and bras pressed together. Louise was the more alert and used her left forearm to pin Posh down whilst thrusting her free hand down between the two bodies, and under the front of Vic's damp black knickers.

Almost instantaneously, Posh realised that one of her worst nightmares was about to come true, and as a reflex tried to raise a knee into the darkening cloth of Louise's panties. But Louise had already wrapped her legs round Vic's to prevent such a move.

As Louise's fingers greedily started to pluck and grip Posh's black hair triangle, she crowed triumphantly "You really, really want this don't you slut. Does it remind you more of fighting with Mel C or being with darling Hubby?"

The pain shot through Victoria like electricity, and she fought back tears at the humiliating pain being inflicted. She raked her nails across Louise's back breaking the skin until she reached the back of the bra top. Without subtlety, she ripped the hook free so that the bra started to fall away and then yanked it towards Louise's head. In doing so it dragged Louise's breasts upwards, generating a spasm of pain that caused her to cease attacking Posh's pussy. The bra scrapped across the tender skin of breasts causing tears to well in Louise's eyes and release her pin. With a final tug, Vic pulled the bra free of Louise's body, causing a new jolt of pain, slapping Louise under the chin and throwing it to one side. Louise's firm breasts , with their hardening nipples hung like apples from a tree, an inviting target. Without a moments hesitation, Posh reached up with both hands and took a firm grasp of each tit and started to squeeze.

Louise's scream of anguish only just drowned out Vic's as she renewed her attack of the Spice Girls pussy, and with her free hand she took hold of the spiky black hair on her opponents head and pulled it towards her. Victoria grew desperate, as no matter how much torture she inflicted on the lightly tanned breasts of Louise, she was suffering more. Her womanhood had never been attacked in such a feverish manner. In blind panic, she released her punishing breast grip and reached over Louise's back and taking hold of her sweat dampened knickers pulled then up sharply. This got Louise's attention and she instantly let go of Vic's battered minge and tried to protect her own. What saved her from extreme pain was her panties giving way under the strain. She rolled off of Victoria and they lay side by side for a few moments trying to recover from their efforts.

Posh Spice recovered first and rolled on top of the still prostrate Louise and sat astride her. When Louise didn't react she looked over her shoulder and stretched out a hand and took hold of a clump of the light brown minge. Louise reacted violently by trying to sit upright and grab her opponents Wonderbra(c). As she fell back, she held onto the bra, dragging its owner with it. By the time Posh had released her grip on Louise's pussy and twisted round the bra had given way and their bare breasts collided. They started to pull frantically at each others hair, their bodies pressed so close together there was little else to grab or punch. Maniacally, they rolled around the floor, their bodies sliding off one another's, legs jostling and breasts bouncing.

First Posh was on top and the Louise would roll her over and assume the dominant position. The air was thick with obscenity and abuse. The rolled over Victoria's long abandoned leather trousers which clung to their sweat soaked bodies momentarily, until discarded.

Louise momentarily took advantage whilst on top for the umpteenth time by sliding a hand between their bodies and taking a grip of one of Victoria's erect red nipples. The howl of protest that this brought made her think that she had won. But in dropping her guard, she allowed Posh to put one hand over her nose and the other over her mouth. Desperate for air she tried to pull Victoria's hands away to no avail. Posh now gained the upper hand and was able to roll them over so that she was on top. Realising that the end was near, Louise let go from Victoria's body indicating that she surrendered.

"Give up do we Louise?" Victoria purred.

Louise weakly nodded. Posh released her grip and for a moment lay on top of her beaten foe savouring the feeling, and she enjoyed it and she could sense that Louise had taken some enjoyment out of the encounter as well.

She raised herself up so that she sat astride Louise across her stomach looking down on her body. Louise looked up fearing the worst and braced herself. Instead Vic got on all fours, over Louise and let breasts hang over her face. For a moment she thought about some humiliation, but on consideration decided that there bigger battle to come.

"You know you are good Louise, real good. You aren't a complete slut like Geri, but I'm better than you. So if you ever have to fight the old slag you let me know and who knows we may even be friends."

"You mean that."

"Who knows, but first you have to go fight Kylie and if you win that......."

"When I win that, I want a rematch." Louise said defiantly, realising that there would be no total humiliation.

Angered by this change in tone Posh lowered her breasts into Louise's face and let her drink in the aroma. Before getting up and walking over to her discarded trousers. When she pulled then on she found that they felt good over her body and she looked don on the still prostrate Louise.

"Louise", she turned her head to look up and the winner, "I'll be in touch and you've got five minutes to get the fuck out of my house"

The End