Emma (Baby Spice) Bunton vs. Geri (Ginger) Haliwell (I) by Harry (Dec-11-99)

The first all Spice Girls catfight since Geri had left the group, took place between her and Emma (Baby Spice) Bunton. There had been a simmering feud between them as they had battled it out over solo pop stardom, boyfriends and modeling work. They had attacked each other in magazine articles, interviews and tried to outdo one another with ever more risqué modeling poses. When Geri beat Emma to the number one slot in the UK and won a modeling contract that she wanted, she finally lost her patience and angrily rang her ex colleague.

"Geri I've had enough of your fucking games, I think that its time we settled this!"

"Emma, how nice to hear from you, you third-rate little tart. Want to fight me you say? I only fight women, not little girls who still play with dolls!"

"I could take you any time. You'll be licking my boots, just like I hear you licked Melinda's! Like the taste of leather do we?" At the other end Geri flushed with the memory of the humiliation.

"Fuck you Bunton. I'm wearing combats right now and I'm ready for you any time. So if you want to fight get your stinking little arse out to my country place right now and we'll settle it!"

Taking the hint Emma replied, "Give me an hour and I'll be there!"

Emma changed and drove out to Geri's country house outside London. She was there within the allotted time and when she knocked on the door, was directed to Geri's studio. She burst through the door to see her enemy sitting on the arm of a sofa, reading a magazine. When Emma entered she discarded the magazine and got, sure enough Geri was dressed for combat. She had a combat shirt that was unbuttoned, showing a green bikini top which had been cut off just underneath her breasts showing off her midriff, full length combat trousers which hung slightly off one hip revealing the top of her underwear and unlaced ankle trainers. She wore a green hair band which pushed her un-teathered hair up and back and had a hair scrunchie around one wrist and a sweat-band on the other. Judging by the outline of her chest she wasn't wearing her bra.

"Forget where we left our bra last night did we Geri?"

Geri smiled and replied "I'm surprised the big girls let you out, did little baby have to ask Vic and Mel's permission?"

Emma gave her the middle finger. She was wearing trainers, knee length combat shorts, green vest T-shirt and an unbuttoned combat shirt. She reached back into her hair, which had been done into a pony tail, and released it so it flowed free like Geri's and put the scrunchie around her wrist. Geri stood and with both hands motioned to Emma to "come get some." Emma pissed off with the cockiness of the woman in front of her charged.

This was the last thing that Geri had been expecting and was knocked back onto the sofa with Emma on top of her, pulling at her ginger hair. Geri took hold two handfuls of Emma's blonde hair and they squirmed trying to get an advantage. Geri readjusted her grip so that she was pulling Emma's head backwards by her hair. Emma retaliated by pushing Geri's head back into the sofa using the flat of her palm in her forehead, but to no discernible affect. About to resume her hair pulling, Emma changed her mind and instead drove a fist into Geri's bare stomach, again surprising the older woman and causing her to lean forward and release her hair hold. Emma repositioned herself and started to try and pin her opponent to the sofa, but Geri recovered and started to squirm and thrash, eventually returning to pulling at the Emma's hair from the back of her head.

To distract her further, Geri violently raised her right knee into Emma's backside. This new attack was more of an irritation to Emma than a source of pain, but she looked round to see what was happening. As she turned back to face Geri, a mouthful of saliva hit her just beneath the nose, causing her to recoil in disgust and move her hands to wipe her face.

"Geri you fucking filthy disgusting old whore" Emma screeched.

Geri placed both of her hands on Emma's chest, feeling the outline of an insubstantial bra and pushed, throwing the still shocked younger woman backwards onto the floor. Whilst she lay their Geri leapt up and advanced forward. Emma realised that she was at a distinct disadvantage and started to move backwards to get some room to get up, but was given no chance to do so. Geri grabbed her ankles and yanked them up to waist level, leaving Emma helpless to do anything but squirm Geri savoured the moment and used one foot to tap her enemies back to reminder her who was in charge. But Emma kept trying to squirm and struggle to free herself.

Bored of this toying Geri dropped Emma's legs to the floor and knelt astride Emma's thighs, pinning her to the floor. Realising that she had been let off, Emma tried to raise herself to fight back, but on each occasion Geri easily pushed her backwards.

"Don't struggle so Emma and I'll be gentle with you. I won't play rough like Mel C does!"

"That's not what Kylie has been saying," Emma retorted referring to Geri's friendship with the Australian pop star.

Geri slide her hands under Emma's skimpy T-shirt, sending shiver up the lower woman's spine that turned to pain and Geri dug her nails into the soft unprotected stomach. Emma wanted to scream and buck but she was pinned , so instead she reached up and grabbed Geri's long hair and pulled her down on top of her. As Geri fell forward she stopped her scratching and returned the fierce hair pulling that Emma was inflicting. Being on top, Geri tried to spread her heavier weight so that she stayed on top, stretching Emma's legs apart. Emma kept her head to one side of Geri's no wanting to be spat upon again and managed to twist her body slightly so that she had some room for manoeuvre.

Whilst the two women grunted and groaned with the effort of trying to inflict hurt and pain on each other, Emma drove her slender right knee up into Geri's crotch. Geri threw her head backwards and let out a scream as Emma repeated this attack, finally releasing her grip on the blondes hair and rolling to one side so that she could caress her hurting womanhood. Emma didn't let go and after a few seconds pause to catch her breath pushed Geri onto her stomach. She sat astride the ex Spice Girls backside and pulled hair without mercy, dragging Geri's head with it. When a clump of hair came away, she released her grip and started to pull on the collar of the combat shirt which started to give way.

Despite her aching groin, Geri threw all her effort into getting up onto all fours, which she did surprising Emma who had been to busy ripping the shirt and throwing her to one side. Grateful for all the time she had spent in the gym, Geri was able to put some space between them so that they could both stand up again.

Geri looked at her ripped shirt and let it slip off her back and onto the floor then looked up at the smirking Emma.

"You're going to pay bitch, you are going to fucking pay!"

The two women started to warily circle on another, already aware of the damage that they had inflicted. Tentative swipes were made with hands and parried, until Geri caught hold of Emma's wrist and pulled her in close, and drove a fist into her stomach. Emma doubled over in pain, no one had ever hit her like that before. Geri kept her bent double by mercilessly pulling her hair. The staggered around with Emma trying to stand up, but unable to do so, and not being able to do anything about it. Geri lashed out with one foot and connected solidly with Emma's bare shin causing her to drop to her knees. She then thrust forward her groin and shoved Emma's face into causing a fresh bout of thrashing as Emma was forced to confront Geri's womanhood, even when in trousers. The smell nearly made her want to through up, but instead, when Geri roughly pulled her head back, Emma wrapped her hands around her legs and pulled causing her to fall backwards.

When she hit the floor, the underside of Geri's breasts were clearly visible, and Emma lent forward to sink her claws into them. But to her horror she couldn't move as Geri had fallen with her legs apart, and had now hooked her ankles together, trapping the youngest Spice Girl in a vice. As Geri squeezed for all her might, Emma let out a stream of expletives and renewed her efforts to tear into Geri's ample chest, but her hands were met halfway by Geri's defence. It took less than a minute of this struggle for Emma to realise that she was in deep trouble, the life being squeezed out of her. Then her eyes fell on the fly buttons on the front of Geri's combat trousers and frantically started to rip them off.

Geri realised what was about to happen and squealed, "Nooooo!"

She still had bad memories of what Melinda Messenger had done to her pussy. She tried to squirm, and grab Emma's wrists, but this did nothing to slow the younger woman's frenzy and now it was Geri's turn to be desperate as her grey sports underwear was exposed. She unhooked her ankles, drew one of her feet back and drove it deep into Emma's stomach, who let out a shriek. As she recoiled backwards Emma was followed by a flurry of kicks from Geri to which she made only feeble responses.

The two battered women paused to recover their strength, before Geri started to advance on her hands and knees. Emma had adopted a similar position, but realised that she needed a few more moments to recover and started to back off. Geri lunged forward and caught hold of the younger woman's long blonde locks whilst tossing her head backwards to avoid the retaliatory pulling.

Emma tried to continue backing up, but couldn't so started to lash out with her palms, managing a glancing blow to Geri's face before thrusting herself forward to get to grips with her now bitter enemy. Geri brought herself up to her full height on her knees as their two bodies clashed, breast to breast.

Whilst Emma sought to pull Geri's hair, the ex Spice Girl used one hand to grab the collar of Emma's shirt in an effort to pull it off, and she was rewarded by a ripping sound from the flimsy material. But when Emma joyfully tore more strands of ginger hair from her head, she wrapped one hand round her neck and started to punch her in the stomach. Locked in place there was little that Emma could do except try and inflict more pain than she was taking. The struggle continued until Geri pushed her feet into the ground and thrust herself forward, causing the pair of them to tumble over, Emma onto her back, with Geri across her. Emma didn't let go of Geri's hair as they fell, but was stunned by the weight of the larger woman. Her senses leapt back into life when she felt Geri's hands fumbling with the flies on her shorts.

She realised that the fight was about to be brought down to a new low as she pulled Geri's head up by the green head band. When Geri's smiling face was in full view, a slight smile as she ripped aside the last button protecting the young woman's crotch, Emma left fly with mouthful of spit which squarely hit the mouth area.

Geri ignored it and said, "So who's the disgusting little whore now?"

But for the moment she ceased trying to attack Emma's womanhood. Emma let go of the hair band which snapped back over Geri's eyes, blinding her and stinging the skin.

Emma was able to push Geri off of her and back off slightly, and once her legs were free launching a swift barrage of kicks at bare flesh. Geri rolled out of reach, removing the hair band and realising that this fight was going to be harder and dirtier than she had first thought. But that thought gave her the strength to stand up - she couldn't lose to one of her ex-band members could she? Emma ditched the ripped shirt, her T-shirt damp with sweat clung to her torso. Again the two women circled and parried to no affect. Geri rushed forward and got inside of Emma's claws and wound the long blonde hair round her hands, yanking her head back. Initially Emma dug her hands into Geri's bare stomach and raked her nails breaking the skin. But Geri's momentum kept pushing backwards, until their tangled legs caused them to fall over, again Geri landing on top of the smaller woman, winding her.

Geri was able get her legs astride her opponents waist and sit up before Emma had recovered. She thrust both of her hands up under the damp green T-shirt, nudged aside the skimpy bra and took hold of Emma's firm breasts with both hands, sending a jolt of pain to the younger woman's brain. She started by pinching the younger woman's nipples and then squeezing her breasts. Emma retaliated by reaching up and under Geri's top and began to return the punishment. Her inexperience in this form of fighting quickly lost as she recognised how she could get the maximum reaction out of Geri as she manipulated her breasts. Both women screeched in pain as they mutually twisted, squeezed and tortured each others chest.

Geri tried to break the deadlock by bouncing up and down on Emma, resulting in some satisfying screams and insults. Trapped again, Emma say the gap in flies of Geri's trousers, and removed a hand from the older woman's tits and thrust it into the hole, frantically trying to move aside the underwear. Geri realised to late what was about to happen and as she released her grip on Emma's chest, she felt the burning pain in her crotch, as Emma's fingers at last penetrated her defences and started to pull pubic hair. Geri let out a cry of anguish and felt tear well up in her eyes, as she arched her back with the pain and fell backwards. She desperately tried to remove the offending hand from her trousers, but Emma did so of her own accord bringing with it a few strands of ginger hair which she waved in triumph, "Lost something have we Geri?"

"Not as much as you are going to lose little Miss slut!"

Geri badly wanted to massage her damaged womanhood and as she backed away she lashed out with her feet, and more by luck than intent drove the heel of her trainer into Emma's crotch. Emma let out a heart rending scream, it felt as if Geri was going to insert her trainer all the way up and she rolled away trying to ease the pain. Despite her own pain Geri saw that she had an opportunity and summoned up the will power to get up and throw herself onto of Emma's back.

"Get off me you old cow!" Emma wailed.

"You wanted to catfight little girl. Can't you take it?"

Positioning herself across Emma's backside, Geri took two fistfuls of blonde hair and pulled her up onto her knees. When they were both upright, Geri thrust a hand down the front of Emma's shorts, under the damp, skimpy underwear and into the as yet unseen blonde bush. Emma started to scream and struggle, but she just felt so helpless as Geri's fingers pulled, probed and scratched.

Believing that she had nearly won, Geri released he grip on Emma's hair and took hold of the top the sweaty T-shirt and ripped it open, exposing Emma's white and slightly bruised tits.

She wrenched aside the bra and took a delicate hold off the left nipple and began to tweak it and whispered into Emma's ear, "Do you like this Emma darling? Do you want to give up and end the pain?"

When there was no response, Geri grabbed a handful of the swelling breast and started to twist and squeeze. Emma was approaching the end of her strength, and only the desire to avoid humiliation at the hands of her enemy kept her going. She used both of her hands to release Geri's grip on her tit, and when she succeeded, started to painfully twist her hand back. Geri yelped with pain and tried to twist herself to lessen the pain, and removed her hand from Emma's pussy, tearing a clump of pubes out as she did so.

The two women tussled for a few moments, until Geri withdrew her hands, and pushed Emma squarely in the back sending her sprawling forwards. She then leapt forward intent on resuming her position of dominance on Emma's back, but she rolled out of the way, and Geri fell on empty carpet. Emma then reversed her roll and managed to mount the older woman, despite her efforts to escape. She plunged her hands into the ginger locks intent on revenge. She slowly stated to stand up, repeating the punishment that she had suffered earlier. Geri had no choice but to stand up as well, all the while trying to twist herself free.

"Right, you fat old slag, lets see your tits!" Emma hissed.

She ripped off Geri's insubstantial top to expose her lightly tanned breasts and slightly erect red nipples. Moving her hands to protect her breasts, Geri was surprised when instead Emma placed both hands on the waist of her trousers and pulled them up with all her strength, driving the seam of her trousers and her knickers painfully into her crotch. Geri let out a gasp of surprise and pain as the cloth painfully bit and scrapped into her womanhood. No matter what she did she couldn't escape the burning pain. She started to lash out with her feet and arms causing Emma to start dancing around to dodge the unaimed blows. Realising that she wasn't going to be able to avoid more pain for ever she pushed Geri forward who stumbled over, but just managed to avoid a damaging fall.

Geri managed to sit up and turn to face Emma as she started to close, Realising that she had little time or room to manoeuvre, Geri slipped off one of her trainers and threw it at Emma, which she dodged. Geri slipped off the second trainer and threw it, this time catching her opponent squarely in the face causing her to recoil backwards. Now clad in only dirty white ankle socks, Geri stood up and rushed the momentarily stunned younger woman. Their breasts smacked together, causing a howl of pain from Emma, as Geri's larger tits rubbed and scratched against her own. Geri's heavier weight and momentum pushed Emma backwards and pinned her against a wall, which crushed the air out of her lungs. She was pinned with no room to escape.

Emma was able to return Geri's hair pulling but had no answer for the pressure being applied to her chest. In desperation she spat in Geri's face, and launched a frantic effort to free herself, but Geri was able to retaliate several times over and kept her hands entwined in the blonde's hair. Feeling the younger woman's struggles grow fainter, Geri drove a fist into the battered stomach of Emma Spice and threw her to the floor causing her to land painfully on her already battered breasts.

Geri, herself feeling very battered was able to sit on Emma's back as she tried to recover, pushing her to the floor. Facing Emma's feet, and feeling free from likely attack Geri slipped both her hands down the back of the fallen woman's shorts and dug her nails into her arse flesh, unprotected by her panties. Emma let out a wail of anguish and she could hold back no more and she started to cry.

"Please Geri, please let me go, I surrender", the pain continued, "Please Geri! For f---s sakes please let goooo."

The pain stopped. Geri stood up and turned round and ordered Emma to roll onto her back. When she was slow to comply, she jabbed a foot into her already battered midriff to encourage her.

Emma looked up and saw the smiling, triumphant Geri through the tears, and feared the worst when she lowered herself across her waist. Geri reached forward and grabbed Emma by the hair and slowly brought her head up. When Emma's face was nearly up to her own Geri spoke "So you've learnt your lesson have you Emma, don't f--- with big girls!", Emma nodded meekly as much as Geri's hairpulling would allow.

"Now you tell those sluts Mel G and Posh that their time will come!"

Emma nodded again.

"You ever want a rematch you know where I am little girl," Geri ended with a sneer.

She let Emma's face have another mouthful of spit and then let go of her hair, causing her head to crash back to the floor. Geri got up and went off to inspect the damage to her body and massage her aches and bruises feeling good. Through her tears, frustration, pain and embarrassment Emma Bunton swore that there would be a rematch.

The End.
Emma (Baby) Bunton vs. Geri (ex-Ginger) Haliwell (II) by Harry (2-16-00)

The two women stood facing one another, alone in a bare room in the blondes house. They hated each other, of course. Once they had been members of the same bands, friends and maybe closer than friends, but that was then and this was now. Now they were bitter rivals for the oxygen of publicity and success. They had fought once before and the ginger-haired woman had stripped and humiliated the blonde. But it had not been difficult for another physical confrontation to be arranged.

Emma had lusted after revenge, and had taken out her humiliation at being defeated on MTV VJ Cat Deeley. Her confidence restored she had started publicly slagged off Geri's singing and new videos at every available opportunity, the final straw coming when Geri was nominated for a Brit award. The vicious public mauling handed out by Emma got Geri's attention and within 20 minutes she was on the phone.

"Listen little girl, you should remember your place or do need to be taught that lesson again?"

"I'm ready for you any time, if you can tear yourself away from Kylie!"

"Fuck you Emma, name the time and place just you and me."

Later that night the two women were facing off at Emma's house. Baby Spice wore her trade mark white lace up leather knee boots, white and blue patterned thigh socks, white fingerless lace gloves with her blonde hair worn long and natural. Geri stood on the other side of the room dressed in black leather knee boots, black fishnet stockings, black lace panties, black silk elbow gloves and her long ginger hair was also untethered. Not only did their outfits match their public persona's and contrast, so did their skin - Emma's pale and Geri's being slightly tanned. Confident of her own prowess, Geri walked towards Emma and motioned with her hands to, "come and get some." Baby Spice looked bored and idly stroked the pink nipple on her pale left breast.

"See that spot over their, " she said motioning to the far wall with her spare hand. "That's wear I showed that little slut Deeley who was boss!"

"Still fighting other little girls are Emma. But I'm a real woman and I will put you back in your place!"

"Well there is certainly enough of you Geri. Not working out any more?" smirked Baby. Geri smiled sarcastically, put her hands out in front of her and charged forward. Baby did the same and braced for the collision.

The two pop stars bodies slapped together from the bottom of their boots to their breasts. Gloved hands plunged into the opponents hair and took a firm grip of long strands and pulled. Heads were yanked backwards sharply so that the two women could no longer look each other in the face. Hardening nipples were thrust into soft breast flesh. Both women let out squeals of pain and hissed bitchy and personal insults. They pulled each other in circles round the room trying to throw the other to the floor, but being so closely entwined that they could not gain the necessary leverage.

Emma transferred one of her hands and clamped it over Geri's face, fingers spread like a claw. This served to push Ginger back into an ever more painful posture and she was forced to drop to her knees, rather than fall backwards. She dropped to her knees, she broke her grip on Baby's hair and instead tried to remove the fingers that were digging into her face. But Emma broke the hold of her own volition and re-established her hair pull, and used this grip to drag Geri's face into her panties despite the older woman's attempts to prevent this. Even at this early stage of the fight, Geri realised that Emma was excited as her nose was assailed by the sweaty scent of Baby Spice's pussy.

Just as Ginger started to gag, Emma pulled her head back and looked down with an evil grin on her face.

"Enjoying yourself Ginger slut?" she sneered.

Geri dug her fingers into the seat of Emma's near transparent white panties and started to squeeze the soft flesh underneath. Baby squealed at this new assault and again thrust Geri's face into the front of her panties, rubbing it from side to side. Again the overwhelming desire to retch started to take hold of Geri, but she needed to breath. She thought about using her teeth, but realised that to do that she would need to get even closer to Emma's pussy. A not unpleasant thought under circumstances other than in a catfight.

Baby Spice was not having this fight all her own way as Geri's fingers cruelly ravished her backside, opening holes her panties. But the pain started to subside as Geri turned her efforts to freeing her head. She placed her hands on Emma's thighs and managed to force her head back into clean air, despite the intense pain in her scalp. Emma was still cackling unpleasantly when Geri rammed her head forward, her forehead burying itself into Emma's crotch. Baby Spice let out a gasp of surprise and pain, she let go of Geri's hair and staggered backwards. As she did so by accident she managed to push the toe of one of her boots into Ginger's crotch. Although not on the scale of the attack she had inflicted, it was still enough to make Geri roll over massaging her womanhood.

The two singers broke apart to collect themselves and inspect the damage that they had suffered. Emma painfully managed to stand upright and felt the tender flesh of her butt.

"You bitch Geri these panties cost me £100!"

"Well you seemed to have wasted your money slut, as from what I read in the papers you don't seem to wear them all that often!" snarled Geri.

She stood up, having realised that Emma's toe to her cunt had caused no serious damage. The two women circled each other warily for several seconds before again charging forward and burying their hands into the others long hair. Geri spat at Emma's face, the saliva hitting her cheek and running down. Emma retaliated in kind narrowly missing Geri's mouth as the two women started to yank the others head from side to side.

Despite the pain from Ginger's hair pulling, Emma tried to swing the older woman into the wall, but was unable to gain enough leverage. Initially Geri dug her heels and concentrated on holding her position and hurting Emma. But she quickly recognised that this was getting her no where, and instead thrust herself forward against her opponent. Their bare upper bodies slapped together, Geri trying to user her larger assets to intimidate the blonde. Emma grunted as she was forced to step backward as she felt Geri's nipples rub against her own breasts.

As Ginger continued this assault, Baby realised she was running out of room before she would be up against the wall, she redoubled her hair pulling, causing a few strands of ginger hair to drift downwards. The noise level of the squeals and whimpers from the two women started to get louder. Emma started to kick at Geri, but as unable to get a telling blow and Ginger's own boots provided protection.

It was as Emma was swinging a foot that Geri was able to gain an advantage by suddenly pulling Baby in the direction of her raised foot. Rather than fall over Emma was forced to lower herself onto one knee. Geri kept up the pressure, despite the vicious hair pulling and forced Emma down onto her back, all the time being pulled down with her opponent, so that when Baby's shoulder blades touched the carpet, Geri was on her knees astride Emma's waist. Having achieved a position of dominance Geri moved her left hand and clamped it on Emma's right breast, digging her fingers into the delicate flesh. Baby let out a loud gasp as the feeling of pain started to grow.

"Does this feel good to you Emma?" sneered Geri.

Emma withdrew a hand from Geri's hair and drove it as a fist into Ginger's stomach. This time it was Geri's turn to grasp, and fall to one side as a sense of nausea threatened to overwhelm her. Emma raised herself from the carpet to push her opponent on her way so that their positions were now reversed. Once she was on top, despite Geri still hanging one hand on her hair, Emma started to use one hand to gently stroke one of Ginger's nipples. A brief smile seemed to cross Miss Halliwell's face.

"Dirty little whore aren't you Geri, enjoying this, lets see how you like this!" snarled Emma.

Her gentle caress was turned into vicious assault Ginger screeched as Baby pulled and pinched her nipple. Geri tightened her hairpulling which had subsided following the punch, and used her spare hand to slap Miss Bunton across the cheek, causing it to redden. Baby screamed at the effect of these twin attacks, but did not falter in her attacks, which now caused Ginger to arch her body in pain.

Geri realised that she was losing the fight so clamped both of her gloved hands on Emma's breasts digging her fingers cruelly into the soft flesh. The black material of her gloves contrasting with Emma's pale skin. Now Baby let vent to her pain and pulled her other hand from Geri's long hair and used to add to the tit squeezing contest. Two sets of gloved fingers squeezed and pinched without mercy. Both women bit their lips rather than cry out and admit the pain that they were suffering.

It was Emma whose will broke first, and she took her hands off of Geri's breasts. As a wave of relief swept over Ginger she lessened her grip on Baby allowing the younger woman to tear her hands off of her bruised and marked breasts.

"Can't hack it little girl!" sneered Geri as the two women grappled.

Emma's only response was to empty a mouthful of saliva onto Ginger's face. This enraged Miss Halliwell and she put her strength into trying to reverse their positions. This didn't work as she hoped as instead Emma slide to one side, their hands still locked to together in a silky tangle. Ginger turned slightly onto her side pushing her weight down onto Emma's thigh, but before she could follow up this triumph, the blonde moved her other leg to trap Geri around the waist.

As she started to squeeze, Geri let out an unmelodious wail of anguish and started to thrash and squirm to free herself, but to no avail. She broke off her grappling with Emma and instead tried to break the leg lock that she was in. She started by punching Emma's thigh and then ripping at the top of her thigh socks in rage, the patterned cotton giving way under the assault. Emma was not idle in face of this assault, initially concentrating on squeezing the life out of her bitter enemy. But as the pain in her legs grew, she started to lash out with her hands getting a grip on the end on Geri's hair, despite the trapped woman trying to dodge out of the way. She caught hold of Geri's ear and grasped it, using this grip to pull Ginger's head closer to her so that she inflict more pain.

But it was Geri who inflicted the pain, realising that she was not hurting Emma enough (nor to her own personal satisfaction), she wrenched aside the front of Emma's panties exposing the short blonde pussy hair. Without a moments hesitation she looped her black gloved fingers through the curly hair and started to pull, whilst using her other hand to seek out Baby's womanhood. Now Miss Bunton let forth a scream of unladylike pain and a string of obscenities, mixed with a strange sensation of pleasure.

It was an instinctive reaction to break the leg lock and try to get away from Geri. She pulled her upper leg back, the laces catching and ripping Geri's fishnets, before using her foot to push her away. Unintentionally the heel of her boot squarely landed on the front triangle of Geri's black panties and cruelly dug in. Geri gasped sharply as the pain seemed to plunge inside her, and no longer being trapped by her opponent she rolled away to get as far away as possible. In breaking free she inflicted one last painful attack as her black gloves were covered with blonde pubic hair.

The two women lay on the floor, their battered bodies bathed in sweat. Emma was on her back massaging her pussy and bruised thighs. Ginger was laying on her side with her back to Emma and both hands down the front of her so far intact panties.

It was Emma who recovered sufficiently to get unsteadily to her feet, having discarded what was left of her panties. Geri started to slowly get onto her hands and knees looking around for her opponent. But she never saw her, only felt the boot connect with her midriff, sending her noisily sprawling towards the wall which she just fell short of. Again she started to raise herself up, this time seeing Emma's white boots as she closed in towards her. Emma raised her foot again, this time intent on planting it on the tattoos on Geri's lightly tanned shoulder-blades.

Ginger had enough of her wits about her to grasp the foot that was still in contact with the carpet and pull. She didn't even need to pull that hard before the laws of gravity took hold and Baby Spice fell backwards and landed on her butt. This move took the young blonde by surprise and was not without its pain as her still tender butt took the weight of the fall. Geri decided to not to pounce on her fallen opponent, the kick to the stomach had taken its toll and she would have to get past Emma's boots before she could inflict any pain.

Instead, she started to crawl away from Emma to give herself some breathing space. Baby lashed out with her booted feet as Ginger scuttled away, but the older woman got clean away. Emma got onto her hands and knees and set out in pursuit, which Geri only realised when she looked over her shoulder to make sure that her opponent was where she had been.

She saw Emma Bunton launching herself forward shouting, "Come her you fatty skanky slut!"

Emma landed between Geri's legs and wrapped her arms around Geri's thighs sending the ex-Spice Girl sprawling forward onto her front As she tried to get up she felt Emma's nails ripping through her stockings and into her thighs. Ginger screeched in pain and started to thrash her limbs and escape the pain. By accident she drove the toe of one of her boots into Emma's butt and her screams of pain were joined by those of the blonde. Geri managed to get back onto her hands and knees and started to crawl away.

She moved less than half metre before she felt her head yanked back painfully; Emma had reached forward and grasped the long sweaty strands of hair. Baby Spice then followed this up by slipping her other hand under Geri's black panties and greedily plunged her fingers into the unseen ginger pubic hair. Geri was overwhelmed by the wave of pain that robbed her of the ability to even scream.

"Payback bitch!" sneered Emma as her cruelly probing fingers brought a gagging reaction from Geri.

What saved Geri from giving up was that she had been here before and her overwhelming hatred for Emma. As Emma's finger started to probe inside her, Geri fought back the desire to just lie down and let it happen, and instead drove her right foot backwards sharply. The first such mule kick was imply to check where Emma's leg was, the second time was done with the intent of hurting the blonde. As Emma was bent forward over Geri's back, the boot connected with her leg just above the knee. The heel dug in mercilessly through what was left of the thigh socks and into the white flesh. Emma let out a chandelier shattering scream and automatically stopped her attack on Ginger and collapsed to the floor clutching her leg, letting forth a stream of abuse and obscenity to hide her pain and frustration.

Now free of Emma's fingers Geri fell forward and dragged herself away from the Spice Girl. Knowing that Emma hadn't moved because of the continuing stream of invective, Geri kept on moving until she was certain that she was clear before rolling over onto her back. Her first reaction was to start massaging her damaged pussy. It felt pretty bad, so Geri slipped off one of elbow gloves and used her bare fingers to check the damaged area, and winced with pain. Emma by now had stopped shouting and had tentatively raised herself onto her knees, the darkening skin on her leg visible though the holes in her thigh socks. Geri stopped checking herself and raised herself onto her knees, and as an act of defiance ripped away her knickers which she held in her gloved hand like a sword.

The two women awkwardly moved towards one another. When they were less than a metre apart, Geri spat at Emma, the saliva hitting the blondes mouth. Baby recoiled slightly and winced before wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

"You dirty fucking tramp Geri!"

Geri ignored her and lunged forward, wrapping her gloved arm round Emma's neck and trying to gag her opponent with her knickers. Emma managed to spit her own mouthful of saliva, hitting Ginger's cheek before grappling with her opponent. The two pop stars swayed back forth in their bitter struggle. Emma managed to prize Geri's underwear from her fingers and throw them out of reach, but in retaliation the older woman started pulling hair. Emma tried a twofold retaliation, using one hand to punch Geri and the other to pull her hair.

In doing so, she really failed to make much impact. Although she did take a grip of the long ginger hair, but the punch had no effect. All Baby got for her pains was more saliva on her face and Geri's sweaty body pressed up close against her. Hands were wrapped in hair, bruised breasts slapped and pressed against one another and their ravaged crotches brushed and rubbed together. Emma buried her head into Geri's shoulder so as to avoid suffering any more spitting.

As the two women struggled bitterly, insults flew back and forth. Geri broke her neck grip and instead snaked the gloved hand into Baby's blonde minge hair, plucking out a small tuft. Baby screeched with pain and instinctively sunk her teeth into Geri's shoulder.

"Bitch!" screeched Geri as she pushed Baby Spice away from her. The two women parted sufficiently for Miss Halliwell to check her shoulder; she could feel the teeth imprints, but the skin had not been broken. Now Emma lunged forward, behind a mouthful of saliva which hit Ginger's on the mouth, and wrapped her hands around Geri's neck. Ginger retaliated by viciously pulling at the blonde locks of her opponents hair. But despite pulling out several long strands, to the obvious distress of Miss Bunton, her grip did not lessen. Emma was hanging on through desperation and hatred now, all that was preventing her crying.

But Geri was also growing more distressed as her lungs were denied oxygen and she felt herself grow woozy. She changed her strategy and fighting back her own desire to cry, started punch Emma with a flurry of blows, hitting her midriff and the bruise on her leg. Just as Geri felt she was going to have to swallow her pride and submit to her hated foe, a blow landed on Emma's crotch. As the pain shot through her nervous system to her brain, Emma moved her hands from Ginger's neck to protect her womanhood. In doing so Geri fell forward onto Baby and the two women collapsed the floor with Geri on top. No further combat took place for the next 30 seconds as the two combatants did what they could to recover their strength.

"Give up Emma, or you will seriously regret it!" Geri said hoarsely.

"Go fuck yourself slut!" Emma's responded as she pulled her hands slowly from under Geri and took hold of the ginger hair.

Geri grunted with pain, and pressed her body down pushing Baby down into the carpet. Emma gasped and felt the tears in her eyes start to well up. Ginger then twisted round slowly so that she was on top of the younger woman and returned the hair pulling. Their bodies pressed together silently from the sole of their boots to the tops of their heads. Emma realised that as long as she was underneath Geri she stood no chance of winning, no matter what she. Emma wrapped her hands round Geri's body, grasping each wrist and with a supreme effort she managed to reverse the position. But before she could take advantage, Geri applied her own body weight to the roll and it continued as a mad blur of hair and skin until they hit the wall and bounced back.

When the two hellcats finally came to a stop it was the ex Spice Girl who was on top. Geri managed to drag herself up so that she was sat astride Emma's stomach, despite the blonde Spice Girl's efforts to prevent this. Having achieved a position of dominance, Geri roughly took hold of Emma's breasts and started to pull them apart.

"Split you in half slag!" sneered Geri as she planted more saliva on Baby's sweaty red face.

Emma just let out a scream. As she arched her back in pain, the dam broke and tears started to stream down her cheeks. In an act of defiance Baby Spice dug her nails through the remnants of Geri's stockings and into her thighs. Geri bit her lip rather than also start to cry and diverted her hands to take a grip of the hair on either side of Emma's head. She then started to yank her head from side to side like a doll's and bang it into the carpet.

Slowly Emma's body went limp, and it was only when her hands away from Ginger's legs did she stop assaulting her. Having satisfied herself that she had won this grueling and vicious batter, Geri slide off her opponent onto the floor tired, but satisfied that she was a winner again.

Emma started to come to an unknown time latter. Her body felt like shit and her ego felt as bad. As her senses started to return she realised she could smell something unpleasant. She slowly opened an eye and realised that her nose was almost inside one of the knee boots, and she was being overwhelmed by its stench. She rolled her head in the opposite direction and found she was facing another boot. When she looked straight up she saw Geri who was naked. It was at this moment that she realised that she was gagged and that she couldn't move her hands.

"Back with us are we little Emma?" she inquired sweetly, "I wasn't sure what I was going to do with you, especially given our past relationship. But frankly of late you have become a snotty bitch who has really pissed me off. So I have decided to punish you so badly you will never fuck with me again! I've gagged and bound you so there is no point struggling, just let it happen - you should be good at that. Useful things, elbow gloves!"

With that Geri lowered her still ravaged womanhood onto Emma's face and remained there in bliss long after the blonde had passed out.

When Emma finally came to dawn was breaking over London. She was free, but naked. All traces of the fight had been removed and all that remained were three letters addressed to the other, remaining Spice Girls.

THE END (for now.....)