Mel C (Sporty Spice) vs Natalie Imbruglia by Harry

Melanie Chisholm, aka Mel C, aka Sporty Spice, had grown increasingly aware that the fame upon which her career rested was a precarious foundation. The Spice Girls were no longer the cash cow that they had once been, and although she had a solo pop career, which Madonna had helped nurture, she had been easily overshadowed by Baby Spice and Geri Haliwell. To cap it all, the other remaining Spice Girls all had reputations which was worth money; Victoria had a very rich husband to boot. She had nothing.

It was in this irritable mood of self introspection that she went to the exclusive gym in London that she frequented to keep fit and eye the talent. When she arrived and changed she was disappointed to discover that the only other person on the establishment was Natalie Imbruglia the Australian Pop star and song writer who had managed the transition from appearing in a ropey soap opera, "Neighbours" to stardom.

Whilst the two women barely knew one another, Natalie regarded Mel as a talentless little bitch who ought to stick to being an indifferent member of a girl band. Mel regarded Nat as a third rate actress who ought to have stayed in Australia.

It didn't take long for the two women to exchange words. Mel prided herself on her physical fitness, and made some comment about it being novices hour and that Natalie didn't do enough real work to need to work out. The Australian replied that she thought that the gym was exclusive and didn't allow little tramps in of the street. As the war of words grew, Natalie threw petrol onto the fire by making a jibe about Mel's supposed sexual orientation.

"Fuck you slut. Lets settle this right now, on the mats, just you and me!" Mel exploded.

"OK little Miss Girl power lets go settle it." and the two women walked over to a spacious, matted area that was free of all impediments and obstacles. Mel was wearing white trainers, white socks, black jogging bottoms, a white vest t-shirt, under which the faint outline of a bra could be distinguished and a sweat-band on each wrist. Nat wore chunky black trainers, grey sweatpants, and zip up, long sleeved grey sweat top which was open to show off some cleavage. The stood opposite one another, approximately 3 metres apart, waiting for the other to make the first move.

"Are we going to strip off?" asked Mel.

Natalie couldn't hold back the sniggers when she sneeringly replied, "We going to fight, not fuck you stupid bitch, this isn't some silly Spice Girls game!"

Angered that once again her sexual orientation had been questioned, Mel charged forward intent on damaging the Australian songstress. Natalie was ready and the women each took two handfuls of the others short hair and began the struggle for supremacy. They staggered around, grunting with the exertion and pain, for a couple of minutes in stalemate, neither prepared that she was being hurt nor back off from the fight. As they danced around, they kicked out with their feet but not making contact. Mel broke this deadlock by releasing her hair grip and wrapping her arms around Nat's waist in a bearhug. Initially Natalie couldn't understand what Mel was doing, but when the Spice Girl picked her up and began to squeeze she cried out in anguish.

Natalie's first effort was to try and break the hold, but to no avail, Mel's vice like grip was secure, and the pain increasing with every passing moment. She returned to pulling her opponents short, highlighted hair, and as she looked at Mel's grinning face a shiver ran through her. She was even more alarmed to see the distinct outline of hardening nipples under the white vest; My god thought Natalie, she is enjoying this! Natalie redoubled her efforts to be free and started to squirm and thrash her legs.

"Stay still little girl!" sneered Mel.

Sporty was then taken by surprise when Nat managed to wriggle a knee close to her crotch, and in an effort to protect herself, she closed both her legs around it. But in doing so, coupled with the squirming of her Australian opponent, she overbalanced and fell backwards, releasing her grip. As the two women collapsed in a sweaty heap, Natalie had no idea as to how she had managed to free herself, but was not slow to realise that she now held and advantage by being on top. But as she prepared to exploit this, she felt two hands roughly grab her black hair and pull her head forward and down. Mel held the Aussies face against her swelling breasts and then started to jerk her head back and forth. Natalie was almost overcome by the heavy aroma of Mel's pert and sweaty breasts, even behind the t-shirt. She struggled to move her head up and away from this torture, but to no avail.

Mel's cackled with delight as the Aussie struggled to free herself. But this stopped when Nat managed to get her lower half up onto her knees, and then drive her right knee in to Sporty's crotch. Almost instantaneously the cackles were replaced by groaning and the grip on her hair was released. Free Nat pulled herself up fully onto her knees, gulping in air and clearing her nostrils, whilst beneath her Mel squirmed. Natalie reached down and roughly pulled Mel up by the straps of her vest until she was almost sat upright. Then taking a grip of the front of the damp t-shirt with one hand she slapped Mel hard across the face, leaving her cheek a stinging, rosy red.

"Lets see how you like playing rough you dirty little whore" sneered Nat, as she again slapped Sporty Spice.

The second slap brought Mel's senses flooding back and she realised her situation. She drove her right fist into Nat's stomach, causing her to grunt loudly and preventing a further slap. As Mel fell back, the thin cotton of her sweat soaked t-shirt gave way with a loud rip to reveal her white breasts behind a very skimpy white bra. Nat was stunned momentarily by the blow to her stomach; she felt sure that Mel's fist had exited her back. But before she could resume her attacks, Mel brought a knee up into the small of the Aussies back, throwing her forward. Melanie realised far to late that the effect of this attack, in addition to the pain it inflicted, was to send Nat's stomach crashing into her face, the folds of the sweat top covering her face.

"Get off me you Aussie cow!" Mel shouted, her cry of anger muffled by Natalie's clothing.

But Natalie had realised that she was still on top, and to remind her foe of this, raised her backside and then slammed her groin downwards into Mel's upper stomach. The scream of pain was lost in the folds of Nat's top. Mel was in pain and she felt that she was suffocating, and in desperation she put her hands up the back of the offending sweat top and started to scratch. But her nails were only short and this only served as an irritant to the Aussie, who retaliated with another slam to the stomach. As the air slowly started to leave her lungs, Mel instead plunged her hands down the back of Nat's loose fitting sweatpants, and pushing aside the cotton knickers took a firm hold of Natalie's arse cheeks.

Natalie screamed as Sporty squeezed and pinched at her butt. She slowly pulled herself up onto her knees' hoping that this would cause the grip to be broken, but instead, the positioning of Mel's wrists simply forced the waist of the sweatpants down, revealing more flesh. Nat reached down and started to pull at Mel's hair, but this didn't lessen her pain, although when a few strands came away, her scream were matched by those from the lower woman. Nat then used her now free hand and took hold of Mel's nose, seeking out the stud, "Let go of my fucking butt or I'll rip your nose stud out!" she screamed.

The pain subsided, and Natalie felt Mel's hands withdraw, and she released her hold on Sporty's nose, but not on her hair. Her slight sense of triumph was lost when Mel, drove a fist upwards into her crotch, forcing knuckles, wrapped in the cloth of her sweatpants up into her womanhood. Natalie screamed and fell forward, clear of Mel. It was now the Spice Girls turn to gulp fresh air, and feel her bruised but otherwise undamaged nose. Despite her pain Nat slowly got to her hands and knees and started to crawl away. But she had not gone far before she felt Mel grab her ankles and pull her flat.

Sporty released her grip, and Natalie again started to crawl away, but this time she felt hands grab at her sweat top, and then Mel's crotch rubbing against her sore arse. As Mel's hands snaked up against her skin, Nat tried to crawl away, but she couldn't. Mel leaned forward and hissed in the Australians ear, "Going somewhere are we Nat darling, Lets see what we can find under your sweatshirt", her groping hands found Nat.s breasts, "these feel good to me, how about you?" All Natalie could do was squeal.

Almost tenderly Mel used her grip on Natalie's breasts to pull the Aussie up onto her knees, all the while gently rubbing her nipples, until they were hard. Natalie felt so helpless and vulnerable. She knew what was about to happen, and there was nothing that she could do. Every time she started to struggle and squirm, Mel increased the pressure on her breasts. Once up on her knees, Nat could feel Mel's hot breath on her neck and her pussy grinding against her butt. Mel soon tired of playing with Natalie, remembering the Aussies earlier comments, and she now started to squeeze and scratch at her swelled breasts, causing Natalie to scream in a way that would never make it onto her new album.

As the pain increased, Natalie started to squirm and thrash about.

"Now stay still little girl, or I'll give your pussy the same treatment!" hissed Mel.

Nat twisted her body slightly and sharply thrust back her elbow, straight into Mel's stomach. The first two times had no effect, but with an effort born of anger and frustration, Natalie kept up the attacks. Now Sporty started to scream with pain, and released her grip on Nat's now bruised breasts, and instead used her hands to push the Aussie away from her before collapsing holding her stomach.

It took a few moment for the two women to recover sufficiently to get back onto their feet. Natalie was up first, whilst Mel was only on her knees. Despite feeling weak, Natalie swung her right foot at Mel's head, catching it on the side with the top of her trainers. Mel never knew what hit her and was sent sprawling towards the wall.

"Eat leather bitch!" said Natalie.

Mel felt like she had been hit over the head and as she struggled to regain her footing, Natalie grabbed her hair and helped pull her up, so they were face to face. Mel finally returned to her senses when Natalie slapped her across the cheek and she opened her eyes to see the sweaty face of her opponent. Mel emptied a mouthful of spit into Nat's face and the Aussie recoiled in disgust, using the arm of her sweat top to wipe herself. Mel just grinned as she watched Natalie try to clean herself, not strong enough to follow up.

Natalie was furious that the fight had hit this knew low, and having wiped her face, charged at Mel, pinning her up against the wall. The two women buried their hands in each others hair, Mel trying to hold Natalie close to her to protect her womanhood. The swung each other around, crashing into the wall. Using all of their remaining strength to batter the others body. When she wasn't against the wall, Natalie used her nails to break the skin on Mel's back by raking her nails across her tattoo. When the position was reversed, Sporty again plunged her hands down the back of Nat's trousers and attacked her arse. Until the position was again reversed, and Nat rammed her butt up against the wall, trapping them there. Mel screamed, if felt as if all her fingers were broken.

Now with a free rein, Natalie plunged one hand down the front of the Spice Girls jogging trousers, and under her knickers and started to attack the short stubbly minge that she found. Mel screamed louder, and tried to press Nat up against the wall and hurt her hand, but this had the effect of only increasing the pain in her own fingers. She had now chance to try another plan, as Natalie's fingers found Sporty's vulnerable womanhood, and before she could react, plunged in brutally pinching and scratching.

Melanie burst into tears at the this assault and tried to break free, but there was no need as after a few moments Nat broke her hold and pushed her opponent to the floor. Mel tried to get up to resume the fight, doing her best to ignore the pain in her pussy, but her tears blinded her as she never saw the black trainer as it caught her across the chin, sending her sprawling backwards.

The next thing she knew, she was on her back staring up at Natalie, begging to be let go, that Natalie was the better woman, that she was sorry. But Natalie remembered the pain that had been inflicted on her butt and grabbed Mel by the hair, and pulled the face up into the crotch of her sweat dampened trousers, and held her there until she stopped squirming and shouting.

When Mel finally came to an unknown time later, the female proprietor of the gym said that there had been a complaint and that Melanie Chisholm would need to find a new gymnasium to work out in.