Emma Bunton (Baby Spice) vs Cat Deeley Battle of theVJ's by Harry 15-Jan-00

With a fall off in Spice Girls activity, and to take her mind off her humiliation at the hands of Geri Haliwell, Emma Bunton agreed to be a VJ for the UK Music Channel VH1. She did a daily, one hour show that went out at lunchtime and was repeated in the early evening. She used the show to promote Spice Girls material, their solo careers and to take swipes at their detractors. One of these was the MTV VJ, Cat Deeley, who in the process of reviewing some of the Spice's solo work has described it as awful, drivel and, bluntly, crap. Emma retaliated by taking a swipe at no nothing TV presenters who wouldn't know good music from their elbow, and refusing to be interviewed by Cat for another channel. The tempo was upped and upped, until eventually at the recording of a TV Music show, the two women had exchanged angry word in the privacy of the rest room Slaps were exchanged and Emma had challenged Cat to settle their difference like cats. Cat had been only to eager to accept,she wanted to be known as more than just a kids music presenter and saw in Emma the chance to raise her profile.

There were some negotiations via fax and e-mail and it was agreed that the fight would take place at Emma's London home with no audience. Cat arrived at the designated time, and was let in by Emma who expressed surprise that she had turned up and offering the chance to apologise and leave. Cat impolitely declined, and Emma led them into a top storey studio which had been cleared of all obstructions except an large Boom box on the floor. Cat removed her long coat and placed it with a bag containing spare clothes outside the door through which they had entered. Cat was wearing black and white patterned knee boots, knee length black skirt with a side split and black top which showed off, and went no higher than, her cleavage. Her light brown shoulder length hair was unteathered. Emma wore white knee boots, a strapless white mini dress with a red E in the centre of the front. Her hair was tied in a pony tail. She picked up a remote control devise from a window ledge that overlooked north London and switched on some indeterminate European dance music.

"Don't worry Cat, this is just to drown out the sound of your screams for mercy." Cat frowned as if in deep thought, "Oh, I get it a joke, part of your legendary sense of humour, just like your solo career and your private life."

"Bitch, at least I have a boyfriend, or maybe you don't like men?" Emma shot back.

"From what I read you have several boyfriends, so I guess that makes you a cheap little slut!" Emma reddened at this reference to her notorious private life, and she moved forward her hands shaped like claws. Cat did the same and the two women circled each other for a few moments before lunging at one another. Cat grabbed Emma's pony tail pulling her head backwards, whilst the Spice Girl clamped her hands around the MTV j's neck and started shaking violently. This move took Cat by surprise, and Emma used this advantage to start squeezing as hard as she could, and started to push her opponent backwards. They held this position for a few moments before Cat withdrew one hand and slapped Baby Spice across the face. But this brought no respite. When she brought her hand back, it came back as a clenched fist which knocked Emma's head sideways with the force. The Spice Girl staggered backwards one hand clutching at her right cheek breaking contact with Cat.

Cat was heartened by this initial skirmish as she from her limited experience she had feared a brutal onslaught, instead she had gained the upper hand. She rushed forward, pushing Emma back by the shoulders as the Spice Girl continued to nurse her cheek which had turned a bright shade of red. As she was driven backwards Emma reached out and grabbed Cat's light brown hair causing her to squeal. But this had no effect and she was slammed into the wall. The two women grappled against the wall, their boots rubbing up against one another, their bodies too close for meaningful kicks to be landed. This time Cat snaked her fingers into the hair on the top of Emma's head whilst the Spice Girl also took two handfuls of hair. As the grappled each woman squealed in pain. Emma tried to push away from the wall, but with no success and each time Cat pushed her back, trying to slam her head into the world. Cat tried to bring knee up into Baby's crotch, but the Spice Girl closed her legs around the rising knee catching the blow. Whilst Cat was unsteady, Emma took hold of her right elbow with both hands and swung her round. The first thing that Cat knew was when her black slammed into the wall so that she was adjacent to Emma. Before she could recover from this sudden turn of events, Emma clasped both her hands together and swung them round and into Cat's stomach.

The MTV VJ doubled over in pain feeling like she was about to throw up. Her head was forced up and back against the wall by her hair and she opened her eyes to see Emma in front of her drawing back her left fist. It was only with a supreme effort and biting her lip to overcome the pain in her scalp that Cat was able to move her head out of the way so that Baby Spice's fist slammed into the wall, albeit catching Cat's ear in the process. As her knuckles collided painfully with the wall Emma screamed and let out a stream of obscenities. Cat now drove her own fist into Emma's stomach to add to the Spice Girl's pain, causing her to release her grip and step backwards. The two women paused for a moment to take stock of their pain before Cat leapt forward taking a firm grip of her opponents hair, especially her pony tail. Emma returned the attack and they struggled like two hell cats, each trying to gain an advantage over the other, and whilst they tussled they exchanged insults and obscenities. As they tottered around, Emma drove the heel of her left boot into the top of Cat's foot. As she squealed, Cat instinctively brought the knee of her other leg upwards, but it never made contact, as she fell backwards dragging Emma with her. As Cat fell onto her back, Emma landed on her driving the air from her lungs. Although she still held weakly to Baby's pony tail, it was the Spice Girl who now had the advantage.

Emma brought herself up so that she was sat astride her opponent midriff, and punched Cat in each of her shoulder until she released the grip on her pony tail. Despite the pain being inflicted, and the weight of the Spice Girl on her Cat slowly started to recover. She tried to wriggle and squirm, if only to remind her opponent that the fight was not over. Emma responded by slapping Cat around the face , "Stop wriggling you little bitch!"

When this had no impact, Emma placed on hand on Cat's shoulder, pushing it downwards and used her other hand to again slap the prone VJ across the cheek. As the flat of her hand connected with Cat's soft cheek there was a satisfying, to Emma anyway, thwack and squeal of pain, which although audible to her was drowned out by the music. Despite the strong desire to start crying, Cat retaliated, by starting to throw punches at Emma's stomach. Given her position, Cat could get no meaningful force into her blows, they were enough to distract Emma into trying to deflect and prevent such attacks rather than hurting Cat. When Cat didn't stop throwing punches, Emma used both hands to take a grip of Cat's top and pulled hard. At first the material stretched, but then gave way with surprising speed and a loud rip. "Bitch!" screeched Cat as the top came away. But Baby Spice had been unprepared by the suddenness with which Cat's top had given way and she fell backwards, hitting her head on Cat's boots. Despite the remnants of her top hanging around her waist, revealing he lightly tanned body and her breasts behind a lacy black bra, Cat was quick to seize on this reversal of fortune. To protect herself, Cat took hold of Emma's boots by the ankles, before wrapping her own booted feet over the Spice Girls face. When Emma tried to get up, her face smacked into Cat's boots and was then pushed backwards as the MTV VJ lowered her feet. Emma tried to use her own feet in this manner, but Cat's grip was firm and although she could move her legs, she could not use them to attack her opponent.

As the boots pushed into her face, Emma realised that she needed to escape this pin on else she would lose. She started by putting her hands up under Cat's skirt and scratching and her smooth thighs, breaking the skin and causing nasty red weals to appear. Miss Deeley bit her lip rather than cry out, and responded by bushing her feet down harder into her opponents face. Still trapped in despite her scratching, Emma tried to undo Cat's boots, but there were lace ups rather than zip up like her own. She then pushed her hands back up inside her opponents black skirt, this time reaching as far as she could. When there was no repeat of the raking nails across her skin, Cat realised what was about to come, but was caught in two minds as to what to do, and whilst she thought, Emma attacked. Her fingers grabbed at Cat's unseen skimpy panties, pulling them aside and the entwining themselves in the short pubic hair and then pulling. Gentle tugs to start with before developing into a full scale hair pulling. This time no amount of self restraint could hold back Cat's shrieks of pain and obscenities. She arched her back with pain, and broke her hold on Emma's boots trying to use her hands to bring some relief to her burning womanhood. Now that her legs were unencumbered, Emma brought her ankles together on either side of Cat's head and started to squeeze, all the time continuing to ravage the MTV j's hidden pussy. "So Cat," Emma crowed, "you really do have a pussy, for now at least!"

Being assaulted in two directions, Cat wanted to give up, but her desire to hurt Emma as badly as she herself was hurting drove her on. She unhooked her ankle lock and instead managed to place the sole of one of her boots under Emma's chin and started to push. Now it was Baby Spice's turn to scream, and she removed one of her hands from Cat's skirt to protect herself. But this pain was as nothing when Cat managed to use hr other foot to push Emma's right breast and start to push it upwards. The pain across Emma's chest only ended when she used both of her hands to force Cat's boots away from her body, and in doing so she rolled away from her opponent. Cat was also hurting and did not attempt to pursue, instead she took the opportunity to assess the damage that she had suffered. As she used a hand to massage her sore womanhood she was horrified that her once neat minge was feeling distinctly patchy and rough. "You f---ing slut Emma, I am going to make you sorry for this."

Emma didn't reply, she was busy feeling her own damaged body, especially her right breast. After a pause, it was Cat who got to her knees, and discarded what was left of her top which had bunched around her waist, before standing up on less than solid legs. Aware that the fight was not over, Emma to slowly got up to meet the challenge. Wearily the two women circled each other, lashing out with their hands trying to find an opening to exploit, but to no avail. Emma tired of this and leapt forward and the two women resumed the bitter hair pulling contest. But the Spice Girl was over confident of her position and was surprised when Cat pulled her head down into a headlock with her right arm. Emma lost her grip on Cat's hair and instead used her hands to punch and scratch at her stomach. But Cat was so consumed with hatred for the Spice Girl that she ignored these attacks as being a minor irritation, albeit painful. She used her free hand to slap Emma's face whilst she dragged her reluctant, struggling opponent towards the wall. As they got closer to the edge of the room Cat started to squeeze and pinch Emma's nose, causing Baby to squeal, "Let go of me you third rate slag or I'll yank every hair out of your pussy!"

But as one hand snaked up Cat's skirt, Emma felt herself being swung round, until she collided with the wall with a sickening crunch. Emma screamed, but it was drowned out by a sudden high point in the music, and she wrapped her arms around her battered body. Cat released her headlock and instead grabbed the blonde's ponytail. She used this to swing Baby round her body so that she again slammed into the wall, this time on Cat's other side. Again Emma screamed as her body banged against the unforgiving wall, and she slumped down to her knee's, close to tears. But she was allowed no respite as Miss Deeley dragged her roughly up to her feet by the shoulders of her dress. When they were face to face Cat grabbed a handful of Emma's dress by the 'E' on the front, drawing the material across the breasts. Emma tried to fight back and raised a hand sufficiently to slap her opponent across the cheek. But it was not enough to stop Cat to again pivot on her heels and through Emma across the room ripping open the dress in the process. As she was propelled forward, Baby Spice tripped over her own feet, and fell onto her front, in the process her head knocked into the boom box, causing it to fall over. Emma laid their stunned for what she though was several minutes. She struggled to raise herself up on to her hands and knees and shake the cobwebs that were clouding her brain.

But just as she was about to turn round and face her opponent, she felt a great weight land on the base of her spine, was forced to resume her prone position on the floor. Cat again took hold of Emma's pony tail, and pulled hard pulling her head up and back. Emma let out a strangled scream and tried to arch her back, but Cat cruelly raised and slammed her body downwards.

"Do you give Emma?"

"Give to a cheap slut like you, there's more chance of me kissing your boots on TV!"

"Don't worry Emma, that can be arranged!" snarled Cat as she freed one hand she applied a vicious chin lock. Emma started to struggle realising the seriousness of her predicament. Despite being in excruciating pain from Cat's hold on her, Emma raked her nails across the offending arm, causing the MTV VJ to release her grip with a squeal. Baby Spice now tried to force herself up with her hands, but with the grip on her pony tail, Cat was in the dominant position. Recalling the pain and humiliation that she had suffered, Cat lent back slightly, and started to work a hand up under Emma's skirt. Instinctively Baby Spice closed her legs in an effort to protect her woman hood, forcing Cat to instead start pinching at her butt. Out of shear desperation, and realising that it would only be a matter of time before her pussy was attacked, Emma reached forward and grabbed the boom box, still blasting out Europop. Having grasped it she attempted to throw it over her head. Given her position and the punishment that she had taken, Emma was not able to throw the boom box with all the violence that she felt. But it was still a surprise to Cat when it hit her stomach, and although it was not painful, it stll resulted in her falling backwards. Now free of Cat as an encumbrance Emma was able to drag herself free and try to turn and face her opponent on a more equal footing.

Having fallen off of her opponent Cat had scrambled away to prevent any swift counter attack. But it never came and she got up onto her knees. The two VJ's faced one another for a few moments before tottering together and resuming their fight. Emma sank her hands into Cat's sweaty hair pulling her head backwards, whilst Cat wrapped her arms around Baby's waist and started to squeeze and pull her closer. The two women squealed under the pressure of these new attacks. Cat used her hands to start to pull up Emma's skirt, revealing her white thighs and panties.

Emma now wrapped her own arms round Cat's torso so that their breasts were forced together. Despite Cat's bra and what was left of Emma's top their breasts pressed together painfully, with Emma having the slight advantage with larger and better protected breasts. By now Cat had managed to pull up enough of Baby's skirt that she was able to use one hand to take a grip of Emma's butt through her white panties. The Spice Girl squealed and thrust her crotch forward. She then moved one of her own hands down and started to tear at the split in Cat's skirt. The two women swayed back and forth engaged in this bitter struggle. Cat broke her grip on Emma and instead used both hands to widen the rip in Emma's top and take a grip of her as yet untouched breasts. The Spice Girl retaliated by moving a hand to unhook Cat's bra, but it was an unequal race as Cat managed to wrench aside Emma's bra and sink her fingers into the swelling flesh, exacting pay back for the pain she had suffered. Just as Cat's bra fell away, the MTV VJ thrust her crotch back into Baby's, catching by her surprise and the two women fell sideways onto the floor.

As they hit the carpet, Cat broke her grip on Emma's tits, which allowed the Spice Girls to thrust her chest forward so that their nipples pressed together. Cat gasped at this new experience. Unable to resume her attack on Emma's chest, Cat now again started to pull hair, pulling apart what was left of Emma's pony tail so that the long blonde hair flowed naturally. The two combatants now started to roll around the floor in a bitter struggle from the soles of their boots to the top of their heads. Their sweat soaked bodies pressed together, hands pulling hair, scratching and pinching skin, nipples pressed into soft breast and crotches being forced together. Although they were tired by their previous exertions, their hatred carried them forwards.

But eventually it was Emma's greater experience as a catfighter that told. As across the carpets they rolled back and forth, first Cat and top then Emma, it was Baby Spice who was eventually able to stay on top and once their she was able to manoeuvre herself so that she was sat astride Cats' midriff. Each woman had a firm grip on the others breasts, twisting and squeezing. But Emma knew how to inflict more pain as she pressed, then pulled , squeezed and crushed Cat's breasts, despite the pain that she was herself being put through. Both women were on the verge of crying. Emma started to bounce up and down on Cat's stomach, with each downward motion she applied more pressure to Cat's tits.

"Let go of my breasts you little slut!" spat Emma, but there was no reaction from Cat Deeley.

"Admit that I am the better woman!" Emma snarled as she slammed her butt into Cat's stomach.

Cat slowly let go and let her hands fall away as she burst in to a flood of tears. Having won, Emma released her grip, and stayed in position drinking in the position.

"Right you little bitch, you have a choice and we can do this the hard way or the easy way." snarled Emma.

"What more do you want?" sobbed Cat.

"I want your boots and you to tell that slut Geri that I want a rematch!"

Cat nodded weakly, and did not resist as Emma unlaced her boots. neither woman appeared on their respective shows for about a week, citing illness. When Emma reappeared she wore her new trophy.

The End

Coming Soon: Emma Bunton vs Geri Haliwell Part II - The rematch


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