Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice) vs. Naomi Campbell by Harry 06-Feb-00

The feud between Victoria (Posh Spice) Beckham and Naomi Campbell started with a TV programme Victoria did in which she described Naomi as a "Stupid Cow", and then followed that with several far more personal attacks. In response, Naomi, who was visiting London from Milan, publicly described Vicky as "tacky", "talentless" and "unable to dance or sing." Other, even more biting remarks never even made it into the English papers. Within hours of the papers hitting the newstands, Vicky tracked down Naomi and rang her up.

"Listen Naomi, why don't you stick to what you are good at, ha ha ha, wearing third rate clothes, having your mother tell you what to do and appearing in porn shoots with Madonna. Stay away from the UK and leave this place to the real stars!"

"Frankly little Miss Posh Slag that's a bit rich from someone who held the tackiest wedding of the century! I made myself and don't need equally third rate singers and a husband who couldn't spell Naomi telling me what to do!"

"Leave David out of this you slut. I'm not afraid of you so lets settle this like women you and me."

"I don't have play fights with little girls, I only fight hard-core."

Victoria paused only momentarily before saying, "I'll be in touch within the hour, shall we say 8pm tonight, alone?"

Naomi was slightly taken aback by this, surprised that the Spice Girl wasn't overawed by her reputation, and agreed. Forty minutes latter Naomi received a fax with directions to a large house in Hertfordshire. It proved surprisingly easy for Victoria to gain access to Mel G's (who was abroad following her divorce) mansion whilst she was out of the country following a messy divorce. And it was equally easy to have the necessary preparations made to host a fight. A quick shopping trip and Posh Spice was able to drive out into the country with ample time to dismiss the staff and change.

Naomi appeared promptly at 8pm in her sports car and parked alongside Victoria's Mercedes. The front door was ajar so Naomi walked in and heard a voice calling her into a side room. Naomi pushed open the door and entered a well lit room with an expensive carpet and showed signs of recently having had the furniture removed. On the far side was Victoria Beckham leaning nonchalantly against the wall looking like she was waiting for the Old Trafford bus. Posh Spice wore black ankle boots, black leather mini skirt and a black leather bikini bra. Naomi slid off her long coat to reveal her own outfit, black lace up ankle boots, white thigh stockings, cut off denim shorts, black crop top which barely contained her large breasts and black lace gloves.

Seeing that Naomi was ready fight, Vicky moved away from the wall and walked towards the centre of the room. Naomi approached with her gloved hands outstretched and stopped about 2 metres away from her opponent. Victoria adopted a similar posture, and the two women started to warily circle one another, lashing our with their hands trying to catch hold of the other, but never being quite fast enough.

This tentative sparring convinced Posh Spice that Naomi was an all mouth and she leapt forward, getting her smaller frame between Naomi's arms. As their bodies slapped together, Victoria wrapped her arms round Naomi's upper body and took a firm grip on the darker woman's long straight black hair. Naomi wrapped her own arms around her opponent, but rather than pulling hair, she clasped her hands together. Having trapped Victoria in her vice-like grip, she picked the Spice Girl who let out a slight shriek of surprise. Once her feet left the ground, Victoria realised that she was in trouble even at this very early stage of the contest, staring as she was into Naomi's breasts.

She stopped pulling Naomi's hair and instead used her hands to try and smother her opponent by wrapping them round her neck. But this brought no relief from the supermodel's crushing grip, and Victoria felt herself losing air from her lungs faster than she could deny Naomi air. Posh Spice started to struggle and thrash, her boots rubbing up against Naomi's stocking causing ladders to appear. In retaliation Naomi further tightened her grip, which had the effect of bringing her magnificent breasts closer still to Victoria's face.

As she felt herself start to go dizzy, the toe of Vic's right boot connected with Naomi's shin. It was Naomi who now let out a cry of anguish as the pain shot up her body, releasing her grip on the Spice Girl. As Victoria dropped to the floor she staggered back slightly and started to gulp down air, whilst Naomi dropped onto one knee whilst massaging her sore shin.

It was the pop star who recovered first, and again took hold of Naomi's hair with both of her hands, and having secured this grasp, they pulled hard in an effort to swing the dark woman into the wall. But Naomi was bigger and heavier than Victoria thought and she had not recovered her breath from being crushed. The effect was that although Naomi was yanked from her crouched position, she fell onto her stomach well short of the wall. Seeing this Victoria let out an expletive and threw herself forward intent on pinning the supermodel to the floor in her current position. But Naomi recovered and rolled over onto her back, so Victoria landed on carpet.

The two women now found themselves on the floor adjacent to one another, and they both rolled towards each other so that they were on their sides facing one another. From this position they were able to resume hurting one another, initially both taking a grip of the others hair. In a pure hair pulling match Victoria was at a distinct disadvantage with her shorter hair. As they two women tugged at one another's hair, they lashed out with their long legs trying to use their booted feet to inflict pain, but instead they became an entangled mass of valuable flesh.

They struggled on the floor for a minute or so before Naomi flexed her arm muscles and dragged Vic's head forward and into her cleavage. As she did so, Posh's ear rubbed painfully against the carpet and she let out a gasped scream before being cut short when her face was buried between the super models two breasts. Almost at once Victoria was overwhelmed by the sweaty and musky aroma of her opponent, it made her want to gag. But when she tried to back away to get fresh air but her head was held firm by Naomi's cruel and unrelenting grip.

The Spice Girl let go of Naomi's hair and instead tried to push her opponent away, but to no avail. It was the realisation that she couldn't afford so humiliating a defeat that caused Vic to start blindly raining punches into Naomi's bare, vulnerable midriff. Her positioning meant that she could get no real momentum behind her blows, but they still took the darker woman by surprise.

Now it was Naomi's turn to let out a cry of pain and she released her grip on Vic's short black hair. Now free, Victoria pulled herself away from her opponents breasts and rolled away, gulping down air.

Naomi rolled onto her back and briefly massaged her stomach, but realising that no serious harm had been done got up onto her knees. Victoria was lying on her back gasping down air into her lungs, her face covered with a sheen of sweat. Slowly, Posh Spice raised herself up onto her knees to meet the challenge.

Before she could defend herself, Naomi dived forward and wrapped her arms around Mrs. Beckham's waist, sending her toppling backwards. Victoria landed on her back with an 'ummph' with Naomi's hands around her waist and face pressed into her bare stomach.

Whilst Posh struggle to make herself as comfortable as she could with a supermodel wrapped around her, Naomi hung on. She felt a hand grab the fringe of her hair and instead of being pressed into Vic's stomach she was looking into the pop stars face. The next moment she felt the open palm of Posh Spice's slap into right cheek.

"Bitch!" screeched Naomi.

She retaliated by digging her nails into Vic's bare midriff and started to scratch and scrape at the skin. It was now the pop stars turn let out a squeal of pain. Posh used both hands to grasp Naomi's black locks and tried to pull the model up her body. Naomi took one hand and started to lash out in the general direction of her opponents face whilst trying to press her body down on Victoria's struggling body.

More by accident than design, Naomi's claw caught hold of Posh's nose and, having taken a firm grip on it, she started to squeeze and twist. Victoria wasn't sure what scared her more, being suffocated or the feel of Naomi's hardening nipples pressing against her - maybe what they said about her and Madonna was true?

Naomi dug her feet into the carpet and pushed herself forward so that her body rubbed up against Vic's, and she ended up with her stomach pressed down on the Spice Girl's face, twisting it round and pushing a cheek into the carpet.

Having stunned her opponent, Naomi reached down with both hands and took hold of Mrs. Beckham's ruffled hair. Despite being pinned in an awkward and uncomfortable position, Victoria managed to free her hands. She reached round Naomi's lower back and started to scratch the smooth dark skin, causing ugly marks to appear.

Naomi bit her lip rather the let Posh know she was hurting and started to slam her stomach down against Vic's head. Victoria had no such compunction about crying out, so she let out a stifled scream whilst redoubling her scratching. As her hands moved up the super models back, Victoria caught hold of the back of Naomi's crop top and ripped. The skimpy cotton gave way and the crop top fell to the floor behind Vic's head.

"Little Lezzie trollop, " hissed Naomi. "Want ta see my woman's tits do you?"

In retaliation for being robbed of her top, Naomi attempted to bring a knee into Vic's crotch. But despite being in the dominant position, Naomi's legs were tangled up with Posh's so that the blow just nudged the pop stars thigh. Vic (contrary to popular belief) wasn't stupid and realised what Naomi was trying to do and how lucky she had been - this time.

With very few options available. Victoria reached down and took hold of the waistband of Naomi's denim shorts. Although not done with the full force she intended, as the rough material cut into Naomi's most vulnerable area she let go of Victoria's hair and let out a scream. As she squirmed so as to lessen the pain that was threatening to overwhelm her, Naomi reduced her pressure on Victoria which allowed Posh to turn the darker woman over so Naomi was now on her back.

Now free from being pinned, Victoria reached up with both hands and clamped them on the nipples of Naomi's breasts. She took two full handfuls and started to squeeze as hard as she could. Naomi let out a fresh scream, as the source of pain moved from her lower to her upper body. She moved her gloved hands to try to remove the hands that were torturing her chest. Exerting her greater strength, Naomi wrenched aside Posh's hands despite the pain.

The two women tussled, their bodies covered in a sheen of sweat. The dark supermodel cruelly scraped the edge of her boots against the bare skin of Victoria's legs breaking the skin, whilst the singer tried to manoeuvre herself away from the stinging pain. In trying to protect herself, Victoria moved her body weight, so she was no longer pinning Naomi to the floor. Sensing her chance, Naomi pushed Victoria to the left whilst rolling away to the right.

The two combatants broke apart and moved several metres apart. They both lay on the floor for a few moments examining the damage to their bodies, Naomi checking her breasts and Victoria massaging her battered legs.

"Dirty Bitch!" screeched Posh as she saw the marks that covered her legs.

Naomi just smiled and gave her opponent the finger. This further enraged Posh Spice who clambered to her feet intent to inflict serious pain on Naomi who had also got up.

They circled momentarily before closing up, Victoria tried to grasp her opponents breasts whilst Naomi gripped her wrists in self protection. They struggled for 30 seconds or so, before Naomi spun and threw Posh Spice past her, sticking her foot out so that Mrs. Beckham landed on her front. In a flash Naomi was stood over her foe and hooked her fingers under the strap of Victoria's leather bikini bra and pulled.

As Posh was lifted from the floor, her bra started to bite into her breasts. She started to struggle in an effort to free herself, but she was in no position to do so. Naomi let her hang just off the ground for a few moments before unhooking the bra strap and letting go. For the second time in less than 60 seconds Victoria hit the floor. The Spice Girl was relieved that her tits had been spared more pain, but it was only as she started to scramble forwards and away from Naomi that she realised that she had lost her bra.

Victoria didn't get very far before she felt Naomi land on her back, pushing her to the floor and reacquainting her with the carpet. Naomi took two handfuls of short hair and tore Vic's head from the carpet. Victoria let out a most unmelodious scream as her head was viciously yanked backwards, whilst at the same time her opponents body weight pressed her upper body into the carpet.

"How are you going to explain the carpet burns slut!" sneered Naomi.

The supermodel slowly moved herself backwards, pulling Vic upright as she did so. However much it hurt there was nothing that Posh could do to break out. When Victoria was on her knees, Naomi reached round with a hand and cupped it over one of Posh's breasts. To a casual observer entering the room for the first time it might have appeared an almost tender act. But Victoria knew differently and instinctively went to pull the hand away. But it was to late!

Naomi dug her fingers into the sensitive flesh. Posh let out a new scream and felt tears, both of pain and shame, welling in her eyes. Naomi brought her other hand from the singers hair and cupped it around the breast, adding to the pain, whilst simultaneously pressing her body closer to Vic's. The dark fingers expertly squeezed, kneaded and pinched the firm white breasts, breaking contact only briefly to reposition themselves. As this happened Victoria was able to grab hold of two fingers and bend them back. Naomi's sense of pleasure was overwhelmed with an intense pain and now it was her turn to scream.

Having gained momentary respite, Victoria was able to twist her body to an angle and drove an elbow back sharply. It connected solidly with Naomi's left breast and sunk in. Naomi just gasped in the pain stabbed across her chest. Posh followed up with two quick blows to the stomach which resulted in Naomi withdrawing her hands for self protection. Now free from her opponents grip Victoria threw herself forward. Naomi slumped forward using one had to prop herself up whilst the other clutched her damaged breast.

Victoria looked back and saw that Naomi was not pursuing her. Determined to pay back some of the pain that had been inflicted on her, Posh Spice rolled onto her back and lashed out with a booted foot. It connected with the wrist of Naomi's arm that was propping her up, and knocked it aside causing the supermodel to overbalance and topple forward.

Naomi had been indulging in some self pity and fighting back the desire to barf she fell forward. But before she could recover, Vic had placed her feet on either side of her head and started to squeeze. When Naomi started to get up, Posh wrapped her feet around the dark woman's neck and applied all the pressure that she could muster. Naomi gasped and tried to use her hands to free herself, but stopped when she say a more inviting target. Instead she use one hand to hold onto Vic's leg and plunged the other up the white legs and beneath Posh's leather mini skirt. Her fingers searched out the pop singers womanhood, thrusting aside the unseen and very minimal underwear and into the damp tangled mass of pubic hair.

Victoria gasped in surprise, shock and horror as she realised that far from having Naomi where she wanted her. she was now in trouble. This soon turned to a scream as Naomi began to expertly tease and hurt the singer, plucking out hair and arousing her sexuality.

Victoria arched her back in pain and screamed, "Naomi you dirty fucking lezzie whore! Let go of my cunt, for fucks sake - let go!"

But Naomi's laced fingers continued their brutal assault.

"I bet David will enjoy wearing these knickers when you tell him what you were going in them." sneered Naomi.

In desperation, Victoria broke off trying to squeeze the supermodel's head and instead placed a foot on Naomi's shoulder in an attempt to push her away. This had the desired effect of saving Vic's pussy and breaking the two women apart, but only because Naomi was scared that she might take a boot to the face.

Once apart the two combatants paused momentarily before getting up to resume the fight, Victoria considerably more shakily given the assault which had just taken place. Naomi advanced claws outstretched and Victoria adopted a defensive posture. But Naomi pushed this aside and got to grip with Vic's shorter hair, whilst Mrs. Beckham did the same with the models longer hair.

There was a brief hair pulling struggle, whilst their topless bodies slapped together and the two women exchanged insults. Naomi gained the advantage and was able to drag Victoria down, despite the pain the white woman's hair pulling was inflicting. Having achieved this dominant position, Naomi was able to swing Victoria round and send her flying into the wall with a sickening thump. In the process of this manoeuvre both women lost some strands of hair and their cries of pain and anguish rose.

When Victoria hit the wall she had all the air knocked out of her lungs and she slumped trying to recover, but staying upright. Naomi started to advance, confident that the fight was nearly won and intent on seriously humiliating the bitchy little upstart who looked to be on the brink of bursting into tears. But this arrogant confidence proved to be her undoing. Posh raised herself upright back against the wall. As Miss Campbell closed, Victoria swung her right foot which connected solidly, and to Vic satisfyingly, with Naomi's thigh. The supermodel collapsed to the floor with a screech of pain as if she had been shot clutching her leg.

"A little trick David taught me!" hissed the Spice Girl.

As Naomi rolled on the floor in pain, Victoria drove a boot into the crotch of Naomi's shorts bringing forth a new stream of obscenity and anguish. The denim offered no protection against the full hatred that Vic focused into blow that drove the toe of her boot deep into her opponents womanhood.

Naomi rolled on the floor in pain, her hatred for Victoria overtaken by self pity. This was replaced by thoughts of self preservation when Posh sat on her back and started to pull at her long black hair. Naomi tried to struggle and squirm to freedom, but Victoria wasn't to be thrown off.

When Vic had pulled Naomi's head back , she repositioned one hand under the supermodel's chin to apply more pressure. Slowly but surely, Naomi's resistance weakened as she was pulled up off the floor, the final surrender coming when Victoria moved the hand under her chin and sunk it viciously into a breast. The erect nipple was simply to inviting a target.

Naomi's will broke and she started to cry, an image that many other supermodel's would have paid good money to witness.

"Let go Vic, I give!" she sobbed hoarsely. "You're the better woman!"

"Louder you little slut!" said Victoria.

Naomi repeated her surrender several times, each progressively louder before Posh Spice let go and allowed the supermodel to fall to the floor.

Naomi stayed their for what seemed like an eternity sobbing, before being rolled over. She looked up through the tears and say Victoria stood above her. The Spice Girl removed her leather mini skirt and then the remnants of her panties, she then lowered herself across Naomi's breasts, pressing them into her chest.

"Now slut, you aren't going anywhere until I have your knickers and boots, understand?"

Naomi nodded.

Vic smiled, almost innocently and picked up her panties and examined them as if they were of great value. Having bored of this she spat into the several times before smearing them over Miss Campbell's face. Naomi could do nothing to stop this, and her last memory of the fight was Victoria making a call on a mobile telephone, and as she lowered her sweaty and smelly pussy onto her face.

Naomi heard her say, "Hi ,David darling. You'll never guess what I've been up to and with whom or where I'm making this call from!"

The End