Melanie G (Scary Spice) vs Geri Haliwell (Ginger Spice) by Harry 06-Jun-2000

There had been bad blood between Scary Spice and Ginger Spice from day one of the Spice Girls. Both had wanted to dominate the group and mould it in their own image. There was only room for one of them, and after numerous arguments and two brief fights (one in Thailand and one on a chartered aircraft, neither of which had been conclusive), Geri had left the Spice Girls. But to Mel's irritation Geri had not faded away, rather she had gone onto have a successful solo career and become a UN Goodwill Ambassador. For Mel, a BRITS Lifetime Achievement award was small consolation was small consolation for a long succession of bad publicity - failed solo career, failed marriage, reports of affairs, Victoria hogging the headlines and the long delayed new Spice Girls album. Finally when Mel had some good news to show for herself, to be revealed on an interview with Jerry Springer on UK TV, Geri got all the headlines by announcing a film role.

Melanie was furious and used her interview to vent her spleen towards Geri and her numerous inadequacies. Although she herself was in Cannes, Geri heard of the comments and instructed her lawyers to present Mel with a demand: either a full public apology or Mel could get her arse down to the South of France to settle the matter. There was no way that Mel was apologising, but she needed time to get back into shape before she met Geri - she had heard from Emma about both her losing fights with the ex Ginger Spice and it had been a while since she had had a fight. This suited Geri as well who had been concentrating on her career rather than catfighting. By the time that she returned from France the complex deal had been hammered out which allowed the fight (and a guaranteed rematch) to go ahead.

Thus it was on a warm late May evening that both women headed to secluded location outside London. They were allocated separate entrances and changing rooms with the bedroom in which the fight was to be held in the middle. Mel B arrived early hoping to surprise her bitter enemy. She changed into her specially chosen outfit for the contest to come: Light blue thigh boots, light blue short sleeved PVC waist length jacket with matching silky light blue bra and panties and her hair in its normal expansive style. Mel B felt hot and ready to do some serious damage to her ginger enemy.

It was then an immense shock and let down to Mel B when she entered the carpeted room to find her opponent leaning seductively up against the far wall next to the door through which she would have entered. Geri's now blonde hair was long and loose and flowed down her body. The ex-Spice Girl wore black PVC knee boots, black fishnet stockings, panties, a purple leather crop top with a zip up the front and black elbow length gloves.

Geri looked up and purred, "Hello there Mel sweetie. Its been a while since you and I have been alone in a room. By the end of this little fight it'll be like old times having you underneath me!"

"In your dreams slut!", hissed Mel her voice full of menace. "As I recall you were the one who liked to be underneath, legs wide apart like some common whore!"

Geri smiled sweetly and slowly sauntered towards the middle of the large space allocated to them. Sunlight from a skylight bathed the arena. "I really pity you Mel. Not only are you a talentless slut but your ex-husband preferred men to being with you, which speaks volumes about your sex appeal."

"At least I don't need to flash my flabby body in tacky porn mags to help sell records!" sneered Mel.

To emphasis her venom, she swiftly brought up her right hand and slapped Geri across the cheek, leaving a stinging red mark. There was a pause as Geri brought her head back round to face her dark opponent, before bringing up her own gloved right hand and slapped Mel across the cheek with a resounding thwack. Mel recovered and turned her face back to look at the smiling Geri.

Mel smiled sweetly and brought up her right hand a second time to slap Geri, but this time Geri was ready and grabbed Mel's wrist before the blow could be delivered. There was a brief one handed struggle between the two before Geri spat in Mel's face, the saliva just missing her nose. Melanie recoiled with shock at this action, but not altogether surprised. This allowed Geri to bring up her other gloved hand and take a handful of frizzy black hair, pushing Mel back a step. Mel in turn reached up with her spare hand to grab hold of Geri's now long blonde hair. To prove that she meant to match Geri in the fight she aimed a mouthful of saliva at her opponent, but only managed to hit an ear: it had been a while since she had felt the need to resort to that tactic in a fight.

As the two women struggled, Geri moved the hand holding onto Mel's wrist and sunk it into Scary Spice's hair. Mel used her now free hand grab Geri's hair. The two singers struggled silently in an intense hair pulling contest, slowing pulling one anothers head downwards. As the volume of grunts of effort and squeals of pain started to rise, Geri lashed out with her right foot, catching Mel painfully on the outer thigh just above the top of her boots. Mel lashed out with her own right foot, but Geri was able to move her butt out of the way of the kick and as the leg withdrew she dropped a hand and caught hold of Mel's ankle.

Before Mel could struggle to free herself Geri was pushing her backward. She managed to use her hold on Geri's hair to keep her balance enough to hop backwards, but on the second occasion she overbalanced and fell backwards, dragging Geri to the floor with her. As Mel hit the floor, Geri landed on top of her winding the darker woman and causing them both to break their respective holds.

It was the blonde woman who recovered first, discovering that her head was level with Mel's upper chest, by reaching up with both hands and taking a firm grip of frizzy hair. The pain from the roots of her hair brought Mel back to earth and from the pressure on her body she realised what had happened. Mel reached out with her hands and sunk them into Geri's bleached blonde hair, pulling the older woman's head back. The two singers struggled in this position, Mel trying to roll them over and Geri resisting by spreading her legs either side of her opponent. Melanie tried to break the deadlock by placing one hand under Geri's chin and pushing upwards causing the ex-Spice Girl to squeal.

Geri moved one hand from Mel's hair to her face seeking out the eyebrow stud that had once been Scary's trademark. But Mel had long since discarded the item in an effort to soften her image, so Geri had to be satisfied pushing Mel's head to one side and her cheek into the floor. Miss Brown retaliated by starting to sink her nails into Geri's neck. This distracted Geri sufficiently to allow Mel to at last roll them over so that she was on top: to the uninitiated Mel's jacket could have resembled a blanket giving the scene a different meaning. Having attained the dominant position Mel used her chin grip to hold Geri's head still long enough for her to spit in the white woman's face, the saliva hitting Ginger's lips and dribbling to one side.

"That's payback from Emma!" hissed Melanie. When there was no reaction from Geri other than to increase her two handed hair pulling Mel added, "This isn't so unusual for you is it Geri, being on your back with someone in control holding you down!"

But Geri's face was contorted in an expression of effort and discomfort. But this disguised her will power, enabling her to transfer her right hand from Mel's hair and start driving it, as a fist, into her opponents stomach. The first couple of blows became tangled up with Mel's jacket and had little impact. But the third punch got underneath the garment and connected solidly into the dark woman's midriff. Mel grunted with pain and let go of Geri's hair with one hand to restrain the fist that had by now crashed into her body a second time. But now it was Mel's turn to be caught off guard as Geri put her underrated strength into twisting her body so that the two fighters were about to swap places. But rather than keep rolling, Geri stopped when she was resting on her arm letting Mel roll away from her, taking with her some strands of hair.

Mel didn't roll very far before she started to get up on to her hands and knees intent on resuming the fight. Just as she turned her head to look at her opponent Geri lashed out with her booted foot catching Mel squarely on the backside and sending Scary sprawling forward. As Mel started to get up again Geri was upon her. Rather than attack her hated opponent directly, Geri pulled the bottom of Mel's jacket over her body to her neck, exposing her lean body and using the hand to take a hold of her opponents hair. Whilst Mel started to thrash about in an effort to free herself from this predicament, Ginger Spice thrust her spare hand underneath her enemies light blue knickers, and having dismissed the thought of reliving old times started to assault Mel's arse. She used her gloved fingers to pinch, squeeze and hinted at probing her enemies rectum. All of this made Melanie howl with pain and frustration, which in turn made Geri all the happier.

Unable to see what was really going on, but able to feel the pain, Mel tried to crawl away. But as she tried to put space between the two of them, Geri's hold enabled her to totter after her. Mel moved her left hand up and started to scratch at Geri's thighs, wrenching aside the fishnet stockings, her fingers leaving nasty looking marks on the smooth skin. Geri squealed at this attack, but it only served to stiffen her resolve and increase the ferocity of her attacks on Mel's butt. But Geri's attacks came to an abrupt halt when Melanie suddenly moved her hand upwards. She quickly moved aside Geri's panties, which were no more substantial than her own, and plunged her fingers into the white woman's, unseen, ginger minge. Geri gasped with surprise and pain at this attack as Mel's long fingers started to scratch and pinch.

Now Geri screamed with pain, "Ohhhh you fucking dirty black bitch!"

But rather than break off her own attack she plunged her hand down past Mel's arse and into the Spice Girls own crotch where she exacted retribution. This brought a screech of pain from Melanie. Both women were becoming carried away with hatred and any thoughts of pleasure were discarded.

"Two can play at this game you dirty cunt!" hissed Geri through the pain.

Geri moved her body closer to her opponent, forcing Mel to readjust her grip on Geri's minge bringing the blonde momentary relief. Having closed with her enemy, Geri now brought her right knee up into Mel's stomach. This move caught Mel by surprise and as she grunted with shock she fell over onto her side. In the process the two women broke contact, but nor before inflicting some more pain on the others crotch. As a wave of relief washed over Geri she looked down at her disheveled pussy, wincing at the sight and readjusted her panties.

Mel meanwhile was lying on her side not sure which pain centre to massage first. But she was not above biting back her pain and attacking Geri. Melanie saw that Geri was paying more attention to her womanhood than to her, so she swung her upper (left) leg towards her opponent. Her booted foot made contact with Geri's arm just above the elbow, and although the blow did not land with full force it did sting. Geri yelped with pain and looked up to see Mel's smiling face. Geri fell forward intending to pin her enemy, but Mel rolled away so that she landed on the floor empty handed.

Mel had rolled about two metres away from her opponent wanting sufficient time to compose herself again, before resuming the battle. Geri raised herself up onto her hands and knees to see Melanie in front of her on her knees, hands on hips.

"Taking a breather are we you sweaty old cow!" sneered Mel.

Geri's reply was to start to move towards her dark opponent, which prompted Melanie to ready her hands as claws. Geri raised herself up onto her knees in time to receive a lunging attack from Mel who plunged both hands into Geri's newly coloured hair, pulling her head back. In turn Geri took a firm hold of Scary's hair, also pulling her head backwards so that they were both looking up at the ceiling. As they struggled for supremacy they squealed with pain, grunted with effort and hissed bitchy insults through clenched teeth.

As their sweaty bodies rubbed against one another Geri thrust her chest forward, protected as it was by the leather crop top, into Mel's whose stiff nipples where clearly visible through her blue bra. As Scary Spice squealed with pain at this new assault, Geri moved one of her hands down from her opponents hair to try and pull her opponents bra down by the cup.

Melanie realised straight away what she was trying to do and, unable to respond directly, wriggled her body and shook Geri's head in an effort to distract her. When these had no affect, she moved one of her hands from Geri's blonde hair to protect herself. But before Mel could intervene in Geri's fumbling effort, her blonde opponent had balled her hand into a fist and proceeded to drive into her right nipple.

Now Mel screeched with pain as her breast was pushed back into her chest cavity. As the pain grew, all she wanted to do is get away from her enemy. She brought her hands down to Geri's leather encased breasts. In response, Geri brought bother her hands to defend herself, as all that was between Mel's vengeful hands and her own breasts were a zip. But she had misjudged Scary's intention, as the dark woman used her hands to push Geri away from her. The two women fell awkwardly backwards away from one another. As she hit the floor, Mel started to scramble away from her white opponent.

But Geri was quickly back up onto her knees and after her ex-colleague, and evil grin on her sweaty face. Mel started to lash out with her booted feet trying to keep Geri at a distance. But to her dismay, Geri caught hold of her left ankle in her hand, and then followed up her advantage by sending a mouthful of saliva into Mel's generous cleavage. Disappointed that this effort had fallen short Geri was more interested in a second effort than in watching her enemy. This changed when Melanie swung her free foot up and into Geri's left breast.

Although the leather crop top provided more protection than Mel's bra, Geri reacted as if she hand been shot and fell backwards screaming with pain, releasing her hold. This allowed Melanie to continue to crawl away from her Ginger, and when she felt she was safe to start massaging her own aching breast. Geri caressed herself for a few moments before starting to get up to resume the battle. Mel wanted more time to attend to herself, but saw her blonde opponent start to get up and did the same.

The two singers faced off just out of arms reach slowly circling looking for an advantage. Geri spat at Mel, hitting her bra and Mel responded hitting her cheek.

"For all your talk of Girl Power," sneered Geri sending another mouthful of saliva into Mel's face just beneath her right eye, "you're really a slut hiding behind an image! At least I'm what you see."

"And all I see is a porn star turned failed singer who I'm going to scratch the eyes out of!" Shouted an enraged Mel, who charged forward. As their bodies collided, Geri stood her ground and the two women clashed to resume their bitter hair pulling struggle. As the squealed with pain, and odd strands of black and blonde hair started to drift to the floor, Melanie moved on of her left hand down to Geri's face. Ginger was convinced that Mel was going to make good her threat to scratch her, closed her eyes and twisted her face away in protection. But this wasn't Scary's intention and instead she moved her hand further down Geri's body. With one deft (and practised?) movement she pulled down the zip on Miss Halliwell's crop top. As the leather garment opened up it revealed two oft seen, but never quite this sweaty, breasts, complete with large pink nipples. This was just too tempting a target for Mel and she sunk her long fingers into the so far untouched left breast.

As they pinched, probed and squeezed delicate white breast flesh, Geri screeched, "You dirty cunt!"

The pain in Ginger Spice was feeling from the assault on her breast was as much caused by the knowledge that she hand been fooled by Melanie. Geri let released her hold on Scary's hair and instead took hold of the lapels of her blue PVC jacket. Then she swung her surprised opponent round, over her foot and let go. All Melanie saw was a blur of colour before she made a painful introduction to the floor. Her only consolation as she landed on her stomach and breasts, was the pain she had inflicted on Geri as her hands had been wrenched away. As she shook her head and started to get up onto her hands and knees, not entirely sure of how she had landed on the floor, she felt Geri's boot connect painfully with her arse and she fell forward.

As she tried to get up a second time she felt Geri lower herself onto the small of her back, pinning her to the floor. Melanie started to buck and struggle to free herself, but Geri took hold of her hair with both hands and pulled her head back. Mel screamed as her neck muscles were pulled in this painful fashion.

"Not going anywhere are we Mel darling!" hissed Geri, her voice dripping with malice.

Slightly fearful of what might be about to happen, Mel redoubled her efforts to break free. As she started to use her hands to raised her upper body, Geri started to move backwards and straighten up so that she was on her knees. Scary Spice slowly and painfully followed, she had no choice. At least not being pinned to the floor meant that she could use her hands to try and attack her hated opponent; if only there were something to grab hold of! Geri took one hand from Mel's hair and used it to punch he ex-band mate in the small of the back. As Mel groan with pain at this blow, Geri snaked her hand up the front of Mel's body, inside her jacket and took hold of her left breast. It didn't take much to shift aside the thin silky material and start to squeeze the firm brown breast. Mel reacted instinctively and brought both hands up to protect her breasts.

"Just like old times eh Melanie." whispered Geri into her opponents ear.

Mel tried to throw her head back into Geri's face, but the blonde's grip on her hair enabled her to move her head aside in time. Angered at her opponents continued struggling, Miss Halliwell started to stand up, pulling Melanie up with her, causing her to screech with pain and frustration. As they started to stand up, Mel pulled down the material of the glove that hid the hand that was holding onto her breast. Having revealed the slightly tanned skin she started to ravage it with her nails, causing ugly marks to appear. Geri fought back the urge to scream with pain, knowing that she was hurting her opponent more. But when Mel managed to bring the heel of her right boot onto the top of Geri's the blonde shrieked with pain, before withdrawing her hand and pushing the darker woman away from her. The relief that washed over Mel at being released nearly meant she had a painful introduction to the wall, but she was able to halt herself just in time.

As she turned around to face her opponent she received a mouthful of saliva just under her nose and Geri was on her pushing her into the wall by her hair. Melanie quickly brought her own hands up and into Geri's hair, but felt the blonde trying to use her body to dominate her. With a supreme effort Scary was able to roll the two battling hellcats along the wall so that it was Geri who was now pinned. Just as she was about to spit into Geri's contorted face, the ex Spice Girl brought her knee up into Mel B's crotch. As it connected with her pubic mound Melanie let out a strangled scream and slumped forward gasping for air. Geri ignored the weak tugs on her own hair and pulled Scary's head up in front of her, and seeing the pained expression on her opponents face pushed her backwards.

Melanie was in no real position to stand up let alone walk backwards and unsurprisingly, therefore, she tripped and fell onto her back. As she struggled to fight back the urge to vomit and get up again, Geri walked over and planted the sole of her left booÐt just above her breasts. Mel fell back again with a whimper. She started to get up again, but Ginger Spice lowered herself so that she was sat on Scary's chest, her knees either side of her body.

"Good night bitch!" Geri said, and taking hold of Mel's hair, pulled her face up and into her panties. This was not a pleasurable experience for Melanie as the aroma overwhelmed her senses. She was fortunate that after the event that she could recall only a handful of the dozen ways in which Geri Halliwell had satisfied herself and celebrated her victory.

When Mel finally came to she realised why her face was wet and did throw up. But she vowed revenge on Geri Halliwell, her one time colleague and now bitter enemy.

To be continued.......