Part One: Samia Smith vs Dannii Minogue by knowlesey

Samia's staying in London for a few days, and is using the hotel gym to keep that taut little body of hers in shape. She has just entered a closed room, and is practicing her kick boxing technique, her taped feet thudding against the padded walls.

She is waiting for her personal trainer that she has been promised by the gym manager, and does not look round when she hears the door open, until she hears a familiar Australian drawl, "They told me nobody was in here - I agree, 'cos your really are a nobody, aren't ya?"

Samia stares into the wide eyes of the multi untalented Dannii Minogue, and sneers, "I know you'll do pretty much anything to get money, but personal trainer in a hotel gym is pretty low, even for you, plastic face!"

Danni just glares back, "Just can't keep that evil little mouth shut, can you, tart? Not unless it's on some guy's cock!"

The actress just sneers, "Not like you, obviously! You don't care whether you get cock, pussy or both, last I heard!"

The girls faces are just inches apart now, as Dannii snaps, "When I've finished with you, you're gonna taste my pussy, that's for sure!"

The Aussie accompanies this threat with a slap across Samia's face, a little shower of sweat spurting across the locked room. Quickly, the British girl punches the singer as hard as she can in the belly, smiling as she hears Dannii's grunt of pain. The Aussie doubles over and Samia grabs her hair, forces her head down and then traps it between her slender thighs. As the older girl drops to her knees panting, the actress squeezes harder and harder.

Samia sneers, "Not often your plastic face is this way round between a girl's legs is it, buck teeth? Usually face to twat aren't you?"

But Samia is not strong enough to stop Dannii from struggling free, the older girl pushing the actress's ankles apart, she than stands, pulling the girl's feet up, so that she lands with a smack on her back, air puffing out of her lungs.

Dannii pushes Samia back against the wall, still holding her ankles, and she spreads the younger girl's legs wide open, then places her right foot gently onto her crotch. Samia is fearing that the Australian will stamp on her, but no - she massages that crotch with her foot, drawling, "How does this feel, little whore? Turning you on, am I?"

The actress gasps as she feels herself becoming aroused, the older girl's big toe gently rubbing her, and she starts to relax. Then, another shock as Dannii removes her foot quickly from Samia's crotch, and she kneels before her, her knees against the actress's thighs, spreading them nice and wide, she then pulls her face between her larges breasts, and attempts to smother the younger girl who thrashes her arms wildly.

Dannii whispers, "Poor little Samia! How often does your day end like this, huh? Legs open, stranger between them horny as hell - just that this time it's a girl!"

Samia gulps in what air she can, then crashes her left fist into Dannii's gut, forcing the singer to let go of her, and the younger girl rolls away, soon spotting that she has hurt the Australian. She is behind the older girl now, and wraps her arms between the other girls arms and body, pulling her to her feet, then slamming her, face first (or tits first!) into the padded wall, once, twice three times, before dropping her to the floor, the girl's face reddened and eyes glazed.

Dannii is very groggy, and Samia simply turns her around, lays her out flat on the mat, and sits on her face until she feels the Australian lose consciousness. She then strips her, pushes her knickers into her mouth, then leaves.
* * * * * *
Part Two: Samia Smith vs Emma Bunton by knowlesey

A couple of days later, Samia received a message in her room:
"I still reckon you need a lesson, and I still want to bed you! Be in that padded room at 6 tonight, and one will surely follow the other.
Kiss Kiss. Dannii."

The actress shakes her head slowly - this time she is going to give Ms Minogue a real beating!

Samia is in the room at 6:00 as arranged, and she smiles when she hears the door open, turns around...and stops smiling! It's not Dannii, it's Emma Bunton!

The blonde singer glares at Samia, "You made a big mistake when you beat Danni, you little tramp! She's a mate of mine and this is payback!"

Sounding more confident that she feels, Samia responds, "Get out Emma while you can! You're not the girl you were! I'd have you on your knees in a couple of minutes!"

Emma shakes her head and snaps, "Don't think so!"

The blonde catches hold of Samia by the hair, pushes her head between her thighs, face down, then spanks the actress's butt, pulling her knickers up tight in a painful wedgie.

Emma kicks Samia's feet apart, release her head, then drives her knee upwards into the pretty girl's crotch, a loud gasp and squeal of pain telling her she has hit the spot. Instead of letting the little brunette go, Emma grips the waistband of her knickers, then, using her judo skills, she throws Samia over her shoulder, the girl landing with a smack on the mat.

Poor Samia looks up to see the blonde looming over her, pulling her back to her feet, then she feels that knee again, this time being driven hard into her belly, the again, and the actress is sobbing,

"Please Emma! I haven't got a quarrel with you! Please leave me alone, and I'll just go!"

But the singer sneers back, "I'll decide when you've had enough, bitch! Then we'll let Danni decide what to do with you!"

Once again Emma gets a firm grip on the waistband of Samia's knickers, and just tosses the little actress over her shoulder, another smack on the mat and another gasp as she lands flat on her back.

Samia just wants this one-sided contest to end, and she manages to haul herself onto her knees, raising her hands in submission.

"Look Emma, I've had enough - please…don't hurt me any more!"

The blonde doesn’t bother to answer, instead she pulls the actress to her feet, turns her around then throws her over her shoulder for a third time. This time is even worse, though, as Emma has thrown Samia into the wall. She hits hard, upside down, then drops to the mat in a crumpled heap.

Emma picks Samia up yet again, pulling her arms backwards as she stands behind her, "Now, what would you like me to do, now, bitch? Let's see if we agree!"

The sobbing girl, kneeling, her body racked with pain, just blubbers, "Finish me off! Please jus put me out of my misery!"

Smiling, Emma sneers back, "I've heard men like you 'cos your body's nice and bendy - let's see if it is!"

The singer puts her knee between Samia's shoulder blades and pulls back her arms, the poor girl screaming as her back arches, and she barely notices the door open and Dannii Minogue stroll in, until the Australian is standing before her, grinning, "Now, Samia! Would you like me to ask Emma to stop?"

The actress sobs, "Yes please! Oh please!"

Dannii is enjoying herself. "And what do I get as a reward for doing that favor, Samia? What do you think would be real nice, hmm?"

Samia is disgusted with herself, but has no choice to respond, "I'll eat your pussy - all night if you want - please help me!"

Laughing, Danni spits in Samia's face, "Well, that's a start. Would you like me to bed you? I've got a lovely big dildo in my room, and I can't wait to tray it out!"

The tears of pain, fear and humiliation pour down Samia's face as she replies quietly, "Yes - that's what I want! Take me to bed Dannii! Give me a seeing to!"

Dannii smiles at Emma, nods, and the blonde releases Samia, who immediately collapses at the Australian's feet, which she kisses. Without a word, she reaches up, lifts Dannii's skirt and plunges her tongue into her dribbling vagina, caressing and licking her until the Aussie comes over her face. Dannii then hauls her new girlfriend to her feet and takes her up to her room, giving the little actress a night of lesbian action she will never be able to forget, however hard she tries.
* * * * * *
Part Three: Samia Smith vs. Victoria Beckham by knowlesey

Emma Bunton was having a nice, relaxing bath, when her telephone rang. She answered and heard, "Emma! Hi! It's Victoria here! Listen - a little bird tells me you've started fighting again - some little tart from a telly program or something. Is that right?"

The blonde smiles at the memory. "Yeah! I had to beat up a little bitch who was giving Dannii Minogue a hard time - why?"

"Well, I was thinking about having a few fights again - perhaps you could set me up with the same tart. Any chance?"

Emma is still smiling, "Why not? I'll get in touch with her and fix it. I wanna watch, though!"

Victoria rubs her crotch at the thought of beating someone again. "What was her name again?"

Emma soaps herself, "Pretty little thing; calls herself Samia Smith; got a nice little body and Dannii enjoyed herself with it more than a few times!"

Victoria laughs, "Better let her watch too, then!"

Emma laughs back, "Yeah - let's make it worthwhile though; she can have the loser!"

Emma makes the arrangements and the fight is arranged. It will take place in the same place that Alesha Dixon fought Kelly Brook, and will be watched by Emma, Dannii and a couple of girls Emma had earmarked for Victoria's future contests: model Abi Titmuss and actress Nikki Sanderson, a good friend of Samia's.

The two slender celebrities face one another; Victoria a couple of inches taller, but neither seems keen to start the fight.

Victoria kicks Samia's butt as the actress circles her. The younger girl, leaping in mock pain, lands her own kick, a nice looping effort that catches Victoria flush in the side, buckling her legs slightly. Samia smiles - she has hurt Victoria already!

Samia drops her shoulder and thuds it into the taller girl's midriff, bringing her down, then, with the singer on her back, she catches hold of her ankles and doubles them up, pinning the older girl to the floor as she then sits astride her, then slaps her face a few times before Victoria pushes her off.

Now the Spice Girl is annoyed, and she hauls Samia off the floor, catches hold of her wrists, and twists her right wrist behind the little girls back and upwards, gripping her left wrist firmly behind the small of her back, their faces almost touching, Victoria's eyes sparkling as she sees the pain in Samia's face, she taunts, "The way I heard it, you like a bit of girl on girl! Go on - kiss me!"

Samia remembers all too well the nights she shared Dannii Minogue's bed after Emma Bunton beat her up, the agony she suffered and the horrid sensation of having another girl's tongue half way down her throat, "No way! Plus you better keep yourself fresh for that Aussie bitch - you'll not be too 'Posh' when she's got one of her dildos shoved up you!"

The actress beaks free of the taller girl by stamping on her foot, then, as soon as her arms are free, she punches her in the belly, making her double over, gasping for air. Samia now smashes her elbow down onto Victoria's unprotected back, the taller girl yelping, then pushes her to the floor, face down, quickly straddling her back and pulling her arms backwards, arching that slim back as she leans back.

This is a great move from Samia, and she pants, "Come on then, Posh! D'ya give? Say it, bitch!"

The taller girl clenches her teeth, then, as Samia leans back a little too far, she kicks her on the side of the head and the little girl has to let go of her.

Victoria is quicker to rise than a slightly dazed Samia, and she kicks the actress's body four times, each kick connecting brutally with the smaller girl's ribs, weakening her and tiring her.

Samia needs to take a breather somehow, but there is nowhere to hide in this open arena, and she soon being hauled to her feet, Victoria showing her strength by lifting her off the ground, dropping to one knee, and spreading Samia across the other one, bending her backwards, pushing the top half of her body downwards - a lovely backbreaker!

She claws at the little actress's crotch with her free hand, and sneers, "I hear Dannii's got big plans for this dirty pussy tonight! You little whore - a bet you love it with her, don't you?"

Samia is sobbing, "Why do you hate me so much? I've never done anything to you!"

The singer punches Samia's crotch, snapping, "Because you're such a jumped up little tramp!"

Victoria stands up, rolling Samia onto the floor, smacking a nice kick into her guts as she rolls away, then pulls the smaller girl towards her by the right leg, which she bends up, turning her onto her front, then catches her left leg, pushing that back. She balances her strong thighs against Samia's shins, grips her wrists, and lifts her off the floor, bending her backward like a piece of rubber.

Samia is just howling, "Enough! I give! I GIVE!"

Smiling, Victoria drops the actress on the floor, wraps her thighs around her throat and squeezes, taunting, "Poor little Samia! An easy lay! An easy fight! And tonight - Dannii awaits! She's got a new dildo for you too - I brought it over from the states, and it's massive - it'll sort that stinking pussy of yours right out!"

All Samia can do is make small choking noises as Victoria's long legs end her pain.

When she wakes up, she is naked on a bed she does not recognize, but hears a voice she recognizes all too well,

"My little darling Samia! Have you got a nice kiss for your Auntie Dannii?"

The cruel Ms Minogue produces Victoria's dildo and waves it in Samia's face, "This is for you, with love, baby!"

She straps it on, flips Samia onto all fours, and screws her just like a man would the little actress gasping and squealing long into the night as the Australian ravages her body over and over again.
* * * * * *
Part Four: Samia Smith vs. Geri Halliwell by knowlesey

It only took Samia a week to recover from her beating at the hands of Victoria Beckham, but the psychological effects of the savage lesbian sex session with Dannii Minogue took a while longer. But as soon as Samia was feeling her old self again, she vowed to improve her fighting technique. She wanted to face Dannii again - since she HAD beaten her, after all - and set things right with the Spice Girl!

Then one afternoon, she received a text message on her cellphone from Geri Halliwell:

"Be at the gym 7 pm Thursday."

This is NOT what Samia wanted - a text from Geri Hallowell who, unbeknownst to Samia had been goaded by Victoria and Emma into challenging her to a fight. Knowing she daren't refuse, Samia arrived at the appointed time and was met at the door by Emma Bunton, who usherd her inside.

"She's gonna beat the livin' shit outa you, ya tart!" Emma hissed as she took Samia's arm and steered her to the dressing room where, shakily, Samia stripped for action. Then she ventured out into the main hall, a makeshift fight area having been constructed from padded mats. She looked across the room to see Emma and Geri standing in the centre of the 'arena'. Her heart raced as she realized that Geri looked really good; far better than recent paparazzi pictures had showed her.

"C'mon bitch! Let's get this fight on!" Geri snaps curtly.

Samia felt herself shoved from behind and when she looked around, it was into the bruised, battered, face of her recent 'lover' - Dannii Minogue - who looked like she'd been hit by a truck!

Samia can't help asking Danniii, "What happened to your face?"

Before Dannii could answer, Geri said, "She got mouthy an' I shut her up. Bitch thought she had a 'right' to your body - but tonight - after I've knocked you about a bit - I'm having you all to myself!"

Samia closed her eyes - she'd been dreading this very thing.

Emma asked Samia, "When were you last fucked, bitch?"

She mutters, "This morning, thanks. My husband had a go at me before I got the train."

Emma glances at her friend, "Geri - the bitch has already lied!" She glares at Samia and repeats, "When were you last fucked?"

A tear runs from the corner of Samia's eye, "You obviously know, so why ask? Some young guy came to my hotel room this afternoon; good looking guy. Let's say I didn't exactly push him away - he had my knickers off and his cock up me inside five minutes - he fucked me three times in an hour; then left me to sleep it off!"

Now Samia is standing just inches away from the experienced Geri who, without any further words, punched the little actress straight in the belly. Geri busted out laughing as Samia dropped, coughing and spluttering, to the floor.

Samia pulls herself up to her hands and knees, and Geri sits on her back, straddling her like a horse, pulling back that lush mane of hair with her left hand and spanking the girl's butt with her left, but the actress does not want to play this game, and manages to slip out from her grasp.

As Samia slides out from under Geri, the singer grabs her left ankle and starts to pull it upwards while the actress is fairly defenseless. She steps on the younger girl's right leg, holding it steady on the floor, and just pulls her left leg up, Samia squealing as her legs are spread wide, wide apart, the pain in her crotch intense. Somehow she manages to rock her upper body forwards and grabs Geri's leg, so that she has to break the hold, allowing the girl's right leg to go back down.

Geri is smiling as she moves back towards a cowering Samia, and she roughly grabs the hand that the little actress is trying to fend her off with, wrenching her back to her feet. She twists the girl around, pulling her tight butt into her own moist crotch, her fingers fumbling with her flimsy top, which she rips off as she drops Samia to her knees with a punch to the kidneys, and again sits astride the brunette.

Geri picks up a handful of Samia's lush hair and thumps her face into the padded floormat, then again, the poor girl grunting with each smack. Next she rips open the actress's bra, slides her legs under the girl's armpits, and drags her upper body up and back, arching that smooth back, showing her pert little breasts to Emma and Dannii. Then, to a howl of pain, Geri takes Samia's nipples in her thumb and forefinger, pinches down, squeezes and twists so hard the poor girl thinks she'll twist 'em clear off.

Samia starts begging, "Oh God! Please! No more! Please! I beg you! I'll do anything! Please!"

Geri releases Samia's breasts, which snap back, then the little actress immediately starts hugging herself. But the cruel blonde singer hasn't finished with Samia and she tugs down her silky black knickers, sniffs them and snorts derisively.

"You dirty little bitch! They still smell of spunk!"

Geri grabs Samia's wrists, pulls them behind her back, and ties them firmly together with those knickers, then removes her own and rubs them in the actress's face, the beaten girl opening her mouth for them to be shoved inside, but Geri just laughs, wraps them around Samia's ankles and ties them together securely.

While Samia lies, trussed, on the mat, the knickerless Geri strolls across to Dannii Minogue and demands she removes her belt. The Australian obeys, and the ex Spice Girl strolls back to Samia, then barks, "Get up!"

The poor girl writhes around on the floor, but cannot get up with her wrists and ankles tied, so Geri smacks that leather belt across her tanned body, leaving a red welt across her back, the snaps, "I will count to five, and each time I get to five, if you are not on your feet, you will get a slap with this little beauty. One!"

Geri starts the count, Samia writhes and struggles, hears the number 'Five' and the leather belt slaps down across her thigh, making her yelp. Six times this happens, each blow from the belt landing, hurting, and leaving a red mark, the sort of mark which leaves a bruise, the blonde loses interest, pulls Samia to her knees and pulls her tears soaked face into her crotch. The actress unhesitatingly slips her tongue into Geri's thatched snatch, licking her quickly to orgasm.

After showering, Geri helps Samia get dressed, walks her to the waiting limo, and takes her back to Emma's flat, which she is borrowing. She very quickly strips Samia and herself, then takes her into Emma's bedroom where she sees Dannii's bag of 'toys' - all of which she ensures are well used long into the night and into the next morning.
* * * * * *
Part Five: Samia Smith vs. Mel Brown by knowlesey

Samia has been filming 'Coronation Street' on location and is sharing a studio cab back to Manchester with fellow actor, Jack P. Shepherd, who plays Michelle Keegan's nasty boyfriend in the soap. Samia really can't stand the youngster who grins his smug grin, making an occasional remark while Samia keeps her face to the window, muttering under her breath.
Approaching Manchester, the driver stops the cab, gets out without a word and walks over to three girls standing outside a hotel. The girls leave the driver, cross to the cab and they get in; one driving and the other two in back with Samia and Jack. The girl next to Samia pulls down her hoodie to reveal her face. It's Emma Bunton! The girl behind the wheel is Geri Halliwell and next to Jack sits Mel Brown!

Mel laughs, "Hi guys! It's showtime!" The dark skinned former Scary Spice starts ribbing Jack, "Didja think ya was gonna gerra shag tonight off this, mate?" pointing to Samia. "I don't think she likes ya, boyo!"

Unusually unsure of himself, the teenager responds, "No! No she doesn't! What the hell's happening?"

Mel explains that Samia has become a 'source of entertainment' for the former Spices and tonight, Mel and Samia will be 'getting to know one another.'

The cab pulls into the grounds of a large house and parks. All five go inside where Geri explains the nature of the 'entertainment.'

"Obviously it's fight time; and tonight it's Mel B's turn to have a go at little Samia. The girls will strip to their undies and fight in one of the nice big en-suite bedrooms. The furniture has been removed except the bed and three chairs - one each for me, Emma and young Jack here," she tells Samia.

They go upstairs to the bedroom. Geri opens a door and they go in, Geri showing Jack to the middle chair of three. "I think our young guest will be comfortable here!" she says.

Then faster than Jack can think, his arms are being bound to the arms of the chair with thick leather straps by Geri and Emma. Poor Jack doesn't even have time to struggle before his wrists and ankles are strapped to the arms and legs of the chair - which is so heavy he can't move it as he bucks and thrashes.

Jack bleats plaintively, "What are ya doing? C'mon girls, this is a joke, eh?"

Emma shakes her head, then shoves a couple of tablets in his mouth. "No joking, sunshine. But don't worry, you're not gonna be hurt. We just don't want you interfering with our entertainment!"

Mel strips to her bra and knickers, Samia reluctantly does the same and they face each other. The dusky singer is bigger in all respects than the slight young actress.

Still, it's Samia who surprises everyone by making the first move, landing a neat snap kick to Mel's belly. Mel grunts and folds forward as Samia kicks again, this one to Mel's left thigh. A third kick behind her knee drops Mel to the floor on her knees. Mel looks shocked by the speed and accuracy of Samia's kicks as she struggles back to her feet and flexes her leg.

Angry, Mel rushes Samia who grabs her as she charges in and puts her in a tight front headlock. Samia brings her knee up swiftly and it hits with a THUD in 'Scary's' crotch and she drops her her knees cupping her punished pubic mound.
While the red-faced Mel catches her breath while on all fours as Samia struts around behind her, straddles her raised ass, leans over and pulls her head up and back; her right forearm clamped around Mel's neck; choking the busty black beauty as Samia sits astride her back. While Samia throttles Mel with her right arm, she punches the singer's body with her left fist.

With a mighty effort, Mel swings her left elbow back into Samia's unprotected ribs and a loud grunt tells her that she's done some damage. Another elbow strike forces the actress to release the choke hold and Mel flops to her belly on the floor. She gets to her knees, spinning around facing Samia, then wraps her arms around little Samia in a bearhug and starts squeezing the breath out of her. Mel rides Samia down to the floor on her back as she continues to crush the smaller woman.

Releasing Samia, Mel stands up and glares down at the panting Samia, then kicks her in the back, the side - and when she rolls over - the back again! Mel keeps kicking, landing several thudding feet to Samia's belly as she flops and writhes around. Mel plants her right foot on Samia's shoulder and pushes her over onto her back, then stomps her belly with her left foot, making poor Samia's legs fly upward in pain.

Mel sneers down at the sobbing, groaning actress, "Shall I finish you off, bitch? Or maybe I'll play with you a while longer?"
Between sobs, Samia manages to gasp, "Why don't you just take me to bed - that's what you want, after all!" Her cutting remark earns her a kick in the butt.

"Dirty little whore!" Mel snarls. "I might've known you'd want to lick my cunny!"

The singer picks the little actress up by the arms and slams her back against the wall, pinning her by the throat with her left hand. Mel spits in Samia's face, then…

SLAP! She cuffs Samia in the face, reddening her cheek…

WHAP! Mel slaps her again..

WHACK! Mel backhands the reeling actress across the mouth, drawing blood from her upper lip.

Mel drags the no-longer-resisting Samia to the center of the room and holds her; the actress gazing with dazed eyes up into the busty beauty's sneering face. Mel licks her lips sensually and, in an unconscious response, Samia parts her own lips as if she's expecting to be kissed. Instead, the singer delivers a savage headbutt to Samia's forehead, which sends her staggering back, then she drops straight to the floor on her butt and rolls onto her back. Samia is dazed and helpless as Mel walks up and bends over her.

Mel grabs the groggy Samia's ankles, spreads her arms to open the little girl's legs wide, then steps between them and wraps Samia's legs around her waist. Holding Samia's calves, Mel scrapes the actress's head along the floor, then leans back, so that she lifts Samia's body, then slams her back down on the floor, knocking all the breath out of her!

Looking down in disgust at the prone body of Samia spread-eagled at her feet, Mel drops on her and covers her face with her big breasts. As Samia's legs move up and down alongside her hips, and her arms flap weakly, big Mel Brown slowly smothers little Samia Smith into oblivion.

Later, when she regains consciousness, Samia sees the three former Spice Girls are still in the room. Jack is still bound to his chair.

Fear in her eyes, Samia looks up at Mel, who turns and looks at Jack and says, "So little Jack, didja like that show?"
The teenager is drooling and barely able to speak, but manages, "I've never enjoyed anything as much; at least not with my clothes on!"

Geri is staring at the bulge in the guy's crotch and chuckles, "I think the little man might wanna get rid of THAT - how can we help?"

Laughing, Emma looks at Samia, "Go on bitch! Drop his trou and go down on him!"

Samia looks at Mel who glares at her and the cowed actress meekly obeys, tugging down the boy's trousers and underpants, giving a start when his surprisingly large cock comes pinging up in her face. The smug smirk on Jack's face widens as the lovely little actress parts her lips and slides them down over his rigid prick. Then her head starts bobbing up and down as she sucks with tears of shame streaming down her cheeks.

Jack crows, "Oh yes, Samia! I knew it! You are one hell of a cocksucker! I can't wait to tell the others!"

Suddenly, Mel snaps, "Enough! He ain't gonna come in your mouth, is he, bitch? Get your kit off and unstrap him!" The actress meekly obeys. She stands and removes her undies, then unbuckles the teen actors ankles, then his wrists.

Mel looks at him as he stiffly stands up, "Go on then you little shyte! Give her a seeing to!"

The grin on Jack's face is threatening to split open as he pushes Samia back onto the bed, her legs parted and slides his sleek cock into her. Jack bucks and puffs for a few minutes, then with a grunt from him and a whinny from her it's over. Jack has screwed Samia at last, a dream come true for the boy.

As he rolls off the little actress, Mel grins, "We're off now! Have a good night Jack! You better be a good little whore for your new boyfriend, bitch…" she warns Samia. "…or you'll be very, very sorry!

Samia closes her eyes as Jack rubs her breasts, flinching as Emma adds, "Those viagra tablets should keep you 'up' all night Jackie boy - see ya in the morning!"

The three Spices leave laughing and, as Geri locks the door, Emma is still trying to raise Mel Chisholm on her mobile.
* * * * * *
Part Six: Samia Smith vs. Mel Chisholm by knowlesey

It is a Thursday afternoon, and Samia Smith is looking very downcast in her dressing room on the set of 'Coronation Street'. One of her oldest friends on the cast, Jane Danson, comes in with a bottle of wine, smiling gently, "Come on Sam - let's have a drink, it might cheer you up a bit. I hate seeing my old mate down!"

The brunette's face starts to crumple, and tears run down her cheeks, "I'm sorry, Jane - I really don't want to talk - not even to you!"

The blonde won't take no for an answer. "But every couple of weeks or so you have to have a few days off! It's happened five times now - what's going on?"

Still Samia silently weeps, until Jane says quietly, "The worst thing is, that little bastard Jack Shepherd seems to know something - he's not knobbing you, is he Samia, not that little shit?"

Now the pretty brunette stares at the blonde, whispering, "Yes! Yes, he is! Every Thursday night! I hate him, but he'll blab what's been happening to me if I don't sleep with him once a week! Oh, Jane! I'm in such a mess!"

The blonde puts her arm around her friend's shoulders, then she starts to tell the story,

"It started when I was in London a couple of months ago. That horrid Dannii Minogue confronted me in the gym, wanting a fight - I beat her up - I enjoyed it! Then, a coupla days later, Emma Bunton wanted a fight. God, she hurt me; beat me pretty bad. But then, oh Christ! Then I had to eat Minogue out - she came all over me - then the bitch took me to bed! Jane, she did things to me I can't even think about yet!"

Samia took a deep draught of her wine. "That took me days to get over, but it got even worse! Victoria Beckham comes over, they take me to some club, and SHE gives me a beating and I hafta spend another night with that bloody Minogue's pussy!

"Coupla weeks later, I get a text - it's only Geri 'Fookin' Halliwell! Anyway, SHE beats me up as well, then makes me lick HER out and beds me herself…even though Minogue's there an' obviously wanting me bad!" Jane's jaw is open as her friend continues. "Then - and this is vile! They took me to this big house; me and that bastard Shepherd! We get there and Mel Brown just beat the crap outta me; she really hurt me, Jane!"

The blonde smiles sympathetically, "And Shepherd watched all this?"

Samia grimaced and nodded. "Watched - an' fookin' loved it! Then they made me suck his dick - on my KNEES - like a bleedin' street whore, they did. Sucking that horrible little sod's dick! And when he couldn't come, guess what - onto the bed I'm put and he boffs me - and them watchin' like some Pay Per Screw telly screw show!! I'm turning on the waterworks and he's fookin loving it - the smug little bastard! Grinning as he pumps his cock up me. I thought that was the end, but no - they locked us in the room and I'm his for - the whole damn night!

"God, Jane, they pumped the bastard so full of viagra he couldn't get rid of his hard-on if he wanted to! The lil' prick screwed me front, back an' any which way. I left with blisters on my ass and pussy. Oh yeah! And I sucked him off a coupla times, made him come - in my fookin' MOUTH - th' bastard! Since then, he's been blackmailing me - sayin' if I don't let him shag me every Thursday, he goes public."

Jane is totally shocked, "So you're saying four of the Spice Girls have each beaten you up?"

Samia shakes her head, "No - all five! Mel 'Sporty Spice' Chisholm herself was last! Here's what happened…"

Samia takes another swig. "It was a Tuesday afternoon - Shepherd had 'taken me for a drink' as he called it, basically meaning I give him a blowjob. I was rinsing my mouth out after he'd gone, when my phone rang. How I dread that phone ringing! It's Emma Bunton. She told me to be at a boxing club in Manchester at 4.30.

"So I went to this club, swish place really, and there they were - The Spice Girls; all five of them! Emma told me to strip off and Mel C stripped off. We got into this boxing ring. We weren't gonna be boxing, obviously, but apparently Mel likes to fight in a ring, so that's where I had to go.

"We started off kind of circling each other, then she caught me by my arm, just swung me around and flung me into the corner. I tell you, those posts are padded, but it knocks the stuffing outa you when that happens. I was struggling to breathe, then Mel raised her leg, you know like you see her in those photos, and just smacked it into my stomach. God that hurt! The sole of her foot was so hard…well, I just sort of slid down the post and sat on the bleedin' canvas.

"Next thing I knew, she had me around the neck, sort of pulled me up to my feet, then flipped me over her shoulder, and landed in the middle of the ring, flat on my back, still gasping for air. She grabbed me by the ankle, then - my left ankle, it was - then twisted my leg around, and sat on my thigh - I screamed out it hurt so much I thought my leg would burst. Then she caught hold of my hair and yanked me up with one hand, and just slapped my face to and fro like I was some little animal - I was hurting so much with my leg, trying to stop her pulling it out of its socket, I just couldn't stop her hitting me. I was just crying and crying, and I could taste blood - she'd split my lips open, and I just wanted it to end.

"Suddenly, she stopped hitting me, then let go of my leg. I was cowering in the center of the ring, cos I thought she'd start kicking me, but she didn't. She just hauled me to my feet again, swung me round - I was pretty helpless - and flung me again, but this time into the ropes. You know when you see wrestlers ping back across the ring - well that's what happened, I pinged back across the ring, and she caught me, she caught me and she lifted me up in the air, then dropped me down, right across her knee, right on my back! No wonder they call it a backbreaker!I thought that's what she'd done. She just pushed me over onto the canvas. I was in so much pain, my groin, my knee, my face, my back - but she caught me again; lifted me up and ran across the ring, slamming me into the corner. Then the bitch stood back and watched me slide down again.

"I was trying to tell Mel I'd had enough, and that she had won, but she just ignored me, she smacked her elbow down on top of my head - wow that hurt like hell - then she picked me up again. I pretty much didn't care what she did to me then, or so I thought! She hoisted me up onto her shoulder, my legs dangling in front of her, my head and arms behind her, and my poor back taking the strain. Do you know what she did? She jumped up and down, my back taking the full brunt of each jump every time she landed. I was screaming for mercy, but all she did was drop me on the floor again.

"I just lay on the canvas, flat on my back, then Mel just picked up by me ankles and pushed my legs til' my feet were at my shoulders, then she sat on me, squashing me - they told me the wrestlers call it a 'bodypress' - Lord, I was squealing for her to get off.

"After what seemed like ages, Mel got offa me, caught me by the hair an set me on my knees in fronta her. I begged her to stop hurting me…even kissed her filthy feet - then she told me to lick her pussy out. I did just that, hoping it'd be the end of the ordeal but she made me repeat the process on each of the other 4 - yep, I munched all five Spice Girls' carpets' one after the other - an every damn one've 'em tasted vile.

"They all put their knickers back on, so I thought they were gonna leave me, but that Victoria - she really hates me - just saunters over pretty as you please, pulled my head up and smacked her knee right in my face. After that, I don't know what they did, cos I was no longer conscious!"

Samia takes a final gulp of wine, and a shocked Jane asks, "So how did you get out? Was that the end of it?"

The brunette laughs. "The end? No way! I woke up in a big bedroom and they were all there, all five of the bitches. They were at it with me - and each other - all night. They used vibrators, dildos, tongues - I had no sleep whatsoever! They finally dumped me back home the next morning. An' you know what? That bastard Shepherd still screwed the ass offa me that afternoon!"

The door opened, and Jack P Shepherd came in, moved to Samia and kissed her; his hands roughly groping and fondling her body. Then they walked out of the dressing room - leaving Jane Danson to wonder if Samia had made up the entire unbelievable tale simply to mask her affair with the horrible teenager -or was there maybe some truth in it?