Spicy Tails #2
Victoria-Geri vs. Alesha Dixon-Lisa Maffia by knowlesey

The reformed Spice Girls are enjoying their comeback - particularly in the world of celebrity catfighting and boxing. The girls had just finished a tough training session in the luxurious gym complex they’d hired - a session which ended after Mel B and Victoria took each other on in what was supposed to be a mock fight. It ended with Victoria screaming her submission when Mel hoisted her onto her shoulders in a superb backbreaker. The smaller Victoria ending up with a very sore back.

After the other three left, Victoria and Geri stayed behind and are in the squash court which has been converted for fighting purposes with rubber matting covering the floor and walls.

Victoria’s complains to Geri, "Why did Mel DO THAT? She's so strong; she had no need to hurt me like that! I thought we were just having a workout!"

Suddenly, the door opens and the girls look up to see two vaguely familiar faces; black British R&B singers Lisa Maffia and Alesha Dixon. Alesha doesn't look happy, "Time for you two old bitches to go, I think! Washed up tramps!"

Victoria glares back, "What are you pieces of crap doing here? This is a class gym - not for your type!"

Lisa moves towards Geri, pushing her shoulder backward, "Before you go, has-been - kiss my feet!"

The blonde snaps back, "Joke, yeah! You're the foot kisser, bitch. Get back to where you belong!"

Lisa nods at Alesha, and the two black singers go into action! Lisa punches Geri hard in the belly, driving her back against the wall, then giving her another couple of good punches to that body.

Meanwhile, Alesha is getting to grips with Victoria; grabbing her hair and forcing her head down. She straddles her head with her long thighs and begins raining punches down on the Spice Girl's damaged back. Then using her superb strength, Alesha grabs Posh around the waist and lifts her bodily into the air, holding the older girl helplessly upside down, the superfit singer then drops to her knees and drives poor Victoria's head into the mat, stunning her!

Alesha sits on Victoria's chest with her knees pinning the older girl's shoulders to the floor, and looks across to see how Lisa is faring with Geri. After battering the blonde's belly and ribs, Lisa has grabbed her throat and slapped her face back and forth a few times, reddening her cheeks, then she gives her a brisk headbutt to the left forehead before pulling her ankles so that the weakened girl slides down the wall to land with a splat on the mat.

Lisa sits opposite Geri, places her feet on the blonde's inner thighs and pushes her lithe legs wide, wide, apart. Geri is squealing and weeping in pain - which earns her a cruel punching of her famous tits. Poor Geri has clearly had enough, and when Lisa drags her across the floor, turns her onto her back and twists her legs, Geri is already crying and begging for mercy; promising to do whatever the young black singer wants.

After dazing Victoria by piledriving her, Alesha lifts her to her feet and whacks her into the wall, raises her long right leg, and pins her to the wall with her foot against the battered girls throat. She soon releases Posh and delivers a kick to her midriff, then laughs as the wincing brunette drops to the floor at her feet. Alesha stomps on Victoria's damaged back smashing the girl flat on her face.. Then Alesha grabs her ankles and, ignoring Posh's cries of "No," pulls them back savagely as she applies a horrible Boston Crab. Posh quickly screams out her surrender as well.

The former Spice Girls silently kiss their conquerors' feet when told to, glancing at each other, sure that they will be directed to lick the black girls' cunnys any minute.

But Lisa is on the phone, "Yeah, that's right guys. Hmmm, I only wanted four, but, yeah, six'd be even more fun!"

Geri, tears running down her face, starts to run her tongue up Lisa's leg, deciding to get this over with as soon as possible, but the young girl pushes her away with a sneer of distaste, turning it into a smile when the door opens and in stride six sturdily built members of her former band, So Solid Crew.

"OK boys," Lisa grins. "Divide yourself in two teams of three and decide which of these bitches you want; they won't be pushing you away!"

It soon dawns on Geri and Victoria what their 'punishment' will be and, without waiting to tbe told, they both glumly begin stripping off.

Posh suggests, "Since we're gonna get gang-banged anyway; can we at least decide which guy has first go?"

Alesha shakes her head, "You don't make any decisions about anything, tart! Go on boys - shag 'em!"

It takes over an hour for each Spice Girl to be screwed by her three studs, each of them pushing their huge cocks deep into the aging singers; roughly having their way with them.

Afterward, when they've dressed, Geri and Victoria limp toward the gym exit, but Lisa snaps, "Where you goin' bitches? You got well beat today - now you'll get well fucked tonight!" The poor girls are bundled into a van and driven to a rundown area of town, taken to a large apartment where they're stripped and screwed again, this time by the two teams. At one point Geri is forced to watch as the humiliated Posh Spice, on her hands and knees, gives one of her men a blowjob whilst another slams his big prick in her ass.

During the early hours, the two trios swap girls, so that by the time they're dropped outside the gym the following afternoon, they've each been cruelly serviced by all six men. None of them can stand, never mind walk.

Emma Bunton discovers them huddled and sobbing in the shower and asks, "What the hell happened to you two?"

A hollow cheeked Victoria stares back blankly, "Don't ask! This is not over, not by a long shot! I want revenge, dammit!"
* * * * * *
Emma Bunton vs. Shania Twain (boxing) by knowlesey

Back at their gym after Victoria's win over Nicola Roberts, the girls draw to see who will fight next, and It's Emma Bunton. Mel C looks at her, and asks, "Come on then babe, who d'ya want? You must have thought about it!"

She hesitates, and Geri prompts, "That old bag Shania Twain's on a UK tour - ends next week. Why not give her a nice painful beating before she goes home?"

Emma grins and nods, "Shania! She's over 40 now! Still, I reckon it'd be a nice little workout! Geri, can you make the necessary contact?"

And so it was agreed that Emma and Shania will face each other in the celebrity boxing ring the Spices had set up, and in front of an invited celebrity audience. Shania spurned the offer of help from the other four Spice Girls. As an experienced fighter, she’d have preferred a catfight, but she understands celebrity boxing has become big business and is as ready for this contest as possible.

Emma is first to the ring, looking stunning in a silver kit. But she becomes annoyed when Shania makes her wait. Finally, the Canadian songbird appears, looking gorgeous in a blue outfit, with a body as trim as any 30 y/o - especially Emma.

The girls eyeball each other while Kelly Brook reviews the rules. Shania's height advantage of about 2” is obvious and she sneers at the smaller singer throughout Kelly's instructions.

Round 1

Emma starts aggressively, as expected, throwing punches at Shania's fast moving body, but her punches are either falling short, or the Canadian is swaying out of their way, until she is on the ropes, just where the blonde wants her. Emma smacks a nice left into Shania's body, looking to slow her down a bit, but then finds herself on the receiving end of an absolute volley of punches to the face, lefts and rights being thrown by the taller girl, not terribly hard, but landing none the less, and it is a red-faced Emma who backtracks across the ring.

The pair are in the centre of the ring now, Emma throws a punch - short - Shania throws a punch - lands - and another - lands - the taller girl is just picking off the little blonde, her trademark smile now replaced with a frown.

As the round draws to a close it's Shania in control, her reach enabling her to smack punch after punch into Emma's face, and the younger girl is relived to hear the bell, having clearly lost this round.

Round 2

Geri and Mel C have told Emma to try to get to Shania's body more, try to slow down the older woman if she can, and she is soon trying to carry out those instructions, but Shania is just using her face like a punching bag, thudding her gloves into her reddening cheeks and mouth at will, swaying away from the blonde's clumsy body shots.

Finally, Emma gets a right hook home to the Canadian's belly, but she is so well toned she takes it, then smacks her own punches into the blonde's face again, turning her onto the ropes, then landing a few nice body shots of her own. Down comes Emma's guard, and she is just picked off by a left right left combination to the face, a straight left to the ribs, then a right to the mouth, and another, a left to the face, right to the face, right to the belly, and another, but Emma escapes, holding onto Shania as she gets just too close to lands any more punches.

Emma's face is already bruising around the cheeks, her lips look puffy - in short, she looks beaten, but bravely carries on coming forward, landing again to the brunette's body before being given another bruising battery of punches as the round ends - Shania two rounds up!

Round 3

Emma's mates have done their best to reduce the swelling on her face, but she needs to land some punches before Kelly is forced to stop this fight, and she starts aggressively again, her left hook now finding Shania's body as the older woman starts to slow down, and the brunette is puffing as she holds on to Emma's neck, earning herself a warning.

Back the girls come, Emma looking to press home the advantage she has taken in the round, but Shania stops her in her tracks with a straight right to the mouth, follows it up with a looping left hook, and the blonde stumbles into the corner, where the Canadian wades into her, landing punch after punch in the younger girl's face, but she won't go down! Brave Emma somehow gets out of that corner, landing her own clubbing left hook to Shania's jaw, and hurts the taller girl immediately, her knees buckling.

Emma's right eye is closing, but she attacks Shania again, looking to land another big punch. Unfortunately for her, the Canadian is too good a boxer, and she is one her toes as the round ends, her jabs again smacking into the Brit's face - that's Shania's round again!

Round 4

Kelly Brook has a good look at Emma's face between rounds - she is thinking about stopping this to save her from further punishment, but Mel B leans over the ropes and grabs the model/actress by the shirt, telling her to let the women fight it out.

Once more, Emma is soon into the attack, but her right eye is very puffy and bruised so that every left hander Shania throws to her face is landing - she cannot see the punches coming! Still Emma moves forward, and rips a super right hook into Shania's ribs - that hurt! The brunette drops her guard and on comes Emma - another right to those ribs, a left to the gut, a right to the ribs again, now a left to the face - stunning - Shania staggers backwards onto the ropes, and Emma follows up, gets her again with that booming left hook, and down goes Shania, blubbering on the floor as Kelly starts the count.

Shania is on her feet at 8, but Emma's body punches have taken their toll, and she does not move forwards towards the little blonde now, just stays back and takes a beating to the body - big punches from Emma savaging the older woman's ribcage - but Emma forgets her defence and now Shania is counterattacking, her own punches again bouncing off the British girl's face as she uses that height and reach advantage, and she is on top as the round ends. It's Emma's round though, due to that knockdown.

Round 5

Geri is shaking her head in Emma's corner - the blonde is having trouble seeing out of either eye, and her mates want her to quit, except Mel B who urges the little blonde to just throw one more good punch, as Shania cannot take it.

Emma for the first time, is slow off her stool, but Shania is none too quick either, and they still meet in the centre of the ring. It's business as usual for Shania, just smacking those gloves rapidly against Emma's bruised and swollen face while the smaller girl looks to land a big punch.

Shania is on the ropes in the middle of the round, picking Emma off as she tries to find her with another left hook, then Emma, head down, rips a good right hand into Shania's ribs again, and the Canadian is on her knees, gasping for breath as Kelly counts over her again, looking to her corner for help.

Up gets Shania at 8, on comes Emma, and she lands to the body again! Shania drops that guard, takes a left to the jaw, then a right - she's staggering - another right to the face and she's back down! Shania Twain is floored for the second time in the round, and there's still time for Emma to finish it!

Struggling to her feet at 7, Shania covers up as the swollen-faced Emma moves towards her, then, just as the blonde gets into range, the Canadian plants four, five, six punches into her face and all thoughts of a knockout end - for now. The bell ends another tough round, clearly Emma's.

Round 6

Shania looks dispirited and her ribs are clearly painful, but at least she can see! Kelly clearly tells her that she must knock the Canadian out or lose the fight because Kelly won't allow her to take much more. Mel B is furious, but Kelly is in charge.

Emma bravely comes forward, but is walking into Shania's left hands; the taller girl just picking the Brit off; banging more punches into that damaged face. Emma's on the ropes. Shania's left finds her jaw. A Shania right over the top of her shabby guard thuds onto her eyebrow! A solid Shania left explodes in her mouth - and that's it!

Kelly Brook stops the fight! Shania Twain has beaten Emma Bunton even though it was clear the Brit had the better punch.

After the fight an uncontrollable Mel B is raging at Kelly Brook. There's no question who Mel B wants to fight when it's her turn!

Shania visits Emma in her dressing room and asks, "No hard feelings Emma, huh?"

The blonde tries to focus on the stunning brunette, "You were lucky, Twain! I want you in a catfight next time!"

Twain smiles, "I bet you do! You've got a good punch darlin'; but stay away from grownups!"

The plucky Canadian leaves, wincing as she hugs her aching ribs. She knows if Emma had caught her early, she could've won the fight!