Spice Tails #3: Geri Halliwell+Victoria Beckham vs. Cheryl Cole+Kimberley Walsh by knowlesey
Alesha Dixon had recently recorded a TV reality show in which two of the other celebrities were the Girls Aloud singers, Cheryl Cole and Kimberley Walsh. During a long evening together, Alesha let slip how she and Lisa Maffia had beaten and humiliated Victoria Beckham and Geri Halliwell, then had the pair of them used as ex toys by members of Lisa's former group.

She is laughing, "Oh girls! If you coulda seen that stupid Victoria's face! She don't look too ‘posh’ with cum runnin’ down her chin or when she's on her hands and knees takin’ it up the arse!"

Cheryl grins, "Well they both deserved it! Bitches! They worked our little mate Samia over a while back an’ gave her tuh that Aussie lesbo Dannii Minogue as a bedmate! Poor little cow's being screwed by some little dickhead she works with even now - little bastard's blackmailing her!"

Kimberley sits back, scratching her pussy, "We're doing that TV show next week an’ the Spices are gonna be there! I wanna tell em what we know. I can't wait to see that smug Posh slag's face!"

A laughing Alesha adds, "Yeah? Give her my love - and tell her my feet are ready for another good kissing!"

The week of the TV recording starts, and the Spice Girls are clearly not happy - they are being overshadowed by Girls Aloud, and Victoria finds herself the target of goading by Kimberley in a quiet dressing room, the younger girl taunting, "Do you know Alesha Dixon, Victoria?"

The Spice Girl nods, "We've met!"

A smiling Kimberley goes on, "Gorgeous in't she?"

Again, Victoria nods briefly, "If you like slutty, I guess so!"

Kimberley runs her tongue over those gorgeous lips, "Do her feet taste nice, Victoria? Hmmm?"

The Spice Girl glares, "What? What does that mean?"

Kimberley strokes her thighs sensually, "Way I heard it, Alesha and little Lisa Maffia gave you and Old Geri a real good hiding a few weeks back, and the pair of you had to get down on your knees to them! Way I heard it, you both got well-fooked too! Way I heard it, the pair’a you are finished in the catfight game, so d’ya wanna just lick me out now or d'ya wamme to give you another beating?"

Standing abruptly, Victoria snaps, "The show goes out Saturday! We'll fight Sunday afternoon! Oh, and bring Cole with you; Geri can deal with that slut!"

The fight took place in the same room where Victoria and Geri were beaten by the two black singers - beaten when they were both already exhausted - but beaten and humiliated nonetheless. This was to be their promising revenge! The two Spice Girls wait for Cheryl and Kimberley and are surprised when the pair actually show up; confidently striding into the room and even grinning.

Cheryl moves towards Geri and Kimberley towards Victoria, and Cheryl snarls, "Come on Kim; let’s do 'em!"

Kimberley moves towards Posh, but the older girl is quick, and she grasps the pretty singers face with her right hand, her fingers squeezing the girls cheeks as she pushes her back against the wall. Kim is thrashing her arms wildly, so Victoria quieted her down by smashing her knee straight into her crotch, then letting her fall to the floor, gasping and sobbing.

Cheryl isn’t faring much better! Feisty and arrogant, she attempts to slap Geri, but the older woman catches her arm mid-air, twists it painfully around and levers it up her back. She grabs Cheryl’s other arm when she tries to defend herself, then drives her - head first - into the padded wall. As she pushes Ms Cole forwards, Geri kicks her in the butt, then turns her around and pulling her by the hair, flips her over her shoulder onto the mat. Cheryl hits flat on her back with a loud SMACK!

Kimberley is on her hands and knees, defenseless, as Posh grabs her head and puts it between her strong thighs; grinding them as Kimberley starts crying and squeaking. Victoria suddenly shifts position, flipping quickly around to straddle Kim's body, sitting astride as if riding a horse, then starts spanking her buttocks.

"C’mon, giddyap!” Victoria yells. “Come on!"

Kimberley's body is being squeezed by those legs, and her arms give way, the girls flopping forward, Victoria now wrapping her legs around that lovely midriff.

Geri looks at the prone Cheryl with disgust, picks up her ankles, and pulls her legs apart, grinning as he lifts her foot over the girl's crotch, laughing as the girl's arrogant face turns to fear as she cries,

"No! Please no!"

But Geri is in no mood to show the upstart any mercy, and she stomps her foot down on that juicy crotch, not once, not twice, but three times. Sheer brutality from Geri, poor Cheryl screaming in agony.

Geri grins at Victoria, "What are we gonna do with these tarts, Posh?"

She has lifted Cheryl's head off the floor, and is holding her from behind by the arms, pulling her upright. Victoria pulls Kim to her feet, slaps her face, then turns her around too, and the Spice Girls walk their prey towards each other, pushing their faces just inches apart, Geri commanding, "Go on, bitches! Kiss!" Neither girl can hesitate as they push their lips onto each other's, so Geri snaps, "Properly! Don't you love each other?"

Kim is shocked when Cheryl's tongue slides into her mouth, but she responds, her own tongue slipping into her band mate's throat. Victoria and Geri pull the pair apart, then smack their heads together, their foreheads cracking against each other hard, both girls wincing.

Kimberley pleads, "Please! Enough! I'm sorry I spoke out of turn! I'll make sure Alesha knows you're still the top girls!"

Geri glares at Cheryl, "What about you?"

She is broken, and weeping, responds quietly, "I'm sorry too. Whatever - you've taught me my lesson."

Victoria and Geri put their battered victims back to back, sit them down on the floor and, using their thick leather belts, bind their arms together. Victoria smoothes Kim's hair back from her face gently, then whack! delivers an almighty slap to her face, Geri slapping Cheryl's face at the same time, so that the girls sway to and fro. Victoria puts her knuckles on Kim's face, pinching her nose with her first and second fingers, then twists it painfully while she SLAPs her face with her spare hand.

Meanwhile Geri grabs Cheryl's hair, pulls her face forwards, and SMACK, drives her knee into her face. SMACK, again; bloodying her nose. The two younger girls are completely helpless, unable to defend themselves as the former Spice Girls kick their bellies and ribs before unfastening those belts.

Geri glances at Victoria, "I'm bored! These tarts deserve a drink!"

Posh laughs, the snaps at Kimberley, "C'mon bitch! Lick me out! You too Cole - eat Geri!"

The battered pop singers do as they are told, each one hungrily licking their conqueror's pussies until they both climaxed; flooding their pretty faces; filling their noses and mouths with their girlcum.

Next, the youngsters are stripped and arranged 69, with each girl’s open mouth on the other's pussy. The belts were now used to bind them together, and, with barely a word of urging by the dominant Spice’s, they began to lick each other to shuddering climaxes not once, not twice but continually - keeping at one another long after Geri and Victoria had left them alone.

Outside, Victoria was on her cell phone..."Dixon? You better get to the gym! Your mates are in danger of eating each other's pussy clean out! Next week, I want payback; and bring Maffia; we're gonna whip your asses raw!"