Kimberly Spicer vs. Cara Wakelin by Kim

Perky Melbourne, Australia born Cara Wakelin was feeling very good about herself. She swung her hips jauntily as she paraded across the lobby of the Playboy Mansion on her way to her room. It had been two months since her last visit, during which she'd tossed Vanessa Gleason out the window of the room they shared. Cara hoped her example of what happened to people who messed with her would have been enough to get her a private room on this visit, but no such luck.

As usual, the Mansion was filled to overflowing since Playmates from all over swarmed to California to be 'hostesses' for Hef's pre-election parties. Cara had met her new roommate, Kimberly Spicer, briefly a year before on a publicity junket for 1999 Playmates. She thought the Detroit native had been "a bit of alright" and hadn't minded (much) when Hef assigned the Yank to share her room.

When Cara reached her room, Kim wasn't there. A note said she was practicing with the Playmate softball team and would be back at 4pm. Cara realized she had a half hour before Kim returned and decided to take a shower before Kim used all the hot water. As she bent down to slide off her panties, she caught a glimpse of a flashing green light on Kim's computer which she'd left on. Tossing her panties on the bed, Cara sat down to see what her roommate had been up to. Clicking on the browser address bar she saw a list of sites Kim had visited recently.

"Email, news, blah-blah-blah. Nothing special," Cara thought. She was about to take her shower when an unfamiliar URL piqued her curiosity. "" she muttered. "What that's about?"

Cara clicked the URL and a page popped up with pictures of nude women. Wondering why Kim was looking at nudie pictures of other women, she scrolled down the page a bit and stopped in shock at a story about she and Kim. Eagerly, she opened the file and was shocked to see it was someone's twisted tale of a fantasy fight between them. Laughing, she scrolled through it to see how it ended. She was stunned when she reached the bottom to see the writer had her losing! Worse, it turned out the result was because a bunch of perverts that voted they thought Kim WOULD beat her - by a large margin! She was about to close the window, but as she leaned forward to click the mouse, she felt something under the blanket on Kim's bed. She reached in and pulled out. . . a small, silver vibrator!

"Ewwwwww. Yeech, it's sticky!" Cara groaned. "She probably used it right before she left."

She hesitated a moment, then looked at the story again and noted the authors name was 'Kim'. It suddenly dawned on her what happened and a few clicks of the mouse confirmed it. Kim had accessed that site more than a hundred times in the month the vote was going on.

"That bitch!" Cara muttered. "She stuffed the box so she'd win, then wrote that disgusting story." Looking at the vibrator, she grinned. "You twisted cunt. You found the site, voted yourself to a win, wrote about sitting on my face and then got off reading everyone's comments about you 'beating' me. You're a sick slut. Well, if you think it's fun, somebody should teach you a lesson - one you won't forget. "

Cara stood up and went to the bathroom, still carrying Kim's little "silver bullet" vibrator. She turned on the shower and lathered her firm, taut body, paying close attention to her full breasts - their dark nipples hard with arousal after reading about her fight with Kim. Sighing, she reached down, spread her labia, turned on the little vibrator and slid it up inside herself. She started to massage her clit bringing herself to full arousal. As she masturbated, Cara thought about the story, especially the ending when Kim had facesat her.

As she remembered the ersatz humiliation her fictional counterpart suffered at Kim's hands, she closed her eyes, pinched her nipples and worked the vibrator in and out. As her climax approached, she moaned, "Yeah, that's it Kimmy baby, use that tongue. Come on baby, work it deep inside, make me cum. That's the way, work it it... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Cara, imagined herself straddling the face of her Yank roommate as she climaxed hard and long in a knee-weakening, mind-blowing orgasm that left her squatting against the shower wall with her legs spread and her head down, panting like a bitch in heat. Slowly, she recovered and stood up, letting the hot water wash away the tell-tale evidence of her self-gratification. Blushing at her self-indulgence, she stepped from the shower, toweled herself off and wrapped the towel around her torso. Flipping her shoulder length wet hair, she retrieved the vibrator from the shower and opened the bedroom door.

Kim Spicer was standing there glaring at her! She was holding a softball bat, a baseball glove and wearing a pair of skintight shorts, a cropped tee shirt and a pink Playboy baseball cap.

"How...How long have you been here?" Cara gulped.

"I just came in," Kim said, putting down the bat and tossing her glove in the corner. She looked at her computer and sneered, "I see you've poked your nose into my computer. You could get it bent if you aren't careful."

"Wha..?" Cara began, then her heart sank as she followed Kim's eyes and realized she'd left the computer showing that disgusting kimgin page. She'd been so excited at finding Kim's vibrator, she'd forgotten to reset it to her home page.

"Hey," Kim yelled. She threw back the covers and looked around in her bed. "What the hell're you doing with MY vibrator?"

Cara looked down at the forgotten silver object she was holding and blushed deeply. "OH! I guess you caught me. I saw your computer on and wondered what you'd been up to. I found that web site where you padded the vote in your favor. You have some nerve, making people think you could beat me in a fight - even if it's just in some teenage nerd's wet dream. You should be ashamed using it to get. I suppose the 'Kim' that wrote that story was you too? You're weird, girl. I'm not comfortable with you as my roommate any more. I'm going to Hef and tell him I want you out - and I'm going to tell him why."

"Yeah, I wrote the story, so what? Gee, I'm real broke up you didn't like it, but, hey, I hadda give the voters what they wanted. Hee-hee. Besides, be honest. What bothers ya most girlfriend," Kim laughed, "that the voters knew you can't handle me, or that you got so hot an bothered reading 'bout me sitting your face?"

Kim walked over to Cara, reached down and grabbed the vibrator from her hand. She put it to her mouth, licked off the residue from Cara's climax and smacked her lips noisily.

"Yummmmmmm," she purred as Cara backed away in shock. "Now I wonder who you were fantasizing about when you were doing that? Not that new boyfriend you stole from Vanessa, I bet. I think you were thinking 'bout lil' ol' me, weren't you sweet cheeks?"

Kim patted Cara's cheek lightly and the crimson blush it caused answered her better than any words Cara could speak.

"Tell me," Kim chuckled. "In your fantasy, where were you; top or bottom like in my story?"

"Get out you pervert!" Cara screamed - pointing at the closed door. "Get out or I'll throw you out."

"Careful Cara," Kim laughed. "Your towel's slippin'!" As Cara grabbed her towel, Kim laughed, "You better rethink that idea 'bout tossing me out. No way you throw a Motown Girl out without a fight." Gesturing to her computer, she added, "And according to the 'experts' I'm just too tough for you."

Cara tugged her towel back up with both hands. Clutching the towel to her breasts, she drew herself up to her full 5'5" height and dramatically raised her arm, her index finger extended, stomped her foot and repeated her demand. "Get out of my room, NOW!"

Kim shook her head as she moved toward Cara.

"It's not YOUR room and I'm not leaving, not until you learn the proper place for your nose. It's not in my computer and it's not poking around in my things. Maybe the right place for it is wedged up tight up between my thighs. Wadda ya think?"

Kim snatched the towel from the shocked Cara and threw it in her face, temporarily blinding her. Before Cara could clear her vision, Kim ducked and plowed ahead, slammed her shoulder to Kim's chest and knocked her back into the dresser. The impact knocked the wind from Cara and it just got worse for the young Aussie when Kim followed with a hard right uppercut to the pit of her belly that doubled her up. Kim stepped back and allowed Cara to fall to her knees.

"OK tough girl," Kim sneered as she stepped back with her hands on her hips, "get up and show me watcha got."

Cara rose and threw the towel to the floor. She smiled confidently as she rubbed her stomach and stretched her tightly muscled body. Seemingly intimidated, Kim took a step back as Cara advanced on her intent on duplicating her shower fantasy by sitting on her roommate's face and proving beyond doubt who was the "top girl" in the room, if not the entire Mansion.

"I let Vanessa off easy in our fight," Cara said with a deep, breathy whisper. "I just tore her up a little before I threw her out that window. You're not getting off that easy you pervert, you deserve what's going to happen to you. Hell, from what I saw on your computer, you'll probably enjoy it you disgusting slut!" She put a hand on Kim's chest, shoved her toward the door and repeated her command. "Get out!"

The taller Kim looked at her Aussie rival and grinned confidently but she kept backing up until the back of her thighs bumped against her bed. She turned toward the door but instead of opening it, she grabbed the baseball bat, turned and rammed the fat end straight into Cara's unprepared belly.

"Ohhhhhhhhh," Cara groaned as her knees buckled and she doubled over holding her stomach, gagging and gasping for air.

"Suckered you, you dumb blond bimbo," Kim chuckled as she tossed the bat in the corner. "Don't you know those are even more useful in a fight than on the softball field? Guess you gotta grow up on the mean streets of Motown if you wanna learn the best way to use a baseball bat."

Kim reached down and "helped" Cara to her feet by a handful of blonde hair. Cara pushed weakly against her, but Kim twisted the Aussie's head to the side and kissed her on the cheek, then whipped her across the room into her heavy wooden dresser. The impact knocked her toiletries, hairbrush and cosmetics onto the floor. Several glass bottles shattered, adding a new and dangerous element to the upcoming struggle.

While Cara leaned against the dresser trying to catch her breath, her back arched in pain; Kim sprang across the space between them, raised her leg and drove her knee into the Aussie's middle. The air whooshed out of Cara and her ruddy face went deathly pale! Kim grabbed the hair over Cara's ears, bent her forward and dropped to her knees - driving the Aussie face first to the carpeted floor! Cara's body bounced once and lay still, her face wedged between Kim's muscular thighs. The brunette smiled, stood up and slowly peeled off her tee shirt and skinned off her shorts - leaving her as naked as the dazed blonde at her feet.

"Aww, you poor baby!" Kim teased as she poked Cara's ass with her toes. "That wasn't hard at all. With all your braggin' 'bout what you did to Vanessa, I expected a lot more outta you. I wonder if this's why the girls call you the 'down under wonder' or is it another talent that got you the nickname? What say we try to find out, eh? You know, you aren't any better than that Sunny McKay I read about on the Internet. Looks like all you Aussie's are the same; one good hit and it's 'down under' all over again."

Cara looked up in confusion, "Huh? Who's Sunny McKay?"

"Oh, just another Aussie. I read about her on one of those web site . Spent most of her career on her back it seems, same as you're gonna spend this afternoon if you don't promise to keep your mouth shut about what you saw on my computer."

Kim took Cara's arm and a handful of hair, dragged her to her feet and tossed her across the room again. Cara landed face down on her bed, groaning and holding her churning tummy. Kim dropped to her knees on the bed, rose up and smashed a fist into Cara's kidney. Cara grunted, her upper body jerked and her legs spasmed straight out in pain. Kim hit her in the same spot a second time and Cara cried in agony! Kim used a handful of hair to lift Cara's shoulders, bending the Australian's spine then drove her elbow to the small of Cara's back. Another pained yelp was ripped form the lips of the battered blonde.

"Pathetic," Kim said as she put a knee under Cara's shoulder and rolled her over on her back. Cara moaned and one leg lifted briefly, then fell to the bed. Otherwise she seemed unaware of where she was or what was happening to her. Kim lifted the petite blonde under the arms and pulled her to the foot of the bed. She laid her with her head, shoulders and torso on the bed with her hips on the footboard and her knees on the floor.

Kim left Cara momentarily, went to Cara's dresser and returned with a handful of the Aussie's expensive sheer bras. She pulled and tugged on them, testing the material for strength. Satisfied, Kim used Cara's own bras to tie her wrists to the side rails on either side of the bed. Next, she lifted Cara's hips and wedged a pillow under her to hold her in position while she tied her ankles to the foot of the bed. When she pulled out the pillow, Cara's upper body was stretched out along the mattress but her cute bottom stuck out wantonly from the foot of the bed.

Kim looked around, retrieved the silver vibrator and pulled up a chair to wait for Cara to regain consciousness. During the minutes that passed, Kim stroking herself with the buzzing vibrator, getting off at the sight of Cara's sweet, bare, upturned, bare ass. As she played with herself, she mulled over the ways to teach the Aussie slut a lesson 'bout messin' with her. When Cara began to stir, Kim sighed, stopped pleasing herself, picked up the baseball bat and walked over to the bed. She looked down at Cara who blinked as she gazed up at the brunette holding the baseball bat.

"Please," Cara whispered through trembling lips as she struggled vainly against her bonds, "Please don't hurt me."

Kim extended her arm and ran the cold metal bat the length of Cara's body, pausing only when it rested on her smooth bottom. Then she walked slowly around and wedged the end of the bat between her parted legs, bringing a gasp from Cara and sending a tremble through the body of the bound blonde.

"No!" Cara gasped, "No.... don't, I'm begging you. Please don't..."

Kim poked playfully at Cara's exposed pubic mound, twisting and turning the bat as she slowly wedged apart the swollen labia open using the "business end" of the cold metal shaft.

"What are you complaining about?" Kim giggled. "I thought you like cold metal between your legs." She poked her again, forcing a frightened moan from her roommate. "Come on," Kim chided, "Admit it. Tell me the truth."

To encourage frankness, she tapped Cara harder with the bat, threatening to ram it into the ever-moistening slit between Cara's quivering thighs. It took just one more poke to get her answer.

"Yes dammit," Cara squeaked. "I liked having your damn vibrator in me, OK. But I'm begging you, please ... don't do me with the bat. It'd rip me apart."

Kim removed the bat and replaced it with the vibrator, letting the buzzing metal tip play between the fleshy folds of Cara's swollen labia. When she worked it deeper Cara's reaction - audible gasps, muscles straining to raise her hips, clenched vaginal muscles, a notable pushing back as she tried to 'mount' the vibrator - told Kim all she needed to know about Cara's true feelings regarding the predicament she was in. Kim slowly pulled out the vibrator and moved it upward, buzzing it around Cara's tightly puckered anus.

Cara shook her head, NO, but Kim tormented her tightly tied roommate a bit longer. She worked the vibrating tip against the sphincter until, with the application of a little force, it spread and the vibrator was wedged firmly in place. Kim let go, leaving the buzzing silver beauty in place as she reached down to clasp Cara's pussy; squeezing it firmly.

"Oh my gawd!" Cara sobbed when Kim knelt and replaced her hand with her tongue.

Kim slowly ran her tongue the entire length of Cara's sopping wet love hole. She paused, laughed, then resumed licking and wiggling the vibrator in Cara's ass as she swirled her tongue deep inside the squirming blonde. Suddenly, Kim felt Cara's body tense, then jerk with the first spasms of orgasm. Cruelly, she stopped and waited for Cara to beg her to finish.

"Oh no!" Cara gasped, "Don't stop now...please. I'm so close! Please...."

Kim slapped Cara's firm young bottom a couple of times, the reactive contracting of the muscles merely increased the erotic sensations she was feeling in her pussy.

"Nope," Kim said, giving Cara's pussy a slap, "you'll have to give ME satisfaction before you get yours. No reason you should have all the fun."

"OK, OK!" Cara gasped greedily. "Whatever you want. Just hurry for God's sake, I'm about to explode!"

Kim walked around, sat at Cara's head, lifted her by the hair and slid her hips beneath her. When she let go, Cara's mouth dropped right on her pussy. "Alright pussycat," Kim sighed, "let's get that slut tongue to work. I bet even if you've never done it, you'll figure out how to give me the same pleasure you want to get."

Cara lapped eagerly at Kim's pussy, her tongue going deep in the cleft of the brunette's box until she found, then teased and finally sucked, Kim's hard little love buttont. As Cara worked feverishly, Kim held her face in place by the ears, leaning back and enjoyed her mastery over the haughty Australian Playmate. Kim knew it would be easy to get addicted to this kind of scene with Cara.

"First.... ohhhhh that's the spot girlfriend," Kim gasped as she wriggled her hips when Cara's tongue probed a sensitive spot. It didn't take long. The combination of the fight, her dominance of the hated blonde and Cara's surprisingly skilled tonguing came together to push Kim to a shuddering, soaring, powerful climax. After taking a minute to catch her breath, she lifted Cara's face from between her legs and smiled down her.

"As I was about to say, you really got into that Cara. Hell, you were so good, I think you've had years of practice. Maybe you're what my home girls back in Motown call a 'natchal' at it."

Kim got off the bed and stood over Cara's bound body, smiling as she slowly dragged her fingernails down the bound blondes back and over her bottom.

"Alright," Cara sighed when Kim finished. "You got what you wanted! Untie me, my arms are getting numb."

Cara's imperious tone was typical of her haughty, smugly superior attitude. Ever since beating Vanessa Gleason, Kim had been insufferable, to Kim as her roommate and to everyone else in the house. Kim knew she wasn't the only one who had noticed it and she vowed to put an end to it once and for all.

"Not yet pussycat," Kim smiled. "You've been a royal pain in the ass for the past month or so. There's people who have some things they'd like to say to you. Don't go way."

Kim giggled, crossed the room, picked up the telephone from where it had fallen during the struggle and dialed a number. When someone answered, Kim said, "You were right. She found the story and the vibrator. Get this, the bitch even got herself off on it! No, no problem at all. She caved soon's I hit her. Looks like you were right about everything. I've got her all wrapped up ready for you. Come on over, she's all yours just like I promised."

Cara struggled against her bonds, but it was hopeless. Less than a minute later, there was a soft knock at the door. Kim opened it and Cara's nemesis Vanessa Gleason strode in carrying a small nylon gym bag. She looked at Cara and burst out laughing.

"Trussed up like the pig she is," Vanessa said.

She took a ball gag out of her bag, forced it into Cara's mouth and tied it behind her head while Kim got dressed in her shorts and tee shirt again.

"I'm going out for an hour or so Cara," Kim said slapping Cara's bottom. "You can keep Nessa entertained 'til I get back, OK? If she tells me you gave her ANY trouble, that baseball bat of mine will go up where it'll never see the light of day again, you understand?"

Cara nodded furiously, sending beads of sweat flying from her brow. Kim hugged Vanessa, kissed her and patted her ass.

"Remember our agreement Nessa, no visible marks. She tries anything and you can't handle it, just leave her here. I'll take care of her when I get back.

"But you won't give our friend Nessa any problems, will you pussycat?" As she spoke, Kim reached between Cara's legs, grabbed her pussy and squeezed until Cara's tense body lifted as far off the bed as her bound ankles would permit and screamed into the ball gag. She shook her head, long blond hair and sweat flying. She'd do anything to avoid angering Kim who had so quickly and easily beaten her into submission.

"I don't think she'll give me any trouble now she's had a taste of your discipline," Vanessa cooed.

"And that was just a mild taste," Kim chuckled. "She'll get a hundred times that if she pisses me off. I'm going to enjoy taming our wild little pussycat."

As Kim opened the door to go, she stopped and said to Vanessa, "By the way, when you're done, have her clean up the mess she made. I expect everything to be perfect when I get back. Oh, and, I want her trashy clothes out of the big closet. Have her put mine in there and leave hers on her bed. When I get back, I'll go through them and decide what she can keep and what to throw out. She won't need many clothes after today. In fact, she won't need ANY clothes in our room. Have fun. Bye pussycat!"

Kim spanked Cara's ass a final time and closed the door behind her. Cara twisted around to watch Vanessa strip off her clothes and open the gym bag at her feet. When Cara saw the size of the huge wooden paddle sorority Vanessa pulled out, she screamed into the ball gag so loud Vanessa decided to turn on the TV to cover her screams.

Vanessa stepped behind Cara's upturned bottom, dug her long manicured nails into the soft flesh and raked down both cheeks so hard she almost drew blood. Looking at the red welts she'd caused, Vanessa purred, "Now remember dear, I'm doing this not for your own good, or to teach you some kind of lesson. I'm doing it just because it makes ME feel so damn good."

With a self-satisfied smirk, she raised the paddle high overhead and brought it down as hard as she could! The sound of varnished wood on flesh sounded like a gunshot in the small room. Cara's reaction almost ripped loose the bonds that tied her to the bed, but not quite. It was just the beginning of what would be the longest, and most painful, afternoon of Cara's life and the start of one hour of delightful vengeance for Cara's former victim, Vanessa Gleason.

END Spicer won the vote: 264-99