Kimberly Spicer vs. Cara Wakelin By Michael

Cara Wakelin was nervous. It was an anticipatory feeling, she was keyed up and ready. The lovely honey blonde Australian model knew that something would have been wrong if she hadn't been nervous, but still, she had butterflies in her stomach. In a few minutes she would be in the ring with Kim Spicer. Her twin brother had been training her. She had beaten Vanessa Gleason in a vicious catfight, destroying the hapless model with a painful series of holds culminating in a piledriver followed by a swinging neckbreaker. She had left Vanessa sobbing and she intended to do the same to Kim Spicer.

Cara's brother was talking to her, but Cara wasn't listening. She knew she was ready. She had done the work; the strength work and the wrestling moves. She was serious about the Playboy mansion fight series. She was going after Debbe Dunning and she was quietly confident of handling Kim Spicer as a step on the way. She flexed and stretched. There was a surprising play of firm muscle under the shapely curves. Kim was in for a hard night.

Cara was wearing an outfit from the 2000 Olympics, a skimpy yellow lycra Aussie track bottom and tight lycra tube bra. The top hugged her 34C breasts. She ran her fingers along the panty legs, sliding the lycra outfit down and out of her crack. She had plaited her long hair into two plaits, and she looked like a blonde Viking princess. On each wrist she had a bracelet of red beads from the sacred Samoan Paogo tree. She had had a night of love with heavyweight boxing contender David Tua and the massive Samoan, when he heard she was going into this fight, had given her the warrior's bracelets. It was only because they were tight bracelets and the red seeds were so smooth, that referee Petra Verkaik had let Cara wear them. Cara flexed her forearms. The bracelets seemed to give them extra strength.

"Its time," her brother said.

Cara bounced on her toes, clenched and relaxed her fists and headed for the door.

Kim Spicer was waiting in the ring, primping and posing for the crowd. She was wearing skimpy thong panties and a crop top that emphasized her full bosom. Cara didn't like the pretty brunette, but it wasn't because Kim had bigger, 36C breasts and as small a waist as herself. She just didn't like the way the June playmate primped and she didn't like her perky cheerleader smile and arched eyebrows. As soon as Petra stepped back Cara bulled up against Kim and locked arms with the brunette.

Kim set her legs in a wide stride and took on the strain.

The crowd settled back. The two girls were well matched on paper. They were within a couple of pounds weight and almost the same height as each other. But it was clear Cara was the better muscled. Her thighs were bigger than Kim's and her hips and ass looked stronger. Kim had started favorite as both were relatively unknown and in particular not many of the fans had heard that Cara had beaten Vanessa Gleason. The crowd was quiet as they watched Cara force the brunette Kim's arms up and back. Then the strong Aussie blonde twisted and tripped Kim.

Kim's firm little ass hit the mat. She gasped. Cara grabbed the brunette's legs with her left hand and slipped her right round Kim's neck. She grabbed her left hand with her right and tightened her grip. Kim's leg was bent so hard her thigh flattened her breasts. Her head was pulled forward by the forearm behind her neck. She kicked her free lag and bounced her bottom, but Cara had her bulldogged from the side and she couldn't get loose. She punched Cara's head with her right, but there was no power in the blow. As she kicked and struggled, the calf of her trapped leg waved in the air. Her heaves and attempts to bridge and power free made her bikini bottom ride up the crack of her now sweaty ass.

"You bitch", Kim cussed as she pulled Cara's hair. "I'll kill you! Let me at you".

Silently Cara poured the power into the cradle hold. The hair pull was hurting, but she used the pain to power herself on. Kim had not managed to budge an inch. Cara could see that the hold was not going to bring a submission so she let go, pulled her hair free, and dived across the brunette's legs. In a moment she had them bent back over Kim's body, pinning her opponent into a matchbook. Kim's red face was inches from her own. She had Kim by the forearms and her loins were pressed against Kim's upturned bottom. The feel of those struggling ass cheeks against her groin was exciting the beautiful blonde playmate. Cara reveled in it. She looked up and into the crowd. They were cheering her now.

Petra moved in and began a count.

"I believe in myself, I believe in myself", Kim thought. At two she desperately raised her shoulder from the canvas.

On her back and with her legs trapped she kept struggling.

Deliberately Cara began to slide Kim's wrists wider apart to stop her shoulder raising out of the pin.

Kim did the only thing she could think of. She pushed her right arm with Cara's move, hit the side of Cara's head with her left calf and tried to roll sideways. She was sweating and struggling.

Cara's grip slipped on the brunette's wrist and Kim with a desperate effort managed to twist under her. The brunette was still underneath the blonde Cara, on her belly. Cara sat on the small of Kim's back and put a camel clutch on. She pulled back. Kim groaned.

Feeling that Kim was not going to give in Cara rose to her feet, putting the brunette to her feet. She wrapped her arms round Kim just below her breasts and began to squeeze.

Cara was doing everything right. She was handling Kim well and had put several holds onto her. Her confidence was growing. She leant back; she planned to get Kim's feet off the floor and crush her ribs.

Kim was shocked by the power that Cara had put on her. But she was determined to follow her dream. She punched backwards with both hands at once and by good fortune landed a double ear-box on Cara.

Cara's blonde head rang. Kim's fists had hurt. The brunette broke free from the bear hug.

The two wrestlers faced each other again. Cara felt a little flustered. She knew that a punch shouldn't have made her release her bearhug grip on Kim but the pain had surprised her. She shook her head and her blonde plaits swung.

Kim had had the worst of it, but it was she who charged. She swung a fierce punch at Cara but the pretty blonde swiveled and caught Kim by the wrist. In a moment she had Kim in a hammerlock. Cara twisted the arm and pressed it up. As she twisted, Kim was arched back. Cara gripped her round the body beneath her full breasts to prevent the brunette from twisting out of the hold.

The pain in Kim's arm was awful. She was up onto her toes to ease it. Cara was moving her round the ring, pouring on the pressure. Kim's trapped arm was beginning to throb. Her body was bent back over Cara's hip. Her bikini bottom was stretched tight over her pubic mound. Cara was slowly showing the trapped playmate to the fans. Kim was scrabbling helplessly at Cara with her arms. Being bent backwards exposed her to the spectators. She could hear the buzz of excitement and see the mass of faces.

Cara let go the arm and quickly slipped a full nelson onto Kim. Kim's arms were pulled up and out. The brunette was helpless in Cara's strong grip. Cara tried to lift Kim off her feet but the load was too much. Kim was struggling and trying to bang her ass back against her, so Cara began to force the brunette down, down to her knees. When Kim was on her knees with her thighs spread Cara was applying the pressure, leaning steeply forward into the trapped Kim. She bore down on Kim's neck, forcing her head down.

Cara let go the full nelson. As Kim sagged on the mat on her knees, Cara grabbed her hair and pulled her to her feet.

The brunette was panting from her struggle against the full nelson. Cara grabbed her by the neck again and applied a side headlock. Kim groaned and gripped Cara round the waist, but Cara hip threw the brunette and fell on top of her, knocking the wind out of her. Again Cara pulled Kim up, put her into a headlock and hip threw her.

Kim was close to knocked out, gasping for breath. Cara pulled her up again. Again she put Kim into a headlock and hip tossed her. Petra Verkaik moved in closer. Cara pulled Kim up by her hair and put the hapless playmate into a standing head scissors. The pretty brunette was all but defeated. Her blood was pulsing in her ears and Cara's strong thighs were crushing her head. Kim tried to grip Cara's legs and pull. Her round bottom was jutting out at the crowd. Cara grasped her round the waist and began to pull her opponent upside down, positioning her for a piledriver. Her hands were joined and squeezing Kim's midriff. With a mighty heave Cara upended Kim. The fearful brunette was upside down. Her shapely legs waved despairingly.

Cara slammed Kim's head to the canvas in a piledriver. The stunned brunette lay beaten at her feet. Cara put one foot under Kim and rolled her onto her back. The brunette's breasts were rising and falling, her limbs were sprawled. Cara put her foot on Kim's chest. Petra began to count, but Cara wanted more sport with the beaten playmate. She rolled Kim on her side to stop the count. Kim was still sobbing and almost out. Cara left her and went to the side of the ring. She waved at the crowd and blew kisses.

Finally, as Kim managed to get back to her hands and knees Cara attacked again. Kim's head was hanging down and Cara grabbed her by both ears and lifted her head. She clamped on another standing head scissors and began to lift Kim for another piledriver.

Kim knew that she couldn't take another piledriver. The strong forearms were in front of her, covered in golden down, rippling with muscle as Cara began to up end her. Kim looked at the Paogo seed bracelets. An idea was forming. She writhed and struggled. Cara was having more trouble in up ending Kim this time. She was tiring a little. She was planning to slam the brunette again and then finish her with a body splash for a neat pin.

Kim fumbled with the string tie of her bikini thong, then pulled it free. The bikini hung loose. Kim hesitated, then poked the string through both Cara's bracelets, tied it and pulled.

Cara's wrists were already close together, and Kim managed to get them tight. She wound the cord round itself like a handcuff and knotted it twice. Cara was dumbfounded when she realized what had happened. She pulled her wrists but they were firmly tied together. Her fingers couldn't reach the knots.

If Cara had kept her nerve and finished the piledriver she could have pinned a semi-conscious Kim even with her hands tied; but she panicked and lost her grip. Kim managed to scramble away. Now Cara was afraid. She pulled her wrists but they were firmly tied. The bracelets were too tight and strong.

"She's cheating!" Cara shouted at Petra. "Untie me. This ain't right!"

Petra was laughing. The atmosphere in the stadium had gone electric with fans calling out encouragement to both girls. Petra could see Hef in the front row gesturing to keep the contest going.

Petra turned back to the ring and told Cara, "Fight bitch!"

Kim was still hurting and a bit dizzy but now she began to circle Cara. Her bikini thong hung belt-like round her waist, hanging open and showing her pubic muff. She was as good as nude from the waist down although she still wore her crop top. Cara stopped pulling at her wrists. She couldn't reach the knots, she wasn't strong enough to break the binding cord.

As Kim circled round her the trapped blonde playmate turned continuously to face the brunette. She clenched her two fists together, ready to land an ax-handle blow. She braced on her long strong legs and waited. She thought that with a little luck and skill she could still land a good blow and stun Kim. Then the brunette darted in low and caught Cara's ankles. As Cara swung a mighty ax-handle at Kim's neck, Kim pulled and Cara landed hard on her gorgeous butt. The fall shook her. Kim had leapt back and was circling her again. Cara revolved on her bottom facing her circling adversary and began to struggle to her feet. As she got to her knees Kim slipped behind her and kicked her between the shoulder blades. Cara fell to her side.

The crowd was cheering at the reversal of fortune. But even with her wrists tied Cara would be a handful for Kim.

However the pretty brunette's head had cleared now and she was planning her moves, a luxury she had not had since the fight began with Cara putting so many painful holds on her. Deliberately she let Cara regain her feet and began to circle again.

Cara revolved slowly keeping her face towards Kim. She flexed her knees, then rose fiercely on her left leg and swung her right leg in a powerful side kick. Her foot whistled towards Kim's head but the brunette ducked and grabbed Cara by the ankle. She pulled and Cara was forced to hop towards her on her left foot.

"Untie me you fuckin' bitch!" Cara shouted. "Fight fair."

Kim tugged again, and again Cara was forced to hop forward. Step by step Kim maneuvered Cara to the ropes. Once she got there she held Cara's ankle with one hand and removed her own bikini thong with the other. She tied Cara's ankle to the middle rope. The blonde Aussie was completely helpless, trapped on one leg with her wrists tied together and her other foot tied off to the ropes. Kim stepped behind the trapped girl and untied Cara's lycra top. It had no straps, so Kim pulled it off and let Cara's breasts fall free. The fans were going wild.

The brunette put the final moves on. She grabbed Cara's left leg and pulled. Cara fell heavily to the mat with her bound hands in front her, her head hit hard. Kim slammed her butt into Cara's belly, once, twice; again and again until the Aussie girl was barely able to breath. Kim tied Cara's ankles together with her own lycra tube top; untied the blonde's leg from the ropes, twisted her onto her stomach and began to bend her legs back. It took a struggle, but finally she used the bikini bottom to tie Cara's crossed and bound ankles to the seat of her own lycra track suit. Taking no risks, Kim took off her own bra to tie Cara's wrists to the crotch of her lycra track panties. Cara was a helpless parcel, her eyes welling with tears of humiliation.

She was sobbing for breath. Her strong thighs were trembling as she writhed on the mat at Kim's feet.

Kim had completely recovered. She was used to being naked; besides, she was wearing her pretty boots, so she wasn't totally nude at all. She did a tour around the ring, waving and blowing kisses to the fans. At last she returned to her bound victim. She flipped Cara over onto her shoulders and Petra moved in to began the count. Cara made a delightful picture with her legs bent and tied to her waist, her wrists also bound in her lap. She struggled but all she could do was curse and wave her feet helplessly.

"1 ... 2 ... 3." Petra said.

Kim sprang to her feet and Petra raised her arm in victory. At her feet lay Cara Wakelin, Playmate, bound and destroyed.

"The winner is ... Kim Spicer!" Petra announced in a needless gesture to the fans.

NOTE: Kim Spicer won the vote: 264-99