Summer of Love: Heather Spytek vs. Kimberley Stanfield by kit

Heather awoke just as the sun was appearing on the horizon. She blinked at the beauty of the new day and had happy thoughts about the night ahead. Her younger brother was still asleep in the backseat of the van with her. Her mom was driving as her dad slept reclined in the passenger seat in front of her. Somewhere in the night they must've stopped and traded off. It was quiet and peaceful with just some soft music coming from the front speakers. She pulled the blanket just a little more under her chin as the van's air conditioning was working well. It had been a long freshman year in college and she was ready for two weeks of fun in the sun and sex on the beach. Closing her eyes, she touched herself and found her vulva plump and her clit tingling to be stroked. Opening her eyes, she quickly glanced to make sure her brother was still asleep and that her mother hadn't noticed that she'd been awake.

Brad, oh baby, she thought as she spread her thighs apart and gently worked her hand down her shorts and under her thong. She felt the dampness of her vagina as she slipped in her middle finger and lightly touched her fingernail on her clit. She moaned in her mind as she tried to remember the kiss of his lips and feel of his cock deep inside of her. Shifting her hips, she poked her finger in deeper and wiggled it around her flexing pussy muscles. She hoped that all her sex that school year had made her a better lover for Brad this summer. He was such a hunk and she wanted to pleasure him better than anyone he'd ever had.

For the past five years, Heather and her family had driven down to Florida from New Jersey for two weeks of vacation. Four summers ago Brad and his family moved in next door to the beach house that Heather and her family rented out. She and Brad immediately developed a summer romance that led to her losing her virginity to him. Ever since then the two always spent those two weeks together and kept in touch during the time that they weren't. During high school they had a mutual understanding that they would date other people while they were apart, and while Brad slept around, Heather remained faithful as he was her only lover. But that all changed last summer when Heather realized that she was laging behind in the sex department. Brad was just a much better lover, and she knew that she needed to gain some more experience to please him. She wasn't very good at oral. She couldn't swollow. She didn't let him do her in the ass because it hurt. And most of all, she wasn't very good at using her pussy to really please him or herself. An orgasm, or at least a really good orgasm, was something that didn't happen to her very often. So when she went off to college, she was determined to do more than just school work. She was determined to make herself a better lover for him, and she did it by having sex almost nightly with a vast variety of different guys.

Oh, Brad...mmmmm, she moaned in her mind as her orgasm neared. I'm gonna fuck your brains out this summer.

"So, is your lil' summertime slut coming today?" Kimberley asked Brad that afternoon as they hung out together on the beach.

"You mean, Heather?" he asked as she lay semi on top of him, kissing.

"Whatever," said Kimberley. "Today's the day, right?"

"Yeah," he said, gently pushing her off as he wanted to sit up.

Kimberley didn't like that. "Well?" she snarled a bit. "Have you told the bitch?"

"No, not yet."

"And why not?"

"I don't know how. I don't want to hurt her feelings," he said, knowing how Heather would feel since this had always been their time together.

"Well I know how and I don't give a shit 'bout her feelings. You're mine and that's all there is too it," Kimberley declared, putting her arm around his neck and kissing his cheek.

He looked at her and always. She was so fucking hot and beautiful, and by far the best piece of pussy he'd ever had. He had met her at Florida State that year. She had been president of the hottest sorority pledge class and a member of the pom squad, and she'd been elected vice-president of her sorority for next year even though she'd just be sophomore. She was 5-6 and 106 pounds of pure, platinum-blonde honey. Her bright hair was silky straight and hung half way down her back. She had the sexy face of a hot slut and the bronze body of a Greek goddess. She had firm, perky tits with hard, tart nipples. A slender waist and a full, tight tail. Between the thighs was a pink, wet pussy with a nice blond trib of pubic hair, and legs that could be licked from hip to toenail. Kimberley was 34-24-34, and every guys ultimate beach babe.

"You just let me handle it. I'll tell her," he said, dreading it.

For weeks Brad had been trying to think of a way to break the news to Heather about Kimberley. He didn't mean to fall in love, he just did. This wouldn't have happened if Heather had gone to Florida State with him like he asked her to do last year. He had always wanted the chance to really date Heather and see how they'd get along. Heather was a fox and could have any guy she wanted, and he always felt priviledged to be the one to take her cherry. He knew how she felt about him, and for two weeks a year he always got to show her how he felt about her. Then she'd go away and break his heart, leaving him hard and horney and wanting more of her.

Heather was 5-6 and 110 pounds of sweet blonde honey also. Her hair had a natural golden glow, and was nearly waist long and permed with tight, thick curls. Her face was innocent and angelic; soft and tender to the touch and kiss. Her breasts were ripe and juicy with perfect areolas and hard nips. She had a flat tummy and a strip of blond pubic hair above her plump pussy. Her ass was on the smallish side, but very shapely and soft, and she had nice, tan legs that were great to be between. Heather racked out to a sexy and foxy 36-22-32.

"Well if you don't, I will," threatened Kimberley, "and you know how I'll do it."

Brad knew what she meant. Kimberley had fought a rival sorority girl over him back when they met and he'd seen her fight a girl from Clemson during spring break in Daytona. He never knew if Heather had ever been in a catfight before, but the thought of the two of them fighting was rather entertaining.

"There's no need for that," he said, wondering how the hell they'd ever get along for two weeks without one.

Heather looked at the time as they entered South Carolina. She was very horny and wanted to masturbate again but couldn't because everyone was awake. Oh well, she thought, in a few hours she'd be taking Brad in all three holes and showing him what a year of hard work can do for your sex life. She tried his cell phone again, but still no answer.

Brad started to really dread Heather's arrival. Several times she'd left messages on his cell phone, but because Kimberley was draped over him like a curtain, he couldn't call her back. He just decided to let Heather see Kimberley for herself, and that would tell the story.

When the van pulled into the driveway of the condo, Heather jumped out and went trotting to the back of Brad's beach house. "Brad! Brad!" she shouted as she rounded the corner and saw him.

So focused on noticing only him, Heather didn't even see Kimberley lounging on the deck behind him until she stood up. Heather stopped in her tracks a few feet away from Brad as he got up from the deck chair. "Brad?" she said meekly as her jaws went slack.

"Uh, hi, Heather," he stuttered, not moving.

Heather quickly processed the information as this sexy blonde moved along beside him. "Uh, hi," she mumbled to him.

"Uh, Heather...this is Kimberley," he fumbled saying, "Kimberley meet Heather."

"Uh, hi," Heather barely mustered, degusted at the scene.

"Hi, I'm his girlfriend," Kimberley smirked, batting her eyes almost.

Heather's eyes welled up as she choked back on her voice. "Oh, I...I see. I...gotta...gotta go."

"Heather, wait," said Brad as she quickly turned to leave.

Kimberley clutched his arm. "Let the bitch go."

Heather ignored them both as she broke away into a run around the house and back to her condo crying.

"I gotta talk to her," he said.

"Like hell," said Kimberley, stepping in his way. "You decide. Right here, right now. It's either me or her."

Brad looked into her flashing eyes. Why did it have to be so hard? Why couldn't he have them both?

"Me...or her. It's your choice. You know I love you. She's had her fun with you, but now it's me. Don't break my heart," she said, pressing against him.

"I love you too," he said, melting once again in her eyes.

She gave him a long, sensual French kiss. "Leave her alone. She's my problem now."

"Alright," he nodded, and they Frenched again. "Just promise me you won't fight her."

"I won't start a fight, but I won't back down either. That's my promise," she said, lying.

Kimberley stayed with Brad until after 2 a.m.

"Don't you trust me?" he asked.

"I trust you. I just don't trust her," she said.

"You have to trust me," he said. "It can't be like this for the next two weeks."

"Alright," she said, getting out of his bed. "But just remember, that cock goes here," she teased, patting her pussy.

He chuckled, and they goofed around and made love again before she left two hours later.

Next door Heather had spent the last ten hours crying her eyes out. How could he have done this to her she thought. Why didn't he tell her he had a girlfriend. At least she wouldn't of come then. She thought and thought and cried and cried until she had thought and cried enough. Fuck him, she cursed. I'm gonna have fun and fuck every guy on this beach. He can have that bleached-blonde hussy. I can get any guy I want.

Nervous that Brad and Heather might get together, Kimberley was back over at his house by 9 a.m. There was no answer on his cell, and Kimberley thought he was probably still asleep or avoiding her call because he was with Heather. Going around to the back of the beach house, Kimberley saw his parents sitting on the deck having coffee.

"Hi, Mr. and Mrs. Smith," she said, walking up the stairs.

"Oh, hi, Kimberley," said Mr. Smith.

"Is Brad up?"

"No, he's still asleep," said Mrs. Smith. "I wish you wouldn't keep him up so late," she teased.

Mr. Smith eyed his son's girlfriend. He didn't blame his son for staying up so late with such a hot little number like Kimberley. "Wanna join us?" he asked.

"Uh...sure," said Kimberley, relieved as she sat down.

The trio visited for a few minutes as his parents really liked Kimberley because she came from a wealthy and influencial family. They considered their son lucky and hoped that one day she'd be their daughter-in-law.

"Oh, look, there's Heather," said Mrs. Smith as Heather emerged from the back of her condo. "Hi, Heather!"

Heather looked over and waved, but kept on going down to the beach.

"Have you met Heather?" asked Mr. Smith.

"Yeah," nodded Kimberley, jealously watching her rival.

"She's a nice girl. She and Brad have become good friends over the years," said Mrs. Smith.

"But I think you put a damper on that this summer," said Mr. Smith.

"Oh, I don't think so," said his wife.

"I think I'll go visit with her," said Kimberley.

"Sure, go along. You two should get to be friends since Brad likes her so much," said Mrs. Smith.

"Yeah, I guess I better," joked Kimberley, leaving.

Heather layed out her beach towel on the white sand and noticed the blonde coming towards her. It would be an unwelcome visit for sure.

Kimberley could see why Brad had fallen for her. She did have a great body and that little black bikini sure looked good on her. Kimberley was glad she'd choosen her skimpy pink bikini to wear. It really went well with her hair and tan. "Hi."

Heather looked up, but continued oiling up her body. "Hi."

"Mind if I join ya'?" asked Kimberley, already spreading out her beach towel.

"What for?" snarled Heather just a little bit.

"Oh, I just think we should girl-talk," said Kimberley with a glare.

"Really? About what?" asked Heather, rubbing the oil across her breasts.

Kimberley sat down and got out her bottle of oil. "Brad."

"What about him?" asked Heather, watching jealously as Kimberley oiled up her breasts.

"I know all about you two," said Kimberley as both rubbed oil across their tummies.

"Well, that's all over with now," said Heather, working on her thighs.

"I certainally hope so," said Kimberley, oiling her arms.

"I just wish he'd of told me 'bout you. I could've gone to Colorado with some friends in my sorority," said Heather.

"I'm a Tri-Delt," boasted Kimberley, rubbing her thighs now.

Heather shrugged, "I'm a Kappa."

"We don't like Kappa's at Florida State," said Kimberley.

Heather just looked at her for a moment. "Do you wanna catfight?"

Now it was Kimberley's turn to look back for a moment. "Do you?"

"I will." Heather admitted.

Kimberley and Heather continued to oil up as they sat and glared at each other. They were a good match, and the outcome was uncertain.

"Look," said Kimberley, "Brad's with me now. I know you thought you'd come down here and fuck around with him, but he's my man and I want you to stay far away from him."

"Don't threaten me, bitch," spat Heather. "I said you can have his ass."

"Bitch, it's not a threat, and I've already got him," snapped Kimberley.

They stared hard again as the jealousy started to boil over. Heather had been hurt and she thought she was over him. Kimberley wasn't sure she could keep him now that she'd seen Heather. There was really only one way they could put an end to this.

"You wanna do this now, or wait an' let Brad watch?" asked Heather, getting to her knees.

Kimberley looked over her shoulder towards Brad's house. She wanted to make sure his parents were gone because she didn't want this fight to be broke up. "I know Brad would want to watch us..."

"Oh, I'm sure he would," interrupted Heather.

"...but I can't wait to tear it up with you," finished Kimberley, getting to her knees.

Standing straight up on their knees, the two hot blondes reached out for one another.

"You bitch," said Heather, her left hand clasping with Kimberley's right hand.

"Slut," Kimberley said as they sank their other hand into each others hair.

Heather and Kimberley moved forward on their knees as their fingers wrestled together and their heads stretched backwards by the hair. Wincing, they pulled each other sideways as their fingers crushed knuckle joints and fought to break over the other's wrist. Pulling back upright, Heather's black bikini top shoved underneath Kimberley's pink bikini top as their oiled stomachs slapped into each other.

"Oooww, bitch," yelped Kimberley, gritting her teeth as Heather really pulled back hard on her soft, silky hair.

Kimberley's pink bikini bottoms bumped into Heather's black bikini bottoms as her upper torso was bowed over by the hair. Kimberley wrestled her fingers with Heather's fingers, trying desperately to break them free as Heather was about to pull out some of her fine, precious hair.

"Oooowww...leee' gggooo," moaned Kimberley, losing several strands of hair in the back of her head.

"Tear this shit...ooommmph!" grunted Heather as suddenly her tummy took in a tight, little fist.

They both fell apart on all-fours panting and trying to recover from this initial stage.

"You bitch," said Kimberley, getting up. "You pulled out my hair."

Heather rose up with her. "And I'll pull out more."

"Well I think I'll just pull out some of your fuckin' hair," Kimberley said, reaching.

Heather reached as well. "Good, bitch. Le's just pull each other's fuckin' hair."

Both girls combed their long, slender fingers thru each other's tresses and pulled.

"Uuummm...bitch," moaned Heather as her head stretched back.

"Aaahhh, shit," Kimberley swore softly as her head was pulled over.

Stepping back, the girls pulled each other over at the waist and gripped the sand with their toes. Each bit her lip as they felt the other's sharp, false nails pierce into her scalpe. They rose up and went sideways, banging hips as they folded forward again at the waist.

" slut," groaned Kimberley.

"Uunngg...fuck you," mumbled Heather.

Turning back up they twisted facing each other. Their hips butted bikinis as their navels quivered at each other. Heather turned her fingers in tighter. Kimberley shoved her hands in deeper as her forearms were now covered with Heather's long, golden curls.

"Le' go, bitch," growled Kimberley in Heather's face.

"Slut, you le' go," glared Heather's brown eyes with Kimberley's baby blues.

"I'll make you, bitch," threatened Kimberley, dropping her hand on Heather's right boob.

Heather grabbed Kimberley's right boob. "I'll make you, bitch."

Each jerked back on a fistful of hair as they both squeezed a handful of young breast.



Firmly they milked each other for several seconds before pulling out the tit and pinching the areola. They went to their toes in pain, but refused to submit. Heather pinched. Kimberley pulled. Heather twisted. Kimberley stretched.

"Ooww! Ooww! Ooww!" barked Kimberley, doubling over and knocking Heather's hand away.

"Slut!" shouted Heather, landing a slap to the face and throwing a knee towards Kimberley's crotch, but catching her in bread basket instead.

"Ooommph!" whooshed Kimberley, peddling backwards and jacked over.

Heather stepped back, rubbing her breast as Kimberley sank to her knees holding herself.

"Still want some more, bitch?" asked Heather, after about a minute.

Kimberley touched her cheek while adjusting her bikini top. "Bitch, this isn't my first catfight."

"It's not mine either, bitch," said Heather, fixing her bikini top.

"Yeah," nodded Kimberley, getting up. "You're a pretty tough bitch."

"I like fightin', and I especially like fightin' you, bitch," said Heather as they circled each other.

"I was hopin' we'd do this. I wanted to fight you yesterday but you ran away," said Kimberley.

"I was hurt, but today I'm gonna hurt you," Heather promised.

"Then fight me with your fists, bitch," challenged Kimberley, raising her dukes.

"What? You think I can't fist fight, bitch," accepted Heather, closing her hands. "I'll knock your fuckin' head off, bitch."

"Not before I knock your fuckin' ass out, you cunt," said Kimberley as they moved in swinging.

Just because they were drop-dead beauties didn't mean that they didn't know how to throw their fists around. Toe-to-toe these blonde bombshells dropped bombs on each other as they wailed away. Kimberley tagged Heather with a right hook across the cheekbone, cutting the flesh with her knuckles. Heather missed with a hook as Kimberley blocked it and countered with a left cross to the point of Heather's chin. The blow rocked the long-haired babe, but she blocked the next blow and landed a stiff, popping jab to the chin that snapped back Kimberley's pretty blond head.

The two stepped back and shook out the cobwebs before cussing each other and moving back in with fists flying. Each ducked and blocked the others first two punches, and then Kimberley snapped out a wicked left jab that stuck in Heather's right eye, giving her what would turn out to be a nice shiner. Heather's head snapped with the blow, but a swift left uppercut to the jaw rattled Kimberley's little brain like a BB in a boxcar. The foxy blonde buckled at the knees, but unleashed a looping right hook that jarred the fillings in Heather's back teeth. Now it was the Jersey girl with knocking knees as both boxing beauties fell forward but held each other up by the back of the hair. Their oily breasts heaved around on each other as the girls leaned together and tried to clear their heads and catch their breaths.

"Bitch," gasped Heather, tightening her fingers in Kimberley's hair.

"Fuckin' whore," breathed Kimberley, twisting her hands in thick, golden tresses.

The girls stood with their chests together for a few moments as they wrenched each other's head around.

"Uuummm...fuckin' cunt," swore Kimberley softly, hooking a leg around Heather's leg.

" cheap slut," Heather cussed in her face as she was starting to get wrestled to the beach.

Once on their knees, they toppled over on their beach towels and quickly snaked up their legs together. Their tan, oily limbs slid effortlessly together as they pulled their faces together and hissed like two alley cats fighting over a bowl of milk. Their bodies twisted and grinded together as they took turns slowly rolling on top only to stay a moment before being pulled painfully off by the hair. Back and forth they battled in one spot, never leaving the mat of the beach towels as they cussed, spat, and tried to scalpe each other.

"Uuuuunnnnn," grunted Kimberley as their legs tightened and flexed thighs.

"Aaaaahhhhh," Heather moaned in her throat as they lay sideways grinding hip bones and stretching each other's head back.

"Ooouuuccchhh...bitch...I'," groaned Kimberley as their thighs trembled in battle.

"Sssshhhhhit...slut...I'll...tear...out...yours," Heather moaned as their hips grinded bones.

They were both about to lose a handful of hair to each other. Both just hoped that they'd drag out more than the other.



Tears jetted out their eyes as both come out losing a good handful to the other.

"Bitch," grumbled Kimberley, fisting Heather in the ribs and then again.

"Uuuggghh! Uuummpphh!" grunted Heather as her ribs racked with pain.

"Ooommph! Uuunnggg!" Kimberley groaned as Heather gave back just as good as she got.

Still knotted together, Heather put her arms around Kimberley's shoulders and squeezed her in close.

"Uuummm," moaned Kimberley, working her arms around Heather's waist and squeezing back.

Heather grunted, but slowly worked her way on top of Kimberley so that she was tit-to-tit and crotch-to-crotch with her rival. With their faces in each other's hair, their bikini tops had come down past their nipples and both moaned as they felt their sensative flesh lock up and begin catfighting. But their nipples weren't the only sensitive things getting busy. Further down their crotches were biting each other thru their bikinis as they opened up their legs and pumped on each other. They weren't fucking or trying to make each other cum, they were just letting their pussies fight and if someone came, then someone just came.

"Now you know how Brad feels when he's on top of me, bitch," whispered Kimberley in Heather's ear as their tits and pussies fought each other.

"And now you know how he feels when I'm on top of him, bitch," spat Heather right back as they both gave each other a hard squeeze.

Heather and Kimberley kept up their bear hug for several minutes as both took a turn at being on top. From head to toe, their bodies battled very evenly. Their hard nipples and sweet pussies couldn't best each other as they were to evenly matched. About the only place Heather dominated was with her breasts as her 36s were a bit much for Kimberley's 34s, but Kimberley's broader 34" hips dominated Heather's smaller 32" hips.

Breaking apart and rolling to their knees, Heather and Kimberley grabbed a handful of hair and exchanged slaps with each other. Heather slapped. Kimberley slapped. Heather slapped. Kimberley slapped. They fell back down, pulling hair and rolling as their legs tangled up again and flexed on each other.

"Hi, Mom," said Brad, yawning. "What's to eat?

"Oh, whatever," said Mrs. Smith, "but you might want to ask Kimberley and Heather to join you."


"There down on the beach together..."

"Oh shit!"

"Bradley! Watch your mouth, young man," she said as he bolted out the back door.

Heather rolled to her knees and shoved her hand between Kimberley's legs as she was on back.

"Oooowww!" wailed Kimberley as her snatch was twisted thru her pink bikini bottoms.

Heather jerked the bikini down just a bit so she could get at her pussy good. But Kimberley rose up and punched her in the cheek. Heather fell sideways, but came up with a nasty backhand that split open Kimberley's lower lip and then grabbed her by the hair.

"Oooww! My h-a-i-r!" cried Kimberley, hair hauled to her knees.

Brad ran towards them as she saw them both on their knees pulling hair with one hand and throwing punches with the other. Heather bloodied Kimberley's nose with her fist as Kimberley clocked her a good one under the chin. Heather fell back on her ass as Kimberley hit her again across the jaw. The blow knocked her all the way to her shoulders, and Kimberley quickly moved into a straddling position over her and landed one more punch across her mouth as Brad arrived a second to late to stop it.

"Kim!" he yelled, pulling her off. "Stop it! Stop it!"

Although dazed, Heather quickly got up, embarrassed that he saw her on her back with Kimberley laying it to her.

"Let the bitch go!" yelled Heather, but not attacking.

"Le' me go! Le' me go!" Kimberley shouted in his arms.

"Girls, please! There's no need for fightin'," he said, getting in between them.

"She's tryin' to steal you back!" yelled Kimberley, trying to get around him.

"The hell I am, bitch!" barked Heather. "I told ya' I didn't want his fuckin' ass."

"Heather!" exclaimed Brad, surprised.

"What!" Heather yelled. "Why didn't ya' tell me? You're a bastard, and I sure as hell wouldn't have ya' back now that you've been fuckin' that skank!"

"Bitch, don't call him a bastard! I'll kick your ass, you fuckin' piece of shit!" yelled Kimberley, from the other side of Brad.

"C'mon then, slut! Let's go! Let the bitch go!"

Brad was hurt and very irritated that Heather called him a bastard, and he wanted to make her pay. "Kick her ass, baby," he said to Kimberley, stepping out of the way.

Like two sexy jungle cats these blond tigresses pounced head long into a wicked hair pulling catfight. Cursing, Heather and Kimberley tried to out-shake each other as they spun in a circle, kicking up sand with their feet.

"Ooowww! Slut!"

"Whore! Aaaahh!"

Yanking each other in closer, the girls started kneeing each other in the thigh as both looked to hit a knockout shot in the other's snatch.

"Uuunngg!" grunted Kimberley, her thigh taking a deep bruise.

Heather slung Kimberley to the sand, but went with her by the hair. Now down, the two tangled legs as they fiercely rolled along the beach, still tearing at hair and swearing like a pair of drunken sailors on shore leave.

Brad stood back amazed at just how hard these two were going at it with each other. It was tit-for-tat as neither hot blonde could mount the other and dominate. Their bruised and busted faces indicated that their catfight had been a real war. Heather's cheekbone was cut, and she had a swelling, closing eye and a nice, fat lip. Kimberley's lower lip was split and her nose was still bleeding from the punch she'd taken just before he arrived.

"Oooowww!" cried Kimberley, getting her right tit scratched.

Heather screamed as her left tit was squeezed and turned. They both pinched and turned each other's areola, bringing sharp cries of pain from both hotties.

"Fuuuuuck!" bawled Heather, slapping Kimberley face and giving her hair a wicked pull.

Kimberley went to her back as she nearly lost a third chunk of beautiful, fine hair. Heather rolled over and straddled her, using that handful of hair to pound the back of Kimberley's head against the sand.

"Fuuck! Ge' oooff, bitch!" shouted Kimberley, driving home a powerful uppercut to Heather's left orb.

"Uuummpphh!!" grunted Heather, instantly clutching the busted boob.

A plowing left fist to the belly button toppled the long-haired blonde sideways as Kimberley bucked.

"Bitch!" swore Kimberley, shoving Heather face down on the sand and plopping down on her back.

Turning her ass to Heather's head, Kimberley sat down on the back of Heather's neck as she grabbed her black bikini and hiked it up her ass. Heather groaned in the sand as her fine 32" buttocks were parted and then slapped.

"Tear this fuckin' ass up," snarled Kimberley, digging into the soft flesh with her sharp talons.

Kimberley clawed Heather's foxy little butt as she lay kicking and bucking and trying to get out.

"Oh no you don't, cunt," said Kimberley, grabbing a butt cheek in both hands and then pulling them apart.

"Yeeeeoowww!!" screamed Heather in the sand as her asshole stretched out.

Reaching her hand under Heather's bucking ass, Kimberley found the fat, tender pussy lips of Heather's sweet, juicy vagina.

"Nnnnoooo!! Pleeeaaase nnnnoooo!!"

"How'd ya' like me to rip your fuckin' pussy out, slut?" toyed Kimberley, groping her nails against the crotch of the black bikini.

"I give! I give! Pleeeaase not that!!"

Brad had to feel sorry for his ex-girlfriend as his girlfriend was about to maul the pussy who's cherry he’d stolen. "Don't, Kim," he said, going to her rescue. "She's had enough."

"Why? What's the matter?" she asked, looking up as he came towards her. "You still wanna fuck this lil' cunt?"

"No. You're the one I wanna fuck. You're the one I love," he said, taking her arm carefully. "She's nothin' to me that I have you to love."

"Please," sobbed Heather, but being very still. “P…please. He loves you, not me."

"Baby, you've kicked her ass; that's all I could ask," he said.

Kimberley looked in his eyes and could see he was telling the truth. "Oh...alright. But bitch, I don't want to see you ever again. Is that understood?"

"Yes! Oh yes! I'm leavin' as soon as I can!" exclaimed Heather, still feeling the sharp nails piercing against her shivering sex.

Heather made good on her promise as she caught a flight back to New Jersey the next day. Kimberley and Brad continued to date and she kept getting into catfights with other hot, sexy little blondes like herself.