Star Trek #5: Romulins at Ringside - Dr. Beverly Crusher (Gates McFadden ) vs. Counselor Deanna Troi (Marina Sirtis) by TNT

"You bitch, take this and enjoy!" the lovely brunette stated as she swiftly blocked her beautiful attackers punch, then stoically, almost like a sterile robot fired a punch into the busty redheads stomach.

"Ouch! That was so mean and that hurt so bad, I’ll annihilate your existence," the redhead quipped methodically in an almost kind voice.

"Cease from the controls immediately. Something is wrong. Maybe the programming; maybe the instructions."

"But, but, certainly not the two we chose, they seemed perfect."

"Our initial observations found them arguing, most heatedly."

"One, the dark-haired beauty, threatened to pull out the crimson-tressed one's hair-you all heard her verbalize such an intention!"

The several strange life forms continued to argue, analyze and scientifically figure out their problem. They had seized the ship, and were trying to reproduce a "catfight" between two lovely officers. Their knowledge of such sport was limited to perusing old films which they’d seen of them and which had produced much excitement amongst their midst.

"Here, here we go, amazing! Look at this ancient data!" The alien eyes were focused on a small screen which was showing a clip of the 'One Million Years BC' fight between Raquel Welch and Martine Beswick "Observe, this is a most ancient time. Watch them closely. This is exotic, kind of sensuous the way they grunt and growl but in no known language."

"Note, this next one is more to my liking," one alien stated. The group watched a clip from 'Coffy' in which Pam Grier took on several lovely women, pounding and stripping them all. "Their clothing seems strangely erotic."

"Yes and when they remove it from their angry enemy, it is…. Well, stimulating. Agreed?" Strange alien laughter and release of humorous emotion filled the room. "Now lets make the necessary changes."

(WHIRRR. RMMMMMZZZZ. BUZZZZZ. ZZXZZZZM.) Strange noises as strange controls and buttons were pushed.

"Now, let them fight."

"My funds are on the redhead."

"Mine are on the brunette, she's called the Counselor."

"Ha, I've programmed them to both win."

"That is impossible, impractical."

"Ha, you just wait and see; we are a superior race; just watch what happens. Let us watch this catfight phenomenon and see how exciting it really can be-in reality-Ha!"

"You carrot-topped, big boobed, bitch; you call yourself a Doctor! Hmmmmpfh! Here, let me give you a physical."


"I'm going to give you an exam you won't ever forget!”

YIEEEEE! Umppphhh!" Beverly screamed again as Deanna's fists slammed into her stomach and ribs. She tried hard to block the blistering fast blows and return fire but the brunette blocked every punch, easily anticipating them and making the proper response. "UHHHHHHH!" Beverly groaned as her chest exploded from a wicked forearm smash. Deana smiled as she clamped on a stomach claw digging her fingers into the redheads firm abs. Both officers looked incredibly beautiful and sexy in their tight standard uniforms.

"HA! I knew she would take control!" an alien exclaimed with glee. "She's a betazoid and I even increased her special powers-that's why I placed my money on her," he continued.

"Why that's not fair or how do earthlings say, ‘kosher’?"

"Observe that move. Strangely erotic, do you not agree?"

"Yes, see the poor Doctor wince. Do you think she will cry; expel water from her visual organs?"

"See how she is now in a kneeling position."

"Observe her communication process."

"Deanna, please let go! My boobs….you're killing my boobs! Aieeeeee!" Beverly groaned as she tried desperately to pry her friends fingers from her full breasts.

"I feel your pain, you red-haired wench!" Deanna hissed with a wry smile, for as a Counselor she did have empathy. She dug her fingers through the soft but thick material of Beverly's uniform. She felt her rivals nipples stiffen against the palms of her hands as she forced the redhead to bend backwards as she slowly dropped to her knees. "Not sure why, but I have a sudden strange desire to strangle you and it does seem pleasurable," Deanna said, trying to figure out her mixed rapid-fire emotions that seemed to overpower her. She suddenly shifted her hand and dug her thumbs into Beverly's sensitive areola and heard the doctor groan and gasp.

"Catfight! We're really watching a human catfight," the aliens seemed to cry all in unison.

"Why? Why are you doing this to me?" Beverly whimpered as she tried to fight the pain in her body as well as her emotions, mind and entire psyche. "Have I offended you?" she asked, thinking that somehow she must’ve set her longtime friend off when they were working out together as they often did on the holodeck.

"Shut up bitch, I'm gonna pull your hair out after I strip you naked, you arrogant quack!" Deanna snarled as she suddenly threw Beverly to the mat.

"Observe my fellow comrades and cohorts, I even programmed in some of that so called cafight ‘lingo’,” the excited alien announced.

"Look, now that is very interesting."

"YEOOOWWWW!" The screaming red-haired beauty landed hard on her back as Deanna wrestled her down. The two grapevined each others legs as they rolled around struggling for control. Beverly buried her fingers in Deanna's long silky dark hair and pulled viciously, hoping her rival would release her painful hold on her full breasts. "Let go of 'em you mean bitch," Beverly gasped, quickly realizing a new strategy was in order. She released her hair pull and buried her nails in Deanna's back.

RIPPPPPPP! "YAIEEEEEE!" the Counselor screamed in sheer agony as she felt the back of her uniform turn to shreds and her back explode into excruciating pain.

"Ha, see I gave her an edge, a real edge…five of them!" an alien cheered as they heard Deanna scream and saw her flailing arms. "Observe the lovely Doctors sharp nails!" he/she shouted gleefully.

"That's unfair, take it back, return both of them to normal," the alien leader shouted. All watched as the deep painful furrows in Deanna's beautiful back healed instantly and her shredded uniform transformed into its previous flawless condition. "From now on you may only change the environment or their clothing, etc., etc., etc.! Do you all understand underlings?" the leader continued.

"Yes, do you mean like this?" an alien asked as he waved his purple and green polkadotted hand.

"What happened? Oh my! What's going on here?" the beautiful red-haired doctor and the lovely dark-haired counselor asked in sheer astonishment as their surroundings and clothing changed instantly. Now loud lively music was playing and both wore tight low-cut outfits. Smoke filled the air, as rowdy cowboys guzzled beer and began shouting at them.

"Well come on, aren't ya gonna deck her, you two-bit red-haired whore?" a cowboy yelled as she slipped up behind Beverly and gave her a shove that sent her into Deanna who slammed her fist into her jaw.

"I'm gonna turn you into buzzard bait," Deanna snarled as she drove her fist deep into the redhead’s stomach. As Beverly gasped, she brought her knee up hard into Beverly’s crotch.

"Uhhhhhh," Beverly moaned as she dropped to her knees.

"Place your bets on the real winner-me, boys," Deanna laughed as she slipped her hands down the front of Beverly's outfit, grabbed her full breasts and jerked the milky white mounds clean out.

"YIEEEEEEEEE! Let go please," Beverly bawled as Deanna mauled her twin captives viciously, twisting and pulling the stiffening pink nipples as she began to sing a western ballad.

"Let me have a try at this," another alien quipped as he waved his webbed orange and black extremity. A thick cloud of smoke filled the holodeck, then quickly dissipated.

"What do you mean you haven't finished those reports you lazy bag of bones," Beverly shouted as she walked towards Deanna who was sitting at a computer desk.

"Now this is a modern catfight from way back in that time period," the inventive alien laughed.

"They sure dressed, how do you say erotically, back then. Do you all say affirmative now?" another observed.

"I'll teach you about productivity, honey!" Beverly snipped as she pushed the stack of papers off of Deanna's desk and grabbed her by the hair.

"Umpppppfh!""Uhhhhhhh!" The two once proud star trek officers buried their fingers in each others hair and pushed and pulled each other around the office slamming into desks, chairs, file cabinets and computers. Beverly tripped Deanna and threw her to the carpet. Deanna's short skirt slid upwards as her long luscious legs kicked out. She lost a heel as she kicked at Beverly who avoided the kick and pounced on her. The redhead treated her downed insubordinate secretary to a flurry of blistering hard slaps and punches, before tearing her blouse to shreds and sinking her nails deep into her beautiful full bra-clad breasts.

"Note the losing beauties frantic screams and excellent English language grammar," the scenes' creator chirped.

"Please, stop it, you're hurting me! OUCH! My blouse….-you're ruining my blouse. HEY! Let go of my breasts… please, somebody help me!" Deanna screamed as Beverly suddenly ripped her bra off and began mauling her breasts.

To the aliens' new and strange feelings of delight, Beverly continued by shredding Deanna's pantyhose and ripping off her skirt before punching her out.

"Ohhhh, my these two lifeforms are full of such energy and unbridled emotions. Now one is lifeless," one bemoaned.

"Oh my friend, you are in error. Observe!" another alien said as he waved his strange looking fingers.

KAPOOF! A thick fog filled the holodeck once again. The aliens watched intensely and broke out into their normal alien-like expressions of delight as loud cheers and shouts filled the air. In the center was a large square. Ropes encompassed the square that seemed to be covered with a smooth yet tight rough covering.

"What is it?" one alien asked.

"That my friend is what they called an ‘Arena’. Human life forms did combat there; all forms of combat. Watch and learn," the alien chirped confident of his knowledge.

"Strange, I want to shake her hand, yet strangle her pretty little neck at the same time," the beautiful red-haired woman of medicine thought as she waited for the whistle.

"EYAAAAAAH!" The sound echoed through the redheads mind a split second before her stomach exploded in numbing pain.

Beverly had just started her angry charge when Deanna's tall lace incredibly hard soled laced boots slammed into her belly, knocking her backwards. Beverly's derriere landed hard and Deanna was on her like a jungle cat! "Get up Red, lets dance!" she snarled as she jerked Beverly to her feet by her hair, pulled her around the ring dizzying her, fired a kick to her groin then tossed her into a fast moving turnbuckle.

"Argggggh," Beverly groaned as her chest exploded due to a well executed forearm smash across her breasts. Deanna moved in for the kill.

"Focus! Ignore the blurry vision....focus," Beverly told herself. WHOOSH! Deanna's fist whizzed by Beverly's cheek as the doctor ducked.

WHUMP!. Beverly's fist slammed deep into Deanna's side. The brunettes lovely face blanched white. Two punches greeted the counselors grimacing countenance. One punch slammed into her jaw, the other her chin.

"Now its your turn to say Hi to Mr. Turnbuckle," Beverly sneered as she grabbed the groaning brunettes hair and slammed her into the incredibly solid hard, unyielding post.

"Don't know who you all are, but I bet you'd like to see what Miss Big Boobs has to offer, right?" Beverly shouted at the top of her lungs. She stared at her wobbly kneed rivals large chest that seemed to be ready to pop out of her plunging one piece suit. For some reason, deep in her confused mind, the redhead felt a jealousy over her brunettes chest and lovely body.

"Just one more thing, before showtime," Beverly sneered as she moved in close to Deanna. She looked into her opponents beautiful eyes moved up fast and-

Wham! A vicious headbutt staggered Deanna; Beverly danced in, grabbed her shoulder straps, slid them off her shoulders and yanked down hard.

A roar erupted from the audience as Deanna's huge beautiful breasts bounced free, the dark nipples stiffening in the cool air. Beverly put the topless brunette in a reverse headlock pulled her over to the top rope and pinned her backwards on it. Her two hands shot out and latched onto those two luscious pleasure mounds and went to work as her knee zipped up and started a slow grind into the trapped beauties groin.

"See why they called it a catfight arena! It used to be a very popular event," the proud alien quipped with a laugh.

"We only have a bit more time and space to be utilized," the leader stated.

"Anyone else want to demonstrate their knowledge and or expertise of this earthling catfight phenomenon?"

"Yes, I would like to execute another quite realistic scenario," an enthusiastic alien said. "I, being of the female gender believe I have an intuitive edge," she said almost beside herself as she tilted her strange looking lavender and pink splotched head to the side, leaned forward and waved her hand.

KERPOOF! SPLASH! "Oh my, what is that that just hit our bodies?" a terrified and confused alien shouted.

"Please, everyone move into a lower slower more relaxed mental state, it was only what earth-forms call ‘water. This water, however, is not pure; not that any of their water was pure in the later years. This was full of....oh yuck...chlorine!"

"You'd better quit flaunting her top-heavy body around this place, do you understand my meaning Sweetie?" Beverly snarled as she stared at the bikini clad busty brunette that had swam over to her. Deanna splashed water at Beverly who was lying on a towel next to the small pool. The redhead applied a generous amount of fragrant suntan lotion on her smooth silky milky white skin. Her beautiful red hair glistened in the sun. Her full breasts seemed to be threatening to pop out of her tight bikini top. Her erect nipples seemed to be ready to drill through the sheer thin material.

"Listen, you carrot topped bimbo, I can read your mind, I'm much more intelligent than you and I can have and will take any man I want, understand?" Deanna taunted her query more of a threat than a question. Both she and Beverly seemed a bit confused, wondering exactly why they were acting this way, but deep down enjoying every second of the strange experience.

"I oughta jump in there, pull your hair out and drown you, you arrogant slut," Beverly snarled.

"Come on in and try, I dare you, bitch!"

A small tidal wave erupted from the small pool and sprayed water on the surprised aliens. All recovered quickly, once assured that the H20 element was harmless. They watched eagerly as the beautiful redhead and the lovely busty brunette grabbed each others hair and went at it in the waist deep water. Deanna shot her leg out, hooked Beverly's and pulled her off balance and under. The two thrashed furiously underwater as they exchanged punches and kicks. Beverly surfaced, tried to gulp some precious air and was pulled under by the angry brunette. Swallowing a ton of water and barely getting a smidgen of much needed air, the redhead quickly weakened. Deanna fired punch after punch into her luscious frantically struggling weakening body.

"GEAYAAAH! UMPPPPFH." (gasp, cough) Beverly finally escaped and broke the surface, her lungs screaming for air, her lovely chest heaving. Deanna slipped behind her, wrapped her arm tightly around her neck and bent her backwards slamming her fist again and again into her lower back. The furiously powerful punches devastated her rival quickly and the redhead gasped and whimpered in agony.

"I've always wanted to do this to you, my beautiful carrot topped friend," Deanna whispered cruelly as she quickly untied Beverly's top and ripped it off. She released her choke hold and grabbed a handful of wet red hair. Beverly's hands shot upward; in a flash Deanna reached up and around grabbing a double handful of full firm milky white tender breast flesh. She squeezed the full mounds viciously, catching the sensitive erect pink nipples and crushing them between her fingers.

"AIEEEEEE..." (glug, glug....gurgle, gurgle) Beverly's scream and struggle lasted but a moment as Deanna shot her legs up and around her captives waist and legs, leaned back and pulled Bev and herself under. In one fast and furious erotic struggle and underwater tussle Deanna broke the surface holding the redheads bikini bottoms in her hand.

"See that's a real catfight….and a real victory," the female alien said with delight.

"Oh my, we must depart,” the alien leader said sadly. “All systems prepare for ignition."


"Deanna, get off of me. You're way too close for comfort!" Beverly said angrily, her voice and spirit full of confusion and strangely she felt quite jealous. She gave her brunette friend a friendly push.

"Sorry, but I think you pushed me a bit too hard," Deanna said, her face flushing with anger as she caught her balance and recovered quickly from Beverly's hard shove.

"I apologize, but you are way too much of a little baby. Are all empath's always so prim, proper and so very, very touchy?" Beverly said staring at her friend, as she tried to shake the weird feelings and emotions flooding her head. Her whole body ached. She felt strangely angry and strangely full of passion. Parts of her body tingled in a most sensuous way and she bit back an impulse to run over to Deanna and pound her into the wall of the holodeck.

"Look, don't yell at me. I feel really strange right now. Maybe we worked out to hard just now. Maybe we ‘re spending too much time together,” Deanna suggested. “Although. I admit I do sometimes have very strong feelings, but that is my gift; my nature. Do you really want to know what I'm feeling now?" Deanna sighed as she found herself moving toward Beverly, her fingers curled in a fist and then straightened as she looked deep into Beverly's beautiful eyes.

"Yes, Deanna, I know what you are feeling now. I feel the same way. How I know what you feel, I do not know but do you really want to go at it? To tear my hair out? Hmmmm, it seems I’ve developed your empathetic and telepathic powers…and yes, I know you think you can take me down easily."

"Neither one of us tells the captain, right?" both lovely officers spoke simultaneously and both agreed instantly.

"EYAAAAH!!" Both yelled a savage junglecat shout as they lunged. Four angry hands slammed into each other, open palms slapping together, fingers interlocking. They jerked their arms outward and slammed their full firm breasts together. "Argggggh!" they groaned in unison.

"So you're enjoying this a bit too?" Deanna almost smiled as she felt Beverly's nipples stiffen against hers as their breasts crushed together, their stiff nubs seemingly engaging in a battle of their own underneath their uniforms.

"YIAIEEEEH!" Deanna shouted. Beverly gasped as she felt herself falling backward. Deanna's loud shout had startled her. The brunettes strong leg had skillfully hooked hers and a quick push brought her to the floor. "GRRRRRAWGGGGGH!" Deanna's angry throaty growl signaled her foot rocketing towards the fallen redhead’s groin with such force it surely would have done her in. Beverly rolled to the side the last nanosecond. Deanna groaned in pain as her foot smashed into the floor. Beverly fired a punch into her shin, grabbed her leg and pulled her off balance.

"You can't even take me down, you weakling….Argggggh!" Deanna's arrogant confidence shattered as Beverly's hard fist slammed into her pubic bone. The counselor dropped to her knees with a groan, her arrogance quickly morphing into a gasping groan.

"So you can feel others' emotions, tell me Miss Deanna, what am I feeling now," the red-haired Doctor asked with a smile as she fired a hard punch directly into Deanna's full right breast. Deanna screamed and fell backwards.

"Gotcha now, please tell me exactly what I'm feeling, or better yet, what you're feeling," the red-haired beauty snarled as she grapevined Deanna's legs and grabbed the front of her uniform.

"Never did like these uniforms much, they are so hard to rip off," Beverly hissed. "But it's alot of fun to try," she continued finally succeeding in starting a tear on Deanna's shoulder.

"And here we go, are you feeling a chill or embarrassment?" Beverly laughed as she ripped Deanna's uniform clean open exposing her beautiful full breasts. She cupped the huge mounds and dug her fingers in deep milking her longtime friend and rival as her legs tried hard to subdue Deanna's. The more Deanna struggled and kicked the harder Beverly squeezed and pinched her twin captives.

"Let go, please, yes, I feel pain and anger and hurt…Aieeeeee!" Deanna moaned as she tried desperately to pry Beverly's strong fingers from her "pride and joys."

"You're much easier than I thought you'd be, Counselor," Beverly rasped as she suddenly released her leg hold, wrestled Deanna onto her side and put her in a leg scissors. The brunette gasped, groaned and grunted as Beverly tightened her legs into a powerful numbing air-stealing trap. Soon Deanna was gasping for air.

"I desire to know exactly what you're feeling, you whimpering wench," Beverly taunted as she reached down and slowly began tearing off the rest of Deanna's uniform. Soon she had her torn the uniform to shred leaving only that which covered her rivals tight firm buttocks.

"Now, I hear that its your birthday today, Counselor; you betazoids DO celebrate birthdays correct? Oh, never mind, I do and I will, I just gotta know what you will feel with this special birthday acknowledgment. It’s a human thing, you know," she chirped.

Deanna screamed bloody foul as Beverly yanked her uniform down, exposed her sexy derriere and warmed her most lovely gluteus maximus. Deanna's kicks and loud screams filled the holodeck. Beverly suddenly clamped her hand over her mouth as she delivered the last blistering blow.

"Now, Deanna, I've been dying to know one more thing. Roll over, my lovely betazoid." Deanna dutifully rolled over and tried to cover her ample chest. "How cute and how amazingly humanly," Beverly laughed. To Deanna's stunned surprise, Beverly grabbed the front of her own uniform and pulled it down. Her beautiful breasts bounced free. She licked her full lips and tweaked her stiffening nipples. "And now, my dear Deanna Troi, betazoid extrordinaire, tell me, explain to me how THIS feels!"

Beverly calmly lowered her breasts onto Deanna's. The redhead crushed her erect nipples into her rivals. Both women moaned. Beverly's lips pressed against Deanna's.

Deanna winced. Beverly moaned with pleasure feeling all encompassing warmth and tingling.

Deanna looked distressed. Her mind raced. Beverly's tongue slid past her lips into her mouth. The redhead moaned with intense pleasure.

Deanna looked blank. "Shhhhhh.... you don't have to tell me how you feel, Deanna, amazingly I know, I know, I can feel it!"

Deanna's face looked strangely forlorn and blank.

A zillion miles away, a happy alien turned to her colleague, "Ya know, I probably should have told our leader; I took all of the betazoid's powers, enhanced them and gave them to that lovely doctor lady. I thought she'd love to have 'em, and besides, I think redheads are soooo cute!"