Mena Suvari vs. Julia Stiles by Catfight Contributor

Just a few days since her humiliating hotel room beating at the hands of Piper Perabo, Mena was with a couple of friends in the swanky bar of the same hotel. Much to her relief, news of the embarrassing turn of events didn't seem to have spread - yet - and the petite actress was doing her best to put on a good face even though she was seething inside. It wasn't long before Mena noticed that Julia Stiles was also in the bar because, in a bizarre twist of fate, Julia had suffered a similar thrashing in her own hotel room at almost the same time as Mena's.

But Julia's humiliation had been worse than Mena's. While the only witness to Mena's beat-down had been a single security guard, Kirsten Dunst had dragged Julia out into a hallway filled with people to show her off after beating her. Worse, Kirsten hadn't stopped with beating and stripping her; the dominant woman had then proceeded to force Julia to the brink of an orgasm in front of all those people, then left her crawling around the hallway stark naked; evicted from her own room.

After all that, Mena was surprised Julia could even show her face in the hotle, but she was glad to see her because it took her mind off her own misfortune. In fact, where the rest of the bar gave Julia plenty of space, Mena felt a perverse need to rub it in. Deep down, she barely admitted it to herself, but she was secretly hoping for a chance to prove to herself she was better than at least one other woman in the room; that even at her worst, she hadn't fallen to Julia's level. So when she saw the slender actress sitting all by herself at a table for two, Mena took advantage of them being casual acquaintances (although they'd never much liked each other) to plunk herself down across from her.

"Mena...hi...what's up?" Julia said, slightly startled since she'd been completely lost in thoughts of the previous day's misadventure and wasn't expecting company.

"Not much," Mena chirped. "Just thought you might need some company after...well, you know..."

"No, I don't know," Julia said coldly. "Why don't you tell me?"

"Julia, we all know about the lesson Kirsten gave you," Mena elaborated. "'s nothing to be ashamed of; you know, these are liberated times. If you like girls, well, there ARE better ways of letting folks know than being fingered in a hallway."

As she spoke, Mena slipped off one shoe under the table and ran her bare foot up Julia's leg as the startled actress stared at her incredulously. Grinning, Mena continued silently for a moment before she slipped her foot back into her shoe and stood up.

"You know it's not MY thing," Mena said with a laugh. "But word around town is that you like a good tease."

She was about to walk away feeling pretty proudf, when Julia responded, "Word is YOU like a good fucking. But only after Piper Perabo has kicke your sorry little ass all over YOUR room," she hissed contemptuously.

The departing blonde stopped in her tracks and wheeled around, glaring Julia in the eye, "Where'd you hear THAT lie?"

"Well, one upside of my little ordeal was I got to know the security stafff," Julia replied coolly. "I have my sources! I wasn't going to tell anyone," she said, standing up and raising her voice slightly. "But since you asked...."

"NO! Don't you dare!" Mena yelped.

Before Julia had a chance to respond, Mena lunged at her. Julia lost her balance and both went tumbling to the floor as the fascinated patrons watched. They scrapped on the floor, each grunting and panting as she tried to control the other. When security arrived, Julia was atop Mena with her fist cocked, apparently ready to do some damage. Both women still had plenty of fight left as they were dragged apart, still screaming, hissing and spitting at each other like a couple of wildcats.

"My room...twenty minutes!" Mena demanded and Julia nodded angrily in agreement.


Twenty-five minutes later, Julia arrived at Mena's door, still wearing the clothes she'd worn in the bar. When Mena flung open the door, Julia saw she'd changed out of her clothes into a white hotel robe. Mena's smooth, creamy legs were bare, blue paint on her toenails a sharp contrast with her pale skin. Mena was trying hard to appear relaxed, but Julia could sense that, like her, she was on edge. Both had considerable pride and given their recent humiliations, neither could stand another embarrassing defeat.

"You're not going to fight me in all those pretty clothes, are you?" Mena demanded. "Take 'em off!"

Julia didn't like the way Mena was trying to assert control, but she obliged, assuming Mena would drop her robe as well. Slipping out of her shoes, leaving her in stocking feet, Julia lifted her arms and pulled the tight top over her head. That was the moment Mena had been waiting for and without a moment's hesitation she barreled into Julia, putting her in a headlock. Julia tried desperately to squirm free but she was too stunned and distracted by her blinding top. With considerable effort, Mena succeeded in wrestling Julia to the floor, straddling her just as Julia managed to get free of her top. The supine woman was wearing only a short black skirt, matching bra and sheer dark pantyhose - and she was faced with the considerable problem of an energized opponent seated atop her...

"You cheap little bitch!" she hissed. "Too chicken-shit to fight me fair and square, huh?"

Mena wasn't about to let Julia's angry words bother her; she'd learned fighting Piper she couldn't count on overpowering opponents, even those as slender as Julia, so she'd decided that she'd have to use her wits to prevail. It was going just according to plan...or so she thought...but there was a small catch! Even with her leverage, Mena couldn't pin Julia's down on the floor and the bucking woman simply couldn't be held still.

Once she managed to lift it a sufficient distance off the floor, Julia managed to free one arm which began punching Mena's body. At first, she didn't do much damage, but a lucky blow to the solar plexus finally left the petite woman winded. Pulling her other arm free, Julia pushed both hands into Mena's upper body, shoving with all her might until she succeeded in tipping the petite blonde over backward. Then she pulled in her legs and used both feet to kick Mena off of her. Tumbling over backward, Mena scrambled to her feet and tried to nail Julia with a kick but she deftly avoided it and jumped up to face her riva.

"Wanna fight fair this time, you pussy?" Julia asked with a slight grin.

Mena didn't reply, but it didn't stop Julia from doing her best to force Mena to lockup with her. Rather than that, however, Mena did her best to fend off Julia's hands as she advanced, using defensive slaps to her body and face and kicks to the shins. But it didn't take long for Julia to work her way through Mena's defenses and soon they were locked onto each other.

In her fight against Kirsten, this had been Julia's undoing, but here she quickly proved stronger, forcing Mena to her knees. Not letting go, Julia began tugging Mena from side to side, dragging the blonde's bare legs on the carpet until she threw her face down on the floor. Mena got to her hands and knees, but her attempt to scramble away was thwarted when Julia grabbed the back of her robe and started to pull her back to her.

Mena tried to wriggle free, but when she realized it wasn't happening, she untied the knot in front of her robe and slipped out of it, falling forward onto the floor and scrambling away, then getting to her feet clad in only a pair of black thong panties. Mena was onsiderably less clothed than her opponent, but she didn't have time to worry about that, instead, she threw herself full force on Julia's back, wrapping her arms around her and trying to wrestle her to the floor.

As Julia staggered around the room with Mena on her back, Mena's petite breasts bore into Julia's back as she struggled to remain on her feet. But Mena couldn't quite bring her down and in time she ended up pinned between Julia's back and the wall. Even though she didn't have as good a grip as Mena, Julia managed to step forward, then slam backward into the wall. Her effort was met with a loud grunt from Mena as she was smashed against the cement block wall. Julia did it again, and then two more times; each bringing a panicked squeal from Mena until her grip finally loosened. Still, Julia didn't stop until with a final groan, Mena lost her grip entirely and slid down the wall, landing on her ass on the floor!

Not giving Mena time to recuperate, Julia turned around and grabbed her hair, then yanked her to her feet. Holding her by the hair, Julia landed a solid slap...then another...and another. Suddenly, Mena was no longer in Julia's grasp but she didn't need to be; she was stumbling out of the suite's living room to the bedroom, more keen on trying to cover up than fight back.

Lunging after her reeling rival, Julia put Mena in a headlock and the next thing the petite blonde knew, she was twisted around and wrestled down onto the bed squirming for all she was worth. Mena was unable to free herself but as her knees hit the mattress, she sprang forward, slipping out of Julia's grasp as she dove headfirst to the floor. It was only a split-second before Julia was back on Mena again, this time she used her hair to pull her to her feet, then shoved her back against the bedroom wall. Holding her with both hands, Julia shook the near-naked blonde against the wall, banging her back into it.

"Never start a fight you can't finish, bitch!" she advised, pulling Mena off the wall and twisting her around.

Julia clamped her in a bearhug from behind, forcing the blonde toward the bed again. Mena squirmed, but Julia had both her arms trapped and there wasn't much she could do. After a few seconds, Mena was face-down on the bed with the shockingly dominant Julia straddling her back. Enraged, Julia was determined to take out the frustration of her recent humiliation on the petite blonde who'd made the mistake of provoking her. Grabbing the back of Mena's hair, she began slamming her face into the soft mattress, over and over as Mena's bare legs flailed wildly behind her. All of Mena's bucking and kicking couldn't budge Julia and finally, her squirming subsided. The only sign she was still conscious was her gentle sobbing.

Figuring she'd had enough, Julia released her grip and said disdainfully, "Well, thanks for being my punching bag, babe. That was just what I nee..." Julia's gloating was suddenly cut short an elbow to the jaw, a last-ditch effort that Mena either timed perfectly or landed by pure, blind luck. Either way, the here-to-for dominant Julia was knocked back far enough that Mena managed to slither forward from under her and gain her freedom. "You nasty little bi..." Julia began, but again she got cut off, this time by a back kick to the face by Mena's bare foot.

Before Julia could recover, Mena pivoted and dove into her, knocking them both off the bed onto the floor. Julia landed on her back with Mena on top of her, which slightly winded her. Mena was fired up and for the first time began to take it to Julia, ripping into her with reckless abandon. She slapped, smacked, pinched, pushed, tugged, banged, and did anything else that came to mind using every ounce of energy she could muster. She was still struggling to stay on top of the bucking actress, but at least she was doing damage. She grabbed Julia by the hair to try banging her head a few times, but Julia steeled herself and tried to regain control. Grabbing Mena's arms, Julia overpowered the surprised blonde, pulling her arms down to pin her wrists to the floor on one side of their bodies. Although still on top, Mena suddenly found herself squirming to try to get free. But Julia's grip was too strong!

"Done with your little tantrum, bitch?" Julia hissed.

Mena's eyes widened, but she didn't say a word. Staring defiantly into Julia's face, Mena shocked her by spitting in it!

Julia's eyes blazed with anger, "Big mistake, Mena! Now, I'm gonna teach you to respect your betters."

With a sudden thrust, Julia tipped Mena part way off her...and before long, she'd managed to knock her completely off. Mena ended up lying on her stomach, but Julia kept her wrists pinned to the floor as she got to her knees beside her looking slightly worse for wear, but obviously having survived Mena's attack without much damage. Mena managed to get to her knees, her petite, thong-clad butt thrust in the air but Julia was having none of that! She positioned herself straddling Mena, her knees holding Mena's arms pinned while facing the blonde's raised ass. Mena continued to squirm until her lower body flopped back down flat on the floor.

Mena was only down a second, though, because Julia reached forward, slipped her arms under Mena's waist, and with her legs still pinning her upper body to the floor, she hoisted Mena's midsection into the air. Mena screeched as her body was contorted, feeling the pressure on her lower back; her feet waggling helplessly in the air.

There was absolutely nothing else she could do but scream, "Stop, Julia! You're really gonna hurt me!"

"Oh relax you little pussy," Julia replied, releasing Mena's midsection. "You'll walk outta here alive...but not until after I lay a spanking on that cute little ass!"

"Nooooo..." Mena protested, but it was far too late for mercy.

With one hand, Julia held Mena steady by the waist of her thong panties while the other hand laid into her pale bare buttocks; each loud SMACK echoed by a moan from beneath her... "Stop...please...stop!" Mena whimpered as her stinging butt turned from pink to a nice rose hue from all the spanking!

"Oh, all right," Julia finally consented. "We really should be on the bed to have fun anyway!"

Still holding Mena's panties, Julia got to her feet and dragged Mena up with her. Mena twisted around and grabbed Julia in a last-ditch attempt to turn things around but when Julia answered in kind, Mena quickly found herself overpowered again. Realizing it was a losing battle, Mena shifted her aim from fighting back to merely trying to escape. But Julia wasn't about to let her get away any more than she would permit her to resist. Before very long, Mena had been wrestled onto the bed where she lay flat on her back with the dominant Julia kneeling over her.

Julia continued trying to break Mena's resolve with punches to her stomach, one after another, followed by a series of slaps to her face. Mena tried throwing her off, but when that failed, she resorted to simply covering up to protect her precious face from harm. Sensing Mena was done, Julia finally let up - but that didn't mean she was done! Reaching down, she clamped her hands onto Mena's small breasts and squeezed - hard!

"Kirsten dared to think MY tits were small!?" Julia taunted. "Guess she's never seen YOU with your top off! I guess we all have to make due with what we're given..."

Desperate to avoid whatever Julia had in mind, Mena brought her legs up and, showing surprising flexibility, wrapped them around Julia's head. Slowly she began to pull back and seemed to be succeeding in budging her! Mena put everything she had into throwing Julia off but then Julia grabbed her ankles and, with considerable effort, managed to force the weakened woman's legs away from her head. Maintaining her grip on Mena's ankles, Julia stood up and began dragging Mena on her back across the carpet.

Her progress was slow since Julia wasn't exactly powerfully built herself, but Mena was terrified of where her tormentor was taking her. Luckily for Mena, the effort took its toll on Julia and her grip weakened just enough for Mena to jerk one leg free. She tried kicking, but Julia easily avoided it and Mena opted for 'Plan B' another tactic to prevent a further beat-down. Lifting her free leg, the petite blond pushed her bare foot up under Julia's short skirt and began to rub it on the crotch of her panties, which as Mena correctly guessed, were noticeably damp!

"All right, you've proven your point," Mena purred. "Why don't we put all this behind us?"

Julia closed her eyes for a moment, enjoying the sensation of Mena's toes pressing into and teasing her aroused pussy. But as her breathing began to quicken, she opened them again and said with a slight tremor in her voice, "I...I'm collecting my reward from you, that's for sure, but you're going to have to do a lot better than that damned foot!"

Realizing she had no time to waste, Mena lowered her foot and then drove it back upward as hard as she could. It struck with a solid and satisfying THUNK on Julia's pubic mound. Julia took a step back, gasping and dropped Mena's other leg.

"You...little...bitch!" Julia moaned, both hands cupping her bruised cunt as Mena scrambled to her feet.

Mena tried to escape, but Julia was standing between her and the door. Her only option was to somehow force the dominant woman back out the door. Hoping to catch her off guard, Mena plowed straight into Julia, trying to shove her backward, but Julia held her ground and Mena realized it wasn't going to happen. Desperate, Mena kicked Julia in the shin, hoping to stem the tide, but Julia, had already proved herself stronger, was now aided by Mena's being weakened by the beating she'd taken.

Julia tossed Mena to the rug on her ass, not giving her time to recover as she grabbed her by the hair in her left hand and dropped to her knees next to Mena, then rolled her over onto her side and began raining down slaps with her right hand - not just to Mena's face, but all over her upper body while Mena flopped around like a fish out of water. There was no escaping Julia's wrath!

"Stop! Please stop!" Mena begged. "No more!"

Julia relented, but she tugged Mena's head back by the hair so she could look into her eyes, "Alright, Mena, but now's when I'm gonna show you what I meant by doing better than your damn foot." Holding Mena in place, Julia sat down in front of her and stretched her legs out alongside her to pin her shoulders. Removing her hand from Mena’s hair briefly, she hiked up her skirt and tugged down her pantyhose and her panties. Grabbing Mena's hair again, a little more gently this time, she positioned her face-first just where she wanted it. "Now make me proud!" Julia ordered.

Mena wasn't about to waste any time or energy trying to escape at this point; besides, she could think of worse things! Her pink tongue flicked out like a snake as she began to lick; tentatively first, then faster. Julia pressed on the back of her head with one hand, grinding her face in as she leaned forward, using her free hand to spank Mena's bare ass once, then twice.

"That's it...keep it up," Julia sighed. "'re a lot better at this than fighting."

Julia's breathing quickened, thrusting herself onto Mena's face with more and more ferocity...then she exploded, her body quivering over the petite blonde. Unsure what to do next, Mena remained laying flat on her stomach with her face stuffed in Julia's crotch. After a while, Julia collected her thoughts, got to her knees, pulled her skirt back down and smoothed it over herself, then leaned down and rolled the unresisting Mena onto her back. Before the beaten actress could move, Julia dropped down and dove between her legs.

"I know what you like after getting your ass kicked,” Julia chuckled. “So enjoy!’

She tugged Mena's panties down to her knees and began to reciprocate. It wasn’t long before Mena’s trembling body was showing its pleasure. Her legs waved slowly back and forth in the air and her breathing increased. Then, just when Mena seemed to be on the brink of orgasming, Julia stopped, lifted her head and smiled as she looked into Mena's wide eyes.

"You want me to continue?" she asked cruelly. Mena said nothing, but nodded her head rapidly…eagerly. "Then you're going to have to repeat after me....say, 'I'm a little whore who picks fights I can't finish...'"

Mena sniveled, "I...I'm a little whore who picks fights I can't finish..."

"Louder!" Julia instructed, and add, "I got my ass kicked by Julia so bad I'm afraid to fight back."

"I got my ass kicked by Julia so bad I'm afraid to fight back..." Mena whimpered between humiliated sobs.

"Now I want her to lick my pussy, like I just licked hers..."

"Now I want her to lick my pussy, like I just licked hers..."

"Atta girl," Julia responded. "But I'm afraid you're really not my type."

Standing up, Julia walked to the door...she opened it and Mena was stunned and horrified to see a security guard.

"You get all that?" Julia asked.

"You betcha," he replied, tapping his tape recorder. Peering into the room, he recognized the naked woman staring up at him open-mouthed. "Damn, you sure do get yourself into a lot of these situations!" he said to Mena with a leering grin.

"You…you're not going to use th….that, are you?" Mena asked, afraid of what the tape could do to her reputation.

"Only if I catch sight of you anywhere near this hotel again," Julia responded. "Unless, that is, you wanna come by MY room next time so I can kick your ass again."

With that, she strutted out of the room wearing a broad grin; her confidence restored after what had happened with Kirsten.

"Yeah? Well, next time you won't be so lucky, bitch!" Mena called after her.

Within five minutes, Mena had reservations at another hotel, unwilling to risk getting her ass kicked for a third time in one week!