Julia Stiles vs. Gabrielle Union by Jackflash 1/8/02

If there were one that could be used to describe Julia Stiles, it would be 'insufferable!' Her meteoric rise to stardom, with box office hits like, "Ten Things I Hate About You," "Save the Last Dance," and "O," coupled with the critical acclaim of 'art house' releases such as "State and Main" and "The Business of Strangers," had made her impossible to tolerate. Her narcissism quickly grew to proportions huge even by Hollywood standards.

Of course, in spite of her rampant ego and condescension of all others, she was still at the top of everyone's guest lists; a beautiful woman who also happens to be a movie star is never lacking for invitations. This winter evening, she was at a posh soiree in the Colorado mountains at the ski chalet of a prominent studio exec. Every woman at the party stared daggers at the blonde as she glided through the crowd like a tiger shark, extolling her own virtues while not missing any opportunity to belittle a rival. The men, naturally enough, were enthralled.

Finally, Gabrielle Union had simply had enough. The sepia beauty, though not as well known, had a budding career in both movies and TV. She was also appreciated for her relative modesty - rare in any actress.

When someone mentioned this to Julia, the blonde sneered, "Well, she DOES have a lot to be modest about."

Unfortunately, she said it within earshot of Gabrielle, who took violent exception to the insult.

"That does it," Gabrielle yelled. "Everybody's sick and tired of listening to you, you bitch! Why don't you just shut up?"

Julia feigned mock indignation, fluttering her eyes as she replied, "Why, how rude! Maybe you've had too much champagne...uh, Giselle, is it?"

Gabrielle's eyes narrowed into angry slits as she hissed, "You know damn well what my name is! That mouth of yours is getting you into some serious trouble."

"Nothing the rest of me can't back up, sweetness," cooed the blonde, cocking her hip tauntingly. She didn't have one ounce of doubt she could dispose of Gabrielle very quickly in a fight. Her entire body language, from the slight tilt of her head to the hand on her hip, made it clear that she was almost hoping the other girl would start something.

Ever obliging, Gabrielle didn't disappoint her. In a rage, she lashed out with a slap aimed at the strawberry blonde's cheek. But with viper quickness, Julia caught Gabrielle's wrist and twisted her arm, causing the ebony-haired actress to give an involuntary yelp of pain.

"Not as tough as we thought, are we," purred Julia, her voice oozing condescension.

As she spoke, the blonde kicked off her high heels. Gabrielle's only response was a growl as she yanked her arm from of the blonde's grasp and massaged her shoulder. Julia smirked and opened her mouth to let fly with another insult, but her clever, witty words never came out...stopped before she uttered them by a lightning-quick backhand across her face. Wide-eyed more from shock than pain, Julia's expression was one of disbelief.

"How dare that bitch hit me!" she thought to herself.

Then Julia thought about a hundred and one ways to punish the upstart for her effrontery. As Julia kicked off her stiletto heels so as to avoid twisting her ankle, Gabrielle grabbed her by the hair with one hand as she cocked the other fist. Gabrielle aimed for the blonde's face but Julia struck first with a punch to the belly that left the brunette gasping for air. Supremely confident in her ability to totally destroy Gabrielle, Julia decided to have some fun with her before administering the coup de grace.

Putting her dance training to work, Julia launched a kick that caught Gabrielle flush in the face, snapping her head. A second well-aimed kick send the ball of her foot harshly into Gabrielle's chin. The black beauty stumbled back a few steps, shaking her head trying to clear the fog. Julia just sneered as she sent another kick towards the hapless girl's head.

But showing unexpected quickness, Gabrielle caught Julia's foot in midair inches from its target. Then, demonstrating a dancer's grace of her own, she nailed the blonde in the face with a kick of her own. Still holding Julia's leg, Gabrielle had no trouble knocking the blonde off-balance and sending her crashing to the floor.

As Julia was on her way down, Gabrielle jumped into the air. She came crashing down with both feet on the unsuspecting blonde's stomach. There was a rush of air from Julia's mouth which was followed by a silent scream. Now it was Gabrielle's turn to have some fun...!

"Y'know," she said. "You're nothing but a spoiled brat. If somebody'd put a hand to your butt years ago, I bet you wouldn't be such a bitch today."

The words seemed to spark an idea in her head and a devilish gleam came into Gabrielle's eyes. Desperately gasping for air, Julia offered faint resistance as Gabrielle pulled her across her lap and then worked the blonde's leather miniskirt up to her hips, exposing her pink satin panties. Smiling wickedly, Gabrielle raised her hand, hesitated just long enough...good actress that she is...to build up dramatic anticipation. Then Gabrielle brought her hand down on Julia's right cheek with a sharp crack that echoed through the room. Julia's head snapped up and she let out a yelp that brought smiles to more than a few faces.

Again and again, Gabrielle's hand spanked down onto the blondes derriere, quickly turning her fair skin a vibrant red. It also brought tears to Julia's eyes. Clearly, Gabrielle was enjoying dominance. However, merely humiliating Julia was a far cry from beating her. As the spanking continued, far from weakening, Julia was gathering her strength. The right moment to strike came when Gabrielle's guard was down. Julia suddenly twisted her body, catching Gabrielle in the side of the head with an elbow.

The dusky girl fell sideways to the carpet, stunned. Had she launched a full offensive of her own at that moment, the blonde might well have won the fight then and there. But Julia wanted to force Gabrielle to beg for mercy after the indignity she'd suffered under the right hand of the black girl!

Several quick stomps to the belly and chest kept the brunette prone on the floor. Then, Julia placed her foot on Gabrielle's throat and pressed down, choking her. Gabrielle coughed and struggled for air, her strength rapidly fading. Just before she succumbed to unconsciousness, however, Julia eased up the pressure, allowing Gabrielle get a breath of precious air.

"Ready to give up, sweetie," Julia asked. "If you ask nicely, maybe won't mess you up too badly."

She couldn't suppress a giggle of delight at the thought of Gabrielle begging her for mercy...mercy the blonde would give her only with some harsh conditions. She would make Gabrielle an example to anyone else who dared challenge her. The two women angrily locked eyes as Gabrielle tried to get enough breath to beg.

With some effort, she finally gasped, "You...talk too much...bitch!"

Calling on her last reserves of strength, Gabrielle pushed Julia's foot from her throat as she swept her own legs around and knocked the blonde off-balance. Julia tumbled to the carpet, angry and furious. She quickly started scrambling to her feet...but she only got to a crouch before Gabrielle's knee cracked her in the temple. Julia saw stars!

With a determination frightful to behold, Gabrielle grabbed her by her golden mane and dragged her, the dazed Julia clumsily following on hands and knees, to a glass door which overlooked the chalet's patio. She flung the doors open, letting an icy blast of freezing winter wind whip into the room along with some of the snow that was falling.

Still dragging Julia by her hair, Gabrielle pulled her onto the patio, where a steel flagpole rose tall and proud in the center. She shoved Julia's head forward until her face was inches from the pole. Still dazed, the blonde's mouth was slack and her tongue dangling out.

"I told you," the black beauty said in honeyed tones. "That mouth of yours would get you in trouble. Well, here it is!"

She pushed Julia's mouth against the pole and, within seconds, the freezing air combined with the saliva on Julia's tongue...freezing her tongue to the steel flag pole! Julia thrashed helplessly, stuck like a fish caught on a hook, her tongue held fast to the frozen metal. She couldn't get free until several guests poured warm water on her tongue, melting the ice. Until then, she looked as foolish as she was hapless.

Gabrielle spun around with a flip of her long hair and a sexy wiggle of her hips and strutted back inside, put her shoes on, ran her hands through her disheveled hair and walked proudly with head held high, out the door to a standing ovation from nearly all the guests. Needless to say, Julia gathered up her belongings and hurriedly left to laughter and insults. As Julia got in her car and wiped the tears from her eyes, she swore not to let this humiliation go unavenged!