Sharon Stone (5'7", 47 y/o) vs. Madonna (5'4", 47 y/o) (after Stone-Theron) by Bob

Sharon Stone was lying on Copacabana beach in Rio Janeiro, when someone kicked sand on her. The blonde looked up and saw Madonna standing over her. The two had never liked one another and Sharon had always longed for the chance to show she was better than "Material Girl" but Madonna, who considered herself the bigger star, would never give Sharon the time of day - especially after she beat out Stone for the role in "Body of Evidence" - a film that exposed Madonna's exquisite body and limited acting talent but forced Stone to 'settle' for what became her breakout role in "Basic Instinct".

Sharon stood up and turned to the muscular brunette. “So what brings YOU all the way to Rio Janeiro?”

Madonna laughed and said, “You do!”

“Really," Sharon said, pursing her lips and cocking one eyebrow. "I’m impressed! Seems funny how you never had the guts to fight me until now…oh yes, maybe it has something to do with the fact that I beat Charlize Theron that caused you to follow me to Brazil? Gee, I could almost swear you're stalking me!”

Madonna laughed and replied, “You're crazy if you think I didn’t fight you because I was afraid. I didn’t want to fight you because it would have been a waste of time. After all, everyone already knew I was hotter - both as a woman AND as an actress!”

“Really, fighting me a waste of time? Sounds like a coward’s excuse to me,” Sharon said, grinning as she could tell by Madonna's expression her taunt had struck a nerve.

“Coward’s excuse my ass! I knew you were never as tough as you - and your friends - claimed you were. Plus with me being the biggest star in music AND on the screen, there was no point!”

“I still think you were afraid of me,” Sharon jibed.

“Kiss my ass Stone! It wouldn’t take me two minutes to make you submit! Hell, I've beaten better women than you in less time!”

“You’re welcome to try kicking my ass," Sharon said with a laugh. "I've never refused an invitation to a fight.”

Madonna smiled, “I’ve been chasing Charlize Theron back and forth between the Put Up and Shut Up Club and the Porn Star Fight Club ever since she got the reputation of being the best fighter in Hollywood. But since you beat her - miraculously; in about two minutes from now, I’ll be acknowledged as the best.”

Much to Madonna’s surprise, Sharon stood up, took off her bikini and faced her naked. “So tough girl, do you have what it takes to fight me nude.” Madonna couldn’t help but gape at the blonde's still great body which looked like she was in great shape (as if her beating the legendary Theron weren't proof enough!) “Usually only men look at me that way," she giggled. "But then, I guess you're still into women!” Sharon observed, carefully omitting any mention of her own long history of lesbian trysts with other actresses - including Charlize Theron!

Instead of replying, Madonna just reared back and slapped Sharon across her face with her right hand. As Sharon rocked back on her heels, then straightened with her hand at her cheek, Madonna quickly followed by hitting her with a backhand that sent the big blonde backward a step

“How dare you accuse me of being a lesbian!" she hissed. "Unless you want me yourself!”

Now it was Sharon’s turn and she swung her left hand around, punching Madonna in the right eye. Madonna stumbled backward holding her face, knowing her eye was going to be black in the morning. Recovering quickly, Madonna lunged at Sharon, grabbing her by the throat and choking. Sharon gagged as Madonna’s powerful hands cut her air off. Realizing to her surprise that the shorter Madonna was much stronger, Sharon knew she'd have to put her hated rival away quickly.

Unable to pry Madonna’s hands loose, Sharon brought her knee up THUD squarely into Madonna’s groin. It loosened her grip slightly, but she still held Sharon clutched tightly by her throat.

Looking the blonde in her eyes, brunette Madonna snapped gruffly, “Do NOT try that again!”

Sharon almost passed out from shock at Madonna’s reaction. She'd caught Madonna square and yet where Madonna should have released her grip, she'd not even eased her grip. Instead, Madonna looked her in the eye and warned her not to kick her again. If Madonna was trying to mask her pain and scare her, she'd done a good job because Sharon wasn't sure what to do to get Madonna to release her hold. Finally, she tried one more kick, snapping her knee up into Madonna's crotch a second time. CRUNCH! Sharon was stunned when the irate brunette’s eyes opened wide and the veins in her neck bulged, then she just tightened her grip even more.

“I TOLD you not to do that again. You should listen. Maybe that’s why you can’t keep a man…or a woman!”

Normally Sharon would have been scared by the fact that she'd kneed Madonna in the groin twice and still couldn't force her to let go or even drop her to her knees! Still, Madonna’s remark got Sharon angry and once again she kneed the multi-media superstar square in the groin. THUMP! Finally, Madonna let go and sank to her knees in the sand. Sharon's joy at seeing Madonna finally go down was lost because of her anger and she started kicking Madonna savagely in the ribs until the battered brunette rolled into a fetal position.

Still angry, Sharon continued kicking her foe, kicking her in the back several times until she calmed down from Madonna’s cutting (because it was true) remark. Sharon backed away for a second or too and studied Madonna who was still laying in the fetal position. Sharon knew the brunette was finished and for a couple of seconds she thought about torturing her, but she decided it would be wiser to end the fight as quickly as possible. She reached down and rolled the brunette onto her stomach, then mounted her and pushed the superstar’s face down in the sand. Sharon couldn’t help but relive the thrill of how she'd pushed and ground Theron’s face in the sand and how much damage it had done to her gorgeous face.

Sharon could feel Madonna’s pain and loved the excitement it caused in her body as she continued to scrub Madonna’s face in the hot sand. After giving Madonna a 'sand facial' for a minute, the tough blonde lifted Madonna’s head so she could wrap her powerful legs around Madonna’s neck. Once she had Madonna in a powerful head scissors, she decided Madonna was done and changed her mind about ending the fight quickly. For years the tough brunette refused to give Sharon the time of day but not that she'd beaten the “Fight Queen,” the brash singer stalked her and provoked a fight. Madonna desperately wanted to be number one and that was something Sharon was NOT going to allow to happen!

Sharon knew she could do whatever she wanted and planned to teach self-described "Brunette with Abs of Steel" a lesson in humility! What better way to teach this haughty brunette a lesson than to torture and humiliate her in front of a large group of spectators! Grabbing a handful of sand, Sharon poured it in Madonna’s wavy brunette hair and rubbed it in, massaging the sand into her scalp. Having sand put on her head angered the battered "Queen of Pop" and Madonna was started struggling to break free but Sharon’s legs were very powerful and the taller blonde easily controlled her.

Picking up another handful of sand, Sharon scrubbed the sand on Madonna’s back which felt like sandpaper to Madonna who tried to scream but couldn’t with her face in the sand. Sharon grabbed another handful of sand, twisted Madonna’s head to the side slightly and scrubbed this handful on her cheek. Sharon was having a lot of fun and she couldn’t believe that Madonna, although shorter and slightly lighter, was so defenseless. She knew Madonna's reputation for toughness and had even seen the brunette fight a couple of times - and she'd never seen the muscular diva lose a fight - yet here she was, not merely destroying her, she was kicking the great Madonna’s ASS!

Turning to the spectators, Sharon said, “I stripped and she didn’t. As great as her body is obviously she was ashamed to show her body when she saw mine. Anyone want to see some Madonna tit?”

Several quickly said yes and cheered. Sharon surprised everyone when she grabbed Madonna’ bikini top and ripped it off, then the blonde reached behind her and unhooked Madonna’s bikini bottom at both hips, then in one quick motion pulled it between her legs and threw it over her shoulder into the crowd. Still not feeling any resistance, Sharon loosened her scissors slightly and rolled Madonna onto her back, then tightened her head scissors again; applying pressure once again as she let go of Madonna’s wrists and grabbed her firm tits.

But as Sharon began digging into the succulent breast meat, Madonna finally spoke. “You can’t keep me in your scissors much longer. I can feel your grip loosening and I’m not even tired. You have strong legs, but I’ve been meditating while you’ve been in control and I don’t feel any pain. As soon as you wear yourself out and your grip loosens a bit more I’m going to hurt you!”

Sharon laughed, “Are you REALLY gonna hurt me? I don’t know why people think you’re tough; so far beating you has been easy. If you’re telling me the truth about not feeling any pain I guaran-damn-tee you’ll feel pain tomorrow.”

“Well babe, your luck is about to change!” Madonna hissed as she grabbed Sharon’s ankles and slowly pried them apart until she could slip her head out. Then Madonna grabbed Sharon’s wrists and pried her hands away from her breasts. When Sharon's hands were slowly forced away, the spectators could see the white marks on Madonna's red flesh. They looked up just as Madonna let go of Sharon’s wrists…and punched Sharon in the eye!

Caught by surprise, Sharon screamed, “You bitch!”

Madonna quickly turned, grabbed Sharon’s wrists and shoved her over backward, then pinned the bigger blonde's shoulders on the sand. The brunette was now controlling the larger blonde!

Lying on the sand with her wrists being pinned, Sharon tried kneeing the brunette in the back but Madonna let go of one of Sharon’s wrists and SMACK slapped her face. “I don’t like being kneed. You knee me AGAIN and I’m going to slap you again, then I’m going to rip your fucken tits off!”

Sharon didn’t know what to say. Although she didn’t like to admit the possibility that Madonna may have been toying with her all along, Madonna was obviously in great shape and had probably been preparing for this fight while Sharon had been recovering from her battle with Theron. Plus, there was a very good chance that if the brunette DID gain the upper hand, she was going to pay her back for her early show of dominance.

Yet despite Madonna’s threat, Sharon knew her best, perhaps only, chance to regain the advantage was to knee Madonna in the back in hopes of knocking her off of her. So once again she brought her knee up and hit Madonna in the back. As promised, Madonna quickly retaliated; letting go of one of Sharon’s wrists and cuffing her in the face with another SLAP! She then let go of Sharon’s other wrist, grabbed Sharon’s blonde mane and banged her head on the hot sand THUD, THUD, THUD! Sharon was shocked at how hard the course sand felt and, to her surprise, she was feeling dizzy and her head was starting to throb. Madonna gave Sharon another hard slap, WHACK! Then she rose slightly on her knees, shifted position, and hopped in the air, coming down on Sharon’s chest with both knees! UNNGH! Sharon grimaced.

Madonna spread her legs across Sharon’s body in a splits, then after giving Sharon another hard SLAP, the brunette said, “I told you I don’t like being kneed. Now I have to rip your fucken' tits off because everyone heard me threaten it and I'd lose their respect if I didn't follow-thru on my promise!”

Madonna reached for Sharon’s succulent melons but Sharon quickly reached out and grabbed Madonna’s brown hair, then in one quick motion, yanked the brunette to her left. As Sharon continued to pull Madonna to her left, she was able to roll the brunette off and mount her. Once Sharon was on top of the brunette, Sharon leaned forward, putting her weight on Madonna’s upper body, covering Madonna’s face with her tits. Madonna started bucking furiously, however, and was unable to throw the blonde off her. As Sharon continued covering her, Madonna continued to struggle.

Madonna started gasping for air as Sharon continued to smother her. Desperately, Madonna arched her back trying to throw Sharon off, but Sharon had all of her weight on Madonna’s head and the brunette couldn't overcome her leverage. Despite being unable to throw Sharon off, Madonna was determined to regain the advantage and she unsuccessfully continued to buck and arch her back. Every time it seemed Madonna was about to throw her off, Sharon would shift her weight and Madonna would be unable to move her.

The brunette was running out of time and she knew it; she was unable to breathe. Madonna had been sure she was tougher than Charlize Theron for many years but was unable to get Charlize to fight her. Now, she had been even surer she could beat Sharon Stone, yet here she was on the verge of defeat. If she could get the blonde off she swore she'd stop fooling around and put her away. Making final desperation move, Madonna managed to raise her legs and wrap them around Sharon’s waist. Mustering what little strength she had left, she started squeezing. As she continued squeezing, Sharon’s mouth suddenly opened wide. She was not only surprised that Madonna still had some fight left in her, but at the realization that she had to free herself from Madonna’s boa constrictor-like legs because Madonna was on the verge of turning defeat into victory.

Sharon kept her breasts covering Madonna’s face, hoping she'd pass out before Madonna’s scissors took too big a toll on her, but the brunette's legs were getting tighter and tighter instead of weakening. Despite being on top, Sharon realized Madonna wasn't going to pass out fast enough to save her. In fact, as Madonna continued squeezing her with her powerful legs, it was Sharon having trouble breathing and she began gasping for air.

Unable to take the pain of Madonna’s powerful scissors any longer; and fearing the brunette had broken her ribs, Sharon weakly gasped, “I”

When Sharon’s body went limp, Madonna released her scissors hold. Sharon was on top of her and had become dead weight. The victorious brunette tried to roll her defeated foe off but couldn’t move her. Seeing that she was struggling to free herself from the unconscious blonde, some of Madonna’s fans moved in and dragged the unconscious blonde off so Madonna could get up. She rose to her feet and stood over her fallen foe, panting, holding her throat as she gasped for air.

Suddenly, Sharon opened her eyes, rolled over onto her back and kicked out, driving both feet into Madonna's stomach! Her legs buckled as she grabbed her belly. Sharon did a kip up, standing over Madonna and looking down at the stunned brunette, laughing aloud for several seconds.

Then taunting Madonna, Sharon said, “Well, come on tough girl; get up and fight like a woman, a real woman. You were going to beat me, so come on! You’re not going to let me beat you, are you? GET UP!!”

Madonna heard Sharon’s words and wanted to resume the fight but she couldn’t breathe and was unable to more. She continued to stare down at the sand as she panted and wheezed. As soon as she could breathe, she was going to get up and show Sharon who was the real woman. As Sharon continued to taunt her, Madonna finally stood up and started to throw a punch but Sharon grabbed her and jerked her head forward, butting Madonna between the eyes! Madonna went sprawling backward like she'd been shot, then started to cry as blood poured from her nose.

Despite the fact that the headbutt had split her own forehead wide open and blood was running into her eyes, Sharon was ready to go on the attack again. Not having heard Madonna say she wanted to give up, and despite being unsteady on her feet from headbutting Madonna, Sharon grabbed the brunette’s hair and tried to pull her to her feet.

But to her surprise, Madonna, despite bleeding profusely from her nose, wasn't about to quit and she quickly grabbed Sharon’s tits and started yanking as if she was going to rip them off (as promised!) She jerked her head forward, headbutting Sharon right on the nose! Sharon grabbed her nose and stumbled backwards. Madonna followed the blonde beauty, reaching out and grabbing a handful of Sharon’s pubic hair. When she started to pull and yank, Sharon let out a loud squeal and jerked her head forward once more, this time butting Madonna above the eyes and splitting the brunette’s eyebrow open.

Madonna fell backward, ripping out a clump of Sharon's pubic hair. But Sharon’s head butt had done almost as much damage to her as it had to Madonna, yet she realized how much damage the head butts were doing to Madonna, so lowering her head, the determined blonde ran at Madonna and drove her head into the brunette’s washboard abs! Madonna grunted and fell on her back, her knees drawn up and both hands holding her belly.

Sharon looked down at the brunette, wondering if she was going to get up and hoping she wouldn't. Despite being flat on her back, Madonna was still awake and, gradually, she sat up. Seeing Madonna wasn't done, Sharon ran to the brunette, left her feet at the last second and leaped feet first, onto the brunette’s stomach. Madonna's head and feet flew up, then dropped back on the sand.

When Sharon looked at Madonna, she saw her eyes were closed. The brunette wasn't getting up this time! The fight was finally over and, despite winning, Sharon was dazed and groggy as she struggled to rise. Finally upright, she put a foot on Madonna’s chest and raised her hands, acknowledging the cheers of the crowd. She stood over Madonna for several seconds, then grabbed her head and staggered toward where she'd been relaxing when Madonna had challenged her and collapsed to the sand. The crowd surrounded her as she continued to lie in the sand, breathing heavily. Finally mustering the strength to sit up, she jokingly asked with a wry chuckle, “So, did I win?”

Someone said, "You kicked Madonna’s ass!"

Sharon smiled and muttered, “Then why do I feel as if I got MY ass kicked?” She then added, “You’ll excuse me if I lie down a few minutes, I’m not ready to celebrate just yet. I feel as if I just got kicked in the head by a mule.”

She slowly lowered her head, rolled onto her back and fell asleep. Although it had been a grueling fight, she'd won and when she had awakened an hour or two later there wasn’t any sign of Madonna - just a crowd of Stone admirers who had been patiently sitting around staring at her naked body.

Feeling better after the nap, Sharon got up, put her bikini back on and said, “Alright; I’m ready for a little partying, who’s joining me?”

A large group of spectators cheered and lifted her off her feet, then started parading her around the beach before carrying her across Copacabana Blvd. to one of Rio’s many hot spots.