Sharon Stone vs. Vanity by MARS

Sharon's First Fight (A true-life Fairy Tale)
Once upon a time, not so long ago, in the enchanted Kingdom of Hollywoodland, two women of fine and royal breeding fought for the magic power of stardom. The winner would go on and star in famous movies and have riches beyond her dreams, while the loser would fade into obscurity and never be heard from again.

The battle took place between a dark and evil queen and a fair-haired princess. Both were quite beautiful.

The dark queen was Vanity, a comely black maiden was she, with skin rich like light cocoa hair dark and flowing like a river of night. Her eyes flashed like black gems and her smile could beguile the most difficult soul.

But Queen Vanity was as indulgent as her name and she engaged in vicious acts of physical violence all for the sake of her beauty. Only she could be queen of Hollywoodland sets, no other beauty would be allowed. She beat many a woman to maintain her position.

Then one day a fair-haired princess arrived on the set whose beauty even surpassed the queen. Her name was Sharon Stone. She was like a goddess was she. Her eyes were blue, she'd rowan-berry lips and her hair curled golden to her full white hips.

Princess Sharon was good and true, but she was a warrior-princess who'd learned to fight in the woods among the spirits and beasts. When she arrived in the kingdom of Hollywoodland, she found herself, by chance, in the territory ruled by Queen Vanity. It was a modest film set, it was, and Princess Sharon simply wanted to see what it was like and play in the little film territory. But when Queen Vanity heard tale of the new princess on the set, she knew she was in danger.

"What fair maiden has invaded my land?" asked Queen Vanity. "It is one such with the golden hair only that can steal the power of stardom I so crave."

So Queen Vanity decided to challenge Princess Sharon and destroy her so that she might claim the power of stardom. She called Princess Sharon to her trailer-throne under a ruse of friendship.

"Come unto me, Queen Vanity, and I will treat you to a banquet," read the note that Princess Sharon received.

When Princess Sharon arrived she found Queen Vanity inside with her evil minions, the dark ladies.

"Now, my pretty," began Queen Vanity, "my dark ladies and I will tie you up and finish you for good."

But Princess Sharon was as wise as she was beautiful and she thought of a clever plan.

"I shall leave your land, o queen," said Princess Sharon, "be so good as to have your dark ladies escort me out."

"As I thought," smiled Queen Vanity, "you fear me." Then she turned to her dark ladies, "take the fair one away from me."

The dark ladies approached and Sharon moved out of the trailer, but to their surprise, Sharon tricked them. She pushed the last of the three into the middle lady, knocking the two over. Then with one swift blow the beautiful maiden punched the remaining dark lady with great might and knocked her to the ground. And the dark lady's teeth did fall out and much blood flowed.

Sharon quickly jumped back into the trailer and locked the door. She knew that if she defeated Queen Vanity the power of stardom would be hers.

Queen Vanity was quite shocked to see Princess Sharon. She roared with fury, "how dare you approach the Queen!"

"You'll not be queen for long," answered Princess Sharon calmly.

Princess Sharon then removed her fine, silken robes, revealing a body of glimmering beauty, white like fresh snow and pink like flower blossoms. Vanity was slightly intimidated by such naked beauty which even surpassed her own. Still she removed her dark cloak to reveal a toned, rich, dark flesh, as sweet a play of tones of brown as any box of candy.

The women did leap upon each other and begin to roll about. The dark Queen did seize the top and began to strike the fair princess.

"You shall be destroyed this day, my fair one," said Queen Vanity as she did strike the princess across the face.

Princess Sharon grabbed Queen Vanity by her dark bosom and squeezed and clawed. Queen Vanity's dark flesh ran crimson with blood and she shrieked and clutched her bosom. Princess Sharon used the moment to buck the dark queen from her body.

Queen Vanity rolled to her side holding her breasts, while Princess Sharon crawled to her knees. Princess Sharon's pretty face was flush and bruised and this brought pleasure to the dark queen.

"Not so milky-pure now, are you, princess?" snickered the Queen.

Queen Vanity swiftly charged again, pushing Princess Sharon back and choking her with violence and madness. Princess Sharon tried to pry the queen's hands from her throat, but they were locked tighter than the tightest vault. So Princess Sharon did strike the queen several times about the ribs with all her might and the queen did relent, clutching herself once again.

Princess Sharon was determined not to let the queen seize control again, so she lunged and struck the queen hard about the nose of her face. Blood did flow and Princess Sharon did strike again to the face, this time to the eye and then again she did strike the queen, now about the cheek.

The queen did shriek and turn for cover. Princess Sharon leapt upon her back and knocked the queen to the ground. Her creamy flesh engulfed the chocolate skin of the queen as Princess Sharon wrapped her arms and legs about Queen Vanity.

"Victory shall be mine, queen," said the princess, "your evil shall be quelled and I will have the power of stardom."

Queen Vanity did buck and turn and the princess could barely hold on. The queen did flip the princess and then elbow her to her side. The fair beauty moaned in pain and let go of the queen.

"Now, we shall see who shall have victory," growled the dark queen.

And the dark queen did straddle the princess and began to violently strike the blonde beauty. The fair princess battled back. The blows were exchanged wildly. The queen would strike the princess about the face and the princess would return the blows to the queen's own face. Slowly the blonde maiden seemed to weaken. The queen had taken control. She grabbed her by golden locks and began to slap her brutally.

"Never again shall you challenge my dark power, blonde," said the queen.

With a final brutality, the queen raised herself up slightly for leverage. She reached back her arm for a final, crushing blow on the princess. Her arm did pull back[0]but no blow came forward. Instead, the queen's brown and pretty face contorted and she did fall to her knees about the pale princess. Princess Sharon had summoned all her will to land a kick of great might and courage to the queen's unguarded womanhood.

The blow was so strong it took the fight from the queen. Princess Sharon pushed the dark queen over and onto her back. Now Princess Sharon did straddle Queen Vanity. Now the princess, her golden curls falling in wild tangles about her ivory face, did pound the once beautiful cocoa flesh of the queen. Again and again she did strike her till the queen could no longer speak or make sense of word.

"I am the new queen! I am the new queen!" the fair princess did yell. "I have vanquished you, dark one," she roared, "I shall claim the power of stardom."

Even in her daze, the dark (and now former) queen did pay homage to her fair vanquisher.

"I surrender unto thee," began Vanity, "you are far mightier than I. Please let me go. Do not imprison me as your slave."

Princess Sharon stopped the blows upon her beaten and vanquished foe. "I shall not enslave you, but you must be punished before I let you go," said the new queen.

And with that Queen Sharon did place Vanity over her knees and violently spank her several times. The she did take the golden dildo and insert it into a strap-on. Then the blonde queen did take Vanity's womanhood over and over again from behind while she held the dark ones raven tresses. Then Queen Sharon removed the dildo and sat upon Vanity's face grinding the golden hair and pink lips about her beaten foes face.

The now beaten and humiliated Vanity was cast from her trailer and the set. Queen Sharon assumed her throne and the mantle of stardom and evil Vanity was never heard from again.

The End.